Holidays and happy thoughts

As Mr Coyote sets out on his summer holiday, we thought we’d leave you with happy thoughts to tide you over until his return.

Apparently we have seriously pissed Belinda off.

Remember when we wrote about Peter Hofschröer absconding from Belinda’s house after he received a call to report to the police station for deportation?  In our report, we gently suggested that it might not have been a totally fab idea to house a convicted paedophile within a 10-minute walk of a popular children’s playground. In fact, we pointed out, a child had been sexually assaulted in that very playground, three days after Mr Hofschröer made himself scarce.

While we think it very unlikely that he was the culprit in this instance, we noted that if he had been the party involved in attacking the little girl, Belinda would bear at least some of the responsibility.

Turns out that this observation did not escape Belinda’s notice. She recently wrote:

(T)hose pathetic faceless types on the Hoaxtead site with nothing better to do than watch what you and I and Sabine are up to in the hopes of finding something they can ridicule! tried to insinuate it could have been my then house-guest Peter Hofschroer wandering around in the bushes up there, but sorry they were way out as he left my house to be extradited on 6th July and this incident happened on 9th. Well, they probably did know so could only insinuate and hope their vast readership would make the connection – how many followers does H-tead have I wonder? 18? 20? Or am I 2 years out of date?

First things first: Belinda is now claiming that Mr Hofschröer left her house “to be extradited” on the 6th? Funnily enough that is not the story she told at the time.

Here’s what she said then:

We’d just heard that very morning that Peter was wanted at 3 p.m. at Kentish Town police station, in order to be taken to Heathrow…But he never went and 2 days later he’s still somewhere in UK, neither the police nor anybody knows where he is….

...The latest turn of events in the saga, that Peter has now gone missing would be worrying, but I do know he has many friends and supporters all over the place of whom I’m not aware, so I am not overly concerned for his safety and wellbeing. I was told by the tagging company it is very easy to remove the tag around a bailee’s leg, so he will not be that easy to track down… According to another person currently staying under my roof he walked off with virtually nothing visible on him apart from the clothes in which he stood up, informing another housemate “they’ll only take it off me if I do take a bag.” But he did have things in his pockets, apparently…

Wonder why Belinda has changed her story now? Could it be that she’s had a visit from Mr Plod, gently enquiring as to exactly what she and Andy Peacher knew of Mr Hofschröer’s whereabouts? We can but hope.

Meanwhile, she sounds royally pissed off with us, which we find most reassuring. Oh, and she and Andy have made the “Justice for Peter and Barbara Hofschröer” Facebook page private, presumably to avoid further embarrassing observations on our part.

Apparently we’re doing something right!

Incidentally, Belinda wonders how many followers we have…at time of writing, this blog had received 915,553 hits in its two-year history. Not that we wish to brag [shurely not!—Ed.], but we notice that Victims Unite!, the blog Sabine calls her “most popular”, has logged 566,479 hits since its inception in August 2010. Just saying.

And now, the time has come for El Coyote to hang up his keyboard for the next week or so. He’ll be keeping an eye on things of course, and will be sure to let you know if anything extraordinary happens. Until and unless, though, he’s off. See you in a week’s time!

98 thoughts on “Holidays and happy thoughts

  1. “I was told by the tagging company it is very easy to remove the tag around a bailee’s leg, so he will not be that easy to track down…”

    I wasn’t aware that electronic tags could track people. According to Gov.UK –
    “Electronic monitoring (known as ‘tagging’) is used in England and Wales to monitor curfews and conditions of a court or prison order.

    If you’re given a tag, it will usually attach to your ankle. The tag will send your location data to a ‘base unit’ in a place stated in your court or prison order (usually your home).

    The base unit constantly checks if you’re present during your curfew hours. It will send an alert to a monitoring centre if you’re not.”

    So Belinda will have allowed them to install a device in her home which kept track of the ‘tag’ that the man will have worn.

    So explain to me again why someone who is so interested in protecting children from predators had that man in her house? I do not get it!

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    • Thanks Fnord, that’s really helpful info. As for why Belinda would allow a convicted paedophile to stay with her when she claims to be all about child protection, I really could not say.

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    • It has been pointed out many times, and it’s a point that I feel should be laboured as often as possible…..
      McKenzie, Green, Peacher, Gerrish….. Where are the ‘results’ as they’re such high and mighty campaigners? Not only are there none, Belinda McKenzie seems to be something of the queen bee in a hive of child abusers. So many of her associates, when you dig into their background, can be proven to have either abused children themself in some way or another, or have been involved in aiding those who have. The point being, she’s helped child abusers slip the net. And remind me again, exactly how many paedophiles has McKenzie or any of her associates been even vaguely associated with actually putting behind bars?

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      • “Where are the ‘results’ as they’re such high and mighty campaigners? Not only are there none, Belinda McKenzie seems to be something of the queen bee in a hive of child abusers”.

        Yes, yes, a million times yes. They’re all so busy protecting the real abusers, and making excuses as to why they never succeed in “exposing” the people they falsely accuse, one wonders what the point is. Follow the money, as one of my old teachers used to tell me.

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      • Gerrish, if my memory serves me right, was instrumental in assisting Robert Green in hoiking Hollie Grieg round the countryside to various venues where she could be ‘questioned’ by interested parties regarding her sexual history.

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        • IIRC Gerrish was indeed a major player, but it was mainly McKenzie that had her hand up his arse working him like Sooty after the dodgy bookseller bloke bailed out. And yea, there was a bit too much interest shown in unnecessary levels of detail about that girl’s sexual history.


  2. Belinda et al are an absolute disgrace and a blot on the landscape of child welfare.
    Shaking my head at these paedophile protectors.
    Put them in the stocks and let all the decent anti-child abuse campaigners throw rotten vegetables at them.

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        • So sad, but happily Roky didn’t fall into the clutches of Belinda, Miles, Ickes therapy the rapy types, or mind fkers, who would have encouraged his imaginings into their narratives, probably speeding his death.
          I was so moved. Really deeply. This touched so many aspects of why child abuse survivors need to heal their wounds, need better help……. it also teaches so much re excessive drug abuse. Social Human History…. thankyou so much for sharing this KFC bucket. What an amazing brother & a good therapist, what a relief to see him playing ……WOW…
          Then I wanted to listen to Linkin Park, and was disgusted to see scammers commenting with links….. I have to wonder how many of the so called child abuse charlatans or their gangs of scammers are amongst the scammers of anyone trending or gaining cred ? I wonder too, whether their disgusting bullies helped to push him, to suicide…..I wouldn’t be surprised, given that anyone who gains survivors admiration, genuinely creates awareness & more support… targeted by connected groups following one of the self proclaimed leaders of child protection, online.
          There was so much that was similar in both of these expressive songwriters/singers……….deeply moved, in a good way.

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  3. “I was told by the tagging company it is very easy to remove the tag around a bailee’s leg, so he will not be that easy to track down…”
    I expect that she is confusing it with the gps location tags (as used in some cars/trucks etc) either for stolen car recovery or to keep track of truck drivers speeds locations etc

    I havent had any experience with the tagging system used (probably no-one here has LOL) but from google, Fnord’s description pretty much hits it on the head- there is a low powered transmitter in the ankle bracelet and if it gets out of range of the home ‘receiver unit’ that then immediately phones home to base and they send the wallopers around to check up on you…

    Apparently they can be set up to monitor a variety of modes- no leave the premises, only allowed to leave during certain hours and must be back by a certain time etc- they can also be set up at other places than your home and monitored for your presence or absence ie one may be set up at your workplace so you can continue to work, or as the reverse, set up at another location you are not allowed to go to like your ex’s or wherever

    The tags themselves apparently are actually quite difficult to remove and the more advanced will actually set off an alarm and/or inkdye bomb if tampered with as well as communicating either via the base station or cell phone network. Any tampering attempt is of course normally a major breach of bail conditions and will usually end up with you becoming close friends with Bubba at the iron bar motel, adding extra time on top of the suspended sentence you got to wear the tag for….

    So playing sillybugas with the tag is quite serious and Peter will have to head to somewhere where the UK and wherever he was being extradited to (slipped my mind momentarily) wont be able to extradite him from (perhaps he thinks he can stay at a certain currently unoccupied flat, if he doesnt mind the smell of smoke and the carpet burns all over the place)

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    • Peter “Flight risk” Hofschröer will be lookin over his shoulder until it is felt by the law.He has only compounded his fall along with anyone effectively supporting and colluding in his sordid activities.

      Meanwhile whilst these villians sweat it out,heres to you having a relaxing time,recharging the batteries and letting it all hang out,well metaphorically anyway.

      Bon voyage.

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  4. Pot kettle Belinda, at least two videos come to mind. One where she’s seen official paper work supposedly about a man who was a well known paedophile who had a liking for little girls, paper work never existed, so she never saw it, and said man was never a well known paedophile, Belinda was warned about that one from the constabulary. Another video outside the BBC where she made more allegations of same said man, that because he allegedly was swanning it up in Portugal and he must have some thing to do with the disappearance of Madeline McCann. Belinda obviously didn’t have anything better to do with her time.

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    • I’ve been told Belinda was in fact working very hard blowing the regulation smokescreen on that one. There is a line of thought that says Maddie was snatched for a particular reason by certain people involved with the child porn trade. That whole “line of enquiry” which cuts across a few cases now really seems to bug the hell out of the hoaxers. The whole purpose of these unfeasible, daft childish stories they create is to draw attention from the underlying truth, which probably isn’t pretty or pleasant. The last thing these organised gangs want is for people to start digging in the right places because some minor scrote gets exposed.

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      • Belinda is well known for blowing the regulation smoke screen on most things to do with child abuse. I could give you a list of YouTube video’s and I’ve witnessed it for my self, where she has twisted the truth, added things, failed to mention things, made allegations, she’s not alone in this though. Where were any of these people during real cases such as Rotheram, or Rochdale, no where to be seen.

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        • Exactly FG, exactly…… As you say, she’s not alone. And personally I cannot even think of any small scale local case, let alone any of the high profile cases, where she or any of her cohorts have had the slightest positive influence on bringing a paedophile to justice or even helping to detect them. Quite the opposite in fact.

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        • The hoax promoters and conspiracy theorists don’t cover real cases, just too boring for them, not enough child sacrifices, sodomy, elite pedo rings etc. They prefer to pick cases that will never have a conclusion so they can endlessly speculate and fabricate their own version of events between themselves in an ever increasingly perverse circle jerk of disinformation.

          Pizzagate failed, so it became Pedogate, where they can attach every single case of child abuse, claim credit for any arrests, and the moral high ground to justify their actions and endless reposting of other peoples children, with perverted comments attached. They are morbidly obsessed with child abuse, not helping victims.

          It’s typical of these “people” to show no concern for a child who has been abused so close to their own home, whilst they house a convicted paedophile Belinda showed that she clearly doesn’t care about children being abused, only distancing her paedophile friends involvement.

          So tell me again why the numpties would care to spend years promoting a hoax, yet not care about the real abuse of a child in a playground, right on their own doorstep?
          Answer: There’s no money or glory in helping real victims of child abuse, no Youtube hits, no speculation, no narrative to twist and fantasise over.

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  5. Have a lovely and well deserved holiday EC.

    Faceless? No, just keen not to have the social media pages of our nearest and dearest invaded by an army of unhinged trolls.

    If Peter H is looking for a safe house, maybe he should shack up with Abe and Ella. Don’t you just love the idea of him turning up on their doorstep in false moustache?

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  6. “2 days later he’s still somewhere in UK, neither the police nor anybody knows where he is….”

    So nobody knows where he is yet he has many friends and supporters that would willingly house a convicted paedophile. Disgusting lack of concern for childrens safety and any potential victims.

    “…The latest turn of events in the saga, that Peter has now gone missing would be worrying, but I do know he has many friends and supporters all over the place of whom I’m not aware, so I am not overly concerned for his safety and wellbeing.”

    Belinda McKenzie houses convicted Paedophile’s and is not worried when they go AWOL.
    Typical of all these perverted hoax promoters, covering their own tracks of charity scamming, child abuse and demented opinions.

    The real paedophile protectors just out themselves more and more, you couldn’t make it up. Promote hoaxes to cover their paedophile buddies crimes.

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  7. Another new Angie interview with the creepy twat who in his last interview with her was promising to hunt out various civil servants and maim them:

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    • 24:25 – “I did threaten Jim Moore, because I’m gonna find this son of a bitch and I’m not gonna kill him but I’m gonna maim him…”

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      • Ah yes a “former Vet” as though that somehow infuses greater wisdom or truth upon a person.
        The sad fact is especially in the US so many people join the military as a way of escaping poverty. They are not instantly transformed into greater beings of wisdom or truthfulness.
        They come out of the army much like the same as when they went in except they may pick up some useful skills such as mending a vehicle, shooting a rifle or expertly peeling 1000 potatoes in one sitting.

        The same could be said of Angie. Buying a “PHD” from Warwick’s University (located at Apt. 12B , 1005 Main Street, Mobile, Alabama) is not quite the same as attending Warwick Uni in Coventry and having a JooTube channel does not make one a “journalist” or “child protection expert” or “whistle blower”.

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      • Mangella has clearly fallen for the old binocular/shoe polish prank whilst whilst spying on the dogging community at the bottom of her garden.

        Someone really needs to take her to one side and advise that using a pair of her knickers as a backdrop is not a good look although fair play at least she made the effort to wash the skidmarks off first.

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      • Those dirty knickers again, drying in the living room. She should try some Fabrite as it will get them brilliantly white again.
        Ewww I just made myself feel quite queasy thinking about Angie’s dirty knickers.

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        • This could go a long way to understanding why the Garda have to date failed to do a dawn raid and catch her unawares.

          Given Angie appears to have spent her entire existence airing her dirty washing and laundering everyone elses that never even existed,is it any wonder there is hesitancy on the part of officers to dive in headfirst?

          Health and safety concerns aside,it would require a brave team well versed in covering their own backsides tto emerge unscathed.Perhaps a major breakthrough in Irish robot technology is our only hope.

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    • I love Body Language analysis.
      Never gave it much thought until a long dinner with a well known criminal lawyer who said he “coached” his clients (but only if he believed they were innocent) on how to act in the court.
      He used it to assess his client’s truthfulness first and then to ensure they did the same in a court as it’s such an artificial atmosphere people can become overwhelmed in the witness box.

      It’s always so much easier to tell the truth. There are no pitfalls. But as we have seen over 2 years of examples on here that the numerous hoaxers have tied themselves up in knots as their tales gradually mutate.

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    • I take it by paedophile protectors he is talking about himself and the rest of that ilk? Maybe even Bellender and Sabean McSteal? Noone on Hoaxtead has ever protected a paedophile, quite the opposite, as this case is a hoax to any sane person without shit for brains. The only paedophile protectors are those continuing to abuse the children by showing their images and by overshadowing genuine cases of child abuse by promoting this NONCE-SENSE.

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    • And again, how many here have had THEIR computers confiscated by the police???



      Yet look at the number of these hoaxtards that either had or currently have theirs in police lockup?

      A pattern emerges…….

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      • You have to wonder whether they protest too much, a smokescreen for their own actions.
        Target the innocent to make themselves feel better about their own crimes against children.

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        • YES ! AKFCB…….. and also those in authority that would prosecute them, jail them, or any of us that put the spotlight on their dastardly deeds…… given there really are connected rings of paedophiles who exist within every level of our world…..
          They really do work against those who really want changes in child protection.
          Many policies followed cause harm, do little real good, often avoid prosecution of the abusers and do need challenging.
          Those claiming to champion the cause of CSA victims…….. have been drowning us out, making off our backs for too long……….. too many are suffering as a result and certainly the FMOTL lot pretend that they are robin hoods……. robbin hoodies more like……. tho I have no problem with people earning money by providing decent services etc…….they are justifying their actions because them in power or those they are prejudiced against do the same, according to them, all of ‘them’………. whoever ‘them’ is for these desperados of the net.
          This crappy lappy, crashing midst writing some blinding comments etc…… plus problems caused by Angie, Heather and other Belinda ex lodgers, todgers, codgers and crapola merchants and their gangs….has enforced me to not do much…….bit of a blow, but thanks to everyone who’s keeping watch and unravelling their knotty net……….. I’m still not indispensable, 🙂

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      • “And again, how many here have had THEIR computers confiscated by the police???

        Ah, but you see that’s proof that we’re in on it! The coppers never take our computers because we’re in on it with them. You have to learn to think like a troofer, Steved! 🙂 Turn that paranoia level up to 11.

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    • The good news for the tax payer is that all of Alans “good stuff” has now been transfered on to an old 1.2 mb floppy disk,squeezed alongside the entire database of everything coherant ever uttered by the hoaxmob and a 1.1 mb game invented by some kid called Bill Gates that the plod play when they cant be arsed to arrest child torturers and their cohorts.

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      • That’s a very good question, Sam, and Alanson was last seen heading to St. Mary’s-in-the-Toon to confess all:

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  8. Er…no, Dave. No you didn’t. Now go take one of those nice little pills your doctor gave you. It’s sleepy sleepy time. Bless

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        Honestly,David really has no appreciation of the subtle craft,effort or expense that goes into tippy toeing around his gaff planting state of the art micro bugs hither and thither in his microwave,fire alarm, garden rocks etc.

        After reading this he will no doubt try to uncover the ones chemically embedded inside alternate dog turds within a 100 yard radius of his whereabouts.Note:This will prove tricky as he will have to place samples in the oven for 20 mins on gas mark 6 then roll them out into small pellets with his fingers before mollecular rebonding enables regenerative crystallization to commence.

        No,David should stop his whinning and thank his lucky stars he was fortunate enough to avoid the now bog standard “up periscope” austerity remote viewing package his cohorts will soon be receiving.

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        • There are lots of gadgets on the troofer doofer sites to detect each & everything you could ever think might be spying on you…………….. Penny Pullen showed us her powers at Southwark crown court,…..boy if my nan was still alive 🙂 !!!! for removal of shit, see : Ellas enemas ….. Belindas Bunk rupt er, Sabines saloon, Garishs’ Gashers, Baloney Mills & Pies, Jonstown with free Miles, Ickey with the tricky background amongst the very people that then & now, covered for & colluded with abusers.

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    • Yeah because the powers that be really need behind the scenes footage of Dave. It’s not like he posts videos on Youtube for all to see anyway. Same with the so called Targeted Individuals that post their life story and personal details all over the internet. Not hard to see who is a lying attention seeking clown. Especially when some of them even sell products to cure or curb the targetting. They certainly don’t like you pointing that out and ruining any potential sales amongst their community. Promote the problem, and sell the solution, seems to be the motto.

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        • Well that`s our good deed for the day done then.We have got David off his arse to give his flea pit a thorough tidy and potentially saved his life by educating him into the most basic rudiments of fire alarm maintainance.

          Now dont forget to chant this mantra cross- legged twice a day:

          1) One solid green light: alarm is functioning and power is on; 2) One churp, solid green light and a flashing red light: battery is low; 3) Horn sounds continuously, green light solid, red light flashing: evacuate immediately, and get out of the house.Ohmmmm.

          All donations to:Hoaxtead research beer fund,Wordpress,America.

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          • Plus of course the fact that smoke detectors have a radioactive pellet inside of them, they even have the little radioactive sign on them and a warning not to disassemble them

            Caused quite a kerfuffle with some of the local councils when they all went on an antiradiation hysteria a few years back when it was brought to their attention LOL
            What to do, what to do- they had all been pushing the compulsory fitting of smoke alarms, then when some wag (whistles innocently) went and put it in the local paper that every single home was actually being forced into putting a radioactive device into it by said councils.

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          • Drat.When David gets wind of the “concealed” nuclear pellets he will go into complete paranoic meltdown and reach for his bacofoil cape.Wait…incoming rock data… David has left the building….its not looking good folks….anything could happen in the next half hour….over and out.

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      • “they’re wired to my walls, it’s not like they have batterys or something”
        um , yes, actually they DO have batterys, as well as being supplied from the mains…
        and one is flat….
        (plus I dont know about the legals where he is, but here, sticking tape over the vents is not only a bad idea for safety, but by ‘tampering with a safety device’ he would cop a fine and likely have his lease terminated on the spot if he is renting- building owners hate that as if a fire started and the smoke detectors have been tampered with, it may invalidate their insurance!

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    • Shurter’s creepy mates:

      Still, you’ve gotta feel sorry for Katrina – she’s the victim of a Government/Satanist/Lizard People conspiracy to stop her buying an RV. Yup…

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      • Dear God.
        Can you imagine the poor bored operatives who would have to sit and watch the ‘live feeds’ of these Nutcases if their claims were true.
        They would go home at night and stick pins in their eyes and then telephone the George Soros Security Compound for Monitoring Known Pedo Obsessives and call in sick.

        And people wonder why I never wanted rise above Head Tea & Biscuit Lady here at GCHQ.

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          • Fortunately she’s in Brisbane, over 4000kms away.
            The USS Ronald Reagan is in town. Perhaps she can entertain the sailors.

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          • She thinks Whoopie Goldberg & Charlie Sheen are “big time sickos”. What a weird life they must live, oozing hate constantly.

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          • She’s also another who is absolutely obsessed with pedophiles and thinks they run the world and get away with it while constantly posting news stories were they , errr , haven’t got away with it.
            And like so many if these nutters, if you read closely she’s had her children removed.
            Thank God for social services. Imagine a mother like that?

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          • He’s safe, he’s on the other side of the continent from her….
            I’m on the same side of Oz as her (luckily quite a distance away lol)
            (looks nervously over shoulder just the same)

            (unsurprisingly she’s a 9/11 troofer as well, what is it, once they step through the looking glass, all critical thinking seems to go out the window, then its open slather on any conspiracy…)


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        • “Can you imagine the poor bored operatives who would have to sit and watch the ‘live feeds’ of these nutcases…?”

          I try not to, Sam. In this video, for instance, Shurter says they filmed him “jacking off” to pictures of arses:

          @ 0:50 – “In one of our conversations, out of the blue, the dude told me that I was an ‘arse man’. And er…that’s true, you know, it’s true. But how would he know that, you know, unless he was watching me in my private time? And…er…erm…I’m…I’m sorry but I figure that every adult has jacked off at least one in their life.”

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          • Hey, I’ll have you know that that footage of Shurter has proved invaluable. ‘Catchphrase’ paid us a fortune for the broadcasting rights.

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          • I don’t think the person was hinting as Dave’s sexual preferences. Reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield Joke.

            “I often wonder whether I’m a breast man or an ass man. I must be an ass man because people always say “hey Rodney, you’re an ass, man!” – Rodney Dangerfield

            And another one that reminds me of Sharty Pants.

            “I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. he told me to wear a brown tie.” – Rodney Dangerfield

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      • The demented lies of these people are pathetic. All one of them has to do is make some bull up about cameras in a smoke alarm and they all believe it as proof. Bunch of cry babies making themselves out to be victims for their own failings and stupidity. Can’t access an advert, must be a conspiracy against them, because they’re so important, not some more plausable reason.
        Timewasting pedo protectors the lot of them. Sharty pants and his buddies would have whole departments investigation memories from perverted dreams they have, whilst taking resources away from investigation actual child abuse cases so their pedo friends get away with their crimes.
        Shurter’s another one with convicted pedophile friends.

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    Sam the Blogger v Guidance 2222, Part 2
    The latest slice of in-fight entertainment from over the Hoaxtead fence…

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      • You know how it is when “reporting” important world news from your Granny’s basement, She either has super hearing or a sixth sense that tells her you are “getting up to something” and bangs on the door.
        It’s not a good look when producing a video for JooTube that possibly may change the course of civilization as we know it, if Nana bursts into the room.

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        • I wasnt picturing it as his granny, more like his mum…

          Big Bang Theory Mrs. Wolowitz style LOL!!!

          Howard, I made cookies for you and your little friends!
          Howard: That’s great, Mom, thanks!
          Mrs. Wolwitz: I’ll bring them up with some Hawaiian Punch!
          Howard: DON’T COME UP HERE!

          with guidance playing the part of howard lol

          (if you havent heard her before- @1.25 min in)

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    • Good grief, I briefly surfed through archeologiamisterica despite it’s warning:
      “The following article deals with cruel topics and is not suitable for too sensitive people.”
      Clearly the poor thing graduated with Honours from the How to Knit & Red Dot Join a Conspiracy before boring myself witless.
      Honestly some of these people see every single world event and even the failure of the local bin-man to collect their garbage as a series of connected conspiracies.
      Life must be hell for them.

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      • Well I’m glad to see that they DEFINITELY checked the story out FULLY, confirming ALL the FACTS about the case before posting about Hampstead…..

        Oh wait, lets look at the very first sentence….

        “At the end of 2014, these two British brothers reported”

        Nuff said….
        (and it goes downhill from there….)


    • No David

      You arent a freakin moron…

      Thats an insult to freakin morons worldwide!!!
      (You aspire to one day BE a freakin moron, but you will have to work hard at it to rise that far above your current status….)

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