Charlotte Ward accepts reality!

Stop the presses!

It appears that Charlotte Ward, notorious for her implacable indifference to the truth, and her inability to research (or reason) her way out of a wet paper bag in a rainstorm, appears to have finally accepted the truth!

Well, one small part of the truth.

All right, maybe we’re stretching it a bit: let’s just say she’s given up one of her many, many lies. Check it out:

Charlotte Ward = jacqui farmer-Oct 7 2015Yes, it’s one of her foul, lying, and ultimately laughable attempts to smear innocent citizens; but look, down there at the bottom (the part we’ve circled for your reading convenience): she’s finally, at long last, admitted that Jacqui Farmer and Charlotte Ward are the same person.

Enjoy it while it lasts, dear readers. Charlotte is allergic to truthfulness, so it isn’t likely that such a thing will occur again in the foreseeable future.

By the way, while we’re discussing truthfulness and such, we’d like to put to rest one of Charlotte’s more egregious and ridiculous porkies: the idea that we, or someone from our group, or someone we know, has ever hacked her site, her email, or her dog’s email.

Here’s exactly what happened (yes, one of us wrote it down at the time, as the police wanted to know how we’d sussed Charlotte out):

In early May, one of our volunteers discovered the first known video pertaining to the Hampstead case, produced by “Hampstead Research” (HR). We found it on Sabine Kurjo McNeill’s blog: (This link takes some time to load; the same video can be found at: )

At that time, we noticed that McNeill described the video: “It was produced by a couple I know who had also fled the country because the Police didn’t like them investigating the case of an abduction of a girl.”

This video was remarkable in the sense that while the narrator’s voice was deepened and slowed, it was not nearly as badly scrambled as the voice in future videos that would appear, narrated by Jacqui Farmer (JF) on HR. The accent and intonation were very distinctive, however.

Two of our volunteers worked on the voice from this video to remove the scrambling as much as possible. The results were impressive, but the voice didn’t match any known voices that we’d found in our search to that point.

It did allow us to rule out certain potential “suspects”, however.

It also told us that whoever had made the videos was concerned that her voice might be recognisable by her audience—the “truther” community online.

On 20 May, we received some very important information from another group that had been working in parallel with us to identify JF: they had found three YouTube channels in which the videos sounded as though they’d been narrated by the same voice we’d unscrambled.

The following is taken from an email we received from the second group:

The name [we] identified is Charlotte Ward who wrote a research paper with professor David Voas at the Institute of Social Change, Manchester University, published in a peer-reviewed journal 2011: “The emergence of conspirituality”….

The chain was roughly… the YouTube channel Eddythecat7.. Somewhere the word “conspirituality” popped up…. I googled this odd word and found the paper with Voas. Then the YouTube channels conspirituality & conspiritualize… then a comment left on a forum signed off “regards charlotte ward” by a poster handle “carleea”… and a lot of places she’s used that name including on the David Icke forum.

There’s a great deal more (um, about 26 pages, with a whole lot more detail than most people would care to know), but we thought you might like to know how it all happened. Charlotte left a great many breadcrumbs in her wake, including but not limited to leaving her email window open in several of her videos; using photographs from places she’d lived (or places her boyfriend Jacco de Boer has lived) as background images…you name it.

What’s actually more surprising than our being able to suss out her name and online identities is that we weren’t able to do it sooner. Honestly, once we had the first piece of the puzzle, the rest was just lying about waiting to be put together.

So if Charlotte ever tries to fob off the old ‘wah, wah, I’ve been hacked and attacked and they’ve stolen my passwords and emails’…you’ll know she’s lying.

Actually, if Charlotte opens her mouth, chances are she’s lying. That’s what makes it all the more remarkable that once, in a hateful email full to the brim with lies…she broke down and let a bit of truth slip in.

Congratulations, Charlotte. Well done.

Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information


15 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward accepts reality!

  1. Great research. Hacking Schmacking! The info is on the net if you look for anyone to find.

    Tell you what though. Whoever told her that her voice could be disguised wasn’t her friend were they!

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  2. Wow. So Charlotte is a serial offender, having left the UK due to another case of abduction already? She don’t joke around, our Charlotte. She has form for this kind of thing. Figures. She is a trained, experienced harasser, then. She really is a criminal, in every which way comparable to those that actually are violent, only she does it electronically. Except for when she is actually, physically abducting, of course. I really think the authorities should be informed where she lives. She definitely will not qualify as having a ‘good character’ for immigration purposes, ie visa requirements. Perhaps the UK police could inform the Surinamese immigration dept of her bad character and criminal proclivities. A serial abuser of children. That, and accessing, propagating child abuse images, well, what ARE jacco’s and Charlotte’s family thinking, supporting this? I really would like to discuss their part in all of this with them and invite them to take part in a discussion right here, on these pages.

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    • I agree. She is also one of the most vindictive & nastiest of these Hoaxers. While Neelu really needs help (and i think the same goes for Sabine ) this Charlotte is an active defamer and a nasty one at that. Wherever she lives the authorities should be informed. Is she British?. She is clearly criminally harassing so many innocent people with her email campaigns against innocent people caught up in this drama. If she is from the UK she must need to return at some stage or she needs to be on the Interpol list in case she travels to Europe.

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      • She is British; her married name is Charlotte Alton, and we have the name and address of her ex-husband, as well as of several of her family members. We have refrained from contacting any of them, but if they’d like to talk to us, we’d welcome the opportunity.

        As for police lists, we know she’s on at least 2 lists currently, with more to follow.


    • All excellent points, Miss M. As for their families, well, if we were related to her in any way we’d be thoroughly ashamed. But if any of them would like to join us here for a frank discussion, they’d obviously be more than welcome.


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