Hoaxtead in-fighting special: Angela and Nina fall out

Over the past two years, we’ve all watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as Hoaxtead mobster Angela Power-Disney has managed to alienate one “best friend” after another…after another…after another….

The roster is impressive, and includes (but is not limited to):

Last week we noted that Angela and Nina Valentine were putting their heads together with the touchy-feely video-maker Miles Johnstone, with a view to creating a series of videos about so-called “super-soldiers”…but within a couple of days of that post, it seems that things have soured on the Nina/Angie front.

During her video with Bridie Lavery and her mother (or was it her daughter? we kind of lost track), Angela showed us a shot of her email in-box, in which some sharp-eyed readers noticed messages between Nina and Angela headed “I am not very happy at you sharing these…”:

As you might imagine, our ears pricked up at this: who was unhappy with whom? About sharing what? We set about getting to the bottom of the mystery.

We’ve now discovered the source of this conflict: following last week’s three-part YouTube extravaganza in which Angela interviewed Nina and fellow loony mentally ill vulnerable super-soldier Dave Barrow, Nina decided to release her own version of the interview…in which Angela’s face was missing from the screen. Oh, and Nina’s version had links to her own PayPal for those who might like to donate. Talk about treading on sacred ground! That begging bowl is Angie’s purview, thankyouverymuch.

As you might expect, Angela was less than thrilled with this rank insubordination. Word has it that she was infuriated, and not only demanded that Nina set her version of the video to “private”, but then conducted the next interview with Dave Barrow alone, cutting Nina out of the super-soldier action altogether. Nina has been sidelined, and Dave has been elevated to the position of Angie’s new bestie, poor sod.

The net result: Nina is in a rage with Angela; Angela has lost yet another “dear friend”; Dave has become the unlucky recipient of Angela’s affections; and who knows what Miles thinks of it all?

Just another day in the life of the Hoaxtead mob….allegedly and without prejudice, it goes without saying.


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  1. Angie has a dreadful habit of exposing private information on things her one-time friends shared with her, when it all turn sour. It just makes her look like a nasty bitch.

    It certainly doesn’t bode well for Heather, Dave Marrow or her American artist/sculptor friend.

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    • I kind of feel sorry for Nina and Dave, both need some real help. Angela just needs prison.
      I can see her getting many more people sectioned, arrested or even worse. She’s keeps messing with the unstable as I guess that’s all she can get.
      The Witch from Oldcastle.

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    • Leading experts believe Toxic Angiea fall out is now registering up there with Chernobyl and 9 mile island.Hope remains that authorities can put a lid on life sapping contaminative emanations when they can eventually be arsed to pull their finger out.

      Meanwhile the Irish have made a preemptive strike by airdropping a precautionary pamphlet as forecasters predict she could be heading in their general direction as concerns mount about an impending outbreak of utter bollox and a shortage of fags.

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    • Yes you are bang on there about Angie, Jake. Anybody that becomes friends with Angie should try to tell her as little as possible about themselves, their family etc. Guaranteed somewhere along the line a falling out with Angie would occur and that is when Angie shouts it all out. Any secrets you may have told her, any person you may have bitched about it will all come out and Angie will revel in the fact that she has done her best to destroy another person.

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          • Angie’s ex-friends who’ve seen the light…

            Biggi Boho
            Christine Hart
            Eilish de Avalon
            Alan ‘Alanson’ Boyes
            Lee Cant
            Abraham Christie
            Kristie Sue Costa
            Beth ‘Jockney Rebel’ Donnelly
            Ella Draper
            John Duane
            Sandy Goodridge-Bergen
            Miles Johnstone
            Stephanie Oostveen
            Belinda McKenzie
            Sabine McNeill
            Rupert Q
            Several members of her own family
            John Taylor
            Nina Valentine
            Sonya van Gelder
            Mel Ve
            Melissa Williams

            Next up…Dave Marrow? Colleen Black? Arthur Kaoutal? Bridie Lavery…?


          • Angies Stock is not exactly going through the roof is it?

            Oldcastle residents have again awarded her last prize in the village flavour of the month competition.

            She will probably be barred for life from Mulligans if she actually ever carries out her threat to sing the blues.

            I dont suppose her future cell mates will be over joyed at her pretentious,prattling gobshoite either.

            A grim and desolate outlook by all accounts for all things APD.


  2. Classic symptoms of a narcissist or sociopath : they don’t have friends because they always do something to alienate every acquaintance and seem oblivious to the fact that’s it them who cause a split and will have former friends who end up despising them.

    A lack of empathy means this is just accepted as fact whereas a normal person will feel deep upset if they lose a friend no matter the reason why.

    They have a certain charm that enables them to attain new pals but these friendships never last and the pattern continues. The majority of those Angie attaches herself to are suffering from a varying degree of mental health issues but she is oblivious to this : Jake, Arthur etc, so they became pawns in her very basic cons to part others of their cash. I’d say she’s been doing this her entire life with numerous schemes, the latest being “child abuse campaigner”.

    No wonder she is similar to the very professional Andrea Davison and others have pointed out they knew each other in the past. Davison was a sophisticated & successful scam artist who was always clever enough to step aside before the police stormed in (the Great Franking Machine con of the late 1970s being one where a group of post office workers were busted ripping of £100Ks but the expert forger who created documents to open bank accounts to ‘wash’ the funds slipped away- Davison). Angie must long to have her skills.

    We hear a lot about her past mainly from her. Someone will be lurking on here that knows the details of her past life.

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    • You may find Sam that not only are her past life and connections well known, but the powder on them is being kept very dry. And that’s true of a number of individuals on the wider conspiritard scene. The current thinking is that it would be undesirable for them to go down for anything too trivial

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    • I have not jumped on any ‘bandwagon’ – the Hollie Greig site has found it appropriate to make my work BeastWing 666 available through their own site.

      I suggest you take a look at my own blog where I have given details regarding our upheld IPCC complaint.Everything that has been said about me here is libel and harassment under British law, as e shall be happy to discuss in court. I am not some ‘brainless weirdo’, conspiracy nut or vulnerable lunatic for you you target with your trolling here.

      All the abusive posts about myself and our case posted here have been forwarded to the police, as will any further posts. Yes there is a crime number. Yes we shall be seeking to prosecute. ‘Moderator’ beware – you are legally answerable.

      That is all.


      • I have not jumped on any ‘bandwagon’ – the Hollie Greig site has found it appropriate to make my work BeastWing 666 available through their own site.

        I suggest you take a look at my own blog where I have given details regarding our upheld IPCC complaint. Everything that has been said about me here is libel and harassment under British law, as we shall be happy to discuss in court. I am not some ‘brainless weirdo’, conspiracy nut or vulnerable lunatic for you to target with your trolling here.

        All the abusive posts about myself and our case posted here have been forwarded to the police, as will any further posts. Yes there is a crime number. Yes we shall be seeking to prosecute. ‘Moderator’ beware – you are legally answerable.

        That is all.


        • Just saying; there is no such thing as “British law”, there isn’t even a single system of law on the British Isles. Oh, and Libel is a civil matter.

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          • And discussing a persons activities without any intention of causing harm or damage of any sort to that person is not harassment. Just saying.

            If it were, the red tops would have expired decades ago. Last I heard, fair comment was still permitted.

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          • We do not consider the bold statements made on this site in any way ‘fair comment’. False and damaging allegations have been published against us on this site. Whatever your intention you are in danger of perverting the course of justice. The road to Hell, as they say..

            You are once again advised to desist from writing to us or about us. You are once again reminded that the police came to me with the offer of making this harassment stop. You are once again reminded that every time you ignore this request I am collecting evidence. We have no interest in communicating with you in any way and we are knowingly being caused distress.


          • One way you could halt this discussion would be to leave it. I know that’s difficult for you, so if need be I could offer you a helping hand. I don’t like to block commenters, but I’ve been known to do so.


          • As you seem to be hard of ‘hearing’ I’ll repeat, there is no such thing as “British law”. No-one with even a basic knowledge of the laws of the United Kingdom would refer to it as such. So, for a start we’d need to know which Police force in which country you intend wasting the time of with your silly childish ‘butthurt’ drivel. Especially given the deranged rubbish you’re aligning yourself with which is, in fact, directly linked with matters of genuine harassment which really have been brought to the attention of one of the British Police forces. Making yourself a part of that is to jump into some pretty muddy waters.

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          • Yes, noting my discovery that Beast Wing 666 was available there as well as many other places and commenting that for once I am quite happy to be ‘pirated’.

            Regarding posts here about the Grieg case and others – We are all allowed our opinions, but that does not mean we are allowed to express them in terms of personal abuse and harassment.

            Those feeling the need to comment on our own situation has best beware that our case has not been fully investigated and dismissed by the police – as some appear to have been misled into believing. It has been shown in court that ‘X’ was not coached and the case is effectively ongoing. An IPCC complaint has been upheld regarding the initial investigation, which is not considered at all a hoax by the police. I ask that Hoaxted refrain from publishing further ill informed comments. A huge number of posts have appeared on this site spreading lies that can genuinely put lives in danger. You have been politely informed that we are collecting evidence to bring charges against this site’s ‘moderator’ for allowing these comments to be published. We are also seeking action against those who are the ultimate source of these lies, the truth of which we welcome the opportunity to discuss in court.


          • So it is true you posted the link, and it also wasn’t a mistake …

            And weirdly commenting on that brings out references to crime numbers and police and legal action …

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          • “Regarding posts here about the Grieg case and others – We are all allowed our opinions, but that does not mean we are allowed to express them in terms of personal abuse and harassment.”

            I couldn’t agree more. Which is why I and many others are fully behind the quite justified complaints that have been lodged against certain individuals connected with that which you endorse. Are you now confirming you are in fact a part of it?

            “Those feeling the need to comment on our own situation has best beware that our case has not been fully investigated and dismissed by the police – as some appear to have been misled into believing. It has been shown in court that ‘X’ was not coached and the case is effectively ongoing.”

            I’m going to call ‘absolute bullshit’ of the first order on that.

            “You are once again reminded that the police came to me with the offer of making this harassment stop. ”

            Which Police where? I know of some people who would very much like to speak to them.

            “A huge number of posts have appeared on this site spreading lies that can genuinely put lives in danger. You have been politely informed that we are collecting evidence to bring charges against this site’s ‘moderator’ for allowing these comments to be published. ”

            No, that’s not true. Just as there is no such thing as “British law” there is no such thing as a unitary Police force in the UK. To my certain knowledge this site is monitored by a number of Police Officers from various forces, some of whom are not remotely impressed by it. – There is an argument that says these things persist simply because a war wages between factions. If what you are saying were true, it’s simply not credible that the first opportunity to shut it down would not have been taken. And if, as you claim, the alleged basis for prosecution is text that has been published here, there would be no requirement to refer to witnesses or discover what their will was.

            To paraphrase a famous and favourite tune; who do you think you are kidding Mr Harris! No one, except perhaps a few con artists and drug addicts.

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        • Nathan. I posted a message on your fbook page last week trying to clarify Justin Sanity’s explanation of the child abused by Colin Blately. I wasn’t quite sure of the details so I asked you and Justin to clarify it coz it is very complicating and confusing. Why did you block me? I also got a message from fbook telling me I had to use a name rather than a business name. What did I do to make you do this? I was just trying to get the story from you and Justin, I don’t know enough about it to make a judgement and was not accusing you of anything

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          • Another thing. You have said that Hampstead could be a real cult. Abraham Christie, the man who beat and psychologically tortured the 2 kids was given a caution for assaulting his adolescent son in 2014 just months before he abused the Hampstead kids. You know very well that the police, SS, lawyers, judge etc weren’t “in on it” Why are you not coming out and saying it is a hoax? You may have a beef with Satanic views but he is nothing to do with the Hampstead case, he like I just comment on this blog so don’t take your anger at SV out on innocent people who have done nothing to you.

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          • Your question is answered below under the heading ‘Possible Correction Needed’.
            Are you “Kilrush Guitars”? If you were not another of the HoaxedHead sockpuppets, who have been trolling me here and on FB, I can only apologize.


          • My apologies, I thought I was replying to a comment on my own site, or I would not have bothered. I shall not be doing so again. This is not up for discussion and you have all been adequately warned about the potential consequences of your misguided SJW gossip.


          • Yes, I understand it’s now illegal under “British law” to indulge in conversation not approved by Mr Harris. All SJWs, take heed! Our days are numbered. Allegedly and without prejudice, of course.

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          • Gossip? I don’t know enough about you to gossip. The reason I come here is because I feel for all the families that have had their lives turned upside down over this stupid baby eating conspiracy, this could happen to any of us so people need to speak out against it. I want to see Abe and Ella in court where a jury can decide if they are guilty. This blog is much more than a troll site (though trolling abe Christie and co never gets boring)

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        • I can’t see much in the way of “details” regarding your IPCC complaint…just some unverifiable and vague stuff about it being upheld. Otherwise it’s just your opinion, which you are entitled to, but a detailed informational post about an IPCC complaint, it is not.

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      • @ Nathaniel Harris aka Nathaniel Mortlock aka Nathan Satan etc…
        In my opinion your SRA claims, the Hollie Greig claims, Hampstead SRA hoax are all fictions created by either mentally ill victims of pseudo-scientific therapist practices or scammers pumping the delusional believers into donations or buying their products.

        If you feel you are a victim of criminal activity, go to the police. If you feel you have been harmed under a legal tort such as reputation, instruct a lawyer. Otherwise stop complaining. Hoaxtead includes people from a legal background, they will quickly put any writer on this blog straight if they are moving into illegal areas.

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          • Countdown to harassment charges being brought against misguided SJW James Hind.. You have been told that your posts to me and about me are considered harassment and yet you persist. I have even warned you there is a crime number. You are welcome to your opinions, however foolish, but what matters is the manner in which they are expressed and the consequences of publishing them.


          • SV. My saying that I think Satanists and other occultists are ridiculous was not a dig at you, I have friends that are into chaos magic and Crowley but I personally think its silly. but I think religion is too.

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          • @ Karnevilnine.
            We all live in a world where each individual comes to the table with a worldview that is relative to each individual. Each is better judged by their deeds and results rather than what they happen to believe in, this is how I proceed with anyone I come into contact with.

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        • Defamation is a tricky road ( and frighteningly expensive) to take and it comes down to whether your reputation has been diminished and if the publication was malicious which is often not too difficult to prove for very straight forward businessmen, celebrities etc when accused of a blatant falsehood by a publication as they often are.

          RD has such a clear cut case of an extremely vicious campaign of malicious defamation that also involves a criminal conspiracy and the harm done to RD and his children is almost incalculable and the number of possible litigants is in the 1000s. Nonetheless he could pick and choose which ones to pursue (those with assets?) or include dozens as co-defendants.

          But I doubt you would have much of a case claiming impugned character when you publish a Youtube channel with numerous false claims and also “like” videos on other channels such as :

          Nathaniel Harris liked a video 1 year ago : “An Urgent Message to Victims of this Global Elite Pedophile Group. David Shurter.
          “liking” is supporting.

          Of course anyone is free to pursue actions in the court as is their right but I’m sure a good libel brief would want to know all these things and advise accordingly (for a fee of about £7K) and if persuaded to take on a case would be happy to lodge a £50K deposit in his client bank account.

          And then the solicitors for the defendants would be combing through your on-line past history especially as this seems to be all about the internet. I can see that £50K being eaten very quickly so if you have a lazy $200K lying about it may be needed very quickly.

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          • Regarding Nathaniel Harris

            There is nothing like a major wake up call like a defamation action or a harrasment complaint against an individual, and I have had both.

            In the defamation action, I was in risky grey areas, and fighting that off cost me £3000 in legal fees. I was lucky.

            The recent harrassment complaint against me by a certain Satan Hunter was resolved by e-mail.

            I am fully aware of defamation and harrassment defences, and even though I am hard hitting on those I feel deserve it, I post with one eye on those defences.

            Nathaniel Harris only escapes harrassment and defamation actions because those he targets are easy-going people making them easy targets for predators like Harris. If JV were to run a defamation action against Harris, he would win a few thousand pounds, but lumber Harris with legal bills of tens of thousands of pounds. Think about that Mr Harris.

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        • Could this be the same person? :
          BeastWing 666 – Chapter 3 – Convictions so far
          Nathaniel Harris

          An amusing little video but every claim is a fabrication as there has not been one single conviction for satanic ritual abuse (apart from the Witch Hunt trials of the 1500s).
          Many people have been convicted of rape and child abuse and they may have very odd religious practices but of the dozens of Catholic priests convicted for child abuse -that is what they were charged with and convicted for.
          Not Catholic Church Child Abuse.

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      • Re: Colin Batley.
        Batley is an example of an individual who uses religion or the occult as a cover to sexually abuse vulnerable people and children. It is ridiculous to paint an entire religion or group of people as paedophilic based upon the actions of a few individuals such as Batley. Sadly, the sexual abuse of children can happen anywhere, in any religion, any race, any family, any situation and any facility. Those with a sexual interest in children move to where the children are, not to any particular religion.

        Those involved in the Occult and in Satanism tend to be adults, and those outlooks require a degree of knowledge and maturity which makes children more of an irritating distraction, thus their involvement is banned or significantly restricted. Because so few children are involved in those religions, those outlooks won’t be of much interest to the paedophiles. A challenge however arises when Satanic Temple now has Clubs in schools, as the paedophiles may try to gain access to those children via Satanic Temple, thus it is importart strong child protection policies and checking systems are in place, something I shall make sure has been addressed.

        Some religions creates an environment that give birth to problems, for instance celibacy amongst Catholic priests might be part of their problem with sexual abuse of children; and the culture of rape in tribal societies in Afghanistan might be behind some of the problems amongst Muslims involving child abuse.

        If one were to examine the case of Batley, or enter into debate with people such as Batley, few of those individuals have much knowledge or understanding of the belief systems they use as cover for their child abuse.

        In my opinion Nathaniel Harris has used his skills as a fiction writer to write himself into the narrative of Colin Batley, then use that falsehood to strike at those targets he has had a falling out with, hijacking a criminal case he had no involvement in. My personal interest in Harris starts and finishes at challenging the SRA hoax he has tried to spin, if he stopped doing that, I would have no further issues with him.

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          • @ Nathaniel harris.
            I challenge you to go do as you threaten. The legal system in this matter is not designed to chill rights of reply, or comment upon men such as yourself, giving you privilege to accuse others of things without fear of challenge. You will be challenged, and both you and I know, you have no powers in law to penalise anyone for challenging you.

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          • I have replied to your ‘challenges’ on my own blog and blown them out of the water. You are in denial of the facts.

            Your own false narrative is one of seeing SRA hoaxes everywhere. I am not in a position to comment on whether such hoaxes exist or not, and you are of course welcome to your opinion. The Batley case is most certainly not a hoax and members of my family were directly involved with this sickening cult. Please just shut up about it all before you drag yourself into something you will truly come to regret.. And this is taking you at ‘face value’ and assuming you are not already among those being blackmailed with footage and photographs of them ritually abusing children.

            You are delusional if you consider anything you have written to or about me, ever, to be in any way a ‘challenge’. Your Satanic posturing may inflate your own ego but impresses nobody else. I think you pick on me because it makes you feel more ‘relevant’. After all, my own writings, on the subject of so-called sorcery and other aspects of the esoteric traditions – have actually had some significance to people.

            Hell – you’re even a 2000ad fan. Why don’t you go and challenge Pat Mills, the creator of the comic that gave so many great names their first break.. After all, he has supported my work and offered his own additional comments in the introduction to Khaos Punk. You can buy one second hand, I am sure – that way I won’t even earn any wages from my work.

            Which reminds me. My writing should be earning me money and you are eating into my schedule. I should send you a bill!


          • Since I don’t read your blog, I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with your particular rantings. Threats, though, I’m not so fond of. If you’re unable to conduct yourself in accordance with the rules around here, I’m afraid I shall have to show you the door.

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          • Do you mean my legal threats? What are you attempting to imply here?

            You have not even considered what I have to say for myself before seeing fit to publish such allegations as you make? How very unfortunately neglectful.


          • @ Nathaniel Harris.
            I know you have a certain talent for writing fiction and a certain style of image-work. When I visited your Facebook one day, before you blocked me, I looked at your artistic work in your photo album on Facebook, noted an image of a toilet filled up into a mountain of poo. I am unable to say that your artistic style appeals to me, but it reflects your inner self, thats what matters to an artist.

            I have no envy of the small achievements you have had, it is a shame that you have flushed your reputation down the toilet by promoting delusions such as your SRA fictions.

            You are wasting your few talents, time, energy, money on silly fictions when you could be using that to make money for yourself. Take note of a Satan Hunter known as Neelu Berry who like you pursued fictions to such an extent they were unable to pay their bills, they then lost their house.

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    • Considering young Miss G was the victim of her mother being ill and her mother claiming she named people who turned out not to exist, one wonders at their ability to sift truth from outright lies.

      The utter shite fest of crap flinging gibbering fuckwittery that is “Google HG” and “Bing HG” …

      There must be a natural home for this stuff, the string-em-up U.S. prayers mean prizes racist paranoid demented #pizzapiss corner of the Internet, for example.

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    • He’s an attention whore who simply can’t stand being ignored. Also, there are some very disturbing parallels between the Hollie Greig case and person X (as I’ll call the person who Harris said was ritually abused). A mentally unbalanced person has horrific abuse “disclosed” to them by a young person with learning difficulties. The abuse involves close family, friends and a larger conspiracy of occultists/freemasons. The police and social workers get involved. No evidence is found. So the crazy person goes on a years-long campaign of lies, harassment, stalking against the “perpetrators” to no avail. Anyone who is not convinced by their illogical and frankly unbelievable nonsense is dubbed part of the conspiracy….. rinse and repeat.
      Harris is clutching at straws these days. Empty threats of imminent arrest over some years now have led to nothing. In fact, the only person arrested was him, for threatening behaviour, for which he received a criminal record. Person X, who in reality was a teenager when his “disclosures” were made is now a young adult, and not a child as Harris wants people to believe.
      It’s his life now, though. And he can’t give it up. Sad, but no one made him choose this.

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    • He claims he has had a complaint upheld by the IPCC yet there is nothing under either name used on the IPCC website.
      On his own website he attacks persons asking him to publish said document as Hoaxtead shills etc.
      Why the secrecy?
      He must think we are fools who do not understand how the IPCC works but even those who don’t but who have read Ella Draper’s ludicrous and false claims that the IPCC upheld her complaint know it is easy to make a non-proven claim.
      As someone said on his website : publish with redacted names but that does not seem good enough.

      As for having a crime number, I have several and what they really mean is you reported something to police and that number is your record.
      It means sod all as to whether the police will even look into your complaint let alone prepare a brief for the CPS.

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  3. Oh dear, someone named Nathaniel Mortlock seriously defames Hoaxtead posters and says : “These people are paedophiles and murderers”.
    I’ve sent an email off to my lawyer Ms Irma Shyster of Sue, Grabbitt & Runn.
    I shall be seeking a police crime number as well. Lots of them. I shall holiday in The Bahamas with my damages and drink Pink Gin.

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  4. The plot thickens:
    one of the real flies in the ointment in all this internet libel is the US’ frigging false claim of ‘free speech’ which so many have taken as the freedom to defame.
    I know from an insider this case is very serious and standing in the wings are the FBI and a possible RICO charge.

    Lawyers and judges in the US are gradually chipping away at the vicious & nasty websites that have used the so-called ‘free speech’ mantra and slowly changing the concept of just who is a publisher. The US election has alarmed everyone with the amount of fake news, pizzagate and such crap and I reckon the whole net ‘neutrality’ will soon be under attack.

    It’s why large advertisers have suddenly awoken from their slumbers.
    The Power-Disneys of the world won’t have a snowflakes chance in hell if someone decides to take legal action against them. The times are favourable to the RDs of the world who have been maliciously maligned.

    # that also applies to this Mortlock/Harris character who dares..who absolutely dares to claim to be a victim when his web postings are riddled with false accusations and serious libels.
    ## So much of this could be solved with a tough criminal law against criminal defamation. Thailand has one, the UK used to, oddly South Australia is the only Oz state that still has one that has seen several people jailed.

    “How to make money re-building reputations- have them destroyed first”

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      • The fact that Mr Harris believes the Hollie Greig Hoax and the Hampstead Hoax makes me disbelieve anything he says. He’s certainly not doing himself any favours pushing these hoaxes.

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  5. @ Nathaniel Mortlock Harris

    3 questions…

    1. May we see your proof that we are “all paedophiles and murderers”, please? (The comment I’m referring to further up this page, in among all your platitudes about the evils of defamation.)

    2. Why are you promoting Hollie Greig hoax-promoting websites – and by implication supporting a vicious hate campaign against an innocent Scottish community?

    3. You stated that you have reported us to the police (for talking about you, which a crime now, apparently) and that you have a crime number. So what is that number and which police station issued it?

    Thanks in advance…


      • He spends a lot of time talking bollox with David Shurter who is one of the creepiest people i have ever come across. Shurter reckons he pulled out of the Pizzagate rally because Neil Wolfe offered to set up a meeting between Shurter and Michael Aquino. What a load of bullshit, how would Neil Wolfe organiser of the tiniest protests in the history of the world know Aquino? I reckon wolfe told Shurter not to come because of all the Voat people saying they want no part of Shurter. The way shurter has inserted himself in the johnny Gosch case is despicable, he didnt even live in that town until years after the kid disappeared so how would he know anything. And he only found out he killed some mysterious man a few years ago, burning a man alive is not the sort of thing that would slip your mind. Fraud.

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  6. A Crime Reference No. is easily obtained. It simply means you’ve reported something to the Police. It certainly doesn’t mean the person you are reporting is guilty of anything or that any arrest is imminent.

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      • Dana W – 7 minutes ago
        +TorkGirl8 “I might remind you that this is my channel and I run it like a ruthless dictator for truth. If you become uncooperative, say something I dislike, etc I may opt to remove you and ban you or silence you either one.

        You had better learn a lesson in freedom of speech, it only exists in the public forum. Not on other peoples’ private property, in this case Google which owns YouTube have given me certain permissions and access on their servers.

        This means I’m also a guest here, and my freedom to speak candidly is only what Google allows me to say on their system. But they have handed down to me certain controls for the content of my channel, and in that respect I can curb YOUR ability to speak freely here on this video, for instance.

        So you might want to gauge whether or not you want what you’ve said to me already to remain and your ability to add to it stay intact, or you can cop an attitude, act like you don’t have to answer polite questions, and I will most assuredly show you the door.”



        • “…This is my channel and I run it like a ruthless dictator for truth…I can curb YOUR ability to speak freely…”

          “You had better learn a lesson in freedom of speech.”

          No hypocrisy there, then.


    • Angies left some comments on Ellas latest interview praising her. Is she living in another fucking world? she accuses Ella of making child porn and snuff videos and then acts like she never said anything. She thinks everyone will just forget about it. surreal.

      Liked by 4 people

      • And that Moron Alan Alanson is constantly offering angie a place back on their team if she’ll just admit she’s wrong. It was funny how mortified Alan was when Arthur called him a baby raping cannibal, they don’t like it when the tables are turned do they? Bunch of imbeciles. They want a world in which innocent peoples lives are ruined by some bullshit conspiracy, they should be carefull what they wish for.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lol I thought you were going to say Alan Alanson was constantly offering no Power Disney a place back at his place!

          Maybe she should take up this misread offer?

          I mean, places are running out for no Power Disney and Alan’s got to be younger than her, which is just her type.

          Btw, what does she see in the Lanzarote drummer with the tash?

          A bit 1970’s, takes her back to her Good Old Days??

          Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, don’t lower yourself to appear anywhere with that vile woman, Sheva. Not after what she has said about you and the death threats her friend sent to you.

          Liked by 4 people

        • These people make me so angry the way they turn child abuse into a conspiracy theory, youtube is full of ridiculous videos along the lines of tory smiths delusions and it is making abuse a joke, another flat earth. How can you treat such a horrible subject like that? “reptillian demons are taking over politicans and sacrificing children etc etc” If you want to make silly conspiritard stories up leave sexual abuse out of it, it has the effect of numbing everyone to it. that Neil Wolfe idiot talking about how babies are being killed and eaten and he knows its true coz hes researched it for three years. By research he means watching conspiritard videos like Shurter and annett.

          Liked by 2 people

      • Probably behaves like that because she has said all manner of “stuff” to her family and they put up with her crap SO thinks everyone else will turn a blind eye.

        It doesn’t work like that no Power Disney.

        You won’t get away with sucking up to Ella and Ab ra ham.

        You 3 are birds of a feather.


    • I think that is a great idea and everyone should do likewise. Whatever ‘small’ actions are possible, do them.

      It’s not just us, it’s future generations. Can you imagine – well actually I’m not sure we can – the world RD’s kids are growing up in where their entire lives can be shredded in minute fashion without a single recourse?

      I was bullied at school but I developed my own survival mechanism. But look at what young people face today : not just some nasty words in the schoolground or a shove here and there..but the internet. They can be filmed and humiliated in front of 10,000s of strangers on Facebook or someone’s blog. And without any recourse- no chance of fighting back. Is it any wonder youth suicide has skyrocketed?

      Look at the sort of double tragedy of the lady who campaigned on the net about the McCanns and who was then humiliated in front of the world’s TV audience and eventually killed herself. Clearly a women with mental problems but encouraged to wage a war against a family who experienced a tragedy and with terrible consequences with no winners.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Yes, that was terribly sad. She obviously chose to harass and defame the McCanns, and it’s not surprising that given her unpleasantness online someone decided to “out” her, but the fact that she then found it necessary to commit suicide…what an awful thing.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Shurter, I know you are reading this. Voat is the platform that a lot of the pizzagaters use, when they found out you were speaking at Neil Wolfes rally lots of them started saying there was no way they were going if you were gonna be there. The reason they wouldn’t go is because they see you for what you are, a fraud and an attention seeker who is creepy as fuck. I can only imagine the depraved shit you got up to before you got old. You, Fiona Barnett, Angie and all the other fakes are so transparent its not funny. What you morons do is turn the horrible subject of child abuse into a fucking circus with magic and what not. Sci Fi child abuse. The reality is child abuse is a nasty evil grubby affair committed by the dregs of society, even the ones in suits. If you had any interest in helping children you wouldn’t turn it into a freak show. you disgust me.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @karnevilnine – you said: “I just checked out colin bately and he was convicted of Running an occult child abuse cult”.

      Clarification – Batley and several of his accomplices were convicted of a number of sexual crimes, including prostitution and rape. There is, as you had already guessed, no such crime in the UK as “Running an occult child abuse cult”.

      As for Nathaniel Q Harris-on Ford wannabe, I don’t have anything more to say about him, personally.
      Your harassment or defamation charge threats can’t reach me on this side of the ocean, old boy. Nice try though.


  8. By golly, it really does make more sense in their own language:

    “This here investigashun were sparked by strange emails leaked frawum john podesta’s email account, some av which make bizarre references ta food. One such email done discussed ayy handkerchief podesta done left behaand at ayy friend’s house. The handkerchief were done described as a-havin’ ayy “map that there seems pizza-related. ” given thay …uhh common pedophahl code phrase “cheese pizza”, some readers suspected “pizza-related” may been ayy reference ta child sex abuse. The suspected use av “pizza” as ayy codewawd led us ta investigate ayy pizza restaurant done mentioned in one av podesta’s emails, namely comet pizza ayn’ ping pong, done owned by an associate av the podestas. We have done found considerable evidence that there comet is ayy front faw child sex trafficking”.

    Ok, NOT! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for this Report. ALEX JONES aka FAKETRIOT COMMIE FOR PRISON 2017 :d HAHAHA (<<"satanic laugh ya know tee hee as per Angie and Arthur) Drives them Wild for "Philby". I only trolled Poor Arthur once or twice and then, KABOOM, full blown mania. I stopped. Angie really should be picked up very soon. She is a Public Menace. I wonder how much "lazy eye" Becki has drawn in to date? Did you see her in the "seaman et.al vids"? LOL Nobody but press and cops there!! hahahaha DERP!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. They were just laughing at Alex Jones and his pizzagate apology on Canadian National Radio. So now millions of Canadians know that Jones is a bozo moron, and so are all the pizza-gators! Nice.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Pingback: Angela Power-Disney gets frozen out | HOAXTEAD RESEARCH

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