The adventures of Angie von Munchausen

Followers of the Hampstead Satanic abuse hoax will be all too familiar with Angela Power-Disney, who seemed very well versed in the fantastical details very early on, and has continued to flog the thing every chance she gets.

Having now decided that Abe and Ella are ‘in the cult’, Angie has taken up with a callow young American we shall call Q*Bert, with whom she has made a series of gag-inducing videos.

These seem to consist in more or less equal part of Q*Bert bragging about his manly prowess while stroking his manly moustache; Angie bragging about her astonishing accomplishments while touching her hair and sucking on her ever-present fags; and the two of them squabbling incessantly about…well, who cares, really?

Here’s a sample, mercifully truncated and accurately captioned, from McKenzies Devils:

As the video illustrates, Angie has a very glancing and casual relationship with the truth.

Her grandiosity knows no bounds, as she tries to lay claim to part-authorship of a play that might have been something like Good Will Hunting, describes her brilliant academic career and her adventures in the music and acting and journalism fields…it seems there’s nothing Angie hasn’t done.

Her ludicrous claims impelled some of our regular commentators to do a little digging of their own over the past few days.

Here are a few of their more trenchant observations:


“I am, first and foremost, a speaker of the truth”.

Angie states that, and then goes on to tell the lie about RD having porn sites and materials, based on Charlotte’s nonsense ‘research’ on sameip. Something she knows is a lie because it has been explained in detail, several times, exactly why it is a lie, which she could have tested out for herself.

Plus tells the lie that the judge did not listen to the JC secret recording. The fact she didn’t know that Pauffley had listened to it, and commented on it, suggests that Angie hasn’t even bothered to read the judgement…some journalist, huh?

Angie – Your qualifications are being questioned because YOUR purposes are nefarious. Your story simply does not ‘stand up’.

– ’22 plays and two films in your first year’ – By “did” do you mean watched? Because you clearly know nothing about the mechanics and logistics of film and theatre to have made such a blindingly STUPID claim. – REALLY idiotic!

– Deputy President of the student’s union? Something of an over-egged tale there Ang. And its not quite right now, is it? I think the nearest you got to this was taking in sandwiches on the tacit instruction of your boss at the time.

– Your claims to have co-written “The Genius” are prime bullshit. – Just total rubbish. You should be grateful the real author has more dignity than to just come out and publicly decry you.

– The play wot you (allegedly) wrote; your account of it rocketing through the commissioning process is just gibberish. – Clearly you’ve never been through this.

– Third year. There are STRICT rules for academic staff in terms of how they may and may not interact with students; particularly those who are showing signs of mental instability. – You didn’t live with a lecturer; at least not as his student, though possibly a member of household staff.

– The miners’ strike, as has been mentioned, began on 5 March 1984 and lasted until 3 March 1985.

– Involved in the music business? Interesting! I’ve worked most of my life in it, was in London at the time. – You’re not familiar to ME or any of the names I could drop who were also around at the time. But you are familiar to an associate of mine who worked for Thames News and was involved in investigating the letting scams that were going on at the time.

NVQ Childcare? – You can’t ‘qualify’ as an ‘assessor’ unless you actually hold at least the qualification (or its levelled equivalent) yourself. And really these weren’t fully ‘live’ until the late 80s/early 90s. So all this actually tells us you worked in a nursery or other formal childcare setting for some time. – Even if we could read the random bit of paper you waved about. And assuming of course these certificates aren’t just something you bought from Andrea Davison.

“Post grad in sub editing and design”? Please do tell! I’m aware of such courses, but they’re NOT PGCs. – More like an HN group. But accepting this shaft of wit for a second; if you have that qualification, why the HELL don’t you know the basic legalities of reporting?

Frankly the history of Angie seems to be that of a ‘poor little rich girl’ who pissed the posh education her father struggled to give her up against the wall. – Hung around the fringes in London for a while. Failed to hold down a job, possibly got embroiled with the grifting scene. Learned what a wizard scam raising money for ‘charity’ could be. Eventually got her claws into some bloke with money who she bled dry until the kids were old enough to have to stand on their own two feet. And has spent most of her sorry worthless life rattling the tin gathering donations from whatever mug is taken in by her tall tales. – Your ire at your father is clearly that of a spoilt brat railing against the disappointment he expressed at your becoming nothing more than a Waster; despite his efforts in trying to see to it you got a decent start.

Your claimed ‘qualifications really DON’T stand up to examination Angie. – Your body language is that of someone who is fantasising; which if you’d studied drama at any significant level you would understand. Your dates don’t add up. But the main thing that gives you away as not being an “INDEPENDANT [sic] journalist (you know, one who tells the truth!)” is that you are quite plainly completely uneducated in that discipline and are sitting there, bold as brass, lying through your teeth!

…And, as much as I really dislike ‘spelling Nazis’ myself; the word is actually “Independent”. That seems like an odd mistake for a highly qualified wordsmith to make. – Which is, after all, what you’re claiming to be. And it’s not an uncharacteristic error either. – Someone trained as a Sub Editor just doesn’t make that sort of mistake.

Responding to the reference to a colleague at Thames News, The Watcher noted:

Your associate at Thames News remembers correctly. Angie describes one of her ‘ventures’ at the ‘later disgraced’ BCCI as being renting and sub-letting properties in the comments of this article

Here’s the comment from the Exaro story:

Angie re Marc Bolan's flat 2016-03-21

She managed Marc Bolan’s flat? Hmm….Keep in mind that Angie claims to have graduated university in 1981:

Interesting! – Having just spoken to my contact he feels this account of hers is typically aggrandised and distorted. – Marc Bolan’s flat? She’ll have forgotten that Bolan died in 1977 and his last address was 142 Upper Richmond Road West – A 4 Bedroomed detached house. My friend recalls this particularly well as in 1982, for the 5th anniversary of Bolan’s death, Thames produced a short ‘tribute’ to the man as an insert for the early Thursday evening programme. My friend not only worked on the piece; but it was his 1275GT Mini that was used in the ‘reconstruction’!

However – that small detail corroborating her poor research, it’s interesting that she admits to having worked in property. Part of the letting scam was for the phoney ‘council official’ to actually have the keys and let the mark see the property they were supposed to be ‘allocated’. – I think it’s reasonable to speculate that Ms Disney-Havaclue might have been quite useful to anyone running such a wheeze!

To which Sam responded:

The man who discovered, managed and launched Marc Bolan’s career is a very close friend of mine. I must ask him for a few details as he says he had to almost tie Marc’s shoelaces so the idea Bolan could organize renting a property seems remote (he also had very little money during his career- it all came later after he died). He has mentioned that he rented premises for Marc & other similar stars to live in via complicated tax avoidance schemes and landlord’s often did not know who the tenant was until fans discovered where their hero lived.

Angie’s ludicrous claim to have had a ‘model membership’ for Stringfellows is a howler. There was no such thing and Stringfellows was only ever the alternative nightclub for those who couldn’t get into the smarter clubs. It’s was the Footballer’s Wives club before they existed. The notion there were so-called ‘after-parties’ is a creation of the serial liar Ben Fellows who may have gone to Stringfellows once but was subsequently unable to even describe it’s very basic outlet.

The evidence mounts : Angela Power-Disney is a classic fantasist like Andrea Davison who has scoured the net and woven herself into a number of minor conspiracies. It’s worth examining every aspect of her claims as there is a kernel of truth (probably went to Stringfellows one night) to piece together her life which more and more looks like a long involvement with some pretty unsavory characters and minor London criminals.

Like the fictional Baron von Munchausen, Angie claims to have led a charmed and fascinating life, full of unbelievable adventure, romance, and derring-do.

But amusing as Angie’s tall tales may be, we are quite certain that most, if not all, can be chalked up to her seemingly insatiable need for attention—just one more aspect of her off-the-charts narcissism.


76 thoughts on “The adventures of Angie von Munchausen

    • These days it’s usually just a matter of minutes after a human tragedy before some conspiraloon starts shrieking, “False flag! False flag!” I think they have some sort of competition to see who can be first.

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    • Having no conscience can be a luxury at times, I suppose, although I’m personally glad mine’s intact. I’ll take occasional feelings of pain and guilt over soullessness, thanks…

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  1. For anyone who’s still unsure about Angela, this is how low she’s prepared to stoop:

    Angela Power-Disney, shame on you for supporting such dishonest, disrespectful and insensitive remarks about an innocent man who may have lost his child today 😦

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      • Yes, she should be immeasurably ashamed of that revolting post – as well as of every other stratospherically dishonest and/or unethical claim to magnificent fame she makes in the above video (and anywhere else she ever darkens a room.) This scathing analysis is nothing short of poetic justice – BRAVO to you for exposing her as the bottom-feeding charlatan she truly is. Your video editing is absolutely magnificent…the way you fade in and out as she calmly drones onandonandon, spewing her gargantuan list of imaginary feats, instils a palpably compelling sense of her inherent deceit among viewers. And the eviscerating refutations by credible commenters beneath the video definitively put the nail in her gloomy coffin of subterfuge. I just can’t praise this enough. My ONLY teensy complaint is that you left out the fact that she once time-travelled back to the 1860s, starred in a prominent American play, and saved Abe Lincoln’s life by jumping offstage/ performing emergency neurosurgery in front of the stunned crowd. I mean, we’ve got to at least give her *that* one, right? No?
        Okay, I’m cool with the decision to leave it on the cutting room floor!
        BRAVISSIMO ! If my emojis weren’t temporarily acting up, the hand-claps here would be visually deafening !

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    • I’m not prone to quoting the Bible but… “Jesus Wept” (John 11:35).

      I’ve no idea who that poor man is. For all I know his child could be dead in his arms. I can tell he’s hurting and frightened and trying to be strong as that which is most beloved to him is placed under the most terrible threat. – And this dirty fucking ghoul is dancing on that family’s tragedy????

      Angie; if there is a God, and a Heaven and a Hell, sincerely I hope your black black heart roasts in it for eternity for that one transgression alone – and that’s a fate far better than you deserve.

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      • We don’t know the situation of the man and child in that picture. But for Angie and her ilk to claim that their suffering is false is utterly repulsive and nauseating.

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    • This is the crux of it isn’t it. Anyone who’ll post this doesn’t really care about people. Even if I suspected it was a ‘put up’ job (and I don’t) I’d be scared of being wrong and doing someone a terrible disservice.

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  2. I don’t personally object to someone exaggerating their CV but in Angie’s case she uses it to present herself as some superior being..not so terrible in itself..but also to viciously attack innocent people and to attempt to make their lives a nightmare.

    As to claiming Brussels is some sort of ‘false flag’ these truthers can be sickening in their ability to sit at a PC and make outlandish claims on zilch proof or evidence.

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  3. I’d like to thank that nice Mr. Maxalfie on Twitter for this link:

    What a brilliantly written exposé of how charity fraudsters like Belinda, Sabine and David Icke shamelessly exploit SRA hoaxes for personal gain without giving a fox’s fart about how they can affect the lives of innocent people.

    Angie take note!

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    • I’d like to thank everyone, i was wondering how to yet again, dispel myths, more clearly, and feeling a bit down, this post and all the contents, have really helped my mood, tho i feel so upset for people being hurt by these, i was talking to a few, yesterday, some of them will really welcome this information too. There is a great deal of disgust and anger from people who want to help stop Maggie Tuttle too, as well as Sabine, Belinda, Angela, and the fake Child Protection Taskforce conferences coming soon.

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  4. The fundraising’s going well, then. How on Earth does Angela cope with all that support?

    By the way, on that same page she moans about “smear campaigns”, without a hint of irony or self-awareness. A definite contender for the Hypocrite of the Month award, methinks.

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  5. It would seem that Angie has a lot more to worry about than her next session at the beauty salon. It seems that this blog has stirred up a hornets nest for poor poor old Angie!!

    My understanding is that enquiries were made (by various people) with regards the various charity collections she has pushed, unfortunately little could be established as to the legitimacy of one in particular, my understanding of the events is that as a result of the enquiries and numerous people reading this blog, the police local to Angie took interest (seems they hate the potential of old people being scammed for money) My understanding is that it has now been passed to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation (GBFI) on the basis that its potentially a complex fraud and crosses borders.

    Poor poor Angie, hiding evidence is very hard when it has been generated on the Internet and payments taken electronically or through bank accounts

    Perhaps Angie will now get a midnight knock on her door and will become a member of that special club, the one that Neelu and Sabine now have membership of. Its a special fraternity (or perhaps sisterhood) I’m told its a bit like Freemasons – membership is by invitation only. I cant quite remember the name – it might have been “Con’s caught at midnight club – with a home visit, from people wearing black”

    Perhaps she will now get the minute of stardom that she obviously craves – on the front page of the Irish Examiner (News Paper)

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    • Yesterday much mirth at the videos of Sabines’ arrest recently, was shared with me, and i woke up today, thinking, i can’t wait for Angies, will it ever happen ? cos it really should, how many times does someone declare they have forensic evidence that she describes as having, of such serious crimes that interpol should be alerted, if true……
      But surely spreading a rumour like that must have serious implications, and if not yet covered by laws, it is a massive story for the press, especially as she also mention fiona downunder, and the effects on forgotten australian survivors, struggling to engage with the Royal Commission, many have links with Irish Survivors who are coming together to still attempt to get effective help and justice.
      Angie has no links or friends in any groups, that i have engaged with and shared news of for years….. There will be ructions, i’m sure….
      Again, I can’t thank the people who have done the real work, and this blog for collating real evidence, so that as their fame is spread, for defaming, People can find evidence, or angles for articles…..She may yet become the Shame of Ireland…..
      Alot of appreciation for the information coming from this blog was shared with me, too.

      Thankyou, again everyone. 🙂

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        • One ghastly lie Miss Downunder is spreading on the net is that former Government Minister and Chairman of the ABC David Hill must be part of the ‘VIP pedo ring” (seems every country now has one). And why? Because Hill was one of the original orphaned children shipped out from the UK ( and some weren’t orphans of course and were cruelly lied to). Hill ended up in one of those country homes run by the Church were awful abuse went on and kids were almost treated like slave labour.

          Yet Hill described his time there as a positive experience- mainly saying how wonderful the outside staff were to him who came from the local country town and puts his time there as helping him to rise to great heights. He saw no abuse or was abused but says he thinks he heard hints &childish gossip but being a kid didn’t really understand. But he has never denied it happened and as always says real pedophiles can be so secretive and pick on the most vulnerable. He’s become a wonderful & powerful advocate for the adults who were abused as children and they in turn regard him so highly as having paved the way for not only inquiries but the Parliamentary apology to the British kids sent to the colony . But of course to the narcissists like Miss Downunder anyone who does not fall into line with their crazy claims is automatically relegated to the Satanic Masonic VIP Cult.

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      • Miss Downunder’s shocking campaign of false allegations have alerted quite a few powerful people & I think she may find herself in legal trouble before long. She also lies repeatedly and as you know with the current Oz Royal Commission they are hearing some pretty awful things. My mole says there is a lot of fury among the lawyers acting for the Commission that Fiona is creating real troubles for genuine victims.

        She has of course repeatedly lied while doing the rounds of the truther sites claiming she “appeared before the Royal Commission and gave evidence”. She did no such thing, she simply submitted her Satanic lunacies but anyone has the right to make a submission. Only some are them invited to be a witness and give evidence.

        There is an under current that Miss Downunder may find herself in Contempt of the Commission by making false statements in the media and on the net. As usual with these fanatics authorities tend to just hope they will go away.

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  6. Just in case any one is considering being daft enough to send a donation to the school in Africa that Angie claims is a charity managed by her – then DON’T. There is a real charity that manages that, money you send to the real charity will get to the school rather than being used by Angie

    For reference, part of the real charities accounts is copied below – it shows the management (no mention of APD)



    So that’s the real charity – now a little of Angie’s attempts to “collect” money:

    From APD Linkedin profile:

    From the facebook page APD setup:

    No doubt APD will blame others -BUT

    David B Chisoli seems to be the promoter of the ” APD cause” in Africa, but he is rather vague about the schools exact location (or even its name – the name given is a Church rather than a school)'S+Bridge+schools/@0.4912802,34.9558738,11.3z

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        • From what has been said to me – they are now investigating her.

          Hope for the sake of the people who made donations that her paperwork (accounts) tallies with her bank accounts and claimed dates and times cross reference each other between her numerous online claims. She’s not that bright and I doubt that they will stand scrutiny. No doubt she will spend time today deleting accounts (again not bright as Facebook keep a copy!!)

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      • This seems to confirm my thoughts : there is another fairly well established The Kenya Project :

        It seems to be run by Charismatic Christians, not in itself bad but I would need to know a lot more about how the money is spent, how much actually get to the kids and so on.

        Is Angie doing a Bellender? Setting up a faux charity that almost mimics and established one?. With the Internet age so many scamsters have jumped on the charity bandwagon as an easy way to scam the naive.

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      • FUNDS TO KENYA 8,020 ..a very nebulous claim and not at all how a genuine charity would state how they spent the money. First Class airfare and a room at the Hilton?

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        • Cross referencing her Facebook accounts shows that the trip DID NOT take place – it seems a visit was made in 2014 to Africa by Josh (rather than her in 2012?)

          A bank transfer would have only cost a few pounds…..


  7. Angie and Rupert remind me of the Monty Python sketch in which they try to outdo each other with their experiences. You can tell that neither is remotely interested in the other and is just waiting for the other to shut up so they can try top the story.

    In the non ‘radio Rupert’ videos, where we are apparently seeing the real him, as opposed to his act, he comes over as quite disturbed and very high. He looks more like a heroin addict than your average stoner.

    Sadly, the claims of ‘false flag’ were all too predictable by these sick scum bags. There are many conspiracy theorists who dip in but don’t get deeply involved. That having a passing interest. Those who do go deep into their conspiracy beliefs, like Angie..etc, really do resemble a cult.

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    • “I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work 29 hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance on our graves singing ‘Hallelujah'”….


      • Well that’s no more far fetched than some of the conspiritoids stories……

        I was chased through the woods by alien lizard members of the Royal family you know. There’s not much you can tell me.

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        • Alien lizard royals, you say? Why, that’s nothing! I was killed several times by giant alien time-travelling arthropods who later went on to become The Groovy Spiders. Except that name didn’t go over, so they changed it to The Beatles. Top that!


          • The Beatles Shmeatles. The aliens who got me drained my life force and now I’m just bag of bones. The ones who did it to me morphed into The Rolling Stones. Now they were bad mo fo’s and no mistake. (Damn I’m talking like Rupert – shoot me now!)

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  8. Some journalist. Angie Power-Disney once again shows what a cretin she really is by posting a link on her Facebook page to the rather sad embarrassing case of Baron James of Blackheath who got up in the Lords in 2012 and rambled on about a huge conspiracy involving $15Trillion , the Bank of Scotland and so on and mysterious Keyse Soze type character called Yohannes Riyadi reputedly the richest man in the world and worth an ungodly sum of money.

    Alas for Lord James and the great phony Power-Disney the Federal Reserve had listed this particular scam on their website in 2007 stating:

    “The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been contacted by several brokers and financial institutions worldwide inquiring about the validity of this fraudulent account documentation, which is being offered as collateral for lines of credit or other types of asset based financing. The fraudulent scheme includes multiple documents which purport to have the signatures of various Federal Reserve officials, including Chairman Ben Bernanke.” (perhaps the criminal Andrea Davison’s work?)

    Can these internet truthers be any more gormless? . They surf the net looking for anything that confirms their prejudices.

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    • Here’s what I don’t understand: they think it’s likely that a grieving parent carrying a child’s body after a bombing is a crisis actor, but it doesn’t dawn on them that two children might be forced to lie about a mysterious and invisible cult that kills, skins, and eats babies by the thousands.


  9. A little more information, a friend of mine contacted the charity that she claims to collect for, her collections are not going to Aid2Africa

    She has had two replies today and promises to send me anything else she receives.

    (Maurice referred to in the email is Maurice Chesoli)

    HER QUESTION (to Aid2Africa)

    “Are you associated with Angie Power-Disney.

    I gave money to the collections that she made and I believed it was for your charity.

    I note the person in Africa connected to your charity is named Maurice – her charity collection linked to a person called David (with the same surname)

    My attention was brought to this website earlier this morning

    Your charity is mentioned

    Your confirmation that she is collecting for you would be appreciated (or please let me know if she is not)”


    “I have never heard of the person you mention. I know both Maurice and David personally and have spent time with them in Moi’s Bridge, Western Kenya. I will email both of them to check if they have had or have any connection with the person named as Angie Power-Disney.
    I have just spoken to your husband at length.
    I will now email Maurice and David for more information and get back to you when I hear from them

    Peter Wrigley
    Founder Registered Charity 1119045”


    “I am still waiting for direct communication with David but Maurice has spoken to him by phone.
    The woman named is nor has been involved with any work of our charity. Maurice has had no contact with or from her.
    However, he tells me that David knows the woman Angie Power Disney and that she contributes 50 euros a month to a feeding programme David runs.
    I am waiting for more information from David about the funding he has received from her. I will update you when I hear more.

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  10. APD could also claim that over 90% of all money collected goes to support that cause ( I appreciate that APD has no claimed qualifications in maths) If she did send the money that she claims to have sent 8920 to Africa (from her facebook post of 1st July 2014 – see my earlier post) that’s only approx 74% rather than 90% of what she claims was collected.

    Hopefully there will be some sort of hard proof to show if they did or did not receive a lump sum, rather than 50 euros a month

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  11. At the risk of playing devil’s advocate (haw haw haw) I don’t actually see Angie in terms of all bad or all good. She’s someone who might well have helped a local group collect money for something in Africa. If she has fair do’s. My beef with her is this silly hoax and the damage she’s doing by posting pictures of the children, making videos to keep the hoax going, and the fact that she strays from the truth here and there when she talks about it. I note that in a recent talk with Rupert the Bare (there’s an image for you) she said something about her being the only one of the ‘front line’ campaigners who hasn’t been arrested yet. We all know that’s bollox. I noticed that she hasn’t told Rupert about Abraham’s previous convictions and she hasn’t mentioned that one of the women who was arrested believes that Lord Ashtray is in a spaceship in the clouds over Ilford.

    I’m not sure Rupert knows who he’s getting involved with. He might think he’s wild and crazy but he’s seen nothing till he goes on a crystal planting afternoon with the friends of Roger the eight foot butterfly.

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  13. Deborah Mahmoudieh is supporting the “Brussels false flag” crap now, without a care for the victims and their families. It’s quite handy, actually, as the moment “Deirdre” starts claiming something, you know it’s bullshit. It’s a useful gauge if ever you’re in doubt.

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  14. My comment, which won’t stay there, In this video she talks about her daughter and ex husband…… as well as alot of bs, of course and tattoo references, and naming the usual cherry picked cases, I hadn’t seen this before, nor some others, as she tries to claw glory from gory, using anyone.

    ‘Shameful Angie, how many of your children are safe from you disclosing on their behalf……. and what hypocrisy given the Shame video and messages you trolled me with, as well as setting your troll gangs and david shitter onto me…. ??????? Bill Maloney & Chris Fay are both guilty of false flag creations on child abuse, as are you and Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill and all who cooked up not babies, but the hampstead story…… you have stated a few facts, but as ever twisting your story, and you childrens’ stories to fit whatever might work, to get you some fame……. glory out of gory ? See my old channel Shevacrossofchange, for proof that it was my group that organised 2010 and also my attendance 2009, at the 16th, and that i organised the first ever public rally ’93, which for it’s time was massive, but covered up, and thanks to Truth and Hope who was attending secret meetings at Belinda’s hub, pre 2010, to put the speakers up, and co opt the rally, and put the Hollie Hoax to the forefront, instead of what was planned, an empowering, enlightening speak out from the hearts and sounds of genuine survivors. Did your daughter know that you would be saying this, has your ex husband been charged ???? Has he responded to these allegations ???? Apparantly your father is being investigated……? Your son……? He went to his first counselling session and you allowed that to go public ???? Angry sex ? Addiction ? Is there no one safe from you.? it’s ok, i know you will not only delete this, but probs try and get Rupert to attack me too, now……. You have some very serious problems, and there will remain a hole in your money bucket…………. your links to Ammach and Miles Johnston, and Araya, throw up conspiracy to pervert justice, as well as cause child abuse and online crime, en masse.


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