Charlotte Ward denounces ‘Hampstead psy op’

As we’ve mentioned here before, our email in-box is a never-ending source of things which make us go “hmm”. Or occasionally, as happened yesterday, things which make us go “what the actual everlasting fuck?”

In fact, that might have been a bit of an under-reaction. For the email we received—forwarded by a friend of the blog—contains so much what-the-fuckery that we were really at a bit of a loss for words.

Yes, that does happen from time to time. But we got over it.

Here’s the email:

Charlotte Ward 2018-05-26 1Charlotte Ward 2018-05-26 2Charlotte Ward 2018-05-26 3

First of all, yes, it’s from Charlotte Ward, and addressed to Brian Gerrish.

She seems to be repudiating her role in the Hampstead SRA hoax, which backs up a strange notice which was floating around the internet a week and a half ago: Charlotte Ward Jacqui 2018-05-16

At the time, we wondered what this was all about. If yesterday’s email is anything to go by, it seems that Charlotte/Jacqui believes that Belinda McKenzie has set her “Hampstead psy op attack dogs” on her and Jacco De Boer:

Last week, I requested loudly that Belinda call off the Hampstead psy op attack dogs. I stated that I would walk away from everything to do with “conspiracy theory” if our harassment stopped. I requested we were left alone: we are asylum seekers from the UK government, having been framed by your cronies as patsies for the Hampstead psy op (as soon as we realised what was happening, we applied here for asylum – fortunately I had the UK Certificate of Good Behaviour used for my visa). I stressed that if the dogs were called off, I would not take any action, including on social media in this country – which I never have and would not do unless absolutely necessary.

Apparently Angela Power-Disney tipped Charlotte off that she should watch the UK Column Friday broadcast for some sort of answer to her request. She did, and took “David Scott’s cursory mention of the Hampstead trolling to be a sign that the dogs were going to be called off – and, indeed they were. For a few days”.


Because it makes perfect sense to watch fourth-rate online news-reader cosplay videos to glean portents about imaginary “attack dogs”.

Framed by Gerrish’s cronies?

We’re interested to hear that Charlotte now feels that she was “framed by [Gerrish’s] cronies as patsies for the Hampstead psy op”, a claim she reiterates further down in the email. She now claims she was “entrapped” into leaking the names of the victims of the Hampstead hoax, a claim which seems very odd to us considering the venom with which she pursued innocent people during the reign of her blog in 2015.

At that time, you might recall, she published this threat to a parent who had written to her asking her to stop the unceasing harassment:

Jacqui Farmer-Charlotte Ward threat to parent

Yet now, Charlotte is positing herself as a victim of the perpetrators of the very hoax she helped set in motion. Is she saying that she didn’t know what was happening? Or that Belinda had some hold on her which compelled her to act as she did? Enquiring minds want to know.

Charlotte claims that Belinda’s “attack dogs” are messing with her computer, and mucking about with her ability to trade in Bitcoin (at least, we think that’s what she’s saying here):

As I write, there are spies in my computer again. They are now in it every day and all night, changing shift around 5pm (so they are in our time zone, possibly in the US Embassy, Paramaribo) and interfering with my attempts to type. This is particularly aggravating while I am playing the Hi Lo game on the Bitcoin faucet.

It does occur to us that if Charlotte’s computer is going wonky at around 5 p.m. local time, it could very well be that that’s when the internet busies up and gets sluggish and wonky, particularly in a country like Suriname, where wifi might not be as reliable as in some places. Just a thought.

Charlotte also mentions someone named Elana Freeland, a blogger who’s interested in chemtrails and other such nonsense. Why Charlotte would claim that this person is an Illuminati double agent, or that she would be ordering someone in Montreal to be tortured, we really could not say.

Charlotte makes a threat

It really wouldn’t be a Charlotte email without at least one threat, and she doesn’t disappoint here:

As we are not being allowed to walk away free, having done nothing illegal (except possibly under the marijuana laws in this country – although a Senior Civil Servant here was quite happy to use our oil, having been referred by a doctor), Jacqui Farmer and Video Man are planning what will be an extremely interesting video to be distributed on multiple platforms with Dutch subtitles about their experience of having been set up as patsies ref Nigel Cooper and the Hampstead psy op. We will be aiming it, also, at members of the Hampstead community who may have suffered any distress as a result of Charlotte having been entrapped into leaking the names by a friend of Elana Freeland. 

So basically, if Charlotte’s computers don’t stop acting up, she and Jacco are going to make a very damning video about how they were set up as patsies for the Hampstead psy op.

That should be very interesting indeed: we have long been very interested to know how and why Charlotte was recruited, though we do have some of the bare bones of the story down.

We must say that we nearly fell off our chairs at this unexpected compliment:

We may also thank Hoaxtead for the excellent detective work they have done in helping to expose this nest of vipers.

Erm….thanks? We think?

Shout out to Richard Hoskins

Equally inexplicably, she has this to say about Dr Richard Hoskins, whose expert research was rejected by former Wiltshire police chief Mike Veale during the ill-fated Project Conifer:

As you know, I consider carefully the recipients of my emails. So I have also forwarded it to Dr Richard Hoskins whom, I was disgusted and appalled to see, was BRUTALLY targetted on social media by your henchpersons David and Cat Scott. These people call themselves Christians! They are liars: the way they jeered loudly online at Dr Hoskins about his choice of gender was, frankly, pure harassment. SHAME ON THEM. (Richard, I thought you might like to read this email – best wishes.)

Okay, we must admit that there is absolutely nothing in this paragraph with which we disagree. We’re still not clear as to why she included Dr Hoskins in her email, but we’re sure he appreciates the sentiment.

Part 2: Elana strikes back

Just as we were assembling today’s post, we received Elana Freeland’s reply. Apparently she doesn’t care for being called an “Illuminati double agent”:

Charlotte Ward 2018-05-26 4

Part 3: Charlotte again

Charlotte isn’t having any. Doesn’t Elana remember her?

But don’t worry, Elana. Charlotte is “totally not malicious”. (Oi! You in back! Stop giggling!) Besides, she’ll keep all the info she has on you under her hat…unless absolutely necessary. Gosh, that’s big of her.

Charlotte Ward 2018-05-26 5

“That’s it. Call off the dogs. Or there will be a mega noise”.

Can we say that we kind of hope that the dogs aren’t called off? We’re looking forward to this pagga—should be a good one!


Charlotte Ward x3

154 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward denounces ‘Hampstead psy op’

  1. Our blast from the past.. Charlotte makes yet another appearance on HR! Thanking us as well. LOL!
    Great post, EC. She doesn’t half talk in conspiracy riddles though at times.

    As for the attack dogs, I’ve heard they’re nothing of the sort. This one was snapped circa 5:15pm hard at work the other night.

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  2. Elena’s ‘London friend’ wouldn’t be Mary Rooney would it? It’s on Facebook and it’s not secret.

    I can’t figure Charlotte out. Oh I forgot…everything has to be a conspiracy. When you realise that it all makes (batshit crazy) sense.

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      • It’s amazing how many of the idiots think they have been hacked, it makes them feel special! The powers that Bee (Buzzzz), just love to waste time hacking those that are delusional and mentally ill. That’s how they get away with it, you Seeeeee!

        How delusional, and vindictive, does a person have to become, before health care professionals step in? Neelu has been like this for years, causing no end of trouble. I mean why hack here when they could just direct energy beams and 5G death rays at her beedy eyes?

        Hackers always give the accounts back to the owner LOL. If the powers that be had so much much interest in these numpties, why would they even allow them to post about these issues for years? Court dates wouldn’t be an issue, they would just hack that persons entire existemce off the records so they could never work legally, could never claim any benefits, no pension, no credit etc. These are the real paid by the Government activists! I mean, wouldn’t their benefits be stopped if they were really causing a stink?

        If this mass murdering cult existed, how come they have ceased activities, and pose zero threat to all the thousands of online loons? Imagine you stood up to a group of serial killers, they knew your name, and where you lived, but you chose to make years worth of videos embellishing the story and never showed any fear. APD, i’m looking at you. If I thought mass murderer’s were after me on the internet, i would be a nervous wreck….and that is why these conspiracy types do not really believe what they say, either that, or they have not thought any of it through logically.

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    • “Spies in my computer” -a bit like voices in my head.
      She’s basically saying “a big boy did it and ran away”. That didn’t work for me either when I was at school.

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  3. It seems it takes conspiracy theorists weeks, months, years and sometimes even decades to come to the the same conclusion that anybody with common sense and a reasonable outlook on life would be able to achieve.

    Silly Billies.

    The Hampstead case was undoubtably a hoax and anyone taken in by it is either a fraud, a supporter of child abuse or gone with the wind.

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      • Sadly, all of the above. There is no way asane adult can still believe it’s real. Neelu and Debs both need serious xounselling and mental health sevices to act NOW, both seem to have being suffering for years with mental health problems.

        If they were my friends or relatives I would make that call on tuesday morning.

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    • They NEED to believe it, they simply can’t exist without believing that the courts, police, social services, schools and churches are all Satanically controlled and, as a result, they’re fighting the very devil himself. If the real mundanity of their lives, that their just dysfunctional couch potatoes ranting impotently to a gang of fellow morons because they have no jobs, no real friends, no relationships, no purpose and no point, it would crush them. So they buy into a fantasy where a few rational debunkers seeking to expose disinformation and harassment are GCHQ operatives defending a Satanic coven that is killing 1000s of infants in ceremonies and all sorts of twisted stuff. They actually enjoy the perverse behaviour they irrationally accuse people of, it excites them. They’re mixed up puppies one and all

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  4. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing, EC.

    She’s totally lost the plot, hasn’t she.

    Can someone give me a call when she gets to the sodding point?

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  5. “I’m totally not malicious.”



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    • What the f*ck kind of limerick has 7 lines and an a-a-b-c-d-e-c rhyming scheme?
      And don’t even get me started on the scansion!
      Painful 😮

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      • Curiouser and curiouser. As I recall, Farmer was probably the most malicious of all the evil perps – yep, I was giggling in the back row at that point in her email. Talk about wanting to rewrite history. She may want to conveniently forget the hate campaigns she ran against individuals in their workplaces and communities. I know some people who have never recovered from this – not because there was any belief in the hoax but because of the extremely offensive subject matter and the distress it caused. Worst still, she targetted and mocked children, publicising their social media channels, making anti-semitic comments on top of the usual porn bullshit – putting them more at risk than they already were.

        If she wants to exonerate herself in any way, she should come clean as to why she purused such a campaign of hate against innocent people especially children. Because for most normal people, it is unfathomable.

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        • Yes i remember how nasty and vindictive she was when this all first came out. She was going through innocent peoples Facebook accounts and making the most nasty comments and joining dots that didn’t even exist.

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          • it still depresses me to think of all the innocent people’s names and photos she put up with the vilest of accusations; and she even repeatedly showed the names and photos of their children. I’m normally a forgiving sort but she’d have to do a lot better than a half-arsed apology, in an email she never intended us to see anyway. And I think the police will share that sentiment too.

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      • She’s pushing boundaries, throwing mud in the eyes of convention, and breaking down walls, kinda like when Dylan went electric.
        This is a hilarious video filmed after a show in Sheffield contrary to the mislabeled Newcastle title. Wonder if Debs was there?

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    • And lest we forget her “Corina Lovage” persona, through which she used to send out charming Facebook PMs like this:

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    • There was an old hag known as Ward
      Who always left everyone bored
      When shit hit the fan
      And ballsed up her plan
      She fell on her own fucking sword

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  6. “Finally I would like to remind everyone of the Tamworth Two.”

    Wait – something interesting happened in Tamworth? 😮

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  7. Awesome post, EC.

    And speaking of dribbling psychos who are too drunk to string a coherent sentence together (no offence, Charlotte), I wonder if someone could translate this into Human for me:

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    • “they are just demonic filthy minks”. Complaining that his mink coat is dirty?. I tried but that’s about all I could understand.

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  8. Thanks for this exclusive update on what’s going on in Paramaribo, EC.

    Meanwhile, back in Oldcastle…


  9. Known racist and Islamophobe Angela Power-Disney starting her Sunday by bigging up the race hate campaigner and ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson (or “Tommy Ribinson”, as she calls him):

    She also seems to think it was Robinson who was arrested (the headline clearly states it was one of his supporters) and seems blissfully unaware that he’s currently in jail.

    #JournoAngie – worth every penny

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    • I think Robinson was arrested because he was “live streaming” and committing contempt of court because there are reporting restrictions as there are more cases to be heard and they are connected. As the prosecuting barrister said they have already had terrible trouble trying to stop cases being dismissed for prejudices because of idiots like Robinson.

      In his last case he was given 13 months suspended and told off by the judge that should he end up in court again he will most certainly serve that looks like he’s off to Belmarsh.

      Let’s face it- once Angie gets involved in your life you usually end up in the clink. This is really because she’s a rabid racist like Robinson, a soul mate and it’s all about people with dark skin and completely co-incidental to the fact that some similar folk are moving into the house near her. I’m lobbying Oldcastle Council as we speak and saying this has been such a huge success with the neighbors numerous more of such families should be moved into the square where Ange lives.

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      • The details:

        “Robinson was convicted of contempt of court for using a camera inside Canterbury Crown Court and received a suspended sentence… On 25 May 2018, Robinson was again arrested while livestreaming outside Leeds Crown Court on the charge of breaching the peace. If found guilty of breaching the terms of his prior suspended sentence for contempt of court he stands to be jailed for a period of three months.”

        He also received an 18-month sentence in 2013 for mortgage fraud.

        There was also something on that Wiki page last night which has gone now, which referred to reporting restrictions in relation to a child grooming case.

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  10. I hung out with some Odinists yesterday, they did a ritual asking for their gods to bring justice to Angela Power Disney and a few other Satan Hunters. A few hours later there was a spectacular storm. I am told that Thor is going to give Disney and a few others a good hammering in the distant future.


    • Hmm, hopefully the not racist Odinists SV. The Odinists have a rep, I’ll just say.


        • Oh, I have nothing against paganism, I have pagan friends, it’s just that some Odinists can also be neo-Nāzįs.

          I also have a bit of a mental block with sarcasm.

          The storm was really spectacular.


  11. I’ve just been been doing a spot of digging. Apparently HG and Tivon were in a relationship by Oct 2014 but acting like they’d only just met in a formal, ‘professional’ promotional video a month later. It smacks of crafty salesmanship to me – getting your boyfriend to play the role of an engineering expert. Just a thought.

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  12. I’ve been pondering on Hoaxgirl’s denial that she was behind the ‘Hoaxtead Satanists Exposed’ blog but claiming she knew who was. So this highly secretive person who calls himself/herself ‘Anon’ (and who just happens to be friends with HG’s former bestie Angela) thought it would be a really good idea to reveal their identity to Hope Girl (and no one else)? Hmmm

    And that’s without even mentioning that her Tribal Diva anti-Hoaxtead video was a straight copy of one of Anon’s ‘Slanderfest’ vids!

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  13. The only true reparation Ward could offer anyone is a complete and honest account of her involvement in the Hampstead affair. This too, would require that she identifies all the others involved and their part in that criminal scheme. If that is not forthcoming then she is only paying lip service in an effort to extricate herself from blame.
    Ward was never a ‘patsy’ or ‘trapped’. She embarked on a dreadful smear campaign against an innocent community using lies and disinformation. She knew full well what she was doing and revelled in her new status as leader of one particular aspect of the hoax.
    The community will move on of course, focus is softer when aimed at a group, but what of those singled out? Will an innocent father and his children ever really be able to put this behind them?
    Ward needs jail time and any harassment that is going her way is long overdue.

    I had the misfortune of interacting with her in those early days and she is a nasty self serving piece of work. It was the unmasking of her true identity that put an end to her infamous blog. She can dish it out but she didn’t like a taste of her own medicine.

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    • I know.

      I remember her boasting about sending emails to lists of people at individuals’ places of work.

      It was only being outed – with publicly available information – that stopped her.

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      • Ephesians 5:11 = “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

        Don’t worry, Naima – we will 😉

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        • Actually, just thinking – it was an Angie video they featured, so Ephesians 511 is most likely her. That’s the sort of name she’d use too.


        • “fruitless deeds of darkness”? Does that not include scamming people with a machine that will never work? Selling snake oil products and magic crystals to vulnerable, mentally ill, ‘targeted individuals’? along with making false claims that these items will help them, when any benefit is purely a placebo!

          Her behaviour is strange for someone who claims to be a Christian. I’ve found people who have faith and genuinely believe in God do not have to virtue signal to everyone about how religious they are. The nicest religious people I have known are people who you don’t even realise are truly dedicated to their chosen faith until you get to known them, and then they don’t constantly talk about their beliefs or tell you that ‘you will burn in a lake of fire’ for not believing.

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  14. Not that anyone asked here’s Doomy Deborah’s latest activity on PooTube

    A Hoaxumentary about Stanley Kubrick’s the Shining and
    8 hours of birds for the amusement of cats

    This is only the calm before the storm though, she’ll be back regurgitating whatever else she watches on youtube as she chain-smokes filthy dog ends she finds at bus stops and waits for the £1000 Million she’s expecting the new order to pay her for her endless work exposing the Satanic cabal at work in the hidden rooms of churches and McDonald’s. A source close to her location confirmed that the neighbours refer to her as Big D, a reference to a brand of salty snack, Big D’s Nuts they cackle as she rides the pavements in her borrowed mobility scooter she’s adorned with pokeman stickers and a holy Madonna on the steering bars.

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  15. “People have often commented on my “attitude” saying i need to be less angry”

    Really, Debs? You surprise me.

    She then goes on to compare herself to Jesus and Mohammad. Enjoy…

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    • LOL, she’s angry that a spiritual guru chose to interview someone who’s done 35 years of research on a topic rather than her, who’s spent a few hours Googling it? You couldn’t make it up 😂

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    • She really does need some help, I would hate to be her therapist or counsellor though. This supernatural stuff she talks about seems to make her feel special, like she’s the chosen one. She reminds me of so called psychics, clairvoyants, and those who claim to have seen ghosts, only they can experience these things because they are more special than everyone else.

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  16. What is it with McGoofy and minks? He’s been mentioning them a lot lately. Must be his equivalent of Alanson’s ringtails.

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  17. That nice Richie Allen has been busy radioing his support for Alison Chabloz. It’s all about free speech you know.

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  18. So Charlotte is back in Suriname, it looks like she needs to lay off those hallucinogenic jungle frogs.

    Could her computer problems be linked to all that time she she spent on the dark net looking for evidence, well that’s what she claimed.

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