UPDATE: Rupert’s trial postponed

Rupert Quaintance attended Hendon Magistrates Court this morning, representing himself as he has been unable to find a suitable solicitor to date. The Crown prosecutor noted that the “thousands of files and videos” related to this case had crashed the CPS computers, and thus she requires another month to prepare for what appears to be a very complex case.

The magistrates granted this request, and Rupert’s case has now been put forward to 28 February, 2017.

Belinda McKenzie was seen at the court, but did not appear to be taking an advisory role in Rupert’s case.

We will bring further updates as they occur.


52 thoughts on “UPDATE: Rupert’s trial postponed

  1. In the words of that famous American lawyer Abraham Lincoln “a man who represents himself has a fool for a client”. 😉

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  2. It’s a shame that Belinda was there snooping.

    No doubt she will appear at the next hearing on 28th February.

    RQ needs to try and get her banned from knowing any further details but I expect this is impossible as the Court is Open to the Public.

    I wonder if they secretly hooked up down the road after, for an update on the proceedings?

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  3. [redacted] He really is a sad individual…carried away by the whole Hampstead thing. His big talk and bluster was always doomed to fizzle out when reality kicked in. Let’s not forget he was led on and encouraged by more devious miscreants like Belinda and APD.

    I hadn’t thought his case would be so complicated.

    I wonder if, when this is all over and he returns to the states, he will talk about his experience. It might be interesting if he does, depending on what stance he takes.


    • [redacted]

      I don’t know what the charges are.

      I too would rather Angela Power-Disney and her ilk were jailed over Rupert.

      I know he has caused a lot of damage because he is a big headed, arrogant, idiot sucked in to this for a free holiday.

      He got conned by the likes of Angela Power-Disney, who then frightened the living daylights out of him by coming on to him.

      I’m glad the CPS have got masses of evidence to sieve through.


      RQ staying in England so long is quite a punishment but then he hasn’t directly affected me [redacted].

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      • It’s really important that we not speculate on the outcome of the charges against Rupert, as that would put this blog in contempt of court and could get us shut down. Aside from the implications for the blog, we really do not wish to do anything that might compromise Rupert’s right to a fair trial. Thanks!

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  4. “thousands of files and videos” related to this case had crashed the CPS computers”.

    I am sure MKD`s and other venerable video producers in our midst could ably assist CPS by collaborating to make available a very tidy little number covering Ruperts “exploits” in the past year.Out of sheer common decency this ought perhaps carry a “viewer beware” notice particularly for the part where Captain Culpeper gets down to his underpants.

    Thanks as ever EC for the update and marvellous customer service.

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    • Yes, I’ve had to be a bit hard-line and redact some parts of people’s comments today. We really need to be aware that speculating on the outcome of the case is against the law.


  5. Disappointing that everyone must continue to wait a further month for a result because CPS technology and resources seem to be limited. Anyway, RQ can enjoy another month of UK winter in limbo.

    Rupert Quaintance is intelligent, well-educated and devious. Any talk about him being an innocent victim of anyone is bullshit. Quaintance drowned in his own hubris thinking that his deeds and words would have no come-back to him. That hyena deserves no sympathy or excuses for his behavior.

    Any talk predicting outcomes of this case is prejudicial and risks sabotaging this case.

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    • Well said SV – its important that no one reports anything other than actual fact. To predict an outcome or sentence (or to speculate upon it), risks getting a trial thrown out. It would be horrible for this blog being the reason that Rupert did not get fair and proper Justice.

      I hope the outcome is fair and reflects any impact / damage that he is seen (seen by the Court) to have had upon people.


  6. ARFUR KAOUTAL: Mow more lawns by saving time and effort simply by leaving out the letters “E” and “M” proceeding the word pathetic.Better still give up typing altogether and shout at a Cedar tree in Lebanon or something.

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  7. “…representing himself as he has been unable to find a suitable solicitor…”

    He didn’t have a McKenzie friend prepared to support him, then?! 😮

    Thanks for the update, by the way, EC.

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  8. “Belinda McKenzie was seen at the court”

    I bet she was! That is going to be one very nervous woman….

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  9. Dear Mr. Kaoutal

    I refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.

    Yours sincerely
    CEO, GH Industries PLC

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  10. Disappointing that social institutions continue to lag so far behind the digital reality (CPS computers crashed…). During the 1995-98 internet ‘wild west’ days, many police forces in the Western world didn’t even have ‘net capable computers, so many outrages went without investigation at all. You’d think the lesson would have been learned by now, with all the other digital dangers of our day, but it seems they still aren’t getting the funding nor the trained & savvy personnel.


      • Sadly much of the Oz legal system is in a similar state, I had to do jury duty fairly recently, and they still pay meal and travel entitlements by cheque! I haven’t even seen a cheque for years. The (apparently only) computer in the entire courthouse was an old AT IBM, I recognised it because I actually owned one back in the late 80’s, connected to a golfball printer with tractor feed paper….

        Felt like I’d taken a time trip back 25 years lol

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    • You’ve pressed my buttons now!

      Complex systems spanning decades held together with bits of string. Nobody dare touch them and there are no funds available to replace them. I feel for the IT lot supporting that CPS system.

      I’ve worked in IT for the NHS, the decision makers will be the same type of morons in untouchable positions who wouldn’t last five minutes in a commercial company.

      Another government IT project lost millions and even got mentioned in parliament. The cabinet minister I met was responsible for the mess was a right tosser too, it was his baby and he spent bundles of cash propping up a doomed project specified and developed by utter spastics. He wasn’t interested in hearing that it was going wrong, just saving his reputation. I was there until the end, turned off the mulit-million pound systems and was left to switch off the lights too!

      If you ever need to question your own abilities, go and work in government. You’ll realise how good you are, where millions of tax money goes and how you desperately need to get the hell out of there.


      • Are you referring to the millions of pounds that Iain Duncan Smith wasted on his Universal Credit baby?


      • This is the fallacy of sunk costs isn’t it?

        Something similar happened with the Home Office and fingerprint records.


    • We need to take him by the scruff of the neck and say, “You broke it? Zenu fix it.

      I’m ‘ere all week.

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  11. Does anyone have a list of his charges or know for certain what he has been charged with?


    • We don’t have an official list, but Rupert has said in his interviews that he faces seven charges involving harassment, two of which involve children.


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