Hoaxtead mobsters’ uncanny ability to incriminate themselves

A peculiarity of many Hoaxtead mobsters is their unerring ability to incriminate themselves whilst seemingly attempting to demonstrate their own innocence.

Neelu is a champion at this, as demonstrated in her recent videos in which she tries to bully Shirley the bailiff, and comes off not only looking like a complete loon, but a dishonest one at that.

In the end Neelu is forced to concede, she pays the bailiff (who very wisely not only counts the money but scans it to be sure it’s not counterfeit), and skulks off to fight another day. But if she thinks the video “proves” that she is anything less than a deluded con artist, she’s dreaming in Technicolor.

And then there’s Matt Taylor

When we last paid any attention to Matt, he was having a meltdown of epic proportions, shrieking, “I’m the f*cking daddy of the truth movement, I’m the f*cking daddy around here” over and over, in an apparent attempt to win other troofers over to support the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Since then, we’d nearly lost track of him, until a kind reader pointed out that he’d recently been arrested…and had then reported the whole thing on two of his blogs.

We were puzzled at first, as the blogs were so incriminatory that it almost seemed as if they’d been written about Mr Taylor in an attempt to smear him, rather than written by him, in an attempt to clear his own name.

Are you convinced yet?

Take this faux “Matt Taylor is not a nonce!” headline: This is a real head-scratcher: if the alleged publication is called “Fake News at its Best”, and the fake-news headline is “Matt Taylor says ‘I’m not a nonce!'”, does that mean that the real-news headline should be “Matt Taylor says ‘I’m totally a nonce'”? Enquiring minds want to know!

And then there’s the blog’s text: in an article titled “MATT TAYLOR IS A NONCE!” (not a typo, it really does say that), we find:

By “Magna”, we believe Mr Taylor means “manga”, a Japanese cartoon style which can include pornographic images.

As we read this, we became more and more convinced that this blog must be some sort of piss-take of Mr Taylor; after all, who in his right mind would actually describe in graphic detail the illegal and prohibited images which were alleged to have been found on his own computer?

And worse yet, who would actually disclose his own alleged correspondence between himself and his solicitor? It seemed incomprehensible to us that a person charged with such serious offenses could publish material which could prejudice his case like this.

Also: If Mr Taylor had no idea where those images came from or who put them there, HOW DOES HE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE? Do the police routinely send the accused detailed descriptions of the incriminating images?

So it really began to look to us as though the above had been written with malicious intent, by someone who held a deep-seated grudge against Mr Taylor.

But when we looked at Mr Taylor’s second blog, About Matt Taylor, we found the identical tabloid image, plus Mr Taylor’s own description of his most recent arrest.

The true test, though, was the ubiquitous “Donate now!” badge: we squinted at the computer screen, braced ourselves, and clicked…and it led us here:

It began to dawn on us: perhaps it really is possible to be this dimwitted: “Grimwood” appears to be Mr Taylor’s regular arresting officer, and it seems there is little love lost between them. Yes, you heard it here first: just like every other accused child sex abuse image collector in the world, Mr Taylor is claiming that he had nothing to do with the images found on his computer. As always, the evil police planted them there, as a form of revenge against him.

Revenge for what? you might ask. Ah, well, it seems that Mr Taylor was charged with stalking and harassment of none other than Prime Minister Theresa May: Riiiiiight.

Dear lord. Please don’t tell us that the infamous “equity lawyer” Edward Ellis has a finger in this pie too? Is there no lost cause he cannot sink further? It seems he advised Mr Taylor not to sign his bail condition—generally considered a career-limiting move in police circles.

If you’d like to read more of Mr Taylor’s adventures in police custody, you can find the whole sad story—including his, ahem, poetry—on this site, which we’ve archived for posterity. You’ll find such deathless prose as,

My biggest fear in the police cell was a world ending virus being released, with me locked in a cell unable to get out because everyone in the world had turned into flesh eating zombies.

We are not even kidding. Would that we were.

88 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters’ uncanny ability to incriminate themselves

  1. I really dislike bailiffs in general but I can’t raise even a tiny bit of sympathy for Neelu. She’s pays the money and they get to keep their posh car. It’s not like she’s on her last legs and having to go to the food bank is it.

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    • Yes it’s pushing the envelope to send the love to Bailiffs and wheel clampers in general but..one thing really & truly annoys me (well 100s of things annoy me in fact) about this Mob- the way they continually attempt to demean these people (police included) by calling them “our servants” and “you work for me” or ” I pay your wages” (last one’s a goody especially when most of them are on benefits- rightly I suppose)

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      • A prime example of abuse meted out to the bailiffs is when Neelu’s mate says (at 1:11 in the video), “Just put it in the envelope, fatso.” I’m no fan of bailiffs either but personal abuse like that is unacceptable imho.

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        • Interestingly, the one about to be lifted by hiab is the one that was `mistakenly’ clamped last week(??) she claimed it was the other one in the driveway that had the fine instead- am I mistaken or was the one on the wheel lifter that one as well- ie they were picking up both the clunker and the bmw???

          Strange but I never seem to have these issues (maybe because I pay my debts in actual real currency instead of promissory notes???) and the one time I did have an issue with one was actually a mistake by the bank re my fathers car loan and they actually hooked up my car, I ended up chasing the towtruck down the street in my (unregistered lol) speedway car and after a brief discussion they returned my car and the company involved actually paid the damages they caused to my car by the tow quite willingly and apologized profusely
          (I did have to laugh, the towtruck actually tried to outrun a racecar, then swung his wheel at me, threatening to `ram’ me-um its a speedway car- it doesnt have a straight panel on it!!!)

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        • That sounds like Shirley saying ‘Just put it in the envelope fatso’ – lol. Was she talking to Neelu?


  2. I’ve had enough of the whole “truth” movement. The majority unfortunately are fakes and con merchants. After the results of the Trial next week I’m out of here. Far too depressing.


  3. I wonder if all the blogging is an attempt to stall the legal process. Fair trial and all that, impartial jury?


    • That’s a good question. It’s really hard to tell with Matt Taylor whether he’s trying some “clever” stunt, or he really is just that gormless.


      • I think he’s mentioned the word “nonce” as he knows that will get attention and he hopes people will jump to his defence like Spivey. I could be wrong but I think Matt Taylor would like to have the following that Spivey used to have.

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      • He is a prime Fantasy Merchant.
        “Indecent photographs” could mean many things.
        When I read Matt Taylor’s ramblings and then hear “indecent photographs” I get an uncanny feeling a goat maybe involved or perhaps a well hung horse and a hapless lady. Maybe even Matt himself with said goat. Do they have goats roaming loose in Brighton?

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    • They may be thick enough to think that but if the reason the news is before the jury is because the defendant put it there, the judge will just warn the jury not to pay any attention to what they’ve read in on the web (as they always have to do now anyway) and crack on. That said in the post-FOTLer world, there is no concept so stupid that people won’t believe it’s the law.


  4. I’m grateful to YdychyncachuTracey, who yesterday posted a link to the publication ‘Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis’ and pointed out that it contains some interesting points relating to the use of excuses by people caught with child pornography in their possession (“Reading it certainly made me reassess some excuses/defences that people have used for looking at illegal images”). It certainly does, Tracey:

    “Guilty Knowledge

    When caught with child pornography, offenders come up with a wide variety of responses. Some deny any knowledge and ask for their lawyer. Most, however, come up with a vast array of explanations and excuses. They claim they did not know they had it or did not know it was child pornography. They claim they downloaded a large volume of image files and the child pornography was buried in the middle. Some claim as law-enforcement officers, lawyers, doctors, therapists, or researchers they had a professional use for the material. Some claim they are artists and the images in question are works of art. Some claim they were conducting investigations as concerned members of society. A few claim to have no sexual interest in the material. They downloaded it out of curiosity or inadvertently received it and kept it because they are compulsive ‘pack rats’.”

    (K. Lanning, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2010, p.121)

    Click to access NC70.pdf

    Taylor appears to have gone with the “A few claim to have no sexual interest in the material” option. Mind you, his subsequent statement that he’s never written anything in his notebook about being attracted to kids so that’s proof that he can’t be is priceless; a whole new level of contrived as far as excuses go.

    What a nasty, grubby, pathetic little man. So when’s Angie due to interview him?

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  5. Taylor says that he “would often pick up computer discs and DVDs left outside charity shops”. Does he mean those put out for sale or does he mean he helped himself to the bags deposited outside the shop when it was closed? I wouldn’t put it past him, the slimy little bugger.

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      • The BBC series Thief trackers did a piece in the first episode.It doesnt get much lower although some of the Hoax mob are notable exceptions.

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    • My mother was bi-polar..quite badly but she held onto her 4 kids until they grew up and left home. It takes a lot more for social services to take your kids than that.
      Debs sees the world through the prism of her own obvious mental problems. She should seek expert help instead of thinking shouting via Youtube will solve her problems.

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    • So she is compassionate and people who disagree with her aren’t. Personally I feel compassion for the two children who’s photos and videos are being splashed all over the internet and who’ve lost their privacy. I feel compassion for children who were tortured into telling lies to the police. I feel compassion for an innocent dad accused of terrible crimes. I don’t feel much compassion for the people spreading these lies, so tough shit if I decide to ‘dislike’ a video that does this. Disliking a video is nothing compared with the harm that’s been done.

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      • In her video a few nights ago she expressed her support for the BNP and the EDL and complained that there are too many black taxi drivers. I think the ensuing 51 dislikes were letting her off lightly.

        By the way, she still hasn’t realised that the like/dislike buttons can be disabled. Even her guru Shurter has managed that.

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  6. For those who missed it at the tail end of the last post, here’s the latest from the world of time travel:

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  7. Matt Taylor says:

    “Holy shit; the bottom line is that my obsessive writing has got me into real trouble. Its time to become obsessive about something else; running and keeping fit springs to mind.”

    Dim but stupid.

    Taylor is an ideal client for Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill. I think Angela Power Disney would have the hots for Matt, and marry him, or at least touch his bum.

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    • Yes, shall we encourage Belinda and Sabine to get involved? That would probably double Matt Taylor’s sentence.

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    • “Defiant in his defence, the father of two replied, ‘I have never had any sexual relations with a minor.'”

      Hmm. The daft sod appears to have misunderstood the charges against him.

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  8. LOL, these video titles just get better and better…

    ‘Concerning the Protection Orders and Claims I am a Serial Child Killer’

    2:28 – “Years and years and years ago my stepmother took out a protection order on me.”

    Oooh! 😮

    Never learns, does he? Creepy old bugger.

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    • He’s moaning about there being a deluge of nasty accusatory comments from us on both the Opperman interview and the post-match phone rabbit. But actually, most of the comments are words of thanks and encouragement from fawning troofers and there are none from any of the regulars from here. In fact, I scoured both videos’ comment pages and only found one negative comment and it wasn’t from any of us. Mind you, it’s a juicy one:

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    • The order appears to have been from November 2011. If I’ve understood correctly, Shurter was harassing his stepmother over his false allegations about his dad being a serial killer and he started making public accusations about her being a “murdering paedophile”. At one point he became aggressive towards her in a furniture store in Nebraska and had to be restrained by someone called Michael. Sorry, I’m not sure who Michael was but I assume it was a partner, son or friend of his stepmother’s. Justin might know.


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    • Let me get this straight – this is a video rant against slander…in which he calls us “the paedophile protection squad” about 20 times. No hypocrisy there, then.

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    • @ 1:02 – “If someone is hiding in their closet crying because someone is making videos about someone else and posting them on YouTube, they need psychological help. You know. They do. Because I don’t cry when I see videos that someone posted about someone else on YouTube.”

      Hmm. Really, Dave? Two words: Fiona Barnett.

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    • Firstly, David Shurter is dangerous, he says in this video he killed children. Secondly, Shurter is crazy, see this video and any of his others. Protecion orders are designed to protect the innocent from obsessive harrassing and stalking, which David Shurter is doing.

      I swear that David Shurter said previously he had killed children when he was 19 years old.

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      • Yes, he’s not averse to changing his ages when he realises he’s dropped himself in it. I pointed out the other day that he was claiming to be 10 when he poured petrol over that that poor police officer.and set him on fire but at the start of that same thread he’d said he was 13!

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      • This is really a distressing case & for Angela Power to post all about it when she has been told to cease & desist has gone beyond contempt. She also keeps praising one of the parties involved, by doing that she is drawing more attention to said party which could make people add 2 + 2 to come up with 5. Is she really that dumb!


    • Mad Moo’s reply to Ms. Robold 😀

      “Dear Angelique Robold…There is plenty of lawful evidence… FAILING to uphold the public’s LAWFUL concerns…They hold strategy meetings with the lawful suspects…NO comment in support of the public’s lawful concerns…The children have a LAWFUL RIGHT to JUSTICE…Local-Authority-employed professionals and police are ‘beyond lawful suspicion’…As it stands, our doubts are LAWFULLY VALID…”

      …Et cetera et cetera…

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    • “Looking forward to the inevitable video tantrum.”

      More of a moan than a tantrum but here she is, bang on cue…

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  9. I would like to make it clear that I did not steal the chocolate biscuits. This is a false allegation put about by people who saw the chocolate stains on my hands and around my mouth. Please do not try and incriminate me by looking for the pile of empty wrappers I left behind the Wendy house.

    I am innocent and the biscuits weren’t as tasty as I thought they would be.


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    • I put it to you, Mr. Toddler, that in your scramble to hide the illegal images on your PC, you managed to delete all the cookies. I find you guilty of breaching the McVitie’s Act of 1974 and hereby sentence you to be hanged by your ego until you cry.

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    • What a fake. I’ve been round the block a few times and I can tell you that I’ve NEVER met a man who sees his little friend as ‘mundane’. Every man I’ve ever known has thought of that part of him as a superhero. As for letting just about anyone see it! Ew no thank you.

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  10. Brilliant analysis from an ultra-conservative Canadian commentator. This isn’t about being pro- or anti- any side of American politics, it is about reality versus fantasy. Pizzagators think they are helping Trump, but no one can help the man…


    “There are two ways to look at Donald Trump: with eyes open, or with eyes closed.
    The first is to take it all in, to register, without blinking, all of the countless ways in which he falls short of the most minimal expectations of a functioning adult, let alone the president of the United States — the damaged, childlike psyche; the insecurity, the constant need for affirmation; the compulsive lying; the bottomless ignorance; the coarseness; the lack of elemental judgment or self-control; the refusal to be bound by for any norms of behaviour, personal or political, ethical or even legal; the fantasy policies; the exaltation of violence; and of course, as we have lately been reminded, the indulgence of, if not overt appeals to racism — and having done so, to form a judgment: that this incontinent simpleton should never have been allowed anywhere near the office of the presidency”.

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      • “Theresa May orders new Hampstead satanic case investigation.”
        Lawfully Suspected Fuckwit Matt Taylor wanted to be Sussex Police Commissioner and doesn’t know the PM doesn’t order police investigations.
        Probably thinks the Westminster System is a tube station.


    • I found one where goose Taylor claims to be an “anti-corruption” campaigner and stood for Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner.
      The winner got 56,652 votes and Matt Taylor got 5. This is a mystery to me. It confirms that there are at least 5 Barking Mad Bozos in the Brighton area but I would have thought there would be far more.


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