Matt Taylor arrested; Alanson breaches bail conditions

Most of our readers will be familiar with the charming and erudite Alan Alanson (aka Alan Boyes), who periodically graces this blog with witty comments such as this: Yes, a real thigh-slapper, and it seems he’s got a million of ’em.

We’ve grown accustomed to his incessant whinging about his arrest, which occurred last year at about this time:

Every few weeks Mr Alanson seems to be overcome with the need to test the limits of his bail conditions.

Like a smirking schoolboy determined to do the one thing his parents have warned him not to do, he’ll post sophisticated ripostes such as “HampsteadHampsteadHampsteadHampsteadHampstead” on his Facebook wall, as though he thinks this will in some way offend us. He’s the Bart Simpson of the Hoaxtead crew, minus the skateboard and the likeability factor.

So it came as small surprise to us a couple of days ago when we found that Mr Alanson had breached his bail conditions in a rather more serious way.

This time, it revolved around Kristie Sue Costa’s posting of a video of RD’s children, which she claimed Maria MacMahon had asked her to do upon her death, “in lieu of flowers”:She shared the post with Alan, who specifically asked her to “please post this on my wall mate” so that his friends and followers could see it in their newsfeeds:Thus, Alan was essentially requesting that Kristie Sue assist him in violating his bail conditions, which specify quite clearly:


So congrats, Kristie Sue: if Alan winds up back in the slammer, we’re sure it’ll be a great comfort to you to know that you had a hand in it.

Matt Taylor charged with malicious communication

Meanwhile, down in Brighton, it seems that Matt Taylor has been arrested…again. Alert readers will recall that he was arrested over the summer, by his own admission for possession of child sex abuse images, as well as stalking and harassment.

This time, we gather he has been charged with malicious communication in relation to publishing an illegal video about RD:

Unusually for Matt, he managed not to further incriminate himself this time. We’ll be keeping an eye on this case, and will report further developments.

160 thoughts on “Matt Taylor arrested; Alanson breaches bail conditions

  1. Oh dear oh dear, it’s almost like these fools enjoy spending their time locked in a police cell. Half the time they don’t even need our help.

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  2. Anyone with a modicum of sense learns from the mistakes that they make but it appears these fruitloops are more than happy to make the same mistakes time and time again, knowing what the end result will be.

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    • I’m always encouraged to know the police are working away in the background on this case. I suspect there’s a great deal more happening that we’re not aware of…yet. 🙂

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      • So it seems to be the case and it’s pleasing.
        And I’m also encouraged to read that RD is pro-active and good for him. He has the welfare of his 2 children to think of- 2 kids abandoned by their mother ( my Mother would have walked straight into a jail cell to protect her kids) so she could run off with a cheap hustler & career criminal.
        # I hope the Russian side of them shines through. They have an amazing ability for survival against the odds and an inbuilt “spirituality”.
        And of course the greater Hampstead community who deserve support.

        It’s boredom with these idiots isn’t it?. We live in a very unfair society and while many of us survive on our wits (me !) it’s a bloody tough world and there are real enemies out there. The great masses can be fighting against the odds and even more so in the last 3 decades and while older people like me have been able to set themselves up, I really fear for younger generations who face bigger battles than we ever did as we knew the enemy and they don’t.

        And then along come these vile loonies who surf the net soaking up every bit of dangerous nonsense and by doing so, sort of neuter the “fight” because it so much easier to blame the Rothschild Satanic, Freemason etc etc crapola Cult and spend their lives trying to decimate totally innocent people. What a bunch of useless cowards they really are.

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  3. Alanson acts like a child with his Hampstead posts by seeing how far he can push it before getting into trouble. Just like a child pushing the boundaries with their parents just to see what they can get away with.

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        • In think it’s ridiculous all this nonsense she spouts that we are all due vast quantities of Gold.

          Wtf are we meant to do with it and would there be enough on this planet to give to everyone?

          She needs a hobby that will actually benefit her, not all this crap that I can’t even be bothered to understand.

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          • Quite apart from the real fact that the total sum of Gold on this planet would apparently fill only 6 Olympic size swimming pools- which is what makes it so precious apart from it’s beauty, if we all were to receive our $Billion payouts as Neelu says we should, it would be worthless!.
            We’d all end up lugging a wheelbarrow full of currency to Tescos to pay for a pint of milk.

            Why doesn’t she just go back to Planet Zog where I’m told BMW badges are currency and just one will purchase a beautiful mansion in the capital Zog City. ( be warned- previous Earth visitors have tried to palm of Toyota badges as currency and come to a sticky end).

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          • Exactly, Sam. I’ve a sneaky suspicion that Princess Lotus has failed to factor in the extreme devaluation of said gold and subsequent hyperinflation that would come about as a consequence of her excess supply. Has she learnt nothing from the Weimar Mark and the Mugabe dollar?

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    • Yes, I expect she thought that Matt had been arrested by one of her many arresting officers. However, he says it was someone in the Sussex police, so likely no one Neelu would have known.

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    • I take it from Neelu’s post above that she wants people to call police officers and harass them over Taylor’s arrest. Hopefully, she’ll try that herself – she might find it doesn’t pan out as, ahem, unarrestingly as it does with the bailiff’s office or her local HSBC.

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      • Perhaps she will phone them and then someone from Sussex police can pop along to Ilford and arrest her.

        Perhaps the local bobbies need a fresh pair of eyes/ears to deal with her.

        The local police must all hope they don’t draw the short straw when police are needed to go to her address.

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  4. Great news on Tayler, EC. Thanks for sharing.

    Fingers crossed for appropriate custodial sentences for both him and his fellow hate campaigner (and child abuser, by virtue of his promotion of illegal videos of the children) Alan Alanson.

    By the way, Alanson’s currently locked out of his main account because of his latest suspension courtesy of SSFS. The one pictured in the KSC conversation above is his backup account. A few months back SSFS managed to get him a 30-day ban on both almost simultaneously (hehe), prompting him to open a third one (which he’s barely used).

    Can I suggest we report any inappropriate posts on his backup one and see if we can repeat the ‘double’?

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      • Yes it would be great if we could have half the success with Facebook that SSFS has had. I’m sure he/she has their own personal hotline to Mark Zuckerburg.

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  5. So I take it Alanson reckoned that by getting KSC to post the illegal video on his page, he could disavow responsibility for it? “Ooh, it wasn’t me, Officer. I can’t control what people post on my page. Oh look, that butter isn’t melting – would you Adam ‘n’ Eve it, eh!”

    Trouble is, he can absolutely control what people post on his page. Plus he’s been caught red-handed asking KSC to post it there for him anyway. If he’d had any sense – which, let’s face it, he doesn’t – he’d have PMed Crusty Poop and asked her to post it on his main page, which, as Liza has pointed out, he cannot currently access, so he’d have had a genuine case for claiming he couldn’t control what other people posted there. Instead the drooling imbecile plotted his illegal act in public for all to see and had the content posted on his backup page (courtesy of his fellow drooling imbecile Crusty Poop), which he CAN control. He’s like one of those twats who does a ram raid with no mask on and then waves at the CCTV.

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    • I have it on good authority that this lass graduated from the Alanson School of Grifting but sadly failed every class (as did most of her classmates).


      • Doesn’t make sense does it? Graduated & failed?. That’s what comes from a stiff G&T. I want to know what camera this chap had in his cab- fabulous quality.

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  6. Some more antisemitism and Holocaust denial from Alanson:

    I asked KSC dozens of times about her fawning support of such a rabid Jew-hater and she kept ignoring the question and running away. Eventually she admitted she had no problem with it.

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    • I’ve repeatedly asked KSC whether she believes the Holocaust was real. A simple yes/no question, one would think. To this day, however, answer comes there none.

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    • How thick is this Alanson cove to believe in something that never took place?. Never heard of the Marshall Plan which helped build Germany into the powerhouse it is today?. Has this dork ever been to Germany and spoken to people there where, bar a small section of neo Nazis , the population abhor the WW2 actions of their government ?.

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  7. Quick detour into the latest ramblings of Alanson and Crusty Poop’s mutual mate Graham Watkeys, if I may be so bold:

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    • I’m sick and tired of explaining to Neelu that we do not have the death penalty in this country. For anything. Ignorant bint. So to reiterate what I’ve been trying to tell her for over two years to no avail:

      1. Contrary to popular myth, there is no death penalty for treason in the UK. It was abolished in 1998.

      2. Even before that, a person could only be hanged for high treason, not just any old treason. (And the last person to be hanged for that was “Lord Haw Haw” in 1948.)

      I also think it’s fair to say that being a social worker doesn’t technically class as treason, under any law, anywhere in the World (though I can’t vouch for those crazy buggers on Planet Zog).

      By the way, for someone who claims to be an adherent of Christianity (as well as every other religion known to man), belief in capital punishment is highly hypocritical, unless I’ve misunderstood the parts of the Bible that stipulate “Turn the other cheek” and “Thou shalt not kill”.

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    • I’ve reported the above post for both advocating violence and homophobic hate speech. Both long shots but worth a try.

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    • Costa evidently watches and falls for all the Deep State Conspiracy disinformation peddled by Alex Jones, David Seaman, and even now Nathan Stolpman. Was a Sheep.

      Ella is a child torturer and neglectant mother, she didn’t report anything to the authorities, the plan was made clear in the Jean Clement recordings, which was to take the children back to Morocco.
      She also said it was never meant to go before the court iirc. She also tried to blackmail the courts into returning the children to her parents in exchange for no more publicity and dropping the matter.

      The cult never existed, and Costa does not believe the children when they were safe and came clean that they were tortured and bullied by Abe into repeating and making the false allegations against their father and other innocent people.

      The people promoting this hoax and supporting child torturers Abe and Ella, are the real child abusers.


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    • So let me get this straight – Kristie Sue’s strategy for bringing down the goobermint is:

      1. Make some memes (which she’s never done before).
      2. Continue to post one factually flawed article about one man (who has nothing whatsoever to do with the goobermint) every six months on her blog that no one reads.

      Good luck with that, Kris.

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  8. I know Kristie Sue. She’s that crazy broad who says there’s no such thing as a black Jew. I beg to differ, baby.

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    • Lol Angela doesn’t do Broadcasting!

      Gossiping and sharing other peoples posts on fb yes and begging money from suckers who give her donations ie Jake and lots of Anonymous people.

      And yes Angela does do other stuff to make money or so I’ve heard on the grapevine but I don’t think it involves weaving!

      She doesn’t live in Ireland either but in Lanzarote.

      Linda doesn’t seem to know Angela very well but it is a good idea for Angela to do something else other than lay on her sofa all day on her laptop.

      Source for that Rupert Quaintance and he should know having lived with her for a month in the Summer of 2016.

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      • Angies history of weaving shit will stand her in good stead as she embarks on a new career in her dotage.She also has established a clientele base amongst her “friends” and associates,all of whom are well and truly in the market for personalized,fire resistant hand baskets.

        Hope girl and Mel Ve`s baskets may prove something of a challenge though as they are bound to insist on incorporating sub compartments to stash a beta male.

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    • Linda could be on to something as Angie (not a lot of people know this) was around during the French Revolution and could whip a woolly jumper in one sitting as a dozen Aristos were beheaded. There was even a paparazzi there at the time.

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    • Can you imagine Angie actually doing an honest days work?

      Imagine how crap her fabric would be if she tackled weaving with the same degree of professionalism she brings to “broadcasting”!

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    • She is very musical as well. The music in her videos she makes by cutting beats and parts from instrumentals of songs she likes, to make a new track. She did try showing me how to do it for my videos, but i’m not very musical and don’t really understand song structure or how to build a track.
      Synthetic Rebellion is another one you may like, a good guy as well.

      I enjoy the Hoax Wars Channel, I don’t know anything about them except they mainly cover Jason Goodman, George Webb and their Crowdsource the Truth Scam.

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  9. My top prospects, to be actually in the employ of the russian troll factory, would be David Seaman and Comrade SGT.
    But I’ve been pondering lately, on why Seaman continues to be so obsessed with Podesta, pedophilia and imaginary child sex trafficking rings. And it occurred to me…what if the trafficking ring wasn’t imaginary, but also wasn’t Podesta’s operation?
    If someone really was running a child sex trafficking racket in North America, they couldn’t very well advertise that fact openly. If they were going to ADVERTISE their criminal service, they’d have to do it in a round-about or disguised manner. That’s the basis for the whole pizzagate conspiracy theory, right? And then I remembered that David Seaman wrote this book: “Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself”.

    DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS!! Geez, David…you mean, like, being sexually attracted to children maybe? Or, running a child prostitution ring? And, with that choice of words, the author (Seaman) proclaims himself to be an expert on dirty little secrets. Hmm…
    “How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself” -well, he’s certainly been working very hard at attracting massive attention to…pedophilia, child sex, pedophile inuendo and child sex trafficking. Could that mean…his business is child prostitution, his product is child prostitutes and he has his own “dirty little secret”?
    If that was the case, he couldn’t make overt “advertising” videos for his criminal business and post them on Youtube. But he could make videos in which he repeats over & over the same innane and nonsensical accusations about an imaginary pedophilia and child sex trafficking ring – which would still attract massive attention to the IDEA of a secret child prostitution racket, and to himself. Your business, your product and yourself – but described and discussed as someone else’s business, product, and identity? Could still attract people who harbor a dirty and secret obsession with those things…

    I’M kidding, of course 🙂 I’m not seriously suggesting that David Seaman might be advertising that he has 3 small children “for sale”, in this video, by insinuating that Podesta once held sex parties with three children of comparable genders and ages.

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      • @coyote – I am only kidding, or rather – I’m satirizing Seaman’s habitual twisting of innocent words into something suspiciously sinister. I thought it was funny, one of his comment shills was yelling “READ BETWEEN THE LINES!” and I said to myself : “I am! I am!” 🙂
        A local Aquatics Centre has a “hot pool”. The main pools have to be chilly, because athletes use them, so they have a smaller one for families to relax in. It always has little kids in it, and sometimes also adults who might not be their parent. O-M-G! Eh? They must all be pedophiles?
        Even more shocking, when I was 9 or 10 a local swimming pool had saunas adjoining the male & female change rooms & showers. No bathing suits or towels were allowed in them – some kind of health regulation I assumed. Being gender segregated, my Mom couldn’t come in there with me so I would be naked in there unaccompanied, with a bunch of portly old German and Polish guys. I don’t remember the gang-rapes that must have been perpetrated on me, since as we know the ONLY possible reason for adults and children to be in a recreation facility/equipment together is PERVERSION, pedophilia and prostitution. Right? 🙂

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    • David Seaman doesn’t care whether the things he is promoting is true or not, as long as he gets the viewers.
      He promoted things like the Podestas possibly being arrested as breaking news when it was from 4chan and linked to one of those arrests information scam sites. He got the same amount of viewers with his clickbait, that he would have got if it had been true.

      He works multiple angles, not long ago he was saying how he’d lost money promoting Pizzagate, despite the fact that by getting thousands of people to sign up for Goldmoney and getting enough commision to win the competition where by he got a flight and tickets to the Superbowl.
      His angle was that he was spending less now, living in a cheap apartment, than he was in his early twenties. A week or so later it must of dawned on him that giving Cryptocurrency and unofficial financial advice, doesn’t look good coming from a guy who says he’s poor. So now he says he suddenly has loads of money, for lawsuits, investing in Fulcrum News and all sorts of projects. His Patreon alone is substantial, $2,332 a month from 362 patrons

      He likes to say how google is censoring him, by ruining his connection on a live stream, not sending notifications to his subs when he goes live, messing with his view counts, and keeping his sub count down.
      In most likelihood he had a lot of interest when Pizzagate was at it’s most popular and many people with alternate accounts that signed up and no longer use or watch his channel. That and it is relatively cheap and easy to buy 1,000 subscribers on internet sites to boost the appearance of your own importance.

      Witht hte JFK files he took the notes from a speech by Potito as FACT, which was one mans opinion saying he had seen the medical report on JFK and there was 2 shooters. He did the same with the Hitler reported sighting, which there have been many reports on the FBI and CIA’s websites for years, again a report, not FACT. He did the same with Pizzgate saying that Wikileaks have never released false information. It’s not about whether the emails were Podestas or not, it’s about a troll on 4chan saying to look for codes that don’t even make sense if you try to use them. I’m pretty sure 50-70 year old elites don’t use pedo codes from 4chan in private emails. Instead of admitting he was wrong and made himself a laughing stock, he’s doubled down pushing the Luciferian, Rothchilds, Book of Enoch, Illuminati, Globablist cabal, Deep State, Trump, Pro Russian bullshit along side his Currency Geek outs.

      He was pushing Etherium as even better than Bitcoin, but that has recently tanked badly, so he has egg on his face. He was trying to get people to protest a few Mondays back in front of google offices, that backfired and was not even mentioned when it didn’t happen.
      Podesta may have mentioned Pizza 150 times in ten years of emails, all in context of actual food references, but Seaman has mentioned Pizza, Hotdogs and other supposed Pedo code thousands of times in the last year, in relation to child abuse. The guys obsessed.

      It says a lot about YouTube when guys like Seaman who repeat the same bullshit in every video have 150,000 subs, and complete disinformation channels like this one have 125,000 subs.

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  10. No, Dan – that’s because they’re screenshots of Avid Mador’s comments to you and KSC is in fact talking to Avid. Oh dear. Why does it feel like I lose brain cells every time I visit Kristie Sue’s page?

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  11. And again! Wahey 😀

    (This guy was on John Taylor’s page, calling for politicians to be murdered.)

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      • Not to mention unproven assumptions. She’s also leaving out the part where RD had applied to the court for increased access to his children, and Ella would do anything she could to block him. This was in the court documents and Ella never attempted to refute it.

        Ella had also tried multiple gambits to keep the children from their father. She’d violated every single court order, had accused him of multiple things which were never proven in court, and RD had had each false allegation overturned. This was supposed to have been the Big One…worked a treat, too! 😆😆😆

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      • Some great comments.

        I don’t trust anyone like Costa, who thinks children can be abused by hundreds of people and never hospitalised, nor appear to be emotionally traumatised by this level on repeated long term abuse. The hoax promoters’ view on child abuse is that of a sexual predator who doesn’t think about the physical or emotional trauma they are causing their victim(s).

        The medical evidence proves this level of abuse DID NOT occur. RAD is found in nearly half of children not suspected of having been abused, and only one of the two children had RAD signs, hence why it is a discredited and out-of-date method of determining sexual abuse. The minor scarring, rugae, was also deemed within normal variants, and could also be caused by Ella administrating enemas and feeding them a raw diet.

        “Reflex anal dilation (RAD) is the reflexive dilation of the human anus to a diameter greater than two centimeters in response to the parting of the buttocks or anal stimulation, such as brushing with a medical instrument. RAD was theorized to be a clinical marker associated with anal sexual assault in children,[1] and has been associated with other signs of sexual assault but also appears in children with severe chronic constipation and those subject to invasive medical treatments of the anus. The finding of RAD alone is not considered indicative of sexual abuse,and a normative sample of children not suspected of having been sexually abused found that 49 per cent of children showed anal dilation either continuously or intermittently, though the dilation exceeded 20 mm in only 1.2 per cent of cases.

        In 1986 Dr Marietta Higgs learned of the RAD connection with sexual assault at a conference where it was presented by Christopher J Hobbs.Dr Higgs used this RAD diagnosis extensively the following year, leading to the Cleveland child abuse scandal, it was discredited during the trial as the sole indication of sexual abuse, determined to be considered a sign of sexual assault by a tiny minority of British doctors. RAD as a clinical marker for sexual abuse is now considered discredited. However Christopher J Hobbs was still studying RAD in 2014.”

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    • “Police said they did.. but there’s no proof”.

      Since when did the Police have to keep KSC informed of every step of their investigation?.. and yes, there WAS an investigation, Kris.
      So she doesn’t believe anything the Police say they have done, unless SHE has proof they have done it??

      Also, as far as I’m aware, some other children WERE interviewed by the Police but the other children did not corroborate the lies Abe had taught Ella’s children to say.

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  12. Smashing, he fully deserves it, he had repeatedly names the workers from Medway social services. He sounds really shocked to have been arrested too. 😂

    On another note, hilarious YouTube videos by ‘Angela Power Disney puppet’.

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  13. Another great Alex Jones prediction lapped up by the gormless:

    By the way, didn’t this prick retire after admitting to being a performance artist who’d never meant a single word he said? How gullible do you need to be to still be hanging on his every word?

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    • Alex Jones blithely ignores Trump’s dabbling in Saudi affairs and his twittered support for these ‘arrests’. It’s more likely that ‘attacks’ will happen within Saudi Arabia and having worked with several Saudi royals (there are 1000s) for a few years the family machinations are quite fascinating but the dramas will be lethal and I believe backfire on the Crown prince and most especially on the Trump administration and ergo- Jones himself the prat.
      Arabs can run rings around anyone else on this planet.

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  14. Another Paterson post reported:

    I’m hoping to kick the fecker while he’s down. He only got a 24-hour tagging ban for the post earlier – I’m hoping to get him another full suspension.

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  15. The Gelder challenge: how far an you get through this post before you zone out? The winner gets a QEG machine:

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    • Conspiracy dot-joining for Sheeple. Plenty of statements made without any sources, or things like evidence.
      Select whatever fits their conformation bias, disregard anything that doesn’t, or just make it up so it does fit.
      These people should stick to colouring books.

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    • I heaved my way over the finishing line of the first sentence with my central nervous system still partially intact.

      I claim my QEG which should earn me at least a fiver in scrap copper alone.

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  16. Meanwhile, over in Conspiracy Corner, Trooferland’s sharpest investigators have got it all sussed:


    • And yet she supports rabid Islamophobes like Malcolm Ogilvy and Tommy Robinson. Go figure!


    • No but If you happen to be a Crystal palace season ticket holder who has this bands CD stuck in your cars entertainment system it may come as something of a relief.

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  17. Sounds like somewhere else has been on the good stuff. A person I learned about when she phoned Nathan’s show solely to plug her YouTube channel. Sounds very slurred.

    From the comments section, lol.

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  18. Do these fucktards never learn that 4Chan is not a real source, an anonymous person talking bollocks. They believed FBI Anon during the elections, believed the troll with the Pizzagate code, and the other day used 4Chan as a source for Podesta being arrested. Lunatics.

    and Max Spiers brought up again.

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