Neelu Watch: Virtual Common Law Courts on Venus

BULLETIN: In the Universe According to Neelu, the following message from Lord Ashtar has been channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin (whoever she might be):

Neelu-courts on Venus 2016-01-14

You heard the lady: Seatbelts on, everyone!

And just in case you don’t want to take this incredibly important news from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, here’s video confirmation:

Remember, you saw it here first!


13 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Virtual Common Law Courts on Venus

  1. Venus? WTF? Have you been there lately? The parking’s a bloody nightmare! What’s wrong with the common law court on Jupiter? It’s got air con, wi fi, free parking and a snackbar to die for. (Until you’ve had fried space weevil, you just haven’t lived.)

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  2. I’m really worried as I may have inadvertently sold services to some with reptilian DNA. How would I know?. I haven’t got the time to go to Venus to be put on trial.

    Surely the Galactic Federation of Love & Life will show mercy? I reckon they must like this planey because of it’s uniqueness : being flat.

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    • I think you’re okay–they’re *virtual* courts, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Those galactic types think of everything.


      • oh virtual courts ! Thank God for that. The idea of going into deep sleep for a few hundred light years although attractive is not feasible at present for me.

        So I can place a virtual plea and if found guilty receive a virtual sentence. And if fined pay via a lien or an IOU. How civilized of the Galactic Empire. Obviously Emperor Palpatine no longer rules. He’d have none of that but has anyone told George Lucas?


  3. It is easy to check if people are really “infected” with foreign DNA and this experience will remove the “contamination”. Ask the conspiracy theorists which one their members are “contaminanted”. DNA test those people before and after the experience. Simple and easy.

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  4. For the past seven years, I have been working with the Ashtar Command in the Ground Crew, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, and the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. I have been trained in Healing Techniques by Ashtar, Lord Arcturus, and Dr. Lorphan of Sirius for the past three years, and I have completed coursework from the I Am University and Interplanetary Starseed School.

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