Neelu’s version: Post-truthiness, half-facts, and lies

In this age of “post-truth”, it can be difficult to know just who to believe. However, in certain instances the choice becomes extremely clear: anything that issues from the general direction of Neelu Berry ought to be viewed with extreme suspicion.

For example, yesterday she posted this on her Facebook profile:

Thoughts of the Day 05 December 2017: Well, I have been going into the stone building called the Royal Courts of Justice, RCJ, which the people of the UK have renamed the “Royal Courts of Injustice” over the years. Recently I have discovered how people can be disappeared from that building. There is a case of a man called Ashok Mahajan, an accountant, who had filed numerous cases against the UK State, including against the Central London County Court. I spoke to him on the telephone whilst he was imprisoned “Indefinitely” in Wandsworth Prison. He told me the court, the judge, the barristers had staged an acid attack case against him and he had flicked an empty plastic cup with a few drops of water at a trainee barrister after being provoked by her. He told me he had lost a kidney and was being denied dialysis for 18 months.

If one were a gullible nitwit credulous fool friend of Neelu’s, one might think, “My goodness, that poor man! And how terrible that those upon whom we rely for justice in this land could assault an innocent soul in such a horrendous manner! Isn’t it just like the Powers that Be to lock him away, so he can be prevented from spreading his story hither and yon?!” and so forth.

But about 30 seconds’ worth of fact-checking reveals a few hole’s in Neelu’s version:

Ashok Mahajan, 55, showered a barrister, solicitor and pupil with the contents of a bottle of hydrochloric acid after his race discrimination claim was thrown out.

Trainee barrister Lucy Colter suffered a burned eye as corrosive fluid dribbled down her face and melted through her tights.

Former accountant Mahajan had a decade-long history of courtroom outbursts including an incident where he threw a shoe at one barrister and threatened to shoot him.

Mahajan was handed an indefinite period of imprisonment for the public protection after reports indicated he posed a high risk of serious harm to members of the legal profession.

He was convicted of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent following a three week trial earlier this year.

Judge Nicholas Lorraine-Smith branded Mahajan the most difficult defendant he had ever dealt with.

Sentencing at Southwark Crown Court the judge told him: “I have had extensive dealings with you, Mr Mahajan, over the last six months, and I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a very significant risk of serious injury being caused by you committing further specified offences.

“I don’t consider this offence warrants a life sentence, but the sort of revenge that you tried to take last October and the increasing intensity of your obsessional hatred of lawyers and now others who have to deal with you in a professionally persuades me that I must pass a sentence of imprisonment for the public protection, which means that you will not be released until it is safe to do so.

“This was an attempt to cause grievous bodily harm to members of the legal profession, simply because they were carrying out their professional duty.”

The judge ordered that Mahajan will not be assessed for parole for a minimum of five years, the equivalent of a 10 year determinate sentence.

From another contemporaneous news source we learn that Mr Mahajan confessed to having thrown the acid:

He allegedly confessed afterwards, saying “I intended to burn and blind them. They have burned me for 20 years. They are the true Nazis.”

The court heard how he told police officers: “I wish somebody would blow their brains out.”

Soooo…yes. Mr Majahan is in prison for an indefinite term, until he can learn not to assault people who are doing their jobs within the court system. He was sentenced in December 2009, and presumably has not yet been judged fit to wander free amongst humans.

Neelu goes on to describe the case of an “anti-corruption lawyer” (coughEdwardElliscough) who also appeared to suffer a horrendous fate within the walls of the Royal Courts of Justice:

Recently, there was a disappearance attempt on an anti-corruption lawyer, who was prevented from attending his own committal hearing for alleged contempt of court for helping people fight corruption.

The case was not called, which meant the public were excluded whilst the judge conducted a single sided hearing in private. So the lawyer would have been arrested for not turning up for his hearing whilst being forcibly excluded from entering the building.

One of his supporters stopped the hearing and got it adjourned whilst the judge Ordered Security to allow him in (surprisingly, the judge was not surprised that this had happened – clearly they used facial recognition or photographs of the lawyer to alert Security Officers to ban him from his own hearing for the purposes of disappearing him).

This is the third time there has been a failed committal hearing of the same anti-corruption lawyer. The RCJ continues to enforce a ban on his entry to the building even though many judges have ordered that he been allowed entry to represent anti-corruption cases for State Corruption Victims.

All the decisions made in that building will be overturned once the truths of the corruption within that building is exposed.


As it happens, Mr Ellis, a struck-off solicitor who once suggested to a client (before he was struck off) that “one of two ways of getting some money would be ‘murder Michael (her brother) and get away with it'”, has been in rather serious difficulty of late. It seems that despite multiple warnings, he has placed himself in contempt of court by bringing various cases before the courts when he was under a general civil restraint order which prevented him from doing so.

In a previous case in which Mr Ellis had involved himself, Mr Chegwidden, representing the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, had this to say about Mr Ellis:

He is already the subject of a CRO (Civil Restraint Order) which was imposed in March, and the CRO’s terms were specifically that Mr Ellis is restrained from issuing claims on behalf of others or from assisting others to bring claims in contravention of the Legal Services Act, and [inaudible] of the Legal Services Act is reference to the fact that Mr Ellis claims to be, he calls himself an Equity lawyer, of course he is not a practising or registered solicitor of any kind and he does not possess the right to issue claims on behalf of others or to speak on behalf of others or to assist others, but that is what he has been doing. The reason why we know that Mr Ellis has been involved is that since, subsequent to the issue of the civil restraint order against Mr Ellis, Mr Ellis himself has deposed papers including a witness statement signed by him in July of this year, in which he says I have helped these individuals bring this claim.

Despite this, Mr Ellis has apparently continued to “help” his friends, on the basis that he does not believe that the civil restraint order is valid against him.

Last week we reported that Mr Ellis had been physically ejected from the Royal Courts of Justice, either by two very large men (John Banks’ version) or 10 (we presume) smaller ones (Neelu’s version). Neelu calls this a “disappearance attempt”; we tend to think of it more as “please leave before you put yourself into contempt of court yet again”. Tomayto, tomahto.

In any case, it seems that the courts are now onto Mr Ellis’ and his friends’ tactics, and have deployed guards to ensure that they won’t continue wasting the court’s time. And about time too, we say.

155 thoughts on “Neelu’s version: Post-truthiness, half-facts, and lies

  1. A fascinating read, your Howlness.

    Frankly, if Neelu were to tell me the sky were blue, I’d pop outside to double-check. I’d go so far as to say she gives Angela a run for her money in the deviousness and dishonesty stakes.

    Case in point, for anyone who missed this yesterday:

    She’s saying that Wandsworth Social Services are “inviting neighbours to help them steal kids” on their website. However, as the screenshot of said website clearly shows, they’re doing no such thing – they’re simply asking people to report suspicions of children being abused. A noble cause, a vital initiative and a sensible strategy, I’m sure most people would agree. But oh no, not Neelu – she clearly doesn’t want abused children to be helped or rescued from their abusers, so she’s gonna lie through her arse to stop it. Sigh

    Another case in point – she couldn’t get hold of a social worker at 9pm on a Tuesday night, so she’s telling the World that he must have done a runner with a baby that happens to be on his caseload. Yup:

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  2. Just what goes on in Neelu’s head? How does she not see what everybody else can see? Does she live in some alternative universe to the rest of us?

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    • When you look into all the people Neelu and others publicly support, you always find some horrible backstory behind the person concerned.

      Do they blindly ignore the facts? Or are they so blinded by their conspiracism?

      Excellent post, EC.

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    • Yes Arthur she does and people are being a tad tough on Neelu.
      Neelu doesn’t live in another universe, she’s from another universe and specifically the Planet Glagua 792. Haven’t you been paying attention? We’ve mentioned it on here many times.
      Things get a bit confused in translation with Neelu and she’s not really up on Planet Earth customs.
      For instance when she says a judge should be hanged, that’s what they do on her home planet- whenever a judge says something they don’t like, he gets hung for treason asap.
      Below is a passport snap (don’t be cruel-no-one looks good in them) of Neelu and how she really looks before she shape-shifts into her human form.
      (all of this can be confirmed with her psychiatrist Dr. Otto Scratchansniff )

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      • Thankyou for clearing that up for me GOS. Your post has really helped me to gain insight into Neelu and why she is the way she is. 🙂


  3. Excellent post, EC. I wouldn’t trust Neelu as far as I could throw her and don’t get me started on Edward Ellis the fake lawyer.

    Anyhoo, speaking of dishonest people, I’d just like to let people know I’ve started an evidence folder on that awful Cassie Crowhurst woman:

    Definitely someone to keep an eye on, I reckon. She’s presenting the Hampstead allegations as fact, sharing Kane Slater’s revolting posts, defaming people and illegally showing the children’s names, photos and videos.

    Even more bizarrely, she’s still stating categorically that the children were “pimped out” in that Superbowl commercial. Even Defective Costa gave up on that one 8 months ago and even Ella, whom Cassie claims to support, declared that it was all bollocks.

    None of which has prevented Kris the Desperate from heavily promoting Cassie on her Facebook page, of course. Ditto Angela, Jake Clarke and others.

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      • Yes well done Blaez Lucero. It couldn’t have been easy to do when everyone else was disagreeing with him/her.

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    • Great evidence folder – should be useful!

      Another individual who seems to think she knows it all but doesn’t have the facts. Good at marketing herself to twerps though That’s for sure!

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      • She thinks she is a star now an overnight sensation because one video got a lot of views. She couldn’t keep the grin off her face today.

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        • Danielle Le’verite Mk 2. Well, at least Danielle had the sense to see through the hoax. She will continue to sensationalise anything now for more acclaim, till she can reach Graham Moore begging potential.

          I bet she has some marketing background.

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          • Oh dear! Her loyal fans are trying to arrange an interview with Ritchie Allen!


          • Lol good point about her being a DLV Mk.2. I guess now she is aware what topics will get her the most views that she will continue in that vein to try to increase her audience.

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          • She’ll have her moment in the sun and like Danielle LeVerite will eventually run out of things to say, because the vessel is, after all, rather empty.

            I haven’t come across a background in marketing but Cassie Crowhurst (nee Bannister) does apparently have some history of organising ‘events’. She’ll never match Danielle though, who managed to get married on morning TV. I don’t think they televised the divorce.

            Cassie’s videos had me in stitches last night. In one video she repeatedly encourages people to stop conforming. Now let me get this straight. The woman who got married in white, changed her name to her husbands, had 2.5 (sorry three) children, obviously likes popular music and posts lots of semi sexy selfies is telling the rest of us not to be conformist! I’ve actually never seen anyone ‘conform’ so much as Cassie, in fact, dare I say, she’s almost a stereotype! (Kent is near Essex isn’t it?)

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        • Still pushing the claptrap that the Podesta brothers look like the photo-fits of someone the police think can aid in the Maddie McCann case (not a suspect) and completely ignorant to the fact police have had to tell these nutters the 2 photo-fits are of the same man- not two men.

          I’ve notice one Facebook Loon is promoting this hoax but at the same time accusing the parents. You can’t win with this creepy sods.

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      • Thanks, Fnord. And please do pass on any further screenshots you think should go in if you spot her spouting any more Hampstead stuff. That goes out to everyone else too 🙂

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      • “Another individual who seems to think she knows it all but doesn’t have the facts”

        Indeed, Fnord. And on that score, I suggest that Manela Costa is one to watch too.

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      • Hehe yes i can see why you thought that Eliza. Whatever happened to Catherine Tate, i used to love her show?


        • I don’t know, I just watch a station called Gold that does repeats of classic comedy shows (I’m behind the times). Her portrayal of the Irish nurse called Bernie is so well done…so I could see her doing justice to the characters you’ve all discovered.

          Even though those people are obviously crazy and dangerous, which is sad, I can see how making a skit of their misadventures would be a good educational tool…it would make learning about this real-life dementedness much more palatable. Which is what you guys do here so well.

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  4. What a dreadful thing that Mr Mahajan did by throwing acid. Has he not seen the lifelong effects such actions can have on people. Years and years of plastic surgery, a life on painkillers not to mention the mental scarring that can occur also. He should consider himself very lucky that the injuries he inflicted were not as severe as they could have been.

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    • And that poor woman whose eye got burnt. And Neelu supports this guy? Utterly disgraceful. Shame on you, Neelu.

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      • Precisely Liza. That woman could have potentially lost an eye and for what, turning up to court to do her job. How does Neelu always see bad people as good and vice versa?

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        • And unless I’ve misunderstood the story, I also find it disturbing that this psycho managed to smuggle a bottle of acid into a courtroom. You can have the best metal detector in the World but it won’t detect glass bottles. I don’t know what the solution is here but there must be a lot of miscreants out there rubbing their hands with glee, putting away their guns and knives and reaching for the acid jar. Scary

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  5. “Former accountant Mahajan had a decade-long history of courtroom outbursts including an incident where he threw a shoe at one barrister and threatened to shoot him.”

    Am I right in thinking that attacking people with the sole of your shoe is considered an extreme insult in some Muslim countries? (Not that there are many places where it’s considered a compliment, of course!) I seem to recall that Iraqi citizens did this to the statue of Saddam Hussein after the fall of Baghdad; and didn’t some Muslim protestor once throw his shoe at George W. Bush?

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    • I will never forget those images of the Iraqi citizens pulling off their shoes to beat the Saddam statue with. Like you said CP i can’t imagine it is meant as a compliment at all 🙂 It also reminds me of some women on the Jerry Springer show that would delight in taking off their stiletto heels and then trying to beat another guest with them. Those heels are like daggers.

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      • It is most certainly is an insult and one must be very careful about feet (and hands) in Arab countries as there are some customs we don’t understand.
        George Jnr was pretty good at ducking that shoe but the statement was made.

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  6. “He is already the subject of a CRO (Civil Restraint Order) which was imposed in March, and the CRO’s terms were specifically that Mr Ellis is restrained from issuing claims on behalf of others or from assisting others to bring claims in contravention of the Legal Services Act, and [inaudible] of the Legal Services Act is reference to the fact that Mr Ellis claims to be, he calls himself an Equity lawyer, of course he is not a practising or registered solicitor of any kind and he does not possess the right to issue claims on behalf of others or to speak on behalf of others or to assist others, but that is what he has been doing.”

    That’s a 118-word sentence right there. Mr. Chegwidden, we are not worthy 😀

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  7. Anyone heard of Liz Cronkin? Talks like a frat girl and spreads the worst garbage I have ever heard.

    “The book “The Smear” describes the tactics, but are we seeing this malicious campaign unfold right before our eyes? Author and journalist Liz Crokin joins us to discuss her firsthand experience on the scary side of online “digital assassination” attempts.”


      • “He had no training as a historian. I had the impression he liked to stir things up just for the hell of it, to be a contrarian for contrarian’s sake.”

        A disease that afflicts many people on the internet.

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      • I just don’t understand it. I’m reading a book now about the Adolf Eichmann trial. He confirmed every claim made about the Holocaust and the transporting of Jews & others to Concentration Camps but just reckoned he shouldn’t be guilty as all he did was the paper work.
        I also see Otto Abetz the Nazi “ambassador” to France during WW2 also confirmed details of the mass deportation of Jews- which he could hardly deny as he was in charge of rounding them up in France.
        His 2 nephews Eric & Peter Abetz are now politicians in Australia and have always said they feel great shame about what their relative did (probably why the whole family upped stakes and went to live in Tasmania after the war).

        This mob do no real research involving eye witnesses. They just surf the net.

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  8. Hitler isn’t the only ruthless murderous dictator that Debs admires, then:


    • Next she’ll say Stalin was misunderstood and Pol Pot was a charming gentleman who only wanted the best for Cambodians.
      I think she used to write fan letters to Ida Amin.

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      • I suspect Debs still has something of a soft spot for good old Gengis,who was no doubt entirely misunderstood owing to a rather bad press and a penchance for riding horses and running folk through with spears and stuff.Give the guy a fookin break HUMANITAH.


    • “You’ve got a 98% of dying.”

      “Smooth FM is sponsored by Cancer Reshirt.”

      “They had to give her antibotics.”

      “It was catastrotic.”

      “They had to aminister it.”

      Is English not Cassie’s first language or something?

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    • This is from the comments section in response to the Guardians Freeman on the land article posted by Fnord.


  9. I’m impressed with Soundcloud’s response time. I haven’t checked to see if they have removed all the podcasts I listed in the description or just the one I Had to select for the title.

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  10. Hi all

    This audition tape was sent to us by Maidstone-based fruitloop Cassie Crowhurst, who gives it her all in her quest for stardom:

    Anyhoo, the thing is I passed it on to Roger (our head of A&R) and he’s having difficulty making his mind up on this one.

    So have a listen and decide – would YOU put this young lady through to boot camp?

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  11. Found this comment on youtube.

    “Fatty’s Playlist Old Skool
    2 hours ago
    Now they are being sold for sex in America so sad, they was used on the super bowl advert for the elite to know they are available. This whole system is run by paedophiles wake up, I have been to the church and the school and all of the people named by these children are still employed there!!!”

    Right, the Super Bowl has been debunked. ” I have been to the church and the school and all of the people named by these children are still employed there!!!”” Going to the church, ok, perhaps. I cant see why a member of the public would be banned from entering a church. A School? Bollocks. If he or she had, does any one find that alarming? A stranger walking around school grounds? Any parents on here, would you not be concerned if an adult was walking around your child school?

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    • “I’m on my way to get my boy from the indoctrination centre.”

      Yeah? If you think he’s being indoctrinated, why the fuck d’you keep bringing him in, Cass? Surely you now share in the blame. Some rebel you turned out to be. So much for telling the sheeple to wake up! 😂

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    • I think if she had her way, she’d keep him at home and indoctrinate him herself. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in her English lessons.

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  12. People who thought Hillary would win are psycho’s covered in cat hair, lol. Dave Seaman’s on smoking a joint and talking about Trump and Pizzagate raids.


    • That’s horrifying Paratroofer. One might be inclined to think Rebel Circus’ intentions were well meant because they negate the hoax but it seems they are guilty of furthering the harm against those involved especially the children and are abusing the truth for clickbait.

      I hope you get that deleted.



  13. Wait – are you trying to tell us that Neelu isn’t a reliable source of information, EC? I’ll have you know that without her, we would never have known about this:


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