Hampstead Research – NO MERCY!


Tonight has seen some historic troll-slaying!

But Operation Bombshell continues. And without her beloved blog, there is absolutely nothing Charlotte or her creepy parade of mentally unhinged bootboys can do about it 🙂

Much is happening behind the scenes.

Oh and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Hampstead Harasser herself – Charlotte St. Aubyn Ward  (aka Charlotte Alton, aka Jacqui Farmer, aka Carleea):




13 thoughts on “Hampstead Research – NO MERCY!

  1. You are illegally using those images. They aren’t “charlotte ward” because “charlotte ward” DOESN’T EXIST.



  2. Aww, think of poor old Sickened, Akhaldan, Angie et al. They’ll be like stray dogs now, looking for a new home 😦


  3. Aww..a little taste of what you dish out on a regular basis not tasting good to you? Why report the images if the person in them doesn’t exist? lol..

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  4. toothless is a real twat and he is calling himself la la la taller than you but he aint he is a little stupid short man says:

    toothless known tonight as la la aint too bright, is he?

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  5. Charlotte will be sitting about on her elbow all day (her extensive research has informed her that that is what people sit on).

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