Kristie Sue Costa: Hoist with her own petard

You might recall that a few weeks ago we asked Kristie Sue Costa the Awkward Question: you know, the one about why the children claimed that everyone in the cult (except themselves, conveniently enough) had devil and/or monster tattoos…but somehow Ella had managed to live and have a total of three children with two of the alleged “bosses” of the cult, without noticing their tattooed genitalia.

It was a simple question, we thought, but for some reason it seemed to make Kristie Sue profoundly uncomfortable:

…and so it went, with EC/Snake asking the Awkward Question, and Kristie Sue ducking, dodging, and trying to evade the inevitable: Ella never noticed the tattoos because they didn’t exist. Because the cult didn’t exist, never has done, and the whole thing was a poorly constructed hoax designed by two drug-addled nitwits in a boneheaded attempt to wreak vengeance on Ella’s ex-husband as well as anyone in the neighbourhood who had ever looked at either of them sideways.

We should have known that it would take Kristie Sue a few weeks, but eventually she’d come up with her own attempt at an Awkward Question:

The forced retractions of the two Hampstead children differ in their answers, much unlike their initial testimonies and police interviews. Whenever we’ve asked our opposition, the trolls at Hoaxtead Research, we’ve never received an answer, why can’t they answer this one, very simple question? Who told the truth about Dearman’s relationship with one of the teachers? One child says the father didn’t know him, the other says he did. Which is it Dearman?

And just to show how helpful she could be, Kristie Sue included this handy extract from the children’s interviews.

A few problems

There are a few problems with Kristie Sue’s version of the Awkward Question:

  1. Contrary to her assertion, this is the first time she’s asked us, so we haven’t been evading the question.
  2. She makes the erroneous assumption that we are all RD…and that we would therefore know which child was correct. We aren’t, and we don’t, though we have our suspicions.
  3. In raising this question, she once again shoots the hoax squarely in the foot.

Like her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters, Kristie Sue has constantly maintained that everything Abe forced the children to say was 100% pure-D true: her evidence for this is that the children’s stories were utterly consistent. Despite the police having pointed out that there were multiple inconsistencies, this has always been the Hoaxtead mantra.

The biggest problem with Kristie Sue’s clumsy, disingenuous attempt at an Awkward Question is this: it demonstrates that despite a full month of brutal beatings, sleep deprivation, and threats that he would bury the children in the desert and leave them there if they didn’t go along with his lies, Christie was not able to fully enforce absolute consistency between the two children’s versions of the story.

The retractions took place after the children had been removed from Ella’s custody. They were feeling more relaxed, knowing that they wouldn’t have to face either Abe or Ella when they left the ABE interviews with the police. Both children had already expressed the wish that they not be returned to Ella so long as Abe was still in the picture.

The fact that the children gave different answers to the same question means nothing more nor less than this: they were not reporting on anything they had personally experienced. And by the time they had decided to retract their earlier allegations, one of the children felt brave enough to tell the truth.

Their differing stories don’t bolster the hoax; they blast it to smithereens.

And if Kristie Sue weren’t quite so thick-headed, she might grasp that in asking this question she has outsmarted herself. She is, as the Bard would say, hoist with her own petard, and it looks good on her.


133 thoughts on “Kristie Sue Costa: Hoist with her own petard

  1. Oh haven’t you heard, EC? Abe has now thought up some answers to your question. Ella’s husband (she has now decided) was in fact, not in the Cult (as she had previously stated) and RD didn’t get his tattoo until he went to LA.

    If you’ve anymore questions for them, that would be great, as they like to keep changing the narrative of their hoax as they go along, especially when difficult questions are asked. 😀

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  2. Amidst this mind-numbing ego-massaging phone-in whinge-fest is an intriguing comment at 9:21: “And we’re gonna have a really exciting interview with Ella, where she’s gonna talk about something she hasn’t anywhere else.”

    Fingers crossed she’s gonna tell us where she and Abe are hiding. LOL

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  3. Meanwhile, things are really hotting up underneath the Kristie Sue post in question. Let’s go over live for the latest action…

    Well, thank God they cleared that up for us! Stay tuned for more more paint-drying news as it comes in, folks…

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  4. Sums up the madness of these dills. Using children’s flawed and contradictory claims to confirm something when it clearly shows neither of them are telling fact rather repeating a script which is difficult to remember.

    What do they & Ella think they are achieving by giving interviews to crackpot conspiraloons on YouTube?
    And does it ever enter the heads of the likes of Costa that she is repeatedly abusing these children by publishing their images and names? No matter what someone believes to keep doing this is a shocking invasion of their privacy.
    The judge was quite correct to put it on record: the releasing of the children’s interviews was bound to attract 1000s of pedophiles.

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  5. Shurter’s spitting venom about us again – and slandering us and attributing made up quotes to as, as always:

    Oh and look who’s back – that creepy sycophantic troll who thinks the Sun shines out of Angie’s arse, lol:

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      • I cannot imagine why anyone would go out of their way to wish Angie any harm at all.After all she has devoted her lifes work to doing just that all on her very own.Just a pity she seems hell bent on screwing around with other peoples lives on her epic downhill run.

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    • Sooo, Dave STILL hasn’t stumped up a single scrap of evidence to support his allegations about all of us being “Devil-loving child-killers”, “UK government agents” and “paedophile-protectors”, then. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked him for it. I reckon he’s been taking some lessons on question-dodging from Kristie Sue Costa. LOL

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    • The hair jibes were clearly, categorically and unambiguously aimed at Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy but once again Dave’s paranoia/megalomania/compulsive lying/desperate need for attention (delete as applicable) has led him to claim it’s all about him.

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    • Probably the most offense BS to flow from Dipstick Shyster’s mouth, are his lies about the Jacob Wetterling case. Truly demonstrates that this sick f*ck is a psychopath incapable of empathizing with anyone’s suffering, including child victims and their families.

      For years before the man who abducted & murdered Jacob finally confessed, and the poor boy’s remains WERE RECOVERED, DS the POS was spreading his false claims about the case. And even now, when there couldn’t possibly be more definitive proof about what really happened, he STILL persists in sh*tting the same bull from his vile mouth. He is unredeemable scum.

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      • That is despicable. Shurter is a manipulator who will use the death of any poor kid to spread his bullshit and get publicity. He got totally exposed with his cruel lies about the Jacob kid but he is still doing it to many other dead people. He says his sisters partner murdered a kid and his dad murdered kids but if you listen to his explanations there is nothing that makes sense. And of course he was personally instructed in the dark arts by Michael Aquino! such a bullshitter.

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  6. Excellent coverage and comments fellow “agents”! Nathan Stupidman is a real dolt! That shithead harassing Ms. Racoon can go to hell. A candle is lit for her here also. Rocky Sharter is not getting anymore quarter from this quarter either! No Mas. Abrella is lying like a rug to get around tat ?’s, lol.

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      • Most genuine survivors are sick of the hoaxers, avoid n ignore… With good reason. Any who dare to question or reveal, expose the lies being spread, will be targetted, as have I. I’m not alone. In this case the hampstead children were subjected to horrendous terror… The two at the centre, but a whole school too, their parents, teachers and anyone the hoaxers could smear…… None of us that have fought to bring the issue of CSA into the open, would want to be involved in this kind of vicious mocked up, campaign.
        Those working with funding of any kind or a need to privacy, confidentiality, boundaries…. cannot afford to comment….many tho, have indicated, privately tjat they applaud us, exposing this and urged me to continue.


  7. So Mr Draper is not in the cult and therefore did not engineer for RD to meet Ella, and Ella’s other son was not introduced to the cult by Mr Draper.

    Mr Dearman was in the cult but didn’t get his tattoo until after he and Ella split. Alternatively, he was not in the cult until after he and Ella split and was introduced by a teacher. Meaning his family were not in the cult and he was not using the children for cult purposes when they were babies. This version also means believers must accept that Dearman joined a long established cult taking in many schools and businesses and somehow became leader within a few short years. Even though the purpose of the cult is State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control being pushed on the education system. In what way would RD be qualified to lead such an institution?
    And they must believe that in January 2014 Ella so happened to get a new apartment in a street filled with cult members.

    I wonder if Kris Costa views this inconsistency as a sign of lying.

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  8. Another whinge-fest from the Rock Whisperer:

    He’s whining about us lying but as always he is lying himself (e.g. there isn’t one comment on this page calling him ‘Shitter’ and we are not Devil-loving child-killers and paedophile-protectors, unlike him). I think we can safely assume that he’s lying about his dad too.

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  9. Thinking of setting up a GofundNathan to pay for the plane ticket to let him Investigate the Manchester Terror attack, well he is a journalist after all, right. Maybe he can pop down to Hampstead as well while he’s in the country. I don’t mind popping over to Manchester to give him a guided tour, lol.
    I mean what could go wrong? He took peoples money to drive to the Pizzagate Rally, and spent the day moaning like a bitch, having a panic attack, running around hunting Seaman and yelling about where is Tightass.

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  10. “HowIcan’tSeeShitWhithMyHeadUpMyAss” aka Robin Weigel aka Sandy Hoaxer come lately(re-uploader), sued by Angel Colon, Pulse NightClub Victim called in the hospital while recovering. A complete AJ minion and twatwaffle reject. SH hoaxers have been roundly de-bunked but not prosecuted as they still can be….There have been a few minor arrests and slight punishments. One “Lead” hoaxer, the Fraud, Wolfgang Halbig, even sidled up the the CT. Governor Malloy IN the Capital Bldg. with an “infohores” camera crew. Hoaxers able to get a “pat on the back” from the Gov.? His lawyer was no “Mr. Taj”, her background is far more interesting than his considering who her client is supposed to be…LOL These are two decidedly different kettles of fish vis a vis “hoax”/”anti-hoax”. Leave it to the Fruitloops to attempt to “blendAlie” geeze. ALL are rotten! No more “compassionquarter”, not after Krustie Poo’s attack on RD’s Grand Mother and Sharter/LTV”s continued BS. I don’t care if they are nutbags if the cops don’t, anymore. HOAXERS FOR PRISON 2017! (YT channel “AryanEmpires” aka Joel has done some hilarious de-bunking of the SH Scammers.) Check it Barchon. I think you might like a couple of them! 😀

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