Belinda’s rumour: Have 17 of Sabine’s charges been dropped?

Yesterday afternoon an alert reader pointed out to us that Belinda had posted the following on Facebook: Belinda McKenzie 2018-09-10 Sabine

Belinda is alleging that 17 of Sabine’s 19 charges have been dropped (four charges of harassment and 15 of breach of restraining order), and that her new lawyer is attempting to put in an application for bail for her.

It’s worth mentioning that Sabine is currently on remand in prison because she violated her bail conditions on several occasions. This was confirmed in court. She’s not serving a sentence for any of the charges she faces, for the simple reason that her trial has not yet taken place.

We don’t know where this rumour originated, but to date we have been unable to confirm that it is true. We will continue making enquiries of the police, and will bring updates as they occur.

Is this a wind-up attempt?

It does seem possible that this is an attempt to wind up those of us who have been following the Hampstead case from this side.

As our readers will know, it is illegal, and would place this blog in contempt of  court, if we or any of our commenters were to violate the sub judice rules.

Recently we ran across this very useful statement from the South Yorkshire Police‘s Facebook page on that very topic:


We’ve noticed that several users have posted comments which may be in contempt of court on some of our stories about ‘active’ cases.

Any material which could influence members of the jury in an ongoing or imminent trial is deemed as being in contempt of court and is punishable in a court of law.

Any material which could influence members of the jury in an ongoing or imminent trial is deemed as being in contempt of court and is punishable in a court of law.

These comments have included:

  • references to someone’s previous convictions
  • statements about a person’s character
  • evidence seeming to link a person directly to the crime of which they have been accused
  • other suggestions that the person is guilty

When proceedings are ‘active’, the above content CANNOT be posted and the Facebook user is in contempt of court. Proceedings are ‘active’ when:

  • a person is charged
  • a person has been arrested
  • an arrest warrant is issued
  • a summons is issued

If you hold such information you should pass it to the police by calling 101 and quoting the relevant incident number.

While we welcome comments and healthy discussion on our Facebook page, we request that you consider your comments carefully before posting them to a public site such as this. Nothing should be posted on a public site that would contravene the law if stated in public.

The Contempt of Court Act protects the justice process and the fundamental principle that a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

We monitor our Facebook page closely and any comments which are in contempt of court will be noted and removed. 

Excellent and timely advice, we think.

We want to let our readers know that Belinda’s rumour is likely to spread (it’s already made its way to the “Free Sabine Whistle-blower” Facebook page), but that we believe it is extremely premature to make any comment about what’s being alleged, since there is no evidence whatsoever to support it.

We will continue to follow this story.

And, as always, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams,


94 thoughts on “Belinda’s rumour: Have 17 of Sabine’s charges been dropped?

  1. That ‘Through the Black’ loon live now, talking about SRA with some fellow fruitloop. The audience includes APD and Dawn Moses…

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  2. Interesting statements from SYP seeing they failed to follow their own advice in the case of Cliff Richard. Or perhaps that’s why they felt it necessary to point out the obvious (and they did and have continued to completely ignore social media where Cliff is concerned).

    However, this:
    “statements about a person’s character”.
    Presumably endless social media comments that continually claim a person accused is almost saint-like and that the “powers that be” and the “establishment” have set out to persecute the innocent can also be seen as an attempt to sway potential jurors in cases.
    As is so often, the law is a dog’s breakfast at times where the internet is concerned.

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  3. Belinda is hardly what you’d call reliable. She’s a classic case of a manipulator who uses people for her own ends. i’d be curious to know what her emails contain. possibly officers of the irish guardia are examining someone’s email folders and history. they can soon find deleted ones from years ago no problem. a lot of people might want to start worrying more than a little.

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    • I might think many things about Sabine but I won’t say any of them here. However, I don’t trust Belinda McKenzie at all; I think there is evidence that suggests that she might be involved in some very nasty things indeed.

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  4. That a person is on remand or curfew does not indicate guilt or innocence and I am not speaking to any specific case here. It may not be appropriate for the CPS to prosecute a charge where the time on remand is greater than an likely sentence.

    Remand time is automatically deducted by the prison service and doesn’t have to be directed by a judge (unless it is a sentence that requires the setting of a minimum sentence e.g. for murder). For any bail involving electronic tagging 50% of days on curfew are deducted.

    Click to access crown-court-compendium-pt2-sentencing-20160906.pdf


    • Someone explain to me why Jarhead has a framed picture the wrong way up on the wall behind him.


  5. Belinda is rather a simple person at heart. she may fool some but her intelligence and cognitive skills are decidedly substandard. she’s probably misinterpreted what an equally dim witted sabine tried to explain to her. if either of the geriatric Spinsters knew a thing about the law they probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

    i wonder if their inability to attract mates and form meaningful sexual relationships is the root cause of their perverted obsession with child molestation (real and imagined) and bizarre behaviour. they really are a twisted pair of bitter old witches. innocent till proven guilty.

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  6. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


  7. I’m in constant contact with a person who won a court case and damages against a social media giant. It’s taken nearly ten years and involved immense stress for her & her family. Even though she won the case earlier this year (the defendants used every trick in the book to prevaricate) she has only just received her damages..not a lot..and still, they argue over costs which are a small fortune.

    Ordinary life goes on of course, family illnesses and the recent death of her father. Not unlike the lives of those involved in the Hampstead hoax. But family dramas tend to exaggerate the effects of continued internet harassment campaigns.
    My pal is now taking a year off to travel the world and perhaps write a book of her experiences in fighting an internet giant (and winning). She is also meeting with various European internet privacy campaigners as she hopes (when recovered) to become an advocate for privacy.

    What was written about her was so minimal compared to the Hampstead matter. And it was only once on a nasty US website. It probably wasn’t very defamatory. But it was enough to cause trouble in her workplace and she eventually left as the tension became too much.

    I just can’t imagine what those in Hampstead have gone through. The trouble is this vicious campaign just goes on and on.
    I would be ruthless with the likes of Angela Power-Disney who has now kept up her hate campaign against innocent people for years. I would pursue- legally – each and every one of them no matter how big or small their role. I would never let a goon like Rupert Quaintance ever forget his role. He shows not a shred of contrition.
    That applies to all of them. McKenzie, Neelu and every single one of them. They need grinding into the ground by using the law. It’s what they are trying to do to others.

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  8. Just when you thought Cat ‘Ginger-Baiter’ Selvester couldn’t get any more idiotic, she’s salivating over Chris Spivey’s pathetic ‘false flag’ claim about the Glasgow bin lorry crash (just 4 years late):

    She calls the whole thing “bullshit” without a care for the feelings of the families of the six people who died in it 😥

    And the sick cow laughs throughout.

    Oh and she even admits she doesn’t know how many people were killed in this tragedy, which I think tells us something about how much “research” she’s carried out into it (so no change there, then).

    Oh and a few minutes in she confirms that she’s a big fan of Spivey’s (despite repeatedly getting his surname wrong).

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    • Isn’t it amazing how these people manage to become forensic experts from their own arm chairs. Not by making any studies of their own, not by going to a library and reading technical literature, but by sitting on their arse and reading Chris Spivey’s website.

      It makes me so angry to think of these people claiming that the victims of accidents and crimes didn’t die, were actors or even didn’t exist at all. This attempt at denying the very existence of the victim is even worse than the victim blaming you used get years ago. It takes any argument into a nonsensical world were logic doesn’t even apply.

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      • Can you imagine how the Sandy Hook parents must feel being told their children never existed?. I actually can’t as I’ve never had such a horrible thing happen to me but I sort of try to think how it must feel.
        These people, Jones, Spivey, APD, Cat etc are beyond vile. They are sociopaths devoid of any feeling or empathy.

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        • It’s a gut-churning horrible feeling, hearing someone laugh, when you personally knew someone involved.

          My sadness was soon replaced by complete and utter anger watching that video. I can only imagine how awful it must be if the person being laughed at is your own child.

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    • Cat, if you’re reading this. Chris Spivey is round the feckin’ bend. He’s not a reliable source of anything other than bullcrap. Neither you nor Chris could research your way out of a wet paper bag.

      Google the Dunning-Kruger effect please. You might learn somethin’.

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      • You’ll get more sense out of a brick wall. Her chortling away in that video is sickening. Her giggling while watching people who are obviously almost hysterical with distress is ..well, just to hard to describe. What a loathsome thing she is.

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      • At 5:31 she laughs about a poor bloke who was crushed in another accident and says, “I’ve pulled this up because it’s funny as fuck. It had me wetting myself.” 😥


      • At 9:33, in relation to another crash (not a fatal one this time) she says, “The Dundee one is special. I’m gonna have to pull it up because it’s hysterically funny. I was peeing myself. Absolutely in kinks over this one.”


      • She laughs even more in this one, even when she’s graphically describing the accidents. The sick fuck seems to get her kicks from car crashes 😦


      • Now she’s claiming it was all part of a plot for Prince Charles to stock up his blood supplies!


      • Oh it’s a real thigh-slapper this one- an 80-year-old killed in his wheelchair. WTF?. This woman is as creepy as fuck. She sounds reasonably young so that’s a lifetime to look forward to this insanity for her. Once you hear her voice after reading her vitriol you have to wonder if she’s brain damaged.

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  9. Lee Cant calling the Beeb (?) to try to get them to report on Neelu’s case, followed by a nice little Hoaxtead hissy fit by Desperate Devine…


    • Neelu’s going to land herself in more trouble soon I reckon
      She’s accusing the security firm of all sorts of things, they are being nice for now, but sooner or later they will put their foot down I reckon…

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    • The only response to this man is ridicule. He’s designed himself to look like Satan – he just needs red face paint and horns, and he says things like ‘You can try to make us look crazy…it’s not going to work.’ Heck, nobody needs to try do they. He does it all himself. He doesn’t know the facts of the case, he threatens people he doesn’t know (‘we’re coming to get you’) and he drives and rants at the same time, causing danger to other road users. And he has a friend called ‘Jarhead’ or something.
      Great video to play in the pub although I suspect crisps and pork scratchings will be thrown at the screen.

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      • *Jared
        See the previous video:

        That one includes two screenshots of comments by your good self, plus honourable mentions for Grobnob (whose name Thomas gets wrong) and MK 🙂

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        • They actually have the arrogance to say they believe people are trying to troll them on the internet and make their life hell while they..err.. spent their whole fucking lives picking random victims from the frigging internet and trying to make their lives hell.
          I mean the lack of self-awareness is astounding. What grubs they are as they rabbit away among themselves defaming, abusing and picking on innocent people. Creeps.

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      • Ms Liza Radley, I’ve only just become recently aware, as in a day or so ago….that there is a notion going around that I am a backstabbing cow who is guilty of doxing your good self (according to Rainbow Farmer)!

        To be referred to as nasty and guilty of the scurrilous accusation of doxing an individual commenter on here came as a complete shock to me…particularly as I am aware this negativity towards me stemmed from a flippant jokey comment of mine in response to a comment you made where I pretended for the sake of the then contextual sake of it that your gender is male as opposed to female as suggested by your chosen nomenclature.

        I have no idea who anybody is on here….and I don’t care about knowing such stuff. For the sake of it, I’d like to share the generally perceived definition of “doxing”:

        Apparently, hinting someone is male or female (to what detriment?) is not considered a sinful act of doxing….but reacting, as Rainbow Farmer did, by accusing me of being a nasty backstabbing cow for that alleged sin is seemingly confirmation of the ‘fact’???- I didn’t get to read the rest of his post slagging me off because his youtube video where I read in part his horrible comments about me was deleted – its very upsetting for me to be wrongfully accused and to have my character assassinated so publicly amongst people I admire.

        I am a very nice person, a mother of three, I’m genuine, I’m authentic, I’m an idiot and a dreadful eejit but I’m not a dickhead and I’m certainly not a backstabbing cow.

        To Rainbow Farmer….you are more than welcome to confront me….be prepared though because I’m well able to stand up for myself….your wishful thinking may not result in the manifestation of your wishful thinking due to your apparent inability to think clearly and without bias (i.e. your imperative to protect a friend on some bizarre ill-perceived slight which may well flounder under the test of genuineness)

        If you hate/dislike my presence on this site or elsewhere because I’m annoying or my opinion is stupid or nonsensical …..tell me that!!!! Do not accuse me in the wrong…..remember, I am a mother and my children look to me for guidance…..calling me a backstabbing cow does not help me in the least.

        I don’t need to labour on, do I?

        I want negative comments made about me being a doxer and nasty backstabbing cow deleted totally.


          • Thank you for your support EC, it’s really appreciated. I had contemplated mailing this blog/ you & Scarlet privately but positively regarding my recent discovery….I love this blog and I’m extremely aware that much of the evolution and development of the extraordinary resource it proves so much to be is down to those who freely contribute views, opinions, and information in their capacity as either commenters or simply being lurkers who invest wholeheartedly in your blog by opting to be anonymous sources because putting their heads above the parapet may prove too risky..

            I don’t want to be that person who subtracts from the import of the intent of this blog and its actual cultural significance in this day and age..the digital age, by being a pest of a sort, stupidly joking and inadvertently causing offense to any person who gives so much of themselves to ensure the truth gets out and is properly disseminated….but, really, I am horrified to be accused of being a bad apple….a deliberate saboteur…a nasty person….such a way of being and behaving is very far removed my person. I’m a good person, whose thoughts are kind, I never lie (except when necessary e.g. pretending my tardiness is due to a useless bus service when the reality is my house was on fire but I know my boss will find the truth too unbelievable)


        • Issy, with all due respect I rather think it’s me who’s a victim of rumour here. I’ve no idea where you heard that but I haven’t been going around saying anything of the sort. I did make one comment to one person on one video a few weeks back, a general comment about how there had been some doxing on the blog and I categorically didn’t name anybody (which would have rather undermined the point I was making!). Please accept my apologies for any offence caused but I can guarantee it wasn’t intentional.

          By the way, I can state with confidence that I haven’t said anything about it since, as I took down my channel, along with said video, several days ago. It no longer exists.

          Feeling slightly humiliated now, as I now look like an ogre and I think there’s a good chance people like Ogilvy will pick up on it.

          PS: I must admit I don’t get the humour of publicly revealing that Liza Radley was a man but that may be just me being daft.


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          • Rainbow Farmer and Issy, I think what we have here is a bit of malicious gossip mongering by another YouTube account user who decided to take Rainbow Farmer’s name and have some “fun” saying rude things to people. I think I know who the person was, and I think they were attempting to stir up just this sort of trouble. They have used the same M.O. in the past.

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          • Ok, thank you very much for your comment and more…ogilfail will fail to pick up on this…for you and me, this would be an opportunity to take it further (should we be on the opposing side) and claim there is dissent and dissatisfaction amongst the rank and file…an opportune moment….luckily his obsession with deep sea creatures and entrapping them in an aquarium in his mother’s basement along with his (is it incestuous desire?) adoration of cattus sylvestrus …is keeping him distracted, also, he is braindead.

            What I care most about is/are reasons for my children to love me…I am mindful of how I interact with others online because my experience influences their expectations and how they manage those expectations.. that is vitally important to me…..I just read that I’m a supposed thoroughly nasty individual via the portion of the comment you made on that now deleted video and consequent comments.

            I accept your volition that it wasn’t me you were chattin’ shit about….and I swear to god I was only messing with Ms. Radley. She ought to know that I’m clueless, plus. supremely disinterested.

            As a reader of this blog, all I’m interested in is the thought-provoking content and the brilliantly funny humour…..I love it so much. I hate drama! Most of all I don’t want to be misunderstood and too, I don’t want my children’s mother to be a suspect, considered untrustworthy, thought of as a bitch….etc. Cut me a break!


            • Issy, I think that you and RF have been the victim of a malicious third party, who took advantage of RF having deleted their account to slip in and do some damage using that name. This person has a habit of doing this sort of thing, and then almost immediately deleting their messages (whether through contrition. sobering up in the morning, or just plain enjoying messing with others’ heads, I could not say). I’m just sorry that you were hurt by it, and that RF was so misrepresented. It’s an ugly thing to do, and the person in question should realise it reflects very poorly on them.

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          • The person to whom EC’s referring has done the same to both Spiny and myself recently:

            He’s done the same to someone else on here too, but the comments were pretty rude so I won’t post the screenshots so as not to embarrass the victim.

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        • For what it’s worth, I did politely question you twice over your comment shortly after it went up, Issy. You ignored the first one (or didn’t see it, perhaps) and made fun of the second one, so I let it go. ‘Ms Liza Radley’ gag notwithstanding.


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  11. I must have missed that Liza….I’m not very attentive. I do recall imagining/ thinking, you understood I was messin’ when I proclaimed that I knew your ‘real gender’. I apologise for my dopiness and ditzy behaviour. I am very aware that all of you have had to contend with much suspicion and doubt and as evidenced by Stephen’s experience intense scrutiny and stalking involving family..

    I’m so glad you’ve all responded very kindly to my concerns….thank you for your time and patience and for alleviating my worries…and I’m terribly sorry for putting you guys through the mill but my reputation is important to me…I never want to be thought of as duplicitous or conniving….I want my children to be proud of me…that’s my raison d’etre

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