Wesley’s big Spanish adventure

Last time we heard from Wesley Hall, he was broadcasting from the back of a police van, en route to be questioned by the Metropolitan Police. He’d been apprehended on his way out of the UK, bound for Spain with a load of camera equipment, and claiming he’d been hired to “do a job” in a town near Málaga…coincidentally, the region where we suspect Abe and Ella are currently holed up.

We ought to have guessed that Wesley was unable to stand the heat, and has vacated the kitchen. According to this curious exchange, he’s back in Spain, where his latest plan is to make the bottom drop out of the hemp and CBD market.

That’s right, you heard us:Wesley Hall 2018-06-24 1A word of explanation here: Paul Haydon is a Manchester ex-pat who currently lives in Spain, where we understand he runs the Dark City Compassion Club.

It seems that Wesley gave Paul a call, and when Paul didn’t agree with Wesley about the Hampstead SRA hoax, Wesley went off the deep end. Of course, that’s not how Wesley played it:

Wesley Hall 2018-06-24 2(Side note: can anyone explain to us why Wesley feels compelled to insert demonic bad-guy laughs in his posts?)

Here’s Wesley trying to sound all knowledgeable and shit:Wesley Hall 2018-06-24 3

BTW, please remind us that if we are ever in need of a retreat, we should steer clear of Wesley’s. We’re not overly fond of his plan to turn casual visitors into permanent “residents”—sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel.

“They came for the cannabis….little did they know they’d be there for LIFE...” (Cue scary music and Wesley’s bizarre “muhahahahahahahaha”).

Paul’s version

Now, how surprised would you be to discover that Paul’s version of the story was just a bit different?Wesley Hall 2018-06-24 5“The man that got whiplash from the wind”…LOL—looks like Paul’s got Wesley’s number!

It seems that the Dark City helpline is not just staffed by one person, and so on his third try Wesley wound up talking to Paul Cotton, aka Big Paul, in Manchester. Wesley told Big Paul that he and Paul Haydon were long-time mates; however, Paul H. wasn’t so sure this was true.

Wesley demanded to know what Dark City was going to do about Paul H., and at this point Paul H., who’d been on the line all along, said, “We will post the calls to the internet”. And that, according to Paul H., is when the death threats started. Wesley Hall 2018-06-24 6Interesting: Wesley says he’s been in Spain for six weeks, which confirms a suspicion we’ve had—he’s usually a great deal more chatty than he has been lately, and we wondered what was up. He also revealed that he’s a five-hour’s train ride from Barcelona (well, he said two hours, but Paul set him straight). We reckon this puts Wesley closer to Valencia than to Màlaga, but that’s just a guess.

Apparently Wesley is claiming that he’s being hunted by a paedophile ring, and that he’s been working on the Hampstead hoax for nine years. We find this astonishing, given that the thing only started three and a half years ago, but perhaps he was involved during the planning stages, who knows?

One of Paul’s friends, who says that they were threatened by Wesley, chimed in here, noting that Wesley is noted for threatening people:

Wesley Hall 2018-06-24 7Good to know that Wesley’s reputation preceded him to Spain. Somehow it’s comforting to know that he will have company while he’s so far from home. But we do wonder how Abe will feel, having Wesley as a direct competitor? This ought to be good….


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  1. The alleged broomhandle (fashioned into a makeshift pirate flag) deadleg merchant ? 9 years investigating Hampstead ? More like Hempstead with his latest scheme, which of course will backfire before he manages to heal all nations.

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    • Hunted by a paedophile ring ? Assuming that was true, and that the ring contains the police, social services, the courts, a vicar, McDonalds crew members, school teachers and a vicar and spends a fortune importing hundreds of babies in cardboard boxes then they’d surely have enough resources to track down one man. Bearing in mind his recent police interaction the idea he’s being hunted is laughable, anyone who googles him can easily follow his bizarre antics.

      As for producing marketable hemp at cost ? That’s not going to happen, not even with orgone crystals to assist growth and Quantum Energy powered tractors assisting in the planting, fertilization and harvest.

      I wouldn’t trust that Muppet to play Farmville let alone run an actual farm.

      Has anyone told him that farming on a large commercial level involves a vast amount of specialist knowledge and prolonged physical labour ? That is requires substantial investment in land, buildings and equipment ? Not to mention labour regulations, health and safety, taxation and legal requirements ? I doubt he’s even grown tomatoes in a back yard.

      Crash the market my arse. He’ll never even be able to compete with proper farmers who know what they’re doing, let alone undercut them into obsolescence.

      Pipe dreams.

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      • THC is the active ingredient in weed, cannabis that gets you stoned. So making industrial hemp that Wesley says he wants to do it has to have very minimal amount of THC if he wants to avoid arrest. Industrial hemp can used for countless things, such as making clothes, rope, building materials and a whole host of other things.

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        • Hemp has nutritional value and is good for you. I have hemp soup at home.

          There are claims that CBD oil (derived from cannabis) has healing properties and there are studies to show it’s great for anxiety and various other things. I’m taking it myself and waiting to see. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that it cures everything you could come down with but not a lot of scientific backup.

          There are lots of companies producing CBD oil and other similar products now and it’s perfectly legal. I think Paul H is trying to do this and if he’s successful at it he’ll make a living, so good luck to him. Of course Abe takes it all further and relates the ingestion of hemp to recovery from being a sheep and some kind of awakening. Personally I think he just got stoned too much and lost the really big plot.

          But remember folks, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.

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      • That’s right JB. CBD can be used to make oil to treat inflammation, relieve anxiety amongst other things but it cannot get people stoned. It is legal in the UK and can be bought from places such as health food shops.

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  2. Death threat allegations by Wesley can’t be taken too seriously. Not since he accused someone from here of making death threats, then proved himself wrong with his own accompanying link!

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    • I remember that. He tried to prove that the comment in question had been posted a few days before as a reference to somewhere he’d been, but didn’t realise that the archived page he linked was dated from over a year earlier 😂

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  3. Why on earth would Wesley think that a guy who runs a cannabis club would want to know about the Hampstead hoax?

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    • It’s not just a cannabis club. Dark City Radio has all sorts of shows on, many of which are appreciated by the conspiracy community. Rupert was interviewed on there. Of course none of this reflects the way Paul H thinks – his thing is CBD oil and the like, which he sees as beneficial to people and he may well be right. I’m no expert.

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      • p.s. What I meant was that CBD oil etc is Paul H’s thing. I have no idea how far down the rabbit hole he is and that’s his business unless he treads on the toes of those I care about.

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  4. Nice use of the phrase “He sure got Wesley’s number”, EC.

    Speaking of which, I see someone’s sure got Neelu’s number too:

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  5. his plan to turn casual visitors into permanent “residents”—sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel.

    The judges would also have accepted “the plot of Motel Hell”.

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  6. Why is it all these Hampstead saviours are so bloody stupid and liars? There’s not a brain cell between them that works. They all seem to live in a fantasy land where, everyone hates them, everyone who disagrees is a paedophile, they’ve solved thousands of cases and either they’re part of the best legal team or they are the best legal team. Yolanda, 3 names comes to mind

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  7. The thing about growing industrial hemp, it helps to have land. Which costs money to buy.
    One possibility is that your man has learned about the agricultural subsidies available for hemp farming, and hopes to blag some of it, in the belief that Spanish authorities are hopelessly naive and have never encountered the concept of “scamming”.

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      • Of course, these loons haven’t made the obvious connection that if there was some vast baby eating network in the USA among the elite it is only very recently, under their hero Trump, that babies are actually being separated from their parents and going missing. Trump himself, only a few days ago at a rally in Minnesota, declared himself as more elite than the elite. The evidence is right in font of your eyes sheeple! 😱

        All which means that far from being fighters against elite baby eating, our usual suspects are enablers. LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP!!! 😉

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  8. Has The Weasel come into some handy cash or been smoking too much of his potential product?. I know a group trying to raise funds for a religious retreat in Spain (where you can come & go from- no “permanency”) and the house they have in mind is in the hills and not terribly grand but has a price tag of £500K.
    He does actually know that he will need a plot of land doesn’t he?. Or is he planning to grow a few pots of pot in his bedroom in a Spanish B&B?.
    I think I feel another GoFundMe campaign coming on from Weasel : begging for donations so he can set the world to rights and cut out the dastardly capitalists already steaming into the commercial pot industry.

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  9. Sorry, Angela – this is not a long lost clip and no one gives a shit whether you see it or not. It’s been doing the rounds on YouTube for years and it’s still not taken seriously by anyone except braindead conspiracy loons like you.

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    • Oh Gawd, the uploader’s rant at 5:12 will make you wince. I challenge you to spot one thing she says that’s true:

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      • Original video here

        The Jewish woman interviewed by Oprah is Vicky Polin

        Polin founded an organisation called The Awareness Center (now closed)

        From the Wikipedia page

        The Awareness Center, Inc., also known as the international Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault, was a nonprofit institution whose stated mission was to end sexual violence in the Jewish community.[1][2][3] It was praised and criticized for maintaining a website (since disabled) whose policy was to identify Jewish clergy and officials as alleged sexual predators, by name, whether or not they had been charged or sued.[4][5] Critics say the Center made unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations.[3][6][7]

        The Center’s founder and CEO made similarly unfounded accusations before incorporating the Center. Appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show under a pseudonym, she claimed to have been raised in a secret, Satanic Jewish sect that practiced both child sexual abuse and human sacrifice.[6][8][9] Video from this interview has been used by anti-Semitic groups to perpetuate the myth that Judaism countenances such practices.[8]

        The Awareness Center drew sharp criticism for publishing and publicizing rumors, accusations and allegations without verification. The Center routinely relied on anonymous blogs and other sources of dubious credibility to profile alleged sexual predators. Some who were listed by name were never sued or charged with any offense, or even accused by a verifiable source.[3][4][5][6][7]

        Rabbi Mark Dratch, chair of the Rabbinical Council of America’s Task Force on Rabbinic Improprieties and founder of the organization JSafe, which addresses domestic violence and child abuse in the Jewish community, withdrew his support from the Center because its use of unreliable sources was victimizing the falsely accused. “I wasn’t satisfied with the threshold of verification. There are people who’ve been victimized and others who’ve been subject to false reports also being victimized.”[3]

        Rabbi Avi Shafran, spokesman for the Orthodox Agudath Israel of America group, also criticized the Center for using material from anonymous blogs. “The blogorai, as I call it, is the new way of making irresponsible accusations,” he said. “Using a blog is a very easy and effective way of casting aspersions on people.” Despite his words of general support for the Center, Rabbi Yosef Blau agreed, saying “since they are anonymous, they can say almost anything.”[3]

        Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president of the Orthodox Union and a trained psychologist, said that while the Awareness Center and the blogs “have served the purpose of keeping this in the public spotlight and keeping the pressure on established institutions to police their constituencies… I read everything with a grain of salt.”[3]

        Jeff Bell, writing in the July 2008 issue of Catalyst magazine, went further, accusing the center’s director of misusing the organization as a tool for defamation:

        She now claims to be a victim’s advocate; but her advocacy seems to have taken all the aspects of vigilante misanthrope, and the power of the blog is her weapon. Polin has a singular focus to not only expose, but to destroy the life and reputation of whatever person that falls into her sights, regardless of facts. Any Google search on her name serves up a fairly even return of Polin’s attacks on rabbinical leaders, and pages written by victims of Polin’s tactics.[6]


        Awareness Center website here

        One of the good things that the Awareness Center did was to publish a lot of warnings about the new age grifter, sexual predator and former rabbi Marc Gafni, a man with multiple links to Castlewood Treatment Center and its staff of SRA promoters

        readers of this blog will be unsurprised to learn that a number of SRA / DID promoters were involved in the Awareness Center, they include

        Richard C. Schwartz, PhD – Marital and Family Therapy, Educator and Author (Chicago, IL) creator of Internal Family Systems therapy – the one that created false memories of SRA in many people

        Ellen Bass – co-author, Courage to Heal (1999 – 2005)


        At some point in the past none other than notorious quack Bessel van der Kolk was also involved at a senior level

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  10. So a bizarre situation was in place at the Awareness Centre, where some of its senior figures were also involved in business enterprises and personal friendships with one of the most prolific, if not the most prolific offenders on its list of perpetrators (it should also be made clear that many of the “perpetrators” on the Awareness Centre’s website were innocent victims of false allegations and online slander).

    Marc Gafni however has been exposed on multiple websites and reputable news sites as a paedophile and sexual predator. It will surprise nobody here that his most recent reinvention is as a teacher and guru of “tantra”.

    In this link (cached for safety) we can find a cosy relationship between Gafni and Richard Shwartz of Castlewood and IFS notoriety


    More about Richard Schwartz

    Let’s just say that I have a lot more material regarding this particular cluster of grifters

    Blog to follow soon

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    • Interesting article re Castlewood Treatment Centre and Mark Schwartz but also raising issues about Richard (aka Dick) Schwartz and his quack therapy Internal Family Systems (IFS) includes the following text, that may be of interest to some readers:

      “One of the main therapies used in the center is Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the website states that all staff are trained this approach. These cannot be said to be some rogue therapists misusing IFS because the creator of IFS, Richard Schwartz (not sure if he and Mark Schwartz are related), is listed as staff at Castlewood and reportedly trained all the staff in IFS. Internal Family Systems is basically family systems, applied not to actual families, but to internal “parts” within a person. This approach has also been used by Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) therapists although it does not necessarily have to be only for DID. The IFS model is described on the Castlewood website. Several strong claims are made about IFS in the treatment of eating disorders, claiming that it helps the client to get to the root of the problem and find “parts” that may be sabotaging treatment success and hence, provides long-lasting results. However, I have been unable to find references to peer reviewed published outcome research that would support such claims.

      On a side note, Steve Hassan has reported in a Psychology Today advertisement that he is trained in and utilizes IFS in his treatment of former cult members and this concerns me greatly, since I have not seen any evidence that it is effective and does no harm. This fits with his own theory that there is a “cult self” that has been created by cult indoctrination. Ironically, the description of IFS, the way parts are identified and located according to how they are felt in the body, bears some similarities to Scientology’s secret upper level called OT III, which also somaticizes “parts” that they call “body thetans”. Needless to say, IFS does not have the accompanying sci fi narrative as to how this came about, but I’ve often wondered if it is Scientology’s “parts work” that has damaged some on this level to the point they have had to be hospitalized or worse. Like IFS, Scientology promises, ironically, “return of full self determinism” by completing that level. Here we have a promise of return to an authentic self, free of influence, when the reality is all too often just the opposite. This may be the ultimate form of betrayal.”

      full article here:

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  11. Another awesome bit of dot-joining from Cat Snot. She doesn’t know anyone who’s had Lyme disease. Ergo, it does not exist.

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  12. Blimey Weasel isn’t exactly trying to make friends and influence people is he. As for a paedophile ring supposedly chasing him, more like the police. He’s not fooling anyone with his new look either. He’s trying to create a new identity in a spectacularly bad way. I just hope that no vulnerable women fall for his lies.

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  13. Update on Becki Percy…

    She and her host family the McAvene’s are digging in. They are refusing to cooperate with getting a police investigation into the allegations by Becki Percy of thousands of murders of children in Hull.

    In frustration I contacted a church in Pottsboro Texas where they live. They did not go to that church, but the church official on Twitter said they would contact the local authorities on this matter.

    I contacted a friend of Becki Percy who knew her in school days in Hull, and referred them to the videos that Percy made making her SRA claims. I will get their reaction later after they have looked at the videos.

    Ajax is making initial contact with ICE/Home Security in Dallas who are dealing with the asylum case of Becki Percy. Our research indicates that if Percy has given the American immigration officials any falsehoods in support of her asylum claim, she will be finished, she will be kicked out.

    The postings of Percy is a messy scatter across the internet which Arachnae Project will bring together in one place to make it easier for people to get an idea what Percy is alleging.

    Percy is not being enthusiastic in supporting a police investigation into her claims, nor of saving alleged abused children in Hull.

    We know the current address of Percy, and we are preparing a case to be sent to the FBI in Dallas and to the PottsBoro police, who can then be linked to the police in Hull.

    We have identified the teacher who Percy disclosed to, we will soon make contact with them.

    We will also be contacting Hull social services about the claims of abused and dead children.

    The credibility of the allegations by Becki Percy is looking weaker by each passing day, but there still must be a police investigation or these allegations will go on unchallenged for years after.

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      • The address to ICE/ Homeland Security proved useful for who Ajax will be contacting about Becki Percy. The call by Becki on all her Twitter followers to write to Trump is all fluff to build her brand and sell candles. Trump does not care about an illegal immigrant like Becki Percy, who tried to sneak past Homeland security with a 3 month tourist visa with the intention of staying permanently. Trump is too busy separating children from their parents to worry about Becki. All letters to Trump are automatically passed on to ICE to deal with. ICE don’t care much for sneaky frivolous asylum claims from those such as Becki. Real mum and dad must be pretty pissed off with their daughter, but they won’t kill her. I would be surprised Becki will ever be welcomed back by the family she disowned and made all those allegations about. One falsehood proven, thats the end of Becki’s asylum case, and back home she will come.

        Blocked I am , but I can see Becki’s Twitter posts on an alternative Twitter account. What did I see but an angry Becki about a murderer in a US jail who she thinks is innocent, and she will be writing to him as a priority. I think justice for alleged murdered children and safeguarding alleged raped children in Hull UK is lower on the list of priorities by Becki, slightly lower than pronoting her candle business and encouraging celebrities to follow her Twitter account.

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    • I think it’s pretty safe to say that immigration won’t change their original decision. Since the FBI published guidelines to SRA in 1992 for law enforcement and various government officials it’s a safe bet they’re all up to speed on false memories, unfounded accusations and social hysteria.

      Where it will be useful is in forming the bedrock of how becki will be dealt with on her unavoidable return to UK soil, assuming she isn’t going to set up shop in Spain with hemp candles.

      This is like a play that’s just coming to the end of the second act. How it will end is a source of great interest to me, especially with your involvement.

      Had she published a book or been on real tv we’d already have seen her properly debunked. As she’s only a minor character on the outermost periphery of planet pizzagate she’s hardly attracting enough attention to warrant a full investigation.

      Glad to see someone’s digging around and I’ll be interested to see where your schoolmate and teacher enquiries lead.

      I’m thinking of titles for an article or video documentary on the affair.

      The Hull-fire club
      Is my best so far

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      • Becki Percy built a dream family and life in the USA on what I am starting to think is a fiction, a fiction that will bring her dream to an end.

        I have spoken to one of the former friends of Becki Percy, who says Percy is a BIG liar. They also said that Percy made up allegations about them too. Becki Percy is turning into a mini Angela Power Disney, she is starting to look like a raging psychopath, in the true meaning of the condition.

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        • Awww, and she seems so cute and quiet. Since I wrote that I googled up claims of her being pregnant, having the baby killed and dismembered and having to dig graves for each part.

          She has no shame, no concept of consequence for others and no common sense that she’s a prime target for investigation and exposure. So yeah, a psycho, but a monumentally dumb one.

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  14. From Angie’s FB page
    Apparently she’s happy for this comment to stay up.
    That like, by the way, is from the aforementioned Mary Woody.

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    • So people deserve rape ?
      People should be put in stocks so the public can do as they see fit ?
      Did the girls in the state schools (borstals) for criminal behaviour deserve what Jimmy Savile, and it’s alleged others, did to them ?
      This idea of rape as a suitible punishment is very disturbing. Especially when it’s raised in a community that professes to establish guilt based purely on a policy of ‘believe the children’ and is proposing grand juries in secret conclaves.

      Disturbing, yet not surprising.


  15. The Evening News…

    People were left awestruck in London today when a Common Porpoise Mothership appeared over The Royal Courts of Justice.

    We spoke to one onlooker who stated “This is a very ominous day and I fear it’s a bad omen”.

    She continued “I visit here most days seeking remedies, I was disgusted when I looked up at the sky today, we are all doomed”.

    No explanation has been given for today’s spectacular event.

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  16. Hi just wanted to say I lov the work you peeps do exposing this shower of gob shyte putting out false flags. I knew about Belinda from way back 2010 and her links to padeophiles. But since I been following you guys I’ve now seen the bigger picture of just how big her platform really is. Just wanted to say keep up the good work it’s amazing.?? ________________________________

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