‘Equity lawyer’ ejected from Royal Courts of Justice, plans reprise today

Now that the famous Irish comedian Patrick Cullinane is no longer with us, his place in the pantheon of Freeman on the Land loonies seems to have been taken by Edward W. Ellis, struck-off solicitor and self-styled “Equity Lawyer”.

We first met Mr Ellis at the trial of Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill back in July 2016; he entered the courtroom before things had really got under way, and shouted, “THIS IS EDWARD W. ELLIS, EQUITY LAWYER, SPEAKING FOR THE RECORD”. (Sorry for the all-caps, but he really was that loud.)

At that time, his goal was to delay the trial on the basis that he and Neelu had launched some sort of proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice, to which the Crown Court would have to defer. The judge, however, stated that he was “not minded” to go along with Mr Ellis’ hare-brained scheme, and the trial carried on despite his brilliant legal gambit.

However, it seems that that attempt to stall the trial led to a charge of contempt of court, because Mr Ellis was in fact under a general civil restraint order at the time which prohibited him from bringing certain cases to court, and which he’d violated by his actions vis à vis Sabine and Neelu.


Compounding matters, which as you know is the Troofer Way, the day after the July 2016 trial ended, Neelu was in court yet again, this time with Hoaxtead mobster John Praterson as well as Mr Ellis. If you have time, you really should have a look at that link: Neelu performed her famous Judge Kidnapping Trick, Praterson told a High Court judge not to speak to him in that tone of voice, and Mr Ellis’, er, clients helpfully incriminated him for being in violation of that civil restraint order, and hence in contempt of court. Good times.

And that brings us to Mr Ellis’ most recent shenanigans. In addition to his cameo appearance at Neelu’s house at six a.m. during the “kidnapping” of her son’s car for unpaid fines, we know that he has been (cough) representing both John Praterson and Matt Taylor in their various endeavours, with approximately the same degree of success which he achieved in representing Neelu and Praterson last year.

Now it seems that Mr Ellis has been not just judicially reprimanded, but physically ejected from the Royal Courts of Justice:According to Neelu,

Our lawyer was physically man-handled and lifted from his seat by his elbows and shoulders in Court 37 by 5 security guard and 5 Queen Bench Division court managers. This all started when one of the Masters of the QBD was accused of money laundering.

Two things strike us here: had we known that Mr Ellis was about to be tossed out of court on his ear, we’d have sold advance tickets. Next time, we’d appreciate a bit of advance notice.

And we wonder who accused one of the Masters of the QBD of money laundering? [Not Mr Ellis, shurely?—Ed.]

Here’s Professional Court Attender John Banks’ version of events: In comparison with Neelu’s “5 security guard and 5 Queen Bench Division court managers”, John claims that it only took “two big security guards” to remove Mr Ellis from the court. Well, they were very big security guards.

However, John offers a ray of hope to those of us who are fascinated by the court adventures of Mr Ellis and his ilk: “We will be going back again soon”. Ooh, really?

Yes indeed!

Wahey! Here we go, folks: looks today’s the day we get our big chance of seeing Mr Ellis getting the old heave-ho from the RCJ:

We need support & witnesses. Thursday 30/11/17, 2 pm, Queens Bench Court 37 Royal Court’s (sic) of injustice.

We are returning to the Royal Court’s (sic) of injustice. We need support, witnesses at Queens Bench Court, 37 @ 2pm. Edward, equity lawyer needs to be in court but, corrupt judges, staff are doing everything they can to stop Edward representing cases that set a president (sic) against the justice system. In doing so, they are deliberately, perverting the course of Justice through injustices. We will not stand for our right (sic) and freedoms being trampalled (sic) over time after time. So, be there, br (sic) witness to history making!

We don’t know about “history making”, but it sounds as though it’ll be an exciting afternoon, well worth a look-see. So as the youngsters say, “Be there or be square”.

166 thoughts on “‘Equity lawyer’ ejected from Royal Courts of Justice, plans reprise today

  1. Interesting I thought he would have been at wreckas trial, it was the same date, and she’s also got another one planned for the 30th, same day Chrissy Morris is up as well..
    Is she trying to upstage the others to get the UK fmotl guruship?

    Seems a lot of them are spending a LOT of time attending each others court appearances

    Be nice if some of them get some serious jail time out of all these (taxpayer funded) court shenanigans, between the lot of them, they have probably cost the taxpayers a few million in actual court costs

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      • I’d forgotten the results of Neelu and Sabrines trial where Judge Worsley was rather emphatic in his ruling-

        “Restraining orders issued

        Judge Worsley ruled that despite the acquittal of the defendants, he was still given powers by Parliament in respect of restraining orders. He said he could not think of a better case or circumstance in which to exercise these powers.

        He said he felt he had reached the bar of necessity in this matter, as in his view the defendants were likely to pursue a course of further intimidation. He noted that the test of ‘reasonable’ and proportionate’ rulings had also been met. Any further breach would be subject to a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.”

        “As well, they bar them from making public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of the orders:

        Anything relating to any persons named in the order.
        Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christ Church or Christ Church Primary School.

        The orders will remain in force indefinitely.”

        I think we all know how that went…

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  2. Is the Patrick you’re taking about the same guy who died last year or the year before, where TM said his death was murder as he “knew to much”? Why is everything in her life a conspiracy? This mans death, her daughters death and also, every time Facebook do an update, she believes others are trying to silence her, also deleting her live posts. This appears to be a woman who is seriously paranoid and could possibly be a danger to others. I can’t figure her out. I don’t know her personally, she fled to England apparently as drug dealers of the paramilitary kind, were haunting her as she spoke out against them. She lived beside a friend of mine and she fled as she was doing drugs and wasn’t giving them their cut, also wild parties were 9 out of 10 times police were called. I added her on FB as she fascinates me. Her paranoia, her lies, her ego that she seriously thinks everyone else believes. My sister and her husband have residency of his sisters children, due to bad parenting, physical abuse plus emotional abuse. Ms T took on the case, due to her, the girl lost all contact with the children except for an hour a fortnight supervised. I’m not saying she deserves them back, Ms T made a real horlicks of it, due to her ignorance and ego. A very very dangerous woman

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    • Yes, Patrick Cullinane was a self-styled “Common Law Lawyer” who died last year of a heart attack. At the time, Tracey was adamant that he had died of natural causes, but as you say, it seems that she needs to make everything into a conspiracy of some sort.

      I’m very sorry to hear of the damage she did to your family; I’m afraid you’re not alone, as I understand she’s done similar damage to many others.

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    • Exactly Amber, Miss T’s a train wreck and a very dangerous one at that. She is super-manic with her B.S. theories and belongs Sectioned. I can’t believe any child would be left in her custody.

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    • Some interesting insights there, Amdie. Thank you for sharing.

      I can’t vouch for Tracey but that sicko Neelu is still pushing the Cullinane fake death conspiracy theory and is putting up photos of random dead guys to support her daft theories, without a care for the feelings of Patrick’s family.

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      • What a pathetic trio they are. They just feed off each others craziness which just makes them more deluded by the day.

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      How does this happen, I can’t imagine it would be as easy as TM thinks? In fact I wouldn’t think it could happen unless the PSNI have evidence that a crime has been committed.

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  3. Mr. Chegwidden: I object to the implication that I am embezzling Public Money!
    Mr. Justice Jay: Do not worry.

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      • Only if he actually holds himself out as a solicitor or barrister. Or entitled to conduct litigation for someone else.

        Anyone can call themselves a ‘lawyer’ (and they do, they do). Of course, he can’t represent anyone in court, without the court’s permission as a McKenzie friend. The GCRO will not help there…

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  4. “Revenge and punishment is not the remedy, never has been, never will be.”

    …Says the woman who has repeatedly call for Justice Pauffley and other officials to be hanged and for Satanists to be wiped off the planet. So no contradiction there, then.

    By the way, it seems she’s looking forward to the rematch:

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    • Given Neelu aka Princess Lou Lotus hails from the planet Zog or somewhere,doesnt that in of itself forfeit her “human”rights and her entitlement to bang on endlessly,making up random shit on Terra firma willy nilly?

      If an intergalactic accord has been reached covering basic rights of visiting space idiots then they didnt advertise it very well.

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      • I forgot that Neelu hails from the planet Zog. Two others that i remember from their days on television also hail from the planet Zog. The pair of them Zig and Zag were sent to earth as they were two of the planets most intelligent creatures

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  5. “Our lawyer was physically manhandled.”

    Oh, like you were manhandled by that horrid churchwarden you mean, Neelu? The one who had the temerity to gently tap your camera after you’d been waving it in his face for 20 minutes and accusing him of being a baby-raping cannibal? I mean, that was bordering on attempted murder – the bastard should be hanged.

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    • He also seems a little confused as to what “making history” means. If, however, the ‘Junior Encyclopedia of 21st Century History’ (2067 edition) contains an entry on the day Eddy the fake lawyer got slung out of a courtroom for being a twat, I’ll be happy to eat my words.

      Mind you, it would make for a cracking episode of ‘Horrible Histories’.

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    • “stinking little rat infested council flats”. In other words “Sir” John has applied for one and is still waiting and pissed off others have been housed.

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      • Somehow his “man of the people” mask slipped on that one. Charming- abusing a million people who live in social housing.
        # And earth to “Sir” John Paterson- several years ago at a function Mick Jagger castigated me for planting a story in the media that his house in Cheyne Walk had rats in the cellar as he said it frightened Jerry Hall. But I reminded him that it was true as I had a good friend who lived in a barge opposite and at low tide he was terrified of his children’s safety as huge rats could be seen on the banks of the Thames. One day as we sat drinking we watched a huge rat run across the road and disappear into Jagger’s garden. So not just in council flats.

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    • 1. This blog isn’t ‘fake’. It exists. That’s a fact.

      2. If people here are being paid by the ‘Government’ then why are they so poor that they’re living in rat infested council flats.

      3. Isn’t this a snobby jab at people in council flats? What’s wrong with living in a council flat?

      4. I haven’t come across a council yet that would allow properties to become rat infested. If rats appear they usually deal with it quickly because it’s a public health hazard.

      5. Are there in fact any council flats left? Where I live all public housing is run by Housing Associations.

      6. It seems to me that the ‘trolls’ consist of a range of people who are angry with JP because of what they perceive to be his bullshit on the internet. This does not make them paedophiles and I haven’t seen any evidence that would lead me to think they are. Some of the people who comment on his videos etc are rude, that’s true, and go over a line I wouldn’t go over. Being rude doesn’t make you a paedophile. Indeed I would not associate with paedophiles in a million years, unlike some of the other side who have actively associated with known sex offenders and even, in one case, housed one.

      7. What I’d like to know is why isn’t JP challenging some of those on his side who do associate with paedophiles? Why does Belinda McKenzie house a known sex offender for a while, and yet JP and his friends say nothing?

      8. I’ve noticed that a few people on here comment on You Tube videos etc. There are many more though, who don’t, as far as I know, have anything to do with this blog. There are those who enjoy calling ‘bullshit’ when they see it. I accept that it must sting when you’re the object of their attention. Having said that if you put yourself out there you can expect it. As the Judge said to Rupert ‘If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.’

      And finally:
      9. If you’re reading this JP, I have never commented on one of your blogs or videos despite the fact that it pisses me off that you and your friends are wasting public money taking actions in Court and taking up the time of public servants, who have their jobs to do. I’m a tax payer and wish you’d stop it. The Courts and most public servants are overloaded with work these days, due to cut-backs. Leave them alone please and let them get on with their jobs.

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    • Given Pratersons hate fueled,self inflicted stress levels and propensity to walk nose first into pretty much everything,it is probably quite reasonable to suggest that,unless he mends his ways he is likely to witness significantly less Christmases than us apparently fake types who can presumably also conjure up fake Christmases,bar mitzvahs and stuff anytime we fancy.So there.

      Sneak preview of Pratersons Xmas bash.

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      • Just to be clear, no one here is threatening Praterson in any way. Just noting that his current lifestyle and stress levels cannot be good for his health.

        Incidentally, he’s been claiming lately that we accused him of murdering his ex-wife. I’ve scoured the site for any such allegation and can’t find it…anyone know what he’s on about?

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        • Indeed EC,I would never wish harm towards anyone,even Praterson.There is enough suffering and hazards in anyones life to strive through without wasting heartbeats on such pointless persuits.

          Regarding the nonsense with his ex wife,I suspect its just another example of Patersons most unhealthly fixation with blaming ficticious external forces for the dire state of his threadbare existence.

          Something of a common dis-ease for many of the Hoaxmob it would seem.

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          • I know you wouldn’t harm a soul, Mik; but those on the other side are always on the lookout for anything we say which they could twist and distort for their own purposes.

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          • News to me John had even been up the aisle in the first place.

            Without wiseacreing too much it seems a number of the hoaxmobbers have got seriously stuck in unresolved grief about departed ones.The likes of Neelu,Angie,Tracey spring readily to mind.

            This is not to offer any excuse for the manifesting of disgraceful behaviour towards innocent folk but a common theme that no doubt others have noted.

            They need to seek help with their inner mess rather than vomiting by products over passers by each of whom have their own versions of suffering and joy to contend with.

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  6. Here at Calm court industries our boffins have been beavering away developing the “Vexatious litigant/FOTL removal apparatus”.

    Although there are a few technical hitches we are planning to roll out our prototype this afternoon at the Royal court of justice,court 37(2pm).Be there to witness history in the making and play your part by bringing large sacks of used notes to help stablize the bloody thing. Cheers.

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    • `I know you are, but what am I?’

      Most people stopped using this back in infants school
      I’ve heard a teenager use it in a very ironic tone
      But when a grown man with greying hair uses it???
      Thats just sad

      (was usually followed by `my dad can beat up your dad’)

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  7. Why don’t they use renowned “barrister” Michael Shrimpton?. I think he’s out of jail now and at a loose end.

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  8. John Banks you silly man, you can’t “set a president”. They don’t really grow very well in soil. Try hydroponics instead. On the other hand if you are talking about setting a ‘precedent’, try spelling it properly.

    What a fun day in court that must have been, what a load of codswallop they try & what a waste of public time & finances.

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    • John is definately barking up the wrong tree.

      I was hoping to cash in on the Trump election by churning out life size statues for Republican mantlepieces and lawn features across the globe.Obviously this necessitated setting the president naked in plaster of paris for a couple of hours and appreciating his busy timetable was prepared to be flexible and everything.

      Imagine my surprise on receiving this in my inbox directly from the white house itself.

      Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit,I think not.I wont believe a word he says any more unless he gives me a lot of money.

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  9. What is it with Paedogilvy and burning people alive with popcorn in their bellies? I’ve now seen him do this same routine on at least four occasions. Get some new material, you witless manky-haired freak!

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    • There is something seriously wrong with these people. Their sadistic fantasies match up perfectly with Abraham’s, which explains their attraction to the Hampstead hoax.

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  10. Exploding bellies,tongues and eyes ripped out,sawing bodies in half,agonized screams of burning corpses.

    Just the thing to gaurantee a restful nights journey to the land of nod.I just hope these clowns never get the opportunity to tell their grandkids any bedtime stories.

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  11. Weirdly, Mr Clarke has shared a video of Brian Harvey. Now, if Mr Clarke had done his homework, Mr Harvey claims he was setup and being used by Bill Maloney and co.

    Not the smartest tool in the box.

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  12. What is it about these goofballs where they simply find something that suits their agenda but can’t be bothered following up?
    The Chief Grifter Angela Power Disney is promoting some nutter in her timeline who posts the following and claims the Council Tax can’t be imposed:
    “Local Government Act 1888, Section 79(2)
    Incorporation of County Council
    79(2): All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council of such county.”
    But a simple check sees section 79 was repealed in 1933.
    I’m sure people have genuine grievances about this tax but it’s similar to how they quote, or certainly the late Patrick Culinane did that everyone is entitled to be judged by a jury of their peers according to the Magna Carta. Yet the document doesn’t say a jury, it says judged by their peers. Which in their case should mean the inmates of a lunatic asylum.

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      • She said Ella was “persecuted” and “forced to flee for her life”.

        Not quite, Madmoo. The Police called to speak to.. and probably arrest her and she escaped abroad as she knew her slimy boyfriend and her were guilty as sin!

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      • Yeah Icke and Maloney seriously pissed the hoaxers off by seeing through Abe and Ella’s lies. It’s saying something when those 2 don’t even entertain it. 😀

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    • If Mad Moo put a smidgen of the effort she puts into telling everyone else they are ignorant and whats best for “HUMANITAAH”into actually DOing something vaguely useful in the real world,then “HUMANITAAH” would be be well chuffed,as would the you tube servers who have to house her dronefest.

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    • It’s a hardly an “horrific lie” to call you barking mad. Not nice admittedly but accurate.
      The sad fact is that over 90% of child abuse happens within the family and is an extremely complicated matter that involves the possible destruction of that family.

      How this is solved is beyond me but when people like Mad Moo continue to promote the lunacy Satanic Freemasons are shipping in children to abuse and then eat them and dance around later wearing their skulls, or falsely claim there is a pizza restaurant in Washington with a tunnel to the White House (note : they have never asked Donald Trump about these tunnels and requested he investigate them and show proof they exist) they take the spotlight off genuine child abuse and are therefore part of the problem. not the solution.

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    • Yeh Baloney Maloney is so brave ever since he was hauled in twice for questioning by The Met ( as was the creepy criminal Christopher Fay) over his promotion of the infamous “Nick” and “Darren”, hoaxers who have cost millions of pounds in failed investigations and untold misery for the falsely accused like Lord Bramall.

      Bill Maloney is a liar and coward who thought he was on a roll but suddenly it all got real and he’s run off to hide with his tail between his legs. A bully and in the end shown for what he is- a coward.

      # Note he seems to have dropped his claim of being an “Award Winning Film-Maker’ who won Best Documentary Film at the prestige New York Film Festival after they said they had never heard of him and when it was revealed that what he had done is enter his film in a phony “film festival” (since gone broke) trying to cash in on the other festival’s name: a festival that charged everyone a huge fee and gave everyone a “prize” and which dashed the hopes of 100s of small film makers. There are numerous “film festivals” in the US that do likewise and come and go with great regularity although most have now been banned from operating in California & New York State after threats of prosecution under RICO laws.

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  13. I still don’t get this weird troofer line that thumbing down a video makes someone a “paedo-sadist”. It’s a strange way to deal with a bruised ego and frankly I think it really devalues and undermines genuine anti-child abuse campaigners.

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    • “it really devalues and undermines genuine anti-child abuse campaigners.”

      Absolutely. I have no idea if Deb’s life story is true or not, but she is certainly damaging the credibility of other claims of CSA by harping on and on about a case that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be a complete hoax. Everything was resolved two years ago.

      I have to say I am now very sceptical about anyone who makes claims to have been abused as a child, especially by a celebrity. Thirty years ago no one wanted to believe anyone was disgusting enough to abuse children – now we also face up to there also being people who are low enough to deliberately make false claims just for money or publicity.

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      • It is a sad, bad consequence of these hoaxers, FS. I do though really think they are in the minority, false claimants but that these players are so prolific, loud and viciously spreading their lies, they seem perhaps to be more commonplace.

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    • Totally ignorant of history as well by claiming that abuse is somehow new. Been going on for ever and only in the last 150 years have children stopped being treated as “goods and chattels”.
      Interesting to see she’s now a “recovered memory” proponent. Wonder why her family and friends don’t speak to her.

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  14. Putting aside the bizarre sight of JournoAngie™ citing the Sun as a source, does anyone know what the hell she’s banging on about here?


    • Two questions: whoever “he” is, if he’s got the biggest c*nt in the kingdom shouldn’t they at least photograph it for the Guinness Book of World Records? And if they “were” going on a nonce hunt, what happened? Did it get cancelled for lack of interest?

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