Angie’s empty legal threats

Hold onto your hats, folks, Angela Fag-Ash Disney has decided to take this thing to the next level!

Here’s the latest from her Facebook page:

Angela-class action suit threat

Okay, first things first: if you’re going to launch a ‘class action suit’ against us, could you please, please learn to spell our name? It’s ‘Hoaxtead’. Not ‘Hoaxstead’, not ‘Hoax Sted’, not ‘Hoaxted’. Seriously, people, it’s not that difficult.

Secondly, we’re really looking forward to seeing what Angie’s ‘class action’ accuses us of: Mockery in the first degree? Criminal sarcasm? Quoting her own deranged public commentary back at her? Enquiring minds want to know.

And finally: we thought that according to Angie and her buddies we were all ‘proven’ to be RD? Now all of a sudden we’re ‘HOAX STED INDIVIDUALS’?

Please, Angie. Do try to make up your (alleged) mind.

Bring it on bitch-baby meme



34 thoughts on “Angie’s empty legal threats

  1. Isn’t it funny how much trust Angie and her cohorts have in a legal system they say is so corrupt – when it suits them they turn to daddy to pick them up. Loving this. Love to hear the legal arguments about the reaction they provoked themselves – by their harassment of others.

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    • indeed..just read a blog Danielle George referred to full of the FOTL woo (and some Hampstead B/S) a’ranting and á’raving for pages re false money and cult run banks at right at the end…an appeal for donations to be deposited direct into their bank account.

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  2. After a quick Google for laughs I’m guessing that Ang doesn’t realise that UK class action law is for action against companies, whether that be consumer action or employee action.

    Even if she could bring a class action case against an individual then she’ll not know that in the UK if you bring a class action case against a company and lose then the REPRESENTATIVE, i.e her pays the costs!

    I hope she has a lot of money to lose…

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    • Ah, the ol’ death threat accusation again. You know, no matter how many times you ask Angie to provide a link, screenshot or quote to prove that even one of us has ever issued one single death threat to anyone, it’s just not forthcoming.

      And in the meantime, we receive fully evidenced death threats from them on a daily basis.


    • “Don’t even have the guts to use real name”

      Yeah, are you listening, Angela DISNEY, Code 2222, Guidance 2222, Lou Lotus, Ved Chaudhari, Allmoderncons, Butlincat, Jacqui Farmer, Video Man, Earthicastar, Super Earther, Oneperfectoutfit, CGI Pains, Dearman Does Hampstead…? LMAO!


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