In memoriam; and HoaxGirl shows her true colours

This is a difficult post for us to write. As some of our readers might know, Tim McKenzie of the “McKenzies Devils” YouTube channel (and variations thereof), died earlier this month, after a short illness.

None of us ever met Tim, or even spoke to him in person, but he was a stalwart supporter of this blog, and we’re all very sad to know that he’s no longer with us. We had always assumed that Tim was a lone wolf, but it turns out that he worked with a small team, who have inherited his mantle and intend to carry on his work. We’re happy to know they’re there.

How we found out

We became aware of Tim’s death thanks to this kind and thoughtful note from Naima Dawn Feagin, aka Hope Moore, aka Hope Morris, aka Hope Girl:Hope Girl 2018-05-25 MKD diedAt first we thought it was a cruel joke.

However, when we made further enquiries with the remaining people from the MKD team, they assured us that it was, sadly, true. They said Tim’s family would prefer that we not make any announcement of his death, a request we respected. (They later agreed that in light of HoaxGirl’s various attacks, we could write this blog; we thank them for that.)

The comments from HoaxGirl just kept coming: HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 ShevaSuch a charming Christian lady, falsely claiming that “MKD was struck dead hours after trolling” her.

On the contrary, we have learned that Tim had been ill for about three months prior to his sudden death on 7 May, and that he had not been well enough to go online during that time.

HoaxGirl repeated the lie on YouTube for MKD’s friends and family to find…if they were quick. Sure enough, the comment lasted about half a minute before she pulled it down, but one of our intrepid readers caught it before that happened:Hoax Girl 2018-05-25 Christian liesAgain: Tim absolutely did not “die within hours of trolling” HoaxGirl and her family. That is a cruel and vicious lie. As for her assertions that Tim is not resting in peace, or the rest of her pseudo-religious twaddle, we’ll simply say that apparently she not only missed the concepts of resurrection and forgiveness of sins, but she utterly fails to grasp the entire fucking point of the New Testament.

HoaxGirl didn’t leave it at that, however. Apparently concerned that her words had not caused sufficient distress, she wrote this: HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 3HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 4

The inevitable lawsuit threat

Not content with sending veiled threats in amongst her epic whinging, she followed up with an outright shot across the bow: HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 lawsuit threatYep.

HoaxGirl, who has been hawking a verifiably fake “Quantum Energy Generator” for years, now supplemented by magical kryptonite thingies which are meant to repel evil death rays (or something, we forget), actually thinks that this blog can be intimidated into closing down for pointing out that the QEG Emperor is, as they say in the U.S. of A., “buck nekkid”.

And to ensure that we’ll have no recourse to inconvenient defenses such as the truth, HoaxGirl has been busily running around the internet, pulling down any of her own sites which might incriminate her.

That “Hoaxtead Satanists Exposed” site? Gone-zo.

Now of course, HoaxGirl denies all responsibility for that blog, but somehow she was able to exert enough influence on its creators to have it pulled down—just at the time when we might want to use it as evidence of her trolling. Goodness, that’s an amazing coincidence, that is.

Good thing we kept an archived copy of that blog, along with screenshots! Hurrah for our office pack-rats, who diligently screenshot and archive all sorts of things which could come in handy later.

And the same goes for several blog posts which HoaxGirl hastily pulled down yesterday: for example, the one about Wilhelmina, the elderly lady from the west coast of Canada who HoaxGirl and her charming mother almost bilked out of $120,000. Fortunately for Wilhelmina, her banker smelt a rat and refused to allow her to fork over the dough.

Then there’s the story of how HoaxGirl went to hang out with some super-rich people (whose lifestyle she totally dissed, btw) in hopes of getting them to “invest” in the magic energy machine?

Now, all this could have been really damaging to HoaxGirl’s legal case against us, had it been allowed to remain online.

So gosh, HoaxGirl, it’s really too bad we already have copies tucked neatly away in folders, isn’t it? This is the sort of thing which makes us grateful for our resident pack-rat team, we can tell you!

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Team Pack-rat has been diligently archiving all sorts of fascinating material demonstrating the truth of our allegation: that HoaxGirl is knowingly marketing a device (well, devices now, if you count the magic orgone sparkly triangle thingies) which she is aware cannot ever work; and that she has systematically (and one might almost say “with aforethought”, if one wished to sound like Perry Mason) attempted to suppress any and all who could conceivably reveal the truth about her activities. Because, you know, profit margins.

So go ahead, HoaxGirl. Bring it on.

But before you do, you might wish to keep a couple of things in mind: if a statement is true, it does not qualify as defamation under the law. And the courts tend to frown upon people who deliberately attempt to suppress evidence against them. That’s actually a bit of a no-no, and could win you some jail time. So do look before you leap, won’t you?

We’ll close with this video from some of Tim McKenzie’s friends. Farewell, Tim, we’re all going to miss you.

168 thoughts on “In memoriam; and HoaxGirl shows her true colours

  1. Rest in peace Tim McKenzie. I admired your determination in exposing people such as HopelessGirl to the world and how you never gave up. This time though you didn’t need to expose her for the heartless witch that she is as she has done that deed all by herself.

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    • Oh you’ve done it now HoaxGirl ( Naima Dawn Feagin / HopeGirl). Your sheer viciousness will unleash 100 Tim McKenzies. Karma is unavoidable.
      Condolences to McKenzie’s family and friends. I only know him through his work but it was just and it was appreciated.
      What a vile creature she is. But I think her vindictiveness is born out of a con where the wheels are beginning to fall off.
      #Opening a celebratory beer now for the coming Irish referendum result. Not because I approve of abortion but what a woman does with her body is none of my business, but also because of the thought that Angela Power Disney may be sticking forks in her eyes at this very moment.

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  2. Would someone post the bible reference where it says you’re supposed to be sanctimonious and arrogant? I musta missed that bit.

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  3. That is very sad news indeed. Thankyou for letting us know EC, it is appreciated. As for the so-called HopeGirl, she better hope that her God can forgive her for her sheer wickedness.

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    • The thing that pisses me off most about what Hope Girl has said is that we’ve always been really respectful when one of their number has died, including people who’d sent us vile death threats and/or threatened to buy a gun and kidnap the Hampstead children.

      And we never spouted any crap about their deaths being punishments for what they’d done either.

      I wonder what Tivon will think when he reads what his beloved Naima’s been sending out to people. I wonder if he knew what she was doing. Surely he wouldn’t approve of her disgusting behaviour, would he? Has anyone sent him the link?

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      • All Arab cultures respect the dead and would never express such vile sentiments even about their enemies.
        It demonstrates HoaxGirl may live in Morocco but she has zilch respect for local customs.

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  4. “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

    Think about that HG.

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    • I saw that earlier, before you posted it and it’s a doozie. No doubt this ‘so called’ scientist rigged his meter to discredit the God given Orgonite. Possibly he used fake Chinese made Organite that is much cheaper then the premium grade pyramids Dawn prices at $99 each, or 4 for $400 if you want to waste $4, lol

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    • Delicious.
      I’d put organite’s effectiveness on par with Princess Neelu’s crystal planting around the perimeter of London courts that have resulted in her spending more time in front of M’Learned Friend than the opposite.

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  5. RIP, Tim, of the MKD. Rest Assured Friend. We shall see them in chains. Your persistence and sense of humor will be missed. Soar High! ❤
    Condolences to Tim's family and friends.

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      • “My invisible sky-fairy friend is totally going to kill you and torture you afterwards for dissing me, and your little dog too! Also, stop making death threats against me!”

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    • Exactly, Sheva! And the most bizarre part of Angie’s claim that she’s received all these death threats is that she’s repeatedly told people what page to look on to see them, knowing full well they aren’t bloody there! Never did get my head round that one, lol.

      She’s gonna be mighty pissed off with the referendum result, btw. She’s been spitting venom for the ‘No’ camp round the clock for months.

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      • Too right, Angiewatch…. Angela willl be pissed off,, oh well a few more furrows on her brow……
        Being authentic is far easier in the long run.
        Most people are able to disagree with someone or think they are wrong and not despise them…..but for frauds and fakes, especially concerning child protection, she has chosen the path of the most despicable and hated types.

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      • And I’m mighty proud of all of the CSE/CSA victims who added their voices that made a difference, despite the suppression of real victims encouraged by Angela Power Disney and Belinda Mckenzies cohorts and hoaxers in general, who are anti progress as they try to inflame their fake witch hunts and satanist paedophile hunts….. that are a delight for their psuedo child porn sharing mates !

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  6. To be fair, the QEG is not just HopeGirl’s scam; between James and Valerie Robitaille (previously Valerie Bambi Crystal)… it’s a family grift. There is something heartwarmingly old-fashioned about the togetherness and family values on show. Someone should make a movie.

    Here is Valerie Bambi Robitaille (matriarch of the clan) as the more ethnic-sounding “Naicheval Robitai”, trying to raise funds for the family to collaborate with Jeremy Ayres, notorious broad-spectrum bullshit artist and cancer-exploiting medscammer, who does not let his lack of qualifications come between :

    There’s a loose collaboration between Ayres and HopeGirl, along with his wife, his colleague India Merkerson, and Clive de Carle. Whatever time these garbage people can spare from scamming people and scaring them away from medical treatment and selling them Orgonite, they devote to interviewing one another for their Youtuba channels, either Ayres’ at “NaturallyBetter” or Clive’s at UK Column. Ayres was pimping the QEG for a while, because of course he was. Anyway, there is no end of Youtubers that are not directly under Hopegirl’s control and not so easy to delete.

    Other Hopegirl projects include…
    This includes a revealing description of her family’s next target:
    “We are actively seeking for church groups who may have an interest in building one of these portable electric generators for off grid living and power supply in natural disasters and other charitable work. We wish to donate the plans and CAD files to as many churches as we can. Our family is Christian and we feel moved by the spirit of God to create this pathway to get this innovative technology out through the church. Here are the details of how we plan to organize this technology tithe.”
    …miscellaneous Trutherdom. Notable for Hope’s attempt to link “Elsagate” paedophilia-paranoia with MKULTRA.

    It’s all enough to gag a maggot.

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      • Look at it this way: Naima Moore / Morris / Feagin comes from a background. She was groomed to be a grifter in childhood. What chance did she have? Can we really blame her? But we must break the cycle before there is another generation.

        HopeMum seems to prefer IndieGoGo for her fundraising activities, leaving GoFundMe for HopeGirl:
        Home Quantum Energy Generator
        Angels in Boston * HopeGirl & Fix The World Documentary
        HopeGirl: Fix The World Documentary
        QEG Rosetta Stone Project
        Peoples Fund Administrative Start Up Revised for 2014

        (well, devices now, if you count the magic orgone sparkly triangle thingies)

        In fact there is more than one version of the QEG available! — the original, and the convenient Mini-QEG if you only want enough energy for your own home without a surplus to power the neighbourhood as well.
        There is a company, Torelco, who will supply the windings, if you don’t have the patience to wind lots of wire yourself. HopeGirl’s sites recommend Torelco as a supplier, and the company’s own sites promise parts “for the QEG”, without actually promising that it will do anything. Whether the relationship goes any closer than that is not for me to say.

        If I understand the sequence correctly, the QEG was devised by HopeStepDad, James Robitaille. James was inspired by the WITTS scammers, but didn’t want to pay them $300 for the plans for their Energy Machine, so he reverse-engineered it (the “Tesla” baffle-gab was retconned later). HopeGirl reckons that James is a Top Engineer, with decades of experience… if the mean people at Quatloos are to be believed, “he was the maintenance guy at a small factory that makes things that other people put their brand on”. It is even conceivable that he lacked the competence to know at the time that what he was peddling was a fraud.

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        • I’m not sure if the owner is in on the con, or just making a buck (or 3000) off gullible idiots
          After all anyone willing to fall for this and has money would be easily parted from it….


          Thank you for your patience in awaiting a reply on your inquiry of the QEG coil.

          T***is working with FTW on best pricing available. T*** is offering a complete coil which includes core (including rotor), aluminum blocks, 8” bolts, all insulation, copper windings.

          We are now offering two versions:

          One with vacuum encapsulating the windings with epoxy – price $3,095.00 USD


          One with no epoxy encapsulation using Nano Shield wire on both Primary and Secondary – price $2,945.00 USD

          Delivery – 5 weeks after receipt of order on first come basis. ***, NJ ****

          Please note that all orders placed must be paid in full in US dollars before shipment is made.”

          On the off chance this legitimate winding company is on the level, I have redacted their name etc, but google will find their add easily enough

          I have also found a possible cause as to why it is so bloomin loud, seriously a ‘normal’ generator driven by an electric motor should be almost silent, not howl louder than one can comfortably talk… I suspect that our ‘super engineer’ has included not one, but 4 shorted turns in his design


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          • (fair usage under comment on design)

            This is what I meant, unless there is insulation that isn’t apparent in those 4 aluminium clamps, they will constitute a ‘shorted turn’ which would account for its apparent noise (and would reduce its efficiency even further, making it even less likely to work!)

            Transformer design is a quite well established field, literally dating back to the earliest days of electricity, and by now is quite well understood (by most…)

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      • Funny you should mention Orson, I watched this earlier. Not as funny as the vinyl original UK version, and not very PC is this day and age, but it’s more of a parody and the jokes on one of them in the end.

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      …miscellaneous Trutherdom. Notable for Hope’s attempt to link “Elsagate” paedophilia-paranoia with MKULTRA.

      Actually I went back to the RealSpeaks site and it’s more “End-of-Days eschatological Revelation Fan-fic”. Trutherdom, yes, but more specifically a kind of Dominationist christopathic trutherdom. I don’t know if “christopathic” is a word or something I made up just now. Anyway, it’s a slumgullion of weird apocalyptic fantasies, but the highlight may be HopeGirl’s explanation of how she has been Born Again and has rejected the witchcraft that had dragged her into the slough of New Age demonism:

      So it could be that she is genuinely deluded, or conceivably she realised that there are a lot of Born-Again dumbfucks out there who have been sufficiently brainwashed by televangelism that they will give money to any fraudster who claims to be a pentecostal preacher with a unique understanding of the holy bibble… money that should be going to her instead.

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  7. So very sorry Tim has passed, my thoughts are with his family and friends.
    Tim will be sadly missed, but I will never forget him and MKD, whatever part Tim contributed, they opened my eyes to a lot of these scammers. The level of dedication and output has been inspirational for many people.

    Thank you Tim for everything. Rest in peace buddy

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  8. That’s very sad news about ‘Mr. MKD’. RIP Tim – your sense of humour and ‘knack’ of getting under the skin of these serial liars will be much missed.

    As for using someones death to try and score points… well… you just can’t get much nastier than that.

    Whatever Hope Girl’s anointed with, it sure ain’t low-calorie… and it stinks of shit.

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  9. I see she’s addressing me in her recent missives.I haven’t even started as I’ve been busy with another fraud I’ve been exposing. He was so annoyed with me, and anonymous trolls he assumes are me, that he delivered a bizarre drunken death threat on a recent YoyTube stream –

    RIP Tim, I never knew ya, never had much of a chance to like your posts, say hi or anything. You contributed to a great cause and I hope I can do my own small part is outing these morally derelict dirtbags.

    Dawn, get ready for having your online scams pilloried by a vicious puppet that has no pity, no remorse and absolutely will not stop.

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    • As for framing her for murder ? that’s not me. I’m just ridiculing her attempts to sell plastic pyramids for $99 each (4 for $400) and her scientifically impossible free electricity machine.

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        • I certainly did, he blew a gasket when a couple of my mates did a stream and he got invited in while drunk off his head. Only a few bits have been put out. In the fullness of time the whole 4+ hours I have will be out. He makes a complete ass of himself with threats to have me and my elderly mother killed. He doesn’t come across at all well, believe me.

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    • Haha, is that you Will Gelvin is moaning about? he dont like me either and blocked me. You aint circle of tone by any chance?

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      • Naw. Owen Gibbins (who Will tried to accuse of rape on Reddit) is Circle of Tone. Will has to have an enemy or someone to blame, His detractors are a pretty large crew and, like an iceberg, never very visible but they never let him forget that he owes a lot of people guitars / money and his excuses are weak.

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  10. Hopegirl, Tim saw through you and could see what a useless hypocrite you are. All you had to do was mind your manners and not gloat over a sad time for many but you could help yourself because you are stupid. I owe Tim and you have made enemies today. Useless fat fuck.

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  11. R.I.P. Mr. McKenzie & sincere condolences to family & friends.

    In a most dignified fashion, may I say, Hopegirl, you are a bitter bitch! As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters always point the wrong way!

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  12. This is so sad. Tim was a great guy whose dedication and sense of humour in the face of adversity never failed to make us smile and helped to keep as all sane. He will be sorely missed and my deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends and associates.

    And thank you so much to his team, who’ve kindly elected to and carry on the fight in Tim’s absence.

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  13. RIP Tim of the MKD family. You came, you saw, you conquered. I’d like to think you’re up there somewhere making the angels laugh 🙂

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  14. RIP Tim 😦

    God, Hope Girl is the lowest of the low. Not content with running pseudoscience scams, ripping off pensioners and trolling and slandering innocent people online, she’s now dancing on Tim’s grave and spewing vile and spite at his grieving friends? Way way way over the line – and, frankly, a trifle psychotic.

    Moreover, she seems to have missed the entire bloody point of the Crucifixion if she truly believes that God strikes people down with thunderbolts to punish them for misdeeds (I’m an Atheist and even I know that). And not only that but she thinks he’s killing all these people just for annoying her? That’s a whole new level of megalomania right there.

    Besides, apart from Tim, who are all these people who supposedly keeled over right after trolling her? The voices in her head, perchance?

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  15. Dream on if you think I’m gonna fight your battles for you, Naima. And for Christ’s sake, stop praying to me in the middle of the bloody night when I’m trying to sleep. I’ve enough trouble with the neighbours playing their bleedin’ harps at all hours.

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      • God has always been kind to me and we are now great pals. Don’t come on here a’moaning and a’groaning because you were a brat as a child. You never deserved that bike. He says he has something special in mind for HoaxGirl when her time comes.

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  16. I’d love to know what Angie and Hope Girl have fallen out over.
    It’s good to know that our prediction has come to pass, btw. I recall various people on here saying they’d fall out eventually. Mind you, let’s face it – Angie’s never had a friend she hasn’t fallen out with!

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  17. My feelings with the family and friends of Tim.

    It was because of Angela Power Disney that I became aware of Tim, he was a passionate campaigner.

    Angela Power Disney was the reason why I lost my faith in religion and became an atheist. I could no longer reconcile people speaking scripture whilst stealing money from African orphans and making up lies about people. My family come from Ireland, and we discussed the failings of the the church and about Angela, it was a reason why they voted to liberalise abortion yesterday. We concluded that it is the individual rather than religion who make the difference in this world, and Tim was one of those individuals who made a positive difference.

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    • I’m not going to get into the institutional side of the discussion. The Catholic church does have some serious questions to answer about their historic conduct, especially in Ireland, but theologically speaking the APDs and Hoaxgirls of this world have a very twisted view of Christianity, mostly purloined from American evangelical thinking.

      Let’s take their concept of hell.

      *ALL* references to “hell” made by Jesus should be translated as “Gehenna”. This is literally a valley outside Jerusalem where some Israelites practised child sacrifice to the Canaan god Moloch. 2 Chron 28:3

      [And as noted previously, another name for Moloch is Malcam!]

      The only use of a Greek word that can be used as a synonym for hell is Tartarus in a letter from St Peter. And that is reserved exclusively for fallen angels – not people. The other appearances of hell in the Bible are properly translated from Greek words “Sheol” and “Hades” that literally mean “place of the dead” or “the grave”

      Now it could be argued that I am re-interpreting Catholic teaching to fit my own world view and to distance myself from those making these foul threats but, as recently as a month ago, the Pope got himself in a tangle after reputedly declaring that hell does not exist. So why the confusion? This is what we were taught in catechism: “the chief punishment of hell is eternal separation of God.” So literally, Catholic hell is a place where the dead go where they are not in the presence of God. This is not the fire and brimstone place that evangelicals threaten everyone with.

      So bottom line is, atheists quite rightly laugh at what they see as a non-existent punishment gleefully meted out by these lunatics, but good Catholics laugh at them as well!

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      • I’m not an atheist, perhaps an agnostic. I agree with the late Stephen Hawking that the notion of a God etc is far too complex for our minds to contemplate. I believe in Karma though. I like Jesus- or at least the stories about him. He was the original Socialist which is OK by me.

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          • “III. 1 But the son of Annas the scribe was standing there with Joseph; and he took a branch of a willow and dispersed the waters which Jesus had gathered together. 2 And when Jesus saw what was done, he was wroth and said unto him: O evil, ungodly, and foolish one, what hurt did the pools and the waters do thee? behold, now also thou shalt be withered like a tree, and shalt not bear leaves, neither root, nor fruit. 3 And straightway that lad withered up wholly, but Jesus departed and went unto Joseph’s house. But the parents of him that was withered took him up, bewailing his youth, and brought him to Joseph, and accused him ‘for that thou hast such a child which doeth such deeds.’

            IV. 1 After that again he went through the village, and a child ran and dashed against his shoulder. And Jesus was provoked and said unto him: Thou shalt not finish thy course (lit. go all thy way). And immediately he fell down and died. But certain when they saw what was done said: Whence was this young child born, for that every word of his is an accomplished work? And the parents of him that was dead came unto Joseph, and blamed him, saying: Thou that hast such a child canst not dwell with us in the village: or do thou teach him to bless and not to curse: for he slayeth our children.

            V. 1 And Joseph called the young child apart and admonished him, saying: Wherefore doest thou such things, that these suffer and hate us and persecute us? But Jesus said: I know that these thy words are not thine: nevertheless for thy sake I will hold my peace: but they shall bear their punishment. And straightway they that accused him were smitten with blindness. 2 And they that saw it were sore afraid and perplexed, and said concerning him that every word which he spake whether it were good or bad, was a deed, and became a marvel. And when they (he ?) saw that Jesus had so done, Joseph arose and took hold upon his ear and wrung it sore. 3 And the young child was wroth and said unto him: It sufficeth thee (or them) to seek and not to find, and verily thou hast done unwisely: knowest thou not that I am thine? vex me not.”

            Wow! He makes Damien from the Omen movies look like a saint in comparison. I’m beginning to think maybe those offensive T-shirts a certain black metal band created a couple of decades ago, were not so bad after all. Jesus.

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        • I thought we were all government sponsored Satanists defending our Alien Lizard overlords in the fight against Christians. By the way, my GCHQ paychecks seem to be delayed. In fact I haven’t received a single one, can someone in finances look into that ?

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  18. RIP Tim
    My thoughts are with his family and nearest and dearest. He will be sorely missed by many who, like me, never met him or communicated with him, but appreciate his hard work in exposing scammers and hoaxers.

    I enjoyed the McKenzie Devils videos, fun and educational and I am pleased that Tim had a team working with him who will continue to shine a light into the dark corners inhabited by these scumbags

    As for Hoax Girl, what a vile, evil scammer and heartless, hypocritical psychopath. Sickening that she would attempt to make capital from the death of a noble, genuine anti-scam activist.

    The archived pages on her blog make for fascinating reading.

    All this bullshit about bringing light to poor people who don’t have electricity, what a load of shite

    A very wonderful, non-scammy man has already engineered a cheap / free way to bring light to poor communities with no electricity and he didn’t set up “go fund me” pages to do it. He lives very simply and modestly and just gave away his idea for free to poor people the world over. His name is Alfredo Moser and he is a true hero.

    This is how you change the world. Have a good idea that actually works and then give it away to the poor
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it ScamGirl

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    • EC

      Could you please correct typo McKenie should be McKenzie

      Also, on reflection, I do think that the little old lady is probably a scam bait “tethered goat”

      should not have posted that, or the 419eater reference
      someone is working on a way to stop Hoaxgirl and I don’t want to mess it up for them

      ta 🙂

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    • That reminded me of the wind up radio guy, Trevor something ? He knew what he was doing and responded to a need in the world. It’s quite pertinent as his invention actually worked and realistically demonstrated how much energy you can create and what you can do with it, not much and run a very low voltage device.

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      • Sometimes even good well meaning ideas fall flat. The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative was one of these. Sounded good on paper but over ambitious and not grounded in reality of real world constraints and the needs of poverty stricken children.

        The hand crank fell off during a demonstration of the prototype and never made the final product. Not to mention the laptop was aimed at children who were only consuming 800-900 calories a day, the effort and time taken trying to power the thing would have reduced time for studying along with using up most of the child energy.

        Instead of each child needed to own their own laptop, fresh water and proper schools were much more important especially in areas with low literacy rates.


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        • That was a bit silly. I read that the Raspberry Pi guys sent stuff over there to assist education with cheap low power computers. Laptops are fine, but surely clean water, food, shelter and clothes should take precedence over computers ? No point educating people who are gonna die in six months from dirty well water full of diseases

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    • Sometimes I read Deb’s Rants and they remind me of the one and only LSD trip I took (when it wasn’t illegal) and I discovered the meaning of life, the true nature of the Universe, the real reason why we exist and every question we have ever asked or thought was answered in those amazing 6 hours. Trouble is I can’t remember anything of it.

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    • GRRRRRR these idiots would want the kids back in the hands of Ella and Abe so they can live in grubby clothes, suffer extreme fad diets that leave them half starved and getting hit with spoons. There’s some seriously deranged people who believe anything if it means they can have a go at the council, the court, the coppers, the church and the school. I expect these are all organisations the Hampstead Liars have all had run ins with.

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      • Saying that I don’t believe they had much trouble at school, judging by their spelling and grammar they were probably over the fence and away


  19. Rest in Peace, Tim of the MKD family.

    As for Hoax Girl, take a read of posts on here which are made when hoaxers pass away, read the posts and the comments… and learn something, you nasty, vicious woman. You make me sick.

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  20. I didn’t know him personally but I’m very sorry to hear about Tim’s passing, sincere condolences to all who loved him. He was a real warrior, and his chief weapon: humour, is notably lacking among the scammers he exposed.
    Hope Girl is a vile person on every level, what kind of “Christian” gloats over the death of another human being? Like many malignant narcissists though, she eventually outs herself to the world and for that, at least, we can draw some comfort.

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  21. I know it’s not the same spelling.. but goodbye ‘Mr McKenzie’ and thanks for all you did and for all the laughs.

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      • Yes what a shame. I’m sure Hammer Horror Films would have been interested. Couldn’t she just make a compilation of all her complaining letters to various government entities complaining about the baby eaters of North London ?. New York Times Best Seller List surely.

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    • Debs doesn’t need trolling, she’s self parody. I’d love to see the likes of Dawn French take on a comedy role like that, the ranting mad woman with a new crazy conspiracy every day of the week.
      Where is Saint George ? We need a man to fall out of a woman’s fanny and fight the Dragon. They’re killing all the trees in Sheffield so they can install MKUltra 5g Death radiation towers. Agenda 21
      She’s priceless


  22. When I went through a rough period when I encountered many challenges, including the weak complaint about me for harrassment by Rupert to the police, it was Tim McKenzie messages that helped me a great deal. I am going to miss Tim, he was an exceptionally skilled and dedicated fighter against the Satan Hunters. I liked his direct style.

    If we are all judged by our actions, then Tim shines, and Naima Dawn Feagin who attacks Tim after his death stands revealed for the barbarian brute she is.

    I looked into the discredited Orgone claims Naima Dawn Feagin makes with her “free energy” bullshit. Feagin misrepresents science and offers bogus products that fools and idiots buy into. I won’t waste anymore time on Feagin, she is a parasite, who feeds off dumb hosts, the way of the world.

    The attacks by Feagin on Tim powers my motivation to make sure that his legacy lives on in creating a world where parasites such as Feagin and Rupert Quaintance won’t prosper.

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  23. The messages of Tim of MKD kept me going though a rough patch where too many challenges smashed into me all at once including the weak complaint for harrassment by Rupert Quaintance. I will never forget Tim of MKD, he was a talented warrior who got under the skin of the Satan Hunters.

    If we judge people by their deeds, Tim of MKD shines, and those who attack him are revealed for the debased barbarians they are.

    I salute Tim.

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  24. That illegal Maggs harassment video that was banned from Cat Splat’s channel is also on Maggs’ chief stalker Malcom McGoofy’s channel. Can I ask people to please join me in reporting it? Thank you

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    • How does having videos removed equate to criminal behaviour? HopelessGirl is so afraid of people finding out the truth about her. It’s not good for business when everyone can read about what a scammer she is.

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      • Sorry, I think you’ve misunderstood. She’s saying she had MKD’s videos removed. She doesn’t specify what crimes we’ve been convicted of.

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        • Yes, I understand that TOT. As usual, i probably didn’t word it very well. My point is, how does having MKD’s videos removed show anybody that MKD has “quite the criminal record.”

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          • No, I think she’s saying the “evidence” of our/his alleged criminal behaviour is in the video she’s linked. Its been taken down now but it was the usual HG dot-joining crap, lol.

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          • Oh right, without having seen the video she has linked to I was just going off her comments. Thanks for clearing that up for me TOT. 🙂

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  25. Rest in peace Tim, you will be sadly missed.
    As for Naima (Hope Girl), it’s never to late to Transform your ways and make amends for all the scams and un-Christian behaviour you have shown, over and over again.

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    • Ummm…. Danny found out about the two kids in late 2013, early 2014???
      Does make one wonder why he didn’t report it and allowed them to suffer the abuse by Abe for another year then……

      or as he so aptly said “be competent and nor a incompetent minor”….

      Glad we have some competent people around here then

      noR those incompetent minors…


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      • Especially weird in light of the fact that he apparently found out nearly a year before Abe & Ella did!


        • yep…

          Thats why he is so competent, he knew about it before it even happened

          Wonder if he could give me next weeks lotto numbers as well?

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  27. The monkey from PG Tips looking creep Malk was meant to be on a break from Facebook but has spent the day releasing so called unreleased video he managed to retrieve from an old hacked computer. Note to Malky the monkey, computers get viruses, computer break and parts sometimes fail you muppet, it’s not hacking, it’s more likely due to the dodgy websites you’ve been browsing on the interwebz.

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  28. Related to the Cat/FSF/Hoaxgirl deletion frenzy, does anyone else find it odd that Ogilfail hasin’t moaned about us for the last few days? He usually puts up about 10-15 rants about us a night on his ‘blog’. Another one who’s nervous, it seems 🙂

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  29. May I just say how proud I am today of Ireland. 

    For too long, we lived under Catholic rule in regards to marriage, divorce, birth control, confessions, attending Church, sexuality & of course, abortion.

    I myself broke 4 of the above as I’m fairly sure, 80% of Ireland did. That is something I would never apologise for, I will meet my maker with a clear conscience. 

    Today I am so proud of our little island for giving women the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, I commend all the men that stood with us and supported us. 

    I think back to my parents time & the couples who had pregnancies which were not viable, pregnancies for example, where babies died inside the mothers at 5, 6, 7 months, but they could not have the babies induced because it was, ‘against the Catholic Church’. The danger of these women carrying then dead tissue inside of them was terrible, God knows how many died from sepsis, which usually sets in from a fever 2 days after the the baby died. 

    My mother was lucky, she had two pregnancies where each baby died at 5 & 6 months. Thankfully she did not get sepsis. She had to continue with the pregnancies for the full nine months, until her body spontaneously gave the babies up. She gave birth each time on her own, as my father was at work. She lay in bed with both babies until he came home, 5 – 7 hours. 

    My father then came home from work, wrapped the babies in a sheet, put them in white shoe boxes, waited until after midnight, took his shovel & walked to the graveyard, climbed to the top of it, climbed over barbed wire & buried them outside consecrated ground. 

    My heart still breaks for both of them & everyone who had to go through things like that. Many Doctors would have liked to help, but their hands were tied. Many Doctors had no sympathy or empathy, their attitude was ‘ get on with it, it is what it is’. I curse those people & always will. 

    I am proud of my family for giving our women a choice, I am proud of the young people, male & female who came home from all corners of the world, to give our women this precious choice, I am proud of the many religious people who, against their teachings, have also supported a woman’s right to choose. I am so proud of the elderly who travelled to vote yes, 94 years old & older, what brilliant people they are. 

    Savita Halappanavar, I salute you, please rest easy now.

    Now I am getting emotional so will write no more, but will say….I am proud to be Irish! 

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  30. Thank you EC. That’s only her & my Dad’s story, I’ve heard many more just as horrifying & worse involving young girls, their stories were happening even in the ’70’s. 😔

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  31. Rest in peace, Tim. Your work goes on, and you will forever be remembered and respected here.

    Hopegirl, i would advise making an apology, but i know you’re too vile a person to take that advice.
    Thank you for giving me her files, Scarlet.

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  32. She deserves a ‘dead leg’ from a mop handle that’s been fashioned into a makeshift pirate flag. That and a word from the doctor about sensible diet


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