Belinda McKenzie & Andy Peacher work to free their favourite paedophile

You have to hand it to Andy Peacher: he is nothing if not doggedly determined. Whatever one might say about his intellectual gifts or his grasp on reality, he isn’t a quitter—take, for example, his unshakeable loyalty to convicted, and now extradited, paedophile Peter Hofschröer.

Readers might recall that Mr Hofschröer, who was convicted at Teesside Crown Court in 2016 of possession of tens of thousands of child sexual abuse images, was extradited to his native Austria in July 2017, having gone AWOL from Belinda McKenzie’s Highgate home earlier that month. Both Belinda and Andy posted this on Facebook, but hastily back-tracked when this blog pointed out that a small child had been sexually assaulted in a playground a couple of hundred yards from where Mr Hofschröer had made his getaway.

More recently, Andy has been campaigning to raise funds on Mr Hofschröer’s behalf, apparently so that he can afford legal representation in Austria, in order to challenge his current incarceration in a psychiatric hospital.

Andy is now using the fundraising site “Leetchi”, as apparently his GoFundMe page was removed for reasons unknown to us. Peter Hofschroer Grandma B 2018-04-09 3

Lest you think, “Gosh, that looks like an elderly woman, not a portly middle-aged Austrian paedophile”, don’t worry, you’re not going blind.

Those who support Mr Hofschröer find it more palatable to do so if they can convince themselves that they are, instead, supporting his elderly mother, Barbara. To cement this cynical marketing ploy in the minds of would-be donors, supporters of the Austrian paedophile refer to this lady as “Grandma B”.

“Grandma”…such a homey, wholesome, sympathy-inducing word. Not at all like “notorious paedophile with enormous collection of child sex abuse images”.

To carry on the fiction that all monies will go toward “stopping the abuse of Grandma B” (and DEFINITELY not toward unleashing an unrepentant paedophile upon the community) Andy has posted this carefully worded screed*:Peter Hofschroer fundraising Leetchi 2018-04-09

Peter Hofschroer text 2018-04-09 1Peter Hofschroer text 2018-04-09 2*Unlikely to have been written by Andy; this sounds to us very much like a Belinda production.


Note the complete absence of any inconvenient words like “paedophile”, “danger to children”, or “child sexual abuse images”.

Granted, they do mention that Mr Hofschröer was “fitted up with ludicrous and ever-changing accusations of possessing child pornography, the details of which accusations have never been forthcoming”.

In point of fact, those details have indeed been forthcoming in court. Let us refresh Andy and Belinda’s memory with this excerpt from the York Press, which reported on Mr Hofschröer’s trial:

A historian accused of downloading tens of thousands of sexual images of children has claimed he is a man of integrity.

Peter Anthony Hofschroer, 60, who specialises in the Napoleonic Wars, denied that he had used a Prussian regiment name for an account on a website of indecent images, carried out internet searches for illegal images or downloaded a story about children having sex with each other.

He claimed he was the victim of a conspiracy between a fellow military historian who won defamatory damages in a court case against him, the judge in that case and a Duke; and that he had evidence of senior people linked to North Yorkshire Police engaging in al fresco sex with Jimmy Savile on the North York Moors. …

Hofschroer, of no fixed address and formerly of Rosedale Avenue, Acomb, denies 16 charges of downloading sexual images of children.

The charges relate to more than 36,000 pictures and videos found on computers in his former office in Acomb, on his laptop and in a computer tower found in a car he rented.  The trial continues.

In evidence, he denied causing a family rift when he moved to York in 2008. 

The jury have heard technical evidence that the images were downloaded from 1997 to 2014 and that when he was arrested, he accused the interviewing officers of being sex offenders. …

In cross-examination, Mr Hampton alleged that whenever anyone challenged Hofschroer he got very angry with them. 

“When anyone spends years persecuting me, I lose my temper,” he replied.

The barrister said: “You make people’s lives hell.”

“Oh, really, what have these people done to my mother and I – nine years of persecution,” he replied. 

“To distract from what you are really up to,” said Mr Hampton. 

Hofschroer laughed: “What I am really up to?”

Mr Hampton said: “Looking at images of little boys.”

Earlier, he had denied that when he was arrested at York Magistrates Court, he tried to stop police taking a laptop he had with him, knowing it had more than 20,000 indecent images of children on it.

“I would have been insane walking into that situation anticipating being arrested with incriminating evidence on my laptop”, he claimed, adding the laptop contained evidence of police corruption he didn’t want officers to see. 

He had been about to prosecute three of his relatives and claims the images were planted on the computer later. …

He claimed at Teesside Crown Court that he had been living in Austria with his mother in December 2012 when police seized computers from the Acomb house where he and his parent had been living until late 2009. The jury have heard that computer experts found nearly 7,000 illegal sexual images of children on them.

“I am not sure the computers the police seized were actually mine,” he claimed. 

He alleged his brother Robert falsely told police that the computer towers he had left at the house had been stolen in a 2011 burglary, and that family members had taken his possessions from the house without his permission. 

In July 2011, he had arranged for bailiffs to make an inventory of items in the house. 

“And suddenly there were the two computers there, that had been reported stolen. They had dramatically reappeared with indecent images on them. What a surprise,” he alleged. 

He alleged that through work in the computer games industry, he was aware of ways images could be put on to computer equipment. 

Robert Hofschroer had earlier alleged to the jury the towers had not been stolen in the burglary and denied putting images on them. Both he and North Yorkshire Police deny all Hofschroer’s allegations against them. 

Perhaps we’re overly cynical, but it does not seem to us as though these allegations were shadowy or vague.

On the other hand, those who are currently trying to have Mr Hofschröer freed seem to specialise in deception, distraction, and dissimulation in their efforts to win public sympathy and cash.

After all, it wouldn’t do for people like Belinda and Andy, who claim to hate paedophiles with every fibre of their being, to be seen openly attempting to loose one on the world…would it?

Peter Hofschroer paedophile

Peter Hofschröer in his younger days, combining his two favourite interests

36 thoughts on “Belinda McKenzie & Andy Peacher work to free their favourite paedophile

  1. I am surprised they didn’t manage to squeeze some fluffy puppies into their story, they’re always good for raising funds.

    I don’t understand how people fall for the crap they come up with. I can only think they prefer it to the truth.

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    • I feel very sorry for his relatives. If you read he story in the York Press you find that he sued his brother and made false allegations that caused his nephew to loose his job. Fat, ugly and manipulative with no qualms about abusing his own family, he is what Becki Percy’s soul must look like.

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    • So she’s supporting the unhinged anitsemite Tom Cahill now? Another freak for her collection, then. Hey ho. How long before the inevitable Skype interview, I wonder?

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  2. I’m pretty sure that if Jack The Ripper had been caught bang to rights slicing open yet another hapless prostitute in the East End and the IPhone had been in existence in 1888 and several Cockneys had filmed this event from their windows, The Mob © would accept his claim that he had evidence of the existence of a vast pedophile ring in the area involving local magistrates, coppers and Royal Family members and he was being persecuted because he was about to expose them.

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    • The inverse of Occam’s razor seems to apply to hoaxes. The more complex and unlikely the story, the more the troofers lap it up. They try to make any bit of evidence and twist it into something completely different.

      As far as Jack the Ripper goes, the conspiracy theories, complete with antisemitism, have been going for years:

      The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing (whatever that means).

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  3. A fascinating little video on Princess neelu’s FB page where she has compiled some of the visits by bailiffs and police to her house removing her cars, eviction etc.
    All for not paying a few parking fines or rent. Why do not sane people explain to her how the money system works if she wants to participate in it?
    She reckons the “paper work is with Theresa May and powerful people” as though that will stop the inevitable. Apparently she doesn’t even know how the separation of powers works. How can someone spend their entire life making it ten times more difficult for themselves than necessary?

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    • I was just gonna post about that, funnily enough.



      She’s also been pushing her luck with some posts accusing the Barnet CAIT team of all being involved in buying/selling child porn:




      By the way, the officer in question has nothing to do with either CAIT or Barnet, neither of which are even mentioned in the article. And before she starts, there’s no mention of chemtrails, treason or Lord Ashtar’s mother ship either.

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      • And even then he/she is looking wistfully out the window thinking “how the fuck can I get away from my Mad Mistress- someone please help?”

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        • Dear Ruby,

          I regret to inform you that your application to join our team at Hoaxtead Research has been declined. There were many applicants for the position of Office Dog, and as you can imagine, the competition was fierce. While we appreciate your eagerness to leave your current position, the successful applicant comes to us with many years of experience in the sleuthing biz, and we feel will be a better fit overall.

          Thank you for your interest, and best wishes in your future endeavours,

          Kind regards,

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    • Angela Power–Disney : You and Naima Dawn Feagin AKA Naima Morris (along with her partner Tivon Rivers) of the debunked “Quantum Energy Generator QEG” hoax are still a pair of cheap con-artists who try to part naive people from their savings. Get off your high horse.

      Note: Feagin who runs the website HopeGirl Blog where she sells New Age junk does not offer her to sell her phony QEG “perpetual motion” machine or even the plans. What she offers is “hourly consultations” at $US300 per session (needless to say you cannot book one session but must book at least 6) to explain how her scam machine works.
      You have to sign an agreement that says that if (inevitably) the phony “QEG” machine does not work it’s because you attempted to build one without a scientific engineer on hand (and who can afford that?)
      # Feagin is being investigated by the FBI for Mail & Wire Fraud, the way they eventually catch these con artists who use USA mail services or the internet to con hapless American victims.

      # Angela Power-Disney is just an amateurish common garden variety grifter trying to con folks for some fag & beer money. She has two on-going permanent acolytes who cough up the occasional 20 quid from their social security benefit: Jake Clarke & Arthur Kaoutal. The fact both have ongoing mental health problems is co-incidental.

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    • Ah a fluffy puppy.

      Today’s article is about a paedophile and his protectors, something you would think Angie would blog about.

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    • That’s the big question. They wont even reply to “kind” comments from me on youtube anymore. Probably waiting for the next SRA bandwagon.

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    • She has a real problem with dissent, doesn’t she? Apparently anyone who points out that her Magical Mystical Plug-in Energy Machine not only doesn’t work but violates the laws of physics is a “troll” in her estimation.

      Time to call the waah-mbulance, methinks.

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      • …And without so much as a hint of irony, she rants about “slander” and “disinformation” in the same breath as announcing that we’re a “satanic trolling operation” that’s been attacking her for five years (two years longer than we’ve existed).

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    • I agree: please do a tiny bit of research and you will easily discover the “perpetual motion free energy” machine Naima Dawn Feagin is promoting is a nasty hoax and a con. It’s one of the oldest scams going and has been exposed time and time again, decade after decade. These con artists have co-opted the name of Nicola Tesla in an attempt to give it legitimacy and it’s not this website attacking these grifters, the QEG scam was exposed decades ago. HopeGirl is just the latest in a long line of grifters trying to use it to scam money out of people.

      The last port of call for these con artists is to discover Christianity and hide behind it. Sickening.

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        Anatomy of a free energy scam [updated]

        Who’s who

        Let’s assess the major players here:

        Naima Feagin, aka Hope Girl, runs an organization with the completely understated title “Fix The World.” According to her LinkedIn profile, this organization came about after exposing a massive conspiracy:

        In 2012 Naima conducted a research project under the pen name “HopeGirl” that exposed hidden levels of global financial issues and their effects on society. This research resulted in a book of solutions written by 300 people from 37 countries titled “How to Fix the World” which quickly went viral on the [sic] blog

        Sure enough, Hope Girl’s first blog post blames “the Cabal,” a nefarious group who control all major corporations and the government. Obviously their secret goal is to start World War 3 to establish a global currency system, which they’ve already begun by causing banking scandals. What the Cabal doesn’t want us to know is that free energy is real, crop circles mean we’ve encountered aliens, etc. etc. She even cites a discredited Iranian scientist who has his own personal model of the sub-atomic universe. Yikes.

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        • “She goes on to claim that in six months (from August 2012) we’ll all see that this is true because a resistance movement will have changed everything:

          “There will be enough food and water for everyone…”
          “Many people will not have to get sick, suffer and die…”
          “There will be free energy for everyone.”
          “New technology will dramatically change the way we live and do commerce, making interstellar travel possible for everyone.”

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