Peter Hofschroer violating bail conditions? And more…

Last week we noted that convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer, who recently lost his appeal against an extradition order to his native Austria, is currently living at Belinda McKenzie’s house. Belinda mentioned this on a Facebook group dedicated to the care and feeding of Mr Hofschröer and his mother, “Justice for Peter & Barbara Hofschröer“, where she also stated that her houseguest was not able to comment in person due to his bail conditions:

And so it came as something of a surprise yesterday to discover that Mr Hofschröer was in fact making use of social media quite happily, thank you very much: This left us questioning whether the bail condition specified “no using social media at all”, or “only using it if you think the Facebook page set up in your behalf might have been hacked”. Hard to say, really.

We confess to some amusement at the prime suspects identified by Mr Hofschröer: “A police office, social worker, or other such psychopath, perhaps?”

We think it’s fair to assume that if the police or social services wanted that Facebook page removed, there are far more convenient and expeditious routes available than going to the trouble of hacking the page. But perhaps that’s just us.

In other Hoaxtead mobster news…

It’s been well over a year since we last heard from Bronwyn “Humpty” Llewellyn. When last we saw her, she was having some sort of major psychological meltdown, and had begun dishing dirt on the infamous Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™. Actually, it was only one of the minor offshoots of that group, but still. She was naming names, which is generally frowned upon in Hoaxer circles. After that, she seemed to sink out of sight, at least as far as Hoaxtead was involved.

Perhaps she went off to rehab somewhere, or went on an extra-stringent beetroot-based diet to cleanse and purge all that bile.

Either way, we think you’ll be as surprised as we were when you find out what she’s up to these days: We had to read this a few times to be sure we had the right person…but yes, it’s true, luuuurve is in the air, and the BronMonster seems to have been completely defanged. Who could have guessed that all she needed was someone to love?

On the other hand, we’d suggest to her Swedish sweetie that he be cautious about pissing her off. As we learned, she does tend to have a bit of a temper. Meanwhile, we await our wedding invitations with breathless anticipation. And Mr Coyote has even been considering buying a suit and tie for the occasion.

What do you think? The green isn’t too much, is it?


12 thoughts on “Peter Hofschroer violating bail conditions? And more…

  1. What was it AVTM was saying yesterday?

    “And on that subject, what of the apparent failures of justice surrounding this and other cases? Court orders that have as much legal force as the stern order to wash one’s hands on the bottom of a sheet of course toilet paper! – Individuals that can ride coach and horses at full speed through the statutes yet remain prosecution free?”

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    • I think it would be regarded as a minor bail breach but in his circumstances he takes an enormous risk. You would think Bellender who has obviously agreed to host him & possibly that was an assurance given to a court, would be more circumspect and advise her guest accordingly.

      In other news, Sweden must have dramatically downgraded required skills and qualities for those who wish to “immigrate” there. I hope they don’t regret their decision. Not many countries encourage an Orc to become a citizen let alone someone willingly marry one.

      On that note my investigations have uncovered the social media “profile” snaps BronhildaNZ and her Swedish paramour uploaded on the dating website Cupidtino which led to this marriage made in Heaven which I now present but in the interests of truth I have also put together genuine snaps (with some clever photoshopping) of the loving couple below- I think they could be ideal for each other.

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      • Either it’s a bail condition or it’s not. It sickens me how most of us live in a world where we’d be prosecuted for staying in a parking space five minutes too long, yet the likes of Belinda McKenzie and her sick pervert friends get to do what they like with no real consequences.

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  2. We all know where clients end up when they use Belinda McKenzie as their representative: jailed; lose custody of their children; a huge legal bill.

    Bronny, missed her bunny boiling moments.

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