What’s next for Angela? Some surprising predictions

Angela Power-Disney’s brand new website is up and running, and if anyone ever doubted her ability to write fiction, have a look at the landing page:Looks like we weren’t so far off last year when we compared Angie to Baron von Munchausen; she really has seen and done it all! Allegedly and without prejudice that is.

We were especially impressed with her continuing inability to spell the name of this blog. (Angie, here’s a hint: look at the top of this page.) Spelling is so important for a wannabe journalist, or at least that’s what Angie told Mel Ve only a short while ago.

What’s next for Angie?

Angie’s new site looks like the beginning of a new chapter for the lovable nicotine-soaked compulsive liar, so we thought we’d dredge up our own in-house fortune teller, Mrs Know-it-all (not to be confused with Mrs Overall, the charming and delightful lady who frequents our comments section).

Here’s Mrs Know-it-all at a seance we held last November, when the troofer world was turned on its head by the devastating loss of Patrick “You can stick your ambulance up your arse” Cullinane. We crossed her palm with gold (she has an allergy to silver and refuses to accept currency, which she calls a “tool of the state”, go figure), and asked her what’s in store for Angie over the next few months.

What we heard will probably surprise you as much as it did us.

“Angie will come into some money…”

According to Mrs K, Angela is about to come into a bit of cash—a prediction which will no doubt come as a relief to Angela.

“Will she start some new charity scam?” we asked. “Or meet a new gentleman caller who hasn’t spoken to her neighbours yet?”

“Not at all, not at all”, Mrs K intoned, staring intently into her crystal ball. “I see…I see a piece of art. Art which she has somehow misplaced, perhaps at a friend’s house…strange, because she claims this piece of shit…er, piece of art has been evaluated by Sotheby’s at £3,000…now, why would she leave that behind?”

“You mean the painting she left at Jockney Rebel’s flat?” we asked.

“Yes, yes, that’s the one!”

“Will she sell it, then?”

Mrs K made a choking noise, which sounded suspiciously like a stifled laugh. “No…” she whispered, once she had regained her composure. “No, she is waiting for someone to come into some money…I’m seeing the word ‘c…o…m…p…o’ in my crystal ball, spelled out in cigarette smoke. Any idea what that could mean?”

“Compo? Maybe you mean the compensation Jockney is expecting to receive in her legal case?”

Mrs K nodded solemnly. “Tell this Jockey person to beware. Someone could be waiting to make a false claim against her…like that she damaged a £3,000 piece of art, and must pay for it….”

Her eyes rolled back in her head, and we were afraid we’d lost her, but after a few seconds Mrs K regained consciousness.

“Now. Where was I?” she asked. “Oh yes, Angie. I am seeing…I am seeing…a signpost. I think it says…’miles’?”

Mrs K’s voice grew softer. “And…a heart. Wait, no, I think it’s a card with a heart on it…a Valentine?”

We looked at one another, puzzled. Had Mrs K finally lost the last of her marbles? It was Ruby, the 47-year-old office cat, who finally broke the silence.

“You ninnies”, she croaked. “She’s talking about Miles Johnston. And Nina Valentine. Obviously.” And then she continued attending vigorously to her personal hygiene, as cats will do.

We were still in the dark.

But not for long: Mrs K brightened considerably at Ruby’s words, and said, “Yes! Yes, that’s it, the cat knows. Angela, Miles, and Nina. I see them…oh, dear God….” She covered her eyes with her hand.

We leaned forward. What was she seeing that was so unspeakably awful? “What is it?” we asked in unison. “Please, tell us!”

Mrs K whispered, “I see them in…in a large bed. Together”.

We gasped (again in unison, that’s how we do things at Hoaxtead Research HQ). “Seriously?”

“Would I joke about something as disgusting as that?” she retorted. “But maybe…maybe they’re not actually going to…you know. Maybe they’re just planning to do something together. Something else, I mean”.

“Like what?!” We were on the edges of our seats now, imploring our intrepid fortuneteller to reveal all.

“Something even worse,” she whispered. “I think…they’re planning to launch a YouTube series. It’ll be on Miles’ Bases channel…it’ll be about super-soldiers…thousands of views…oh, God, I can’t go on….” And with that, Mrs K packed up her crystal ball, tucked it under her arm, and scuttled out of the office.

We aren’t sure what to make of Mrs K’s strange predictions: was she really seeing into the future, or just making shit up (something she’s been known to do, we regret to say)? All we know is that we’ll be keeping an eye on Miles Johnston’s channels for the next while. We’ll let you know if we see anything. And in the event that Mrs K is right, remember you heard it here first!

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  1. Very amusing, EC! Perhaps the compo’ Mrs K is seeing, is a missing laptop in which Angie will blame the airport on her return to Ireland soon?

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  2. Lmao, Angie is scheduled to have another not so private tete-a-tete with miss Valentine soon. Great writing EC, not sure what we would all do without yourself and McKenzies Devils. The Hoaxtead Blog and MKD channel really are the best places to keep up to dat with these horrible scamming cretins.
    So Angie will be back to see her Beauty blogger daughter and two so sons including a disgruntled girlfriend of one of the sons at the end of the month for a three month stay, oh joy.
    Probably pick up some cash in rent etc, which I believe has probably been previously delivered to her through her gofund me account.
    They will all arrange benefits for each other, carers allowance, disibility etc.
    Angie will be claiming the rent paid by the authorities to her in honor of her sons who she sublets her home in Ireland to.
    Classic Scamgela. I can’t see her going back to Lanzarote until she is flush and restocked with some serious coin.

    As I spent a fair bit of time on this shit stain I may as well use him again as he claims we are all pedos and the government is riddled with pedophiles.
    Sad twat.

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  3. Thanks, Barchon. 🙂 And yes, I should imagine that Angie will be doing some fancy footwork when she comes back to Ireland next month.


  4. Why is Angela now saying in comments “I suspect the children were coached as to their Mother being absolutely exonerated from involvement and there is a question as to whether Dearman actually raped and sodomised his own children.” ??

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  5. A wicked post really as poor Angela Power Disney is not only a highly regarded Irish art lover but has also been victim to numerous dastardly crimes that involved insurance claims that by mere co-incidence occurred just after her latest gas bill came in.
    reference: The Heiffer Brown & Angie Show March 16th see: “begging for one pound from American tourists”.

    Angie did indeed have a very valuable painting in her possession which she had retrieved from one of the legendary art heists by the ghastly Hermann Göring and which was secreted in a Bavarian underground bunker but discovered by Agent APD using her famous MKUltra “remote viewing’ training and which she was to deliver back to the rightful owner, Baron Rothschild.

    It was a touching portrait entitled ‘My Donkey’ by some Italian chap called Mick that apparently once hung in The Vatican and here is a snap I have obtained exclusively via my GCHQ handler who monitors Mizz J.Rebel via her microwave oven.

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  6. It’s the josteling of the pigs for the same mud whole, Arthur tried for and failed, now Mangela is up against Krusty Pooh for top dog status of the hoax.
    Angie doesn’t have many backers when it comes to Hampers, where as Kris “Screwloose” Costa has her lap Dog Sonya and a few other turds like Alan Alanson and that Dee Simmons crackerjack backing her noncesense. They all need a new angle to gain some motion and to breath life into the dead horse that is the Hampers Hoax.

    Abe and Ella last ditch attempt has failed and they are all in reassesse mode. I think old kevin Bacon looking American will be on the Pedogate train mostly and drop old hampers altogether soon enough. Angela will keep plugging away pining for the fjords, I mean, a CIA operative she fell in love with but did not fornicate thank the lord.

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  7. I’m wondering whether Dave has ASD. That frantic rocking is a sign or severe anxiety or stress, particularly in autistic people. Not that that would bother Angela, of course.

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  8. “Rocking releases endorphins. Babies like to be rocked because the endorphin release is soothing. It is why people in severe distress sometimes rock back and forth as they cry.

    Some autistic people use rocking to release endorphins to relieve stress.

    The elderly are closely associated with rocking chairs for a reason, they often have chronic pain which is mitigated by those same endorphins.

    Even animals will rock themselves. For example, when elephants in zoos shift their weight from side to side, they are not dancing as some zookeepers claim, they are in distress and trying to sooth themselves and relieve mental and/or physical pain.”


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  9. You know you will regret it though, snooze fest for a few juicy bits of info.
    Like a car crash, can’t take your eyes off it.

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  10. Do you have a link, Jake? Even just a YT suffix if it’s an inappropriate thumbnail? You mentioned this on the previous thread and I’d love to go over and “politely and calmly” question Angie’s motives 😀

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  11. That’s it exactly, BM. I’m still watching. Even Angie’s eyebrows raised when Dave said he had been cloned.

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  12. Is this treasured painting of Angie’s the one that was given to her by Colleen Black, perchance? It has great sentimental value. About 3 grands’ worth of “sentimental value”, that is 😀

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  13. I’m watching at double speed to minimise the pain. It’s making Dave’s rocking worse, though. Poor feller!

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  14. Yes, he mentions that at 6:07 in the third video. I just happened to be listening to that bit as I read your comment, JB.


  15. Not a lot of people know this but Angela also dated and was the muse for a very famous Italian artist named Leo something and he produced this loving portrait of her.
    Alas she married Leo and then discovered he was a pederast..a recurring theme in her fascinating life (ref: Angela’s Cache’s Ashes) and he cruelly cut her out of the portrait and replaced her with his new flame. We found the original in a Parisian garret. Apparently she invented the Submarine while living with Leo and he stole the plans for that as well.

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  16. Yes it will be that.

    The one APD and Jockney took to Sotheby’s to get valued and wanted to sell at Christmas.

    APD claims it is worth £20,000.

    I think Colleen’s art work is fantastic btw.

    Jockney should sell the painting in lieu of London accommodation prices over the Christmas period and damages to her property, which Angela has readily admitted she had and caused.

    Will Power Disney attempt to retrieve the sentimental painting en route to Ireland in a couple of weeks?

    That’s if Heifer fails in her attempt/s to retrieve it.

    Heifer don’t do Power Disney’s dirty work for her.

    If she valued that painting and the clothes so much, she would never have left them at Jockney’s.

    PS Are you happy that Angela speaks over you and you never get to say much?

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  17. Ah, the Moaner Angie. Hanging in the loo, last I heard. At least I think that’s what that nice Parisian gentleman said.

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  18. It’s on the user 2Circles video with the 2 children and a pentagram on the thumbnail. His crazy Occult References video.

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  19. Yeah, it crossed my mind too that it could be CB’s painting. The one in which the woman in the painting reminds APD of her sister. It’ll annoy CB that APD has left the painting (if it is hers) at someone else’s house as CB was angry and upset when her ex gave away one of her paintings which she had given him as a gift.

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  20. Ewwww!!! typical Sharter, months late to the pizza party and spewing the vilest images he can find.
    Dirty twat.

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  21. I just noticed what APD has put under the videos, she’s urging people to donate to her GoFundMe or to Nina’s PayPal link.. or if you want to give the money to Dave, send it to Angie or Nina and indicate it’s for Dave. Will Dave get any donations? Will APD send him it if he does? Nah….

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  22. Angie has Little nonce syndrome aka Abraham Christie disease which involves and obsession with non existant sodomy and ritual abuse. Pathetic twat. Both need locking up for the safety of the general public.

    So Police, pull your fingers out of your arse and book em Danno.

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  23. I feel sorry for Dave as he obviously has enough problems without being dragged further into conspiraloon land. He comes across as really vulnerable.

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  24. Angela moaning at the end of the 3rd video about people donating 15% of their monthly salaries to her is cringe worthy.

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  25. Angela @ 30:24 in the third video:

    “You see, if you belong to Jesus Christ and you’re baptised in the Holy Spirit, then you’re not available for duty any more. I’ve had Illuminati people, real high Freemasons, aristocrats, phone me up and give me trigger words, send me invitations to Rothschild’s parties or Viennese balls, or call me a feta, or say I’ve got to get involved with these two women’s work, and it’s almost like I don’t know what they’re talking about any more.”

    Oookay. I think I’ve just worked out who the next one who needs to be sectioned is! 😮

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  26. I like how that Christina handles herself, sll about her book and publicity, ignoring that guys bullshit.
    And as sharter involves himself into the convo here he is again, Up the Rabbits Hole.
    Cry me a river david you self confessed child killer.

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  27. At 36:08 someone starts banging violently on Angela’s door and she says, “They want the living room back.”



  28. Yes I feel sorry for him too.

    I’m expecting Angela to prey on him a bit more and get him sectioned yet again.

    I wish she’d leave vulnerable or gullible people alone and get herself a life.


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  29. If anyone wants to give Dave money I’d say find him on fb and ask him how they can donate to him.

    I’m presuming he’s on face book and send him the money direct.

    With Angela’s history, Dave won’t get any donations or maybe after she’s taken her expenses allegedly and without prejudice!

    Surely Dave is old enough at 36 years to have his own bank account?

    Anyone that goes to London with 34 p in their purse and begs strangers for £1, is no expert at handling finances correctly.

    Angela is a scammer, she’s probably setting up at Gofundme account or has already for Heifer.

    I thought better of Nina.

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  30. Omg Cathy O’Brien trained Dave in Martial Arts on the Orkney Islands when he was less than a year old, as Angela says how old are you Dave and he replies 37, Angie then says so this was 37 years ago and Cathy must have still been in the programme. To which Nincompoop Nina agrees.

    Nina is a con screw loose merchant as well and they all have the most pathetic idea about so called Mind Control. Retards the lot of them.

    News flash to all of them, you are not special or important to the goverment in anyway, this will actually help you in the long run but you are nothing, you co not have any special powers and noone is after you or targeting you whatsoever.

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  31. Wouldn’t give a oenny to that lying twat.
    Give him the advice to stop being a fraud wanksta and get some treatment.


  32. Honestly I wouldn’t look too much into that I have seen people display those exact same traits from a mixture of nerves/anxiety, medication, side effects, withdrawal symptoms, addiction, restless leg syndrome, and many more reasons for that kind of behaviour.

    Angela preys on these mentally ill individuals the same as Miles does.

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  33. Fanny, I agree with everything except thinking better of Nina. She may be mentally ill – and I do sympathise with her for that – but she is also sly, nasty and dishonest. She’s made several videos about Hampstead and in other videos has made very slanderous comments about Ricky Dearman and about people who refute the hoax. Yet if you ask her about them, she vehemently, categorically denies that she has ever even mentioned Hampstead! And here’s the good bit – that is despite the fact that all the videos in which she has talked about it are still up on her and Angie’s channels!!!

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  34. Angela Power Disney who claims to be trained by the Illuminati as a MKULTRA super soldier, who enjoys a track record of interviewing people who either then die, are arrested or sectioned in a mental hospital. What would an average paranoid conspiracy loon make of that?

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  35. I apologize for sounding like an ass. I take that back and acknowledge that I was baited into an emotional response. Posting “LOLOLOLOL” after someone reveals that they were abused by people close to them as a child tends to do that. In the end though, after all I’ve learned, regardless of your stance and your duty, fighting, bickering, making more of emotional, psycho-etheric ‘mess’ of the situation is absolutely unacceptable.

    Not to get superficial, but I do learn from moments like these through these situations, even if they are contrived on the other end. Regardless, I will say I had two ‘ventings’ like this recently within the same week or so and both were an enormous waste of time. Strangely, it’s the time where someone does something like this that I genuinely stand strong in returning to a neutral approach and offer no reactivity. This does begin to get transcendental regarding the nature of the conscious mind and accessing greater intelligence by overcoming the repetitive tendency of the patterns of emotionally reactive behavior.

    This might be the most awkward apology and thank you’ve ever read.

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  36. Is Dave a replacement for Arfur? Possibly may go the same way.
    This sooper-soldier stuff is very odd. They seem like desperate children who really hope that Superman and Batman are real and not just comic books
    As for Nina Valentine, a Grade One Wacko who comes across all sweetness & light but boy, cross her and she turns into a She Devil.

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  37. Heifer & Jockney can have a Glasgow Kiss stand off. Wonder who would be left standing?. My money’s on Jockney.

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  38. The only trolling Angela is getting is (allegedly and without prejudice lol) by Jockney in the local Lidl Supermarket (a London branch) as Angela pauses to eat her stolen Croissant and gets rammed with Jockney’s trolley.

    Angela says “Damn why wasn’t that the love of my life who “betrayed” me?”

    They are 29 p each Angela so you’d still have had 5 p left out of that 34 p you turned up in London with.

    Angela Power Disney is a thief and Lidl will soon have your Oldcastle address Angela with a link to your confession video about stealing it.

    Please pass that on to Angela, Heifer, thanks my luv.

    Own goal Angela.

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  39. Angela can sit on it and swivel if she thinks she’s going to get 1 p out of me.

    Cheeky bitch, who the f… does she think she is to tell people what to do with their money?

    Heifer morning luv, I hope you’re giving your new mate 15% of your incapacity benefit.

    Don’t forget now.


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  40. Yes I probably have got it partially wrong about Nina.

    I haven’t seen the evidence where she slates RD and Hampstead.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

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  41. Does she have a house guest or guests, paying of course, living in her living room?

    Ah! that explains how she will keep the apartment ticking over in Lanzarote whilst she bogs off to Oldcastle for a visit to sort out her benefits and Kim.

    Run Kim, don’t bother, it’s not worth it.

    Angela will manipulate Josh.


  42. They are NEVER original.
    With these scammers there is always someone who came before them who pulled of a scam which they then try to emulate
    It was ‘camera equipment’ for David Icke’s bogus “TV Studio” ( a room above a shop in Wembley) whereby he conned over £350K from 100s of his fans & supporters.

    But a music studio engineer spotted in Icke’s “tour” of his new TV studio, that the equipment was a load of useless junk that was at least 20 years old and completely outdated and unnecessary and would have cost him no more than a £100 as a job lot from an auction.
    Icke was doing a “Producers” where ‘angels’ or investors give their money and then the whole thing goes belly up and seemingly they all lose their money.
    The quite dopey Sonia Poulton was a terrific excuse for Icke to nring a collapse over his People Voice scam.

    I think it will eventually be his undoing as Icke counted on the fans who gave small amounts doing nothing. None gave more than $1K except one lady who invested $5K and whose son is a solicitor who was furious when he found out & is organising a group of ripped-off investors.

    It really annoys me that the media keep spouting the absolute B/S that Icke has “made millions’ from his books and tours. He never made a penny from his books as he fell out with his publisher at the peak of his fame and the publisher refused to pay royalties to Icke as he had been ( quite correctly) threatened with plagiarism claims from other writers. Even Icke admits he has never made any money out of his books, only his tours which are infrequent and not that well attended now.

    Power-Disney is at the end of the food chain for grifters picking up some crumbs via GoFundMe via her Satanic claptrap which only discovered 2 years ago.
    Like all sociopath con-artists it’s why she can befriend and then fall out with people so easily and move on to the next mark who looks like Heifer Brown at present.

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  43. She claims she used to give 10 % of her income, i.e. benefits but I say I’d like to see her proof of claim on that.

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  44. lol.
    The very notion Mr Mortlock is running to Mr Plod to see if he can post responses to something on Hoaxtead.
    Talk about legends in their own lunchtimes. I bet they never had so much attention.

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  45. She’s a Disinformation Agent !!
    But no. Reality is she zones in unfortunates who are teetering on their 19Th Nervous Breakdown and gives them a little shove as she deftly removes a few quid from their wallet.

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  46. I had some pals in London who were on the game who I worked for a few months between occupations. Driving them to clients, sticking up cards in newsagents & telephone boxes, buying boxes of condoms etc.

    Accommodation was always difficult as landlords were wary of bordellos and being charged with living off immoral earnings,. A couple operated out of friends flats while they were at work and that was some thing we often heard:
    “They want the living room back.”
    Just saying.

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  47. Fiona Barnett claims she was “combat trained” and ready by age 5 which makes you wonder why she couldn’t Rambo-like fight off the Pedo Gang as they hunted her in the woods.
    She also says she was trained to have a ‘photographic memory” but lost the ability by the time she was 15 after Richard Nixon had rogered her a few times on Airforce One and Walt Disney raped her from the grave 2 years after he died.

    If there is a government MKUltra training facility you have to wonder why all their operatives are stark raving bonkers.
    I wonder if the folk who bought David Shitters parent’s house know there are dozens of babies bordered up in the walls?
    And has Nathaniel Mortlock dropped his pants yet to show he isn’t a Satanist Baby Murdering Blood Drinking Pedo Satanist?
    That’s what I heard about him during my ‘research’. ( Saloon bar, The Wounded Duck)

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  48. Yes indeed, after waging a vicious online campaign of slander and harassment against various people, he is now being thrust into the spotlight…. and he doesn’t like it. Thing is Nathaniel, all of this was brought about by you alone. You don’t like it up you? tough.

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  49. I’m not sure why I was so concerned to be discrete yesterday. Anyway, I found some comments posted elsewhere by Nathaniel Harris, where he is very free with the phrase “my stepson”:

    “Also note that it is reported in the disclosures of Annabelle Forest that she came forward because she had learned the cult was now picking on a six year old child – the same age as the abuse started in the life of my stepson” – Nathaniel Harris

    He’s being very coy there, but elsewhere he is more blatant about implying that his stepson was the six year old child that Batley’s niece heard about him abusing. (Harris is mistaken- this disclosure: “she came forward because she had learned the cult was now picking on a six year old child” was made by Batley’s niece, Vince Barden’s stepdaughter. Annabelle Forest is the pseudonym of Marling’s daughter)

    So – to Kris Costa and anyone else listening in whom Nathaniel has conned into believing him to be a trustworthy source – when Harris caused you to believe that his stepson was the six year old child that Batley was alleged to have abused, he was deliberately manipulating & deceiving you. Nathaniel’s stepson will be 20 this year, but the six year old Batley allegedly abused will be 24. They are not the same person. This has nothing o do with whether or not either one is a genuine abuse victim, it’s just a mathematical fact that they are 4 years apart in age.

    “Consider also DEVIL ON THE DOORSTEP, Annabelle Forest’s harrowing disclosures regarding Colin Batley and his seedy cul-de-sac cult show, proving that this ring was much larger than 7 people. Meetings were usually of around 30 or more. It was most certainly not made up of just a few neighbours in Kidwelly” – Nathaniel Harris

    Devil On The Doorstep was ghost-written by Katy Weitz, on behalf of a literary agency that buys full ownership rights to publish a person’s life story, with any modifications or additions they may see fit to make, and to publicize the person’s life story in news articles with their literary agent “speaking on your behalf” under the pseudonym. When an article quotes Annabelle Forest, they are really quoting Katy Weitz, not Marling’s daughter. Weitz has connections to loony “Satan Hunter General” Valerie Sinason, and her paranoid delusions about massive underground cults of depraved Crowley fanatics in every English community are evident in the FICTIONAL narrative titled Devil On The Doorstep. References in that book to “Batley’s Church” did not come from trial testimony.

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  50. I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce that when the bottle return cash scheme is reintroduced the likes of these leeches can bloody well pay off the soddin national debt with it.So there.Muhahaha etc

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  51. “Spanking is utterly different from beating and more severe abuse”

    Spanking is fourpence, Beating sixpence and she can be very dominating if you pay her a shilling.

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  52. Here is part of what I wrote on youtube, I am inspired by any challenging situation and so this naturally came about. That is the nature of the trauma scenarios, to challenge the mind of the one experiencing basically like a nightmare into overcoming the psychological vulnerability that enables fear. When one overcomes fear, then they are a more “complete” individual in the cosmic sense. However this is distorted when people who participate in the process lose sight of the overall goal which is psychological fulfilment.

    Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy of needs is starkly relative here. You have something to offer, but you it’s expressed or shaped more by what you disagree with in others than it is by your interests and expressions of the self and the universe. There has to be so much potential in someone who can apply this much effort towards a certain goal. Have you complete schooling yet? What did you study? Do you have any theories about the origins of the universe? I’m interested in the true nature of consciousness, the reality of the “soul” (electromagnetic portion of the brain and body’s functioning), the illusion of free-will and temporal linearity, ancient civilizations, the origins of humanity, and the origins of the universe. That is what I enjoy most.

    Here’s the other part of the response that was inspired and this is the nature of the psychological challenge here regarding the ancient ‘truths’ of the universe and human psyche that I seek to study and have experienced (we all have, whether we know it or not).

    Ultimately this is about communication and behavior. If people can get over using certain words that don’t actually convey meaningful information but are derogatory then both sides can benefit. Again, I’m only speaking for myself here on the true purpose of the interaction. If there are other situations with others, then my only opinion is that insults and emotional reactivity should be reduced to levels conducive to learning. Beyond that and as far as legitimacy of information I cannot infer for others.

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  53. Hmmm. I must remember to screenshot and post the full exchange later. As much as I appreciate your apology (and I do), what you’ve said is a blatant lie. You have been baiting several of us with abusive comments for days. You’ve accused us of being everything from paedophiles to cannibals to government agents and frankly you got off lightly, mate. And how dare you say that I was mocking you for your own alleged abuse. The “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL” (7 Os – ask Kristie Sue) was in response to something completely different, i.e. a number of nasty, defamatory comments about me (and others) by you, as you well know. Debate me, fine. Take the p*** out of me if you like. But don’t slander me.

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  54. This is the idea of the ‘ancient process’ however this is literally so outdated one cannot even imagine what is possible today. The entire world is under one large mass-ritual to test their minds and the lines between where the ritual begins and ends is impossible to discern unless one can lose all vulnerability to fear:

    The Challenging of the Apprentice

    “Set”, “Sheitan”, “Setan”, “Satan”, these are all names for the adversary of the living and this all goes back to at least ancient Aegypt. This was the ancient representation of the darkness that comes after the daytime sun has “Set”, “fallen”, or “died”, succumbing to that which each night oversees the realm of the life giver.

    All of this is a representation for the danger, the risk, the unknown that was presented when the cold-night appeared bringing with it all the frightening darkness, and the animals and sounds which could threaten a living man.

    One who was not aware of the law of the living, the law of the land, the harmony and balance that was required to live a healthy life, their ignorance of the self and the universe was just as likely to lead to their death during that darkness of night by animal or exposure as they were likely to live a life that didn’t lead their soul to the higher planes of knowledge in the ‘afterlife’. This is all metaphor, and one in the same.

    Now people are unable to see the symbolism and make the connection between the words, symbols, and concepts and the correspondence between them and their personal existence. The physical existence, through symbols and metaphor, is describing their journey through spiritual existence of self-knowledge.

    Fear is the challenge to overcome, it is the gateway between one world and the next. This is because one is born out of fear, into fearlessness or knowledge. The lack of fear is not confidence, strength, love, or peace, these are all the results of overcoming fear. They are the opposite. The lack of fear is KNOWLEDGE. Awareness leads to KNOWLEDGE. When one becomes aware, they begin to know. As long as there is awareness, there is knowledge that will grow. As long as their is knowledge, there is SELF-Awareness. One can information, but not have knowledge just as one can have awareness but not have self-awareness. When there is enough information and knowledge gained through overcoming one’s fears then there is SELF-AWARENESS, this is KNOWLEDGE of the self.

    There is a story about the ancient mystery schools who sought to teach people the value of self-awareness and to guide them through the steps of gaining KNOWLEDGE of self-mastery. There would be many lessons, temples, challenges and systems. One challenge was for an initiate to conquer the fear they felt within themselves so that fear does not control the body and mind but that the soul or self-awareness is in control. This test would include a temple which would contain a pool of water in which there were live crocodiles floating on the surface. The adept was given the instruction to conquer fear of death by diving through the surface of the pool, swimming down through the water and finding a passageway where they would swim through and rise up to safety on the other side.

    This was symbolic in many ways. This represented the process of death and moving through the waters of the unconscious and finding the passageway which leads back to life in an immortal state. The crocodiles represent fear of the loss of self through the succumbing to lower consciousness. When a person feels fear their amygdala is activated along with other areas of the brain and endocrine system. In the moment of fright, this system is activated to a higher degree than at peace. When this happens there is a tendency for people to become guided by the fear, rather than guided by the higher-brain centers. This is the “reptilian brain” represented by the crocodiles themselves. They are highly instinctual beings who will react to stimulus whether without processing through the higher brain before or after the experience.

    If the stimulus of fear overcomes the adept, then they will not be able to complete the challenge. If the adept overcomes the stimulus of fear, then the brain activity changes from an overabundance of stimulation within the endocrine system and the reptilian brain to where higher-order functioning returns and complex actions and maneuvers can be performed to navigate through an otherwise utterly confusing and blindingly emotional situation. This is a metaphor for the experience of life in itself, where we can be swept away by emotion and instinct or we can be aware of the power of self-control, self-responsibility, and self-awareness thus taking the power over our choices and actions and guiding the outcome ourselves.

    What happens when the “self” is guiding the outcome is nothing short of magic. What is the “self” if the self is currently proposed to be a production of the material brain? Is not the material brain and it’s productions precisely what is overcome from a successful completion of a challenge such as this? This is exactly the way that adepts would be tested to determine whether their immaterial self, or soul was in operation of their physical body or whether the soul was unawakened, asleep, or non-lucid and the physical chemistry and instinctual habits were really running the show, akin to an animal. The soul is not the body, the soul operates through the body, yet the soul can be awakened or asleep and when one is asleep the brain chemistry and autonomy controls the choices one makes and when the soul is awakened the higher-self or higher-brain function controls the choices.

    The higher brain function is not the soul, the presence of the soul itself determines whether the higher-brain function or the lower-brain functions will be superior over one or another. When the lower-brain is superior over the higher-brain’s functioning within the body, it is said the animal nature controls the body. When the higher-brain function is in control of the body over the functioning of the lower-brain, it is said the divine aspect or immaterial/immortal-self is in control of the body.

    Read the full post: https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2016/11/07/challenging-of-the-apprentice/

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  55. Aug Tellez? That guy sent me private messages the other day, calling me a child abuser. Due to a comment I left on this video.


  56. Can I have a refund back for the time I spent reading that NONCEsense.
    What are you blabbering about and where is this wonderful enlightening debate?


  57. Do you consider child abuse a joke. Do you deny that the government itself admitted hiring online agents to disrupt legtimate discussion on certain issues using emotional tactics from many accounts? If the experiences people are expressing are true, then is that not exactly what you’re doing?

    If you feel anyone has slandered you, contact your legal representative and set up a legal proceeding. It’s that simple. If you think anyone is making unfair or untrue claims about very serious events and people, then simply contact the authorities and refer them to the information. It’s that simple. You’re playing “internet god” of truth and discernment and in that you’ve created the fallacy of developing the false-authority syndrome that you claim others of having for expressing their experiences. You told me you have multiple accounts and then after posting that on the page, someone said, “you tried to stop us”, so that pretty directly connected all of you to the same process and however you may not have individually posted the same thing you are simultaneously seeking to represent yourselves as a “justice” group of some-sort and for that your actions are unified. I hold no intentions of blaming you for someone else’s words, or even blaming you at all, I’m beyond this because it would be immature to spend one’s time playing with fears and exploiting others. However, I will point out those aspects of what you’re doing, for instance, a police office could say, “I didn’t do that, that was the other guy.” However, if the individual notified the state or county, they couldn’t, “Look, that was just the cop, we have nothing to do with that.” Your best response here is, “It’s ok, we have no leader, but this is very serious and we handle everything with the utmost sincerity (insults and ‘reverse’ slander, and then actual slander and insults). So again, I’m not attempting to argue over that, I’d rather see what you know about the universe and your own ability to discern between higher and lower consciousness rather than insults and petty exploitations of trauma.


  58. In my experience those that have a weird obsession with satanic ritual abuse, baby munching, and some sort of weird sexual practice involving chakra’s or whatever they are called tend to be child abusing nonces like Abraham Jemal Christie.

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  59. If you are unable to get your point across without insults, you don’t have a point at all. I can’t force you to respond intelligently to creativity, that’s your duty. If you don’t know about the ancient process of overcoming fear, then you’re simply fearing the reality of that process. The writings are all on the walls.

    Notice, how I didn’t have to insult you, and I can refer to the information in the post, because I can actually read the post and speak on the information. I don’t believe you are capable of reading or responding to the information I wrote because you don’t understand the nature of those carvings and the symbolism therein related to the nature of consciousness and the universe. Again, your duty is to overcome that if you want to have a legitimate discussion, if not, then you’re simply providing the front for that desire while secretly desiring something else.

    That is your ‘shadow mind’, you openly proclaim intelligence and legitimacy, yet you secretly only want insults to feed your false-sense of superiority. There are regions of the brain that encourage that and must be balanced with other regions in order to move out of the childish tantrum like response syndrome where the same pattern repeats itself over and over. This is basic psychology.

    You’re not broken, you simply have to be welcomed long enough to get past those responses and find the core of what you’re really seeking before you people give up on the legitimate thought process and degrade into insults and flippancy. Try to respond without the flippancy and insults, let’s say we’re past that now and are interested in finding one situation where this is not necessary. I’m only here to speak for myself as that’s all a person can ever do and if anyone says otherwise they’re feeding into that false-sense of superiority mentioned above. Do you have any intellectually stimulating response relating to the approach of psychological fulfillment beyond that false-sense of self as superior for infantile emotional reactivity? I’ve overcome that here, can you?

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  60. I’m not even reading whatever he’s saying.

    Who wants to read his essays, I don’t?


  61. Thanks for that JB.

    Gotta tell the truth and sell a book as well it seems. All these Satanic Panic hoaxes sound the same, “We Believe the Children” by Richard Beck covers the moral Panic in the 1980’s very well imo. Parents, police officers and therapists hounding children until they finally give them the answers they want.

    From your article.

    “But after having her first child in 2006, Esther began counselling and was advised to face head-on her own abuse and her key part in the Orkney scandal. Esther W, who still uses the name she was given to protect her identity, has now written a memoir called If Only I Had Told.”

    “Esther, who says she had a mistrust of social workers engendered by her father’s hatred of them and her own experiences, knew they were wrong but thought it was “just the kind of things these bad people do”.
    Her brothers and sisters, the youngest of whom was just four, underwent “disclosure therapy”, although Esther says it would be better described as “interrogation”. ”

    “It was this process which led to the the satanic sex abuse allegations against the four families whose children were taken away.
    Esther believes her brothers and sisters were being “coached” into revealing something which had not happened at all.
    She says: “Sheriff Kelbie himself (the man who threw the allegations out of court) said it amounted to repeated coaching. It was pummelling and pummelling over and over. Even an adult would have been broken by that type of interrogation.
    “It is designed to break a person down, so a four or five or six year old does not stand a chance.” ”

    It’s sad when the real abuse is covered up by the Satanic panic nonsense. Abuse is abuse, but the conspirifruits only care if it’s sensationalised into something more sinister.
    I blame Dennis Wheatley, lol.

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  62. @ omnipulse. This blog is not an appropriate place for intellectual semantics and mindgames. There are forums out there for people like you to pontificate on life the universe and everything until the cows come home. Hoaxtead deals with challenging a hoax and its supporters. Unless you have anything of value to bring to the table to dealing with the hoax then may I suggest you go elsewhere with your theories?

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  63. So you accuse a member of this forum of being a satanist and part of a demon bloodline, then go on to talk about eating babies to get a boner, sub-human frequencies, low-IQ, etc. This is all in one paragraph, then you come here and vomit all your jumbled up diarrhoea all over our nice new carpets, lovingly provided by EC and GCHQ, and expect us to respect you or read your batshit Crazy twattery?

    No, sorry it doesn’t work like that.

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  64. This begins with the concept of the “Cosmic Simulation” and leads into the illusory perception of linear time and then to Gestalt perceptions and the development of the psyche and the fulfillment of the psychological needs (Maslow’s hierarchy) or the development of personality disorders and how these projects sought to explore the process of developing psychological disorders as well as heal people through what was discovered.

    I’ll just give you a secret now, you’ll thank me later or you won’t know what’s happening. Get over yourself and all your problems, hatred, inhibitions, etc. You’re going to be driven insane in every way imaginable in the coming time. If you can’t return to center and express love, then you’re not going to exist in the coming society.

    This video is about “The Unveiling” which was outlined to me during my experiences in the unacknowledged special access programs which are designed to explore the human mind and access these ‘other’ realms through the use of technology that interfaces with the body. If you are more interested in abusing a person for that, then I am more sorry for your entire existence (or lack of which) than I am for those who were infected with a hive-mind AI parasitic consciousness which caused them to eat babies and kill one another relentlessly. You heard me. I was involved unacknowledged special access programs sought to find a solution to this (and this was found) and I more saddened by your close-mindedness and lack of empathy than I am for those who were entirely mind-entrained by a technological virus that caused them to go insane. If you are more interested in the insults and your lack of ability to comprehend complex scenarios then understanding your own consciousness and how modern technology can interact with you then you have less of a chance than they do for surviving the future which will require empathy and a great ability to adapt.

    I’m glad you posted this video (beyond your inability respond to the information in an intellectual manner) as I was going to post this. Your comment was simply abuse as classified by youtube’s terms of service as well as anyone looking for legitimate discussion, you made fun of satanic ritual abuse and said it’s all a joke, that kind of false-hood is not necessary thank you. I was looking more along the lines of the nature of psychological fulfillment as indicated through the development of the psyche from the infantile state of complete dependency to slowly becoming more dependent through each progressive stage of the increasing ability to handle change. From the ability to attach to other parental figures, to separating from the mother and being alone for short-periods, to exploring the environment, to then questioning the potentials of events in life that “could be” a certain way if different choices were made (conscious projection around age 12). If any layer is missed, then there is a lack of confidence and a form of psychological deficiency is formed which itself progresses or expands until each original psychological development is reached. When they are not reached and the completion of the psyche into the adult form is reached, the individual exhibits personality disorders of a variety of forms which are presented as fetishes, insecurities, phobias, imbalanced emotional or mental patterns, obsession, and out of order ego’s that lash out at others.

    The very part you linked to does you no real use because this technology has been around for ages and was initially developed by Tesla himself however the technology exists in other forms since earlier times.

    This is called EEG Heterodyning. This is where an ultrasonic beam is used to stimulate and create a binaural effect between the individuals brainwaves and two intersecting waves as the individual’s brainwave are then synchronized with the artificially induced wave.

    This is the outdated ultrasonics technology: http://cdn-5.constitution.org/abus/mkt/acouhetr.gif

    This is a diagram outlining how nerve cells can be activated with electromagnetic fields and this is common sense. Nerves are electrically activated and so of course electromagnetic fields of a certain frequency would activate those nerves from a distance. Your phone can be charged by an emitted field, yes? Well so can your brain and body.

    This is Robert Duncan who worked for DARPA, an advanced research projects agency in operation with the department of defense on very interesting and capable projects. He has gone public to share the information of the projects and technologies that he worked on that are now declassified (meaning they are sticks and stones compared to what is present).

    He describes a “blueing effect”, coined for the similar effect of light frequencies in motion and this is where the frequencies of the brain’s connected to the hive begin to alter one another and produce a spontaneous “telepathic” effect of an “over-mind” technological hive consciousness.

    This is really ALL about artificial intelligence and what that intelligence will decide for YOU once you are classified as a less-than essential aspect of this universe. How would you react? Have you prepared?

    The cyborg, the computer “hive mind” links together multiple human brains and through that generates an “overmind” which can use the processing similar to cloud computing.

    This is then about those who CANNOT empathize with others. And don’t believe that by ganging up for the goal of insulting Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors you’re being empathic. That’s about as empathic as two rocks falling down hill towards a town!

    The brain can be decoded using a brain to machine interface and this was achieved long ago.

    Then there are the studies the showed how the brain exhibited the uncanny ability to predict the images that a user would be shown even when there were no perceivable patterns: http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2010/12/study-looks-brains-ability-see-future

    So people were shown images and then they had to determine whether the next image would be inline with the rest. These images were themed with sex, gore, horror, peace, etc etc etc.
    Somehow, when the researchers tried to trick the individual, the regions of the brain corresponding to that emotional theme would slightly activate before they event responded!

    Now hows that for unexpected.

    Imagining the future or recalling the past activates the same brain functions! : https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/back-to-the-future-how-th/

    Brain-scans generate behavior models!:

    So is the brain the entirety of the inner presence? If so, what is in control when the ‘user’ goes beyond the behavior model of the brain and activates the will-power to engage in a way that supersedes that predictable model? You have therein the beginning of the extra-physical presence.

    This is a ‘connectome’ a neural map of the brain. This is a cheaper one: http://www.connectomics.org/viewer/_images/brainnetwork.jpg

    Here is a more complete imaging: https://www.neuroscienceblueprint.nih.gov/connectome/Select_White_Matter_Tracts_Slideshow_full.jpg

    Notice the detail and complexity of the of the neural reconstruction. This is achieved through diffuse imaging MRI where water molecules are traced along he individual neuronal pathways using powerful magnetic fields until the entire (or closest) neural image of the brain is mapped.

    Then you have neuronal decoding: https://d1o50x50snmhul.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/29934001.jpg

    Through these algorithms, computers can function to literally convert the mishmash of neuronal firing in order to reproduce a legible reconstruction of words, sounds, images, memories or intentions. This is some of the most amazing technology that can be discovered and this is all DECADES OLD, everything in private sector is YEARS ahead of the public.

    And if you think any of this is “too” intellectual, or “not legitimate” enough for your own intelligent response, then you’re simply hiding from your shadow consciousness and seeking an emotional release instead due to some psychological disturbance that distances you from others and creates that false-sense of superiority. Not looking for an argument here, just applying what I’ve learned from these projects, direct experiences in tough situations, developing my own self-awareness and psyche, and researching and reading as much as I could outside of school and college education on the subjects.

    Your legal system is a cover for a spiritual enslavement system where you are lied to from birth by those in power and your ‘accounts’ are literally listed as ‘souls’ on paper, literally as how you will be considered by this system and those controlling it. If you think my willingness to discuss these issues in an intellectual manner based on academic and legitimate interpretations of the information we have access to (you have the internet, you have the Library of Alexandria), then you are not seeking to attain your highest potential and have fallen to the ranks of mere insults and debauchery where you could be participating in actual self-discovery.

    You are the psychologically complex beings I’m describing in the videos and texts, get used to it or get used to being classified differently by the control system.

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  65. Oh dark, if someone could edit this link into the post to make it proper that would be appreciated:


  66. His Miles interview is really quite sad. His stories are all over the place here..the man needs help.
    His interview starts at 5:51

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  67. Dennis Wheatley. LOL! Even if the children involved in the Hampstead SRA Hoax decided to write a book when they are older explaining how Abe and Ella had caused it all, the hoaxers would still not “believe the children.”

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  68. Fair enough, but that is the background of the information regarding what are known as the “Unacknowledged Special Access Programs” which partially related to project MKULTRA, project MONARCH, and other projects which incorporate drugging, Satanic Ritual Abuse and essentially trauma-based mind-control.

    I was informed that these projects were formed out of the necessity of the control of information related to what the elite bloodlines had discovered and maintained through their use of advanced technology and spiritual practices that they’ve recovered and sometimes held from ancient times, literally previous civilizations.

    That these families go through these processes in order to ensure that the individual is capable of handling the truth which is far beyond the ability of the conscious mind to comprehend, literally as we’ve been purposely designed to be too limited to actually come to terms with the whole picture of reality and the universe.

    Thus they developed methods to “over-load” the mind and enable the individual to then build themselves back together and only once they’ve exhibited the ability to do this and thrive are they permitted to hold the reigns of power.

    Then the out of control Satanic Ritual Abuse that we are hearing about today is where this process was taken over by people with lot’s of money and power who forgot about or simply ignored the original intentions of the process and used this as an excuse to abuse, molest, murder, etc etc etc innocent people for their own personal satisfaction. Basically, some people lost it and continued to lose and abuse others.

    All of this is recorded and maintained by the higher authorities in this civilization and as well it’s kept continually private because the original goal is to produce an individual who is competent enough to live in a society where unimaginable power is accessible.

    I’ll just let you know, by lashing out and ultimately resorting to fear and harassment tactics you are exhibiting the kind of display that turns murderous later on when the mass-ritual testing becomes more prominent than it already has. You’ll be monitored so that you don’t lose your self and can remain a safe and valuable addition to society for others (and yourself).

    As well, for the response that says, “No thank you” to the information I’ve posted. That goes back to the unfulfilled psychological needs hierarchy generated a false-sense of superiority that can only be satisfied by throwing minor temper tantrums that “go against the grain” kind of like a post-toddler aged child still going to the bathroom in their pants. A person in real control would be able to use their brain to come up with an intelligent response instead of shying away from the truth and using multiple accounts to play in the proverbial mud.

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  69. The ‘sexual practice’ involving ‘chakras’ is called Sexual Abuse and Trauma based Mind Control, if you are referring to me then I outline in my videos ways to enhance the nerves in the areas of the body to regain a balance of hypersexualization and overstimulation which is sought and often resulting from sexual traumatic abuse.

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  70. Valarie Sinason..lol..

    Prof La Fontaine’s verdict on Valerie Sinason
    “It’s depressing to find someone who has a position at leading London hospitals who is so cut off from what research methodology is, and what rational evidence is,” she says. When Miss Sinason announces that she has “clinical evidence” of infanticide and cannibalism, she means that her patients have told her stories about them. The implication is that, because the suffering of these people is real, their “memories” must be accurate.”

    Jeremy Laurance, the Health Editor of the Independent, was alerted by a well known psychotherapist to the existence of pictures on the internet of a man eating a dismembered baby. The paper ran the story. A week later it apologised. “Let’s not beat about the bush. I’ve been had,” said Laurance. It turned out that the photographs were a hoax by a Chinese performance artist. And the gullible psychotherapist? Valerie Sinason, of course.

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  71. As well, the idea here is to retain sexual fluids for a period of time while exercising and balancing the body’s systems in order to activate a higher level of intelligence. This is what has been described throughout the ages as one of the ancient pathways to power and this is also part of why sexual depravity is encouraged in public. Those without discipline do not receive power.

    Have you had any experience with this? If not, then how are you to judge and proclaim the same outward ‘slander’ that you claim others are of you?


  72. I think you may need to seek some sort of psychological help. Anyone who even thinks of, let alone uses the words “babies” and “boners” in the same sentence is clearly not right it the head.
    The fact that you seem very confident that eating babies would give someone a boner is very worrying also. Is this something you have researched? Any evidence to back up your claims or is it just one of your Abrahamesque fantasies? I just hope you haven’t been googleing those two words or even worse actually carrying out your own Kinsey like trials to obtain this data.

    Sounds like a load of Nonce-sense to me.
    There is nothing funny about child abuse, just the idiots who believe they are actually stopping abuse by promoting hoaxes and sensationalising child abuse with their lurid little fantasies.
    If you want to help stop child abuse become an anti-child abuse campaigner, not some fruitloop who only cares about perverted stories of abuse.
    I’m sure if you google Sheva Burton Cross of change you can find a reputable organisation to help out by donating or offering whatever little skills you have.

    Probably best not to mention satanists, demonic bloodlines, eating babies and boners though. For some reason that tends to put real anti-child abuse campaigners off for some reason, they might start to think you are either a pervert or severely mentally ill, maybe even both.

    Good luck.


  73. Yes, he thanks her on his original blog preface… probably got in touch with her to tell his tales of woe. She, being a very shrewd and calculating operator, probably groomed and encouraged him. After all, those big houses in north London don’t buy themselves I’ll have you know. They need an endless supply of mentally vulnerable and deluded “ritual abuse” victims and enablers to keep her bank balance ticking over nicely. The real scandal is that her clinic is funded by the NHS, despite there being no evidence for the validity of her therapies (the opposite in fact) or her theories.

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  74. I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups. Have you ever researched or heard about child sacrifice to spiritual entities? It’s all part of an energetic system of attaining more power for them.

    The other aspect then is the depravity. We were interfaced with supercomputer devices that are capable of recording and playing back the experiences of a person’s brain. Thus, they recorded all kinds of rituals, sexual acts, trauma, abuse, death, murder, self-harm, and all kinds of depravity through these devices.

    This video explains the basics of the process, it’s not necessary to understand though, the basics can be described in a paragraph.

    The frequencies of a person’s consciousness is naturally extended from the low to high and this enables the sexual, security, food, sensory etc etc etc requirements to exist on the ‘bottom’ as part of the support structure of the psychology and then the higher process are on ‘top’ like a pyramid with the centralized focal point on top.

    Thus, these devices, when operated by the user to experience sex and trauma over and over again initiates a malformation of the psyche and literally the electromagnetic fields of consciousness around the brain and this literally produces brain damage that reduces empathy and converts the user into a kind of sociopath from the damage.

    That is the gist of the ‘technological AI parasite” that basically turns people into raving lunatics.

    This society MUST be able to overcome such vulnerabilities otherwise those who do not will not be able to co-exist in the future where technology of UNIMAGINABLE power, basically to achieve anything you can even comprehend (and more) is accessible by the public.

    Those ‘public’ groups for child-abuse provide children who were previously abused to the occult groups that are present in the unacknowledged special access programs, that’s how I was found.

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  75. I think Valerie Sinason might benefit from going back to junior school to re-learn what the scientific method is all about. Satanic Temple would love to have Valerie Sinason removed from her various positions of influence.

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  76. And just to be clear Barchon, a “Satanist” (the false kind) is simply one who puts their own satisfaction over another. So yes, if a person is harassing others who are victims of abuse, that is the whole concept behind (false) “Satanism”.

    The other aspect is self-discovery and is hidden behind the double-meaning so that people who are not ready to wield the power of knowing the self and the universe do not see the truth. Regardless, these occult rituals are often referred to as Satanic rituals and there is a direct connection to these “Satanic” holidays which all incorporate child abuse, sacrifice, molestation, burning of an effegy, consumption of flesh, bodily fluids and solids (sexual fluids, excrement), giving honor to certain deities etc etc so and so forth. This has been around since the beginning so those who pretend it’s not happening are either purposely looking the other way out of fear, ignorance, or compliance. I am only speaking for what I have experienced directly.

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  77. Was it not Dave’s door? Someone walks in his door and says something to him and Angie shouts “They want the living room back.”

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  78. Apparently he is going to speak at the so called protest. The ‘pizza slut’ image was posted in 2012 on Pizzabrains. The girl taped to the table was just a bald 4 months old baby in June 2012 (shown in another image of her). Definitely not the same girl. Not that it will stop Shurter and the other pizzagate loons from ignoring the facts and pretending otherwise.

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  79. I don’t know where you are getting your information from regarding MK ULtra and the other 150 similar CIA projects relating to so called Trauma based Mind control but there are some very educated people on here who know more than I do, namely Justin Sanity who would be able to correct the myths and falsehoods you believe in.

    The CIA site has all the released documents, most were destroyed but those that were misfiled are available to read. The court documents of those that were affected by these programmes are also online to view, anywhere else is just falshoods and myths.

    People like Cathy O’Brien and others are a mixture of the misled and fraudulant.


  80. @omnipulse.
    Any claims of NWO or an elite is a fiction. Why? because if there was an elite, a clown like Trump would not now be in power, Brexit would never have happened, Satanic Temple would not be growing in influence, and I would be dead or missing.

    As to theories of “higher level of intelligence” and “rebalancing” is also without scientific reliability. Such claims remind me of archaic remedies like mustard baths and bleeding in order to rebalance the humors of the body. All the individual has to do to be in harmony is follow the patterns of nature, and get out in nature more. Simple.

    I don’t know what any of your verbose theories have to do with ending the Hampstead SRA hoax. I still think this is the wrong place for your theories.


  81. I agree Barchon and my comment about Aug on his video didn’t even mention SRA. I simply made an observation on the way he was talking. He then sent me private messages calling me “jealous” (eh?) and calling me a child abuser. Bizarre..


  82. If it turned out that APD was being used to infiltrate, cause divisions and ensure that conspiracy ‘twoofers’ are either arrested or sectioned, I would agree she is a ‘super spy’ and very good at her job.
    Otherwise, I would have to question just how good the ‘super spy’ programme is if APD is considered a ‘super spy’. Just how stupid, clumsy and obvious would a normal spy be?
    I certainly agree she comes from a story telling tradition. Mainly fiction.

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  83. @Omnipulse
    Hmm. I see you’ve deleted all your comments on that page now. Interesting Worried about me exposing what was really said, I take it.

    I was looking forward to also showing my comment about how you keep posting abuse to people then immediately block them to stop them replying. Classy, dude.

    And I see you’re still publicly, in front of all my friends, stating that I find child abuse funny. That’s you off my Xmas card list.

    We’re all grown-ups here and can handle disagreement, but please stay respectful.


  84. I’m only able to go off of direct experience and what I was outlined in the bases. As far as the documents, they admit to drugging children from psychological experimentation and trauma-based mind-control as far as hypnosis and getting people to “fake” shoot other people without even remembering it, and that is just what is released publicly.

    Then there is project STARGATE which deals with remote viewing, telepathy, “chi” energy, energy activation and the like.

    Those can’t be denied they are 1) Regarded all throughout history. 2) Widely accepted as general knowledge of the occult and private groups (bloodline elite, simply make enough impact to join a secret society and you’ll understand) 3) Openly admitted by intelligence agencies and 4) Supported by first hand testimony of thousands of individuals including myself.

    So if you have any other evidence supporting your opinion other than, “i don’t care or like you”, or “Can’t be true because I don’t want it to be true”, then please do submit it here.

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  85. And here is the information regarding project MKULTRA and project STARGATE:
    This is only a fraction of the released information.



    First-hand testimony of others that match my own first-hand experiences confirms this. If the best you can say is, “I don’t believe you”, simply because you don’t want this to be true, or find pleasure in harassing people who have been through Satanic Ritual Abuse, then there is no point in communicating because you are not interested in using reason but only emotional reactivity and fear-tactics to distract from legitimate discussion. Again, I can only speak on my own personal experiences.

    Do you have any experiences with secret societies, academic fraternities, brotherly fraternities, corporate cartels, etc etc etc? No? Then how can you claim your statement is based on anything but unfounded skepticism and lack of personal experience presented as factual opinions? Those are tendencies leaning towards and overbearing of self-importance, a false-sense superiority, continued harassment of abuse survivors and an inclination towards sadism.

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  86. And I’m still waiting for Alan to provide proof that everyone connected with this blog is a paedophile, as he has stated on numerous occasions over the last few weeks.


  87. H!ey Barchon Mad! Where did you find the reference to that Lyin Scammer O’Brien Reference by Dave M interviarrow? I would like to add it to my list of her B.S. for future reference and maybe a Debunking vid or two! SO many lies out of that Skankstress! lol Super-funny Story and memes today E.C.!

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  88. I’m ever grateful to Spiny Norman for telling me how to watch videos at a greater speed. If it wasn’t for that capability then i don’t think i’d make it through most of the fruitloops videos.

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  89. That’s just your way of saying, “I don’t believe and therefore my opinion is fact”. Have you met the “elite”? So how would you know how such a control system works? Because you theorize that they couldn’t possibly create front men? How often has that shown true in history? How often has someone who is here to “save the day” actually done so? Politically? All that is a show, every year the same things are promised and every year the same principles are ignored and misconstrued as success through Hegelian dialectic.

    As well, have you had any direct experience with “higher level of intelligence”, or “rebalancing”, or do you just claim they don’t exist because you can’t seem to find the switch yourself? How do you know everything I am talking about is not absolutely scientifically based? The truth is, it all is. Check the larger post above on the technology and read through the larger post above that on the ancient methods of stimulating the amygdala in ancient Egypt. All of this is related to brain regions, communication synchronization between hemispheres and the activation of the higher and lower brain. The “higher intelligence” that you so graciously admitted you have no clue about by stupendously outlining in “quotes” as if that somehow makes you “more intelligent” is simply related to the neo-cortex and the higher-functioning of the mammalian brain.

    You either know or you don’t know, and you obviously don’t know and choose to ignore all chances to learn like that makes you special. Again, self-importance, false-sense of superiority, tendencies towards harassment and abuse of others with an inclination towards insults and sadism. You could learn a thing or two from this whole process.

    And you WILL, or you will experience the pain and suffering of those continually trapped in lower consciousness due to their inability to get over themselves and their own self-willed inhibitions of ‘higher learning’.

    I’ll admit, I just read the final line of your comment, after typing that. But THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA.

    If your brain and body is generated out of the cycles of nature and the mathematical and geometric frequencies of alignment and proportion that nature exhibits then by removing yourself from the perceptual and stimulatory immersion of the technological ‘pseudo-environment’ that has been generated over the past few thousand years is exactly what recreates that feedback-loop of the person’s own self-awareness into their consciousness by connecting one’s inner mind to the external mind of those natural cycles and frequencies.

    By going into nature, one is going INTO THEIR MIND. A deprivation chamber is a similar process, if not faster (so technology IS capable of producing natural results if not more quickly and effectively than before).

    Think about this, that immersion into those cycles and frequencies is literally the chanting and beating of the drum of the ancient tribal ceremonies that sought to propel the individuals’ consciousness out of the linear confinement of waking reality and into a non-linear, naturally cyclic fluid experience of some kind of ‘supra-conscious’ ‘ether’ of reality (maybe hyper-processing across those previously mentioned neuronal structures).

    See? You have it in you to touch on these same topics, but you’re more interested in making fun of people for experiencing ritual abuse (again, I can only speak on my own direct life experiences).

    As well, I don’t blame anyone for my experiences. I know the process and the reality of this universe as a kind of perceptual illusion based on those very geometric and mathematic frequencies and cycles of nature that generate one proportional holographic reflection within the human being as a counterpart to the WHOLE larger reflection of the holographic cosmos.

    I enjoy whatever you consider this, as long as you stay out of the danger zone of taking things in a manner that degrades into personal insults and emotional abuse. As every intellectually active individual does.

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  90. You may have noticed that I already posted this video explaining my comment on it led to getting nasty messages sent to me calling me a child abuser. Did you really need to post the video two more times here and clutter up this thread of comments?


  91. They never listen until it’s too late, do they EC? We’ve warned plenty of folk about getting involved with Angie and they all have ended up wishing they had paid attention to the warnings given.

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  92. Here are four in which she talks about Hampstead and/or RD:

    I do, however, think we should stick to the resolution we made some months ago to leave her be, as she is genuinely mentally ill and has serious personal issues. Plus since she promised not to talk about Hampstead any more, she has to the best of my knowledge made good on that.

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  93. Just to be fair, I got that when I tried reporting you. XD So let bygones be bygones. I also find it humorous that a person on a sexual abuse, ritual abuse harassment and sadism spree attempts to report someone after using multiple accounts and stalking tactics to try and get their point across!

    Psychological irony at it’s finest!

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  94. I must intervene.Satanists and Demonology are 2 different things ,that is not to say that I support either.However I think you will find that Satanic Voices would talk about Satan as a concept or way of life rather than an actual being diablists would be looking at Goetia ,for example.Wonder if you know who is writing this Guys ,ADMIN feel free to tell .So it seems I’m not so DUMB after all..


  95. Your posting skipped over all the relevant parts as far as the psychology of the situation that is present IN THIS VERY SITUATION. The reasons behind trauma based mind control and the importance of my message and my whole involvement with this situation.

    I was involved with satanic cult abuse from people close to me and through this I was involved in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs which sought to explore human consciousness (by breaking it) and learning how to build a person’s mind new again while also introducing programming. As well, I incorporated the information of how this has gotten out of hand and resulted in much unguided trauma at the personal discretion of certain secret groups.

    Have you no interest in the truth? If so then why watch the videos in the first place?

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  96. Feel free to stop by again, Heather, round about the time Angie fucks you over and you finally wake up to the kind of person she is. Feel free to stop by and whine about how you wish you’d known, how you wish someone had warned you.

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  97. It’s under the correct post, Pallas. It’s just that there are several other comments above it. Sorry, I know it’s annoying when you want something to follow straight on – it happens to me sometimes too.


  98. “Ekh!,there is more reality in the wiseacrings of an expert in monkey business… get along with you”.

    Mullah Nassr Eddin


  99. I don’t think anyone ever accused you of being dumb. However, I worry about people who hitch their wagons to APD, as they will generally be let down very badly, and suffer in the process. Your call of course, but considering that she barely let you open your mouth without interrupting you in your last two videos, I think you’re smart enough to realise that you might be selling yourself short in that respect.

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  100. As well, this is all about CELEBRITY CLONING. Celebrities are involved in pay-to-play situations where their bodies are literally sold into sexual slavery as part of deals they unwittingly or wittingly have been involved in within the entertainment industry.

    Here is my initial interview speaking on these issues, the trauma-based mind control tactics and the whole situation.

    Basically, through cloning technology and genetic engineering these groups found a technological process for consciousness transfer through powerful electromagnetic fields and this resulted in BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY. Then, combine that with the ‘out of hand’ aspects of the projects mentioned earlier and you have a group of immortal, sadist, pedophiles running around and this is threatening the very continuity of this civilization!

    Operations were enacted to inform the public and this is all in process.

    As well, with this technological immortality, one MUST overcome fear, superstition, hate, and all these biologically generated BS (the kind bearing the frequency of the insults that are thrown about on this page) otherwise this civilization will crumble under the weight of such possibilities.

    So that’s the idea. Do what you will with the information (try to develop knowledge from it, like how humans got here, what the ancient civilizations where about, how much these technologies have influenced the current civilization, how temporal linearity can be overcome, what exists beyond the universe, the nature of consciousness and physicality, etc etc etc).


  101. Omniprancer – you’re saying that because there might be such a thing as paid government agents trolling the web, Roger and the rest of us must be them. Because hey, that’s the only possible reason anyone would want to disagree with you, isn’t it. How’s that PhD in Logical Thinking working out for you, by the way?


  102. And just to say, if one didn’t read the message, then you can’t have an opinion about it, let alone a factual commentary!

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  103. Btw, thanks for the link to “BarristerBlogger” Matthew! Yanls can get an update about UK “SRA” scam and history there quite easily…:D


  104. Omniprick, it costs about a hundred grand to sue for libel and takes about two years, you silly sod.


  105. No, I was just asking if you are capable of acknowledging that these tactics exist. Then you can observe the similarity between those tactics and your own behavior. That’s the idea, regardless of what you are aware of and admitting to, if your behavior is aligned with emotional reactivity over the truth in a clearly neutral and wholly observational manner (impersonal) then you’re playing into that whole process.

    Who said you have to be informed of your use as a disruptor of legitimate discussion in order to actually disrupt legitimate discussion?

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  106. “If you feel anyone has slandered you, contact your legal representative and set up a legal proceeding. It’s that simple.”

    To throw your, ahem, “logic” back at you, Omni – if you think we are all baby-eating paedophiles, contact your legal representative and set up a legal proceeding. It’s that simple.

    Or don’t you care enough about children to bother?


  107. And you can see how ineffectually unified you are as a group. Some say, “be respectful” other’s only use insults as reference to another’s name! What’s the point of that? Emotional reactivity over intelligent response, a person’s lower brain and instinctual responses being more active than the higher process of simply trading ideas and coming to the most useful conclusion or outcome.

    Who does throwing insults serve? Just one! In the same way that those individuals are only attempting to serve themselves, and in doing so they separate their “consciousness” out of wholeness into a divided higher and lower aspect (one for you, two for me) then this whole group itself is divided into some who want to carry that respectful outlook and others who have no idea of how to go about their online business without using insults to express themselves!

    Look at the situation! Is that respectful? I have stopped reacting emotionally, it’s time for the rest of you to really own up to your self-generated belief of importance and become wholly intellectually involved rather than emotionally. If you really are here to help others and defend the “children”, as you say.

    As well, I have my experiences with abuse, how can you use harassment and insults for a person who you are claiming to ‘protect’? Extreme psychological irony…again?

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  108. Of course I have, we’re all being monitored by the authorities, don’t you know how the internet works? It’s a beautiful world, a bit skewered at times, but still beautiful and effective.

    I am here to help you. There is very powerful technology, you can do ANYTHING your mind permits. As a result, this is all a test to see if you can choose a safe, communally respectful, loving self-empowerment over abuse and emotional degradation. If you can do this, you get access to many wonderful experiences and ultimately technology and a society that will change your soul forever.

    If you refuse, continually, you just stay here and watch the social decay over and over again until you get the picture and trust me, the next layer of society, you’re not going to enjoy if you don’t know how to fend off the negativity, the abuse, the harassment. And I AM talking about the harassment and abuse that YOU HOLD WITHIN. If you express and emit it, this is what you have WITHIN you. So if we get to an age of history where everyone is capable of expressing themselves to the FULLEST, well? Those who can’t control themselves EVEN IN RAGE or ANGST will become so uncontrollably influenced by their OWN BEHAVIOR that they will degrade and this eventually result in psychosis.

    In the same way the people say, “hey, this is for respect of the children” while remaining incapable of communicating in anyway other than insults and continued harassment, or while some say this is a unified group with a goal, while a small portion remain partially respectful without actually caring to read the information or respond personally without automation or flippancy, and others continue to insult and harass, in that very SAME reflection of discontinuity, division and disharmony, your own mind will reflect this if you’re given enough power to actually gain the confidence to act on the belief that you are the false-king of tyranny here to right the wrongs and flip all the bad people off while actually only abusing people who have been harassed in ritual abuse situations all while pretending you are here to befriend and help them.

    You are, literally, the cosmic deceiver, so misconstrued, so entitled, so angsty and unable to formulate a coherent intellectual connection with reality, that your actual results are only, ever, the 100% OPPOSITE of what you say, think, and believe they are.

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  109. Christina’s books look like a good read. Might buy one.

    I’m a bit lost where Nathaniel is concerned. Why’s he getting attention?

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  110. Oh it’s very real, although not every opinion is helpful. However, imagine if there are mass resource shortages and people are forced to interact and work mainly through an internet based society (already halfway there).

    Then all of this is forever and your very online persona will be used to gauge what kind of ‘citizen’ you are. Are you prepared for that? What if you’re wrong about all of this? The major defining aspects of your presence on this new “digital” society, is that you abused people relentless while claiming you’re simultaneously here to help those very people?

    I sense a new layer of society developing from this very cohesion…a way for you to understand your impact on others and respect others as much as you believe yourself to be deserving of respect because you have the capacity to throw opinions and insults like they weigh more in importance than the alchemical gold of the cosmos.

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  111. “Your posting skipped over all the relevant parts as far as the psychology of the situation that is present IN THIS VERY SITUATION.”

    No, my posting was to let people see the comment I left which resulted in you privately messaging me and calling me a child abuser. So please, feel free to show your evidence that I am a child abuser.


  112. Hi Spiny, which part are you referring to. And every time someone is more interested in the intellectual aspects of a discussion rather than jovial emotional interaction it seems “peeved” or “patronizing”, take a stroll through a college or university dorm that is above your level of achievement and you’ll literally see just that. Continuously, over and over again.

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  113. You can contact the authorities if you feel anyone is slandering others. That’s the whole point. All of the people you’re outlining are supposedly slandering well to due people. If this is true, then where are the lawsuits between these very wealthy individuals and these relatively not-wealthy bunch?

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  114. I think of it like this. She has to keep making videos to keep the donations rolling in and perhaps to get narcissistic supply. It doesn’t matter who she interviews so long as they think they’re a super-soldier or some other such nonsense. Anyone is fair game just so the video gets done and she can say ‘Send me 10% of your income’ and ‘I’m a journalist. Aren’t I special!’.

    Some of you might have noticed that I don’t comment on individuals a lot and I rarely name-call. No judgement on others – just not my style. I’m feeling a bit peed off right now though, because I think encouraging poor Dave into further delusional thinking is a cruel and mean thing to do. Nina makes her own videos and looks like a lost cause, but poor Dave…..

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  115. It was on his interview with APD and Nina. I honestly can’t remember which of the 3 videos though and I can’t face going through it all listening to their claptrap again! Soz. 🙂

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  116. You are right there, the children in the McMartin case came forward as adults I believe, doesn’t stop th pizzagate nuts and Kristy shit still claiming it was real.

    Dennis has a lot to answer for, lol.


  117. Of course you did, Omni. If you delete your comments, the responses to them go to. Duh!

    And no, there’s nothing fair here – I see that Tork Girl says you were abusive to her too, even sending her nasty private messages, which is a bit creepy, don’t you think? Do you treat all women like that?

    And how is it a bygone when you’re STILL accusing us of being paedophiles and cannibals? It’ll be a bygone once you’ve buggered off.


  118. “a person on a sexual abuse, ritual abuse harassment and sadism spree”

    Great – at least now everyone can see how you talk to people, so they know I haven’t been making it up. They are some extremely serious allegations you’ve just made about me – in public (and bizarrely, without even knowing who I am) – so I look forward to perusing the proof you’re about to post in support of those vile accusations. I assume you have it, as you’d be committing a serious criminal offence if you didn’t. So thanks in advance…


  119. I won’t clutter Hoaxtead with posts in reply to your theories. I invite you to join 600Club where I and others will be able to give intellectual attention to your theories. 600Club is where Dr Michael Aquino occasionally hangs out, a man who was himself subject to a SRA hoax, and was involved in and designed psyops with the US army.


  120. Actually that was before deleting. And I deleted simply because I don’t agree with the video focusing on the children in that way.

    How are you competent if you can’t intelligently respond to any thing I’ve presented, only resort to insults and emotional reactivity tactics to disrupt legitimate discussion on child abuse? What are you supporting if you’re not supporting the legitimate discussion on one’s direct experiences with child abuse?

    You’re supporting…not having legitimate discussions on the situation? Who does that help? No one? You? So if it’s just to help you, then how is fair that you tell anyone what to do when you can’t even hold up your end of an intelligent discussion?

    Are you some kind of internet authority? False-sense of self-importance…harassment and abuse, skepticism.

    I have stopped responding to the harassment with emotional reactivity, however if a person uses the abuse, harassment and insulting with themes related to child sacrifice, child abuse and satanic ritual abuse as if it’s a joke, then who’s more insulting? The person who’s making a joke of child abuse, or the person who has been abused and is being harassed for informing the world of their experiences?

    What are you gaining by stopping that? Do you think you’re helping the children? Helping innocent people?

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  121. Contact your local authorities, I have all the evidence and it is already on file. I told you, I was involved in the unacknowledged special access programs, you’re all being tested to see if you will handle power with true self-control or if you will destroy yourselves. This process doesn’t end until you a choice has been made.

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  122. Thank you, I’ll check it out! Have you read Aquino’s book? Do you know his messages on the aspects of Satanism regarding self-control. Oh, I see, I’ll check out that site.


  123. KSC’s blog used to be called ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’ and that’s still in the URL. She changed the name after the ‘Ricky’s grandmother’ fiasco. After all the backlash, even she realised she’d gone too far and took the article down. I think she changed the blog name the very next day.

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  124. Yes, Heather, I appreciate your clarity in the midst of emotionally driven chaos. There are MANY layers to this from access different psychological states through geometry and frequency, to shamanistic inner conquests of fear and illusion (false-self), to downright depravity which is used as a way to keep out people who can’t handle true power.

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  125. So no proof, then. You have absolutely no fucking proof whatsoever that I am guilty of sexual abuse, ritual abuse, harassment or sadism. As for your threat to take me to court, I refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v Pressdram (1971).


  126. Well that’s the point. If people could perfectly manage their psyche, society would be utopian, however, such a society is unlikely to be reached so we have the constant interplay between knowledge and ignorance, darkness and light that propels us through the ages. Just to sneak a snippet of off-topic discussion in, most agree that we may not see a ‘utopia’, but a switching of the majority whereby the minority that hold power, wealth, knowledge and technology will become the majority while the masses that are currently ignorant become the minority. To elaborate, instead of having a large mass of people without knowledge of the self, we won’t entirely get rid of the ignorant, that would render society itself frozen and eventually lifeless, we will likely see a mass switching of societal roles as knowledge and self-empowerment spread beyond the likes of any renaissance this civilization has ever seen. The questions are: What will we have to go through to get there? and Will we personally see this?

    Some say we have a few hundred years, others say it’s right around the corner.

    I know for sure those who can’t get over the insults and infantile responses will literally devolve upon exposure to such awesome power.

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  127. because Satanists do not sacrifice vestal virgins and babies ,according to The Master Grimoire , they can find much more defilitry things to do to innocent creatures.I can publish this claim in the grimoire they claim to be followers of the Master Jesus (due to my up bringing I do not need to ask what that means)The statement in the Grimoire is that satanist have better things to do with virgins and children The Master Grimoire says this ,although the Majick in it is shit.


  128. I don’t know anything about Satanism Heather, but I do know that Angela hasn’t given you even 5 minutes of total speaking time on her videos so far, only blabbered on about her ex friend and facebook trolling. The issues you have are too important for Angela to ignore and talk over.

    I know you thought she would give you a platform to speak out but she just uses people as pawns in her little games, just ask former friend Sandra Bergen what she has to say about her dealings with Angela.

    You deserve better and i’m sure that people here would be much better equipped than Angie to help you with anything regarding your quest to find out about your family members.

    There are some very good and intelligent people here with great knowledge on a variety of subjects. I’m not one of them myself, i’m a bit of a silly twat, and I apologise for making fun of you and being mean, it’s what I do to Angie’s aquaintances.

    Best of luck with your efforts to get justice, whatever that may be for you.


  129. Angie is claiming to be a full-time carer for her son in order to con people out of money, it seems.

    She is an amazing mother to be able to care full-time for a lad in Ireland whilst living in Lanzarote, isn’t she.

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  130. There was enough evidence for getting Nathaniel Harris/Nathaniel Mortlock (same person) arrested, charged and probably jailed for harrassment, stalking and putting people in fear, however, Julian Vayne has decided not to initiate the process by going to the police. I respect his decision, even though I disagree with his position, and I think Harris should show some humility and stop his hateful conduct against Vayne.


  131. Yes indeed, Anonymous, project talent is one of the major scans of the population. All of the major corporations are involved as this is outlined as a major operation relating to national security and the ensured continuity of the civilization.


  132. I can remember reading that article about the donation from the elderly lady back when all this was gong on.
    I felt awful for her, wondering what she would think if she knew what APD was really like and how she slandered people online in her videos.

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  133. Alan Alanson couldn’t tell his arse from his elbow if it hit him in the face.
    Kris Costa couldn’t research anything properly if her life depended on it.
    Sonya the whoever is an imbecile and just Costa’s ugly little chihuahua, yap yapping away.
    Angie, of course, is a prize idiot.

    They all have a few things in common. They like to believe and spread the dumbest information their tiny little pea brains van get their hands on about innocent people, they are all certifiably crazy, they all have child abuse accusations against them except Sonya to my knowledge.
    Arthur says Alan is a pedo, Costa admits to hunting down and accessing pedophile CP websites in searching for info on RD, even posted the screenshots, same as Wacky Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward did, Angie admitted to viewing a video of Ella and a young boy that was CP, and of course admitting to beating her children with all kinds of implements/weapons, but never in anger, just a good old calm beating.

    They all have an obsession with other peoples children and continue to posting images and videos of two children talking about graphic sexual abuse. They seem to neglect their own children and all want to get top dog spot when it comes to the Hampers Hoax.

    And they all are vile degenerates.

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  134. Firstly, Nathaniel Harris has no reputation worth defending in a defamation action, and he has no money to successfully launch an action.

    Secondly, Nathaniel Harris lives in lala land, and it is quite possible he has not been to the police. Even if he had, I am not sure what criminal law has been broken by people at Hoaxtead examining and having opinions on aspects of the Harris fantasy world he lives in.


  135. Good point Pete Surgate. Hurry up Alan and provide proof of claim, it is time to put up or shut up.


  136. If what Arthur has to say is true old AA has his own problems to deal with.
    Wonder if he can prove those accusations wrong, or Arthur can prove them.
    Just a lesson on why you shouldn’t make false claims about people without any evidence.

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  137. Bellender McKenzie?
    Who are you talking to, and what comments?
    Pretty sure theynwould let you post what you want on here.


  138. no one will fuck me over and I do “know” just back off because this is nothing to do with the hampstead hoax so why are you bothering ?Am I your next project ? FUCK NO!!!!You do not know what I am doing nor why so back off and stop attacking me ,and as for you looking for my son well good luck with that ,if the missingperson.org and the Salvation army ,and a private detective cannot find him then you are wasting your time and mine.


  139. It is an offence against earthly & cosmic law, to expose Nathan Satan’s deceptions, or disagree with him, or fail to be manipulated by him – this is true. I repent, and promise to do better in the future.

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  140. Angie must think that taking to her children with a lump of wood (T-square ) is just ‘spanking’. God only knows what she regards as ‘more severe abuse’.

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  141. So, if noone can help you find your son, what’s the point of Angie giving you a non platform and what’s the crowd funding sites for you say you have? To help fight the Irish Council’s claims against yourself?

    Angie won’t do any good, in fact wuite the opposite, as you have already found out by her trying to get you to do her dirty work for her regarding Mockney Webel.
    Angie hust wants your info to try and make her look genuine, yet she gives you less than 5 minutes of speaking time so far.

    Well I hope you put your foot down and speak over her and don’t take no for an answer the next time you do a video with her as I would like to hear what you have to say not listen Angela bore everyone to desth with her youtube therapy sessions.

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  142. I know I stretched the comments section out on the phone, so bad… But Torkgirl8 if you feel intimidated or insulted by my lashing out in response to your comment. Then to you I apologize as well.

    Seriously though, I have found inspiration through this whole interaction. I’m not sure if anyone here can tell, but I feel a great respect and appreciation for everyone, even those that don’t understand. I don’t agree, and I don’t endorse choosing distance and immaturity over knowledge, however I don’t endorse reacting to that in emotional outbursts either.

    This helped me to come back to my solid foundation in regards to that.

    That is the absolutely most counter-intuitive, psychologically ironic result for me. What does that mean that people insulting me teaches me how to be better person? I have no idea, but I have no interest in cutting people down but allowing them to find their own path.

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  143. If you’re looking at the production of negative energy for the inversion the psychological fields then yes all other layers are explored first including scat, ‘spirit cooking’, sexual deviancy, basically all pathways of “redemption through sin.” (the “earlier” origins of what you’re outlining)

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  144. Hmmm in your awakening are you forgetting calling people Satanists, accusing them of being from demon bloodlines, eating babies to get boners, having a low IQ amongst other things like accusing innocent people of being child abusers and into SRA?

    But at least the interaction was beneficial for you, that’s all that counts eh?

    How do you expect people to react when you have made those sort of unfounded allegations?

    A bit of name calling and so called immaturity as you call it, is how people here have had to adopt to react to the last two years worth of false allegations of the worst kind. Maybe you should think about that and reflect on your own behaviour, it may be new to you all this like many of the bandwagon hoaxers that heard about Hampstead since Pizzagate, but when you state the facts and point out all the evidence for the millionth time to these conspiritards, there is little point after a while when they all appear to be too drugged up, too stupid, and too blind to see what is obvious to anyone within 3 minutes of viewing a single video of child abusing twat Abe filming the children.

    Abused children do not behave like that and everything in life is not some conspiracy theory.
    There are a million and one plot holes in the Hampers alleged SRA, and only the biggest loon would believe a word of it. Everything points to it being the fantasies of a child torturing old nonce Abraham Christie’s pedophilic fantasies.

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  145. I was neither intimidated or insulted, however, I was angry and concerned about your manner of thinking. Telling me in one of your messages to “continue to enjoy abusing children”, when my comment on your video had absolutely nothing to do with children.

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  146. Gawd my head spins after reading these on-line exchanges by a bunch of nitwits who seize upon any new internet theme as a claim they are “investigating” something.

    Pezzagate is an example: there isn’t a single one of these ridiculous fanatics who ever mentioned pizzas before Wikileaks published an innocuous email about a brother asking his sibling if he was going to a dinner given by a not amazingly tasteful performance artist and who who said brother declined by saying he wasn’t invited and didn’t know the artist. That’s the sum total of their ‘evidence’.

    So we have 100s of fanatical witch-hunters whose entire lives are devoted to ‘exposing pedos’ (while seemingly ignoring the real ones they are all connected to) but it takes a partisan leak during an election for each & every one of them to seize upon it and weave it into their own current lunacy. David Icke is the prime example while this mob are competing low-lifes at the bottom of the witch-hunting food chain.

    Even then they have a remarkable ability to cherry pick which parts of a fantasy to believe : so that despite both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump being pals of the convicted Jeffrey Epstein ( and Epstein’s tastes seem to be for youngish teenage girls and not children) they conclude Bill is the evil one because he’s married to Hillary and they will ignore Trump because the master con-artist is an expert in crafting his failures (like $billion bankruptcies in which 1000s of investors, employees and contractors are almost destroyed) into brilliant business coups.

    They can so easily see guilt in retrospect only, although their new tactic now is to sort of sweepingly accuse all and sundry as being guilty.

    Talk about “useful idiots”. Putin & the Kremlin have shown great foresight in deducing ‘fake news’ was a brilliant new weapon to use to further it’s interests.
    # I was invited to a lecture and film screening of John Pilger’s new film “The Coming War with China” next month at Perth town hall. I declined much to the amazement of my pal who said I usually spoke admiringly of Pilger’s work which is true.
    But Pilger’s promotion of the ghastly & destructive Julian Assange who has done more to fan the flames of false accusations than most others has been a real force for evil.

    Pilger has ignored my many emails to him to ask his thoughts on his repeated promotion of Aassange claiming the ‘establishment’ would never allow Trump to win an election. Pilger used this claim over & over in promotional adverts for his work.

    So my pal said “look come along and then you can ask Pilger questions at the event” but he knows the last time I did this was at a nook promotion hosted by Cherie Blair and I approached her and asked if she might consider donating her royalties to the citizens of Iraq whose lives have been shattered by her husband’s war. I was promptly ‘escorted’ outside much to my chagrin as I missed lunch which I had already paid for.

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  147. In which Mr Coyote reaches the end of his considerable patience: A story in several parts


    EC’s reply: Get a grip, Heather. You don’t know who we are, you aren’t coming for us, and our blog has never published anything about you, except in the comments section, which are written by our readers, not us. If the comments bother you very much, ask me politely and I will consider removing them. But rushing in with threats and bluster isn’t the way to go.

    On a friendlier note, I would advise you to be very wary of Angela. She will seem very friendly and kind at first, and she’ll probe and find out your deepest most private secrets, and then when you piss her off (which you will, everyone does) she will blab all over the internet about you.

    I don’t know you, don’t know anything about you, but I’ve been watching Angela for two years now, and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen her do this. She’s a very nasty piece of work, and you’d be well advised to watch your back with her. Even her own kids don’t trust her.

    The other piece of advice I’d give you is to watch your temper, particularly when you’re writing to people online. The police take a very dim view of death threats, and arrests have been made for much less. I’m not going to report you this time, because you strike me as someone who is in a lot of pain and you don’t need the extra aggravation, but you should be more careful with your emails and posts online.

    Best regards,

    Received 14 March: HA HA pete surgate removed and POLICE coming after you .PUBLISH THAT

    EC’s reply: No, the police are not coming after us. Don’t be daft.

    I assume you have read my last email to you. I’m not going to warn you again: I don’t wish to take this further, but if you push me, I will.

    Received 17 March: Stop obstructing me ,I have nothing to do with this HOAX and stop trying to tell me who to get to do pr for me . Why is it your business if I am a guest of APD? Why do you care? You just want to attack anyone you can find online who looks vulnerable.Why dont you try this in actual life??? Oh and I DO know who you are ,you are all AGEING “ACTIVISTS” HAHAHA what did you ever get done????NOWT You are nasty little lefties who Maggie should have had shot dead .Now do you know who you are trying to harrass ? I know about Satanism,Crowlie Garniner,Thelelma Hare Khrisna ,Buddism ,Presbyterianiam etcStop harrassing me and do not dream of starting on my son.YOU ARE FREAKS

    EC’s reply: That’s it. Limits of patience reached. Consider yourself blocked.

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  148. I can’t see his name without wanting to break into the Philosopher’s Drinking Song….”Immanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable, Heidegger Heidegger was a boozy beggar who could drink you under the table….”

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  149. It’s a bit like claiming MI5 /6, GCHQ and the CIA along with every other spy organisation would send their best agents into the local Mental Health unit (or Insane Asylum as they used to be called) to manipulate the patients in a world-wide enterprise akin to attempting to coral a bunch of wild pussycats.

    As for Sooper Soldiers…if the examples this mob give are the Very Best then no-one has noticed that the recruiting sergeant has been blind, dumb & deaf for the last few decades.
    I jest of course as I have just discovered a snap of the latest British recruits in the Secrit Sooper Soldier unit:

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  150. I decided to put the word “Pizzagate” in the search bar of the GoFundMe site and was amazed at how many people are trying to fleece money out of people. Why do sites like that allow people to raise money for ludicrous things, or even allow fugitives like A&E who are wanted by UK Police?

    It’s unbelievable how people are abusing the site and the site owners don’t appear to give a damn.

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  151. Isn’t Sinason the one who claimed she had a patient abused by Jimmy Savile during a Satanic Baby Murdering Ritual and the patient knew it was Savile as although he wore a cloak and a goat’s mask with horns he said…”now then, not then how’s about that !” as he cut an infant’s throat.

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  152. Amazing how these people have no military background whatsoever and the overwhelming amount of so called ‘super soldiers’ seem to be women with severe mental health issues.
    Surely if any programme exists, you take existing soldiers who have shown excellent skills under extreme pressure that are reliable, and mentally stable for advanced Military training.

    Any kind of mind control bullshit would be a massive risk of having a loose cannon on the battlefield. Modern warfare for the most part does not revolve around any need for advanced superhuman soldiers, it would be more based in missile, air strikes, drones, weaponary, technological advantages, not human experiments.

    Not much point having some soooper soldiers trained from birth like some claim they are when Nukes and biological warfare can wipe them out in seconds.

    These people are all mentally ill and deluded, those are the facts, plain and simple.
    It’s very sad that these people seem to truly believe they are part of some ‘Special Project’ to make them feel relevant in the modern world. After all noone wants to know or care about ordinary mental illness or normal cases of child abuse, it has to be MKUltra or some SRA Hoax to bring attention to the subject.

    Then there are people like Angela who don’t even believe a word of the lies they speak about being a Mind Control victim, just another string in the bow of her scamming arsenal.

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  153. I agree, I think Dave (like so many other troofers) has serious mental health issues, and having Angie tell him that he should ignore these problems and believe that he really is a super-soldier or alien abductee or whatever will ultimately do him only harm. I hope he has someone looking out for him, as people like Angela are only in it for their own gain. Repulsive woman.


  154. The website is really shit tonight for me on the Ipad. If I use Dolphin Browser as soon as the page starts loading, that Amazon advert SV posted about the book overides the site and just loads amazon page. Even if I go back it will keep reloading that page for some reason.
    Somethings wrong with it.


  155. That’s strange, Barchon—yesterday another reader was saying they were getting 502 Bad Gateway errors in all the images embedded in the comments. I can’t see anything different at this end, so I suspect some glitchiness chez WordPress. Last time things this happened they’d pushed some code too fast, but they had a patch in place within a day or so. Fingers crossed.

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  156. I switched to using the PC operating from Tails using Tor and the site is terribly slow even with that enhanced security.
    Sorry SV, I didn’t mean to imply your link was the problem, could be from my end. Nothing dodgy overides using this set-up. Just need to buy another Memory Stick now to upgrade to the latest version, maybe Angie can send me one from her Amazon wishlist, 16GB preferably as the install won’t work on anything under 4GB, lol.

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  157. Ah, so I wasn’t the only one who was getting that annoying 502 Bad Gateway for all images posted here yesterday. Thought it was a problem with my laptop.


  158. Well Mr Coyote once again you show real strength of character and diplomacy where myself would fail on so many levels. I thought we were all teenagers without jobs? Now aging activists and leftists, hmmm the last thing I am is a Lefty. Wonderful work EC.

    If Miss Brown fancies a long journey up to meet me I will kindly have a cup of tea or Coffee and a varied assortment of biscuits on hand and maybe even at a push a nice selection of sandwiches if she so chooses.
    I think she may realise on meeting any of us, that we are not heartless human beings and have some sympathy for her cause.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things, and she really isn’t doing herself any favours.
    Best to leave her alone me thinks and let her deal with her issues.

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  159. I like to think of myself as an ageing teen-aged mutant ninja coyote. As for my politics, I don’t air them here, so I have no idea how Heather thinks she knows anything about them.

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  160. Yeah, it’s been ok all day today. Very annoying last night though as the images and FB screenshots people insert into their comments are always informative or amusing


  161. lol, I identify as a lamp on my days off and in the evenings and weekends. It takes all sorts to come together with a common goal. I really don’t care for politics or religion if pushed too far.
    Us lamps just like to bring some light to this world and Illuminate life.

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  162. I understand. I will not put you in that position again. However I also ask that you consider responding to my experiences sincerely rather than with lack of care.

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  163. Well one, how do you know what abused children behave like. 2) If I offended you for having experiences of abuse that’s not my doing, however if I offended you personally then I apologize (although I’m not sure exactly where, this page is a bit intoxicated with interlaced perspectives at the moment).

    As far as you having to take abuse, well one, you don’t because no one should and there is a pattern here. People are being triggered by these events regardless of their actuality to them. They may have past experiences and this is bringing out the most sensitive and emotionally reactive sides of people. YOU including, just look at some of the insults up there. You are saying that I shouldn’t, and I have not again and that not doing that is a good thing? Then we should do what we can to try and avoid that.

    What this, there has to be something done to provide an example of how the two groups can bridge the gap which is right now a big pile of trash, insults, broken bottles, and infected needles sitting in a moat of rancid waste. Instead of throwing more into the moat, we have to find a way to bridge the disgust at least to get enough points across to no longer have to respond in that way.

    Note: It’s not about agreeing, not in the slightest, that just wouldn’t make sense. It’s about being able to disagree and still have legitimate discussion including THEM not being overly reactive and YOU not reacting to their overly emotion reactions.

    Both are obviously overly emotional and leading to no where but a huge river sized embankment of psychological sludge between the two. If people are going to disagree and two groups are to remain different, that’s the point of a complex society, but to take that potential for learning and create a continual downfall of the communicative clearly for both is just pitiful especially at this point in history where it reallllly seems like sooner or later we’re either going to learn to get along or realize that we’re not going to exist much longer in the same format that we are today.

    I feel that shift is already happening and we have to capitalize on it or we’ll both be the late majority to whatever that new social system is going to look like.

    It’s definitely NOT going to be wielding a mace and donning a suit of armor to enter into battle, we did that already. It’s most likely going to be something that forcefully “encourages” people to stop bickering because the truth is, regardless of what is going on in the higher ranks, their primary care regarding the people on the common level is to keep things in check and stop the boat from rocking, regardless of the source of the commotion.


  164. Note I said “a problem with my laptop” and not that I thought I’d been hacked by GCHQ/MI5/MI6/FBI/CIA delete as applicable, as APD does when her laptop doesn’t do what she wants it to do. LOL!


  165. Simply research psychology or the current day declassified advanced technology developed in the private sector by a group like Rand corporation or DARPA and you’ll hear the same stuff, but wwwwwwaaaaayy more far out. And with a billion dollar price tag geared for war. Actually, click that Robert Duncan video above (or below).

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  166. Well my knowledge of child abuse is rather personal so all I will say is that my sister was raped as a very young teenager and I know first hand living through the aftermath of having to go on court tours pre-hearing of the trial of the scumbag who abused multiple underage girls, and only got a couple of years prison time. I also know how this all completely changed my sisters life, the way she dressed, her eating habits and has had a massive change on the outcome of her life still to this day.

    People here are sick and tired of bullshit accusations that have ruined the lives of the residents of Hampstead for the last 2 years plus. and yes ther have been idiots who had their own pedo hunting armour and if you see the death threats section, many, many of these shit stains of society.
    There comes a point where you just have to laugh at these twats to keep sane.

    See trolls for death threats received. https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/main-players/trolls/

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  167. How do you know I haven’t already studied Psychology? In fact, I have.
    My opinion remains unchanged.


  168. You are already shook and emotional after a day or two of comments, imagine 2 years plus of people harassing you calling you a baby eating child raping pedophile, sending you death threats, turning up to the school you take your children to, or your local church and shouting about you being a pedophile and asking you to drop your trousers in public to prove you don’t have devil tattoos.

    Imagine these lynch mobs turning up on your doorstep and vandalising your property calling you all pedophiles, then imagine your children talking about child abuse in private police videos were viewed online by millions, 4 million at the time of the court day and much more now.

    This is what these people have been through and it is up to any decent human being to stand up and support them if you have a conscience whatsoever.

    Sadly it’s all some kind of game to these conspiritards who want to force people to move and even commit suicide over all of this.

    So anyone promoting the hoax can go fuck themselves and we will all fight for what is right long before the likes of you and others have come and gone.

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  169. Oh my, well I have experience as well so you’re not alone in this. I hope you find closure however, again from direct experience, it is not done through engaging in hate, that only makes it worse and pisses everyone off in the process even if it seemingly provides some temporary relief. Only through increasing self-awareness does one find healing from trauma, this is exactly what we were taught in the bases as the whole process is a large trauma generating and then healing psychological experiment.

    To figure out the solution for such issues is to figure out how to save this world and so of course, the price is nothing less than the exact problem we are seeking to heal, only multiplied and with the psychological researchers in focus as the perpetrators.

    All is not lost, and nothing is as it seems, the psyche is designed to flex and even when the personality fractures and disorders like dissociation, multiple personality, or schizophrenia develop there are ways to find treatment although this society, the public methods are not geared towards helping people because the current system does not profit from cures but from prolonged dependency on false-authority and medication.

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  170. I have been through all of that and more, that is part of what the projects entail. If anyone is doing any of this to you, point them out and I will report them directly. However, I have had personal experiences with some of the people involved in these kinds of activities, and they like to joke and laugh about the people who actually think they’re “innocent” (even though they proclaim “innocence” because they proclaim that one should do what they want, as long as they have the desire for it and the consequences).

    I’ll let you in on a little secret, this is all actually going public soon and this is part of what is called “The Unveiling” this occurs in three-phases and I have actually met with the major players involved as part of an ongoing research project to inform the human race of their true origins and the nature of consciousness which is a far grander illusion than simply being a trick of perception, although that has a lot to do with it.

    This is more like a perceptual illusion on a cosmic scale rather than just some bipedals walking around.

    Still, does that make all actions excusable? Hardly, and that goes for the people over-reacting to allegations and those who are under-reacting and actually pretending there is no known problem, even to those who have had direct experience.

    Now, to stretch your mind and test you, imagine if your sister was verbally abused and branded as terminally ill for admitting she was traumatized.

    Would you feel good about that? Careful now, this is your test, not mine.

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  171. Agreed, BM.

    And correct me if I’m wrong but Heather’s son is a fully grown adult who could knock on Heather’s door any time he wanted to, isn’t he? Yet for some reason, he has elected not to. Seems to me he doesn’t want to be found. But then, who would want to be found by Heather?


  172. I’m not here to “exhibit” any qualifications I may have to you. You’ve still never answered my original question and it’s now looking like you won’t. So I’m giving up on you. Goodbye.


  173. Try being a 12 year old kid listening to your 14 year old sister crying her to sleep every night over being raped by a 20 year old gang member at youth club when he got her drunk and raped her behind a fucking skip. Try listening to her throwing up and developing an eating habit whilst everyone at school calls her a slag to your face everyday. try maybe getting repeated death threats from shitty little chav gangster wannabees who didn’t like you or your sister testifying against them, until your ex military uncle and his friend went and knocked the living shit out of them.

    maybe you want to hold your tongue before makinf false accusations against innocent people, because it has very serious real life consequences and undermines the abuse of every real victim who needs to come forward.

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  174. That is terrible, but you want to know something, I have personal experience myself, and I also have experience with that exactly because I have two sisters and one was involved in a similar situation. So I know what it feels like to watch a family and a sibling degrade and moving into the chaos of not knowing how to control self-image or self-abuse.

    And again, I haven’t made any false-allegations, I have no interest. I have only spoken on events that I have direct experience with in these operations. Check out the blog and the interviews where I offer public disclosure and if you feel this is incorrect then simply speak your mind and keep moving on in life.

    In addition, you of all people should know just how important it is to allow a person to heal and to give them a viable pathway to closure as well as respecting their disclosure and the courage it takes for an abuse victim to step forward.

    I am only speaking on my own experiences, so I’m not looking to say I know what others have or have no been through. However, again, I do have direct experiences with people of power and corruption in places of wealth and authority is not unheard of.

    You believe man went to the moon, yes? So we can overcome gravity in a rocket ship designed in the 60’s but wealthy, greedy men couldn’t possibly be overcome by desire and corruption?

    When we put everything in perspective, once again, there is only room for healing for everyone involved. If people are overly reactive to public events, regardless of the context, and are triggered into an emotional response, then they deserve guidance and support to heal.

    If those who are triggered by their emotional reactivity move into opposition and anger then they should be given a similar opportunity to heal and find closure. Without focusing our energy towards this, we’re just making the problem worse and that is inexcusable.

    People get what they deserve in the end, it’s natural law, deceivers, abusers, and the corrupt will reap what they’ve sown simply by being who they are. If we can not add to the suffering by throwing ourselves into instability then we’re playing a healing role.

    Again, you’ll have to put all of this in perspective for how to interact with those above in those situations online. That’s not really my situation or business and that’s a learning experience for both sides.

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  175. I spent an hour listening to that video this evening and it doesn’t explain why you called me a child abuser.
    You’re wasting my time now.

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  176. Yeah, this post has generated 283 comments today and most are due to, or because of, him.
    Scrolling through reading them all and answering to the correct ones has been a pain today!

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  177. The most unlikely of people work in those fields of work. A James bond type would be totally useless.

    Jones with a bayonet fixed is a terrifying site even at his age.

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  178. WTF??? I’m shocked to the core at that.. and people wonder why we wish to remain anonymous?


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  179. ..and yes, I did see who she’s referring to but thanks for editing the name out in the name of decency, something Heather, is blatantly lacking.

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  180. What a f..king bitch.

    She wouldn’t like it if someone said she was lying about even given birth would she?

    Delete this if I’m being too harsh.

    Heather Brown deserves all Power Disney throws at her.

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  181. Can’t even think which of my comments she’s replying to there. I haven’t said anything about her son here today. Loopy fuckin’ bitch.

    and yes.. “coming” to Ireland means she’s heading back in the direction of the UK from Lanzarote. Idiot.


  182. Heather – what would you prefer him to say? By your “logic”, if he’d said “going to Ireland”, you would probably have deduced that he’s in Lanzarote! LOL


  183. Yeah, we’re all in Washington, or San Francisco, or Westminster, or Skipton.. acccording to the sloppy-sleuths.


  184. WAAAH!
    Aug McJesus was here and I missed playing with him, because I work for a living (and he doesn’t, apparently). He’s just classic – don’t you think? 🙂 A long-haired, bearded, self-professed saviour-guru, just like in the 1960s! I remember it well.

    Aug: “I am here to help you”.
    Awww! Well thank you for manifesting in the flesh for us at this troubled time, Mr McJesus, but I’m not asking for or looking for help right now.

    Aug: “…for the response that says, “No thank you” to the information I’ve posted. That goes back to the unfulfilled psychological needs hierarchy generated a false-sense of superiority that can only be satisfied by throwing minor temper tantrums that “go against the grain” kind of like a post-toddler aged child still going to the bathroom in their pants”.
    Ah! The offer of help seemed benevolent, but if we decline to be enlightened then we will be tantrum throwing poopy-pants! That’s not so nice.

    Lots of this manipulation style:
    “Do you have any experiences with secret societies, academic fraternities, brotherly fraternities, corporate cartels, etc etc etc? No? Then how can you claim your statement is based on anything but unfounded skepticism and lack of personal experience presented as factual opinions”?

    If you haven’t stuck your hand in the flame, how do you know it will burn you? Only experiential knowledge is valid, he is saying, but note that his multiple claims to possessing experiential knowledge are hollow assertions not backed up by supporting evidence:
    “I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups” – what groups? What did they call their group? Who else was involved? Where and when did this take place? What were the group’s beliefs and practises? Is there documentation for the existence of this group? Is there documentation for your involvement in this group? He provides no such details about his alleged experiences.

    His “did you experience sexual abuse as a child? how do you know how an abused child would behave” challenge was particularly offensive, I thought. There are people here who experienced CSA or exploitation, of course, as there would be in any sizeable group, whereas this idiot’s abuse “experiences” are only fantasies:
    “We were interfaced with supercomputer devices that are capable of recording and playing back the experiences of a person’s brain. Thus, they recorded all kinds of rituals, sexual acts, trauma, abuse, death, murder, self-harm, and all kinds of depravity through these devices”.
    “Those ‘public’ groups for child-abuse provide children who were previously abused to the occult groups that are present in the unacknowledged special access programs, that’s how I was found”.

    In the imaginary “unacknowledged special access programs” for which there exists no documentation, because they are a secret. That’s really offensive.


  185. Don’t worry you’ve probably checked her out already and decided it’s definitely a NO GO.


  186. Crikey- Maggie should have had us shot dead !

    That’s me of course as I am a “left wing socialist snowflake” but even Maggie would have never gone that far. I did meet her once so she had the chance to…lovely porcelain like skin but she snapped at me and I jumped.
    Now I know what those old Tories loved about her. Discipline !

    And by old Tories I mean the ones I find myself defending these days because so many have been falsely accused of being Satanist Baby Murderers by these loonies and I’ll defend anyone from false accusations no matter what their politics are.

    Heather clearly has many anger issues from past experiences and I don’t what they are nor want to but you don’t go online and appear in videos accusing all and sundry of despicable unproved crimes and think no-one will contest your claims.

    It’s a form of bullying which often, badly bullied people can indulge in because of what has happened to them but these hoaxers need not think they will not find others at least putting the record straight.

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  187. I speak from experience having sued one of Fleet Street’s finest in the 80s. But this was a slam dunk as they simply confused me with someone with a similar name and the ascribed that person’s crimes to me.
    2 letters from my lawyer brought an apology & settlement with costs and a reasonable sum of damages, enough at the time to buy a new car ( Mini) but the legal costs were scary even though it never went to court.

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  188. If you ever have the opportunity again GOS to attend a ‘nook’ promotion then you really should go. You don’t know what fun you are missing out on. 🙂

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  189. If this blog is causing Nathaniel distress then why has he been reading the comments today and liking some of them? Surely he would want to steer clear of Hoaxtead Research if it’s causing him so much distress.

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  190. @jake – I see you all had lots of fun! 🙂
    I’m not sure what the point of his MKUltra document collection was supposed to be…the existence of that program hasn’t been a secret for decades, there’s no need to prove that it happened or that innocent, unwitting people were subjected to unethical experimentation. No one denies that.

    Somewhere in his “The Unveiling – Hidden Knowledge” essays, he claims that he was killed by a gunshot to the head and is really an animated clone of whomever he had been before. Buddy, if you really believe that then you need a long stay in a mental hospital. Preferably a permanent stay.


  191. I’ve just been reading his blog:

    “I was killed in 2010 with a gunshot to the head. My original body was destroyed and I was placed into a cloned body permanently.

    I was told that I was genetically engineered, this is a twisting of truth, the body I am now in was genetically engineered.

    My bloodline was stemmed and basically “exterminated” from Earth as I will not be able to pass on any original genes and if I do I am passing on genes that have been modified and even inserted with elite bloodline royal genes so that their bloodlines are passed on no matter what happens.

    I was injected with many diseases and viruses in 2009 and 2010, some of which by the very hospital I was seeking help from who quickly made a Satanic gesture that only someone from the bases would know of and I realized they were who I had suspected.

    In 2014 I received reconstructive surgery and awoke in surgery to a NAZI scientist maneuvering some kind of technology into my body on the opposite side of where the surgery was intended. They were using some kind of holographic scalar technology to move below the skin without leaving a mark.

    There was an elite agent in the back using a podium like device to try and connect with my mind and draw me out of my body where I would be promptly sacrificed and made to look like I died in surgery from the multiple complicated infections that I had developed from the sexual trauma as well as poisoning and starvation. Because my inner spirit guided me not to, I was ultimately protected in this event.

    Bill Clinton was present at my 2010 event. There were thousands of celebrities. I was told a war had broken out and this is an “Apocalypse” simulator, then myself and other operatives were convinced that we had to defend Earth from an invasion which, after the drugs and hallucinations wore off, I determined was simply surface level innocent human beings. However, the elite would say they are far from innocent because of their involvement with weakness and stupidity which endangers the entire human race.

    The former president Barrack Obama was present too.”



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