Rupert Quaintance appeal quashed

Yesterday we reported that Rupert Quaintance had brought an appeal against his conviction on two counts of Harassment 4, as well as against the nine-month sentence which he is currently serving.

We can now report that his appeal was overturned yesterday in the Court of Appeal, where one judge informed him that given the seriousness of his offences, he ought to count himself lucky to have received a relatively light sentence.

As we noted in yesterday’s post, the crux of Rupert’s argument was that because Rupert’s threats had been directed toward a group of people, individuals within that group had no reason to feel personally threatened. Yesterday his barrister made the additional argument that since Rupert did not personally know the people he’d threatened, it was not possible for him to make credible threats against them, and therefore his conviction ought not to stand.

Victim personal statements were read out in court, describing the impact of Rupert’s threats and behaviour. Despite the fact that his barrister claimed his client had repented and now understood and accepted responsibility for the fear and distress he had inflicted, Rupert, who attended via video link, was observed shaking his head as if in disagreement with what he was hearing in the victim statements.

This is reminiscent of Rupert’s reaction to the witnesses’ testimony during his trial: as they spoke, he sat in the dock shaking his head, rolling his eyes, and otherwise appearing to indicate that he did not accept what the witnesses were saying.

During his cross-examination at trial, the following exchange took place:

(Prosecution barrister) Mr Bowyer asked whether Rupert accepted that he had played some part in the distress suffered by the witnesses in this trial.

“No”, Rupert said.

“None at all?”

“I guess, if you look at it in a certain way, I just feel picked on and and pinned down”, Rupert said. “I do feel guilt and remorse for what has befallen me”.

“So no remorse?”

“I’ve been paid back ten-fold”, Rupert said. “I don’t want to accept responsibility, that’s just adding more to my emotional pile”.

It would appear that Rupert’s feelings remain unchanged.

He will continue to serve out his sentence.

Belinda McKenzie attended the appeal hearing, but made no comment as to the outcome.

145 thoughts on “Rupert Quaintance appeal quashed

  1. Thanks for update EC.Belinda still sweating on what Rupert might blurt then.

    Chuffed the court flicked the V signs back at Rupert as that seems to be essentially all Rupert was offering up.Wallowing in self pity and with no sign of genuine remorse for the effects of his actions upon others was unlikely to endear him to anyone.Not sure if court had the option but shame they didnt increase his stretch for taking the piss.

    Ruperts magnificent losing streak really needs a mentioned in dispatches at the “twit of the year” presentations.

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      • If this case had been prosecuted in the USA Rupert could have easily negotiated a plea deal in exchange for no jail term and dobbed in Angela Power-Disney as the real plotter and mastermind which she is.
        She’d be banged up right now with 2 very large black lesbians sharing her cell who hopefully couldn’t stand her perceived hoity-toity accent and gave her a good seeing to each night.

        If I were a Rupert & in a UK jail cell after a long period stuck in the UK I’d be plotting my revenge right now.


        • Yes Gost of Sam, I can’t understand why Rupert hasn’t or perhaps he has something in the pipeline who knows.

          I reckon he is embarrassed about what she has done to him with her manipulating, the money/air tickets he received and the physical stuff.


          • She has made both racist and homophobic comments, so I imagine her fear of that happening would be worse? Remember her rants with heather in which she used a few racial slurs, whether those are her opinions, or she was just repeating comments people had said when she was growing up, I’m not sure.


    • If Rupert had told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth I’d have had a bit more respect for him too, i.e. if he’d explained at the original trial that he was coaxed to come over to London by Angela Power-Disney and was being financed by her and a host of predominantly older women along with a male gullible sucker.

      Rupert took a bit of a risk appealing but I suppose he had to take the gamble and it gave him some hope that he would have been released early. Luckily for him his sentence was not increased. One or two different Judges and he might not have been so lucky.

      I was worried that he may have been released and the “gagging order” also went with it.

      Everything now stands as it was I suppose.

      On the bright side for Rupert he’s served 2 and half months now so not many months to go.

      At least he knows he won’t be serving more than 9 months unless he does anything silly whilst inside…

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  2. I don’t think it would have made any difference to his sentence though if he had told about his pensioner friends. It was him in the end that committed the unlawful acts for which he was jailed, he has & had free will to choose a different path but no, he had to come over to London to show he was the big brave journalist aka teeny weeny wannabe fake journalist, wanting to expose something that was a big fat hoax.

    I wish his sentence was increased so that it would give him more time to do some self analysis to see the harm he has caused as he is still taking no responsibility for what he has done.

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    • Yes as an adult male in his late 30’s everyone but him would have thought he’d have had a bit more savvy to behave like an adult rather than a complete idiot.

      I can’t see Rupert ever taking responsibility for this saga.

      I’m not sure who he blames for his behaviour.

      It strikes me that he doesn’t think he has done any wrong.

      Why oh why did he bother coming to London when he knew during his time in Lanzarote for a month that it was a hoax and the person he had already got involved with was such a dangerous woman?

      The lure of the bright lights? To pretend that he believed the hoax to make a quick buck? Not good.

      I can’t see Rupert ever wanting to come back to England again and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

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      • Rupert’s actions were the actions of a 15 year old boy who hasn’t thought it all through and thinks the internet is the ‘wild west’ (his words) and there are no consequences. From what I was told he did more or less point the finger at Angela (‘dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’) Power-Disney* in Court but it wasn’t her who went to Hampstead and took selfie’s outside the school. It was him and he has to take responsibility. Why would he do this and imagine he wouldn’t frighten people? I think Rupert went to Hampstead to (a) cock a snook at the ‘trolls’ and (b) justify taking money from the conspiraloons. The result was that he frightened people because he was in their neighbourhood after making online threats and hinting that he might have a knife. He admitted in Court that the knife comment might be taken the wrong way, but still, he didn’t take it down. Like I said, he acts like a 15 year old.

        Although Rupert says he didn’t believe in the hoax after he left Lanzarote why would he announce ‘I’ve pissed on your church’? Who was he talking to? He was obviously still thinking that the people who live in Hampstead and attend the church were the ‘trolls’ which is bollocks. The result was that he put fear in innocent people who were concerned about their children’s safety.

        Enough is enough and sometimes the law has to step in. I hope this trend continues and this kind of vigilante action is dealt with promptly in future. From my point of view the Court made the correct decision.

        *Quotes from the barrister and Rupert.

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        • Yes, it’s quite clear that Rupert conflated “trolls” and “people of Hampstead”, though he tried to deny that during his trial. As the judge in his case said, a reasonable person would have understood that what he was doing would cause fear and distress to those he was targetting.

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      • “Why oh why did he bother coming to London when he knew during his time in Lanzarote for a month that it was a hoax and the person he had already got involved with was such a dangerous woman?”

        I thought the prosecution put it rather well when he asked Rupert whether he had published anything stating that he no longer believed in the hoax, and that he was finished with his “investigation”, after he’d returned to the UK from Lanzarote. Rupert admitted he had not.

        In fact, as we know, he allowed Angie to hoik him about the countryside, harassing a poor psychiatric nurse who was just trying to do her job and pissing on a church which he referred to as “yours” in a video, thereby confirming that he was, in fact, directing his threats and harassment toward the parents and residents of Hampstead.

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    • Sadly APD’s name didn’t come up. This figure was spotted in the back of the court trying to send a message to the judges that fearful retribution would follow if they did not free Rupert. Neelu was later seen in the canteen but that’s purely co-incidental.

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      • Oh dear!

        I never did understand that story from Sabine and Neelu’s trial in July 2016 of the sandwiches taken from Blackfriars court canteen that were not paid for.

        I think Neelu has the pressing concern of getting as many people as possible to email all and sundry about parking tickets and doesn’t give 2 hoots about Rupert banged up in Wandsworth nick.

        I always thought Neelu was very bemused with Rupert and even she thought he was barmy.

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        • Nah. It was Swampy who nicked sandwiches in the canteen even though Belinda had taken a bag of butties and was handing them out. She needs to take more next time. At Blackfriars Court Neelu was busy strutting up and down and looking important. It’s all in a days work for those who are fighting Satan and has nothing to do with being barking mad or an egotist with a personality disorder or anything like that.

          I’m gobsmacked that she’s managed to keep quiet and not breach the Restraining Order re Hampstead. I didn’t think she was capable! That tells me she has more control over herself than she lets on

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          • Actually, Fnord, Belinda did bring plenty of sandwiches for all. Swampy put one in his pocket, then headed upstairs to the canteen and nicked another from the display case!


    • He had the opportunity to interview some people like a proper journalist handed to him on a plate and he turned it down!

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      • Oh yes! The couple who were willing to go out of their way to meet him, even buy him a drink but he came out with all manner of excuses, as though they had to do him a favour!

        If he only had met the parents i believe they were then Rupert’s arrest, subsequent trial and prison sentence may never have happened.

        Silly boy.

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        • Had he met the couple and written up the interview he might just have been able to win some respect. He probably realised that he would have had to conclude that the whole business was a hoax and that wouldn’t have gone down well with Belinda or Angie.

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          • I think he was genuinely afraid he’d was being set up and might be attacked. Bit silly really as the meeting was supposed to take place in a public area. He’d also said online that he’d have some ‘muscle’ with him, but all he had watching his back were older ladies. You’d have thought Belinda would have hired a ‘minder’ wouldn’t you, seeing as no adult male in his right mind could be arsed to go with him. (Because adult males in their right minds have JOBS and go to work.)

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          • What a twit Rupert has been, gone to prison to impress Angela, Belinda etc.

            And where is Angela now?

            Answer = enjoying herself having a drink in Mulligans, Lanzarote.

            Whist Belinda has in some ways supported Rupert, but probably the main motivation fot that is to protect herself.


          • @Mad Carew
            “Because adult males in their right minds”, are we discriminating against those with mental illness now? or is that just acceptable behaviour along with sizeism, ageism and other comments on here?


            • Hmm. It seems to me that one of the questions that’s often asked about the various Hoaxtead mobsters is “are they evil, or mentally ill, or both?” I think that’s a legitimate question, as it helps us understand the behaviour of some individuals. I am fairly certain that the vast majority of people who comment here don’t actually discriminate on the basis of mental illness, age, or size. That said, many of us (myself included at times) have used terms like “crazy” or “unhinged” to describe Hoaxtead mobsters and their antics. Language is important, and I shall try to watch it from now on. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. I was a bit worried about this appeal as I thought perhaps they had good points of law but his claim it was a group threat rather than individual seemed a bit far-fetched.
    This is no different to threatening an entire church or Mosque congregation and claiming because you didn’t single out one person it doesn’t count.

    I wonder why his barrister thought it worth while unless trying to test the law which they often do. Disappointing to see he is showing sociopath tendencies so like this mob. It’s all about me me, me. His lack of contrition – amazed his lawyer didn’t advise him on that.
    This can’t go down well back in his home town. He’ll forever be the man who went to the UK and got jailed for threatened school kid’s parents with a knife.
    Yet his parents seem oblivious to his actions..wasn’t he dad in the FBI or something similar? Maybe they simply can’t control their over-aged child or he’s been indulged too much.

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    • And where is his former flame, the Femme Fatale Angela? No comment ?. Suppose she’ll claim the “establishment” (VIP pedo Satanist Freemasons & George Soros) got a fix in.

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    • I think Rupert’s been indulged too much, just as Angela was and is, they have that in common, yet both think they are owed more from the World.

      Their heads are up their own backsides.

      Angela will be loving this as again she has escaped the clutches of the law.

      Perhaps though on 8th December Sabine will give her a mention, or is Sabine’s court case just a plea hearing?

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    • Yeah, his excuse about not naming individuals was pathetic. I didn’t see how that would carry any weight but didn’t want to say that on the blog prior to the hearing, in case it would have been contempt.

      Plus he did name RD anyway and threatened him many times!

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      • That’s right, he did name RD–and did so in court as well, before his barrister adroitly changed the subject.

        Asked who would usually listen to his American Freedom Radio broadcasts, the defendant said, “Conspiracy theory buffs”. Mr Stevens asked whether the defendant had any idea that the people named in this case were listening to his broadcast. “No, only my family and the harassers”, the defendant said.

        Mr Stevens asked who the main harasser was.

        The defendant stated, “[The father in the Hampstead case]”.

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    • I don’t think Rupert’s dad was in the FBI.

      I think he worked for a company that had government contracts at one time. That’s not unusual for those who live in or around the Washington DC area – in fact lots of companies survive on it.

      I don’t like to speculate about his family because I basically know nothing about them or why Rupert is the way he is. He might have been dropped on his head as a baby for all I know. That’s for them to figure out and deal with.

      He’s going to go back to Virginia with one hell of a reputation and I daresay he’ll be back online spouting nonsense as soon as he’s recovered. Watch out Angie!

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      • Yes, it’s very difficult to speculate about his family, and we have tried to avoid doing so. We really cannot know their circumstances, or how Rupert was raised. In any case, I believe that once one has reached the age of 30, it’s no longer seemly to blame one’s family for much in life.

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  4. “Mr Bowyer asked whether Rupert accepted that he had played some part in the distress suffered by the witnesses in this trial. ‘No,’ Rupert said.”

    “I just feel picked on and pinned down.”

    “I do feel guilt and remorse for what has befallen ME.”

    “I don’t want to accept responsibility. That’s just adding more to MY emotional pile”.

    Hmmm. Deserve everything you get then, don’t you, Roops.

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  5. Another death threat from George & Mildred (I think it makes them feel like real men or something). I have a nice little collection of these now:

    Not sure who that one’s too, btw. I can’t be arsed to check. To be honest, I think they usually just put a load of names into a randomiser app to determine their next victim..

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    • Kudos to both Sheva and ParaTroofer, both of whom appear to have rattled George and Paedogilvy’s cage (respectively) tonight 🙂

      Keep touching those nerves, folks 😀

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      • I’ve must have shown disrespect to their Garish King Brian or David Oike a few too many times :), but havn’t mentioned Ulgivys name for ages, have tho, mentioned George the Geek quite a bit….. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Not that much is needed …… It’s been alongtime a coming

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    • I notice that there have been a lot of vile anti-Asian posts from those two clowns lately. Recent post titles (selected from 10+ anti-Asian posts) have included:

      “wow more Asian groom gangs”
      “and another Asian nonce rape gang how many is that?”
      “rapey nonce asians again!”

      So I think it’s fair to say we can add racism to their list of ‘fails’.

      By the way, racism against an entire continent? That’s a special kind of stupid, imo.

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        • So many misconceptions about Harris.
          Endless tabloid readers think because there were 12 charges there were 12 victims but now there were only 3. That includes 2 teens and his long time affair with his daughter’s friend up until she was in her 30s which is somewhat odd for a supposed ‘pedo’.
          Especially when she admitted in court she asked for over 40 grand from Harris and threatened dire consequences if he didn’t pay which he didn’t, thus the ball got rolling.

          What these creeps do not understand is that most of us are more concerned with proper law being implemented and the fear that innocent people may be convicted on such easy accusations when there is no other evidence.

          The appeal Harris won perfectly examples that in that a total fantasist who claimed he was in the army turned out to be a complete liar and the police failed to do their duty and investigate impartially, rather there could be a claim made they covertly perverted the course of justice.

          Each of these VIP Pedo Satan Freemason Rothschild idiots seem to not understand that a neighbour could so easily accuse them of something and they could easily end up in the dock themselves.


        • No ….. and I liked the post, because I appreciated the heads up, on the news. I too have not ever supported nonces, unlike them……. But I do support you, Spiny & appreciate all that you do…… and they have no right to be accusing you with their filtthy lies……….They are clutching at straws, pathetic creeps……..

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  6. Phenomenal news on Rupert, EC. I bet the Hampstead people he threatened are elated about this.

    And how sad to see that the arrogant prick is still in denial about what he’s done. It makes me think that he hasn’t learnt anything from all this and that when his sentence is over, he’ll go straight back to Inbredville USA and carry on threatening and slandering people from afar (a point I think Karnevil has made before). Arrogant little prick.

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  7. You know how every now and then a troofer comes along whose attempts at dot-joining and, ahem, “logic” are so contrived and off-the-wall that you suspect s/he’s just some performance artist taking the piss? Well, check this guy out (he calls himself Horselover Phat):

    The ‘Paedoph-Isles’ tag is from Brass Eye’s infamous parody of…er…people like him! Nothing like a bit of self-awareness, is there?

    It’s an insufferably long piece and it’s hard to know where to start ripping it apart, but here are a few selected quotes to give you a flavour:

    “The Beatles didn’t write SHIT – it was ALL written for them by their establishment mind controllers and mass programmers (perhaps out of Tavistock, but also linked to mystery religion groups).”

    “Listen to phonograph records reversed. I Am The Walrus, Lennon: ‘I am he…’ Instead of saying ‘I am he’ let him say ‘eh ma I’.”

    “Programming the masses from the cradle – and for decades. Mary ‘Witch/Umbra-Shadow’ Poppins.
    Julie ‘666’ Andrews via Zionist Hollywood.”

    “The Beatles’ UK rise was via The (underworld) Cavern.”

    “How about this for a weird connect! Paul’s former wife (Jewish) Linda. Linda Eastman-McCartney’s mother – Louise Linder/Eastman, was born on 9th Nov (9/11 euro date) and in 1911. She would die in a New York plane crash in 1962 on American Airlines Flight 1, the flight left from Idlewild (which is now JFK airport, see 9/11 Macca). It was American Airlines ‘Jet’ Flight 11 (the first 9/11 tower strike) that hit the WTC North Tower on 9/11/01.”

    “The Dunblane inquiry was overseen by ‘Speculative Society’ freemason Lord Cullen (what are the chances of a freemason uncovering a freemasonic conspiracy? Less than zero is the answer).”

    “Jo Cox was not killed – the whole event was faked by Zionist/masonic (as recorded on this blog and in realtime) controlled UK govt/corporate media.”

    And from the comment section:

    “All I can say is bravo. Excellent and painstaking research and dot-joining. We lead where the MSM follow trying to catch up…Sorry I forgot to add that you’re clearly a genius.”

    “Remember Fergie wrote a bunch of kids books back in the late eighties? ‘Budgie’ the little helicopter. And we know what budgie is slang for, right?”

    OK, there are plenty more to choose from on there but if I look at it any more, I’ll lose the will to live.

    Oh and naturally, this festering heap of ocelot dung is being enthusiastically peddled by Paedogilvy and the Greek Fucker. Anyone surprised?

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    • Horselover Fat was a pseudonym used by Philip K Dick. I don’t think the author of the blog is a writer of equal calibre.

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    • “Don’t forget that Savile had his Scottish Glencoe location – Scotland aka a Jacobean (Jewish) stronghold.”

      So Scottish Catholics are Jewish – and that has something to do with Jimmy Savile? Makes bugger all sense. And, typically, there is so much of it – assertion building on flimsy assertion – Spivey style but with less obscene language.

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      • Yeah, these loons have often referred to Rupert Murdoch as a Jew too, despite him being a lifelong (nominal) Catholic with no connections with Judaism whtsoever.

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    • “And we know what budgie is slang for, right?”

      Er…no, I don’t. So I looked it up on Urban Dictionary…

      “An awesome (yet little known in the USA) 70s metal band”
      “An adorable little bird that is a native of Australia”
      “A UK TV drama series of the 1970s staring the late Adam Faith”
      “A slang term for the Australian $10 note due to its blue/green colour”
      “A goal in a football (soccer) match”

      So perhaps someone from the Subliminal Synchrosphere blog could pop by and explain what the fuck I’m missing?

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  8. No word on any of this from JournoAngie yet. She’s more interested in red setters and earrings, its seems. Sounds like she’s back in Oldcastle, btw.

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  9. I don’t know what Eilish is so worried about – she could always bugger off back to her own planet if she doesn’t like it here.

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    • She has some very bizarre ideas about what goes on in school classrooms. I think she’s revealing her own sick fantasies there.

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      • I don’t imagine Australia is much danger from nonexistent New World Order perverts. New Agers who flash their norks about, don’t pay their bills and cripple police men are the real problem.

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    • Bloody lying harpie.
      The Safe School’s Program teaches no such thing you fucking twisted cow. So you reveal yourself for what you are you ghastly phony “alternative”- a follower of the cretinous Pauline Hanson who makes such ridiculous claims. Just another racist loon repeating lies.

      And as for thinking about families- spare a thought for the copper (and his family) who you almost murdered by dragging him down the street by your car. Lucky you got a mild magistrate that day and why you didn’t get 5 years for attempted murder or GBH is a mystery.

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  10. Pffft. Give it up, Kristie Sue. You lost. Deal with it and move on. Come on, just put down the gin and go spend some time with your husband and kids. They’ve probably forgotten what you look like by now.

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      • Indeed! I consider PT our resident Pizzagate expert and he does a racking job of keeping tabs on the likes of Seaman, Stolpman and Titarse. How he has the patience to sit through their mind-numbing tripe is beyond me. Can I nominate him for the Hoaxtead Medal of Valour, EC?

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        • haha, thanks.
          Seaman had his bags all packed for his retreat into the Colorado hills, then Rolling Stone released that article, and I think he felt he had to stay behind, or he wouldn’t have a hoax to come back to.

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  11. Well, after checking his YouTube channel, seems he’s changed his mind again since yesterday and made some more videos.

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  12. What’s the best site for getting Court results? (Not Rupert related – looking for something else.)


  13. Law is a funny thing. On occasion it appears to be about being smart and having a grasp of legal English. However, this is evidence that the common law reigns supreme.
    Show no remorse and remain in denial…then serve your sentence sunshine.


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