Update: Sabine McNeill in court Monday

Thanks to regular commenter JW for pointing out that Sabine McNeill will be attending Blackfriars Crown Court at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, 17 October. The case is listed for “further case management” pertaining to two charges of breaching the restraining order which was imposed following Sabine’s July trial, with Neelu Berry, on charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.

The trial ended in acquittal, but restraining orders were imposed on both Sabine and Neelu, prohibiting them from publishing any material relating to the four witnesses who testified at the trial, and from making “any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch primary school”.

Sabine was arrested on 4 August on charges relating to breach of the restraining order, but was released on bail within 24 hours.

On 10 August she and her solicitor attended court and were able to have her bail conditions removed; these conditions included the ability to leave the UK, as well as to publish on the internet.

She was bailed to return to Colindale Police Station on Saturday, 27 August, where she was once again arrested and remanded into custody, this time for nearly two days. On Monday, 29 August, she was charged at Highbury magistrates court with two counts of breaching her restraining order.

Her first hearing for plea and case management was held on 26 September, and it’s expected that should she plead not guilty to the charges against her, her trial will be scheduled for 9 January, 2017.

We will continue to post updates as they come in. As with all cases which are currently sub judice, we would ask our readers to refrain from publicly speculating on the process or outcome of the case. Blackfriars Crown Court


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  1. Yes – thanks, EC.

    By the way, I’m keeping half an eye on a creepy mate of Angela’s called Alan Lilley. As you can see from these comments (which Angie is seemingly happy for him to post on her FB page), he’s been calling for a suspected paedophile to be tortured and murdered; and now he’s advocating beating the shit out of a child with rocks:


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    • LOL! Also, can someone tell Yvonne that if she must insist on putting herself about as an expert on the prime minister, she should at least learn to spell her name correctly.

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  2. Sadly the “Young Journalist of The Year” no longer has contacts in the mainstream media and is requesting ‘ongoingly’ help. Anyone care to volunteer?

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      • A “Client Testimonial” on Suz Pratt’s website:

        What she’s selling.? Cosmetologist? Can anyone decipher?
        (the only other testimonial is from one Mel Smith)


    • Trouble in Toy Town it would seem.Scrape away the thin veil of peace,love new age,holistic, dreamy,happy clappy,fluffy verbiage and therein lies grubby,self serving,brutish intolerance.

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    • The lurve didn’t last long did it?
      As late as September Biggi Bogface was praising and promoting Mizz Pratt.

      I see from his timeline he’s a fan of the ( dangerous crackpot) Patriot movement & no doubt the accused woman abuser D.Trump and is posting links to the ghastly “professional gay” Milo Yiannopoulos who was booted of Twitter for his vile attacks & hate campaign against a black actress. Milo seems to think he’s not only a desirable sex object but a rising star.


      • Milo seems to have attracted some very unlikely friends lately–people who ought to know better. He’s a nasty piece of work. As for Bibbi Bobbo, I think he and his wife drink from the same well. Pair of grifters who can’t bear any sort of scrutiny.


  3. I see JC has been recently active on FB and has donated $36 to Rupert’s GoFundMe page as has Belinda McKenzie donating $150 and telling Rupie to eat!

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