Death threats from a crackhead

Yesterday our friend Gabriella Barney spotted a couple of yobs mouthing off over on professional illiterate bully Alan Alanson‘s Facebook page.

Graham Watkeys and Matty Inglis Taylor were sharing their violent homo-erotic fantasies, as one does:Graham Watkeys-Matt TaylorAnd one of our team members remembered they’d seen Watkeys’ name somewhere before. Where could it have been?

Oh, yes! of course!Tyburn Mail-Graham Watkeys 2016-06-20Graham Watkeys had been drugs-tested after having stolen 5 memory cards from Sainsburys, and lo and behold, he turned up positive for heroin, cocaine, or crack cocaine. You’d never know it to look at him now, would you? Fine, upstanding lad that he is.

Interestingly, one of Graham’s aliases was given as ‘Andrew Eric Boustead’, who just so happens to be listed as his friend on Facebook: Greham Watkeys FB 2016-06-20We’ve blacked out Mr Boustead’s photo, as it contains an image of a child; and who knows? Possibly Mr Watkeys only ‘borrowed’ his pal’s name to give to police. He meant to give it back afterward, but it slipped his mind.

Or something.


21 thoughts on “Death threats from a crackhead

  1. Nice digging on the drugs and theft charges, EC.

    I do sometimes wonder whether drug addiction is a prerequisite for joining the hoaxer crowd. Bunch o’ bloody smackheads the lot of ’em!

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  2. I know the point has already been made but sod the death threats – can’t this pair be arrested for crimes against grammar?

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  3. Cometh the hour cometh the thug.

    New recruit Mr Wankeys aka Mr Bastard (oops keyboard slip) will no doubt be a whole ball of fun at Belindas campaign strategy meetings.

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  4. I used to be surprised by this sort of thing, but I know realise that its perfectly normal for those promoting hoaxes to be highly dysfunctional and very-often criminals.

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  5. Yet more evidence of the type of person still pushing this hoax. Their families must be so proud of them.


    • Well there will be several out there who will be feeling the heat as the wheels of justice turn.I dont think a little slap will protect their sorry skins.

      Top tip:Deluded sociopaths when shooting poison arrows dont make them out of boomerangs.

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  6. Turns out the aforementioned violent threat by Watkeys the thieving crackhead against an innocent man is supported by Laura Huggins (creepy mate of that Sonja Vangelder freak and drooling fan of Kris Costa). Quelle surprise.

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    • Laura Muggins isn’t a face I recall; looks like a typical ‘yes-girl’ to me. VanGelder is another deranged ‘the devil walks among us’ so-called Christian. She needs to get a serious grip.


  7. That Matty Inglis Taylor is also friends on facebook with Christopher Everard and Kev Baker. I knew I recognized that name.

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