Angela Power-Disney gets frozen out

What’s up with Angela Power-Disney lately? She’s gone unnaturally quiet over the past month, despite having a brand new blog…and we suspect we know the reason. In a nutshell, she has become poison in the troofer community.

Mel Ve dumps the ‘Angela’s Caches’ library

On Monday, we received the following email from Mel Ve, whose massive blowup with Angela we covered last winter:

Dear Hoaxstead / MKD

Please be advised that we have removed all the content from CCN’s websites pertaining to:

  • Anything to do with the Hampstead case
  • All content to do with Angela Power Disney
  • All content to do with Sandy Bergen
  • My interview with Sabine Mc Neill
  • Any and all shows mentioning the Hampstead case. is updating at present, and all offending content has been permanently removed.

There have been some speculations and rumours online regarding Eilish de Avalon’s absence from CCN. For the same reasons as you were respectful towards Tracy Morris following on from her daughter’s suicide, I am also asking you to be respectful of Eilish, who is dealing with a very ill mother. Eilish has taken some personal time to attend to her mother, and will return to CCN in due course. Please can I ask for the respect of all parties, as we do not wish to cause any more unnecessary pain for Eilish and her family at this time.

Kindest Regards

Mel Ve

Of course, we should say first that we are very pleased that Mel has seen fit to stop supporting material having to do with the Hampstead SRA hoax. This is a major step forward, we believe, and whatever her reason, we appreciate it. And not that we write about Eilish often, but we agree that it seems humane to give her a break while she’s dealing with her family situation.

We do think it’s very interesting that Mel is choosing to scuttle “all content to do with Angela Power-Disney” at the same time. This cannot come as much of a shock to Angela, but it does indicate that CCN now views Hoaxtead, Angela, and Sandy Bergen as more or less equally toxic.

Meanwhile, back at the Bases…

In mid-March, we reported on a rumour which was circulating at that time: apparently Angela Power-Disney, Nina Valentine, and Miles Johnston had plans in the works for a series of videos in Miles’ “Bases” series, focussing on “super-soldiers” and MK Ultra and whatnot. Angela was delighted, as it would bring her many times more views than she’s been able to achieve on her own or via CCN.

However, it all fell apart mere days later: it seems some videos had been made featuring Angie, Nina, and Dave Barrow. Dave missed one of the interviews, and when Miles uploaded that video to his channel, it was a version in which Angela’s face was not visible on-screen. We believe that Angela took this as a deliberate slight on Nina’s part, and blamed her for sharing that video with Miles deliberately in order to cut Angie out of her own show.

So it comes as very little surprise now to find that Nina and Miles have ditched Angela altogether, and have begun doing their own Bases videos:

In this one, you can hear about how an angel saved Nina from a car wreck in which she was not wearing a seatbelt, and how her head was on fire for the better part of a year. Don’t believe this? Well, we’ll have you know, her cat experienced the exact same symptoms!

The video starts with a bit of a diatribe from Miles, who fires a shot or two across Angela’s bow. He says to Nina, “You’ve been on with the wonderful Angela Power-Disney, who’s defamed me a few times, and I’m still pretty fed up with all that”.

We suspect he might be using the term “wonderful” in a sarcastic sense. Just a thought.

Nina’s suppressed grin while Miles is speaking really says it all, we feel:

Incidentally, Nina’s position on the Hampstead SRA hoax seems to have shifted of late. At 51:55 in the second video in this series, she says:

Here’s an example of nuttiness—the Hampstead thing—Hoaxtead, Hampstead, whatever you want to call it. I made a video the other day where I gave exactly my stance on that, and…basically, I implored from day one for people to look beyond what we’re being told to look at, right? Now, you would think the Hoaxteaders would be pleased to hear somebody say that this is not as it seems. Yet instead, they’re now gunning at me…now, trust me, I didn’t say this to please them. I said it because I want to say it. But it’s so ironic, because now they’re trolling my page relentlessly—any video which I put up immediately gets 10 dislikes, before it’s even been public for more than like…

Miles: Yeah, I get that too

Nina: Well yeah, except you get lots of views and I don’t get very many. If you’ve got a video with 10 views and you’ve got 10 dislikes, you know, it’s like they’re dedicatedly going for it. And then they come out with all the obvious stuff like calling me a scrounger because I’ve been claiming benefits for omigod, 10 months! And then they like say that oh, you’re a drug addict, and what else? I can’t think. You know, just sort of obvious stuff which they like to throw at people because that’s what they do.

But you know, my point being that these people in the Hoaxtead thing who’ve been saying that it’s all a hoax all along, you would think that they would be, like, oh, you know, somebody’s agreeing that this is not as it’s been portrayed to be. And instead, what are they doing? Instead, they’re trolling me even heavier by saying that. Which I find really interesting. It just goes to show how, like, corrupt, and…it’s just nuts. The whole thing’s just completely nuts. Because you’ve got all of these sides gunning…it’s just massive confusion.

So…is Nina saying she thinks we’re right, then? That does seem to be what she’s implying, although right after this segment she and Miles start talking about the mafia and Satanism, so we’re not 100% certain.

However, one thing’s for sure: whether or not Nina—or Mel, for that matter—actually believe that the Hampstead SRA case was a hoax, they’ve both chosen to disassociate themselves from it, and from Angela. And that can only be a step in the right direction.

147 thoughts on “Angela Power-Disney gets frozen out

  1. Angela will have no friends left at this rate.

    Why do Mel and Nina not just come out and say they realise it’s a hoax? I tend to think they are both distancing themselves from it so we’ll lay off them, not because they know we’ve been right all along.
    Great post, EC.

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    • Thanks for sharing this news EC.

      All credit to this here fine blog,MKD`s and the many individuals who with logic and good humour have contributed to cutting the hoax bandwagon off at the pass at its every turn.

      Angie is simply a conscienceless embarrassment who is destined to have only the voices in her head for company.

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    • I don’t know why Mel and Nina aren’t coming out and saying it’s a hoax, but I can guess: they have a lot of followers who believe the hoax was real, and they might need to ease into the “it was a hoax” stance gently, or risk losing their audiences. That’s just a guess, of course.

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      • Hi EC, Let me clarify a few things here so that you get my perspective on this matter, although I thought I had already made it abundantly clear:

        Firstly, I don’t ease into any stance gently. If I feel I have something to communicate, that is what I do irrespective of whether or not it will risk losing any audience. I can only live my life in complete truth in my own heart. I will not live my life as a mental prisoner in fear of what other people may think. At all times I am completely true to myself and authentic in every present moment, and being that way has in fact cost me followers and support, as I don’t do the iconoclastic idolatry at all, nor do I do guru / cult politics. I am an outsider.

        I know I have made mistakes in collaborating with / providing a platform to, some of the worst scammers in Alternative Media. I do of course regret some of the rather sad and pathetic people that I have wasted my energy and social equity on, but I always try to course correct when I feel that the juncture to do so is presented. Everybody makes mistakes at some point, but the level of hatred and harassment I have seen coming from certain online platforms, in particular MKD, is more damaging than anything I have ever done.
        The work we do, we do with the purest of intentions, and there are always scammers out there who are trying to hook their claws into Biggi and I in order that we may give them some credibility. Perhaps in the end, being too trusting is my biggest flaw, but I always give people a chance, and make my decisions about them based on first hand experience and solid evidence, not the rants of a madding crowd. That does not make a me a bad person, that makes me a fair and sensible person, which are the very qualities the the loudest haters seem to be missing.

        Regarding my stance on the Hampstead case: I have not seen enough evidence to convince me one way or the other, that this is real or a hoax, and why is my opinion so important anyway?

        What I do know as fact is that there are a mob of seriously funkered folk that have made an absolute fucking mess of this entire case, and if there was any chance of it begin real, now nobody will touch it.


        • “Regarding my stance on the Hampstead case: I have not seen enough evidence to convince me…that this is real or a hoax.”

          You have, Mel. You really really have. An overwhelming amount, I would say. (That it’s a hoax, that is.)

          But lest we forget that the burden of proof, both legally and morally, lies with the accusers, NOT with the defendants. “Innocent until proven guilty” – that’s a basic cornerstone of any civilised society. And if, as you yourself concede, you have not seen sufficient evidence that this is NOT a hoax, then the Hampstead community remains innocent in the eyes of both the law and of any decent, reasoned, rational observer.

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  2. Hampstead is a hoax, just the same way everything on all the peoples channels you have just mentioned, is the biggest load of shite I have ever had the misfortune to become aware of.
    Super Soldiers, lol, funny, because I know someone very high up in the Army who would find all the secret super soldier talk hilarious. The same way the hoax CSA and SRA cases the fruit cakes push undermine real cases of child abuse, these idiots who push the “I was a super soldier, trained to fight to the death” make a mockery of the real soldiers and our military.

    Only the deluded and mentally ill fantasists, give any of this the time of day. Angela believes these Movies featuring Angelina Jolie I assume she means the garbage fest “Salt” are based on the truth.
    Lol, she lives in a world where a 90lb sitck insect of a woman can beat the living daylights out of an army.
    In the age of air strikes, helicopters, Battleships, tanks and nucular weapons Angie still beleives they are training children to be super secret soldiers. As very well pointed out some time ago by EC, Child soldiers in war torn countries is a reality, not some secret ninja group from a shitty B-movie like Angela believes in.

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    • Oh stick around, mate – there are people out there who genuinely believe that Hostel 2 was a real snuff movie disguised as fiction and are desperately trying to link it to Pizzagate!

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      • Yeah I have noticed a few comments like that before about that film. So f’ing stupid.
        There’s all sorts of demented places a person could watch horrible videos such as liveleak and those horrible Bestgore sites.
        On another note talking about the PizzaGators old twitus is gearing up for the next rally at the weekend over his Pedo hacking friends Comet bullshit. I’ve found that if you type text before the link it won’t embed.
        Hate to give this eejit any credit.

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    • It’s as though so much of this stuff like ‘sooper soldiers’ has been absorbed from the plots of Hollywood films.
      If this mob had any evidence of how a sooper soldier could be created I’m sure any government on the planet would love to hear from them. It’s a fantasy that is medically impossible and the nearest anyone has come to creating a ‘fearless’ fighting ‘machine’ is in WW2 & Vietnam where amphetamines were freely available or the tragic experiments the USA attempted in the 60s with LSD.

      And that’s apart from most countries with huge defence budgets are actually investing more money in terrible weapons that eliminate the need for infantry.

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      • Yes, the funny thing about the “sooper-soldier” fantasy is that when the larger, richer countries engage in war now, they use technology to ensure minimum casualties on their own side. I’m not sure whether infantry has become a thing of the past, but the role of the infantry soldier is definitely changing.

        There’s a Netflix series now called “Stranger Things”, in which a young girl escapes from a sooper-soldier training facility and somehow hooks up with a bunch of “normal” kids. I’ve noticed some of the troofers using pictures from this TV show to “prove” the existence of sooper-soldiers. One can only laugh.

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    • “Only the deluded and mentally ill fantasists…”
      And the billies from the hillies! YA-HOO! MOUNTAIN-DEW!
      Har-dee-har-har! 🙂

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    • If I made a list of the mentally ill hoaxes especially The Hoaxtenders and Miles Motley Crew it would be never ending. To make a list of the none mentally ill hoaxers and deluded types would be extremely short/ a blank sheet of paper. However, there are those like Angela, Krusty Poo, Miles, Mel etc that take advantage of these people and also display psychopathic traits of deluded narcissism, bitter, spiteful, self-centered and downright evil behaviour.

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  3. 1:50

    Miles: What specifically are you wishing to talk about tonight?

    Nina: Erm…well…er…God, talk about putting me on the spot…Miles, you’re the interviewer. You’re meant to ask me questions.

    Miles: Everyboby complains I interrupt all the time.

    Nina: Well, yeah, you do. But you have to ask a question first, before you can interrupt something, because if you put me on the spot like that, I’m going to go blank.

    Parkinson, Norton, Winfrey, Fallon…EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT! LOL 😀

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    • Lol. The worst interview I have EVER seen is that Angie Bases one, where her and another very nervous looking lady sit on the sofa. Angie does all the talking, staring at anything other than the interviewer, the ceiling, to the left, right, at her pack of fags, and the way she spits the words out with disgust not believing a single sentance that comes out of her mouth. It’s almost as if she’s vomitting up lies and disgusted that Miles would want more detailed information on them.

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    • There are several more awkward moments like that that come up. 23:39 is a particularly good one, when Nina gets annoyed about being bombarded by questions. And when Miles calls her out on her stance on Syria is pretty entertaining too.

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    • 43:18

      Nina: And it’s Good Friday!
      Miles: Pardon?
      Nina: It’s Good Friday.
      Miles: Yeah, I’ll be going to the evening mass or something.
      Nina: [Laughs] I don’t believe you, Miles, but yeah, I was quite excited…
      Miles: You don’t believe me? Oh Jesus, I just…I…
      Nina: I can’t imagine it, right…
      Miles: I’m gonna have a hissy fit and a tantrum now.
      Nina: Save it for off camera, then.
      Miles: OK, goodnight.

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      • Creepy Miles, remembering and salivating about the memory of Nina saying “Lying in bed with my feet up in the air”. Nina must have cringed, no wonder she shouted at him “Shut up!”

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  4. Nina says she’s being trolled heavily. I see no evidence of this on her video pages and I personally haven’t “trolled” (i.e. questioned) her in months, after we all agreed not to due to the fact that she is clearly mentally ill and vulnerable.

    For the record, though, the thing that used to irk me more than anything was her frequent denials that she had ever said anything about Hampstead, when there were several videos in which she makes slanderous comments about Ricky Dearman and other Hampstead residents still up on her own and Angela’s channels. She even repeatedly denied the existence of these videos, despite the fact that they were still up. And now, as pointed out by EC, she’s making the same denials again. So for the record, here are the videos that don’t exist and in which Nina does not mention Hampstead (cough cough):

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  5. Thanks for sharing the Mel email, EC. Glorious news, imo. Not sure about her motives or how genuine she’s being – and I still think she has a lot of other shit to answer for – but with my patented hat of pragmatism placed squarely on my head…WHOOP WHOOP! 😀

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  6. I wonder whether Angela will comment on Mel’s decision. She seems to be burying her head in the sand at the moment. No comment on Heather stabbing her in the back. No comment on Tracey’s daughter. No comment on Arthur’s return… Mind you, she’s probably busy harassing her kids and grandkids, who all must be sooo thrilled to see her back in Ireland. And she must be very busy looking over her shoulder too, knowing she could be arrested by the Garda at any moment.

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    • Angela No Power will be busy filling in those Disability Claim Forms for herself and probably her Children too.

      She did say she was going to do this when she got back to Ireland in one of her videos because she’s failed at being a Journalist (no surprise there) and not because she’s not a Journalist but because people wouldn’t donate 10-15% of their income to her every month as she wanted. Cheeky biatch.

      Angela will also be having to deal with the elder son’s Girlfriend and the fallout from that, the young woman wasn’t happy with Angela. (According to his fb profile his WIFE, though as far as I know they are NOT married but having sex, so I suppose in the world of Power Disney that makes them married.)

      Lord knows how many times Angela has been married then? Mind you she was almost “married” to a “Young Blood” last Summer. Does that make her a member of the “Cult” then?

      I expect Angela is also doing a Year’s worth of housework, which will bring those biceps up nicely again, going to the GP for Medication for her non-existent Medical Conditions and walking the Red Setter dog which she doesn’t seem to have been mentioned at all since it was a puppy!

      Probably also visited her old Pa and is giving him and his wife/her Mum a bit of grief too, plus any relatives that still live near her and any “friends” she still might have.

      Maybe she’s holed up in that Hotel she stayed at once in Ireland for some reason/no good reason I could think of.

      Who knows what Angela is doing but whatever it is, it won’t be much good, for sure, for sure…

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      • Too true FA.

        When Angie has finally fleeced the benefit system,submitted her “creative” insurance fiddle(or two),fallen out with everybody including her own family (again)and generally done her “fart in a spacesuit” impression..she will proceed to tell the world and its dog about how great she is and all cock ups are everybody elses fault and conclude with the obligatory reading from the bible just to let everyone know that the Big G has got her back(allegedly).

        Somewhat akin to troublesome toddlers any parent knows excessive silence rarely bodes well.

        The only gaurantee with Angie is that it will all end in tears.

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      • Did Angie not say in a video, a while back, that her family wanted her home to celebrate her Birthday? Is she going to be 60 this year?

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    • “I wonder whether Angela will comment on Mel’s decision. She seems to be burying her head in the sand at the moment. No comment on Heather stabbing her in the back. No comment on Tracey’s daughter. No comment on Arthur’s return…”

      Yes, this surprises me as well. Usually she’s first to lash out when she feels she’s been hard done by (which is most of the time).


  7. Nina’s pre-interview warm-up, lol…

    She’s not a fan of Miles’s frequent interruptions, it seems 😀

    She also says, “Please pray that I don’t go blank or anything.” Oh dear, Nina – I don’t think God was listening. LOL!

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  8. Thanks to Spiny for the heads up post on the last thread and Jake Blake for the song choice.
    Cheers Fellas 🙂

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  9. It’s always nice to meet a like-minded individual who’s been smart enough not to get sucked in by the conspiracrap.

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    • Shaun is slightly wrong.
      The Medical report indeed says there are signs of abuse : a poor boy with perhaps the loss of hearing in one hear after a punch from Abraham Christie and details of torture from the same sadist with heated spoons, a bruised face from the girl after slaps from Christie, threats of being buried alive in the desert and weird Marijuana concoctions administered to the 2 kids who were malnourished and found once eating out of a garbage can.

      Ella: how could you let Abraham Christie brutally mete out these assaults on your children?

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      • Shaun did mention the ear damage, GofS, so I think he’s possibly referring to anal abuse not being evident in the Medical Report rather than no abuse at all.

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      • Yeah, I had some positive results (not always, lots of abuse too) when I started leaving a link to the hoax timeline here, when the SGT report came out. It made a refreshing change seeing some people had common sense. It was good to see the hoax timeline was in the most watched posts list for a while then too.

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        • Great work TorkGirl8. I know all about the abuse these people dish out but it’s good to know that some people are able to see beyond all the satanic conspiracy crap.

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  10. Oh Christ – parts 2 & 3 of Debbie’s methane and healthy eating rants are up. This woman really does need to learn that less is more and that not many people are gonna sit and listen to her calling them twats for hours on end.

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    • 0:19 on part 2 – “You see these thumbs down, 11 views? I’ll tell you who’s watched it already – all the paedophile…Hampstead paedophile Hoaxtead fuckers. OK? They troll me, they follow all my videos. They’ll probably have clips of this, of me swearing at them. You know, so FUCK OFF, YOU PAEDO FUCKING SATANSIST BASTARD TROLLS. OK?

      Because you lot are the reason we are living in this filth. It’s your satanic shit mentality, ok, that has robbed me of my life, robbed my mother of her life, robbed my grandmother of her life. robbed my grandfather of his life, who have robbed countless generations, because you’re sick, disgusting, filthy, unbelieving bastards. OK.

      And you all you believe in [sic], you mad mad people out there, is your fucking gold, isn’t it, and where you can put your FUCKING DICKS and how many kids you can get to LICK YER FANNY. OK?

      Because nobody is gonna convince me that those Hampstead kids were lying when the police can’t even go and look at a teacher’s fanny but they can get a doctor to examine a CHILD WITNESS VICTIM’S BOTTOM. But a teacher can’t have her fanny looked at, can she, a head teacher, to see if she’s got a wart? Right? And that – EXACTLY THAT MENTALITY – that will ignore, LACK OF JUSTICE, right, for their own children, a species that will ignore lack of justice for their own children, will ignore this. OK. You will ignore it, because you are twats. OK? You know?”

      I’ve flagged and reported this one. It’s way over the line, in my opinion. There’s a point where this horrible person ceases to be funny and needs to be stopped.

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      • Debbie’s video’s remind me of wearing my favourite warm and cosy Jacket, everyone calls me a twat, it smells of Mountain Dew and stale Camel cigarettes, and took me weeks to realise the patch on the back told people to “smile if you take it in the…” – Robyn Hamme Aka Scataya


    • “Go and bomb them fookin Muslins” ” President Troomp”. “They want them gold” “They want them car” “evil judgemental twatty Zombies”.
      And a pal has cut her off on Facebook because her 13 year old might hear :
      “And you all you believe in [sic], you mad mad people out there, is your fucking gold, isn’t it, and where you can put your FUCKING DICKS and how many kids you can get to LICK YER FANNY. OK?”

      It’s a type of therapy isn’t it? Debs can let it all on Youtube and save a fortune in visiting a psychotherapist.
      Shame it doesn’t work.

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    • Interesting to hear Miles preaching about “pronounciation”. I think you mean pronunciation, Miles. Oops!

      Mind you, he goes on to talk about “hybrid humans” and announces that Jews aren’t human, so mispronunciations aren’t his greatest evil.


    • #Homophobia

      Nina @ 10:29 – “We’ve been taught to embrace the ideology that there’s nothing wrong with same-sex relationships, when that’s actually an abomination.”


  11. All this obsession with Satanic issues these days on YT is definitely reminiscent of the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s. It’s getting ridiculous.

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  12. What does she mean “I can’t get a job, I’ve been blacklisted and they haven’t managed to bump me off”.

    Is she really saying she can’t get a job due to the things she says on her YT channel? Did I hear that right? Jeez.. she’s loonier than I thought.


  13. “What does she mean ‘I can’t get a job, I’ve been blacklisted and they haven’t managed to bump me off'”?

    1) No skills – can’t assimilate information of any complexity.

    2) No qualifications – not even at basic school-leaver level.

    3) No experience.

    4) Anti social.

    5) Psychotic.

    6) Probable history of drug abuse.

    7) A danger to herself and other people.

    …..And that’s all everyone else’s fault.

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  14. I watched both of the Miles and Nina videos and feel like I spent the afternoon in a psychiatric ward. Miles sounds as bonkers as she does.
    Deb Mahmoudieh sounds like she’s having some kind of breakdown.
    I know there’s a funny side to it (head on fire for a year?) but I really can’t laugh at any of them anymore. It’s obvious that they’ve all got psychiatric illnesses. They need treatment.
    What happened to ‘community care’? More or less disappeared with the financial cutbacks didn’t it. From what I’m being told the mental health services tend to work on an emergency basis these days and community support is now a fond memory and in the past…. Shame!

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    • I’m afraid I agree, Fnord. The fact that there seems to be no adequate help available for people who so clearly need it is an absolute shame, and says a great deal about how much value we place on those with mental health issues.


      • Er. So what we’re seeing is her living in relative sunny luxury and she’s been asking for donations to live a holiday-type lifestyle?
        Talk about people need to ‘wake up’! If you give her money YOU ARE MAD! YOU NEED LOCKING UP!
        Give to the homeless in the street, but do not give money to someone who has a swimming pool outside!

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        • It’s not 6 lengths straight off and the pool is probably only 5 metres long tops so 30 metres in about an hour I reckon.


      • I thought she rented this place.

        If so how can she be sub-letting it, surely it’s not hers to rent out?

        I don’t understand this at all.


      • I thought her rent was 450 Euros a MONTH (probably even less – she is a LIAR)?

        So Angela’s after 1100 Euros EVERY 4 WEEKS?

        That’s a bit more than 450 Euros a Month.

        In fact an EXTRA 650 Euros every 4 weeks.

        GREEDY BITCH and still she begs from the Vulnerable, tut, tut, tut…

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    • Check out the pre-written message that comes up automatically if you click on “Messsage Seller”. Note that it says “buying”, not “renting”:

      It’s one of those rare occasions when Yannis has got something right.

      By the way, under the Trade Descriptions act, does this mean I can now buy this place for 275 euros? Oh bugger – it’s not hers to sell, is it? D’oh!

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      • “Oh bugger – it’s not hers to sell, is it? D’oh!”

        On. I’m fairly sure that if you made a decent cash offer she could get her friend Andrea to run you up a set of deeds.


    • It was already backed up on wordpress, not exactly private. Justice for Holly Greg is that last thing they want. As for Robert Green, he’s already proven he was only ever in it for the money and the attention.

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