Matt Taylor shoots himself squarely in the foot…again

We reported last month that Matt Taylor had been arrested in October, and charged with malicious communication.

Now a mysterious online “journalist” going by the name of “C. Spivvey” has reported further on Mr Taylor’s arrest, apparently his fourth so far this year:

Apparently Mr Taylor is now styling himself a “satirical political writer”, and a “well-known writer in the Truth Movement and editor of the influential Guerrilla Democracy News”. (Oi! You in back! Stop laughing!)

According to “C. Spivvey”, Mr Taylor’s most recent arrest followed a complaint by RD regarding a malicious video titled “Hampstead Revisited”. We won’t link to the video here, as it contains images of RD’s children, but as far as we are aware, it’s still up on YouTube.If Mr Taylor was “banned from ever mentioning Bourne and Streater again”, we guess it’s a good thing that this article was absolutely not written by Mr Taylor himself, but by the mysterious “C. Spivvey”, right? Because if Mr Taylor had written it, he could find himself in some very serious hot water with the law. So…thanks, “C. Spivvey”. You’re clearly helping Mr Taylor stay out of prison.

We had to stifle a chuckle at Mr Taylor’s claim that “all his videos are satire and parody, published to highlight controversial and taboo subjects such as satanic ritual abuse, child-abuse and false-flag events”. Because ritual abuse and child abuse are inherently hilarious subjects, highly appropriate topics for satire and parody. We’re glad that Mr Taylor understands this.

Also: is “C. Spivvey” claiming that both Mr Taylor and deputy PM Damien Green are innocent of downloading any illegal pornography? Just asking.We won’t even bother correcting “C. Spivvey” on his many errors here, except to note that he’s now saying that, contrary to his statement that he is a creator of satire and parody, Mr Taylor is claiming that Satanism (including, we presume, alleged “Satanic ritual abuse”)…

…is the most pressing danger facing society over and above terrorism, disease and global warming….This is about good versus evil, God versus Satan. I’ve been fighting and highlighting police corruption since 2012. The nightmare I now find myself in is a direct result of the corrupt police fighting back.

Actually, might we be so bold as to suggest that the nightmare in which Mr Taylor now finds himself is a direct result of the fact that he seems unable to control his insatiable desire for public attention?

We did wonder (okay, not really) who “C. Spivvey” might be, and so we clicked on his byline in the above article, and found the following:

To our utter shock and dismay, we discovered that the sole topic covered by “C. Spivvey” is…Matt Taylor!

Isn’t that an astonishing coincidence? We certainly think it is. And we suspect the Sussex police will share our opinion.

One last thing

Here’s a tip for “C. Spivvey”: when people are arrested for things like malicious communications, their bail conditions usually have a little something to say about discussing the people they’ve allegedly been maliciously communicating about. In general, it is extremely unwise to violate those bail conditions, lest one find that further charges might be added to the original, thus compounding the person’s problems.

As dear old Ma Coyote used to say, “When swimming in deep water, one ought to keep one’s mouth shut”.

188 thoughts on “Matt Taylor shoots himself squarely in the foot…again

    • Writing about himself in the third person because no one else will? It is rather desperate and infantile. Was he not given enough attention as a child?

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      • In all fairness,Matt Taylors urge to shoot himself squarely in the foot is not so much a voluntary compulsion but rather a genetic proclivity.This is not conducive to authorship,well not the submission of manuscripts likely to be in any condition acceptable to a reputable publishing house anyway.

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  1. Oh my God, what an utter buffoon. Whenever I see this failed clown in action, I wonder whether he’s some kind of ‘performance artist’, like Alex Jones. He can’t really be this idiotic…can he? 😮

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      • Fortunately he’s not living with them, but it’s not nice to have their ex and Dad behaving has he does.

        I almost 100% sure this is all about “fame and fortune”.

        For some reason Matt aspires to be Chris Spivey, why??

        Matt looks cleaner, better looking and a better personality.

        Be yourself Matt.

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        • I don’t think he aspires to be Spivey – I think he loathes him. I imagine the (mis)use of Spivey’s name is a combination of parody, venting and an attempt to discredit him (as if Spivey needed discrediting).

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    • Another buffoon who can’t be bothered researching.

      Aleister Crowley never wrote about children and child sacrifice. Yet again these dickheads just surf the net and scoop up claptrap that titillates their senses and as that good doctor concluded, probably get a dopamine rush whenever the subject of child abuse is mentioned.

      For all intents and purposes Crowley was just indulging in a lifestyle that only a person with a Trust Fund can do and despite so much talk the main activity was seeking out new sex partners and taking as many drugs as possible. A hedonist lifestyle definitely but summoning up the Devil ?..he would have lost interest in Crowley and his mob as it was all talk and no action.

      They are all the same- never read eye witness accounts where even convicted Nazis described (in disturbing clinical language) how the Holocaust operated (with their approval) and doubtful they’ve ever bothered to read one of Crowley’s tiresome books which are basically about exotic drug induced comas and exotic rituals involving long tedious “invocations” in attempts to summon up some devlish entity which sadly for them, end in failure.

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    • She should be reported to the Terrorism Police UK as a suspect who appears to offer support to Hamas and I think I’ll do it. Better to be safe as she’s an irrational fanatic who hates Jews.

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    • Oh God he’s obsessed bless him. He’s seriously in love I’d say. All these people are the same, attention attention attention, that’s what they want, trying to out do each other on the paedo front. The more bull shit the better. Unfortunately they just make them selves look stupid, maybe their own mommy’s didn’t love them. Some of them don’t even clean their teeth, or wash their hair, some of them don’t have hair, so it saves them the bother. Some of them are of their head or talk funny. But they all have one thing in common, they all talk a pile of crap.

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      • He’s so in love with her you can just tell can’t you, by the way Malkie walkie, what ever happened to tampax lill?


        • The real reason why Ogilvy hates Maggs so much? Get over it, Malcolm, you silly little man.


  2. Matt Taylor is a trolls dream. He described my trolling his site as some sort of huge attack on the “troof movement” LOL. He still to this day uses the phrase “All follow Matt Taylor and you just might learn something” as his site banner even though that was something I myself wrote on Spivey’s dumb comment section. I have played both those idiots off against each other for ages and also the likes of Danielle La Vermin and other troof clowns LOL!!!!
    Anyway its obvious Matt Taylor is a crisis actor who plays multiple roles like Gordon Brown,Terry Wogan,Eddie Large and ofcourse Bergarac. Get yourselves some highly sophisticated facial recognition software like Cwish Spwivey has and see the reall TROOOF!!!


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  3. By the way.
    Someone got Spivey all exited recently by promising to donate 10 grand to him.


    He then later got a message that the money was not now being sent and he can stay on the dole thanks to his moderators.

    HO HO HO!!!!

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  4. Did I just hear Cassie says “Everyone supporting Trump realises today that the Jew law is okay to fiddle with kids at the age of three”.

    Someone tell me she didn’t say that, please.

    Would someone take a copy of this video for the archives please.

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      • Friend of mine just said ‘She deserves to be trolled’. lol. I don’t do much in that vein but I think I’ll be bunging an email off to various anti fascist organisations.

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    • I’m beginning to think ‘bi-polar’? She mentions suffering from serious bouts of depression.


      • Sounds more like clinical depression (possibly endogenous) rather than ‘manic depression’ (bipolar disorder) but I’m no expert.


        • I’ve just listened to the video and she sounds hypomanic to me. When you’re hypomanic you’re still functioning but you’ve got loads of energy, confidence and will take risks you wouldn’t normally take when you’re ‘well’.
          She mentioned a ‘friend’ with bi-polar who’s weaned herself off meds and is feeling better than ever before or something. Is it possible she’s really talking about herself? It’s a wait and watch situation I guess!


    • Nor child abuse, which they really are. I’ll do some more reporting, later. I don’t get many strikes, but if it is still about numbers, than happy to add mine hoping it helps. I am tho going to spend some time, refuting the knock backs, that did work a few times in the past, hit unhappy face and explain further with court order link.

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  5. Oh Gawd, here she goes again…

    The ignorance on display in the one is painful, so brace yourselves.


    • She’s saying that people are burning down their own houses and blaming it on the wildfires in order to make fraudulent insurance claims. Wow.

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      • I’m assuming she has no idea that arson can easily be distinguished from natural causes, nor that by the time a person’s house burns down they’ve usually been driven out of the area by smoke. Anyone who stays behind risks death from heat and smoke inhalation.

        There was one couple who were forced to stay behind because by the time they realised the fire was upon them, it was impossible for them to escape. They spent something like 24 or 48 hours in their outdoor swimming pool, and did survive, but it was a pretty horrible experience.

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    • 20:01 – “Is this some kind of weapon, even? Some sort of microwave where you can go dur-dur-dur and set all the houses on fire?”

      I’m not making that up. She actually said it.

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    • It’s so annoying that she just goes on a video and is happy to spout this stuff off the top of her head in public like that. She has some questions but instead of doing some research to see if she can find the answer, she just goes on YouTube and rants about it. Unbelievable.

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    • Ignorant nasty cow.
      She has never witnessed a real bush fire or she would know they are as fast as a careering freight train out of control and can jump say 3 houses or a dozen trees and drop down and continue to consume all in it’s path.
      People have hidden in their cars as a fire sweeps towards them and jumps the road completely missing them while it will burn to a cinder the car behind.
      Vicious loon- get out and do something useful you creep.

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  6. Mad Moo is So deluded. My pals in CA. have had to vacate their homes. The pain and agony they have been experiencing due to these fires is Awful. The conditions in Puerto Rico are even worse. The only bright spots for them have been the milk of human kindness and compassion. To think American Citizens have been marginalized in this manner makes me see RED!

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  7. The real reason why Ogilvy hates Maggs so much? Get over it, Malcolm, you silly little man.


  8. Lift the Fail is still collecting money and advertising Sandy Hook Terrorist Wolfgang Halbig who has terrorised the relatives of Sandy Hook Victims.

    “Florida’s third great propagator of Sandy Hook madness is Wolfgang Halbig of Lake County. Halbig led a gaggle of Sandy Hook “truthers” and trollers to a Newtown Board of Education meeting in 2014 to demand that local officials investigate their deranged imaginings. Halbig and Mead have intimated that they won’t stop harassing the Newtown parents unless their theories are disproved by exhuming the bodies of slaughtered children.

    Halbig had been crowd-funding his so-called investigation until both GoFundMe and PayPal kicked him off their domains — for obvious reasons. Of course, hoaxers saw that as further evidence of a sinister conspiracy to stifle the truth.”

    Nathan Stolpman has mocked victims of the Manchester attacks, Sandy Hook, and been in contact with child abuser on the run from the UK police, Ella Gareeva He has also uploaded child abuse material, that includes private medical reports, and Police interviews with the children, that appeal to paedophiles/pedophiles.

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