The secret lives of Hoaxtead mobsters

One thing we can say about watching the Hoaxtead mobsters for as long as we have: they never fail to provide their own twisted brand of entertainment.

We’ve pointed out in the past that Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill, who claim to have devoted their lives to fighting against child abuse, seem to have no trouble whatsoever consorting with convicted child abusers. Most recently, of course, Belinda actually invited convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer to stay at her house before he was extradited to Austria.

Both Belinda and Sabine have staunchly defended convicted paedophile Brian Pead; they insisted that the Musa parents, who brutally assaulted their children in the belief that they were exorcising evil spirits, were loving, caring parents who had been wrongly convicted. And this, even though they were found to have beaten and tortured their six children using brooms, electrical cords, and hoovers, and to have given their one-year-old baby a morphine overdose.

Belinda and the ‘Luciferians’

Then there’s Belinda’s alleged fondness for “Luciferians”.

No, we’re not kidding: she’s said it herself: Hang on, could you run that tape again?

Did Belinda really just say, “I have friends who are Luciferians and recognise it could be a way of liberating humanity”?

Are we talking about the same Belinda who wrote this in response to one of Ella Draper’s video interviews a few months ago:

Well done SGT & Ella. As the latest of UK whistle-blowers regarding this case facing prison, having been arrested Thursday 16 March, my computers & phones seized and being due back at the police station 8am probably followed by court 10am Friday 24 March, could I politely ask the rest of the UK & world public please to wake the f. up?! These types are out permanently to control our politics, media and world, kill a big chunk of us off, impose on us their Orwellian New World order and raise their child-murdering, barbaric god lucifer (aka baal, moloch, satan, baphomet etc.) to top god on the planet; are we normal, child-loving, relatively civilised 21st C human beings happy with that? ALL WE NEED IS NUMBERS TO A) OPEN YOUR MINDS B) DEMAND THE RELEASE OF AXXXX & GXXXXXX. That’s all. No violence. No (further) bloodshed. No rioting or societal disturbance necessary. These satanic perpetrators to be identified by their secret society culture and removed from public life everywhere pronto; a few of the worst perps to be sent down, as I’m about to be for complaining loudly against the judge in the case and the police for failing to investigate the childrens’ allegations. Belinda McKenzie Hampstead-Highgate N. London UK

Indeed we are, though she qualified her “some of my best friends are Luciferians” statement by saying she wasn’t all that keen on the whole child-eating thing. You know, goes against her moral standards, eh what?

(Yes, we know that Luciferians don’t really eat children, or abuse them in any way. But Belinda claims to believe that they do, which makes her statement that she’s friends with Luciferians all the more startling.)

The child abuse ‘activist’ and the t-square

Blatant hypocrisy seems to run amongst all the Hoaxtead mobsters, though, not just Sabine and Belinda.

For instance, take Angela Power-Disney (please): another self-professed “child abuse activist” who has admitted to regularly beating her children with a wooden t-square. As we pointed out some time ago,

We were shocked on a number of levels: first, that someone who styles herself an opponent of child abuse would lay hands on any child, let alone use a weapon to inflict maximum pain.

Second, Angie professes (long and loud, to anyone who’ll listen) that she is a Christian. Yet she seems blissfully unaware that Jesus Christ promoted kindness and humanity, not attacking children. The phrase ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ that Angie tosses around with such gay abandon actually comes from the Book of Proverbs, a portion of the Old Testament that Biblical scholars agree reflects not the ‘word of God’ but simply a collection of the values and moral behaviour current at the time of writing.

Short version: God never said anything about beating children with t-squares.

And third, Angie claims to have been abused as a child. As someone who allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of the adults who were supposed to care for her, how can she possibly justify beating her own children, especially using a weapon?

Mad Moo as Witchy-Poo?

We’re quite certain that anyone who’s listened to Deborah Mad Moo’s interminable rants punctuated by eardrum-piercing crescendos of frothing rage will be surprised to discover that on her off days, she likes to dress up as a witch and consort with other dodgy-looking types in what could conceivably be an underground lair. Who knows what mischief they get up to down there? And of course, the big question: does this make them lawfully suspect?

We’re thinking it might.

Cult leader Deborah initiates a new member with green paint, symbolic of rebirth into the cult

“Come to me, Satan!”

After the initiation, the cult members perform a frenzied dance in their dank, cobweb-filled underground hideout.

All we can say is that we hope Angela doesn’t get wind of Deborah’s demonic debauchery. And if she does, let’s hope she can’t lay hands on the t-square.

33 thoughts on “The secret lives of Hoaxtead mobsters

  1. Nice exposé, EC.

    And lest we forget Kristie Sue’s little forays into the world of witchcraft too. Wish I’d hung on to those screenshots now, lol.

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    • By the way, a comment I made on that post at the time might apply to today’s post too:

      “By the way, other witchy, occulty, unbiblical pursuits include water dowsing, crystal planting, shamanism, Wicca, casting spells, spirit-channeling and the teachings of the Glactic Federation of Light. Not that any of these God-fearing witch-hunting Satanist-bothering Hamphoaxers would ever indulge in any of that nonsense, of course.”

      And perhaps we can add to that list Neelu’s newfound interest in ‘Kryon channelling’ too?

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      • Neelu would be well advised to utilize her currently finite heartbeats towards more tangible Earth based activities.

        Paying bills with actual real time currency is an interesting practice many find to be a wonderful remedy for avoiding annoyances like homelessness and having ones mode of transport flogged off at auction.

        If she is insistent on planning to live forever perhaps her monthly repayments can be reduced a bit although mortgage companies and their ilk have been known to be a bit fussy about that sort of thing.Probably better off simply going on Dragons den with a magic money tree in all honesty.

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      • I think you are being a tad unfair on Neelu because what a lot of people don’t know is that she is not from this planet but from a galaxy far, far away.
        On the Planet Foglotov in the Grasagowa Galaxy (where Neelu is actually a High Priestess) a trillion dollars is equivalent to our ten pence hence the permanent state of confusion she is in.
        Below is a paparazzi snap of Neelu’s transport in which she is hoping to return to her home once the bailiffs have visited.

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        • You will note that the chap on the right in that snap is famed aviator Maurice Kirk who is planning to pilot Neelu home through the Milky Way.
          What could possibly go wrong?

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          • You would have thought the archangels of the four quarters were there to clamp down on just these kind of interstellar shenanigans and mishaps.Seems they are too busy putting sparkly bits on the fridges of terminally deluded space cadets these days than to actually pull their tentacles out and put in a proper shift.

            Its really just not good enough.Office cat could do a better job.

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  2. “Indeed we are, though she qualified her “some of my best friends are Luciferians” statement by saying she wasn’t all that keen on the whole child-eating thing. You know, goes against her moral standards, eh what?

    (Yes, we know that Luciferians don’t really eat children, or abuse them in any way. But Belinda claims to believe that they do, which makes her statement that she’s friends with Luciferians all the more startling.)@

    It brings to my mind the often quoted “Some of my best friends are (insert minority group here) BUT (insert blatantly bigoted statement here)” usually used to try and deflect criticism of the bigoted statement by claiming that they CANT be bigots, ‘see I even have friends in that group’
    A dishonest tactic in order to try and prevent criticism of their bigotry.
    (note evidence of these ‘friends’ is often asked for, but never actually given of course- but then most of us gave up having imaginary friends well before our teens)

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    • “It brings to my mind the often quoted “Some of my best friends are (insert minority group here) BUT (insert blatantly bigoted statement here)” usually used to try and deflect criticism of the bigoted statement by claiming that they CANT be bigots, ‘see I even have friends in that group’”

      Yes indeed. This is like saying “I can’t be a misogynist….I’m married to a woman.” 🙂

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  3. Stonkin’ post, EC.

    Hilariously, Paedogilvy claims to be a Christian too. In between slandering innocent people, abusing his own daughter, screaming that all women are slags, cunts and whores, shouting bestiality accusations at people in the street, telling women who disagree with him to kill themselves and threatening to murder Maggie Shaw by burning her alive, that is. Jesus must be so proud of him.

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    • Actually, last time I talked to Jesus he said, “Malkie is a wanker of the first order. I’ve booked him a space in our sauna section”.


      • Another Paedogilvy death threat for the police evidence collection:

        That’s three so far. The twat’s getting desperate, lol. God, his daughter must be so embarrassed to be related to this freak!


    • The Paedogilvy Collection

      Actually, not a complete collection, as the childish misogynistic twat puts up about 20 posts a day screeching about how everyone is either Matt Quinn or Maggs Shaw O’Neill yadda yadda yadda and calling various women he doesn’t like “cunts”, “slags” and “whores”. The following are just some samples of his death threats/wishes. Such a great role model to his daughter, isn’t he. I can’t imagine why she wants nothing to do with him, lol…

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  4. They are all so disgusting. That Ellis twat has some nerve. I wonder how well the little Gerbil Hoaxer would have held up had she been trolled mercilessly after the rope incident everyone here gave wide berth to? Not well I trust. And now she’s off again phucing up more children’s lives. Krusted Ass Sue associates with KNOWN armed child kidnappers, abusers, committed psychos and probable murders of vulnerable adults. Bet ya didn’t know that you vile hag! She has probably made false claims regarding molestation of her own children and got caught, hence, the hatred of CPS, ect. just like her bogus “sources”. Like them, she probably ended up in the psych ward screaming that the hospital staff was “throwing caustic liquids” on them as they are tweaked out on liquid meth in a ploy to escape Federal Kidnapping Charges…FACT. She will be telling the Court she “had no idea” and just posted libel per se for the hell of it…After what she did to Mr. Dearman’s Mother, she should be pilloried, the rotten little flea. She will face justice for her B.S.

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    • Who are you talking about, because the little gerbil hoaxer could be Neelu or Tracey Morris?

      Then the false claims to CPS about her own children could be Angela, who fits the bill for the allegations against Mr. Dearman’s mother and is it also his grandmother??

      Quite interchangeable many of them.


  5. Belinda is full of surprises. First she houses a convicted sex offender and now admits she has friends who are Luciferians and says she recognises ‘it could be a way of liberating humanity’. What? Excuse me while I shriek like Deidre! I have NEVER knowingly met a Luciferian and had therefore assumed there aren’t that many about, yet Belinda knows more than one! WTF is going on?

    Then there’s Abe hitting kids with spoons…..

    And Araya who drinks blood and urine.

    Angie has oft said things like ‘the other side’ invert everything and accuse their enemies of doing what they’re doing. Seems to me that the child-battering, blood drinking, paedo protectors are doing this to people on this blog.

    I’m glad we know who we’re dealing with.

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  6. I’m deep, deep down the Dean Corll victm’s rabbit hole now. People don’t want to talk about it, understandably. But…
    My intuition was correct – in response to criticism about Houston P.D. failing to investigate the early disappearances ( of the first victims) the Chief of Police himself publicly blames the victims and their families, calling them runaways whose parent didn’t properly look after or care for them. Outrageous!
    The Houston crime lab was involved in the claim that victims had been identified in Roy Ames porn materials, but try googling “Houston crime lab investigation” – the feds had to close down Houston PD crime lab because they were so hopelessly incompetent & corrupt, a situation that had been going on since the 1970’s…the crime lab chronically produced “forensic evidence” that supported police investigator’s theories about any given case, including murders! No doubt they would have “found” Corll victims in Ames’ porn, to support the Department’s false claims about the victim’s “high-risk” lifestyle.

    Ames produced 30-40 different porn mag titles, apparently, shipped all over the world by his mail-order service. Naked or sexual pictures of Corll victims could have appeared in any of those titles, if they really were one-third of his ‘models’. All of those would have been digitized circa 1995-97 by collectors, in Amsterdam if nowhere else, and mass distributed over the internet. But, between 1995 and today, no pervert has ever publicly bragged that he possessed pornographic images of Corll victims in his collection?
    I’d say that goes way beyond improbable.

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    • This is what I’m thinking. There has been a particular community of pederastic perverts occupying their own little corner of the ‘net pretty much from day one. It’s inconceivable that those pervs would have failed to pick out at least SOME of the alleged 11 victim-porn models from their hoards of historic porn, and crowed about what they had on their own forums. Imagine the frenzied excitement on the xxxchat threads, if they had discovered nude pictures of J. Dreymala in their collections! I was a “pretty boy” teen myself – small and slim and annoyingly androgynous (“is this your little sister?” grrrr!) but highly prized by pedo perverts.

      The fact that there are no records of such discussions amongst that group, can only mean that such images do not exist. And if they don’t exist now, that means they never existed – because you can be certain any CSA image that was ever “in circulation” is still being circulated today.

      I may have to be satisfied with that. I’ll just piss off some people I want to stay friendly with if I go deeper.
      So I’ll let it go now.

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  7. “#Oklahoma next ??”

    Actually, #Angela, no – I have it on #good authority that #the Illuminati-CIA-MI5 triumvirate #are now focusing their attention #on Oldcastle. So brace #yourself, luv…

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