Why Kristie Sue Costa won’t admit that Ella trashed her theory

It’s been more than a month since Ella Draper admitted to Nathan Stolpman during an interview on his YouTube channel “Lift the Veil” that she had lied about her ex-husband, ex-husband’s wife, and oldest son all being involved in the imaginary “death cult” in Hampstead.

Just to refresh your memory, here’s what Nathan reported:

I saw in her original, er, charges or document that she drew up with, er, something called McKenzie Friends – and I’ll talk to you about that – erm, that’s a little bit of a psy op too – and, er, she mentioned that Mr. Draper, her ex-husband, was also involved with the cult, the Satanic cult. I’ve spoken with her now since and asked her about it and she says now she doesn’t believe that was the case and that was maybe something she was prompted into coming up with at the time when she was under duress.

As we’ve pointed out (many, many times), Ella’s retraction directly contradicts the children’s statements on various videos—those made en route from Morocco to London, the one made by Jean-Clement Yaohirou, and the police interview videos. The children stated quite clearly that their older brother was involved, and Abe made a point of telling Jean-Clement the same thing.

We shouldn’t have to point out that Ella’s retraction is a massively damning piece of evidence…and yet apparently some troofers (Kristie Sue, we’re looking at you) don’t seem to have grasped the significance of it, even after having had a month to ponder it.

(Question: Is Kristie Sue capable of pondering? Or perhaps she just pokes herself in the pineal gland a few times and calls it a day. Hard to say, really.)

But perhaps we’re expecting too much. After all, Kristie Sue has a great deal riding on the “Mr Draper was the cult financier” argument. About a year ago, she wrote a “tell-all” about Mr Draper playing a central role in the alleged cult. At that time, she wrote:

There is one single person responsible for this entire Hampstead situation, drum roll please….

Ella Draper’s first husband.  He is responsible for sending RD to Ella.

From the “Jean-Clement recording”,
All three children are involved in the cult now. From two different men, who are cult members. She came to me, because she knew I didn’t, I wasn’t a weird guy. She knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew, in her heart, that I could help her. She didn’t know how. I didn’t know how. … Her first husband, he sent the second man to her. “

Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

Mr. Draper & his wife (redacted) were in the same cult as RD. Mr Draper is supposedly the cult financier, which would make sense since he works in the banking industry.

This, you see, is central to the argument that poor innocent Ella was completely taken in by this terrible cult, in which she was used as a kind of breeder, à la Rosemary’s Baby. Well, except Mia Farrow gave birth to Satan or something. Never mind. You get the idea. Ella: brood mare for satanists.

Kristie Sue tries to drive this home with her usual wit and panache:

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight. Mr Draper met Ella in Moscow while she was getting her masters in art history, got her pregnant and they moved to the UK. Away from her family, in a foreign land, she gave birth to their son (redacted). Got it.

Things didn’t work out so Mr and Mrs Draper divorced and Ella was left to raise their son. [Well, except that the son didn’t live with Ella, but with his father. Details, details —Ed.]

Mr Draper then sends his cult buddy RD to Ella to produce more children, thus child A and child G. Knowing full well that RD was in his cult, Mr Draper must have known how abusive and sadistic RD was.

(Redacted), Ella’s first son with Mr Draper, was a witness firsthand to RD’s abusive ways.

Kristie Sue really thought she was onto something there.

Pity that Ella just turned around and admitted she’d made the bit about Mr Draper et al. up out of whole cloth, isn’t it?

This puts KSC in a bit of a bind: if she admits that she’s aware that Ella has retracted this part of the story, she must give up a major chunk of something she’s worked on for two years.

As a True Believer, she has invested a great deal of her ego in the belief that she is fighting a heroic battle against child abuse—and that her brave and singular stance elevates her in a moral sense above those of us who think Ella and Abe made the whole thing up.

She says it herself on one of her Facebook pages, where she has posted a quote from none other than Joan of Arc (who was also probably nuts, but never mind): “I am not afraid. I was born to do this”.

(Of course that’s not what the Maid of Orléans actually said. The actual quote, translated from French is more like this: “I do not fear the soldiers, for my road is made open to me; and if the soldiers come, I have God, my Lord, who will know how to clear the route that leads to messire the Dauphin. It was for this that I was born!” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?)

As for Kristie Sue, she’s backed herself into a corner now. She cannot admit that Ella has said anything to contradict the original hoax, as to do so would be to admit that the whole thing could have been a massive fraud. And it cannot be a fraud, because Kristie Sue has thrown so much of herself into believing it, and in attempting to persuade others to believe in it.

And so in typical troofer fashion, she just covers her ears and sings, “Lalalalalala I can’t hear you” and hopes that it’ll all go away.

We have news for her: it’s not going away.

Also: Joan of Arc didn’t come to a happy end. Just saying.

15 thoughts on “Why Kristie Sue Costa won’t admit that Ella trashed her theory

  1. Kristie – if you’re reading this – EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

    Explain why Ella, Abe and the children all lied about this OR why Ella is telling lies now.

    I know what I think. What do you think?

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  2. A bit f*cking rich! LOL

    “And if you can prove us wrong, go right ahead”

    Er…we have done, over and over and over again.

    “Anyone still spreading the information about them is helping with the child abuse of those two kids”

    Well, at least she got that right. I just hope her mirror was working when she said it.

    “Hoaxtead?…Hey, they’re better than us”

    Fuck me, that’s two things she’s got right!

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  3. So in Krusty Poo’s world children that are sodomised by hundreds of people a day (according to Abe in the Jean Clemant recording), are never hospitalised, never traumatised and can just reel of the events like a story without any emotion? In reality, any human being subjected to that level of abuse would be physically and mentally ruined for life, especially having to kill babies and be horrifically abused.

    The hoax really is a paedophile’s view of child abuse, a never, never land, where endless sexual abuse creates no lasting trauma to the victim. Sickening perverts.

    On another note, Cult Leader Nathan Stolpman is back at trying his own David Koresh/Jim Jones impression.

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  4. Snigger!!!!!!!! Snigger!!!!!!!!!

    Only 63,113,904 seconds of her sad pathetic dismal child abusing life wasted.

    What, with people now knowing what a sad case this thing of a hunan being is…..how can she let go hahaha

    She has made herself look a right old fool.

    Thats nothing though to what is going to come to her……hell will be like a summer vacation, and her God will just stand back and watch 🙂

    What you sow 🙂

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    • KSC has identified and nailed herself to an incredulous artifice.She has been unwilling to modify her stance in the light of facts which serves only to further restrict her movement.She is close on total paralysis and condemning herself to a legacy of eternal dis-grace.

      KSC,a shameless martyr to false personality,vanity and foolish pride.From Zinger to Nothing burger in her very own unearned lunch hour.Complete idiot.

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      • Last one still believing in this hoax, turn out the lights. Ella Draper has been slowly disowning the hoax, and Abraham Christie is moving onto other things. Ah, Kris Costa, still is burning the midnight oil. What a trooper! The light switch is over in the corner where the spoons are kept.

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  5. Kris Costa, if only you had spent more time on your marriage and children, less time on RD and his kids, then your life be happier. I see you place greater priority on fantasy fiction of what body parts different people prefer over reality. Did someone eat your brain?

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  6. @mad moo – my apologies, for a recent reply to you about ‘links’ for rational discussion about The Finders.
    That posting was…odd, very unlike me in several respects. It didn’t end up saying what I meant to convey, (whatever that might have been), and reads to me now like meaningless prattle. Prattle with some kind of ‘attitude’ – but why? about what? I dunno. A disturbing foretaste of the descent into dementia which will be my inevitable fate, perhaps.

    Please accept, no offense was intended to anyone.

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