Rupert visits Christ Church school…last week

In an act of enormous bravery, Rupert Quaintance visited Christ Church Hampstead and Christ Church Primary School, photographed himself there, then turned tail and fled.

And the kicker? He did all of this last week, but posted photos today in an effort to stir up maximum panic and distress amongst the parents and children of Hampstead.

Rupert outside school 2016-09-05

In this shot, he claims to be enacting a “moment of acute defiance”. Pity he looks terrified.

One of his friends enquires as to whether he has a knife, and Rupert hints that he does:

Rupert has a knife? 2016-09-05

And then, just to prove his point that he “occupied” Hampstead space, he posts a couple more shots:Rupert outside Christ ChurchRupert-Christ Church PassageAnd this is where he gives the entire show away.

You see, as anyone who actually lives in Hampstead will tell you, it rained all day today, with only a few breaks; the ground was wet, and certainly the dry leaves along Christ Church Passage were sodden and damp.

Hampstead Weather 2016-09-05

Yet somehow, the sun came out for Rupert? Unlikely.

Nevertheless, the police were alerted, and are taking Rupert’s implied threats very seriously indeed, as well they ought.

Rupert is now claiming that he is no longer in the UK, though like anything he says, this should be taken with several pinches of salt:

Rupert not in England 2016-09-05If Rupert has indeed left the country (and we have our doubts), he’s likely bolted over to Ireland for one last snogfest with Angie before they reappear to attend the child abuse rally that’s scheduled to take place on 17 September outside Westminster.

UPDATE: Rupert has not left the UK; as of about 6 p.m. he is at an address in Erith, participating in a video interview with Angela Power-Disney.

We hope they’ll be met by an appropriately enthusiastic welcoming committee.


66 thoughts on “Rupert visits Christ Church school…last week

  1. My understanding is that the Police will respond at a suitable level to a threat. Whilst Rupert is a pain he is hardly a threat to anyone of even moderate ability.Physically he is insignificant. He is little more than a pimple on a bum

    Perhaps the image below is indicative of the level of force required to contain the weedy ponce, however I do hope that they use one of their nice little dogs, and its hungry!!

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  2. Actually, he’s claiming he’s not in England…. Is he over the border in Scotland waiting for the Belfast Ferry? Or just plain lying? Either way, the incident proves what a pathetic snivelling little coward he is. All this ‘front’ about wanting people to face him when he himself has been creeping around claiming he is where he isn’t! Belfast’s still in the UK isn’t it? I do hope UKBA are on top of this real-life terror threat this time!

    And in any case…. Didn’t he admit to desecrating the church? Is that a lie or a criminal offence. I’m not sure…. He’s wasted Police time today though as they DID deploy officers to protect the women and children of Hampstead from the alarming presence of this pervert.


  3. Jeez, have you heard his rant in ‘Angela’s Caches’? I would so love to come face-to-face with this prick.

    Oh and he’s claiming to be a hero in the USA! I’ll leave that one with you.

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  4. What was the day he arrived in Ireland? When will his three months granted by ROI be up?


  5. He blocked me about the time this blog came out. I was having such an enthralling conversation too. Would you like to see? Course ya would. Doesn’t really achieve much, but he can waste as much time as he wants with me if it keeps the fucker away from schools for just one second.

    C- What’s up? Why you block? Isn’t mummy about to have your back?
    Sun 11:36am
    They accepted your request.

    RQ- Fuck’s your problem?
    You don’t know me, nor have you asked what I think. You’re making assumptions and acting on them. You, and the rest of you pussies, look super foolish
    See, this is funny.
    Let’s just keep it funny, fella.
    And hell yeah my mom has my back. So do like 500 former military bikers. My mom carries a gun. My brother carries multiple. That’s called family. I’m sorry yours sucks.

    C- You’re not in Kansas any more sweet heart ❤ ❤ ❤
    But it’s funny how you threaten me with your mum’s gun and your biker buddies.

    RQ- Whatever. Don’t be jealous, fruitcup

    C- Are the bikers why you masturbate to children’s forced confessions of abuse? Did they abuse you?

    RQ- See, only a total freak pedophile would say shit like that.
    you can try to take a joke out of context, but you’re not getting any traction

    C- Nah. Only a freak would joke about masturbating to a child being forced into making a false claim of abuse. And that freak would be the one lying about pissing on churches and going around making childish threats
    Even if you had pissed on the church, what did you think that would achieve? It just suggests you’re not house broken

    RQ- Or that I can do whatever I want an no one does shit.
    That’s why Hitler can over you like a bulldozer and you’ve got people running around stealing and fucking your kids.

    C- You can do what you want, and chose to piss on a church. That’s showing quite a lack of imagination on your part. Not to mention you didn’t piss on the church because it’s boarded up for repair…
    Nice invoking of Godwin’s law though. Once again showing your creative side. It’s no wonder you’re an award winning international superstar film maker. Or whatever it is your mum tells you you are. Did you start doing this after being rejected on American Idol one too many times?

    RQ- I live my life on my terms. I bet you have a slave job.
    If I’m so stupid, why am I so free in a world of slavery?
    My days also aren’t spent trying poorly to make others feel stupid. You sniveling little faggot. 🙂

    C- Actually I never called you stupid, but of the cap fits, you go ahead and wear it. Calling people faggot too. We’ll just add homophobic to your list of character flaws.
    You’re begging others for money, that isn’t freedom. You’re entirely dependent on others. Once they catch on that you’re a useless small time crook then it’s back to the small time town you crawled out of

    RQ- You act like I don’t know what Godwin’s Law is.
    No. When I leave here I work with Olvier Stone’s son Sean in Hollywood. I’m famous where I’m from
    fuck you

    C- don’t know or care if you know what Godwin’s law is. I just know that the people who reach for it tend not to have much to say for themselves. Which you’ve then proven with another eloquent response.
    Famous, ok 👌
    Oliver Stone though. Bit establishment isn’t he. Are you in fact a shill?

    RQ- I don’t care who watches what I put out.
    Why do think I care what you think?
    You can’t alter my course
    You can’t do shit to me. So fuck the fuck off then.

    C- You care enough to keep responding. Kinda sweet really

    RQ- You’re all mouth

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    • He’s famous? ROFPML

      I’ve seen his other YouTube channel. Not famous enough for people to watch his stuff.

      Maybe he means famous as in Alex Jones of infowars featured a video he did, once. Rupert tried to get another one picked. It wasn’t and his mum turns up in the comments to complain.

      Spiky isn’t he!

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      • Pretty sure he thinks that making his ‘documentary’ about Hoaxtead will bring him fame and glory. Even his mummy won’t be able to salvage the shit-show he’s creating.


    • Good grief Roopie gives new meaning to “schoolyard punch-up”. What a sad little tosser (literally) he is.
      Oh and “Hitler can over you like a bulldozer “. Errr, no he didn’t. I guess history isn’t his strong point, Dunkirk, the Blitz and all that.

      Especially given the might of the German military at that stage which was far superior to, oh let’s say a bunch of terrorists with box cutters who managed to hijack 2 jets and bring down 2 of the world’s tallest buildings killing 1000s of poor souls under the noses of the mightiest military and air force on the planet.

      That aside, every word out of the mouths of these nasty little creatures is lunacy. They have re-invented the world and even history via the internet.
      We have that old crow Angie and that vicious piece of goods Fiona Barnett who can reel of a list of (only) famous names who allegedly abused them when they were 3/4/5 years old.

      Toddlers with super memories given most people can’t even remember being that age let alone have the foresight to identify very famous faces and put names to them. Perhaps they kept detailed diaries.

      I reckon Quaintance has probably caused a irreparable split between this particular little bunch of hoaxers and that is evidenced by some of the posts about him getting an earful in a car (and it obviously took that to make him try and be super nice at the next meeting) but he has nil understanding of the British character that is underwhelmed by an arrogant prick of a Yank.
      Talk about ‘ overpaid, oversexed, and over here’- some will be already regretting that 5 quid they donated from their disability pension to his gofundme account. I mean the bloke is pathetic.
      Between Angie and her Hide of Jessie the Elephant and this arrogant American, a cancer has begun and it will spread.

      As for his best LOL moment to date : ” When I leave here I work with Olvier Stone’s son Sean in Hollywood’ (what, hold his tripod for him? ) I wonder if he will have to beg for the bus fare to Hollywood.

      What a (literally) sad little tosser he is . A no-one with no experience and at his age, one who has led a sheltered life with what seems to be a nasty set of parents (but Dad seems totally out of the picture with Momsie always coming to the defence of her little King Fu Panda Roppie) in a small US country town. A hick but an arrogant and thick hick at that.

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    • Does it phase Rupert that Sean Stone is a Muslim fundamentalist who agrees with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s view that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth?

      “He converted to Shia Islam in 2012. In an interview with CNN, Stone said that he accepted Muhammad as the seal of the prophets In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, he added Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statements about Israel had been misunderstood.”

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  6. RQ- Or that I can do whatever I want an no one does shit.

    Did I hear someone say ‘pride comes before a fall’…..

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    • I think I recall the first time I heard sentiments like that was in the primary schoolyard and the class bully, a good foot taller than me bullied just once to many times, I finally cracked and lashed out and he went down like a pack of cards.

      Once these bullying types are finally confronted their image collapses as his did but I was no hero- I ran and hide in terror in the school bog for about 3 hours.
      Rupert never left the schoolyard and I’m not sure he even went to one unless history and current events were not on the syllabus.

      As for “500 former military bikers”- I think this was a classic Freudian Slip. I reckon deep down Rupert Wilson Quaintance III (how depressing to think there is a line of them) pictures himself as the Boadicea of the Pedo Set, leading the charge of 100s of Big Hairy Bikers (just the way he likes ’em).
      We now know he’s a cross dresser (nothing wrong with that but the ex-military Hairy Bikers may not be so liberal minded) – Roopie up front in his fetching wig and red lipstick leading the Hairy Bikers and if all else fails,Mummy has his back with her Kalashnikov cocked and ready.

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      • Delighted for Rupert to go full on down hairy biker alley(with lippo and mankini)in that it significantly reduces a scenario whereby humankind becomes burdened with an RWQ 5 (6,7 and 8 for that matter).

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      • Angie always says ‘thousands’ when she means a dozen. Rupert/Grasshopper – you have learned well. (Kung Fu anyone?)

        While I’m at it, even if he has 500 former military bikers (stop laughing) how’s he going to get them over here? Another GoFundMe page? What are they all doing, sitting around in their clubhouse waiting for the ‘call’ from him? They certainly weren’t watching him online tonight – there were 16 people watching when I dropped in and I daresay half of them were from here.

        Who was the Russian guy and why was he there?

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        • The Russian guy now residing in Ireland apparently got ripped off by another Russian guy for some dodgy medical treatment.Angie as only Angie could suggests maybe Russian guy can use his Russianess to appeal to Vladimir Putin on jump aboard the hoax train.

          If Russian intelligence agencies are combing the internet for the words “Vladimir Putin” and happen upon this post your version is below.I accept paypal.

          Русский парень в настоящее время проживающий в Ирландии , по-видимому были сорваны другого русского парня по какой-то хитроумный медицинской treatment.Angie как только Энджи мог предположить, возможно, русский парень может использовать его Russianess обратиться к Владимиру Путину на прыжках на борту поезда мистификация .Я принимаю PayPa.

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  7. Yes that sums up the vacuity of the hoax imbecile clique to a tee.

    5:10 “by the powers invested in me by a bloke I met in the pub,who knew for definate,I find your sort guilty of paedophilia”.

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  8. I can’t believe he would be so defiant as to walk in a public place, whatever next? lol.

    Rupert and APD are very well suited. Both dreaming of making the big time, but both failing miserably. I bet Rupert often looks around at his peers and wonders where he went wrong. If he is not careful he will wake up one morning and realise he has become Angie, a bitter hag still trying to convince himself that his big break is just around the corner. Rupert can stand I front of a camera but it takes more than that. The people that get breaks have an angle, charisma and personality, while Rupert is lacking in all those departments. The rude, obnoxious teenage brat thing isn’t working for him. Both in terms of a career or meaningful relationship. After all, what woman wants their partner to be another kid to take care of.

    Having said that, if Rupert intends on making a documentary about his time in the UK, I am actually quite interested to see it. I want to know if he will show these insane witch hunters in full flow, or carefully edit it to give them credibility. I think a documentary about the nature of these hoaxers would be far more interesting than the substance of the actual hoax, or paedophilia in general. In fact, the hoaxers should be worried in case Rupert realises that and throws them under the bus. You can absolutely guarantee he will if he thinks it will bring him views.

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  9. I had some hope that Rupert may have had a hidden agenda and was going to make a fly on the wall documentary exposing the bizarre nature and extremely bigotry in our midst.If he had played his cards right and remained impartial he had an opportunity to gain some respect and serious interest in his work as a cutting edge documentary maker.

    It rapidly became apparent that Rupert had no such merit and sadly revealed himself to be a hedonistic bit part player within a pathetic crowd that in time will barely merit footnote status.

    Some mistakes are expensive and Rupert has made many.Shame.

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    • Ummm….. Bit more than cards involved. ALso, he would have needed to put in the time and effort into studying the techniques of documentary film making, probably gaining the appropriate qualifications along the way etc. He would need to have practised and mastered the craft for some years. And got himself properly resourced…… In reality as he stands he’d have stood no chance with the very best equipment on the planet. To add to his troubles. He’s just a deluded asshole fannying about with a with a cheap toy video camera, no clue how to make the best of it and a copy of some random crap edit software on a shitty little laptop. He was always doomed to be a floor sweeper. No, a floor sweeping.

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        • LOL – £20’s worth! Was it off ebay or from the local flea market I wonder? Something you wouldn’t give to a kid to play with!

          By way of contrast the ‘industry standard’ connector plate that goes between a proper tripod head and a typical broadcast camera costs £348.05 (inc VAT) – or almost 17½ more (That’s before you’ve bought the legs and head of course.) than Rupert begged the general public for to buy his….

          ……Somehow I don’t think he’s in ‘Hollywood production’ territory really. Though he might also have one of those toy clapperboards that say so.

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      • Let’s put it this way….. I own a saw, a hammer and some chisels. I think there is an old plane kicking about somewhere too. – Does that make me a Carpenter?

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    • I have a sneaking suspicion some people may be trying to write themselves into the story again.

      In any case that’s the sort of stuff that needs to be passed to police ASAP and not viewed in any way.

      How is Angela going to explain this one, she’s dug herself into such a big hole she won’t be able to do the right, not illegal, thing, not view, pass info to police.

      Even if true, they’ll still stick to this story of a cult I bet you.

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    • I’d be interested to see if they do the right thing, go to police, or will they just babble endlessly on Facebook.

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      • My guess is option 2.

        There is to my certain knowledge a credible line of enquiry that associates Christie (and by association Draper) with porn. But it’s a paper/money trail that is being followed. Obviously Angie’s got wind of this and has decided to embroider it. – I don’t know why though unless she’s looking for an out; because IF (big if!) such a thing exists it ties A&E directly into paedophilia, and therefore tends to corroborate the fact that the original videos were an out-and-out hoax!

        But here’s the thing though Angie, you’ve gone too far with your hoaxing ways, and there are people out there who won’t rest until you’re jailed. They actually don’t want you to take the option of walking far and fast away from all this; nothing short of the slammer for you will do.

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    • One last thing, that’s not the sort of thing you share on Facebook with your mates. That’s a child she’s making claims about. She should keep her gob shut if she had any decency.

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      • Any serious campaigner/investigator would go straight to the Police with such an allegation. Angie is happy to milk it for her own purposes. – Nothing new there, but it illustrates well what her agenda is.

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    • Have these dills ever heard of the term “less is more”?
      Why do their monologues go on for hours?. Any real journalist / film-maker would know that there is a switch-off point with viewers and the value of a good editor is the ability to make cuts that work. A lot of filming ends up on the floor. Amateurs.

      As for her Menegle claim – one she is crafting- more ignorance. Menegle was a total failure as a doctor of eugenics. The horror of his hideous experiments is that they advanced nothing. He was on a doctor’s pay. when he fled to South America it’s why he had to work in mundane jobs. Those who escaped couldn’t take any wealth with them- their houses and so on. Few had Swiss bank accounts because their arrogance was they would win the war.

      When the American government wanted to take some Nazis or Germans to the US who they thought were valuable, they had to fight their colleagues like crazy as many had lost family members during the war. They could only get brilliant rocket scientists like Werner von Braun in because he wasn’t an active Nazi Party member. What the Russians did we don’t know.


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