Edward W Ellis: Application to Commit proceedings begin today

It seems that Edward William Ellis, the struck-off solicitor who appears determined to “help” his friends (including Neelu Berry and John “The Shnozz” Paterson), is yet again in serious legal difficulty of his own. According to the daily lists at the Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Ellis will be appearing before Mrs Justice May this morning at 10:30 for the beginning of a three-day “Application to Commit” proceedings.Our understanding of “application to commit” is that it refers to committal of a person to prison for contempt of court. In Mr Ellis’ case, this appears to be the result of his having breached a Civil Restraint Order, which was meant to restrain him from issuing claims on behalf of others, or from assisting others to bring claims in contravention of the Legal Services Act.

We were first introduced to Mr Ellis during Neelu and Sabine’s trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation in July 2016. At that time he strode into the courtroom prior to the jury having been sworn in, announced in a booming voice, “THIS IS EDWARD WILLIAM ELLIS, EQUITY LAWYER, SPEAKING FOR THE RECORD”, and then proceeded to explain to the judge that he had just finished an application for claim regarding this case at the RCJ. Therefore, he claimed, this trial could not proceed (presumably because the High Court trumped Crown Court jurisdiction). The judge looked somewhat surprised by this unorthodox intervention, but retained his composure and said that he was “not minded to delay proceedings”. Mr Ellis, though visibly disappointed, was gracious in defeat.

What, again?

Readers might recollect that this Application seems to be an ongoing effort; we reported late November, and then again in early December last year, that Mr Ellis had managed to get himself ejected physically from the Royal Courts of Justice while his Application hearing was in process. According to Neelu (always such a credible witness, but she’s the best we’ve got):

Our lawyer was physically man-handled and lifted from his seat by his elbows and shoulders in Court 37 by 5 security guard and 5 Queen Bench Division court managers. This all started when one of the Masters of the QBD was accused of money laundering.

A couple of weeks later, presumably having given it some thought, Neelu characterised Mr Ellis’ removal from the Court as a “disappearance attempt”:

Recently, there was a disappearance attempt on an anti-corruption lawyer, who was prevented from attending his own committal hearing for alleged contempt of court for helping people fight corruption.

The case was not called, which meant the public were excluded whilst the judge conducted a single sided hearing in private. So the lawyer would have been arrested for not turning up for his hearing whilst being forcibly excluded from entering the building.

One of his supporters stopped the hearing and got it adjourned whilst the judge Ordered Security to allow him in (surprisingly, the judge was not surprised that this had happened – clearly they used facial recognition or photographs of the lawyer to alert Security Officers to ban him from his own hearing for the purposes of disappearing him).

This is the third time there has been a failed committal hearing of the same anti-corruption lawyer. The RCJ continues to enforce a ban on his entry to the building even though many judges have ordered that he been allowed entry to represent anti-corruption cases for State Corruption Victims.

All the decisions made in that building will be overturned once the truths of the corruption within that building is exposed.

Did you follow all that? Nor did we.

According to Neelu, today’s court appearance will be the fourth attempt to commit Mr Ellis; let’s hope that this time, it takes.

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  1. I see Sheva just put a new video up- less than 30 sec in at an old rally with david (d)icke, who do we see swigging a nice bottle of water down???
    Hint begins with B and ends with A…
    How unlike her to associate with con artists (not…)

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  2. Even after 3 years of following this nonsense I am still amazed that qualified people like Solicitors can be completely bonkers!

    Although for me still the most shocking was Dr.Hodes losing objectivity and even now I wonder how many lives have been ruined by her so-called “expert” opinions.

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    • To be fair to her, Dr. Hodes didn’t particularly push the issue. She unfortunately made statements with just enough ambiguity to allow the Hoaxers to seize upon. There were signs of injury (which I would imagine could have been caused by Ella’s enemas) but nothing that would corroborate the alleged mass rapes in the allegations.

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      • She did push the issue though, there was no evidence of sexual abuse yet she could not admit to having got her initial examination completely wrong and categorically stating what the judge concluded, no sexual abuse took place.

        All she was interested in was saving her own skin which would have meant innocent people being accused of raping children. THAT is disgusting and one has to wonder how many times she has done it and got away with it.

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        • This is a good reminder, Stan. About two years ago, we ran a story about Dr Hodes’ habit of drawing unwarranted conclusions from scanty evidence; I think it might be time to revisit that.


    • Stan – you have no idea. I remember meeting a psychiatrist (on a professional basis) who was so dysfunctional he shouldn’t have been working and I’ve read a few barking psychiatric reports. Of course, there were many sane and sensible psychs and I don’t know what they thought of colleagues like this. Probably the same as me! As for lawyers….don’t get me started! lol! Of course it’s the mad ones we notice, while the rest just get on with their jobs as best they can. Re Ellis – let’s not forget that he has been struck off so shouldn’t be doing legal work.

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      • I do know of a local practicing solicitor who is, according to those who have attempted to use her services, an elderly lady in support stockings who sits in her office surrounded by cats and does little if anything regarding progressing any of the cases she receives. Seems all very sad to me – I don’t know if she was ever any good.

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        • I am always shocked and surprised upon finding out that fruitloops exist in what i consider high paid and highly qualified jobs. Qualifications are obviously no barrier to strange behaviour and beliefs.

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    • Mental illness is no respecter of persons.

      Before the CRO Mr Ellis was struck off as a solicitor, which is why he calls himself an “equity lawyer”, a non-registered species of lawyer of his own creation. His challenge to the striking off is reported in Bailli: http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2008/561.html&query=(edward)+AND+(ellis). His submissions in one case were described by the judge hearing it as “as the ramblings of an apparently deluded mind”. Just how deluded appears very clearly in the judgment. A short extract from Leveson LJ’s judgment reveals how Mr Ellis and Neellu are soul-mates:

      “He commenced the hearing before this Court by a reference to accountability and a requirement that the members of the court identify themselves so that he could confirm that they were whom the court list suggested ….

      I can do no better than set out parts of my note to provide a flavour of the way in which Mr Ellis then advanced his submissions:

      ‘The issue is the integrity of the processes. The grievance we, the people, have is that we have no opportunity to test evidence. The cases in which testing evidence is most important is when we find office, particularly high office, used to pervert the course of justice. So far as I am concerned the function of a lawyer is to discover the truth and reason to an objective standard.’ ”

      In another case on Bailii (relating to his father’s will) Warren J said:

      “I do not propose to address at all Mr Ellis’ wide ranging allegations of fraud, corruption and perversion of the course of justice on the part of the police, court officials and the judiciary. Those are absolutely baseless and hopeless allegations on the basis of any evidence which has been placed before me.”

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  3. I’ve only just come across this- never realised Australia has it’s Satanic Cult promoter who seems to be all powerful.
    Although this ABC TV report is from 2013 what alerted me is that a friend connected to the media says the current Geoffrey Rush libel case against one of Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers over “inappropriate touching” claims is connected to Liz Mulliner’s “retreat” for abuse victims. And it will explode quite soon.
    Mulliner was a former top theatre agent handling the careers of Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett and other top actors. They have remained with her ex-theatre agency partner who is also the wife of jailed actor Robert Hughes.
    # Mulliner says she has “recovered memories” of her father who was a top doctor at Guys Hospital abusing her in a”Satanic orgies’.
    My head is spinning.

    Retreat for child abuse survivors faces investigation calls

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    • I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before GOS, she runs a ‘retreat’ down near Newcastle (the one near Sydney, not the UK one lol) and was heavily into SRA (afaik she still is, havent heard one way or the other) and has the dubious practice of using abuse victims as ‘healers’, from memory the NSW gov had a very close look at closing her down until she actually got some accredited professionals onboard

      Then it just sort of disappeared from the public view and I never found out what happened, from memory she was closely associated with our good friend fiona for a while….

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    • I know that under the second amendment USA citizens have the right to bear arms but why on earth would anybody need to own military assault rifles? Fair enough if you live in the countryside and you use a gun for hunting to provide meat for your family but you would only need a hunting rifle for that. Assault rifles should not be available for members of the public to purchase.

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      • Actually that’s not what the 2nd amendment says, it says:
        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
        There are two readings of this, but the one determined by the US Supreme Court in 1876 and for the following century is that a standing army made up of armed citizens is lawful, rather than the amendment authorising individual ownership. As opposed to the constitutional position in Britain at the same time, that standing armies in peacetime were unconstitutional – in the 18th century Parliament had to confirm the legitimacy of the army annually, in an Act which began ” WHEREAS the raising or keeping of a standing army within Great Britain in time of peace, unless it be with the consent of Parliament, is against law …”
        That position was held in the US until 2008 – in two cases in the last 10 years the Supreme Court has flipped its position and now says that the 2nd amendment permits individual citizens to hold whatever arms they wish.

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  4. What a waste of an education this man has had, much like Neelu. How many people in the world would have given up so much to benefit real cases instead of wasting their time & the courts time, not to mention the taxpayers contributions for all this utter rubbish these people put before the courts.

    Are they all on drugs or something?

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    • Barmy Benny? Another clown-shoed looney! What next? Bus Conductors against Botulism? Burger Flippers against the KGB? Gnome Painters against the Taliban?

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