Angie and the Gardai’s keys: More lies?

Yesterday, Angela Power-Disney posted yet another puzzling story on her Facebook page; once again, the story is so patently untrue that it leaves us wondering why she’d even bother with it.

Here’s what she wrote:

JW-Angie & Garda keys 2

As regular commenter JW pointed out, this story fails to hold water:

Angie & Garda keys 3 2016-04-13

And in fact, here’s that 2011 picture, in its original context: Angie & Garda keys 4Now, it’s hardly a criminal offence to borrow a picture to suit the story one is telling; we do that here quite frequently.

The problem with the story

However, it is most definitely a problem to make off with keys belonging to the Gardai, or even to say that one has.

If Angela’s story is true, the officers responsible for allowing Angela to take the keys will be in very serious trouble. Police are not allowed to let their keys out of their possession; there’s a risk that a criminal could cut a duplicate set of keys, just for example.

So if things happened as Angela describes, at least one officer’s job is now on the line.

And if the story is not true, Angela has just publicly called the competence of the police into question; either way, the Gardai will be deeply unhappy with her.

But the question for us is: why bother with this untrue tale at all?

Once again, all we can do is shake our heads.Pinocchio3

57 thoughts on “Angie and the Gardai’s keys: More lies?

  1. LOL – I was just reading that post…

    “You could not make this up….” She writes… And yet she did! WHAT a talent!

    Not sure that the Garda use ‘squad cars’ per se… But what I can say for sure ( I asked an ex-policeman who phoned a friend in Co. Clare t’ be sure) is that there is ‘no way on God’s green earth’ that car keys would be kept on the same ring as any form of station key. – They also wouldn’t be on the type of ring you describe. Additionally, the Garda can’t help you with your missing passport Angie… You made that (possibly false) report the other day and it’s being dealt with. – As a former Traffic Officer, my associate also points out that (for the second time in a few days) he finds himself questioning this claimed ‘visual impairment’ of yours. And wonders if you should still be holding a Driving Licence?

    Just to be doubly sure our friendly neighbourhood ex-policeman’s Garda friend has said he’ll be VERY sure to pass the details on to both Angie’s local station and the one nearest the hotel where she’s last known to have been staying.

    I also note that one Ria Moulton thinks those who point out these simple truths are – “Evil basterds” [sic]. – Broight lass it is you are fir sure der Ria! Der truth’s a booger ain’t it?

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  2. “The story is so patently untrue that it leaves us wondering why she’d even bother with it.”

    Yesterday she was being directly challenged to take herself off to the nearest Garda station and hand herself in. – This followed her (and I do think it was hers) threat to feign a suicide attempt. The reason she’ll be holed up is, as I said the other day, she doesn’t want to be lifted from the house. Similarly, by feigning contact with the police (the false report the other day and this latest shaft of wit) she is seeding the notion she has nothing to hide. – I’m reliably informed that those with a skeleton or two that’s threatening to do the Hokey Cokey on them very often DO ‘court’ the local police as a deflection tactic…

    When she returns to Oldcastle, and is approached by neighbours questioning why the police want a word with her she’ll be able to feign a ‘who me?’ – And have the additional ‘excuse’ of the allegedly stolen passport, which of course has brought her into regular contact with the police these pass few days. It’s a rather lame smokescreen. Least of all the Garda, who these days use very modern techniques such as the telephone and dem com-pooter tings to communicate with each other.

    Angie – as Ive said before you need to hand yourself in. You’re fooling no-one. And when an old ex-traffic plod (sorry mate πŸ˜‰ ) that handed his ticket in over a quarter-century ago can see through you like a plate glass window, do you REALLY think you’re going to fool an entire police force?

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  3. The Garda have nothing to do with passports except of course if you are reporting a stolen one but..and a Big But..Angie posted that video of a police woman at the Airport (with some poster make an unnecessary rude comment about her) who supposedly scanned CCTV footage looking for the likely thief so clearly she would have reported to police at the airport. One report is enough.

    I think you are spot on. Angie’s attempt, after posters telling her to hand herself she in posts a ham-fisted “look over here” diversion that is all to obvious. Poor girl.

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    • Now, there’s another point Sam… Airport CCTV… That’s going to be a wee bit more complicated than one of those DIY CCTV kits you get from B&Q now isn’t it? Slightly more sophisticated than what your local corner shop has?

      Is there not a great big room at the airport with a dozen or more specially trained folk in it whose job it is to operate this system? – We already know that the officer stationed at the front bar is stationed at the front bar! -i.e. THAT is their duty for the shift. And there’s this kindly wee lassie takes herself off to fire up the old VHS there… Ocht sure will the Inspector not be awful cross with her?

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      • Indeed airport CCTV must be the most sophisticated as we see with the Brussels’ tragedy, the perps were identified asap.

        You would think someone lifting the handbag of the most glamorous blonde siren & cougar in Ireland would be noticed.

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  4. The interstellar visitor The Lotus Princess from the Planet Swissindo has posted her latest phone call to Hackney Council which she has dissolved and issued a Commercial Lien to. She asks if the person on the phone and the Chief Executive Officer are practicing Satanists and how many Satanists work on the council. The call didn’t last long.

    Think about this next time you want have a go at the hard working council officers.

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        • I am – quite literally – sitting here watching two council vans which have double-parked in the entrance to the building’s rear yard, blocking it completely. There are about eight orange-jacketed eijits who have spent the past hour ‘lien-ing’ πŸ˜‰ against their vans talking pish… The hour before that they were holed-up in a corner of the yard in their vans drinking tea!

          – Don’t expect anyone from Edinburgh, West Lothian, North Lanarkshire or Glasgow to beleive you when you say there is such a species as the ‘hard working council officer’!

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    • As soon as Neelu starts going on about Satanism the PA obviously thinks “nutter – get lost” and winds things up as quickly as she can. Unfortunately I imagine in the minds of Princess Lotus and her pal refusing to deny the accusation registers as an admission of guilt.
      I look forwards to the reports of tomorrow’s court proceedings.

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    • Some one needs to give Lotus Lou a copy of this:

      “Laws against false liens, and punishments
      Georgia was one of the first states to enact a law to combat the scourge of false liens with a statute that mandated 1 to 10 years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine for each false lien against a public official. This was later extended to all persons. Various other states have laws to help combat fraudulent liens. Federal laws are also available, such as 18 USC Β§ 1521 and 18 USC Β§ 287.

      A number of people have been criminally charged and sentenced for filing false liens:

      Cherron Marie Phillips – 7 years jail (Memorandum)
      Tyrone Eugene Jordan – 10 years jail (Docket)
      Donna M. Kozak – 3 years jail (Judgment)
      Randall David Due – 10 years jail (Judgment)
      David Carroll Stephenson – 10 years jail (Judgment)
      … and many more
      Playing with commercial liens can have serious consequences. Unless you know what you’re doing and have a legitimate security agreement signed by the debtor you should avoid filing UCC-1 financing statements.”

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      • Sadly though, she’s not in Georgia, or even Kansas Toto…

        UCC in the UK? Possibly something to do with customs procedures or one of the major coffee distributors in Europe. Very soon she’ll have to wake up and smell it. Until then I suspect the officials she’s lien-ing on will continue to let her just babble at herself. The woman really is ‘properly mental’ – delusional. – I hope she gets the medical help she needs soon and is protected from the abuse of Belinda McKenzie and her ilk. At the moment she is quite tiresome, and I can understand why people are somewhat frightened of and for her.

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      • Thing like WeRe (not actually a) bank and what Neelu has done in the past with some of her concluded cases has all been seen before in spirit if not the details!

        Those freeman were one really nasty bunch of people.

        Things haven’t quite got that bad in the UK……yet.

        This Canadian court case is a good primer too, if any one likes reading legal cases that are longer than a shortish novel.

        Court of Queen’ Bench of Alberta, Meads v. Meads, 2012 ABQB 571

        These sort of ideas run through this case even back and forth among supporters. Webre’s World Passport/freeloon on the land/patriots/racists/neo nazis/drifloud/conspritard rants against Roschild’s actually is a code for Jewish people/people eat babies just like the Jews/NWO controlled by a cabal of bankers like Hitler said bullshit and bigotry/must have family purity like a Nazi so we hate gays especially gay men. So predictable. So depressing. So many people retweet Charles Frith. People holding themselves as campaigners re tweeting embedded drifloud tweets.

        I think I need to enjoy the spring weather this weekend!

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        • Yes, you definitely should. If one delves too deeply into this stuff, it can become very depressing. Hard to imagine that this many people live in such a sad, ugly, hateful world.


          • What troubles me about such individuals and groups is that where there might actually BE something that right thinking people ought to be concerned about, they ensure that such matters are conflated and confused and swept away in a tide of nonsense… Much of it made unacceptable to any sane/reasonable person by dint of the fact it feeds off bigotry. IF there is an elitist cabal intent on enslaving the common man, that cabal’s greatest allies seem to be contained within the so-called ‘truth’ movement!


          • This is why you get people claiming that Belinda, Sheriff Sands and even Spivey are double agents. I don’t think any of them are. The CIA did plant people who claimed to be in contact with creatures from Venus amongst the early UFO investigators to discredit them. There were, as far as I can tell, no aliens, but plenty of secret military aircraft.

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          • You can discount the likes of Sands or Spivey… But McKenzie seems to be among a small group that seem to be ‘Teflon’ coated! And there ARE other quite ridiculous characters that also seem to be ‘above the law’. MI5? No… Certainly not directly. What it will take to bring these ‘flameproof’ types down is for legitimate citizens in a small group to demand that the law is applied as it should be. – That needs to be done 100% within the letter of the law.

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  5. Angie isn’t doing herself any favours is she? The more lies she tells to get out of some trouble the more trouble she finds herself in. What an great team we have, with all their combined knowledge of different subjects helping to blow holes in the Hoaxteaders stories.

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  6. When I read that post I immediately felt it was an attempt by Angie to give the impression she is on good terms with Garda. The fact she used a photo from a different time frame is very suspicious indeed, and rather amusing.

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    • Yes, that’s a good point–despite her apparent belief that the police are all evil and eat babies, etc., she does seem to want to make the point that they’re very chummy with one another.


    • A friend of mine had a rather interesting chat with a senior player in the Gaurdia earlier – THey deserved to know of the claimed security breach, he was being kind.

      Interesting comments back from him:

      Lost passport – no record of that,
      Visit yesterday to Guardia “barracks” or even a station… by Angie, and the “keys incident” – no record of that (such a breach requires urgent action to change locks to prevent further breaches of security, so a very serious even)
      Airport visit many hours after an alleged theft of a handbag – record of that and subsequent action due to the covert recording.

      Just to make certain Angie is safe and well she WILL be visited in order to talk about her claims of the “keys” and any possibility of a suicide attempt.

      ANGIE – A very silly claim which has brought yourself even more firmly into focus, and caused yourself urgent further scrutiny

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      • Not particularly familiar with the English/Criminal process but…

        When a case is called for hearing it is what it says on the tin… Full presentation and it’s ‘game on’. Where a case is purely “For Mention” then there will be no hearing of the action, nor will there be a hearing of a Motion. It’s more ‘administrative’ – a court supervision of some part of the action. It might be to see if the case is ready for hearing or ensure that a party has complied with an order etc.

        The move to paper is possibly to accommodate the great steaming pile of gumph these nutters dropped on the court’s lap last week. – But that’s a guess.

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    • Yes, re-reading it I thought it says committal for sentence, but the image is cropped so it isn’t clear. Is that a case below?

      Changed to a paper file I think means they won’t be using the new electronic case file system.


        • – That’s also as good a guess as any FS. – Of course the bampots would just scan and post if they were of a mind. I think we should avoid attempting to ‘guess’ tomorrow’s events, just to be sure we’re on the right side of the law.

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          • “For Mention” is standard follow on from the adjournment of a Plea and Directions hearing – nothing unusual but can be the indicator of various applications by either prosecution or defence. It can be concluded though that the previous Judge has reserved the matter to her self following last Fridays adjournment – presumably to read any papers and arguments given to her, hence the change to a “Paper Hearing” rather than “Digital Hearing”

            Don’t draw any inferences by the wording – its a common listing phrase

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  7. I and a few others have been monitoring tory smith and his fans (neelu aka lou lotus etc) for a while. It sickens me to hear the filth he spews and is causing me mental problems. Youtube are not interested in banning him even when him and friends give out names and addresses. I include a link to a tory video. Look in the comment section at what mark bu……an did to these people who work in a furniture shop. somebody is going to get hurt or killed because of idiots like this.

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    • He really is vile, I’m not surprised he’s having an adverse effect, no-one of sound mind could listen to that repellent nonsense for long. I’ve flagged several of his videos, one in particular accusing Obama of rape and murder, to no avail. It’s been said many times but Youtube, Facebook et al really need a metaphorical bomb under their asses. Please take a break from viewing him if it’s getting to you, nothing’s worth compromising your own well-being for. Perhaps we need a strategy for group action re. Smith.?
      I feel buoyed by all the recent victories and no-one’s invincible. He certainly needs to be removed from any public platform asap.

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      • you are right i do need a break, one of his sick fantasies was a politician raping a child and doing unspeakable things. i had to go to the doctors and beg for valium it affected me so much. these people are evil.

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        • I’m afraid it is rather like driving past a road accident; you know you shouldn’t look at these things, but it is difficult not to.
          Don’t let these people infect you with their insanity!


    • Judging by the name of the shop it is quite possible that its owners are Jewish. I think this is a bit more anti-Semitism. Mark Buchanan, who posted the address, has liked videos about the “Satanic Rothschilds”.


      • Yes, apparently he has some history of involvement with children, I’m not clear about how much, but he’s certainly a very very sick man.


  8. I am sorry but the devil must be sitting on my shoulder today

    Why did I think of Angie when this tune came into mind. Grrrr…. (She obviously wrote the script and its about her quest for money – promotion of the cause, peace (her pocket) and its also part of her holiday video)

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