Kristie Sue Costa aspires to fill Charlotte’s shoes

Hands up, everyone who misses Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward’s simpering, innuendo-laden blog posts.

You remember, the ones where she’d say “we’re not trying to say these people are child-raping baby-eating murderers, but do normal people go out for drinks with their co-workers on a Friday night? We think not!” Or “of course this could mean nothing at all, but don’t you think it’s bizarre that so many parents whose children go to the same school would friend one another on Facebook. Doesn’t that seem…strange to you?”

Well, we’re sure you’ll be delighted to learn that although Charlotte’s nauseating blog was removed from the internet a year and a half ago, another demented Hoaxtead mobster has stepped into her hate-mongering shoes: yes, you guessed it, Kristie Sue Costa is the new Charlotte Ward wannabe.

As you’ll see, she’s got that simpering, judgey-preachy Church Lady tone down just right: Oh dear, what’s this? RD had his photo taken at the Grammy Awards after party with another man? This must surely mean something.

Such as, “RD has friends”, “RD gets to go to cool parties”, “RD has had his picture taken with a friend”, and “How come no one ever invites Kristie Sue Costa to Grammy after parties? It’s JUST NOT FAIR!!!”

Kristie Sue’s strange assertion that RD “seems to have a thing for” the other man in the photo, based solely on the fact that they’re…well, in a photo together, is absolutely worthy of the Charlotte Ward School of Gossip Mongering. A+, Kristie Sue! Here is RD’s friend wearing a highly suspicious running outfit. His feet are showing, which must mean something. Even more suspicious? RD LIKED THIS PHOTO (as did 35 or so of the man’s other friends). And worst of all? The photo was taken on 28 July, in a year which ended in the number “13”.

Grab your pitchforks and torches, people, looks like we got a witch…er, a warlock to deal with here.

OMIGOD. This is the killer photo, friends.

It’s A MAN. Standing near A LIMOUSINE. At NIGHT.

And he’s saying he had a great day, that he’s grateful and smiling? What kind of pervert is this person? How dare he express enjoyment for a really good day? Especially on a day in a year which ended with the number 13???!?

And RD responds (a day later, that must mean something), “Looking good (friend)!” Is this some kind of code? What does it mean? Could it possibly mean that RD thinks this guy is (gasp!) looking good? Is he suggesting something? How dare he comment favourably on a male friend’s photo? Ahahahahaha!! Is that actually Melissa Williams calling someone else “wierd” (sic)?

And congratulations to the intrepid defective detective Kristie Sue, who has clearly established through her avid trawling through RD’s friend’s Facebook page the following immutable facts:

  1. RD has friends.
  2. Some of his friends live in America.
  3. At least one of them lives in LA.
  4. They both once went to a Grammy after party, where someone snapped their photo.
  5. RD has “liked” his friend’s Facebook posts, and vice versa.
  6. RD’S friend enjoys his life and is grateful for what he has.
  7. At least once in his life, he has stood near a limousine.

Clearly, this means something dastardly and devious is going on. You can tell by the fact that two men were in a photo together, both wearing black suits, both smiling (you’ll have to take our word for that bit).

Seriously, Kristie Sue, don’t you think it’s time you got a life and a better hobby than stalking RD and his friends? Don’t you have a family? Friends (and no, your online troofer buddies don’t count)?


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  1. It is amazing what you see when you are looking for any kind of slight dot joining or conformation bias.
    Great write up EC, thanks for the chuckle, and as pointed out by others, sarcasm is on point and reminds me of one of my favourite YouTubers.

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  2. LOL, it’s hard to know where to start with that one. What’s more laughable there, do you think?

    – The deliberately loaded question (apparently, it’s a proven fact that the retractions were forced)…
    – The out-of-the-blue claim that RD had an affair with a teacher…
    – The fact that she’s calling us trolls whilst simultaneously demanding that we engage in intelligent debate with her…
    – The fact that EC and others have covered the retractions in great detail on numerous occasions…
    – The fact that KSC has never actually asked any of the questions she is claiming to have asked us countless times…
    – The fact that she’s back to thinking that we’re all RD in disguise…
    – Her epic ignorance/denial of the Abe Christie factor as regards inconsistencies in the children’s testimonies (sorry, I’ve lost count of how many times these have been pointed out to her)…
    – Or the fact that KSC hypocritically runs away every time she herself is asked questions she can’t answer? EC, how many times have you asked KSC about those tattoos now? At least as many times as people have asked her whether she condones the death threats that members of her team have sent us, I’m guessing.

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    • Well said, LR! I’ve never once seen Kristie Sue ask this question, and how in the world would we know the answer? We’re not RD, despite what She of Little Brain might believe, and we have no idea who he knows and doesn’t know.

      “Or the fact that KSC hypocritically runs away every time she herself is asked questions she canโ€™t answer? EC, how many times have you asked KSC about those tattoos now? At least as many times as people have asked her whether she condones the death threats that members of her team have sent us, Iโ€™m guessing”.

      Yes, she squirmed for a while, then gave up and ran away. None of them have been able to provide an answer to that question, and believe me, I’ve asked it plenty of times!

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  3. She seems to think she’s Joan of Ark (burned at the stake- witch?)

    Or maybe she thinks she’s Joan Van Ark?

    But look at her profile pic : Kris Costa has a tail. She’s obviously a shape-shifting Alien from another galaxy. Did she come on the same ship as Neelu? What is her purpose on Earth? Her timeline clearly shows that the notion there are intelligent species elsewhere may be a misnomer.

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  4. Is it normal for an actor to use background music in a video?

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  5. Hmmm, RD suddenly got these tattoos when the Hampstead shit started, did he? Still overlooking your claims that it’s a multi-generational thing, then, KSC? Shouldn’t he have had them from the time he joined the cult, which you claim he’s been a member of his whole life? No? Oh no, wait – it makes much more sense that he’d go out of his way to get incriminating tattoos done as soon as he knew that thousands of pitchfork-wielding internet loons were calling for him to be dragged to the town square to have his dangly bits examined by the local rozzers. *Sigh*

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  6. YouTube must be hiring Paedophiles now, nothing new.
    Apparently this was inappropriate content, yet all 7 of Lift the Veil’s videos of the Illegal Police recordings feauturing Nathan Stolpman the Nonce dribbling like a child sex predator over the children describing sexual abuse is not inappropriate content?

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      • It’s not the video being removed I care about, I worded the title badly and it was gone very soon after Nathan mentioned the channel.
        It is more the fact that removing his vile videos of the children and RD, his spreading lies about something he found out about a month ago, featuring childrens personal medical reports, dribbling like a lunatic, saying the girl is a reptilian, spreading Ella’s garbage about how it should have been a criminal court despite the retractions and the fact anyone sane can make out that it is all absolute nonsense and makes no sense, makes me mad as a hatter.
        I couldn’t care less if he gets me another strike and the channel is gone, as long as he is brought down for doing this to two innocent children who should be allowed to get on with their lives and not have people say they are baby killers.

        Imagine being a child in secondary/high school and other pupils seeing the videos online and calling them baby killers and even worse. I went through this with my sister being called a slag at school after being raped. It is not nice living with it day in day out and it just brings back very painful memories.

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  7. So the ironically named ‘Believe the Children’ is admitting that there were flaws in the children’s original testimonies, then. Not sure why she’s blaming us, though, considering it’s what we’ve been telling her for over two years. Hey ho.

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  8. I stumbled upon this completely random photo of a creepy-looking house and wondered whether any of your readers could glean anything from it:


  9. “Ricky Dearman, the attention seeking SRA cult leader?” I’ve asked around the group of people I know who have been following this farce. And that group includes people who are directly involved in the media industry where you’d expect a professional actor to pop up regularly. Apart from the Victoria Derbyshire interview nobody’s heard a word from the poor bloke in a couple of years now. So exactly what attention is he seeking and where?

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    • I wish something could be done about all of the blatant anti-semitism online, it is disgusting. I am not Jewish myself but i can only imagine how Jewish folk must feel seeing all this hate online.

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      • I think there’s a range of reactions, from fear to anger to resignation. For whatever reason, Jews have been scapegoated for centuries, and it’s painful to see yet another anti-Semitic upsurge taking place.

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  10. Who’s this twat? He’s been uploading videos of the children’s interviews, with their faces on full view and their names in the titles. This is the only one with a thumbnail that can be posted here. Abe’s been busy in the comment section, by the way:

    Reported (for what good it’ll do).

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  11. 3:50 – “Go into the walls of my dad’s old house. I can’t get in there. The house was sold. I sent a book and a letter to the woman, telling her that there were the bodies of dead children four feet from her head when she sleeps. Never heard anything back.” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    • Wow, there’s a shocker: she gets a call from someone who sounds out of his head, telling her there are bodies in the walls of her house. Surprisingly, she doesn’t call him back. YA THINK?

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    • To think some of us on here were actually concerned about the state of mind of this utter shit of a human.
      Why is this piece of garbage not locked up for his neighbor’s safety?

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      • And he’s lying about us in every video he posts, making up things we’ve never said and praying for us to be killed. I’ve lost all sympathy for him, I’m afraid. I feel bad about that but I can’t help it.

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  12. These fruitloafs always see a person making their social media pages private as a sign of guilt. Nope, it means they are sick of perverts going through pictures of their children, family and friends children, and harassing them, making up vile shit that fits there perverted fantasies.
    It reminds me of one of these idiots old video where they went through a facebook account, joined some dots through a hundred friends removed and ended up at a meat factory.

    I dont do farcebuck but would have great fun doing the exact same to these people in a piss taking dot joining exercise.

    Troofer A: Oh look he’s wearing shorts but its winter and everyone else is wearing trousers and wrapped up well. It must be because he has an std and needs to get air to his private parts, yeah, probably caught it from abusing someones kid.

    Troofer B: Wow, great spot there, you are always on point. I noticed on one of his friends pages a creepy looking guy, with two eyes and a nose, was commenting about his daughters dog needs taking to the grooming parlour. Holy shit, grooming parlour, probably a government mind control sanctioned military base where the cia auctions off children after grooming them.
    His daughters only in her 30’s as well, the pedo bastard.

    Troofer C: Please Lord shed a light upon this darkness and bright to light the crimes of these demonic hordes. This needs to be investigated now. How the FBI continue to ignore all the information is another example of these satanic elites covering up child abuse, just like in the [Insert names of past hoax or scandals they found out about from watching YouTube Videos]

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    • “These fruitloafs always see a person making their social media pages private as a sign of guilt”.

      And yet…RD left his Facebook page wide open. And that, apparently, is ALSO a sign of guilt. Honestly, there is something seriously wrong with their thought processes.

      And yes, your take on their “dot-joining” is bang on.


      • He left it open? Clearly flaunting his crimes in public.
        I think until someone knows how their mindset works, an innocent person would think, well i have nothing to hide, but then they see people harassing friends and family and making death threats and horrible accusations only a mentally deranged csa obsessed creep would come up with.

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  13. This comes to us from the blogger Suesspicious Minds. Some of you might remember that last year we did a post about the very real problems with child protection services in the UK.

    Here’s what Suesspicious Minds has posted:
    Quick trigger warning – if you’ve been through painful experiences yourself recently, then this post may be too raw and painful, and as it is not my intention to make life harder for anyone who is working through such trauma, the warning is here to suggest that you close this one down, and come back to the next post, which will probably be about 80s pop, or Mary Mungo and Midge or whatever.

    Some of you may have read @SurviveCourts blog, Surviving Safeguarding, where she talks about her experiences of being on the hard end of the social work experience, rather putting all our gripes of trolleys with knackered wheels, or endless frustration with laptops and workloads into perspective. Some of you may have had the pleasure of seeing her speak, which is truly an inspirational experience.

    I find myself lucky enough to have got to know her a little, and I’m proud and honoured to think of her as a friend. Though she be but little, she is fierce.

    So it was a huge shock to learn that she’d gone through a recent tragedy, and like most of those who have come to know her and hold her in high regard, I wanted to do something, even a tiny something, to help.

    Louise Tickle (or as we should now all call her “The Mail on Sunday’s Louise Tickle” as apparently they now own her, in some sort of Jonathan Pryce East India Company style arrangement) got the ball rolling on this, and she says everything that I wanted to say, but better. Because she’s a proper grown up writer, and not a hack like me.

    If you can visit the link and help out at all, even in a small way, it would mean a lot to us all.

    EC here again: This is one crowdfunding venture I feel very comfortable supporting. If anyone else feels moved to do so, just follow the link above.

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    • After reading some of that website I look forward to reading much more.
      Little is heard of the 1000s of cases and the 100s of social workers on the front line who do an amazing job under very difficult circumstances. Their perceived aided by a gutter media who love to rip people to shreds and bunch in internet ‘warriors’ who seem to have never had real life experience and view the world through the bubble of their PC.
      Toss in some opportunistic politicians (yes you Mr Hemmings & your McKenzie devils) and Britain’s social workers are one of the most misunderstood and unfairly unsung heroes.
      They are judged by a handful of failures.

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      • I agree GOS, except for the ‘handful’ of failures. Most go unreported. Social Workers should be getting some basic counselling training, just the basics of non judgemental questioning, checking own beliefs, prejudices, which have played. But also policies, the speeding up of adoptions, removals at births, seem the easier/cheaper option, but the cost is felt on so many levels…not least, future mental health problems…….when the parent/s could have been helped to stay together, successfully. The policies enabled by politicians, who clearly fail everyone involved.
        Everyone involved, including the overstretched staff, often forced to make too tough choices.
        At the same time, too much abuse is still occurring within homes, that many are afraid to come forward about…..there have also been parents that reported in the right way, then denied their children, accused of parental alienation…..
        Young Girls will I’m sure cause waves, shake ups……. But look at how Sara was treated, a real Whistleblower….I’ve seen Echo Truthes talking about it as tho it makes her look knowledgeable as she promotes the hoax/ers…… Alot want to harp on that PC Fear kept it underwraps…… It was maybe a small component for if any i’d guess, social service policy makers, but it really came out that it was the attitude to the girls……..and I’ve pointed out to a fair few people that all of us that were sexually abused have recieved pretty shit treatment, for eons…… no matter who we or the perps are.
        That’s what needs to change……
        The perps are the problem….not the victim.
        False accusers are an enemy, but are some people treating all cases as if they are when they are not ?
        I was pleased that Sara is also getting involved in helping to bring out the truth.


    • Have shared it, glad to see that many are supporting, that scammers like Angela & Belinda etc, havn’t put people off from donating, when it’s deserved and genuine. I also read the blog post in the link, I thought I’d missed it, but it rang bells. So, not sure if that’s because alot of those names are familiar, not least because those pushing the same bandwagons viralise/vilarise each and everyone.
      I am so sad for Louise. I am glad this will at least help relieve financial stress for her.

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  14. Meanwhile, chez Slater…

    This is followed by Slater’s “article”, which consists of a load of quotes and links.

    And here are the responses from his “supporters”:


    • I’ve applied locally to be considered for Cannabis Oil treatment but what a long complicated process it is. But I am still pleased health authorities go to the nth degree to ensure that all medications supplied to the public are deemed safe after exhaustive investigations.

      Goats like Kane Slater and the career criminal Abraham Christie are so dangerous as they can be very off-putting with their fanatical claims based on being a stoner.
      As for “Big Pharma”- I praise those giant German pharmaceutical companies that spend years and a fortune on developing brilliant drugs to keep us alive.

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    • Lina Buckle is obviously a giant cockroach and can’t understand why she’s being sprayed.
      Power-Disney is apparently ignorant to the fact a Spanish island may have far cleaner air than an Irish town because, err, of where it is. Those “cloud filled skies” are mainly from her cigarette smoke as she pollutes the air around her.

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    • So not upfront about the next thing is, you need to buy …….someones rocks bla bla……
      I’ve not seen any evidence that Angie gives a shit about her effect on the environment, anymore than she cares what or who she hurts.


  15. Abe Never changes. Still pushing Marion Knox as a source. Well I suppose they are both obsessed with child abuse, sodomy, satan and have an unhealthy interest in sodomising young children.

    Just a reminder that Abe would love to have been another Knox and cured (scammed) victims of mythical mind control, with his hemp products, and sodomy. Both two child sex predators that believe sodomy Enlightens a child and opens up the third eye, pure mythical bullshit, the same way Paedophiles often make the excuse that chilldren benefit from abuse Abe and Knox believe the same. A danger to children both of them.

    “Marion Knox, 78, is a grass seed farmer, pilot and businessman from Lebanon, Oregon who has deprogrammed some 500 MK-Ultra victims. He says sodomizing children is the Illuminati’s “key” to satanic possession and mind control. (Puts “Sex Ed” in new perspective doesn’t it?) He raises the specter that most of our political leaders are in fact mind controlled sodomizers and/or victims of sodomy.”

    “M: As far as I know, sodomy is always used in the occult going clear back before the Flood. Sodomy is Satan’s sex or Satan’s new birth of the child. I don’t believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they’re ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated because you can’t open the third eye after about five or six years of age. –

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    • It’s almost certain to be Dad’s internet account. The question is – does Dad know what Nathan is using the account for? A direct complaint to Dad’s ISP doesn’t seem over the top to me either. Wouldn’t necessarily need things like the account # or even an IP address…

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  16. How the evil minds of Kristie Sue Costa and Angela Power Disney work:
    I’ve just watched this entire series of The Keepers and there is fuck all about John Podesta in it or anything even remotely linked to him or that Washington claptrap. It’s all about a murder in Ireland.
    This is so scary: these people just make things up and then a 1000 Useful Idiots like APD & Costa spread it like a virus. I really cannot fathom where their sick evil minds are at.

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    • Yep. EC thought of something which Ella hadn’t.

      They chop and change the details of their hoax the longer it goes on.. pathetic.

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  17. That Shack looks like a Dump! There must be bodies buried under it just because…..Bwahahaha! Acme Process Servers can’t miss it!


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