Angie: A closet Hoaxtenders fan?

It’s amazing the things you can find when you start poking around in the back rooms and deserted alleyways of the internet.

Just the other day, one of our team chanced upon one of Angela Power-Disney’s Google+ pages, while looking for something else entirely, and came up with this bit of treasure:

Angela Power-Disney likes Hoaxtenders!

Well, Angie, we’re deeply touched that you decided to save a couple of these vintage Hoaxtenders cartoons, starring…well, your own nicotine-encrusted self, naturally!

Long-time readers might recall the Hoaxtenders series, featuring the irascible Eddy the Cat, the tight-lipped Belinda, the transparent Charlotte, and of course, the chain-smoking Angie, in all her bleach-blonde Fag-ash Lil glory.

We’re surprised that Angie seems to appreciate our efforts, as she’s never really been much of a Hoaxtead Research supporter in the past, but we think we see the appeal: it’s a long, melodramatic soap with an unlikely plot, bizarre characters, and a lot of ranting about things that make no sense.

Much like Hoaxtead itself, actually.

Hoaxtenders 17.png

34 thoughts on “Angie: A closet Hoaxtenders fan?

  1. Yeah, I was really looking forward to hearing about enabling mothers of violent etc fathers and the whole video turned out to be about her. But maybe she will read this and give us her thoughts on whether Ella may have played an enabling (possibly initiating) role in the Hampstead fiasco.

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    • The whole problem is that she doesn’t think it’s a fiasco – she thinks it’s all real. And most of us think that anyone who thinks it’s real must be either bonkers or misguided.

      During the McMartin trial in the USA the children started talking about witches flying on broomsticks and there were still some adults who thought they were telling the truth. Fundamentalist (fun damn and mental) Christianity has a lot to do with it. I’m speaking as a Christian, but I’ve been told by charismatics that I’m the wrong kind. 🙂

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      • You’d think the witches on broomsticks thing would have been a tip-off, wouldn’t you? Believe it or not, I’ve heard some Hoaxtead types bringing up McMartin as a ‘suppressed event’. Sometimes you just want to bang your head against the wall.


      • She said her family have abandoned her again. I can’t think why. All she did was record their conversations and upload them to You Tube…

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          • Yeah, miserable lot aren’t they. Who wouldn’t want their family secrets out there for the world to know. 😉


  2. I think she’s lonely. Same goes for her friend Nina in Yorkshire. In one of Nina’s latest videos she talks about whether she should go for a walk or not. She must have nobody to tell, that’s all I can say.

    Nina and Angie should move in together.

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  3. Of course what Angie hasn’t realised is that demons will always find their way in. Anyone who smokes that much MUST be possessed by the demon of tobacco and should be exorcised as soon as possible. She has a DUTY to film the exorcism and upload it to You Tube, as a lesson to the rest of us filthy heathens. I’m sure Neelu would do the filming and during rest periods she could nip out and supervise a few hangings.

    p.s. The only exception to the smoking rule is for followers of Laura Knight-Jadczyk over at Cassiopaea. Laura has foretold that aliens are coming to eat us but if we smoke we’ll be left to it because they don’t like the taste. What a relief!

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    • Oh, phew! So the trick is not to die of cancer or emphysema or cardiac disease before the aliens get here, then. Sounds manageable.


  4. Am I being a bit thick? How do I contact the blog? There isn’t a contact address that I can find anywhere on the site!


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