Neelu in court to have bail varied

On Thursday, 21 April, we noticed that Neelu had been unexpectedly (to us) listed for a hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court the next day.

No information was readily available as to why she was there, but on Sunday, 24 April, she posted a summary of Friday’s proceedings on Facebook. We have produced an edited version in the interest of clarity.

On the matter of Neelu Berry’s communications with the court and CPS

Neelu’s lawyer, Mr Hardiman, noted that this case was listed at Neelu’s request. He stated that his client had been advised not to contact the court directly.

His Honour Justice Peter Clarke said that he, too, wanted the case listed, and that he shared the concerns about Neelu contacting the court. He stated, “Staff are having difficulty with Neelu Berry on the telephone….Staff have a duty to be as courteous as possible, but as a result of the distress from the telephone calls, I am ordering my staff to put the phone down on [Neelu]”.

While he acknowledged that Neelu has “strong feelings”, he said, “I am going to require her to control herself”.

Steven Attridge agreed with HHJ Clarke, noting that the CPS clerks had been receiving daily calls from Neelu as well.

As a result, HHJ Clarke imposed that Neelu Berry is not to have any verbal contact with the court or CPS.

In response, Neelu wrote the following on her Facebook page:

HHJ Peter Clarke has given directions that I will be jailed if I make any phone calls to the Blackfriars Crown Court to obtain the notes of the hearings of 24 November 2015 from CPS barristers or clerks, or attempt to find out why the tapes of the hearing of that date in Crown V Neelu Berry have not been released to the transcribers DTI Global to date despite several requests. The judge has also refused to Order the transcript asking the transcribers to attend court to explain the reasons for the delay when it is for the court to release the tapes – the judge has also refused to give a witness summons for the transcribers so they need not attend. My options are to apply to rely on my own notes, or to Order the tapes from the court be given to transcribers or appeal the directions as being without remedy or ask for judicial review on a point of law whether a judge can refuse to order a transcript if he cannot remember what he said???

Please note: We are reporting this material, which is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but we’ll be taking the unusual step of closing comments on this post. We know our readers share our concern that justice should not be impeded in any way in this case, and since we cannot monitor the blog 24 hours per day, we’re sure you’ll understand this decision.