Hoaxtead mobsters jump aboard Project Conifer bandwagon

The other day, we noted that Belinda has once again started cosying up to her old pal and fellow Hollie-hoaxer Robert Green, who seems to have played a role in Project Conifer, the Wiltshire Police’s strangely bungled investigation into former PM Edward Heath. We noted that Mr Green had been passing along information to Wiltshire’s Chief Constable Mike Veale—information which originated from the SRA-pushing Dr Joan Coleman, a co-founder of the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS). We predicted that the Heath investigation was now perfectly placed to become the next Big Thing in the land of the conspiranoid Hoaxtead mobsters.

Sure enough, Kristie Sue Costa and Moanin’ Debs Mahmoudieh have already leapt aboard the bandwagon, with a reprint of an oddly fawning piece from the Mail on Sunday:And really, why not? The Project Conifer investigation and report seem tailor-made to appeal to the conspiraloon crowd.

The original rumours about Edward Heath began with none other than Conspiraloon-in-Chief David Icke, who claimed in his 1998 book The Biggest Secret that Sir Edward Heath was a practising Satanist, a child molester and murderer, and a 12-foot-tall lizard from outer space. Surprisingly, the Wiltshire Police failed to investigate Mr Icke’s last allegation, but they seem to have pursued the others with unusual zeal.

Operation Conifer began with a bang in August 2015, with a plea from Wiltshire police for “victims” to come forward; they would “be believed”, police assured them. Apparently they’d forgotten that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, but what the heck. It’s only the foundation of our entire legal system.

Unsurprisingly, a great many complainants…er, we mean “victims” did come forward, and Operation Conifer seemed to be going along swimmingly…well, except for that little unpleasantness with Dr Richard Hoskins (then Rachel). We reported last November that

A leading criminologist has recommended that Wiltshire police should immediately terminate its investigation into “pernicious” claims of satanic ritual abuse, according to news reports yesterday. Dr Rachel Hoskins is an expert in ritual sacrifice, and was asked by detectives to examine claims made against former Prime Minister Edward Heath and others in Operation Conifer. On Sunday, Dr Hoskins called some of the evidence being examined by Wiltshire police “fantastical”, and a “catalogue of fabrication”.

This week’s Sunday Times reports:

Hoskins was commissioned by Wiltshire police. He had himself been a victim of child sexual abuse, for which someone had been imprisoned. Yet he was scandalised by the approach of Operation Conifer: “They believed from the outset that Edward Heath was guilty. That is all they wanted me to prove. When I appeared to question their position, they pressured me about this. Never before in 200 criminal investigations has this happened to me as an independent expert witness.”

Here, Dr Hoskins discusses his involvement in the case:

What? The expert in ritual sacrifice refused to say that Mr Heath was an SRA practitioner!

Clearly, someone more amenable was needed…hence the correspondence with Robert Green, who passed along “information” gleaned from Dr Coleman.

Of the seven complain-….that is, “victims” whose allega-…”disclosures” might have led to Mr Heath, had he not been pushing up daisies, being interviewed under caution, it turns out that one had already been investigated, and dropped, by the Met. Was this revealed in the Operation Conifer report? Mmm…no.

Nor was it reported that this complainant was in prison serving a long sentence for child sexual abuse at the time he was interviewed by Wiltshire police, according to The Telegraph:

The alleged rape victim was interviewed by Wiltshire Police as part of Operation Conifer while he was in jail for child sex abuse. He remains in prison serving a very lengthy sentence. In a previous child sex abuse case, the accuser had blamed his offending on witnessing people being killed in conflict zones. He made no mention of being a victim of Heath. He has also been described as an “habitual liar”.

The allegations had first appeared in the public domain in August 2015 in a tabloid newspaper and were contained in letters written by the man to his lawyers and passed to the newspaper.

The fact that this complainant made it to the Operation Conifer Top 7 might raise questions about the viability of other allegations. What else are we not being told?

But of course, this is exactly the sort of thing the Hoaxtead mob salivates over: there are enough gaps and uncertainties in the story that they’ll be able to fill in the missing bits with their own twisted narratives, willy-nilly. We expect to hear Deborah Mahmoudieh shrieking about “lawful suspects” any moment now.

Perhaps we ought to be grateful, in a perverse way, that Operation Conifer seems to have become the plat du jour at the Conspiranoid Café, as it will doubtless distract our Hoaxtead mobster friends from their monomaniacal obsession with imaginary baby-eaters in Hampstead…but we really cannot bring ourselves to wish their attentions on anyone else, let alone the family and friends of a man who is no longer with us, and cannot defend himself.

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  1. Sorry that this is TOTALLY off topic but that awful “woman” (I’m not 100% sure she is) Sharon Chesterman is writing total bs against me on her fb page, yet AGAIN…

    Last year, July/August 2016 she and some of her fellow psychopathic, narcissistic, bullies made a page about me called “Barbara Collier/Carol Grimes good gone bad”.

    Miss Chesterman contributed to the page, a nearly 5 hour video which I was in, along with 100’s of others btw and then these BULLIES all tried to totally destroy me.

    They really need to look in a MIRROR. SERIOUSLY.

    I was called SKANK, TART, blah de blah, but the woman wasn’t even me!!

    But then the ever helpful ChesterMAN pointed me out!!

    They went on 192.com and posted addresses of 3 b.collier’s in London.

    I don’t live in London and never have done.

    Miss Chesterman still insists I am 50 but now I live in Brighton, she had a little change of mind there…

    Nooooo, I’ve never lived in Brighton either!

    This nearly all nearly drove me to suicide last year, the amount of libel written on there about me, the incessant bullying etc. though there was on good comment that I’m between 40-50 years old, lol.

    I could be a Mother of a 40 year old, so I’ll take that.

    Incidentally Chesterman runs the Gayle Fawkes Exposes/Exposures page, another page full of slander/libel about me and others.

    These psychotic BULLIES then said I ran a blog, I’d copied someone else’s work, blah de blah, I was racist, blah de blah…

    I wouldn’t know how to run a blog, lol and I showed them evidence I wasn’t racist, the fools.

    Not that I should have to, the Twunts…

    Anyway, now according to the part-time sleuth Chesterman I’m running a page called Justice something or another. Another load of crap lie and the bullies are all out again, some Kim woman saying I need to be stabbed!!!!!

    I don’t run any fb page the liars.

    There is no telling these freaks.

    So this time I’m letting people here know what I went through last year and I hope someone can tell them to back off me.

    This has all kicked off again as SHARON does’t like it that I mentioned Archi Ssan on fb is a convicted woman beater and served time for assaulting his ex gf with a hammer.

    It’s all on Bailii.

    Tony Ashby kindly put up the link to show the evidence.

    Check up Abdul Sattar’s fb page to read what has been going on and the evidence of Ssan’s violence.

    Oh and Sattar the nuttah is saying I am a child abuser, a child trafficker and in the Mafia for crying out loud.

    He’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

    People needed to know what Archiit Ssan really is and now because I’ve mentioned it, I’m getting lambasted, because as usual I spoke the truth.

    Sharon doesn’t like me to have an opinion.

    She pretends she is a Child Abuse activist but supports WOMEN BEATERS….

    (I don’t support Women Beaters or Rapists, simple as. Evidently, she doesn’t like this!)

    I didn’t realise at the time but she had the hots for Dave Conaghan (can you believe?) and she was jealous that I was friendly with him, that’s ALL.

    She likes SHORT men, my husband is 6′ and I’m 5’1, I’m not into short men.


    Like I’ve said before, I’m not sure what my name is but I’ve a feeling it’s NOT Barbara Collier, Carol Grimes, Jolly Janet, Jill McClear or any of the other names I’ve been accused of being.

    It might me Baz Evans though…


  2. Off subject, could some of you please check out Sharon Chesterman’s fb page, she’s BULLYING me again and I don’t want to be suicidal like she made me last year.


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      • Thanks Spiny, I should have told people here about what was going on last year, so now it’s reared it’s ugly head again I thought I’d better say something.

        And all because she wanted Dave Conaghan! And he told me he would but he’d have to put a pillow over her face!

        She’s got her daughter Stacey Andrew and some other twat commenting on my posts.

        I’ve just had a look on Abdul’s fb page and evidently Chesterman is going to make a video about me, I can’t wait…


      • And this is also about me saying on Abdul’s fb page that Archi Ssan beat his ex gf with a hammer and caused numerous lacerations!

        What is it with these so called Child Abuse Activists, if they’re not supporting convicted paedophiles Belinda et al. they are supporting “wife” beaters???

        I just don’t get it…

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      • Hahaha I’ve missed some of those comments ChesterMAN has made.

        I think there are people on here that can confirm my hair isn’t GINGER!

        For crying out loud.

        I have plenty of grey and I used to be a hairdresser, one of my talents, so I do think I know how to dye hair and cover grey if I want???

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        And Chesterman still insists I live in BRIGHTON!!!

        That daughter of hers wants to get her BEAN POLE Mum to phone the Mental Health number she’s kindly put up, Her Mother nees help – I’ve never lived in Brighton, neither am I 50, grrr…

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        • Shaz isn’t very bright.

          She pretends she loves foxes and wolves because she has a bit of the old dog in her gene pool

          She’s a thoroughly hypocritical b…h that sticks up petitions against fox hunting etc. but still eats PIG!!!

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          Fancies herself as a bit of a brain box and a legal genius.

          All I can remember of her court appearance for dressing up as Mrs. Santa Claus on New Years Day on top of Stevenage Mags court was her trousers too far up her skinny arse and her constant flicking of her long straggly hair that needed a good trim.

          She is desperate for a ahem man, any man, hence her fixation with ole Davey Conaghan a good friend of hers for years.

          Not true and she doesn’t know the half of what he told me….


    • I 2nd Spiny’s comments, you have heaps of friends here that will support you 100%
      Now excuse me for a while, got some posts to read (picks up red pen…)
      That ones gottta go, and that one and those ones…,
      might be a while


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        • The comments she allows to stand on PAPS are quite disgusting, and rather hypocritical

          Fair enough pedophiles arent on my xmas card list, but comments about tracking them down and gutting them, castrating them and stoning them to death, with others applauding them for making those statements seems to me that they are advocating answers equally bad as the problem

          And surprise surprise, shes one of these self styled pedohunters whose involvement has caused so many issues for the police over here, the cops detest them as they have caused so many cases to fall through due to their alerting suspects, and often illegal entrapment `stings’

          I’ll try and find it again, there was a comment on one Utube from a police officer that very soundly berated one of these pedohunters who had successfully caused the collapse of a case the police had been working on for months, his `sting’ alerted the rest and they successfully escaped prosecution as they wiped hdds etc
          leaving insufficient evidence to prosecute
          Was it that guy from Yamba? Newcastle? cant remember, they have so many videos up…

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          • Oh Shazza’s a right violent b…h.

            That’s why she’s got involved with all these men’s groups.

            She loves wearing her Doc Martens. No joke.

            Shaz and her little pals have attacked me for doing my moral duty in informing people that Archit Ssan is a woman beater. I can see absolutely no wrong in doing that. These women are weak. There are women that have been through domestic violence that are still friends with Archi Ssan. I find it truly shocking.

            Shaz loves the violence…

            She dislikes women unless she can manipulate them and she can’t manipulate me, hence why she hates me so much. I mean who is obsessed with who, she’s taken 100’s of screenshots of my comments?!

            Her daughter seems just like her, they love telling people that they are “Mental” and sticking up a Mental Health line number for me to phone!

            I thought people were meant to help people with problems not taunt them.

            Like I’ve said total hypocrite, like Mother like Daughter.

            It’s not me that needs to phone that number it’s that pair of evil b…hes.

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          • I’ve just found a really disgusting comment that Abdul Sattar has made on his fb post about the woman beater which was liked by Chesterman.

            She really is VILE.

            “Bez run out the moisture from her vagina”

            And 56 year old female Chesterman has liked it.

            I could comment but I won’t, tick tock…


    • Reported too Babe. Bunch of nutters, my head was spinning reading some of the posts, thought I was in The Exorcist film! From reading a lot of pages about, ‘abducted/kidnapped by social services’ posts, not one person is taking accountability for their actions, they seem to be living in a parallel universe!

      Having been privvy some years ago to a case where children were removed from their parents for safety’s sake, csa not involved in this case but pure neglect, I can categorically state that social services did everything they possibly could to keep the family together. My office ran the building where the meetings were taking place, no stone was left unturned to facilitate the parents who failed to turn up, continually failed to go to any appointments & continued to neglect the children, two little girls & one boy. I witnessed it on a weekly basis. In the end, sadly, the childrens’ health was at risk & steps had to be taken for their safety.

      This is just one story of child neglect, how many more are out there & when will these people who are crying out to get their children back learn to cooperate with the authorities.

      Off topic sorry.

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      • And Chesterman says that I’m INSANE, talk about projection!

        It’s no wonder they’ve lost their children the way they go on.

        One of their number was trying to taunt me asking if my “daddy ran off”!

        Bearing in mind these people are meant to be fighting social services and they’ve “lost” their children!!

        Incidentally my father did not run off and leave me or my siblings but just say he had and I was hurt by that.

        Sick freaks…

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    • I really feel for you. Having had this type of nonsense on the past. Had code2222 use an image of my daughter on a half hour long video alluded all types of things about me, due to the fact that I had Paddington Bear videos on my list of liked videos.

      It’s an awful experience to go through. He thought it was getting even as I questioned why he ever thought it right to go out side of Christchurch school in front of a young girl, calling a woman a child eater. I hope you get this sorted.

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      • They are a complete waste of oxygen.

        You tell them the truth, something simple like you don’t live in Brighton but no they insist you do!

        Funny the Gayle Fawkes Exposures page has mysteriously now disappeared!

        And the original post where some woman Kim said for Chesterman to stab me has also gone.

        Chesterman’s 27 year old daughter started up with me again, insisting my hair is GINGER!

        There’s no telling STUPID.

        I’ve blocked her, I’ve had enough of trying to educate them.

        Probably gave their teachers nervous breakdowns.

        Thanks everyone for your help.

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  3. “The original rumours about Edward Heath began with none other than Conspiraloon-in-Chief David Icke”

    This is completely incorrect. The ‘original rumours’ about Ted Heath have a much earlier provenance.


    • Icke claims to have started banging on about Ted Heath in 1998 and appears to have been supported by a conspiraloon author called Michael Shrimpton. They made bizarre (and, as far as I can tell, completely unsubstantiated) allegations about Heath abusing and then murdering children on board his yacht before throwing their bodies overboard:

      Some excerpts from the video description:

      “What David Icke has said since 1998 about paedophile and child killing Prime Minister Ted Heath is backed-up here by barrister Michael Shrimpton, an Intelligence and national security consultant, from his own contacts and inside experience

      Michael Shrimpton says that Prime Minister Heath (1916–2005) was a paedophile who murdered his young boy victims or had others do it, often by throwing them into the sea after Heath had abused them on his yacht.

      The record-breaking paedophile and BBC ‘star’ Jimmy Savile supplied boys for Heath – many of them from the Jersey children’s home, Haut de la Garenne, with the support of those who ran the home…

      …I named Edward Heath as a serial paedophile and child killer in my book, The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998 — seven years before he died. I also named him and his Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber as practicing Satanists, as I did the leading members of the royal family. Heath was read what I said by an excuse for a ‘journalist’ days after publication and he did nothing because to do so would have had the truth exposed in court — as it would be now if anyone from the Thatcher cesspit wants a go. Michael Shrimpton mentions Barber in this interview as being in league with Heath and Cabinet Secretary Hunt…

      …Michael Shrimpton goes on to talk about what he says happened to the abducted little girl Madeleine McCann, the assassination of Princess Diana, the murder of weapons expert David Kelly who could have trashed the lies used to justify the Blair invasion of Iraq, and what Shimpton says was the murder of former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook…”

      Shrimpton sounds like a right loon. I don’t know whether Justin or anyone else can shed more light on this character. Sample Shrimpton quote from this interview: “Sandy Hook was set up by the Germans via Mexico and a bunch of crazy Mexican drug gangsters rolling up to the school and shooting up the kiddies.”

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      • Shrimpton appeared at the recent ‘Ireland Awakens’ conference in Dublin, where scheduled topics included ‘Sacred Ancient Sites in Ireland’, ‘Extraterrestrial Life’, ‘UFO Sightings in Ireland’, ‘Mind Control & Project MK Ultra’, ‘Life After Death’ and ‘Ritual Abuse of Children’.

        Here’s a very revealing article about Shrimpton, originally shared on this blog by that nice Mr. Coyote:

        ‘Conspiracy Theorist Michael Shrimpton Prosecuted Over Olympics Bomb Claim’


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      • Actually, a quick rummage reveals that that nice Mr. Sanity has indeed mentioned Shrimpton on here before, as has that nice ghost chappie. And very interesting reading it makes too:

        JS (23.09.17): So, Nathan, now that you’re an SRA-MC true believer – you think that raping toddlers turns them into mind-controlled slaves now? Did Shrimpton give you any of his little boy porn to help you fantasize about that? You become creepier all the time, fruitcake.

        JS (22.09.17): I wonder if Michael Shrimpton will be sharing his child sexual abuse images collection with the other conference attendees? If I had a Twitter account, I’d tweet that question to the organizers and other announced speakers, perhaps along with a link like this one:

        GoS (21.09.17): On the subject of nutters: Barth Notes has followed up on Hoaxtead’s piece about Rainer Kurz and the up-coming gathering and reveals a new name is also to appear: Michael Shrimpton!
        Shrimpton is the one who claimed Germany was about to drop a nuclear bomb on the UK (?) and also got busted for possessing child abuse material.
        Talk about a motley crew.

        JS (in response to GoS’s comment above): “Hilarious! Having speakers with convictions for sex crimes against children totally invalidates their professed concern about the well-being of children. FRAUDS! LIARS!
        Funny how people like Shrimpton, who believe raping little children turns them into mind-controlled slaves, get caught collecting pics & video of little children being raped…

        JS (17.05.17):Speculation, of course, but might help to explain why certain persons who famously promoted belief in child sex blackmailing scenarios were eventually themselves convicted of child sex crimes – Michael Shrimpton being a case in point.
        In the past, I’ve challenged people who like to claim that political representatives are secretly controlled by child sex blackmailers, to provide real-life examples of government policies or legislation that could only have come into being if key supporters of that policy or legislation were controlled by child sex blackmailers. To date, no one has obliged me

        GoS (07.04.17): I’m surprised the infamous debarred barrister Michael Shrimpton hasn’t inserted himself into Hampstead, Despite being busted with child abuse material and for claiming the Germans were about to drop a nuclear bomb on Buckingham Palace (and blow up their cousins?) he seems perfect material for this mob. Perhaps he can represent Brian in court.

        JS (posting way back in August 2015): Currently, in the UK, police are investigating child abuse allegations against deceased former Prime Minister Edward Heath. For years, a slimy con-artist named Michael Shrimpton had promoted stories that Heath took boys from care homes out on his yacht, raped them, strangled them and tossed them overboard. But guess who has a conviction for possession of child sexual abuse images? That’s right – the very same Michael Shrimpton, “heroic child abuse whistleblower”. It just goes on & on & on….

        Thank you, Sam and Justin 🙂

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      • “Heath was read what I said by an excuse for a ‘journalist’ days after publication and he did nothing because to do so would have had the truth exposed in court — as it would be now if anyone from the Thatcher cesspit wants a go”.

        Ah yes, Icke’s infamous and habitual self-justification: “If I’m wrong, why has no one successfully sued me? They’re afraid of the truth coming out, that’s why!”

        Or perhaps they think it unnecessary to defend themselves against someone who is demonstrably both mentally ill and a chronic liar. Icke can no longer say “I’ve never been sued”, btw. He has in fact been sued and was forced to pay out to a Canadian human rights lawyer, Richard Warman, a year or two ago.

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      • Icke also went on about boxcar Willie in the same book from the early 90’s.


    • That’s as far back as I could find them, tdf. If you know of earlier rumours, it would be interesting to hear.

      Edited to add: Sorry, I should specify that I’m referring to allegations of SRA. Fairly certain Icke was the first to make the allegation about him being a 12-foot-tall shapeshifting lizard from outer space. 🙂

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  4. Matthew Parris who worked with Heath wrote in the Times that he thinks the claims about Heath may emanated from some extreme right wing backers of Margaret Thatcher (pre-dating the ghastly Icke) who hated Heath with a vengeance and taking advantage of his single status began to spread rumours in order to topple him.

    Parris also details what may have been a failed “honey trap” sting perpetuated on Heath by Polish led KGB agents but says Heath dismissed this as a fantasy.

    As for the ghastly Debs and that other creature she now works with : Earth to The Nutcase Brigade- the accusations leveled at Heath only originated in 2015 you fucking morons (language please !) years after Heath died so nothing could have happened about him when he was alive you idiots. Talk about Dumbed Down Britain.

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    • And Mike Veale was NOT subject to the attacks these goons claim he was. That’s only since the ‘report’ was released. Christ, these people are beyond stupid. How do they organise their daily life successfully without tying their shoelaces together?

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  5. It’s a shame that none of these people concentrated on Cyril Smith, who’s genuine victims from children’s homes came forward, and gave evidence in great detail. But in Operation Conifer, nothing. Could Robert Green find him self and n prison again, pushed by Belinda? Is history about to repeat it’s self. If Davis Icke knows so much from so long ago, why didn’t he do something about it at the time, instead of making an twat of him self on the Terry Wogan Show.

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      • But Icke is unlikely to be the original source of the Heath slanders he’s been slinging since 1998. I think there’s an important clue in Icke combining pedophile & satanist slanders – probably had been talking to one of Joan Coleman’s SRA patient-informants. In her “Helen G” file, (which is really Coleman’s personal shit-list – you get on it by pissing off one of the core RAINS people -), she says that “He has been mentioned by at least 5 SRAS”
        (scroll down..down…a bit further…there!)

        By the way, the identity of Joan Coleman’s first SRA patient, the one I was calling Granny SRA the other day, is blatantly revealed therein. She was Barbara Stedman, wife of Ian Stedman, possibly of Surrey. Died in 1993, according to Coleman. She may have been the author of some evangelical texts, and almost certainly was in contact with Maureen Davies’ Reachout Trust or Diane Core’s Childwatch. Her initial “disclosures” to Coleman about a satanist-run boy prostitution & pornography ring probably came from the initial “scorpio cult” rumors circulating in those groups, which Diane Core would later make a huge public ass of herself by proclaiming them to be not only proven fact, but also the perpetrators of all the murdered & missing boy mysteries plaguing central England in the 1980’s.
        Coleman and RAINS were also intimately connected with Diane Core, as revealed by Coleman in her 1994 article when she states that her second SRA patient – the teenaged girl SRA claimant whom I believe to also be Sara Scott’s adopted daughter – was “brought” to her by Core in 1989.

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        • SAFF people probably think I’ve been a bit thick, but I now understand why Joan Coleman and other RAINS members and their associates in UK social work-child protection have such a confused, un-historic, horror movie understanding about satanism and occult practitioners.
          Their primary sources on the subject were Coleman’s first two SRA patients – i understood that – but now it’s clear that those two people derived their own info from Maureen Davies, and ultimately from Doreen Irvine:

          “In 1973, Englishwoman Doreen Irvine published her autobiography, From Witchcraft to Christ. Just eight years earlier, an exorcist had expelled 47 demons from her body. Years before that, she was Queen of the Black Witches of Europe.
          Since the late ’60s, Irvine has given her testimony countless times. She has appeared on 100 Huntley Street and in Christian documentaries about the dangers of the occult. (1) Her story has been cited by many Christian authors, including Russ Parker and the late Dr. Kurt Koch, as a reliable account of what witches and Satanists do (like most of the people we’ll see in this series, Irvine used the terms “witchcraft” and “Satanism” interchangeably).
          She was the first of many born again Christians who claimed to be ex-witches and/or ex-Satanists, among them women who claimed to have been high priestesses in destructive Satanic cults, so her testimony provided a sort of blueprint”.

          That’s why they think satanism and witchcraft are synonyms, and why they thought all teen prostitutes must be involved in satanic cults,etc.
          They were in a similarly unfortunate situation to that of North American child protection workers in the mid 1980’s – their “training” about satanism and occult-related crime came ultimately from evangelical lying frauds with no genuine knowledge of their own. Everything they knew, was wrong.
          But many professionals in North America recovered from the influence of that initial misinformation. Not so, in the case of the most senior child protection professionals in the UK, who clung stubbornly to the nonsensical crapola that their homegrown SRA “survivors” fed them. So, tragically, while other nation’s senior CP leadership developed practical plans of action to deal with CSA, those in the UK had nothing to offer, except for: “BELIEVE THE RITUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS” and “diagnose abuse through intuitive interpretation of ‘signs’ and ‘symbols'”. Sad.


  6. Not sure whether to file these under ‘Bullshit’, ‘Bollocks’, ‘Paranoia’ or ‘Overblown sense of self-fucking-importance’…

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    • Careful, Angie. Remember what happened last time you accused GCHQ of “interfering with you” without thinking it through…

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    • So every time my phone or internet connection goes down it is the result of dark forces at work rather than some tedious corrosion in a bit of wire?

      Presumably the bloke who periodically sits in all weathers roadside at the local telephone junction box amidst an array of pychedelic spaghetti does so purely to cover up such heinous activity.

      What an utter bastard.I will be having some choice words with him next time I see him I can tell you and I might even drive through a puddle to splash him if its raining.

      That will rub the smug grim off his face.

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      • Uh excuse me Mik no but yes but let me tell you a secret yeah.

        The reason why Angie states dark forces are at work is because the illuminati who control our brain s via MK Ultra is sending evil signals to disrupt electrical communications. OKAY!!!!! LoL

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    • Most days I phone my mother in law, the phone goes weird and sounds all alien. It’s ok when I phone back up, but does this mean Neelu is on to me?

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      • Yeah, I noticed earlier that Angie was saying they’d lost the case and she was not happy about it!

        Ans she still doesn’t get that she’s probably one of the reasons they lost the case. Or doesn’t care.

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        • Angela is an utter disgrace doing that live feed if what Tracey Morris said is true. Angela, as always, has her own agenda, she wants to be famous, she wants to be relevant & is simply full of her own twisted sense of self importance. I hope they manage to get the video taken down and get her reported for what she has done.

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          • All of this should be kept of social media. One of the many reasons i fled social media was the cults of everything is corrupt followers. The endless parents claiming children are stolen and everyone following and supporting without fully knowing the full intent to why children are removed in the first place.

            I have met lots of people who have gone through care, with good and bad experiences. Some very unstable parents and due reason were primarily the reason they were put into care. Lets fact it, the pressure of having kids isn’t also the easiest and most nature thing for some people, some are wicked and ill. But Angie, sorry her advocating for her “Rules” on courts and what SHE would like to be done is sickening and leads a sinister way of doing things.

            These types of people would have most likely have supported Tracey Connelly. I do understand that yes, children are sometimes taken by overzealous social workers, over stretched departments and other factors, well, to be honest i just don’t know what the leads to social workers removing children from loving families. I do know of parents who stuck to guidelines and no live with children who were once removed from there care, as damaging as that can be. But, taking to social media, naming children, social workers and the like is tacky to say the least.,

            She really needs something to happen to her to really warn her off from this type of activity, the courts need to act, as it seems her ego in this case is not helping anyone. She really is a selfish, self centred, well, i wont say anymore.

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          • TOTALLY agree Daisy.

            Surely Angela is contempt of court and hasn’t she already been told off by the Judge at least once before?


      • At 18:28 Angie pretty much admits that the harassment and intimidation by her, Tracianne and Tracey M against the social workers was the reason why Baby H wasn’t allowed to attend his father’s funeral. And yet the harassment continues. Shame on all three of them.

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        • The only one of those 3 I have any sympathy for in this Case is the Mother of the Baby because it is very sad that her baby has had such a sad start to his life.

          The Mother must be absolutely devastated at losing her baby and then her husband killing himself.

          He was certainly pushed over the edge…

          I’m not sure I would have got pregnant though and risked losing a baby, though I understand these things happen. Surely she must have realised there was a potential for the baby to be taken from her because of the situation with the other 2 children?

          What’s done is done and what’s happened has happened.

          Really sad…


        • There we go Angela, the end of another beautiful friendship. 😂 I think Tracey Morris will learn now that Angela cannot keep anything to herself, she is a pure back stabber! Perhaps An Gardaí will be running her up the road to Cavan tomorrow.


  7. Disgraceful this Chief Constable Mike Veale. Why isn’t he sacked? Also apparently he inappropriately touched a vulnerable man. Creepy guy I think.


    Anyway am creeper out, went to pharmacy to get anti-sickness meds and a heroin user came in to get her daily tablet suddenly dropped her daily needles from her bag, shockingly she’s still using regular heroin, anyway blood sprinkled out on the floor from the dirty needle abit, and thank God I was no where near as some other customers got the junkie who smelled really bad, blood all on their shoes. EWW! I still feel sick!

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    • According to the Express he was accused of standing too close the vulnerable man. Lord help us all when something like that is seen as so inappropriate as to warrant a complaint.

      I’m more concerned that an apparently criminal individual, known as a liar, was seen as a reliable source. If Heath has done wrong this is no way to find out.


  8. I’d just like to say…


    The genuine sex crime victim blows down the fantasist posers. i LOVE it!
    Hope to shake your hand some day, sir.

    And a nod & wink to many more of you – contributing here, there & everywhere – who are equally genuine, standing up to and exposing the con-artists and lying frauds. You don’t have to say anything about that. Some never have, and some never will, and it matters not – the sincerity of what you do say, tells me all I need to know.

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    • Strike 2! Nice 😀

      Thanks for sharing this, LM.

      And blimey, that’s a long ban, isn’t it.

      How long before Titarse starts blaming us for it, I wonder…

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  9. I would personally like to thank people like Ghost of Sam, Justin Sanity for all i have learnt from you guys over the last few years, I was very new to SRA cases when the Hampstead story come to light and i have learnt such a vast amount of knowledge about this topic, and still trying to learn.

    I think all of us contributors have achieved so much on this blog that for times to come, people can see why these events play out and hopefully learn to say them for what they are.

    And El Coyete for putting so much time and effort to write such well written and researched work. Only seems like yesterday when a few little groups popped up on google and the like and now all this. A wealth of knowledge that hopefully will last to educate people on the dangerous of the Hampstead case and other well known cases of the past and those most likely to come.

    Sorry having a little wee emotional moment (not drink related, coffee induced perhaps!)just thought i’d say thanks!

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    • Nice comment, Rev!
      I, too, remember our little G+ Hoaxtead Community page where we used to share information. I visited it a few nights ago to read back all the old posts on it. Who would have thought, back then, we’d still be here on this blog over 1 million hits later and still sharing information?

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