Eavesdropping on the Hoaxtead mob

There’s a certain fascination in listening in on a conversation amongst those who have decided to believe in the Hampstead SRA hoax: they blurt out the most bizarre stuff with the intense earnestness of a group of three-year-olds who are utterly convinced of the reality of the Easter Bunny.

Take this recent convo from Kristie Sue Costa’s Facebook page, where she and her posse are trying to work out the meaning of Angela Power-Disney’s recent interview with Arthur Kaoutal:

kris-costa-alan-alanson-boyes-2017-03-03-1Alan: “Aye the defenders of the jewish (sic) cult banned me for 3 days on this my back acct Kris lolo”: So apparently Alan believes that a) there is a cult, b) it is Jewish, and c) it is vigorously defended by…Facebook? We suppose this would explain why Facebook is so diligent about taking down all the illegal posts we report.

Oh, wait. They don’t do that, do they? Well, so much for that theory.

kris-costa-alan-alanson-boyes-2017-03-03-2Ann Muller: “Why are they controlling the case. Why would they do that?”: Wait, who controls the case? The “defenders of the jewish (sic) cult”, i.e. Facebook? Why did no one tell us that Facebook was actually in charge of this whole thing? Why are we always the last to know?

Kris Costa: “Because of the people they work for. Ever since E & A disassociated from Hampstead Research back in July 2015, Jacqui Farmer has been out trying to implicate Ella as being the abuser…I’ll post a vid…hold on a sec.”: All right, let’s see if we’re following this. Facebook, aka the “defenders of the jewish (sic) cult”, works for…someone. People. And somehow, this is linked to Jacqui Farmer trying to implicate Ella. Okay, then. We think we’re following you. Sort of.

Ann Muller (describing Angela): “APD is either stupid or evil or both, in my opinion….Something or somebody must have a huge hold over her?”: Mmm, nope. You were right with the first guess, Ann. Stupid or evil. The only thing that has “a huge hold” over Angie is her own ego.

Kris Costa: “I agree with you about the grandparents, they were obviously very worried during the video interview with Belinda”: Yes, they were! And they were also very clear that they did not believe their daughter’s insane story about a cult sexually abusing their grandchildren. Just sayin’.

kris-costa-alan-alanson-boyes-2017-03-03-3Kris Costa: (speaking of APD’s dastardly plot to discredit Ella) “That’s exactly right. And now, she’s been silenced they are going after those of us who are still speaking out about it….”: Did we miss some important development in which Ella was somehow “silenced”? How did this happen? And if she was “silenced” by Angela’s story that Ella took part in a video of child sexual abuse, does that mean that Ella really did it?

Sonya Van Gelder: (speaking about Arthur K.) “Is he that mentally unwell that he can be so easily manipulated into thinking whatever…or is this a contrived effort to pull the rest down.”: Anyone who followed Arthur’s escalating rants over the weeks before he was finally hospitalised will know: that was one very unwell man. In fact, one of our team who’s had experience dealing with this kind of thing says that Arthur was in the throes of an acute manic episode. People who are that mentally ill aren’t really given to plotting and planning for the delectation of people like Kristie Sue and Sonya, no matter what they might think. Arthur is where he needs to be right now, and anyone who really cared about him would understand and support that.

kris-costa-alan-alanson-boyes-2017-03-03-4Alan: “Of which evidence of the mothers certain molestation video..is still not forth coming… SHOW ME THE VIDEO!!!!”: So…is Alan Alanson actually demanding to see a video featuring graphic depictions of child sexual abuse? It certainly sounds that way to us!

Here’s a bit of advice for you, Al: expressing a desire to watch commercial child sex abuse videos is generally frowned upon by the authorities. People go to prison for that sort of thing. You might wish to rethink this, old son.

And one last peep from Kristie Sue: “Controlled I’d say.”: What is it with these people are their “controlled individuals”? Can they not simply accept that APD is a Grade A, Number 1, First-Class Bitch? Occam’s razor, people. Occam’s razor.

We’ll leave it there for today, but you get the idea: eavesdropping on Hoaxtead mobsters is a bit like watching the monkeys in the zoo fling their poo at one another…except monkeys have a certain innate dignity. Plus they didn’t volunteer for the gig.


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  1. Funnily enough, I’ve just come from evesdropping on Kristie Sue. I note that she’s promoting the latest televisual travesty from George the fat sweaty lorry driver. Can we all report it, please?:

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  2. So Alanson’s got one of his accounts back now. I’ll have to work on getting him banned again 🙂

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  3. Sooo, Facebook are in on this and in charge of “the cult”…yet they keep allowing KSC, Alanson et al to post all this crap? How does that work, Kristie Sue?

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  4. Here’s the thing. If I thought Facebook was involved in a plot to spy on my communications, I WOULD NOT POST ON FACEBOOK. It’s not rocket surgery, people.


  5. “Sonya and I are NOT working for the royal family. Even just typing that cracks me up…We’re not ‘candle holders’, agents or double agents…OMG, it’s laughable.”

    Yeah, it’s side-splitting, isn’t it, Kristie Sue. False allegations are sooo funny, aren’t they. Is that why you do it? Is it all just one big comedy act? Are you some kind of performance artist taking the piss, like Divad David or Reverend Fraize?

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  6. I trust that the chimp in that featured photo is sober, Mr. Coyote, or you’ll be hearing from our lawyer.


  7. Not sure I have either, unless it is the Sonia/Kris phone call one, which I can’t hear clearly.


  8. He keeps forgetting to put those all empowering opt out words that prevent any type of legal action including that contemplated by the legal counsel for the Pissed as Rats Chimp Community:
    Without Prejudice & Allegedly.

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  9. Angie promoting this goose John Paterson who was arrested for not turning up in court on advice of his, alleged lawyer Patrick Culinane who sadly will not be available to either confirm or deny he gave this advice.

    This guy really gets on my goat as he is amazingly passive / aggressive when dealing with any unfortunate civil servant who has the misfortune to encounter him, dishing up snide remarks in a pleasant voice- basically he’s one fucking bitch.

    As for his claims he and others were pushed down some stairs their own video shows in fact the opposite happened. This mob tried to disrupt a court and were quite rightly ejected and the guards held their ground at the top of some stairs as the creepy mob tried to resist.

    But what I love is how Paterson and his cohorts- Power-Disney, Neelu etc etc are endlessly railing against the so-called Establishment while at the same time Paterson is dropping names non stop including the Jimmy Savile clone with the maniacal follicles Brian Setchfield who is “the son of a very famous MP” and also claims he’s in touch with Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames which is hugely funny as at the same time they have claimed Churchill was a covert Rothschild family member related to another Rothschild plant Adolf Hitler, late of Bavaria, which means Sir Nicholas must be a third cousin of Adolf. He also tells the poor copper who has given him far too much time to “just Google my name” demonstrating how these ratbags really do live via the Internets.

    All of that is Allegedly and Without Prejudice.

    # Of course these people never issue threats and accuse all & others of the same as Paterson cheerfully says to the copper that when his friend was (allegedly) assaulted if the guards hadn’t been wearing uniforms he would be there today for attempted murder.
    ie: he only didn’t try to murder them because they wore uniforms.

    #loved that his pathetic ‘visiting seagull’ joke, named Steven (after Steven Seagal) went down like a lead balloon.

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  10. Well said, Sam. Paterson is also a rabid antisemite, like Alanson and Araya, something which doesn’t bother Kristie Sue or Angela. Mind you, for all the hoaxers’ bickering and infighting, the one thing on which every last one of them agrees is that Jews are evil and need to be exterminated. Godwin’s law is looking horribly dated these days.

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  11. Already on it, my friend.

    Mind you, if this post is anything to go by, he’ll eventually destroy himself though his own stupidity anyway:

    Oh and isn’t it good to see that Graham Watkeys’ awesome intellectual prowess remains intact. Oh wait.

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  12. How did that work out for you, Angie?

    Now that you’re wanted for several crimes in several countries, Angela…TIME TO HAD YOURSELF IN, PERCHANCE?

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  13. Hands up – I nicked that phrase from Total Film magazine. Every month they quote an actor or director slagging off one of their old movies that flopped but that at the time they raved about 😀

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  14. You are spot on there Spiny. If you look at any of these people’s Facebook accounts you will find anti semitic posts, sickening posts that you think Facebook would want removed but i’ve reported loads of these type of posts and only rarely had FB agree to remove the post.

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  15. Yeah yeah yeah, we all believe you, Angela.

    Why have you elected to resurrect this post now. Getting a little twitchy, are you? Doing a spot of reputation salvage before the shit hits the fan, perchance? Good luck with that.

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  16. Ann Muller ‘ADP is either stupid or evil or both.’

    Didn’t Judge Pauffley describe all those who continue to make claims of a Satanic cult in Hampstead as either ‘evil or foolish’?

    Pot, kettle, black?

    Wry amusement anyone?

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  17. Sorry S.N. but they definitely aren’t the same place, I looked at the two pics side by side, and they have major structural differences (windows etc in different places) Give me a few minutes and I’ll show them


    Bummer- that could have been a fatal blow, but unlike APD we cant just lie and say it is..



  18. I sent Kristie Sue the screenshot of this thread but the useless bint has completely missed the point about Ella not having seen the kids in two years (and EC’s one about the child in the advert having different colour eyes to the real Child Q).

    Still, “Fck off PizzaFace” is a beautiful demonstration of her awesome debating skills. She’s completely changed my mind on everything with that killer counter-argument.

    Next question – how the bloody hell did she manage to sneak Child P into this advert as well? Where the feck did that come from? LOL

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  19. um Spiny not to be annoying or anything- but where did all the posts re the roof writing go??


  20. I don’t know which is more entertaining – the prospect of a Bronny v Kristie Sue spat…

    …or the fact that, if I’ve understood her incoherent rant correctly, Kristie Sue believes that the notorious New Zealand-based Dearman-hater Bronwyn Llewellyn is Ricky Dearman in disguise:

    You may laugh but she’s aiso utterly convinced that everyone on this blog is also Ricky and that Bridget Yorke is Charlotte ‘Jacqui Farmer’ Ward! 😀

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  21. We were talking about


    and the roof signposting, I was in the process of comparing the two side by side and the entire conversation disappeared?


  22. Sorry, mate – that was my fault. I asked Scarlet to take my comment down, as I felt stupid and regretted posting it. As you said, I “screwed up”. Plus I think some people thought I’d Photoshopped it, lol.

    Anyway, when you delete a comment from here, it takes the replies with it, I’m afraid.

    By the way, I think I can confirm that the writing on the roof is genuine and so is Angela’s orphanage pic. Check out the photo on this old EC post about the orphanage:



  23. “,,he’ll eventually destroy himself though his own stupidity anyway..”

    This is the ultimate fate of all these fools.Unless they can accept they are pursuing delusional fantasies they will end up only feeding on each other and ultimately consume themselves.

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  24. After extensive analysis of valid points made by hoax mobbers I feel it important to share the list as it stands to date.


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  25. Spiny Norman
    March 4, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    Sorry, mate – that was my fault. I asked Scarlet to take my comment down, as I felt stupid and regretted posting it. As you said, I “screwed up”. Plus I think some people thought I’d Photoshopped it, lol.

    Anyway, when you delete a comment from here, it takes the replies with it, I’m afraid.

    By the way, I think I can confirm that the writing on the roof is genuine and so is Angela’s orphanage pic. Check out the photo on this old EC post about the orphanage:


    No problems- I thought I was going crazy lol

    That is one thing you will NEVER see on any of `their’ blogs tho- if a post disappears- the author wouldn’t `fess up’- and hey we ALL screw up sooner or later(if I counted up the number of times I’ve screwed up here alone….)

    can you imagine APD posting as you just did tho?

    man- thats waaaay out in fantasy land thinking about that…

    (I just liked the technical aspect of trying to pick fakes versus real, and real being used as support for fakes…and fakes for real, and real for real and- whoops down the rabbit hole we go on THAT…)

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  26. And hey S.N. don’t you regret nothing, even if we make mistakes, there’s nothing wrong with doing so

    The two DO look very similar- so anyone pointing out that has nothing to be ashamed about, its finding exactly those similarities that often lands the bad guys in the s…te, because they get caught out by exactly those kinds of mistakes

    (I’m thinking of the times that people saw backgrounds in utube videos, posted about it and ended up catching people out- wasn’t it exactly that that ended up catching shorty out??- the background church and street and backyard views etc)

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  27. Angie’s Fag
    March 4, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Yes you are right SteveD it was that thinking that led us to knowing where little ole Rupee was staying.

    yup I thought I was remembering the shorty hunt

    (lol- we all dressed in our tweeds and riding jackets, blowing the horns in chase of the elusive shorty through the wilds of london…)

    and shorty in the end…..

    chased to ground and trying to pretend he wasnt the fox at all….


    (hope the pics turn out alright)

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  28. notice even there- he has to stand on tippy toes compared to everyone else around him lol


  29. Its almost as if they know we are trying to shut them down lol

    throwing s…te wildly in the vain hope some of it will stick….

    Hopefully most of it will indeed stick- to the throwers, and they will be hauled away to face their actions in court…

    I have been rereporting it every time a new (illegal) video is added, yet `generosity’ is being very very `generous’ in continuing to host illegal material

    I’m also looking up their hosting isp, to see if I can find a contact there

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  30. Not sure if this can be considered correct- the videos of the children describing the various sex acts they are supposed to have performed- would these be classified as C.P.???

    imho they are certainly so, in that its kids and they are describing sexual acts supposedly performed by/to them- but does anyone have a definite classification by a judge as so??

    (locally simple text or drawn cartoon characters can be classified as hardcore c.p. so videos like RD’s kids would be classified as hardcore child porn as well… something to be aware of – check your local laws as simply viewing them could in some places be classified as downloading kiddie porn…)

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  31. satanicviews
    March 4, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Yes, these would fall under CP, and they can be taken down on YouTube by referring to them as such.

    but do we have a legal ruling to point to???

    (I’d love to be able to say but these are illegal as per xxx versus yyy date and time)


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  32. Scarily I just watched one of the videos, (at great personal risk obviously) with the kids on what appears to be a ferry?, standing next to a car

    imho- it definitely would be classified as hardcore kiddie porn here (gulp- I plead extenuating circumstances m’lord) but its also so obviously staged by the coached answers (often in `kiddy stereo’ where they have obviously been coached into giving the `correct’ answer to the question asked by `him’
    (grrrrr words cannot describe what I am thinking about that particular person….)
    the coaching by him is so *&^%&$&$ obvious, I cant believe that anyone would actually believe that the `story’ was true…

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  33. The coaching is so obvious in those videos which were taken whilst the RD children were taken on holiday to be drugged, tortured and brainwashed to make the claims that would become the Hampstead SRA hoax.

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  34. Neutral Citation Number: [2015] EWFC 26 (Fam)
    Case No: ZC14C00315
    Sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice
    Royal Courts of Justice
    Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
    Date: 19/03/2015
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Re P and Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding)
    Hannah Markham
    for the London Bo
    rough of Barnet
    Ella Draper,
    the mother, did not appear
    and was not represented
    June Venters QC
    for the father, Ricky Dearman
    Justin Ageros
    for the children by their guardian
    Hearing dates: 17 – 20 February
    , 3 – 6 and 10 – 12 March 2015
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Approved Judgment
    I direct that pursuant to CPR PD
    39A para 6.1 no official shortha
    nd note shall be taken of this
    Judgment and that copies of this version
    as handed down may be treated as authentic.
    This judgment was delivered in public. The
    judge has given leave for this version of the
    judgment to be published on condition that (irrespec
    tive of what is contained in the judgment)
    in any published version of th
    e judgment the anonymity of th
    e children is preserved. All
    persons, including representatives of the media,
    must ensure that this
    condition is strictly
    complied with. Failure to do so will be a contempt of court.


    the first page alone is pure gold…

    Neutral Citation Number: [2015] EWFC 26 (Fam)
    Case No: ZC14C00315
    Sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice
    Royal Courts of Justice
    Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
    Date: 19/03/2015
    This judgment was delivered in public. The
    judge has given leave for this version of the
    judgment to be published on condition that
    (irrespective of what is contained in the judgment)
    in any published version of the judgment
    the anonymity of the children is preserved.
    All persons, including representatives of the media,
    must ensure that this condition is strictly
    complied with. Failure to do so will be a contempt of court.

    This is the kind of thing thats pure gold when lodging complaints,

    thank you S.V.

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  35. You see it, I see it, yet there are people on utube who simply `ignore’ any signs of it- which is difficult (imho) to understand when they claim that the children are `speaking naturally’- well yes- if they are either telepathic or being coached into the answers…

    the looking off at abe (to the left), the `speaking in tongues’- sorry speaking in unison…

    Its just SSSOOO f……g obvious that they were reciting a script, drilled into them

    (self deleted pure speculation)

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  36. Whats with (the boy) notice he is swallowing heavily, like he has an ear injury???

    oh thats right he had…

    `who you going to help us catch…’
    `who you going to help us catch…’
    repeated several times in that video

    well abe, in the end, it appears we caught the real child abuser after all…

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  37. The children show signs of the torture they were subjected to by Abraham Christie and Ella Draper whilst they were being brainwashed. They suffered a terrible experience. Abraham Christie has prior convictions for child abuse and dishonesty, plus a rumoured rape.

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  38. Sorry if this is heavy stuff, its actually quite painful to watch this video, as its obvious exactly who coached/ tortured the kids into their `confessions’ abe is the obvious `heavy hand’ behind the videos, what exactly the mother had to do with it??? I’m still torn in some respects, its obvious in that video who the instigator was

    (I wish we had a mind reading machine)


    no I dont, that would be too much to ask of anyone…

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  39. Well…images and video clips are correctly labelled as Child Sexual Abuse images (CSA images), in my opinion. Obviously there is an element of ‘political correctness’ in this terminology, but I understand & agree with the reasoning for using it in preference to C.P.

    But what about verbal discussions, printed words or image-less recordings?
    Personally, I currently favor: “pornographic description/ discussion of child sexual abuse”. I think that communicates the concerns accurately, but what do others think of this?

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  40. @jake – let me clarify, however, that I agree with your description of what the Abrella recordings depict. They depict children BEING ABUSED, by the persons making the recordings, no question about that.

    But I think they also contain, what I would call, pornographic discussions of child sexual abuse.

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  41. A:`who, who who’
    A:`does your mother do it’
    A:`do I do it’
    B+G papa (in unison)

    this video is painful to watch- you can see the leading questions, and sometimes abe sticks his foot in his own mouth as he asks then answers/asks the question again before they answer!!!

    leading questions, hes leading answers!!!

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  42. Steve, if you are relatively new to the case, I recommend you read the entire Court Judgement, also check out the Hoaxtead FAQ tab at the top of this page.

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  43. Yes, the entire building was made of stainless steel. No windows, no rebar + concrete…just flat, polished stainless steel. A bit like working inside a very very tall kettle, I should think.

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  44. The most telling part of the above video is when Abe says “You gettin’ the picture now? You’re getting the picture!”.. meaning he’s teaching them what to say.

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  45. “http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/leading-businessman-faces-historic-sexual-abuse-charges/story-30174877-detail/story.html

    Now, am just watching today’s UK column first article about Charles Howeson charged with 15 counts of child sex abuse. Well Brian Gerrish, look at this:


    So he was a co-director with the said gentleman in the mid 90’s, no guesses for whether or not this was mentioned on today’s show!”

    Not the first time Gerrish has been linked to such a person.

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  46. Whilst not wishing to condone violence the sheer irony of Paterson getting his outsized beak splattered across his face outside the royal courts of JUSTICE still remains one for me one of the most divine comedic moments in this most unfortunate tragedy.HEALTH WARNING: Remove hot drinks from your vicinity prior to re-viewing.

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  47. Yes, they do this to try to exonerate themselves completely of any wrongdoing at the start when they ask that, it then follows with a long list of people Abe had coached them to say.

    Who, incidentally are the very people who Abe and Ella had recent disagreements with.

    People who believe Abe and Ella’s version of events to this day, really have a screw loose in my opinion.

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  48. Abe + Ella’s blog host is Orange, from Iceland—chosen for its commitment to “free speech” (read: “slander, defamation, harassment, and borderline child sexual abuse images”). We had their Wix site removed (twice, but who’s counting?), so they moved over to Orange, which I believe runs its own hosting servers.


  49. Jesus wept,no accounting for folk.Mr Freud would have had a complete meltdown attempting to get his head around the causation of that fetish.Deeply strange and peculiarly odd.

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  50. How is it that all of these self-styled “child abuse campaigners” seem to have close friendships or personal relationships with convicted child sexual abusers? The list just continues to grow….

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  51. Its almost like they were trying to muddy the waters so much that real child abusers could escape by simply pointing at the previous cluster f… of claims, counter claims and general online garbage…..

    Of course that wouldnt be the aim of many of them at all would it?????

    (I like to think that there is some good in everyone, but watching some of these videos does dampen that hope)


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  52. LOL! I hadn’t heard that story about the President of Iceland. I wonder what the troofers have to say about pineapple and seafood? I hate to think… *shakes head*

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  53. hmmn, what are these videos AA sent Arthur that he talks about that made arthur say AA does horrible things to children? and why does AA want to see the fictional Ella allegations videos, if they contain what is believed to be illegal content?
    Pretty sure if anyone I knew made a video calling ex-friends Pedophiles, and promoting others to defecate outside Buckingham palace, the videos would be removed and those persons in a lot of trouble for defamation and terrorism.

    I followed the rules posted on your blog about getting any video containing the two children removed. https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2017/01/14/action-youtube-channel-take-down/

    “And in the “Additional Notes” section at the bottom of the page, we pointed out several issues:

    These videos have already been removed by YouTube, due to a court order.
    The videos feature two young children describing intimate details of horrific sexual abuse.
    The two children describe being anally raped with dildos, they talk about being “licked” on the “front privates”, they discuss the tattoos and birthmarks on their alleged abusers’ intimate areas.
    An older man can be heard in the videos, prompting the children to reveal more details about their alleged abuse.
    The children in the video are being forced to make de facto child pornography.
    This material appeals to paedophiles.”

    They must have changed the text box characteur limit because the text box is too small to fit all the text in, but I went through any I found and reported all the ones that use footage of 2 children, editing to fit, and haven’t had a single video removed since I started doing that a few weeks back. Only responses are further information requests from youtube. zip, Ziltch, nothing, nada. not one sucessful removal notification.
    I am no going to go watch through the videos and point out any time points, as they are sick videos posted by sick people. If that isn’t enough for youtube they shouldn’t allow perverted videos on their site in the first place, or be able to even operate if the cannot abide by the law. I changed the text a few times as maybe everyone using the same text may lead to the reports being flagging as spam, but no luck there either.

    All these social media site are just as bad. Legaly they should be liable but i’m sure they are covered by user responsible for anything they upload. They are/should be responsible for removing illegal content, or failing to do so.


  54. There are so many angles to the abuse Abe subjected the kids to.
    I would say, that a child being forced to recite sexual fantasies involving themselves, on camera, is being abused. Psychologically abused, for certain. I think some definitions of criminal abuse are currently under discussion in the UK, but the correct legal terminology for this will probably end up under “child sexual exploitation”.

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  55. Yes, they do this to try to exonerate themselves completely of any wrongdoing at the start when they ask that, it then follows with a long list of people Abe had coached them to say.

    Altho abe chanting the answer before the kids do, well it kinda points at who is doing the leading doesn’t it

    (but then nobody accused either of the two abusers of being Einsteins lol)

    just because Ella is their mother, doesn’t mean she has to care for them, and her behaviour shows how little she does (the supporting of be in the videos is quite frankly sickening) but its obvious that Abe is the main instigator and I am glad he has no longer access to the kids, my personal opinion (and it is imho only) is that he was projecting his own fantasies and using the children to act them out- you can hear his glee when they recite the `juicy bits’


  56. Agree Jake.Amidst a vast arsenal of smoking guns that too for me is the smokiest of the lot.Abe has a gun metaphorically at their heads,the threat of being buried alive in the desert and being whacked repeatly by a large metal spoon etc are in anyones book fairly compelling incentives to get ones lines right.

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  57. Although MKD`s are taking time out they do state they are not going anywhere and that there are “many ways to skin a cat”.I very much doubt the hoax mob will be escaping the incisive talons or the eagle eye of the devils somehow 😉

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  58. Isn’t it funny how those `morally upright’ citizens always seem to end up being the ones who threaten other people???

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  59. re CCC

    thats just, uggghhh

    there are no words that can possibly describe how absolutely sickening the CCC video is

    Its obvious who is leading who, and it (imho) shows the depravity of certain people

    It is (imho) required listening for any of the hoaxstead supporters, and if any can still, after listening to this, come back and say they support the `hoax’ then imho, those people themselves should be seriously looked at by the authorities

    Its disgusting, its horrific and it makes it plain who was behind the entire thing from day one….

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  60. Yes, that is long held belief of many of us here, that he was “projecting his own fantasies.”

    Abe has attempted in the past to “validate” his hoax by pointing out similarities hos hoax has with previous Satanic Hoaxes, but all that proves is that he cherry-picked bits from all of them and added additional claims such as abuse from people in authorities he had recently had disagreements with.

    A blatant hoax which the mentally ill jumped on and spread.


  61. Directors & Secretaries

    For a full in-depth analysis on each of these directors, click any of the links below
    Name Role Date Of Birth Appointed Resigned
    MR BRIAN JOHN GERRISH Director Aug 1954 18 May 1995 –
    MR NICHOLAS JOHN OSMASTON Director Jul 1954 18 May 1995 –
    MR ADRIAN CHARLES KING Director Aug 1952 18 May 1995 –
    COMMANDER CHARLES ARTHUR HOWESON Company Secretary Nov 1949 18 May 1995 –
    SWIFT INCORPORATIONS LIMITED Company Secretary – 18 May 1995 18 May 1995
    Commander Charles Arthur Howeson Director Nov 1949 18 May 1995 01 Mar 1996
    MR MAURICE ARNOLD WEST Director Jan 1957 01 Mar 1996 –
    MR MAURICE ARNOLD WEST Company Secretary Jan 1957 01 Mar 1996 –

    El Coyote
    March 4, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    How is it that all of these self-styled “child abuse campaigners” seem to have close friendships or personal relationships with convicted child sexual abusers? The list just continues to grow….

    and grows and grows

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  62. IP address is probably proxy going to Italy. E-mail going to a domain hidden by privacy services. Only a few people refer to me as Julian. Only one would be more detailed to refer to the partner and child. A certain poison dwarf.


  63. It is C.P. in my opinion as it “appeals to the prurient interest” And Commercial Consumption for viewer clicks AND Shocks the Community Conscience AND Is the subject of Family Court Gag Order AND Injunctions. The comment sections demonstrate the Phenom and this Blog’s cogent Reporting backs it up….Do not Download, I repeat, Do Not Download…After 30 yrs in the legal field, I have Never met Such despicable and blatant liars, unless it was a contrived molestation case revolving around a disputed custody matter as the “Hampstead Victim vids” obviously were/are, if viewed by Sane person for One minute or less, the “Real criminals” I’ve helped with comparatively and relatively minor cases, would be Appalled at the Absolute Vileness of Ella’s, Abe’s,APD’s and RQ’s, ect.ect. Conduct…Is there an Email Address for RQ’s arresting officers’ Supervisor or Prosecuting Atty contact info? Concise, Notarized and Sealed pursuant to Internatl. Code, Affidavits, submitted by Sane individuals that have been watching this SRA BS unfold from Day One(1980’s) and that are cognizant of Current On-line “Hoaxer” Phenom Generally, and the HH, in particular, and EXACTLY HOW their Dangerous End Games result in Serious DAMAGE, with case citations, may help to Aid any Official Inquiry, Now that their(hoaxers) present strategies include filing False Police Reports, ect. on decent Folk in order to try to cover their Vile Asses!(imho, it is NO coincidence SV was “reported” due to his screen name and Religion) Not to mention the educational posts about False SRA cases and erudite comments.) The hoaxers are thinking “Nobody will Defend a guy who openly Admits being a Satanist.” It was the “strongest psych card” they had, to try to unconsciously influence the cops by pressing their individual, probably Xian preconceived cultural “buttons” about “The Devil”…Too little too late I say! LMAO! The VA. Congressman can also be deluged in email so he will not “feel the need” to Touch RQ’s B. S. “Internatl. “Pedo” TAR BABY! Pols and People in general, wandering into the “fake news” Arena, unaware of the FACTS, have SEEN how easily they are taken down or smeared by their opponents….A Thick Sheriff from out West was Smeared by a “Sandy Hook Hoax” post He made on FB by hoaxers AFTER another School shooting that hoaxers claim “never happened”. This issue is a Kerfuffle of Maximum ClusterFlicks with no one in authority in Complete Possession of ALL the Facts and Personal motivations. We have a Civil Tort Action in the U.S. named “Intentional or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress”. The facts of HH and SH fit this Tort hand in glove, albeit Civil, the old Criminal Counter-part seems to have been subsumed by “Intentional (Criminal) Harassment” and dealt with by Injunctions, with Criminal Contempt for Breach/Fines/Imprisonment. It is baffling that “hoaxer victims” are not filing Lawsuits under “Groups smaller than a Class Action” type Plaintiffs, under seal, as per victims’ rights legislation/policies, ect. A Large Civil Judgment or Even Group Restraining Order with Attached Schedule of Fines(even tho victims ultimately “collect” Nothing) Can do MUCH to Chill the Future Actions of these Maniac Liars! Look how well a false libel suit against against a Truthful journalist, when finally REVEALED, helped put an end to the Cult of Cheater “Hero” Lance in Sane circles. However, Some Idiot thought it was a good idea to use Lance to LEAD a “Memorial Ride” to purportedly raise money for 8 bicycle riders allegedly mowed down by an “intoxicated” Driver on the heels of an “iphone triggered (with…ahem..”DEVIL and MASONIC” images) Uber Taxi Driver” mass shooting a year ago, in the same town, but AGAIN, like Adam Lanza the “alleged perp” “has no significant internet footprint or it is all gone due to perp hitting hit hard drive with a barbell”?? The A.P is now fighting for the computer and thumb drive content, ect. But, UNLIKE Lanza, this mass shooter had “NO PSYCH History”? Really? He just “thought up” these crazy repeated online hoax BS Lies and/or HATE, off-line, and stockpiled arms OVERNIGHT and Nobody Noticed? I think not! No Grand Jury inquiry as to his wife’s knowledge, like with the Pulse shooting case? Remember. If I die in an accident “Friends”, don’t invite a hoaxer to lead My Memorial “Hoaxer PillaryFest” like that Bike Club did for the Crime Victims…..Sometimes, I wonder what those DEAD individuals would think about Genuine Hoaxer Cheater Lance’s “Comeback” Tour Image being Re-Vamped literally Over their Dead Bloody Bodies..? “Cheater leads Charity Memorial Ride” Not so Nice. (so important to prepare Death Services in Advance so Nobody is SO “Put out” as to employ a hoaxer to help pay for them, sheesh!)

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  64. True,and many “nobodies” thought they could become a “somebody” getting attention and compounding abused childrens plight by using them as clickbait vehicals and dreams of fame and easy cash.Angie and CNN spring to mind amongst many.

    Just observed that this humble gathering of good (wo)men and true is closing in rapidly on 3/4 million views and not a sausage ever requested.The aforementioned grifters must be apoplectic.Never mind eh? 😉

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  65. SV is one of a few RQ has reported, he is not alone in being singled out.

    I disagree with you calling it CP.
    Porn is PERFORMED by adults for the enjoyment of people who have an interest in viewing it.

    Children do not perform “porn” for those with a prurient interest. They are victims of Child Abuse.


  66. There is a concern that there might be prejudiced thinking against me because I identify as a Satanist. I am hoping the police officer dealing with the RQ complaint against me is in the loop and talking to other police officers who have been aware of this case and should be aware of my significant and long involvement in fighting this SRA hoax; plus also have good knowledge of the history and extent of this hoax.

    For me the greatest concern is that this hoax is killed and contained. Although nothing is ever certain, I am confident that this complaint against me has no substance. I am keenly aware of what a boost this would give to the Satan Hunters and this hoax if this complaint manages to go further, and how much it will hurt our efforts to oppose the hoax. I am aware of the law, I am aware that I have a strong argument against this complaint, it would be a painful and distressful experience for me if it does go further to arrest etc. This hoax is hurting a lot of people, I look at it stoically that it has hurt a lot of other people more than I. Being a Satanist, I have a fighting spirit, and can take a hammering and still be standing. I have done all I can, and now it is just a waiting game to see where this complaint runs to.

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  67. Frightens me that Gerrish and others, “ex-Marine” Field McConnell, Gordon Bowden etc were ever in the armed forces & supposedly looking after our countries welfare.
    Mind you they could have been in the Catering Corp (nothing wrong with that) or on permanent KP duty. Mind you this mob’s hypocrisy on one hand of claiming anyone above the rank of Lollypop Lady is part of the ‘VIP cover-up” and then their blind acceptance that some claimed ex-copper who accepts this nonsense lends their cause credibility just shows they have none.

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  68. @SV – 2017 is the 30th anniversary of the following events…

    The city that a dear friend of mine lived in was struck by a rare, severe, tornado:
    “The tornado killed 27 people, injured more than 300 people, destroyed more than 300 homes, and caused more than $332.27 million in property damage…”

    As usual, outlying areas where trailer courts are located were hardest hit. My friend happened to live in the trailer court where the greatest damage and loss of life occurred.
    The path of Tornado damage always seems are weirdly selective. Some houses on a block get flattened, while their neighbors are hardly touched, it seems. So it was in this trailer court. All around my friend’s trailer, there was devastation, but her trailer suffered only minor damage.

    My friend had been running a large, successful, New Age bookstore for a few years prior to this storm. She was a public, outspoken, feminist & Goddess lady. Presumably, some of the local evangelical or otherwise superstitious satanic panic promoters believed her trailer was spared by Satan himself (!), because they covered it with spray-painted hate like: “get out witch!”. And then, overnight, her store was completely trashed. Shelves overturned, product heaped in piles and covered with red paint, and the backroom covered with more hate messages and death threats.

    She was defiant. She had insurance and vowed to clean up and re-build bigger and better.
    And then her trailer was torched, and burned to the ground.
    She fled, of course. I would have too, if it had been me. Enough is enough, eh?
    I’m not certain where she went. I lost contact and never spoke with her again.

    I put all of this out of my mind for decades, until last year when someone asked me if I had been personally affected by the 1980’s Satanic Panic. There’s more, but that’s enough for today.

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  69. Whatever Anybody wants to call it.(form over substance or not) It’s Clearly Abuse and the Children were “performing” for the camera and Coached in their “acting/performance”, the Content of which is unarguably Obscene, BY the Abusers, which could only appeal to prurient interest as a reasonable person/judge has well concluded, when vid is viewed “in context” and including totality of the circumstances…….Uploading, Downloading or Sharing is Criminal, imho, unless Done using legitimate journalistic investigative principals of Ethics and Advocacy, the way E.C and Scarlett have set up this blog to investigate the Hoaxers’ Crimes. The Cops don’t seem to be on the “stick” when it comes to these Hoaxers, STANDING OUTSIDE THE COURTHOUSE!! lol Or, Sandy Hoaxer (“no Children died”)ALLOWED in CT. Governor’s Office??…..How on Earth were Abrella Allowed to leave the U.K. if the Cops already had a bead on them and vid had been viewed by authorities? No “back door” coverage for flight risks like THEM?And WHY was RQ LET into U.K? Massive Security and Protection Fail, No matter how you Slice it.( and yes, I use caps for Emphasis…so SUE me! LOL)

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  70. EC. Let’s just say those figures are pretty darn healthy.
    But, I have to raise a HUGE CONCERN I have. About 6-8 months ago I had a conversation with one of the Chosen ones.
    Apparently your figures and another well known youtube channel are a few hundred million higher in their opinion than what they are now.
    After their so called ‘research’, the figures must have been instantly hacked, personally, specially tailor made for them, to put a truther off the trail.
    After all, everyone knows this is a massive Government operation by the UK intellligence Agencies and the CIA. Why else would 500 Million subscribers and site hits just fall off the map within a few minutes?

    Wake up Sheeple, get with the programme, everything we do is monitored and we all have a whole department working on monitoring everything we say and do. Obviously we all still carry a mobile phone that tracks my every move with us at all times. Funny how the Hoax perps never get arrested with all these huge govenment resources being ploughed into the cover up operation.
    I await an honest response to tell me to go shove it, lmao.


  71. I am sorry to hear that, really unjust, ignorant and hateful of those people. I am hoping that out of that adversity something positive did manifest.

    Life and people can be really shit, and the choice for the individual is sink or swim.

    At this time I have been thrown onto the defensive, but the only thing I can do is fight, since the alternative is to roll over and die. On the one hand the RQ complaint, on the other, probably one individual who has made three threatening comments so far against me on my blog tonight, two which I have left unpublished. All this takes its toll, I look to nature to get my strength back, and I bounce back from adversity very quickly.

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  72. I have been asking the same question of how the UK border officials could have allowed RQ in. I am hoping now Brexit is in progress that our borders will be tightened up.


  73. Was this woman the most Intelligent 2 year old child ever when she was younger?
    You decide. Doesn’t matter about the state of her mother after what sounds like a brutal attack, it’s just important that she had such a great awakening. FFS Mel stop giving these creeps a platform to tell the same MKULTRA BULLCRAP. Oh yeah and she has a magical, free-energy machine just in case you thought she had an agenda. And they call us trolls eh? Donate now, the collection plate is a little F’ing light this month.


  74. I saw a documentary about something similar where a women had a business where she cahrged for people, mainly men to come and be treated as babies for however long they wanted to stay.
    It was like a weirdo health retreat but for creeps. Maybe some had genuinely lost out on their childhoods and neve had a mother figure, but I don’t doubt a lot of them have an unhealthy obsession with children. Of course one of these guys went on to be convicted for child abuse. The Bronies scare me a lot as well.

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