Belinda on the back foot

One truism that’s dogged the Hampstead SRA hoax since it went public in early 2015 is that Hoaxtead Mobster-in-Chief Belinda McKenzie has always been, and will continue to be, untouchable by the law. From her activities as head of the dodgy former Iran Aid charity, to her participation in the Hollie Greig hoax, to helping Abe and Ella set up the Hampstead hoax, Belinda has gained a reputation as the “Teflon lady”: nothing ever seems to stick to her. Whether one believes that she is “protected” in some way or that she is merely very good at getting others to do her dirty work for her, she has never faced a single arrest, let alone charges of any sort.

That is, until early this spring.

In mid-March 2017, to the utter surprise of everyone here at Hoaxtead ResearchBelinda was in fact arrested, and her computer equipment seized. To our knowledge she was not actually charged at that time, but she has dropped several hints since her arrest that she expects to be facing trial this autumn, on unspecified charges.

About a week after her arrest she commented on YouTube, “These satanic perpetrators to be identified by their secret society culture and removed from public life everywhere pronto; a few of the worst perps to be sent down, as I’m about to be for complaining loudly against the judge in the case and the police for failing to investigate the childrens’ allegations”.

By late June, she admitted that the police were still in possession of her computer equipment, and stated she expected to be in court by autumn: And this weekend past, she referred again to “the shadow of my criminal trial this autumn still looming”:We also note that, at least according to Belinda, convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer has been safely apprehended and extradited to Austria, where he will face further charges involving possession of child sexual abuse images and threatening a judge, as well as a weapons charge. We’re pleased he’s no longer at large following his escape from Belinda’s “Highgate bunker” last month.

More to the point, though, we’re fascinated that Belinda, at least, appears convinced that she will be facing charges at some point within the next few months. It’s interesting, though not particularly unusual, that the police are still in possession of her computers—we do wonder what she might have left on them, which could be fuelling her current concern about charges.

For someone with Belinda’s talent for keeping her hands pristine whilst others face the dock, it must create a good deal of anxiety, knowing that the police have access to (just for example) her mailing lists and correspondence over the past few years. We’re assuming that unlike some Hoaxtead mobsters who’ve had equipment seized, Belinda does not religiously wipe her hard drives on a regular basis; nor is it likely that she makes use of multiple disposable “pay-as-you-go” phones each month, as some have been rumoured to do.

It’s most unusual for Belinda to express this much concern about potentially being called to account for her activities—and so we wonder. Will charges in fact be laid? And if so, what might they be? We’ll certainly be keeping eyes and ears open.

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  1. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Highgate-based charity-scamming Jilly Cooper lookalike in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a patsy.

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  2. For those who missed it (at the tail end of the last post):

    At 48:36 Debbie implores “Jah” to destroy the Earth.

    Then at 49:40 she claims that she has healing powers.

    And at 56:20 she says: “Yer dirty fooking cunts…And that is what this World is – a cunt…So burn this cunt planet with its cunt people and cunt psychology, Jah. Destroy! Total destruction is the only solution.” 😀

    I’m not making this up.

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    • I get a distinct impression Silly Moo is channeling Derek and Clive for her rant inspiration.Their estates will be filing copyright claims if she keeps this up.

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      • Indeed! Here’s the full Mad-Moo quote:

        “Yer dirty fooking cunts. Yer know. And that is what this World is – a cunt. Coz that what it judged woman – a cunt. Woman’s just a cunt, isn’t she, to deliver the next generation, to be fucked…by CUNTS that call their mother CUNT…So burn this CUNT planet with its CUNT people and CUNT psychology, Jah. Destroy! Total destruction is the only solution.”

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    • Moo is obsessed with “cunts” even plastic artificial ones.
      I’ve never heard of babies being born in artificial wombs but I guess if Debs says it happens it must be true. That video sounded like an incantation with her summoning up an entity to destroy the world.
      Beware the Wrath of Jah Wobble !

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  3. So Belinda McKenzie does appear to be behind this new organisation “Children’s Party UK”, and this is compatible with having the convicted paedophile Peter Hofschroer to stay with her in exactly what way?

    I am also amused that Belinda believes there can be another god who gets the top spot in monotheism. Not exactly getting how that works.

    Belinda Margaret McKenzie, bullshitter extraordinaire.

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    • Yes, Belinda has befriended an extraordinary number of convicted paedophiles over the years. Makes the whole “Children’s Party UK” thing seem even more creepy than it might otherwise do.

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      • I actually doubt it will involve any real children whatsoever. It’ll just be another iteration of the same people doing the same conference and conspiracist internet radio shows to the same audience with the same anti-child themes,

        I think these people are anti-child because they seem to care not one bit about children.

        Their support for the torturers the Musa parents. Their children were whipped on their backs and scars and marks were visible. Mummy Musa concocted an elaborate benefit fraud involving her children having to lie about their own father. Eventually deported.

        Vicky Haigh doing her poison pen campaign. Eventually left the UK.

        The very ill American woman who was banned from keeping dogs because she couldn’t adequately care for them. Had a child, got dog again, dog bit baby, didn’t give a shit. Ran away to a craravan, lived in dog shit with toddler. Diagnosed with some sort of facticious syndrome (uncontrollable lying). Lied for benefits, convicted. Belinda and Sabine tried ill considered legal action. Ill lady gets hit for thousands in costs, though it is unlikely she will ever pay it. This case, she was deported, and her US based brother was very annoyed that other members of his family were being smeared by her.

        There seems to be a little theme here with these on the runs, deportations and now an extradition.

        Belinda, you support the real baddies.

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        • Nice find, Mik. Thank you

          “But, as with Ms McKenzie, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction in this vexed case.”

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          • Yes Ethel a particularly apt line that one.

            Also rather liked,”The owner of the property, Belinda McKenzie, a child abuse campaigner….”.

            I am sure she would prefer to hide behind her fringe under the cunning guise of being an “Anti child abuse campaigner” but her card is now well and truly marked so expect a tear filled,yawn infested “I am reluctantly forced to leave the country” video announcement as the Teflon shield malfunctions,shortly followed by the sound of champagne corks a-popping.

            What an infinitely vile and loathsome sack of shit.


    • The Children’s Party UK.
      Cut price membership for pensioners, social security recipients and convicted peedofiles.

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    • If you join Belinda’s Children’s Party, do you get free jelly and ice cream? And does Sabine come round and do a clown act? Oh wait – she’s been doing that for the the last 20 years.

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    • Well, Mister Semen…that’s a lot of reading intuitive “understanding” into totally innocent statements in someone’s emails. But since you are a fan of that style of ‘investigations’, let’s talk about the collar of your shirt, visible for some time from about 5:00 on…
      That’s pedophile curlicue there, fella. Everyone knows it! Only active child sex rapists wear that particular style of curlicue collar shirts, read the SCID reports about John Wayne Gacy’s shirt collars and educate yourself. (Can’t talk more about SCID right now, they are a top secret investigations unit made up of former Navy Sealions)
      And what about those KIDS ON THE BRIDGE behind you, MISTER Semen? Huh? Your victims that day?

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      • Lol, I did think that maybe scanning his collar using a mobile phone app may allow one access to a free pizza at a certain establishment David went to, right after the DC rally.

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        • By the Gawds! I believe you are right about that…what a brilliant independent journalist-superhero you must be!

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          • Well YouTube certified so I must be right. I mean, it’s not like a random mention in emails of a fundraiser at a pizza place in Washington DC would ever bring about such lurid allegations of using imported Italian Pizza ovens as a means of disposing of the bodies of the dead victims. Or that an unused museum that was once owned by someone who may have been at one point part of a cult, would be declared as some sort of kill room.
            I do seem to remember the Pizzagators quoting some of those Law Enforcement SRA guides and decided the ovens wouldn’t be hot enough to dispose of the evidence.

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  4. I’m actually somewhat sceptical about these claims of hers to have had computers seized etc. As she is without these things, and claims to be disadvantaged because of it, how is she still posting and operating? Is there any independent corroboration of this arrest and seizure? Which court is she due to appear at under what charges exactly?

    Perhaps she is due to face court for some relatively minor disturbance in its vicinity? Up before the beak for a wrist-slapping; inflated by her to be a criminal trial and seizure of property.

    Belinda McKenzie’s ‘Teflon’ coating has, after all, been working to her disadvantage just lately. – Even the thickest of thickos can see quite plainly that she’s strangely untouchable. And, much as an ASBO is a badge of honour to a street thug a criminal record these days is validation to a ‘troofer’. Was it not McKenzie who orchestrated Robert Green acquiring one after all? And what about the dance of Shayler?

    IF – and it’s a big if – McKenzie really is facing court it’s long overdue; but I strongly suspect it will be on some minor charge and, like the actions taken against her minions, the outcome will be a whitewash.


    • Wow, I like it when folk like Brandan weave the whole shebang of Troofer FruitLoopery together into a perfect conspiracy quilt.
      # One small quibble..they want us to think “space is empty”? Call me old fashioned but I’m pretty sure the Rothschild / Soros / Illuminati have been claiming there is a Sun, Moon and numerous other planets out there.

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  5. Continuing the demonstration about how stupid the intuitive deduction investigative technique employed by several people named David really is…
    I checked many youtube videos this morning. and those children on the bridge don’t appear in any of them. This means, they were never seen again! And that means, someone raped, murdered & ate them. It’s obvious.
    As you know, the concept of “coincidence” is a mind-control trick employed by demonic secret societies, to suppress the truth. There are NO “coincidences”…
    Therefore, this suspect in the murder of two other children last seen on a bridge somewhere, IS A PERSON NAMED DAVID IN DISGUISE! I’m not going to say which person, at this time, because my life would be in danger (of course)…

    This is such an easy game to play.

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    • Is “The Children on the Bridge” a sequel to this horror comedy? or is this just a poster for one of Belinda’s Children’s Party gatherings?

      Also I noticed one David states “no more wallpapering over massive child abuse”, is this a reference to the other David’s claims his dad covered up the bodies of dead children in the walls of his old house?
      Or maybe David is getting his ideas from Edgar Allan Poe and Horror movies.

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    • Right at the end, because Neelu isn’t getting her own way, she calls the woman a terrorist. Disgraceful.

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  6. Neelu getting herself ever deeper into the realms of wasting public resources,nuisance,harrassment and lord knows what other misdemenours could be laid at her door.Seems inevitable she will be aquiring a new door soon enough,be it a homeless shelter,the nick or the lunatic asylum.

    The latter would seem favourite given she is hallicinating cockroaches which is a pretty sure sign that the last wheel has firmly detached itself from the wagon.

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    • I certainly have sympathy for those who find council tax, expensive parking fines etc as a burden. I have plenty of pals in the UK who are struggling most of the time,
      But if you don’t like these things you have to organise politically and try and make changes. It’s the only way.

      I’m going to take a tip from Neelu and have declared my current cockroach plague a fiction of my imagination. They’re are simply just dozens of little bailiffs trying to serve a summons on me.
      # I think Neelu could well do with an extended spell in a mental health unit where she will get the help she needs. I wonder what her family thinks? As we have seen, her so called pals like Bellender and APD actively encourage the poor woman and take nil responsibility.

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    • And a pox on Belinda McKenzie, Angela Power Disney & Penny Pullen, Andy Peacher, their heroes, David Icke, Miles Johnston, David Shurter and all encouraged her. I think she was probably just as authoritarian as a pharmacist, I also think she is determinedly subversive.

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        • As most of them have connections to paedophiles or protecting paedophiles, I think you just pointed out their exact agenda. To make things more difficult for genuine anti-child abuse campaigners, ones who focus on everyday child abuse, not lurid tales of SRA, Mind Control, reptilians, freemasons, Illuminati, and some sort of Zionist New World Order Agenda.


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