Sabine and her Amazing ‘Smart Knowledge Engine’

We’ve been focussing a great deal of attention lately on Hoaxtead mobsters like Angela Power-Disney and Kristie Sue Costa, who have been vying for control of the hoax for the past several months. But we’d hate to have anyone think we were neglecting some of the long-time Hampstead SRA hoax stalwarts, such as Sabine McNeill.

Since her last arrest, Sabine has been relatively subdued, so we thought we’d peek in and see what she’s up to.

It seems her latest project has to do with her much-vaunted “Smart Knowledge Engine”, a tool which allows for “detailed investigation with a kind of ‘software lens’ or ‘image filter’”. Here’s Sabine’s description:Just in case that made about as much sense to you as it did to us, here’s a video description:

So…if we understand correctly, Sabine is finding various objects, assigning each greyscale pixel an automated colour, in order to create interesting three-dimensional images.

Congratulations, Sabine! You’ve just “invented” the parametric bitmap!

We thought we’d take a go at it, just for laughs.

Here’s how we visualised some simple black and white typescript using our own in-house “Smartish Knowledge Machine” and a package of crayons:

Not bad for beginners, we think.

Also, Sabine: 2002 is calling, and they want their code back: On the plus side, of course, while Sabine’s “Smart Knowledge Engine” may not give established programs such as Rhino or Grasshopper a run for their money, this fun new project is keeping her occupied and (more or less) out of the Hoaxtead arena. And we suppose everyone needs a hobby.


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  1. Loved when I scrolled down and saw your beginner efforts. Well done!
    Can anyone remind me when everyone is due in Court again please? I can’t keep

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  2. Hahahahaha! Love it. I’ll take a dozen, please. I’ll have hours of colouring-in fun with it, thanks to the free electricity provided by this other amazing invention that I purchased just a few months ago:

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  3. Also, the little blog that could.. has had a whopping 4,692 more hits since celebrating it’s 750,000 hits just a few days ago. 🙂

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    • Time to remind these folks that for all their hypocritical & hyperventilating navel gazing about Fiona Barnett, the only thing she has achieved, apart from wasting hours of precious time of several police forces who have looked into her bogus claims and found zilch (a favorite of false accusers : don’t like the result?..simply go to a new police service and start the entire process over again) the disruption in the life of a young teenage boy who happened to be the grandson of one of Barnett’s falsely accused politicians and who became the butt of a bullying & harassment campaign by school friends who read Barnett’s lies on the net.

      Life uprooted & a massive disruption at an important time of his life with the lad moving to a new school away from his closest pals and probably always now a thought in the back of his mind that it could easily happen again.

      But no, for Alanson, Kosta, APD et al. it’s all me me me without the tiniest thought in their minds they may be having quite devastating practical affects on people’s lives.

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    • From the website, The Adventure of Baroness Munchausen AKA ‘Angela’s Cash & Carry’ :

      Miss Hawke probably answered a ‘friend’ request from APD in the way people often do from strangers and then promptly forgot about it not realising ( or caring) she had been weaved into the Baroness’ fictional history.
      Former PM Bob Hawke is named by Fiona Barnett as an organiser of Baby Murdering & Munching Satanist Pedo Orgies in Canberra’s old Parliament House (which is open to the public and available for hire). Alas, no-one has yet uncovered the Barnett claimed secret tunnels that lead from there to the Lucas Height’s Nuclear Reactor some 268 kms – and from thence to Alcie Springs another 2800 kms (when a plane only takes 3 hours) away and considering there is one of and always has been, the finest highways I’ve ever encountered in the world from Canberra covering the same distance (used daily by politicians naturally) one wonders why they would have needed a tunnel).
      I digress. Everyone is a VIP satanist according to APD except when via 7 Degrees of Separation she can weave it into a positive for herself. And what a dreary old website it is!

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      • And Bob is still alive and kicking at age 88. You would think Angie having such a ‘close’ relationship with his daughter would know such things.

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    • Lol at Alan Alanson saying they are good researchers, typical nonce response. Costa is a pedo due to her CP viewing and Alan is suspect due to Arthurs Allegations of child abuse against him.
      See how allegations work on the internet about people, except we have proof of Kris being a nonce and accusations of child rape from Arthur K.

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      • I’ve seen no evidence that Ms Costa or Sonya are good researchers but I pay little attention to them as the bits I have seen from Costa are nonsense.

        The Sonia Green fb account was good imo as it enabled Sonya a voice having been blocked by Power Disney. Power Disney blocks all women she is threatened by, men do not get blocked so readily.

        Why Alan Alanson calls Angela mate I don’t really know, except it seems he is afraid to completely fall out with her and is hedging his bets.

        Angela is hating these people exposing her as a FRAUD.

        They want to keep on at it.

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    • Nice dust-up, with some classic pot-kettle-black moments.

      By the way, I notice that APD hasn’t posted on her main FB account since Thursday night and that she’s resorted to using her back-up account to scream abuse at her former allies. Is she on another ban, perchance? 😀

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    • She probably does but it’s a good excuse to try and convince the gullible Sonya is lying.

      I can’t see what the big deal is that Sonya made another fb account to say what she wanted to say having been blocked.

      Angela has the Angela Power Disney account, the Angie Power Disney account and all her groups/pages.

      What is the big deal?

      Angela just doesn’t like to be exposed as the liar, manipulator and fraud that she is.

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      • A Bamboo stick!
        Just like the ones they use in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia to whip women who inadvertently let their veil slip or drive a car.
        Perhaps world traveler Ange visit such places and thought “what a great idea!”.
        Not sure where she got the T-Bar idea to thrash her kids with. Invented that one herself I think.


  4. This is just a modern version of a snake-oil salesman / person rattling off a few sentences that listeners couldn’t possibly understand (well the sane ones couldn’t) and then throwing a cover-all off the table to reveal dozens of boxed Smart Knowledge Engines that will revolutionize your life for the low sum of $9.99.

    Sabine must then quickly calculate how many Smart Knowledge Engines she can flog before the first customer gets home and eagerly opens his box to find an old rock in there.
    By which time Sabine has hitched up her wagon and hightailed it out of town.
    Pity she and Angie have fallen out. They’d make a great double-act..Angie in the audience saying “I got my Smart Knowledge Engine” last week and life has never been better & I can dance all day at Mulligans Oldtown Irish Pub in Lanzarote”

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    • Kristie is lying when she insists she only posted a few comments on Charlotte’s Hampstead Research blog. She was a prolific contributor for months, posting several long, detailed comments every day (and on Sabine’s blog too). I got to know her icon very well after a while. Remember this?

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    • Dear God, their minds are like sewers.

      This Kris Costa sound a particularly nasty creep and her ridiculous claim to do “all the research” and that she “has all the links” just shows what they are: desperate nasty false accusers who think surfing the net and landing upon a crackpot website that reaffirms the darkness in their minds is ‘research’.

      I mean the police in Barnett did actually step outside their door and go to the places mentioned without notice to find there were no secret tunnels and rooms and so on. They questioned people and carefully questioned the children in the approved manner adopted by all police forces now throughout the world and Europe, but no, these scumbags latch onto falsified peezagate claptrap and probably never even read the original leaked emails which were so innocuous as to be meaningless.

      Time will catch up with them as it has in a matter I have been involved in which is a case of false claims & libel on the internet that are not nearly as serious as the Hampstead matter but which pale into comparison and are about false accusations of theft.
      My only involvement is a researcher which didn’t require a huge amount of intelligence or skills just lots of spare time which I have and which if a lawyer’s office did, would send the legal bill sky high.

      But having made 2 stat decs on Friday and agreed to be a witness if needed I’m so pleased an on-line troll is to be finally dragged into court after 6 years of shocking accusations about innocent people.
      Now those innocent victims are after blood and amazingly, since their dispute began lawyers have caught up with the world of internet libel and numerous solicitors are now specializing in this as it will be highly lucrative, as is the way of lawyers.

      I know in my case the plaintiffs intend to completely destroy their accusers financially and I being privy to some of the legal documents note the defendants original scoffing at lawyers letters 3 months ago refusing to remove on-line defamation’s with idiotic claims of “free speech” etc and demands plaintiffs prove they are not guilty (which isn’t how law works) has taken a sudden turn with offers of conciliation. And why?
      Because the lawyer last week successfully convinced a judge to place a lien on the defendant’s only property, their home on the proper claim that the defendant has been been requesting several times over some years to withdraw their false claims and refused to.
      The defendant cannot possibly win the case if it goes to court and no doubt the matter will end in an agreement or conciliation but that will require them paying the plaintiff’s legal fees to date which are just under about £60K. Should they prevaricate or delay that sum will rise dramatically (and damages hasn’t even been mentioned at this stage).

      If anyone has read the libel case with Katie Hopkins last week they would know she has to pay £26K in damages but also pay her own & the plaintiff’s legal costs which are rumored to be around $350K.
      And all for one tweet which she eventually removed.

      If RD on his own behalf and his children’s chooses to take the legal route- it will be so much easier in the USA and these defamers would be destroyed financially.
      I’m pretty sure RD & kids could show these libelers have been malicious beyond all comprehension, have made their lives a living hell and seriously hampered their chances of employment and that it’s also been a vast conspiracy and indeed this mob have conspired with the real criminals – as deemed by the UK’s High Court – Ella Draper & Abraham Christie to aid them in avoiding capture.

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      • I know Angies sent a fair few poison pen letters in her time, but i’m not sure her evil talents stretch as far as assassination by email.
        Kris is staggeringly stupid and cruel to be making a conspiracy out of a mans death, just like Miles is doing and many others.
        Whatever Max was or wasn’t his mother deserves better than the likes of these idiots bring his death into their petty squabbles.
        Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

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        • Keep in mind that Kris is the same person who saw fit to viciously attack two older ladies—one in her early 90s—accusing them of being “Satanic abusers” on the basis of family holiday photos she’d stolen from a Facebook page. She is not only a useless “researcher” who will regurgitate any old stupidity someone feeds her, but a nasty and vindictive individual who attacks based on her own vile reading of perfectly innocent pictures.


        • Oddly enough, I heard today about a journalist with epilepsy, who was sent a link via Twitter which, when opened, flashed a strobe-type light on his monitor and caused him to have a seizure. The sender, who had been stalking the journalist and slagging him on social media before this incident, is currently facing some very serious charges I believe.


    • Hey, hold on – what’s that moving up my flipper? Oh yeah, it’s my flesh crawling after reading hoax-promoter Alanson’s jaw-droppingly hypocritical remarks about the importance of producing evidence when making allegations against people 😮

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  5. After drinking two coffees, as one must do before reviewing the ideas of Sabine McNeill, I delved into her technology. Firstly, the idea, tool, technologies in this “Smart Knowledge Engine” (SKE) is not new, there are probably patents that might interfere with the marketing of the product. The SKE is a graphics tool which might have some useful applications to the world, but sits in an industry of plenty of rivals, just as there are many CAD software applications capable of doing the same thing.

    It is likely that Sabine McNeill has a way of looking at reality that is different from the rest of the human race, but all she appears to have done is reinvented the wheel. There is always a market for new types of graphics tools, but getting into that market with a finished workable product is expensive, and requires marketing and good branding. One of the fatal issues with the Sabine “brand” is that she has mixed up her technology tools with all her cranky activist projects like Hampstead, then people who might take her seriously quickly come away thinking they are dealing with a loon.

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  6. There’s really no point in repeating detailed refutations of common mythical/delusional beliefs and fantasies about supposed “satanic ritual abuse cults” or alleged “trauma-based mind control programs”.
    A very simple pair of false & dangerous ideas, (albeit easily debunked), lie at the core of all such beliefs:

    1) Prolonged or repeated experiences of abuse and trauma in early childhood CANNOT contribute to hyper-functional development. Such experiences can ONLY contribute to dis-functional/ mal-functional development.
    If someone really needs to understand why this is – what actually happens to chronically abused children’s brain function development has been thoroughly documented by Dr Bruce Perry and other neuroscience specialists:

    Childhood experiences of abuse and trauma cannot turn a child into a prodigy or savant, they cannot “split” a child into multiple selves with exceptional skills, they cannot induce the development of “psychic” abilities. Childhood experiences of abuse and trauma cannot make a child more disciplined and responsive to external, (adult), direction. Repeatedly abusing and traumatizing a child could not turn them into a “mind-control” slave for adult masters – such experiences could only contribute to the child having LESS self-control and becoming MORE erratic, irrational, unpredictable, withdrawn, or prone to sudden mood swings and violent behaviour.

    2) Child abusers CANNOT gain supernatural benefits from the abuse.
    Aug McJesus claimed that child sacrifice was about tapping “energetic systems” to “get power”, others have claimed that baby rapers somehow “draw off” “life energy” from their child victims through the sexual penetration of their bodies. No matter what pseudo-scientific jargon is used to justify them, these ideas remain superstitious nonsense. There is no such thing as a storehouse of “life energy” in our bodies, supposedly “fully charged” at birth and being “used up” by the passage of time, for child abusers or sacrificers to supernaturally ‘transfe’r from the child to themselves.

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      • Sorry, Jake – I just retrieved a load of your comments from the trash folder, which is why they’ve only just appeared. The reason is because McJesus is blocked and when it sees your links to his website, it thinks it’s him


        • That entire post on his blog made me really concerned about his mental health. How anyone believes all that nonsense from him is beyond me.

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          • They not only believe it in the comments section, but are asking what they can do to help him out.
            probably scamming money with his lies.


          • Yeah, the comments are just as bad. It really worries me how people out there suffering from mental illness, group together fueling their own delusions instead of getting help. Why do their families not intervene and help them?


        • Yeah, EC. That was what the comment I left under his video said and that was the comment which prompted him to send me private messages calling me a child abuser.

          I could see no correlation between my comment on schizophrenia and child abuse. So his messages to me took me by surprise and were bizarre to say the least.
          That was my question to him on yesterday’s post but no answer was forthcoming. I gave up in the end.

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          • It’s very likely that mental illness is a sore topic for him, especially if he doesn’t accept there’s anything wrong with him. Suggesting that his problems originate in his brain rather than as a result of having been murdered and magically resurrected as a clone is probably something he’s heard many times, so he responds defensively. Sad, but not much we can do about it.


    • Great comment, JS. With regards to No. 2, I agree, the people who believe in that are warblers of of woo and if Omnipulse was here he would no doubt reply me with a link for us all to watch a 2 hour video of some other Woo Warbler.

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      • I feel bad 😦
        I invoked a demonic conspiratard troll bore by mocking it here, and I wasn’t around to confront it when it invaded. Sh*t! My apologies. I also feel that I should have discussed McJesus and his claims, allegations and strategies, before posting my satirical interview script feat. him, because that satire didn’t really explain much about him. Hence, some might have been taken unawares by his rantings here. You are all so skilled at dealing with these whackos, it never occurred to me that some prep might be helpful. 😦

        McJesus is a special type of SRA-MC conspiratard, that I call a Validator. The Validator’s mission is to provide corroborating ‘testimony’ for better known/established fraudulent SRA-MC victim claimants, hence his mating call: “I was there with so-and-so” – by which the Validator offers “so-and-so” that he/she will publish a false narrativ, claiming they both were abused by the same people in the same settings at the same time. The Validator hopes to receive a “yes, go ahead” in the form of a reciprocating offer from “so-and-so”, a mutual validation which enhances the stats of both in the conspiratard community.

        McJesus is also a self-validator, falsely claiming an endless string of personal experiences, “I can only speak from experience”, that superficially appear to valid his own theories & preposterous “secrets”. That’s why he won’t be concerned, that his claim to having had his head blown off and yet being obviously still alive and whole, is blatantly ridiculous. What matters to him, is that this personal claim to being an animated clone “validates” his theories about cloned celebrities, through alleged “personal experience”. If you call him out as a liar over this claim, he will respond with some form of “I’m a victim, you call victims liars?”

        His obsession with “elite (and secretly satanic) bloodlines” is very revealing. The bloodlines conspiracy was popularized first by Illuminati conspiracy revivalist and fundamentalist evangelist John Todd, in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Not ALL of the families listed as “satanic bloodline” are Jewish, but this is the same tired anti-semitic slander propaganda disseminated by white anglo supremacy groups for 100+ years. John Todd was eventually convicted on rape & child molestation charges and died in a prison psychiatric facility (YAY!)
        His satanic bloodlines conspiracy theory was then picked up by “Fritz Springmeier”, (Frrrritz!), a much nastier racist and religious fascism extremist.

        But is it possible, that McJesus really was a victim of secret government experimentation programs, or some obscure and never exposed cult of insane sex-magic satanists? A true, genuine SRA victim? NO. Because, his personal experience narratives about these “experiences” contain impossible elements. The more rational aspects, the documentation of potentially related things that happened to others, are invalidated by the irreconcilable falsehoods and lack of independent verification about HIS life history.

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        • Thanks for that JS. The amount of times I have encountered these types of super soldier fake mind control/special projects supposed victims and just wished someone like yourself were there to clear up their nonsence is uncountable. My own opinions on these MKUltra types were clouded by disinformation that I believed in parts, not their individual stories but the idea of the mind being broken down by trauma, I once accepted as plausible, but I am much wiser now for having read your writings on lots of hoaxes such as franklin credit scandal and looked into why I believed parts of Nick Bryant’s book. Bryant claimed in one interview although he has authored much for child protection agencies the major organisations working against child abuse and trafficking were in on it and didnt want to work with him. He also states that the false memory syndrome organisations have pro pedophile members as their founders who have said that abuse doesn’t effect a child initially but only in later life when reflecting on the experience. He also made claims that one of the founding members was a known child abuser and can be backed up by his family members.

          Those arre some of the reasons I held beliefs about Franklin being true and some of the false memory ideas an excuse for abusers to discredit victims. I would appreciate it if you have the time to comment on any of Bryant’s accusations about FMS etc.

          Cheers mate, always great to be educated and read your writings.

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          • The thing about childhood experiences increasing in impact as time goes on, I’ve read before, and not from people lacking credibility. My understanding of some theories is that the awareness of the depth of injury becomes more apparent as people develop their own sexuality and have more understanding of what was done to them. How does a child process adult sexuality and such horrible things?

            This makes sense to me. It also accords with my experience. I think analogies could be drawn with a child having an alcoholic, violent parent say, the full whack of that stuff could hit later on, perhaps when the child becomes a parent themselves. But, I’m no expert on childhood trauma and recovery, just a poster on a blog!

            On the other hand, I have seen paedophiles, there’s at least a couple of prolific apologists who spam comments under articles, Twitter and so on, actually try to argue that the harm is only society’s disapproval of what went on, which is just vile bullshit.

            @JS there are real ex-child soldiers aren’t there? Human rights and often lacking protection of human rights interests me. I have read some pretty dry stuff on this subject. Those poor children aren’t particularly effective as soldiers, the AK47 is small enough for a child to operate though, they are tragically sometimes sent to terrorise their own home community or even kill family, they are slaves to the adults, it terrorises the attacked community, I can hardly imagine something more sadistic than sending a village’s own children in with guns, it seems like a very deliberate ripping the heart out of communities and stealing that generation away, the children find it hard to be accepted back home when they have killed, never mind deal with what they saw/did, missing an education, meaning there may be worries that there is no other life for them except as a soldier.

            Anyway, a five year old hand to hand fighting an adult would be like me fighting a velociraptor with a tin opener. Just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. These super soldier at five claims are bullshit. Humans have had thousands of years to refine training soldiers to kill effectively, unfortunately. So, just no to the child abused to become a super soldier storytales.

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  7. Another bullshitfest to report:

    It’s riddled with inaccuracies (“The mother was driven out of the UK and forced to go back to Russia”) and naturally it’s being vigorously promoted by Kristie Sue Numbnuts.

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    • Heather you are embarrasing yourself not Sheva. Sad and jealous that Sheva is a genuine anti-Child Abuse campaigner and is well respected. The only people who would stoop low enough to try to discredit her are those that support child abuse like Angela Power Disney and other scamming witches.

      I wonder if Angela knows your little moniker Prudence Halliwell is the name of a Super Witch from the Tv Show Charmed? I wonder why you seem to know so much about the occult eh?

      “Prudence “Prue” Halliwell was the oldest Charmed One, and had always been regarded as the bravest and most powerful of the four sisters, to the extent that she was granted the nicknames “Super Witch” and “Wicca Wonder”.

      Her Wiccan powers were focused on mind and movement: the ability to move objects with her mind, and the ability to project herself in an astral form. Besides this, Prue possessed the basic powers of a witch: the ability to cast spells, brew potions and scry for lost objects or people. She could also access The Power of Three, the collective power of the Charmed Ones.”

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    • I’d like to see what sloppy-sleuth “proof” she has from WordPress that Sheva is both EC and Scarlet, when all are 3 different people. That would be good for a chuckle.

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    • Heather is example of when unresolved issues become unresolvable reality.She is so hate filled it is only time before she requires containment for the sake of herself/others.Hardly rocket science son is out of her life.

      Sad inevitable decay of someone unwilling to rise productively to events and consuming stupid amounts of alcohol.Drowning in internal swamp.Only time.

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      • “Drowning in an internal swamp” is a good way to put it, Mik. I’ve known people like this, and it was truly tragic to watch them decay and ultimately destroy themselves from the inside out.


    • I’ve notified Sheva about these messages, and have told her that should she decide to take them to the police we would back her 100%. Heather is a disgusting person with anger issues, who needs to get hold of herself.

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      • Great work EC. You are a star and a lot of people rely on your knowledge and writing for comfort knowing that a good person is there for any of us to turn to if needed.
        Absolutely disgraceful attack on Sheva, I know myself and others have been harsh on Heather but she started off on the wrong foot with death threats even before I knew who she was and has continued to be a real prize plonker and abusive lady.

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        • Thanks, Barchon–the first I heard of Heifer was when she emailed me the following:
          “I am warning you ,and you better put your listening ears on for this .If you tamper with me and what I am doing and therefore endanger the life of my son.Then I will come after you with the intention of killing you .So mind your own business,my business with Angela Power is nothing to do with you ,or Hampstead. Stop bothering people who you have nothing to do with .For you own safely.”

          At that point I had no idea who she was, but receiving a death threat from someone we’d never even heard of got my hackles up a bit. I was willing to accept that perhaps she was mentally ill and more in need of care than of condemnation; however, with her persistent vindictive threats and ridiculous false allegations, I now think perhaps she needs a more serious intervention from Mr Plod.


          • Yeah I think she deserves a bit of a break for being mentally ill, but as a mentally ill person myself I would not make those sort of comments. There is only so many excuses a person can make for their behaviour before bieng held accountable before the law.

            If she says noone can help her find her son then what are these funding sites she says she has for except maybe fighting the Irish council, who having worked for the local council for over 10 years myself, would not have access to such information unless it was some huge massive HR mistake in sending her that email.
            I really cannot see that happening. At an interview level they look at your passport, sometimes maybe even scan it if high enough up, maybe take registration number of your car if you are important enough to get one of the rare and elusive parking spaces allocated (not many).

            I doubt highly that all this information is on a single spreadsheet that is accessible by normal employees.

            There is something dodgy about her scandal that cause 60,000 pounds to the tax payer.

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          • Heifer may be mentally ill, of what, again I have no idea, but that does not mean she can just say as she pleases and face no consequences.

            If she’s going to claim that her mental illness/es mean she has no control over her crimes/seriously sounding death threats, then she’ll be sectioned into a Mental Ward.

            I know someone that was claiming their Mental Illness as a defence for a crime they were charged with, his Solicitor said if that was the case then he would be admitted to a Mental Ward/Hospital if the assessment came back the same as he was claiming.

            He decided not to proceed down that route.

            Heifer knows what she is doing.

            She THINKS Sheva is the “weakest link” here, knows who she is and has found or knows information on her from the past.

            It’s vile behaviour Heifer. Totally uncalled for.

            Do you, like your bestie (but not for long) only pick on women?

            I cannot see that Sheva has said anything out of order about Heifer and has only warned her about Angela from what I can see. Which is a very kind action.

            Heifer is harassing Sheva, at the very least.

            No wonder she only has Angela as a pseudo friend.

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  8. Twat of the month has some serious competition but I think claiming a massive percentage of the worlds population (Asia) to be pedophiles takes the Crown for wanker of the Week also.

    and ET for her money gathering exercise for Pizzagate DC marches

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      • ummm a hobby is fine but noone is making you do this. She only cares about her bullshit attention seeking.
        She won’t make jack shit off youtube, only the mentally ill donors on a patreon will donate.
        Oh no, poor her, having to set up a patreon, based on hoaxes already researched all she does is read bollocks and then make a video same as David Seaman did, Really Graceful, Lift the Veil guy etc.

        They don’t research just copy other peoples shit. Sad Bitch, she would be the worst private investigator ever, absolutely useless.

        Give an idiot access to youtube and the internet and a platform and the fruitloops will support garbage over truth.

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        • Barchon, I replied to a comment she’d left under a “Free The Hampstead 2” video. She was saying she was making a documentary video about the case and was researching and that the uploader should contact her.

          I politely told her that the “Free The Hampstead 2” uploader was actually Abe and that anything he contacted and told her would be lies.

          Her reply to me? “I’m not going through this again with you. Goodbye.”

          If she does eventually make a video she would only have Abe’s side of the story.

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          • She is just another idiot bandwagon jumper since pizzagate the same as the many other youtubers who realised they could get views and support off the back of that hoax then cover all the old crap like Franklin, Mind control etc.

            There is someone who has done the same that I planned to do a video on but I covered all of them in a 40minute long rant and the sound was crunched so I have given up, but I think they are worth covering for the future because they all are eating off of pizzagate and spreading this disinformation to include every false scandal since time began, including Hoaxtead.

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      • As I can’t respond to the Eyam videos I posted for not being a WordPress member I will say that these skidmarks from Sheffield mainly and other areas of Yorkshire ruin little villages with wonderful old traditions when they come visit and leave their tab ends, monster energy cans and beer bottles in the church and on the old gravestones.
        Some great history and a wonderful place to watch a horror film in a plague cottage that was built in the 1600’s. Sends the shiver down your spine when you know the history of the place and what went on there.

        Little chav twats like those in the video have no respect for locals or for the countryside that surrounds the Peak District and Derbyshire.


        • I agree. People like that are never respectful to their surroundings.
          Classic example was Christine Sands. Go to 28:15 to see her deface the wonderful Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe here. She insists on scratching crosses on them throughout.


    • Another one who’s happy to publicly promote himself as an expert on someone without even being able to spell their name.

      Pssst: Dave, it’s GREAVES. Oh and while I’m on, it’s Patty HEARST. Oops!

      Ah, troofhoaxers…I shit ’em.

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      • Tough for me to be Lucien, given that I was consulting for Canadian Integrated Intelligence Unit on “cult & occult crime” investigations when Lucien was a toddler living in Detroit. Not that it would matter, if I really was Lucien – that wouldn’t make things I’ve said here less valid.

        One of the reasons why I am, and always will be, a-nony-mouse on the internet – is that it forces people reading my words to do some investigation into what I’ve said, themselves. Which is WHAT I WANT. I wouldn’t want people to think: “ok, WHO is saying this? oh – it’s that highly qualified and respected expert, Such-and-such, so it must be valid” and then accept it without further contemplation, verification or reality-testing.

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  9. That pic of Lucien is when he placed his scrotum on top of the grave of Catherine Johnson, the mother of Fred Phelps, founder of the famously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

    Yes, Lucien is Doug but Justin Sanity? Well, that’s just insanity. LOL!

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  10. @Barchon Mad –
    Ok buddy, this one’s for you 🙂

    “Bryant claimed in one interview although he has authored much for child protection agencies the major organisations working against child abuse and trafficking were in on it and didnt want to work with him”.

    Wow! That’s just bizarre, and outrageous. And not true, I’m quite certain. I think I can explain why he might have said that, however.

    Have you ever read any of Bryant’s academic work, such as “America’s Children: Triumph or Tragedy”? It’s quite a stretch, and somewhat misleading, to describe that body of writings as “authored much for child protection agencies”. Child welfare agencies, such as UNICEF, would more likely have been interested in Bryant’s work – rather than “child [abuse] protection” specifically.
    It’s very dry. Sociological and economic analysis about the impact of poverty on children’s health and academic achievement. Despite being sincere and well-researched, not the writing style or subject matter that would get people excited, get them involved and maybe even change someone’s lives. A lot of academics are doomed to be known, as a writer, only for such treatises.

    But Nick Bryant won’t be, because around 1995 he abruptly dumped his career writing academic analysis of social sciences data and attempted to make himself as a “fearless investigative reporter”, specializing in – of all things – “the nature of evil”. Why? Just because he was bored? Because he wanted to write things that WOULD get people excited and maybe change their lives? But even if that were true, why “the nature of evil”?

    When Bryant was working on “Franklin Scandal”, I saw people in conspiranoid internet forums praising him as a clear-headed, impartial, objective investigator who would finally “get the truth out” about that case, because he would never “fall down the conspiracy theorist rabbit hole” and destroy his credibility. He continues to be praised this way, and I have to agree that his writing on that subject is the most sober. But is it really true that he managed to evade the rabbit hole? Is it really true that he is, and was, impartial and objective about these subjects?

    Bryant has talked about having problems with literary agents, publishers, and “fellow journalists” – which he attributes to them all being cowards who couldn’t handle hearing or knowing “the evil truth” about the Franklin case. There is another side to this, of course. A major publisher of indie “zines” in the ’80s and ’90s told me that Bryant’s focus on “the nature of evil” morphed into an obsession with “exposing” satanism and satanists. The story goes, after a magazine publisher declined to publish an article by Bryant, which was full of satanic conspiracy speculation, – Bryant exploded in the guy’s office. Ranting about conspiracies to “suppress the truth”, and about the journalism industry being complicit in protecting high-powered pedophiles, perhaps because there were many pedophiles in their ranks? Which subsequently got him unofficially blacklisted in the publishing industry. Not a good strategy: publish me or I’ll call you a pedophile.

    I can’t prove that is true, but it is interesting because it suggests he could be harboring carefully guarded beliefs, opinions and motivations that don’t line up with his public portrayal of himself.
    I had other reasons to suspect that the public story of how & why “The Franklin Scandal” came to be written and published (published by Trine Day specifically) was crafted to conceal associations between Bryant and certain parties, which none of them wanted publicized prior to the actual publication and promotion of the title.

    And sure enough, despite all the disavowal of Franklin’s “crazy internet conspiracy theories” and downplaying of the SRA angle prior to publication, the final chapter promoted self-serving ritual abuse “studies” by several Journals and organizations run by, and for, SRA victim claimants and True Believers; The Journal of Psychohistory, The National Center for the treatment of Dissociative Disorders, and Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse, among them.
    The book was heavily promoted by SRA “survivor” organizations that continue to incite satanic panic, such as Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today (SMART), and by MPD-DID victim claimant support groups that promote belief in SRA conspiracy theories. Nick Bryant became a regular participant, (or perhaps unveiled himself as a public participant) on the Franklin Files forums, which were created and run by the worst of the Franklin conspiranoid crowd.

    WHY? The book was supposedly, specifically NOT about the Franklin SRA rumors, and they really do play a minor role in it. So why would the SRA fanatics be INTENSELY interested in and supportive of the book, and of Bryant himself? Over time, Bryant subsequently became a regular at Truth Movement conferences and SRA survivor conferences, and did his interviews primarily with Christian Patriot/ Freeman/ Constitutionalist far-right associated broadcasters. Very strange!

    Here’s the question of the hour – is there any evidence that Bryant has engaged in deliberate deception of his readers? Well yes, there is. Pages 615-618 of Franklin Scandal, the documents appendix, reproduce a deliberately truncated – censored – version of the MKUltra subproject proposal. I know that Bryant has the full copy, its the same one I have, the same one every researcher has. Why didn’t they reproduce the whole document? Perhaps, because that might expose Bryant’s deliberate misrepresentation of what that document says, and what subproject 136 was about? Read the whole thing for yourself, and my expose on misrepresentations of it, here:


    • Thank you again for your comments. A great read on things I am unaware of yet again.
      This is the interview that Bryant was making a lot of those statements mentioned.

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      • @ Barchon Mad – part 2 of your request. All about False Memory Syndrome Foundation, etc.

        “False memories” aren’t and never were the focus of my own concerns about satanic panic promoters.
        Neither has wrongful criminal convictions, based on false SRA accusations, been my PRIMARY concern. I do care that wrongful convictions of any sort should be re-investigated and overturned if they are unjust, as I also care that unsolved child abductions, unsolved rape and unsolved murder cold cases should be re-investigated until the true perpetrators are brought to justice.

        But when I started researching who/ what was behind satanic panic promotion, mid 1980’s, my main concern was to expose and take down the evangelical false testimonialists engaged in perpetrating a fraudulent “anti-occult” witch-hunt all over North America, the UK and Western Europe. There were many of these frauds, some are (or were) very well known; Mike Warnke, Laurel Willson (Lauren Stratford), Audrey Harper, John Todd, Rebecca Brown and Elaine Bailey, Lawrence and Michelle Pazder, as examples. (You can research such historic frauds in detail on the Swallowing The Camel website if that interests you, search “prodigal witch”).
        I always thought that false testimonialists, fraudulently portraying themselves as ex-satanists, ex-witches, ex-illuminati leaders, etc, and on the basis of a supposed personal experience expertise they didn’t really possess, publicly accusing innocent people of secretly being criminally debauched and doing this “in the name of God”, was itself a moral outrage. THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS, motherf*ckers!

        Very few people, then or now, fully comprehend the disastrous impact this fraudulent witch hunting had on our Justice, Child Protection and Mental Health professions – or just how seriously our society could have been corrupted if these frauds hadn’t been exposed and stopped. Something akin to the ISIS-ISIL phenomenon could never arise in our society, right? Wrong. Take some time to contemplate this: Mike Warnke never had been a satanic high priest, he did not have the personal experience, background or expertise that he claimed to possess, yet he was for several years the primary “expert” advising American law enforcement and child protection agencies on alleged “cult & occult/satanic crime”.

        There were many people, from a diversity of fields, with diverse religious-spiritual affilliations (including liberal and conservative Christians), networking together to expose the fraudulent experts and affiliated fraudulent SRA victim claimants. This process included investigating their life history narratives in detail and publicizing easily documentable falsehoods which were exposed. For example, an SRA victim might have claimed that she bred and gave birth to half-a-dozen infants on behalf of the cult, all of whom were subsequently sacrificed – but her OB/GYN doctor reported no evidence she had ever been pregnant at all. Fraudulent victims would try to discredit their critics, calling them secret satanists. When that didn’t stop the sceptics, they would change their narrative: the sacrificial children weren’t kidnap victims, they were bred by female cultists. The dead babies hadn’t been buried, they were secretly cremated. No, they weren’t cremated, they were really eaten during ceremonial banquets. But some falsehoods just couldn’t be revised away, and then we started to get this excuse: “What I said, may not be true. But I thought it was true, because the cult IMPLANTED FALSEHOODS INTO MY MEMORIES, so that I would look like a liar when I disclosed my abuse.

        That is where the first “mind control-brainwashing” claims came from, as a means of excusing victim claimant’s falsehoods, and the idea that these victim claimants had “false memories”, “implanted” in them by someone else was popularized BY THEM, (not by pedophiles intent on discrediting them), as early as 1987. It is very important to understand this, because…

        The False Memory Syndrome Foundation wasn’t founded until 1991. The idea that CSA victim claimants might have falsified recollections about their childhood wasn’t invented by FMSF, nor was it hypothesized to be an identifiable “psychological syndrome” for the purpose of discrediting true victim’s narratives. The false memory syndrome hypothesis grew out of an awareness and acknowledgement, that some of these falsified recollections really were the result of a “brainwashing” process. Not a process of cult mind control programming, but a process of unethical therapeutic treatment practices.

        Here’s an unscientific, somewhat arbitrary, way to distinguish “mind control” from “brainwashing”.
        A Mind Control victim would have no personal agency. Their thoughts and actions would be entirely involuntary, as though the controller was inside them and running them like a robot. If they said: “The Americans are the real enemy, long live Chairman Mao!” that would be the thoughts & beliefs of their controller, being spoken through them, it would not be their own thoughts or beliefs. If they planted a bomb outside a police station, they would have carried out the whole process mindlessly, like an automaton, with no awareness of their actions and no personal motivation for doing it.
        A Brainwashing victim retains personal agency, they’ve just adopted their controller’s beliefs through intensive indoctrination. They may have their awareness of and resistance to the indoctrination process weakened, through sleep deprivation, malnourishment, being drugged, beaten, tortured etc. Next, the validity and reality of their previous beliefs will be repeatedly refuted in group settings, where everyone else will tell them they were ‘crazy’ to have believed those things. Reality is something else, it is what all of us believe. If you don’t agree to what we are telling you, that means you are insane and will have to be kept in isolation, cut off from your loved ones & friends, forever.
        Over time, the Brainwashing victim genuinely adopts their controller’s beliefs. When they say “The Americans are the real enemy, long live Chairman Mao!”, they really believe that, now. If they planted a bomb outside a police station, they would do it because they truly believe the police are the enemies of The People and must be destroyed.

        There were no MKUltra “mind control” projects, because that idea is an unscientific fantasy. There were MKUltra projects related to “brainwashing”, however. They developed a number of useful techniques, primarily hypnosis, administering psychoactive drugs, and group reality reinforcement.

        Now, compare that regime to this: hypnotherapy, anti-psychotic drug therapy and group therapy. Oh yes!
        Whether by intention or through sheer incompetence, some American psychiatric treatment centers in the 1980’s, specializing in diagnosis & treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder, started subjecting their patients to totally unprofessional treatment regimens, involving: administration of massive doses of powerful psychoactives, (by comparison, the MKUltra doctors use of such substances seems timid and reluctant), manipulative hypnotherapy sessions that went on for hours, day after day, months at a time, and aggressive group therapy sessions intended to force the patient to accept the “reality” of what supposedly been discovered about them through the hypnotherapy. That they were secretly an evil satanic cultist, that they routinely raped and murdered children in cult ceremonies, including their own babies, that they were involved in a world-wide secret conspiracy to corrupt and destroy everything that is good & decent about our way of life. This was the new reality they were told to accept, and it just happened to reflect the SRA conspiracy theory beliefs of their doctors and therapists.

        This is well documented fact. There were multiple lawsuits against prominent doctors & therapists, and the facilities they ran. No surprise Dr Corydon Hammond was one of these.
        And who would have understood that these quacks were really “brainwashing” their patients, cultivating the development of (implanting) falsified recollections about their lives prior to therapy, than the psychiatrists and psychologists who worked on brainwashing projects for the CIA and/or American military? That’s why several of them formed the original FMSF board.
        Were there pedophiles on the FMSF board? Some members of an organization for parents, who were accused by their adult children of having abused them in childhood, joined FMSF. I believe that one or two members of that group were later convicted of abusing their child, I don’t know if they were on the board. The psychologist’s parents were never charged in relation to the abuse of their daughter or any other child. Many more members of that organization were exonerated when their child’s therapist was found guilty of brainwashing them into falsely believing their parents had abused them.

        No doubt, some child abusers may have attempted to exploit the concept of “false memories” for their own defence. Who has pedophile friends? is a dangerous game to play however. The number of convicted, child abusing sexual psychopaths who have been promoters of SRA mythology, outweighs the number of convicted “false memory” proponents by several magnitudes. One of Nick Bryant’s interviewers was arrested on CSA images possession charges, the day after his interview with Bryant about Franklin, and pleaded guilty to a possessing a massive hoard of filth. Does that mean Bryant is “pro-pedophile”? Of course not.


        • Wow thank you again for taking the time to lay that all out for me.
          The brainwashing sounds exactly the tactics that Abraham used. The idea that some of the crazier hoaxers believe about Hoaxtead being a psy-op and that a pedophile group implanted false ridiculous stories about satananism and baby munching to cover up the real sexual abuse is another of the weird ways these people try and twist everything to fit their narrative just like the backtracking of the fake cultists you mention.

          I have never heard of the people you mention so will have a look at your site, the swallowing the camel and a few names over the next few days or so.

          Just having a basic understanding of these issues is probably good enough for me. The reinforcing or creation of these false beliefs through intensive and extensive therapy makes me realise why it is so hard for some of these MK or SRA types to let go of their beliefs even if they lose all their friends and family by clinging to the real belief that they were cult victims or super soldiers etc.

          This explains that guy on here the other day spouting his stories, people like D Shurter, Sandy Bergen and others. Then there are the likes of Angela who doesn’t believe a single word she spouts out of her own mouth when she talks about child hunts and MKUltra.

          Seems like there will be little chance of myself trying to point out any of this to any of these types as they will just respin their stories and stick to their guns.

          Cheer mate 🙂


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