Rupert: Beware Belinda bearing gifts

It’s been a while since we checked up on Rupert, the hot-headed American who was going to come to Hampstead, kick down doors, and start knocking heads together and taking names. Until he got arrested in mid-September, that is…at which point he suddenly changed his tune.

Is Belinda giving Rupert hush money?

What a difference a month makes! Was it really only a few weeks ago that Rupert was bragging about having shown up outside Christ Church Primary School one morning, and claiming that people with connections to the fictional cult were just about to “spill their guts” to him?

Where in the world is Q*Bert?

Last we heard, Q*Bert had landed in Horley, ready to take on the arduous task of hanging about in Hampstead’s pubs getting pissed and trying to get unsuspecting residents to ‘squeal’ about their non-existent cult. Turns out we were wrong—whether by intentional misdirection or otherwise.

Q*Bert’s latest GoFundMe: The Vatican Edition

We’re all fed up to the back teeth with Angie hawking Q*Bert’s GoFundMe campaign, with which she hopes to squeeze enough cash from the gullible and easily duped to fly her American friend to London. Once here, he’ll hang out in pubs and attempt to ferret out ‘cult members’, whom he’ll somehow force to ‘squeal’…

Why would Angie throw Sabine under the bus?

Yesterday we published the transcript of an explosive video conversation between Sabine and Angie, in which the two women discussed (among other things) their orchestrated campaign of death threats against RD, and their attempts to locate his children (presumably in order to kidnap them).