Is Belinda giving Rupert hush money?

What a difference a month makes! Was it really only a few weeks ago that Rupert was bragging about having shown up outside Christ Church Primary School one morning, and claiming that people with connections to the fictional cult were just about to “spill their guts” to him?

rupert-gofundme-update-14-2016-10-15A month ago, in his own mind at least, he was the heroic investigator, pushing through while others were arrested and detained, getting ready to attend “important rallies”, sticking it out in the face of adversity and dwindling funds.

And then shit got real for poor Rupert.

Three officers showed up at the door, and instead of boxing their ears for their temerity, or sprinting off and evading them, Rupert discovered that even though many British police don’t carry sidearms, they are nevertheless not to be trifled with.

Ah well, live and learn.

Since his arrest in September, Rupert has gone almost completely silent online.

Instead of bragging about how he’ll be cracking the imaginary cult wide open, Rupert has now completely changed his tune:

Rupert GoFundMe 2016-10-15.png

He is finally admitting he bit off more than he could chew. In fact, his most recent GoFundMe update sounds positively desperate:


But that doesn’t mean his friends have forgotten about him. At least, Belinda certainly hasn’t! She’s been loyally tossing bits of cash his way via his GoFundMe account, as recently as Friday:

belinda-donation-gofundme-2016-10-15This is on top of her donation two weeks ago…

belinda-donation-2-wks-ago-2016-10-15…and two weeks before that:


This makes us wonder: Belinda never gives something for nothing. We know she keeps various people on a monthly retainer (seems that £1,000 is the going rate), but it’s not out of the goodness of her stone-cold heart.

She expects value for money.

Sure, those she pays can expect to face the brunt of the law, but not to fret! Belinda will turn up at your court hearings, and mouth all the right platitudes for her cameraman du jour to post on YouTube. She’ll stage vigils in your honour, and bring bags of sandwiches to nourish your cadre of supporters. She’ll take notes and talk about how this is all a farce, and she’ll give that dry little laugh and explain that this is how the powers that be keep us all down.

And in the end, if you’re lucky, you’ll only be slapped with a restraining order or possibly a minor prison sentence, while she walks away whistling quietly to herself.

Such is the price of doing business with Belinda.

So the question is, why is she sending cash to Rupert? And why did she start doling it out only after he was arrested?

We wonder whether it could have something to do with this:

rupert-changes-sides-2016-10-15Let’s put it this way: Rupert was granted access to the inner sanctum of the Hoaxtead Pusher-in-Chief.

We know he attended meetings attended by Belinda, Sabine, Angie, Kevin Weaver and others, where they sat around and watched what he called “MKULTRA porn”:

What he saw seems to have repulsed him, to the point where he claims to now “agree with the cops” and “feel bad for Dearman”.

From Belinda’s perspective, this cannot be good news. Rupert was a bought-and-paid-for commodity, whose purpose was to have been to help penetrate the seemingly indifferent American market with the Hoaxtead story.

So what’s all this “agreeing with the cops” malarkey, then? Could it mean agreeing with them to the point where he might be tempted to grass up his former employers?

When in doubt, Belinda’s strategy is to shower her stooges with money and saccharine praise, in hopes that they will remember where their loyalties ought to lie.

Granted, $580 in a month isn’t quite the £1,000 stipend she generally doles out, but to a man who’s desperate and hungry, stuck in London’s south-east corner with hosts who are no doubt sick and tired of him by now, it might be enough to ensure tight lips.

Besides, there’s always the fear factor: Rupert admits that he’s afraid to speak out publicly against his erstwhile hosts, as he knows “the constituency here” will “fuck him up”. He’s probably right on that score.

He’s spent time with them, and he knows their tactics: they won’t hesitate to turn on him if they think he’s done them wrong. He’s seen the damage they can do; he understands now how they have destroyed RD’s life, and he knows he could be next.

Belinda has been playing this game for years, and she’s well aware that the combination of fear and desperation can lower the going price of a pawn. So she’s tossing him scraps, knowing he must accept them, and hoping that when push comes to shove, Rupert is exactly the sort of coward she believes him to be.


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  1. Bank of mum and dad Rupert, bank of mum and dad. Some of the people who are sucked in by all this MKULTRA porn actually don’t have a lot of money themselves in the first place. Take Belinda’s money though. She’s asset rich if not actually cash in bank rich.

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    • I bet Belinda’s got plenty in the bank or is that banks too?

      I just can’t understand why Rupert’s parents don’t send him over some cash or maybe they are, maybe he’s pretending he doesn’t have much money and giving the Hoaxers a taste of their own medicine by deceiving them.

      I suppose he thinks when he goes to Court on 22nd December he will be allowed to return to USA for Christmas and come back in the New Year for a trial.

      It certainly seems strange the way this is slowly progressing.

      I’m not sure why he wasn’t put in the dock very soon after his arrest for at least a plea.

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      • It does seem unlikely to me that he’d be allowed to leave the country for Christmas and return for a trial.

        What interests me most is the thought of Belinda sweating and wondering exactly what this particular loose cannon might say if he’s not paid off. We do know that despite Angie’s (ahem) generous donation to his GoFundMe, he didn’t hesitate to turn around and slag her off.

        Rupert re Angie

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  2. I love the fact that Quaint will obviously be reading this shit with very little to add because it fully represents him. What kind of loser buys into such a blatant fiction? I didn’t need to hear the retractions of the children to tell they were lying in the first instance? Secondly, what kind of moron believes that an entire community could keep a regular baby-blood-drinking schedule a secret? I feel sorry for a lot of these people, but some of them are obviously far more conniving and appear to be receiving what they deserve at this point.

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    • Wait till Rupert gets back to America, he’ll be full of tales about how close he came to boxing coppers ears and how tough he is and how he urgently needs more donations because he’s so close to bringing down the whole corrupt satanic system blah blah blah

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      • I reckon it’ll either be that, or he’ll do some big exposé about the crazy old ladies in the UK who sit around talking about MK Ultra and child sexual abuse all day. Either way, he’ll cast himself in the role of the heroic crusading journalist who cracks the case.


    • Rupert has been a freeloading mercenary.He has jumped aboard which ever train appears to best pays for his dope and pasta.Any harm he may incur to innocent people has not been his concern because they have not represented an earner.His accounting was seriously flawed and he has found the hard way that there really are no free lunches neither are the peas and carrots always perfectly aligned like mommy did for him.Bless.

      Belinda will know Rupert holds some ace cards which he could play when the coast is clear.She will do what is needed to keep a potential enemy close and cocooned.I would guess Angie too will be lining up her poison arrows in preparation for a future Roopie bean spilling fest.

      But which way will Rupert swing?Will he continue to take sweeties and sell his soul to the highest bidder or will he for the first time in his life invest in impartial truth?Will Belindas blood money buy loyalty and non disclosure and prove sufficient to lure Rupert into repeating his expensive mistakes? Will he in fact ever learn anything?Can he cut that umbilical cord from eternal adolescence and become a man?Hmm phone home ET.

      Stranger things have happened and time alone will tell.I will not be holding my breath.

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        • If these brain dead morons would just gather around in a room somewhere dangling their precious baubles at each other like some tedious new age swingers convention then fine by me.Trouble is by doing their “majik” masturbatory practices in public and attaching false claims about innocent lives they are imposing their brand of futile head fuckery on others.Crystal bollocks to the lot of em.

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          • Yes, I don’t really care what the nutters do, so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses.

            Or in the case of Hoaxtead, target innocent citizens and their children and do their level best to make their lives a living hell.

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          • I’m surprised someone doesn’t report this little mob to the Anti-Terrorism hotline. I mean I wouldn’t be found for quids lurking around the back entrances of courts and suspiciously digging in pot plants and being seen to hide something there. don’t they have CCTV?

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          • To be fair in Mumbo jumbo land crystal wagglers are relatively grounded in reality.Only time before Mel and Bigears are giving demonstrations of this (for a small fee)but they are just soooo behind the curve:).

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    • LOL. Neelu invited Paul Dacre from the Daily Mail and he might have made a phone call.Boy she really has no idea does she about Dacre & The Mail. If anything they would be salivating in the hope this bunch are roundly condemned with mentions in the court of Satanism and so on. Perhaps Planet Neelu didn’t see the total hatchet job the Mail did on Ella & Abe.

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      • I tend to fantasize about slapping the odd face with a dirty dish cloth…..for more serious cases there’s always the sock full of horse dung.

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  3. “I have quite a story to tell.”

    Yep – that supports Joe Kerr’s theory that Rupert’s current silence has nothing to do with common decency but is more likely to be that he’s shitting himself now and getting ready to let rip again if/when he gets back to America, where he’ll just carry on as before, having learnt bugger-all.

    Sorry for the long sentence – I promise I won’t make any fatuous comments about missed periods.

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  4. “Rupert was a bought-and-paid-for commodity, whose purpose was to have been to help penetrate”

    Nope – still resisting any fatuous remarks about Rupert & his rasping grasping MILF. I’m way too much of a gentleman.

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  5. Aww, poor old Rupert is scared of the coven of nutters who brought him over here and are yay close to turning on him. If only someone had warned him before he came over. Oh wait.

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    • We didn’t just warn him, mate. We screamed it from the metaphorical rooftops! There’s a side of me that feels sorry for old Rupes but if I’m honest, there’s another side of me that’s finding this the most satisfying “I told you so” moment since the hoaxers started admitting “something isn’t right about the mum’s boyfriend”.

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  6. I take my hat off to Rupert (reluctantly). He has managed to con the Queen of Con into giving him money.

    Belinda McKenzie rightly deserves the crown for the Queen of Con. Her track record demonstrates that.

    If we stop and look coldly at the facts that are known, Rupert was arrested and is bailed. He has to remain in the UK pending further action. He would have had to convince the Police (and possibly a Court) that he had sufficent independent means to support himself whilst at large in the UK pending further action.

    If Rupert had not been able to do that then the British taxpayer would have to foot the bill. That’s done by providing the person with food and accommodation – in a British prison. Its called duty of care and there are no exceptions to that, its a Human rights issue if that duty is neglected – in simple terms the UK authorities can not leave someone homeless and hungry pending further action.

    Rupert has also intimated that he expects to go “home” for Christmas and to then possibly return to the UK in the new year. Well Rupert, sorry to burst your bubble, it does not work like that.

    Rupert, your updates on Gofundme demonstrate that you do have access to the internet, they also demonstrate ongoing attempts to defraud people. Even if that is only Belinda it is still wrong and unlawful.

    Sorry Rupert, what you write is further examples of the bullshit you spout.

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    • How did he get the idea he would be able to go home for Christmas and return?.

      Of course it’s always rather lonely for a person in his situation being so far from home as I expect the Quaintance family do the whole full-on US family Christmas thing but it’s just another aspect he may have thought about a bit more deeply before he aided in promoting vile false accusations against an innocent father who has been needlessly separated from his children.

      And it is most definitely an Immigration requirement to have a return ticket and enough funds to cover your personal expenses so that’s a further offence. And he as much as advertised it via Facebook and GoFundMe.

      I hope he’s not also indulging in the wacky backy (is that why so many keep saying to eat?) as if he was busted for that it’s yet another charge.

      He has most certainly underestimated the British police and in the end he is exposed for what he is- just another arrogant small town hick who thinks he would show the Brits a thing or two.

      Busted credibility. Hopeless. In the end, just another loser in a case that has attracted so many.

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      • I always forget something : Mrs Quaintance – you can go fuck yourself as well. You offered covert support to your son’s ghastly campaign to destroy innocent people’s lives. They will live with the affects of this vicious campaign for years to come – some may never recover their peace of mind – and for this idiot to claim he was somehow “under cover” doesn’t wash. Your history in this matter has been captured for all time Rupert and you will need to show a lot more contrition than turning on sixpence as soon as the going gets tough. What a berk.

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      • “Just another loser in a case that has attracted so many”: that’s my assessment too, GoS. What I wonder, though, is exactly what this loser might be prepared to tell the authorities, if he thought it would get him back home and away from Belinda and the Hoaxtead mob.

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    • What on earth is that rubbish about the picture at the church and stalking? He should stay off the ganga for a while.

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      • Indeed,Rupert must be coining it in just now with payments flooding in to both prop him and shut him up.Getting paid for doing bugger all apart from the laborious task of skinning up the next doobie.Fair play to the bloke he seems to have found his personal Nirvana.

        What with the fall in Stirling and everything surely Rupert needs to milk the Queen of Thieves whilst the going is good.After all he is such a deserving cause she could hardly refuse..MUHAHAHAHA.

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  7. What idiot boy doesn’t realize is that it is vanishingly unlikely that he will ever be allowed into the UK again, despite his reverence for the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. If you’re reading this Rupert, this is how it works: you come to this country and do many stupid things which lead inevitably to you being arrested. You’re a US citizen, which means that even if you were a saint, you have no automatic right to be here. So they chuck you out, but your name goes on a list and a stamp goes on your passport. And you will find yourself put back on a plane if you ever try to come here again on a tourist visa, and if you apply for any other kind of visa it will be refused. That’s the system. You were warned.

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    • He could always ask Christine Sands for some post-deportation counselling.
      I’m thinking Desmond During might need it soon too.

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      • Only time before Mel and Big Ears spot the gap in the idiot market and offer “live” online post deportation trauma counselling.All completely free apart from the mandatory $99.99 donation fee +sundry add ons + obligatory blackmail insurance services etc).

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        • Don’t know about deportation counseling but she could give Angie some bloody deportment counseling on things like smoking frigging cigarettes has been a big no no on TV & films for about 40 years.
          Mind you Angie probably went to a Swiss Finishing School being a Romanov and close relation to the late Princess Diana.


  8. “So do you have proof…or is it just a rumour…since you are the one making the allegation, it is up to you to provide proof claim [sic]…”

    Sooo, either this is a massive U-trun for Mel or her rationale only applies to people who don’t live in Hampstead.

    By the way, what the hell is “proof claim”? LOL

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    • “Biggi has never abused even me his wife…” Good grief Mels really at the cutting edge of liberal thought with that one. Shes got Bigears bonded to some screens and allowed a few hours sleep in a seperate slimy sack so the poor twat has pretty much had his bollocks lopped off anyway.Thats all the proof needed.

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  9. Rupert will be laying the groundwork for his next attention-seeking venture. In my opinion this will involve him claiming to have investigated a hoaxing group, rather than the truth which is that he simply tried – and failed –to hop on a hoaxing bandwagon… ‘Turning turtle’ like this ‘worked’ to a certain degree for Charlie Veitch after all. He does have a certain celebrity on the conspiritainment circuit. But in truth, Veitch is really something of a failure too. Last I heard he was failing to hold down a job in telesales and projecting the blame onto his (female) boss….. Big guy! Like the plague, most people know he’s commonly and best avoided.

    Quaintance may well have a fair amount of ‘dirt’ on McKenzie whose house right now is one of cards in an open field with a storm brewing to the north. Additionally, she may see him as a potentially useful idiot. – Her stock in trade.

    But Rupert is as Rupert does… The man remains a dangerously-creepy idiot who has failed at life. No job, no education, his family’s reputation trashed and facing the very real possibility looming of being sued for the damage he caused…

    And that at one point was something he could have avoided by taking down his social media accounts completely; something the people who intend suing him required, which tells you he’s as full of hubris and bullshit as he ever was. –”Out of respect” he’s shut down his childishly incompetence pretence of a ‘radio broadcast’? Who are you kidding Rupert? You’re no Broadcaster, Journalist, Actor, Comedian or any of the other things you ‘wannabe’.

    Rupert is only being quiet just now because he’s been advised that’s that way to get his passport back in time to fly home for Christmas. – He’s a con-man playing the system! And if the authorities are stupid enough to bail him to return to the UK then that will only provide further evidence of their incompetence! – UKBA should never have let the dirty little nonce into the country in the first place!

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  10. No John Steed? No Steve McGarrett? Poor Rupert.
    There’s still one very exciting role open to him, however…

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  11. Selected highlights from Crusty Poo’s UPDATED rant on her Sod the Children page. Bickering match or power struggle? You decide…

    “Angela Power-Disney’s need for drama and attention is beyond the scope of what most would consider ‘healthy’…It has become increasingly evident that APD’s attention seeking antics and lust for donations , is the circus designed to distract us from seeking and learning the truth about this situation…

    …More recently, false stories coming out about Ella Draper from extremely questionable sources…

    …The recent conduct displayed by Angela Power-Disney and her associations with questionable characters such as Rupert W. Quaintance (a known informant), has left many long time supporters questioning her agenda?

    Angela is undermining the Hampstead Cover-up by spreading unfounded rumour’s about the mother, Ella Draper.

    Angela has consistently published unauthorized material, such as conversations between Ella Draper, Abe Christie and herself, private information of her friends and supporters, which very quickly becomes ammunition for the opposition. Not to mention putting the lives of true activists in harms way. This was recently witnessed with the sectioning of **** ***** and arrests of 3 activists, who were guests on Angela’s recent CCN broadcast. One of those being Rupert W. Quaintance, who proudly told the audience he had ‘pee’ed on the Hampstead Church.

    Angela has in 9 months clocked up quite a sum with her go fund me account with over 30,000 euros accumulated, yet she is constantly asking for more, saying she has nothing?

    Associations with Hoaxstead Research’s, Yannis Emmanuol, an entity who has been trying to ridicule this case from the beginning, one linked to facebook groups supporting justice for children, yet opposes and discredits cases such as this… (controlled opposition?).

    In one of her Conscious Consumer Network videos, Angela Power Disney, claims that Ella Draper…had her computer hacked about a year ago, and that the hacker finds is a video of Ella masturbating a child to sleep…

    …Angela claims the information came from a reliable source (in her opinion) yet has not seen any concrete evidence to confirm or deny the allegations to date. Quite an irresponsible act to publish such allegations without seeing the evidence, or doing a little research…Or taking into account the testimony of the children themselves, whom she says she believes?

    One has to wonder if this was a ploy to take away unwanted attention away from herself whilst in the middle of a trust crisis involving her and case supporters? The details of which are found in the comments section of **** *****’s own facebook post. Angela is well known for recording confidential calls with fellow activists and friends as well as private skype conversations with Ella and Abe. **** ***** who, at the time of this recording, did not know he was being recorded. Towards the end of the video, Angela asks **** if she could release the phone call, he replies ‘No, not at this time’ ‘NOT FOR PUBLIC at the moment… Yet releases it anyway.

    We have known from the first day of **** *****’s hospitalization that he did not necessarily want the circus being played out right now and Angela’s involvement is more likely the cause of his extended stay than anything **** could have said or done himself.

    Sophia Green and I have been accused by Angela in her video that we called **** ***** vulnerable yet, that is an absolute fabrication…

    Our concerns are not of **** being vulnerable, but more so his current predicament becoming worse via Angela’s manipulative antics. Sadly this is something we have now witnessed in the past few days, since hearing **** has now been sectioned for a further 6 months. Completely avoidable, had he stuck to his guns and not spoken to Angela in the first place.

    Judging by the comments in **** *****’s facebook post, activists have been concerned at the direction the ship is being led with Angela Power-Disney, seemingly placing herself at the helm of the ship. Concerns over her actions, her associations with known agents within the movement (ie, Kevin Arnett, Fiona Barnett, David Shurter, Rupert Q , Yanis etc), and her own admitted shady past as information gatherer for organisations such as CIA, Royalty and Governments…

    Being MK aware, does not mean she is not still under some form of Mind Control, still as an information gatherer. As the leaking and sharing of sensitive information, is exactly what these people are trained to do.

    This is by no means a witch hunt of any sorts, just supporters who have followed the case since early 2015, long enough to work out who is who, and how controlled opposition works, and who have put forward some very concerning questions to Angela. To this day, not one question has been answered appropriately, if at all.”

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    • Wait till she realises that some of the main Hoaxteders have friends who are convicted paedophiles (“but they were ‘stitched-up!” Yeah, right), that one of the Hoaxted supporters admits to drinking blood, that at least two of the main players have been involved in charities that have been shut down by the Charity Commission (one had lots of money missing and the other didn’t bother to file accounts) and that the crystal group have a friend called Roger the Eight Foot Butterfly.

      I should also mention those amongst them who think the earth is flat, that space-ships travel above them in clouds and that the CIA/FBI/Marks and Spencer regularly require them to act as ‘super-soldiers’ on the astral plane.

      She might consider that it’s the above bunch who are supporting this hoax and have been since the beginning.

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    • Angela has always referred to DDH/BtC as “an excellent evidence-based blog”. I wonder whether she still believes that or whether it only applies when they’re on her side .

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  12. Yeah? Is that so, Angie? Because it makes ME squirm when a mother regularly beats her children with wooden T-squares, attacks them with garden rakes and beats the crap out of them for viewing porn. But hey – giving them a hug or kissing them goodnight is far worse, right?

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    • Right on !
      What’s the bat on about now? Trying to craft something sinister out of a hug?. As for Stephen Kennedy and his shaking hands cos kids “seem to like it”, what a bunch of weirdos.


    • ADP childcare advise.

      Forward by ADP. Fully qualified idiot.

      Children should understand that they come into this world soley to be a handy meal ticket which affords the parent full entitlement to claim carers allowance etc and swan off abroad “willy nilly” and thus shun normal boring adulthood duties.

      Whilst still young children provide the parent with a wonderful source of both exercise and entertainment.Ordinary household items such as T squares,garden rakes and metal spoons are ideal to help keep arm flab at bay whilst introducing fear and self loathing into pesky oiks.

      The teenage years are difficult because the little bastards start developing their own feckin personalities and start looking at porn and shit.Obviously the risk of finding their parent starring in early 70`s animal farm VHS home footage wont suffice so simply shout at them like a woman possessed until they develop a complex for the rest of their lives.This can also tend to make them so insecure it can extend carers allowance by anything up to several years!

      Children exist so as to enable their parent to do bugger all apart from randomly interfering with unenlightened parents who even in the 21st century still persist in putting their own chldren first and do daft things like also holding down a job and paying idiot tax.

      There is no mileage in spending pointless quality time with children and hugging them etc etc when they will only end up treating their parents like shit in their old age and plastering crap about them all over the feckin interweb.

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  13. Who knows what will happen next. I still have a hope that Rupert might do something heroic and tell the court all he knows about Belinda when he comes to trial. Belinda McKenzie quoted Burke with her donation; if Rupert does something he might be able to put a nail in coffin of the evil that is Belinda.

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    • I know…sometimes I allow myself to imagine that he might show some indication of being in possession of a pair; other times I think he’ll just rebound from this back into Idiot Land, as though nothing had happened.


      • Go on Rupert – spill the beans! Tell the world exactly what happened and you might have your moment as a serious reporter after all.


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