Angie & Heifer disappoint with latest video

Well, that was a bit of a let-down. After yesterday’s crackerjack Angie & Heifer Show, in which they took turns slagging pretty well everyone they knew, we were all geared up for another hour of rollicking entertainment. What we got was Angela reading from her Facebook Messenger, and trying to claim that the people who research and/or write Hoaxtead Research had been sending her disgusting and/or threatening messages. This was definitely a re-run: we are quite certain she hauled out the same messages a month or so ago, and they weren’t particularly interesting then, either.

There were a few good moments at the start: Angela stating, with a completely straight face, “I’m always willing to be wrong. And I do err on the side of thinking the best of people”. Had us rolling in the aisles, that one did! Brilliant deadpan comedy—well done!

Another favourite: “They sort of do this mirror thing…they try and assign a body count to me, that people that come on my show end up murdered, like Patrick Cullinane; or sectioned, like Jake and Arthur; or arrested, like Rupert and Sabine and Neelu and Lee”. By the time she’d reached “Sabine and Neelu and Lee” we were giggling so hard we frightened the office cat, who had to be coaxed out from under the desk with a bit of tuna.

There were the usual paranoid mini-rants: if your computer acts up, it has obviously been compromised by GCHQ (hint: pretty sure GCHQ has no interest in either Angie or Heifer); if you so much as look in the direction of Hoaxtead Research we will instantly know your IP address, your phone number, and your shoe size; technology is so advanced that there really is no privacy, and your microwave is probably snapping your photograph while you’re not looking (pace Kellyanne Conway).

And we must admit to a grudging respect for Heifer, who stood her ground and insisted (correctly) that Julian Vayne and James Hind are two different people; Angie seemed doubtful, but cheered up a bit when she realised that if she swung round to Heifer’s point of view, she could accuse Kristie Sue Costa of being not only a shit researcher (true) but also an agent (hahahahahaha! No. You have to pass IQ tests to be an agent…or so we hear).

Another highlight was Angela trying to claim that someone from HR had set up a fake Facebook profile in the name of Neelu Berry’s niece, who tragically died of a congenital disorder (no, Angie, she was not ritually slaughtered by Satanists, you dimwit). Interestingly, she claimed that she’d received a truly awful message from this person within the last month, but we distinctly recall her claiming to have received that message in August last year. In fact, we actually wrote a post about it at the time: Funny that Angie would claim to have received the message from the horrible fake account, and would then claim that she didn’t write the last sentence in her own Facebook post, in which she misspelled “Philippines”. Oh, wait, must have been those pesky computer termites from GCHQ again. You know what they’re like, constantly hacking into people’s Facebook accounts to leave mysterious messages, which just so happen to echo rumours which you yourself have made up and spread. Cheeky bastards.

It does seem likely that both those messages were authored by the same person, as they repeat the same spelling and punctuation errors; as to whether they were both written by Angela, we really cannot say.

Funny, though, that she would dredge this one up again months later, trying to claim that she couldn’t possibly have written the second message, since it’s not in her usual writing style. We don’t know; it sounds pretty Angie-esque to us. And frankly, since Angela and Sabine first discussed this strange rumour months before we wrote the above post, we cannot think what Angela is trying to prove by claiming she didn’t write it. Maybe it was one or more of her “alters”?

In any case: if you haven’t yet wasted an hour and a quarter on Angie and Heifer’s latest, we would suggest that you not bother. They really don’t live up to the promise of their last effort. Our critics give this one two thumbs down. Allegedly and without prejudice, it goes without saying.


136 thoughts on “Angie & Heifer disappoint with latest video

  1. Awww, bless. Heifer will enjoy reading this. She’ll be over the Moon with her new nickname too 😀

    Hi Heather! Say hello to your new lord and slavemaster Angie from me (Lisa Rizley, as she calls me)

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      • It’s no wonder that Heather couldn’t recall threatening to give Beth a Glasgow kiss due to the speed she was knocking back her bottle of booze in that particular video.

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        • That’s a good point AP. She probably doesn’t remember. The proof is there in APD’s other video.
          She even said she wanted to get more booze in for her further chats with APD.

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    • She’ll love the Mc Kenzies Devils video about her too.

      Pity she won’t be able to tell the sperm donor as he’s blocked her, lol.

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      • I love the videos that MKD make, they make good pertinent points about what Angie etc has said and they are always right on the ball and bring their videos out so quickly. Well done MKD.

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  2. This was a boring video.

    I’d have liked to hear more from Heather but she never got the chance did she!

    What I want to know is why Angela gets targeted by so many romance scammers. It doesn’t happen to me. What’s wrong with me?

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    • Yes weird that, doesn’t happen to me either.

      I think it’s because she has signed up to these online dating agencies and that is how the men have her details.


    • You’re right, Miss C: Whenever Heather opens her mouth to say anything about her own situation, Angie talks over her. At some point, Heather’s going to get fed up and realise she’s being used as a foil for Angela’s ranting. Watching and waiting….

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      • I can only think Heather needs some attention but Angie has a selective hearing deficiency whereby she can only perceive her own internal(and highly disturbed) dialogue/chatter.External data only passes through her earflaps when it neatly accords with her malificent inner storyboard.

        Other beings in Angieworld are simply vehicles to be used,driven into the ground and dispatched to the scrapheap when usefulness complete.She no doubt checks the glove compartment for handy loose change before final dismisal.

        Angie is incapable of friendship or genuine compassion for others although she has accrued a pool of catch phrases and missives that groom and lure the vulnerable,weak and desperate into her oasis of poisonous shit.

        Agree EC,it is only time before Heather clocks Angies abusive web spinning game.Whether it is before,during or after Heathers glove compartment is rifled is perhaps simply written in the stars.

        Tickerty bleedin tock…..

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  3. Yeah, I thought Heather was going to talk about what she knew regarding Sabine.
    All I got was eye strain from looking at APD’s shared screen.

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  4. I think it was me who originally posted the screenshot of Angela threatening RD with Filipino gangs on here (though it’s been widely used since). And I can state categorically that it was 100% undoctored. That’s word for word what she wrote. It’s more than likely still there if anyone wishes to rummage through her Augusts to check (er…so to speak). As she herself would say, it’s “like going through a baby’s nappy to find a sixpence”. Lying old harpy.

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    • Actually, scratch that – it was on YouTube, not Farcebook. It was posted on 12th August and this is the original thread in full:

      That would be a seriously good doctoring job. No joins, no marks, precise font, colour etc…GCHQ themselves couldn’t pull off such a perfect job!

      And maybe Heifer – who is inexplicably still believing everything Angela tells her – should ask herself what exactly our motive would be in doctoring it. As if we didn’t have enough dirt on Angie already? We’d have to invent more? WTF? LOL. As for death threats against RD, she’s even made them in her own sodding videos, which are still up!

      Sorry, Heifer, but lying is just one more thing that Angela is shit at, as we have proven time and time again. Good luck with trusting her – do let us know how that works out for you 🙂

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    • We are well aware of how devious Angie is and that we can’t trust a word that she says. I don’t believe anyone here thinks that Angie’s post had been doctored by anybody. We know exactly the type of person she is and so will Heather somewhere down the line.


  5. Angela needs to let Heather at the very least as a guest explain her situation and speak out about her son, not have Angela dictate everything and reveal all her contacts and messages for all to see.

    Somfrustrating, I personally could not deal with Angela’s ego and would not sit by whilst she talks about trolls and bullshit about her painting and clothes Jockney Rebel may or may not have.

    Angela is a user and an enabler of the worst kind, just let Heather speak and tell her story about her son and her life, not utter crap for an hour and a quarter about nonsense facebook messages only Angela herself gives a shit about.

    So annoying.

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  6. Another thing which indicates it was Power Disney that made up the fake profile of Neelu’s niece, is the “Biblical” type references which Angela so delights in using i.e. Burn in Hell/Lord.

    What other person on face book writes like that?

    If the cap fits and all that Angela.

    PS Heifer could you pass on the message to your new best friend as she doesn’t read this blog, lol.

    Angela is a liar my dear and if you haven’t realised yet, you soon will do.

    How you think Angela can in any way help you in a positive way is beyond me.

    As someone said earlier, the only viewers Power Disney gets on her videos is from the people here and as we are decent people we would help you if we could.

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  7. Heather thinks there’s something strange about how HR got hold of the Court Order re Neelu’s eviction. One possibility is that we’re a loose-knit but highly paid collection of FBI, CIA, MI5/6, shape-shifting Satanists who have access to confidential information. The other is that we copied and pasted it from Butlincat’s (Neelu’s friend) blog. Answers on a postcard….

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    • Why is Jason streak of piss talking about gutting himself, does he think he is a dishonoured Samurai or Ronin?
      What a little Nonce he really is.
      Angie re-reding old messages tonight I see for no reason other than to stop Hetty speaking out!
      Angie is a true police informer, has all Heather’s details by now and will drop her as soon as she doesn’t do what she wants her too, which is get back her stuff from Mockney Rabble, who would rather buy weed that spend the money on a cab fair to help her dogs get surgery.

      Jockneys a massive twat as well.

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      • Yes the it’s The Three Twats.
        All for one and One for All..err, well something like that.

        What a great house guest Angie makes. Arriving with 34p but then goes out to beg for £1 but Jockney actually needs 3 to feed the meter. What happened? Did they get another £2 or sit in the dark?

        And good old Jet-setting Ange leaves the place immaculately yet can’t find her clothes? I think Jockney probably burnt them in the back garden as an ‘ealth & safety measure if she had any sense.
        Personally I’m launching a plan to kidnap Jockney’s two mutts as it didn’t escape me that one nibbled on Ange’s precious jewels.

        Could they be the legendary missing Romanov Family Diamonds entrusted to Ange to deliver to the West? Could Angela be the missing Countess Anastasia long rumoured to have escaped to Ireland and married a local pedo?
        I’ve uncovered a rarely seen old portrait of the Romanov’s together. What do you think? Is there is a remarkable resemblance between Angie & Anastasia?. I think I’ll ask Facial Recognition Export Chris Spiteful.
        (note- Angela / Anastasia is on the far left. Lady 3rd from right is an old bag lady who gatecrashed the Romanov family selfie

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        • Bahahaha old bag lady gatecrasher is Angie alright. I think I see a yound Araya in there and maybe hirse faced Ella off his eyes balls on a little somethin, somethin.
          No wonder these vampires live so long, free buffet once a month, all you can eat and a nice bottle of piss to wash it down every night and every morning, can’t go wrong with the organic panic self sufficient ways of these fruityloops.


        • Of course, Gof S, we must make it clear you are not actually going to be dognapping anybody’s pets, just before any of the hoaxers perceive that as a threat. 🙂


      • I’m thinking of reporting Angela to Lidl for her shop lifting in their store.

        All admitted on her own video.

        That’s unless anyone else has done it.

        Angela is going back to Oldcastle next month April 2017 as that will make 1 year since her sons had the tenancy on her house, which the kindly housing benefit people paid the rent money to Angela for.

        What suckers.

        Is Angela going to sub-let the little Lanzarote pad or has the owner of the place got someone in for the 3 months Angela will be absent?

        How does that work?

        How is Angela going to afford to eat and smoke in Oldcastle?

        Oh yeah!

        The full-time journalist who works on the “Hampstead Case” full-time is going to put in a disability claim for herself and Carer’s allowance for the youngest son, whist the oldest son will put in a Carer’s allowance claim for Angela.

        Go and tell Angela all that Heifer.

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        • Shop lifting from the bargain bin in Lidl actually represents a major career leap from her current post as arch exiled self bullshitter supremo in chief par excellence.

          I agree Angie will seek to manoeuvre and milk the benefit system to her best advantage on her Oldcastle return and we might see her appearing with a zimmer frame following a mysterious lower back problem (a la madame crocodile and her highway skiing antics).Just enough to tip her into the higher rate disability category for a car to zoom about in and annoy local tractor drivers.

          Rumour also abounding that Angie has submitted proposals to Oldcastle town planning department for a EEC diversity grant funded two tier viewing stand to be erected at the bottom of her garden to cheer on the local dogging community.

          STOP PRESS:The midget trained to infiltrate Angies island hideout has just returned to base on health and safety grounds as the cunning HP sauce bottle disguise was apparently “chaffing my nipples somewhat”.

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          • Lol at the HP Sauce bottle man, poor bugger. I just hope the lil fella fares better than the last guy we sent for that 20 hour a week temp admin opening Angie had.
            Noones heard of him since.


          • The HP in ‘HP Sauce’ stands for Houses of Parliament. There is a picture on the front of the bottles of them.

            The perfect placement of the bottle is a message and was deliberate. I’m joining crazy dots again… I need to go and lie down. 😀

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    • Yes of course you would reveal your identity to a member of the Twat Club like Yannis so he can accuse you (on no evidence) of all manner of crimes. That makes sense, it sure does.
      Note Mr Emmanoeul, you don’t know who anyone is but you have accused posters on here of being pedophiles.
      What we do here is a reaction to falsehoods and cruel hoaxes played by the likes of you.
      We didn’t start the fire but we intend to put it out.
      And two can play your game: I have been told you are a baby eating pedophile and have Satanic tattoos on your body. Using your own methods of deductions- if you do not submit to a medical test then it is proof you are a baby murdering child abuser.
      Over to you.

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  8. Some nifty verbal footwork there by Angie as she lays into J.Rebel for being a racist as Heifer Brown jumps in with a slew of racist comments about Jamaican men, The only time I’ve I’ve seen Angie successfully get the conversation back on track (but still gets in a few racist jibes herself).
    Love how both are so shocked by Rebel’s threats to deck the occasional person while Heifer doesn’t let a 10 minute section of chat go by without threatening all and sundry with delivering a Glasgow Kiss and on one occasion says she might deliver said victim after ‘kissing’ them, through a plate glass window.
    What a lady !

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  9. The time has come for me to publicly expose Nathaniel J. Harris and his fraudulent CSA-SRA allegations hoax.
    Harris has repeatedly stated that the 6 year old child alleged to have been abused by Colin Batley, in this article:
    “Teenager forced to join satanic sex cult”

    is “Child X”, the son of his partner, “Victim X”.

    In this article, the pseudonymous Batley victim called “Catrina Jeffrey” is alleged to have stated that “…she discovered through another cult member that Batley had abused a child who was six years old”, after the birth of her second son, when she was 23 years old.
    The article gives Catrina’s age as 36 years in 2012. That would make her 23 in 1999. The alleged 6 year old child victim could not have been born after 1993, but assuming the child had been 6 in 1999 that would make them 24 years of age in 2017.

    “Victim X”‘s son will be 20 in 2017. Nathaniel Harris’ stepson cannot be the alleged 6 year old child victim referred to in the Mirror article. The entire basis of Harris’ SRA panic promotion campaign, the claim that his partner’s son was this alleged Batley victim, is a lie.

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    • Nathaniel Harris is still trying to push the Hind is Julian discredited narrative on his blog, I will be joining you in exposing that cockroach.

      Credit where it is due to Heather Brown for working out that I and Julian Vayne are both separate people, living in opposite parts of the UK, following different religious paths.

      If it had not been for Vayne being forgiving and taking pity on Harris, I would have enjoyed nailing Nathaniel Harris to the wall with the police.

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      • Timelines are important evidence, because numbers are non-partisan. They don’t play favorites or take sides – they’re just numbers.

        The person who allegedly disclosed abuse to Nathaniel Harris was 6 years in 2003, 19 years in 2016, so 20 years old in 2017.

        “At the age of 21, Catrina gave birth to a son, Nathan*, weighing 6lb 4oz.
        “Colin was still forcing me to have sex with him so I didn’t know if it was his baby or Matthew’s,” she says.
        “But he was thrilled and told me this child was a cult baby.” Just over a year later, Catrina became pregnant again and had her second son, Jake*”.
        [21 plus “just over one year” makes her 22+ for her second pregnancy]
        “It was only after his birth that she discovered through another cult member that Batley had abused a child who was six years old.
        “It was the information and power I needed to escape,” she says”.
        [aged 22+, then approx. 9 months pregnancy, makes her 23]

        “For the 36-year-old mum-of-three…”
        [ age 36 in 2012 means she was 23 in 1999]

        She was 23 when the alleged victim was at least 6 years, so born in or before 1993. Makes the alleged victim aged 24 or older in 2017.

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    • Hi Justin,
      I don’t want to muddy the waters here, but afaik the child that Harris claims disclosed “satanic” abuse to him was the child of JdeV and no other….. did I miss something? I’ve got screenshots of him saying that the person was his “stepson” and links to JdeV’s version of events (since removed from the internet, but fully recoverable in the wayback machine). The Batley connection, again, this is just my understanding based on his appalling blog and facebook page, is that everyone of the bloody planet that he doesn’t like is connected to Batley’s huge conspiracy.

      If you read through his past blogs, he is obsessed with the Kidwelly case, and tries to tie it in to everything. The best bit is where he says that he actually met Batley at some occult event, Batley had apparently put fake tattoos on his face, so that Harris didn’t realize until much later that it was him… those bloody sharpie pens!!! but Batley had also been hanging around his house etc…

      Harris changes his blog regularly in response to legal threats, warnings from the police, and anything that makes him look stupid. So it is somewhat hard to join the dots sometime.

      I do have his version (taken from the old blog) of how his partner lost custody of her son, due to Harris’s obsessional bullying and influence mostly.

      Keep up the good work 😉

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      • Like every good psychopath Nathaniel Harris changes his story to match his needs, part of his elaborate fantasy world. It would appear from his latest blog content that he has moved to a position of declaring all magic to be a fiction, and withdrawing his occult books. I am expecting an announcement any time that Harris has found Jesus, and then he will declare a personal crusade against all those he regards as associated with Satan.

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      • You judge:
        “An unnamed niece of Colin Batley told of how she was made pregnant by him, prevented from having an abortion, and told her child belonged to the cult. A year later, she became pregnant again, and had her second son. Shortly after his birth, she discovered through another cult member that Colin Batley had abused a child as young as six. She says, “It was the information and power I needed to escape.” (“He stole my life”: How a teenager was forced to join a satanic sex cult.. by her evil uncle, Mirror, 21 July 2012).

        I personally know who the six year old was, and where they are now. Now a teenager, I shall refer to them only as ‘X’ for reasons of their own protection. Through their disclosures to me, together with information from other ‘inside sources’, as well as personal encounters with Colin Batley and members of his cult, I can identify many other guilty parties yet to be arrested and prosecuted. Sadly, after going to the Police to make a statement, X was removed from their protective parents by corrupt Social Services and returned to the care of their abusive biological father – the man who had sold them to Batley’s cult in the first place”.

        Currently on his blog.

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        • I should caution our readers that anyone who comments on Nathaniel Harris’ blog will have their IP address harvested; we recommend using a VPN even for casual visits. Stay protected, stay safe!

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        • Thanks Justin, I hadn’t seen that. So, the six year old morphs ages depending on what version of his lies he’s currently touting. Good to know.

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  10. Let’s go a bit deeper down the Nathaniel J Harris rabbit hole now…

    On his wordpress blog, Harris complains that people have slandered him with claims that he suffers from a personality disorder. Well – he told me that he was Borderline Personality Disorder, on the occult forums once associated to Mandrake Press. We had a lengthy discussion about this on one of the forums. There’s no doubt that it was Harris, though under some screen name of course.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean its true, of course. He could have been lying about being diagnosed BPD, for whatever neurotic, manipulative purpose – some personal game he was playing out.
    There’s another word for that type of behaviour – claiming mental illness that you don’t have, or disavowing that claim on other occaisions, depending on what suits your purpose best at the time. Disavowing your previously professed belief in magic one day, claiming the ability to curse people days later. Stating that you don’t want people to buy your books on magic anymore, just before you release yet another treatise on medieval grimoire magic through Lulu…

    The word is PSYCHOPATHIC.

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    • He’s on facebook now saying “Due to being stalked by some very worrying people I won’t be able to make any conferences or events to sell my fiction work, as I was hoping to this year. ”
      Which is kind of funny since he’s made an enemy of pretty much everyone in the occult scene who organises events and conferences. He’s got a life-time ban from the Glastonbury Occult Conference for starting a very ill-advised fight with Jake Stratton-Kent who basically decked him. He then accused the organisers of…… yes, you guessed it: being paedophiles and enablers, oh, and also part of the Batley “cult” because two of them are from Wales (pop. 3.06 million).
      Note to Nathaniel: you’re not being stalked, you’re being exposed for the lying little sociopath you really are.

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      • Events such as Glastonbury Occult Conference caters to a specialist and small market where all those of influence know each other, upset all these people, and an individual can ruin any chances of selling to that market.

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      • I managed to find the Facebook account, he goes under the name Nathaniel Mortlock. Rather than do the honorable thing and remove all the content attacking innocent people, and ceasing his abuse, he is now playing the victim card. Plainly the recent adverse publicity of his abusive activity has impacted him.

        The attempt by Nathaniel Harris to get Order of Nine Angles (ONA) vigilantes to attack Vayne and his family is a serious situation. However, drawing the attention of ONA to himself was a bad idea, because he has previously pissed off some of the ONA. Whereas I am a difficult target for the ONA to get at, Nathaniel Harris is easier to track down, so this might have something to do with his sudden feeling of victimtude.

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  11. I will be more precise:

    Harris has repeatedly stated that the 6 year old child alleged to have been abused by Colin Batley, in this article:
    “Teenager forced to join satanic sex cult”

    is “Victim X” aka “Child X”, a child who first confided their abuse to Nathaniel Harris.

    In this article, the pseudonymous Batley victim called “Catrina Jeffrey” is alleged to have stated that “…she discovered through another cult member that Batley had abused a child who was six years old”, after the birth of her second son, when she was 23 years old.
    The article gives Catrina’s age as 36 years in 2012. That would make her 23 in 1999. The alleged 6 year old child victim could not have been born after 1993, but assuming the child had been 6 in 1999 that would make them 24 years of age in 2017.

    The person Harris refers to as “Victim X” aka “Child X”, will be 20 in 2017. Victim X” aka “Child X” cannot be the alleged 6 year old child victim referred to in the Mirror article. The entire basis of Harris’ SRA panic promotion campaign, the claim that “Victim X” aka “Child X” was this alleged Batley victim, is a lie

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    • She really doesn’t like having her glaring errors pointed out. But rather than apologise and admit she got it wrong, she just shouts the same incorrect information more loudly.

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    • Has she posted that link to her trashy blog today?

      When is Kris going to get it into that dumb thick skull of hers that James Hind is NOT Julian Vayne.

      You’re a nasty bitch Kris, all you do is accuse innocent people with your shit research which doesn’t even make sense.

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  12. Nathaniel Mortlock or Harris is properly throwing his toys out the pram on facebook atm. “He[James Hind] knows full well that it was he that drew the ONA (Order of Nine Angles – a Satanic order) into this”
    Eh, no Nathaniel, that would probably be your dim friend Kristie Sue (see the comments on her “Julian Vayne is James Hind” post), whose ludicrous squawking has attracted the ONA.
    And far from being friends with the likes of Ryan Fleming, I think you’ll find that James Hind actually called him and the ONA out on account of Ryan’s crimes. Easily fact checked by going to the Satanic Views blog.

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    • I called the ONA to account to abide by their honor code with regards to children, in doing so I gave Ryan Fleming a hammering. Some of the ONA did not like this, and they started looking for me. The ONA hunters came upon the posts by Nathaniel Harris and Kris Costa, and then made contact with Julian Vayne. I got to hear about this because Vayne e-mailed me, and sent me copies of all the exchanges he had with the ONA. I can personally handle myself against the ONA but I was concerned that Vayne and his family could get hurt, so I have recently made a lot of noise to make it clear that I am not Vayne. I would rather have ONA coming at me than at an innocent man. Ryan Fleming is seriously pissed off with me, but then Nathaniel Harris has said and done things in the past and more recently that would upset the ONA as well. Nathaniel Harris does have good reason to be worried.

      I would also like to make clear the Order of Nine Angles is not a Satanist religion, it is a type of parasitic philosophy that infiltrates various target religions or movements, thus it has what it calls “forms” existing in Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, neo-nazis, wicca, gangs, anarchists, Satanism, Luciferianism, Islam, and many more. My position is I want them kicked out of all the branches of the Left Hand Path.

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    • That’s very good of Angie to admit to being a lead campaigner and the public face of the Hampstead hoax. Now the cops know who to contact first with their enquiries.

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    • There are many more apt domain names available she could have used to give unsuspecting web surfers a better flavour of what to expect.

      Amongst many others are still currently up for grabs although she has missed out on

      Still I suppose Angie visiting her website 50 times a day to admire her false personality may help reduce the time she has left to inflict on the rest of the known universe so it may hold some minor benefit in the overall scheme of things.


    • This always alarms me :”Angela Power-Disney is an Anglo-Irish Mother and Grandmother…” a favourite trash media device to somehow denote a halo of truth or accuracy descends upon a person for performing one of the most common and natural acts upon this planet.
      You may as well say “the oxygen breathing & water drinking Angela Power-Disney..( or Fag Sucking).

      Some of the charming female guards at places like Belsen Belsen were also mothers & grandmothers.


      • “Angela Power-Disney is a carbon-based life form, just like you or me. She shares your morals and your values. For instance, she would never think of locking you into a closet and cooking you for her lunch. In fact, none of her closets are perfectly normal. None are equipped with heating coils, and all may be easily opened from the inside, as she will happily demonstrate to anyone who cares to inspect them”.


  13. “Looks familiar where this movie depicts an elite club who pays money to see innocents being murdered. Who would of guessed it was real? Truth is stranger than fiction”

    Oookay. Most of us have at one point or another quipped that the troofhoaxers believe fictional horror/sci fi movies to documentaries, Turns out they really do! 😮

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      • Apparently having a video blocked is proof that our politicians are paedophiles. What can be said about someone thinks that way?

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        • It’s the logic that says when police arrest and courts convict real sex abusers they have acted in good faith but when the same deduct that a false allegation is what it is, the Freemason Illuminati masters have ordered it (and those Freemasons would need millions of agents worldwide concentrating on courts alone).
          And it gets complicated : thus a “not guilty” or dismissed charge as in Neelu & Sabine’s last matter becomes part of a plot to suppress a jury from ‘hearing the truth’.

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      • That video contains exactly the same narrative as the one which YT removed due to a complaint from the Government. I reported this one at the beginning of March telling them that, so I’m surprised it’s still there.. no wait, it’s YT, I’m not surprised at all. Sigh..


  14. @PA &SV – one more try at expressing this coherently 🙂
    How many people who read that Mirror story back in 2012 would have bothered working out how old the alleged 6 year old victim would have been at that time, in 2012? How about, probably no one. Why would they? And before I suggested it, had you ever worked out how old the 6 year old would be today?

    The fact that very few people would bother, was the basis of Harris’ evil plot. He doesn’t know who Batley’s neice was referring to, who the real 6 year old was. He wouldn’t need to know. He could just claim that he did, and then get away with implying some other person had been that 6 year old. That’s the whole point. Anyone who knows anything about him wouldn’t believe he really gives a shit about Batley’s victims, or any other victim, or the pain & suffering of any person but himself. But, the opportunity to falsely accuse certain people of having abused this 6 year old he supposedly knew, and thereby link them to Batley…irresistible no doubt. But he fucked himself, because someday someone WOULD work out the math.

    For example, how old is the coached child today? Let me guess – 20? Then the coached child isn’t and never was the 6 year old. No matter how much Harris rewrites his blogs, he can never change this fact – only a person who is 24 or older in 2017 could possibly have been the 6 year old. Anytime he implies that someone younger than that was or might have been that 6 year old, he calls himself a lying shitbag.

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    • Great research Justin. There is a need for an alternative viewpoint on the internet (currently lacking) to the false claims of Nathaniel Harris in much the same way as Hoaxtead provides one against the Hampstead SRA hoax.

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      • I see this creepy looking dude is now accusing us of something.

        The reason detrre of Hoaxtead is of course to lend support to those falsely accused by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie and to give comfort to the dozens of innocent North London residents who have also been falsely implicated merely by living in a certain part of the UK.

        It’s what peaked my interest : I don’t know any of the accused in Hampstead but my very good life long friends who live there are neighbours and friends of a couple who were viciously accused because a child attended one school named by these hoaxers.

        I’ve never met them nor need to but my friends describe the misery this has been caused in that couple including a severe bout of depression in the mother and complete fear for some time of appearing in public while the pitch-fork waving mob were about and even stretched to thoughts of moving out of the area.
        In the end they did manage to get a new school for their child, not because anything was wrong with the last, but again from fear of vigilantes and anyone with experience at trying to get your child into anew school knows how complicated that becomes.

        So Nathanial Harris, yes you are in the firing line at present because of your despicable false accusations. As for selling your books- if a website like this could affect sales the book must be utter garbage and as a person with vast publishing experience you don’t fool anyone that you are a successful author.

        As for Nathaniel Mortlock on Facebook : using our new rule of thumb developed out of the false accusers own deduction methods : Mr Mortlock’s fixation on pedophilia indicates he eitheris a repressed or active pedophile with a sick fascination in the subject and probably has satanic markings on his body so until he proves otherwise : the accusation stands.

        Allegedly & Without Prejudice with Usual Disclaimers.
        All legal correspondence should be addressed to:
        Dr P. Culinanne PHD (Pissed off to Heaven as Dead)
        Legal Adviser Extraordinaire
        Freeman of The Land
        care of: Sunny Dale Resting Home, Plot 85a.

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    • Thanks Justin. I never did the dates tot up myself. I do know coached child will be 20 years old in this quarter. Nathaniel Harris had no compunction in leaving enough details on his crappy blog that anyone could find out the full name of the young person in question.


  15. APD has just left this comment on one of that idiot 2Circles’ videos:

    “This was hard to watch and as a child ritual abuse and MK survivor I had to turn the volume down but I am GLAD I persevered because it is profoundly convincing and informative….thankyou for making this. I disagree on one tiny point having worked on this for more than two years (I have a playlist on my channel THE HAMPSTEAD COVER UP)…I suspect the children were coached as to their Mother being absolutely exonerated from involvement and there is a question as to whether Dearman actually raped and sodomised his OWN children tho, there was very clear indications he trained them up to sacrifice babies etc and pimped them out.

    So now she’s claiming RD DIDN’T abuse his children but DID train them to chop babies’ heads off and pimped the children!


    • She’s disgusting, pure fantasy land. To think all this started from a strange little creepy pervert of a man who met Ella and the children at a raw food convention. In other words down the local greengrocers. Abraham has a heck of a lot to answer for and it is well beyond time for the law to bring him and Ella in for questioning. I cannot believe this is not possible, the same with Angela really, how they get away with it all and leave innocent people open to attack from every crazy vigilante that believes their bullshit lies is beyond my comprehension.

      Any continued threats against the lives of the Father and other Hampstead residents implicated in these false allegations, and any harm or blood spilled caused by these unhinged and deranged lunatics is now entirely on the Police forces hands.

      The Police have been an absolute disgrace in the way they have handled all of this from letting Abe and Ella out of the country in the first place to doing very little to apprehend the culprits and promoters of this vile hoax.


      • I agree. I’m disappointed they haven’t been arrested by now and I’m astounded how they were able to flee abroad and now scam money on the internet from evil gullible people.

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