removes Kane Slater’s illegal video collection

Was it only Saturday that we were discussing what to do about Kane Slater having moved his illegal collection of Hampstead SRA hoax videos to, after they’d been taken off YouTube a few months back?

We asked for volunteers to send emails to to let them know exactly what they were hosting, and many of you obliged.

Here’s what EC wrote:

I wish to complain about a channel,

This account was started by Kane Slater after his YouTube channel was removed on 24 January 2017 for violation of YouTube’s terms of service. He has deliberately re-uploaded them to, as part of a two-year-long campaign of defamation and harassment.

My specific complaints about Mr Slater’s channel are as follows:

* At least 37 of his 88 uploaded videos feature two young children, [Redacted] and [Redacted] Dearman, ages 8 and 9 at the time of recording. The children describe in graphic detail their allegations of violent sexual abuse, in response to prompting from their mother’s new boyfriend. They describe such acts as “being forced to lick (someone’s) front privates”, being anally raped with dildoes, etc. These videos constitute child exploitation, and would be of great interest to paedophiles seeking online child pornography.

* Of the 37 videos featuring the two children, 17 are illegally leaked videos of police interviews, which the children’s mother allowed to be put online in defiance of a court order at the High Court in London, UK.

* Several of the videos violate’s “Prohibited Content” rules, as they make false, defamatory, and harassing claims that Ricky Dearman, the father of the two children mentioned above was the leader of a paedophile cult in Hampstead, a suburb of north London. The videos make extraordinary allegations against Mr Dearman, including the allegation that he trades in child pornography and that he has made “snuff films” involving children. In some instances these videos encourage viewers to hunt Mr Dearman down to exact revenge for his alleged crimes against children.

* The video titled “Hampstead Cover-up: Ella Gareeva Witness Statement” features Ella Gareeva Draper, the mother of [Redacted] and [Redacted]. She reads a prepared statement in which she gives the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of various parents and children, as well as teachers, social workers, and police officers who she claims were “members of the cult” which allegedly abused her children. She also makes false claims about “20 special children” at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, stating which of them enjoy being raped by the cult members. Again, I believe this violates several of your terms of service.

I have linked the High Court, Family Division judgement which lays out the facts of this extraordinary case. The judge ruled very clearly that not only was Mr Dearman completely innocent of all the allegations against him, but that Ms Gareeva Draper and her boyfriend Abraham Christie had quite literally tortured her two children into making false allegations against their father.

Mr Slater is aware of this judgement, but persists in spreading false, defamatory, harassing claims on various internet platforms. The videos which he has uploaded to routinely and callously violate the privacy of RD, his children, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead. Police in Hampstead are well aware of his activities, but have been unable to stop him since he lives in Toronto, Canada, outside their jurisdiction.

I hope you will give serious consideration to removing Mr Slater’s channel, if only for the benefit of all the children involved. They should not have to grow up knowing that their images, voices, and personal information will be forever available on sites like

If I can offer any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

By yesterday evening, those of us who’d sent emails to protesting Mr Slater’s account had received brief responses from the video-sharing platform: “Thank you for notifying us. We are looking into this account”.

We were encouraged—this is a great deal more than we generally receive when we protest against Hoaxtead videos on YouTube. However, we were surprised a couple of hours later to click on Mr Slater’s account, only to encounter this: Oh, dearie-dear…looks like the month that Mr Slater spent re-uploading all those videos has gone for naught. His page has disappeared, we hope for good.

We think this really demonstrates the difference between the mega-corporations like Google/YouTube and the smaller, more responsive start-ups like The company, which describes itself as a hybrid of YouTube and Reddit, received $6,000,000 in Series A funding last December, and at that time employed a full-time staff of nine people including its co-founders and chief product officer.

So when we sent our emails over the weekend, they weren’t dropping into an anonymous void; they were seen by real people, who were able to respond quickly and with little fuss. It’s a truly refreshing change, and we would like to offer our thanks to the crew at

Most of all, though, we’d like to thank all the Hoaxteaders here who took the time to email to express your concerns. You made this happen, so give yourselves a pat on the back!

And now…everyone stand by for Mr Slater’s inevitable hissy fit. He’s a serious stoner, so it could take him a few days…or weeks…to realise his channel is gone, but once he does, the explosion is sure to be spectacular. We can’t wait.

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  1. Awesome work, EC and gang 🙂

    Are Vimeo as responsive as this? Angela’s still talking about starting a Vimeo page (which she might get round to in a year’s time, lol). It’ll be fun helping to get that taken down 😀

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  2. HAHAHA! Another one bites the Dust! Good Work E.C. and Crew! We will see the others in chains….JAIL THE HEMPSEED 2!! :p

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  3. Impressed by Vidme`s prompt,non algorithmic,and humane response to legitimate concerns.Most refreshing and hopefully sends a message to other wannabe digital alchemists foolishing wasting efforts attempting to turn crap into cash.

    Patreon however are a most cumbersome carthorse by comparison and an absolute banker to come 3rd in a 2 horse race.

    Darn fine effort shipmates.

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  4. Meanwhile, Britain’s answer to Kane Slater continues to rant and rave about nothing in particular…

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  5. And I’m glad that Ogilvy’s changed his profile pic. I didn’t much care for that topless one – his tits used to put me off me tea.

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  6. Well, insofar as she’s discovered he’s a fraud and she doesn’t even credit MKD for providing any of the proof. LOL!

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  7. Pssst: Alan – you’ve dropped many a bollock re. your bail conditions – sorry but saying “NW3” instead of “Hampstead” just doesn’t cut it and in the first post above you’ve actually used the word ‘Hampstead’.

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  8. Hey Al, I see that even Arty’s turned his back on you now, despite your desperate rants (posted on all three of his FB pages – LMAO!). Awww 😦

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  9. Her pal Lulu fell down the Rabbit Hole. Could be the title of a novel.
    Poor thing is several light years behind the times and thinks the ridiculous Alfred Spider’s Webbe Lambrusco “exposed” Kevin “My Dad Nominated me for a Nobel Prize” Annett and still hasn’t realised the pair lived together until they fell out over placement of toothbrushes in the bathroom where Annett regular Skyped to Alfred who was, err, in the living room.
    Echo Twat is the new Baby on The Block of the Troofer movement but it’s doubtful she’ll progress out her cot at this rate.

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  10. Alan’s so concerned about snoopers and grasses that he’s set his Facebook timeline to…er…public. Erm…

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  11. Hoaxteader bites the dust..another pal of APD
    A MAN who claims he was a victim of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile has been convicted for distributing an indecent image of a child. Steven George, who was born Alizon Pink and whose father was former Portsmouth South MP Ralph Bonner Pink, was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court yesterday.

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  12. Well done to VidMe
    (I bet there will be some `hollering’ done at VideMe by a certain party when he finds his videos gone)

    what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall when THAT happens…


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  13. Lovely man. Nice to see him posting a video of Tommy Robinson on Facebook isn’t it….not! Just about says it all.

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  14. Whilst there is a serious underbelly to peddling lies for cash and destroying innocent lives in the process some wise words from one of EC`s cousins in arms to Mr Slater:

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  15. So Facebook are playing smart buggers with the Thai government ( Generals) over the video of The King who want all vision removed. Officials visited Facebook’s Bangkok office and were sent away after being told to ‘obtain a court order’. I have no doubt they will return with one. Under the very strict lèse-majesté laws I think they have made a huge mistake.

    Having been a regular Thai visitor for over 40 years there is one very important lesson I have learned (and probably applies to all of Asia) : never let a Thai ‘lose face’. It’s the most insulting thing you can do. I have spent decades backing down in any confrontation before it’s get out of hand. I have seen so many westerners come to grief as they arrogantly try to impose their own perceived way of acting upon Thais. To me it’s a matter of respecting the customs & laws of a foreign land when you are just a visitor. It doesn’t matter whether you think they are wrong. It’s what you demand of visitors to your own homeland.

    Yet Facebook have acted with the arrogance they have become used to. I think they have made a huge mistake. A court order will be delivered with a friendly smile. Facebook officials will not be forgotten though. “A dish served cold” etc comes to mind.
    I still think there will be a major calamity in the near future involving social media which will finally get clueless politicians to act.

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  16. I echo that. Well done to the troops. Here’s a Koala Stamp of Excellence to be shared by all. A local Oz radio host gives them out to people who do Very Good Deeds and I’m sure he’d want you all to have one.

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  17. How much does it piss Alanson off that he can’t say what he wants to say and his bail has been extended 5 times haha. Believe me Alanson it’s not us that are pissed off.

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  18. Nobody appears to want the “glowing skin” and “ideal body” Ella and Abe are saying you can get if you donate to them. Doesn’t appear anyone wants a signed digital photo either (are they having a laugh?)

    No wonder… Ella always looks ill.. ZERO patrons, LOL!

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  19. Ella’s skin has has only glowed since she took a trip to Chernobyl. Abe may have the body of someone much younger, but it is probably buried in a shallow grave somewhere.

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  20. Look out for them moving to Periscope just like this whinging scam artist “Buzz” merchant.


  21. No sound of the Met ‘Pedo’ Protection Squad kicking my door down Liza Snoopy pants…. lolz

    Think you need to understand & digest those bail cons my love… Shall I post e’m for your sorry sad act self ?

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  22. 13:24 – I swear she actually says this…

    “People like John Paterson [and] Angela Power-Disney, another wonderful, lovely lady. Ordinary British people. They’re not asking for money…They’re standing for truth and justice.”

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  23. Why do you support Abraham “Jemal Fix it” Christie and Ella Draper, two perverted child torturers?
    Did you enjoy the Illegally released police interview videos so much, that supporting Abe & Ella was your way of thanking them for providing such content through Abe’s Spoon based Mind control trauma of the two children over 4 weeks in Morocco.

    Why did Ak47 call you Big Dog and say you are a nonce?
    When does your NAMBLA membership Expire Alan?

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  24. I’m confused. Debs thinks Ella is wonderful doesn’t she? Isn’t she aware that Angie has accused Ella of being a child abuser?

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  25. It’s just a matter of whether he prefers little boys or little girls at this point, now Arthur has told us the truth about the type of videos Alan shares.
    Maybe both.

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  26. “No sound of the Met ‘Pedo’ Protection Squad kicking my door down Liza Snoopy pants…. lolz”

    There wouldn’t be, would there? They didn’t kick down Rupert’s door either. Or the doors of any of the other people who’ve been arrested for doing the same as what you did. That’s just a paranoid fantasy of people like you who think the World is run by shape-shifting Jewish lizards from outer space. But what I can guarantee you is that your illegal comments have all been added to the police’s portfolio of evidence against you and will be presented in court.Why do you think your case keeps getting deferred? It’s for the same reason as Rupert’s – evidence-gathering. Tick tock, Spender…

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  27. I’m amazed people are still re-uploading or starting new series’ of videos regarding this hoax, but it’s good that they are being removed in line with law and guidlines. I think Jeranism has reuploaded his Hampstead video multiple times now, and it is currently still on Youtube. In fact, it was Jeranim’s video that first introduced me to Hampstead….I was instantly amazed that people were taken in by it and researched it afterwards for myself. In fact, I am still shocked that so many online can honestly beleive the things those kids were saying, even without all the usual confusion regarding “Satanic” symbols and so on. Sadly, Youtube is still full of videos featuring the kids as well as a great many conspiracy videos on it. At least acted well in this matter.

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  28. So Hope Girl a so called Christian has formed an alliance with this woman!

    “A witch who went to jail for dragging a policeman 190m with her car has hijacked a wedding ceremony being performed by the reverend Father Bob Maguire.
    Father Maguire said he felt like the “devil took over me” when Eilish De Avalon conducted a Pagan Handfasting Ceremony at a Brighton Catholic church.

    Father Maguire said he had warned the woman to tone back her scripts for the January 7 wedding but was “taken for a ride” on the day.

    Ms Avalon, who was jailed for two months last June after pleading guilty to recklessly causing serious injury, dangerous driving, driving while suspended and using a mobile phone while driving, yesterday confirmed to the Herald Sun it was the first time she had performed the ceremony in a church, but declined to speak further.

    Handfasting ceremonies are performed for same-sex couples, opposite gender couples and for multiple partners.

    The bride and groom’s hands are tied during the ceremony and vows are usually taken for a year and a day.

    At the end of some services, the couple jump over a broomstick.

    Father Maguire said he was fuming about the ceremony conducted after his official religious ceremony at St James Church Brighton.

    He was also further angered that Ms De Avalon, 40, posted on Facebook: “History in the making this morning in when I conduct a Pagan Handfasting Ceremony in a Catholic church with the support of Fr Bob.”

    Fr Maguire said: “She is using me as an endorsement to blow her own trumpet. She took an opportunistic advantage of the parish.

    “I was taken for a ride and blindsided. Once in the saddle she took over the place. It was like the devil got a hold of me.

    “I’ve never had an experience like that in my 50 years (with the church).”

    Bishop Les Tomlinson, Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, said the matter would be looked into and described the service as “peculiar” and regrettable.

    “Such a person is not welcomed in the Catholic Church to interfere with liturgy,” he said…

    Which is why Fr Bob should have stopped it. I suppose his facial expression in the above photo with the witch at his side says it all. If it was me I would have taken the broomstick and swept her out the door. Alternatively, I would have simply refused to perform the ceremony. Let the witch do it, at a coven somewhere…”


  29. Yeah, that’s Eilish de Avalon. She’s been discussed on here before. She’s one of the main players on CCN.

    There was also a classic Skype conversation involving her and Abe in which he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her Joe Cockers:

    Oh and she’s another one who turned on Angela. In Eilish’s case it was due to Angela’s claims that Max Spiers’s family were involved in his “murder”.

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  30. Joe Cocker’s eh? He used to rehearse in the same place as a family member before he got famous.
    Doesn’t sound like the Abe I know, lol, thought he was more of a rump than a breast man, but then again!

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  31. No need, Al. I’ll post them for you:

    Northumbria Police
    Conditional Bail After Police Bail
    Filename: ALAN XXXXX
    The above named has been granted bail with Conditions as set out below in accordance with the Bail Act 1976 and is under a duty to surrender to the custody of
    Station Situated at: COLINDALE POLICE STATION NW9 5TW
    At (Time) 1500 on (Date) THURSDAY 22 DECEMBER 2016
    I have been informed of the conditions set out below and I acknowledge my obligation to pay the Court the sum specified by my signature if the above named person fails to surrender to custody as shown above.
    Signed …
    Conditions to be complied with after release on bail:
    Reasons for imposing conditions:
    1. Prevent further offending.
    2. Avoid interference with witnesses and administration of justice.
    Grounds for imposing conditions:
    Acknowledgement of obligations:
    I have been informed:
    1) That if I fail to surrender to custody at the time and place set out above, I may be liable to a fine or imprisonment or both.
    2) If I fail to comply with any of the conditions set out above, I may be liable to arrest.
    3) That I may apply to this police station or court specified above stating my reasons if I wish to vary any of the conditions.
    Signed: [Alan Xxxxx]
    Date: 9/11/16 Time: 12:20

    To cut a long story short, Ally Pally, you’re fucked. Howay!

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  32. Again Lizzie Lizard ‘shape shifting sad sack’.. You need to comprehend those ‘Bail Con’s’ AGAIN………….. love. I have not breached them in any way shape… (lolz) or form…

    Hampstead Abuse case? nope!

    Barchon Mad
    I forgave AK the moment he said what he did as the chap was not in his own mind… Down to him believing Rodger Flappersby… & your reverse double agent APD

    NAMBLA ? are you a member like ?


  33. Oh it ‘pisses you off’ big time!!! Me’ Hinney… All you Vermin here trying frantically to bury this with a team of Pro Trolls who have run on from Hollie Grieg…. who have darkened & tainted their souls…

    Ya see folks, what you don’t fathom is whist you are blinkered in your remit, the overall plan is to bring down, destroy the current system as it has been designed/set up to fail…

    Now my little subverted Imps, why do you think ‘MSM’ allows such info in regards to ‘Non Adult Sex Abuse’ tendencies of MP’s, VIP’s & Celebs to surface if they want this hidden ?

    Does the word ‘Scape Goat’ mean anything?

    Are you that deluded that you think you’ll have the same ‘immunity’ as those manipulating the strings? hahahahaha… Lucifer is the Light? the FALSE light…. Satan is known by many names, the one that should concern you is that of the the ‘Great Deceiver’ !

    Do I hate you ? Nope! never have hated anyone… never will, I know there is good in everyone, a time comes in everyone’s life when they feel a sense of…

    “I’m I doing the right thing in my life”? well, that time will come for all of you, I’m not talking about ‘Almighty God’, The One True Creator… Our Real Father… I’m talking about your Soul/Conscience & why we do what we do…

    Gonna sign off now, But in fairness i could type all night, just tired…

    So it must be understood…. That I’m not made like others folks… AK? there is no ridicule & piss take words on a monitor you can say that will .. ‘Sound Affect’ my well being & state of mind…. Remember, though I do not Love you, I do not hate you…. I only have hope for you.


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