Send in the clowns: More fun at the RCJ

Hoaxtead watchers who attended Neelu and Sabine’s trial in July might remember a rather comical character who turned up in court the first morning, before proceedings got under way. Introducing himself loudly and officiously as “Edward William Ellis, Equity Lawyer”, he attempted to stall the trial by claiming that he had recently filed claims against “Public Paedophile Protection Frauds by Public officers” which he alleged were being covered up by “those placed in most senior positions of public service, including those at Blackfriars Crown Court”.

Speaking at top volume so as to be recorded into the trial’s official tapes, Mr Ellis made the extraordinary request that Judge Worsley recuse himself from the trial, since he was one of those implicated in the aforementioned Public Paedophile Protection Frauds. Mr Ellis’ argument, it seems, hinged on the fact that he had filed his claim at the High Court, and that this trumped a mere Crown Court case, and therefore Neelu and Sabine’s trial must be suspended until the High Court case was concluded.

Judge Worsley politely declined to accept this line of reasoning, and Mr Ellis, who is in fact a struck-off solicitor, appeared somewhat disgruntled, but stuck around for the rest of the day’s proceedings.

We’re telling you that story so we can tell you this one…

It seems that Edward William Ellis, Equity Lawyer, is now in some serious hot water.

We listened carefully to one of Neelu’s latest rants, and in amongst all the dishonouring and treasons and lack of remedies, it seems that Mr Ellis’s attempt to stall Neelu and Sabine’s trial last summer has led to a charge of contempt of court, and on Friday he attended a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, in front of Mr Justice Eady.

While Neelu rattled on, one of our team found the real reason Mr Ellis is facing prison: he is currently subject to a General Civil Restraint Order, which prohibits him from bringing certain cases to court.



So when he attempted to file the claim to stop Neelu and Sabine’s trial, it seems that Mr Ellis was putting himself in contempt of court.

If Neelu is correct (and we grant that this is a rather large ‘if’), a committal application arose during Friday’s hearing, and was then changed to “directions for committal”—which could mean that Mr Ellis faces a prison sentence.

We’ll be following this case with some interest.

And meanwhile, outside the RCJ:

Another of Mr Ellis’ clients is well known to us: John Paterson, noted Hoaxtead mobster, death threat issuer, and anti-Semite, offered up this video of his vigil outside the RCJ during Mr Ellis’ hearing:

Keep an eye on John’s nose: it will look quite different by the end of this three and a half minute video.

We’re still trying to work out exactly who the fellow in the reflective vest is: some of our team vote for “homeless bloke who didn’t like being filmed”, while others are suggesting he could have been with the Sky News team who had their cameras set up around the square. John seems to think he might have been a Council worker:


John yells at him and demands he “get over here”, and although we cannot see what happens after that, it seems that the man spits at John, and there is a scuffle, with a great deal of grunting and shouting.

Orange Vest does not seem to be a native English speaker, so it’s hard to tell exactly what happens while the camera is out of commission, but eventually we hear John ask a bystander whether he saw what happened. The bystander quite sensibly says he would have walked away; John responds that Orange Vest spat at him, which apparently in his mind justified the fisticuffs.

John certainly emerges looking somewhat the worse for wear.

All in all, a very exciting day at the RCJ…and we didn’t even get into the crystal-planting expedition undertaken by Neelu, Penny Pullen, Lee Cant, and friend.

Royal Courts of Justice-interior

73 thoughts on “Send in the clowns: More fun at the RCJ

  1. Whatever happened John didn’t come out of it well did he.

    And as for the Ellis fiasco. Well, ‘scuse me while I place my palm over my mouth and snigger a bit. You couldn’t make it up.

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  2. I shouldn’t larf ..but…LOL !.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. “Sir” John Patterson is one aggressive bastard and thinks nothing of insulting and demeaning court officers and workers with his menacing stance. Maybe it was an off duty court warden from Brighton where they have felt his sting. Anyway isn’t he on bail?

    ## I see the story of the Super Soldier Max Spiers has made the MailOnline. Amazed Young Journalist of The Year ( popularly voted by readers Der Stürmer 1939) Angela Power-Disney didn’t get this tale published. All rather sad when mental illness sends people of the rails.


  3. Paterson does love to drop himself in it. Last we heard from him, he was illegally recording a probation interview, wasn’t he? And making an utter knobhead of himself in the process…

    “I for one would dearly love to see people like Paterson taken down. I suffered through that illicit conversation with his probation officer (who should be awarded some kind of medal for patience), and came away thinking that Paterson is a sociopathic bully. The part where he tries to flirt with the officer is particularly nauseating. I believe she is now aware that he recorded her, by the way.”

    ~ El Coyote, 21.04.16

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  4. On an unrelated matter, it’s rather dispiriting to see the Daily Mail (never known, of course, for well-researched and balanced journalism) clamber so enthusiastically onto the conspiracy bandwagon with this article about Max Spiers in which the paranoid fantasies of his old conspiracy associates are given full, and unquestioned, rein.
    Spiers’ mother is clearly grief-stricken which makes her, like her late son, fodder for the conspiracy mob. All very depressing.

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  5. This was an interesting video (from last July). It appears to have gone down now but here’s a screenshot and a ‘highlights’ transcript from when it was up:

    John Paterson: Why do they always do this with kids? Why do they always hand them over to paedophiles and homosexuals?

    Patrick Cullinane: Because the Jews are running the courts…That’s exactly what’s wrong here.

    John Paterson: And it’s anti-Semitic to speak the truth…Two Jewish paedophiles and we’re just supposed to stand here and take it….I’m putting this on YouTube. These cockroaches hate the light.

    Patrick Cullinane: Did you know that most of the Jews change their names to Irish names by deed poll? So if they’re abusive to children, it’s all put down to the Irish community.

    John Paterson: It’s another false flag. They’re good at that…They’re now in the hands of Jewish paedophiles…This is the filth of the United Kingdom.

    Patrick Cullinane: Linked once again to Hampstead…The Jews were kicked out of this country in 1290 for exactly what you’re telling us here now.

    John Paterson: Was it Cromwell who brought them back in? Thanks, Cromwell…They’re all in on it together.

    Patrick Cullinane: She [the social worker] needs to be hung up…hung up by the lamp post…Sacked is not enough for these judges.

    John Paterson: String ’em up!

    Patrick Cullinane: High treason is still a hanging offence.

    Nutty Neelu: The Police are about to kidnap these kids from their mother. Just now.

    John Paterson: Let’s go and get these bastards…He [the Police officer] is one of us. I can tell he’s one of us – he has a good face.

    Lady: All judges are involved. All social workers are involved.

    Still, at least none of the hoaxer crew were daft or bigoted enough to support Cullinane, Paterson and Neelu in their rabid antisemitic, homophobic rants. Oh wait…

    By the way, no news yet on whether that wonderfully betoothed woman in the picture with Cullinane represents the ‘master race’ but we’ll keep you posted.

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  6. From Paterson’s channel:

    Paterson’s video description:

    “Mind Blowing Revelations absolutely essential viewing for any politically conscious adults, especially the Facebook friends of John Paterson. We know that Neil Bush murdered Bob Marley but who is Yoko?”

    Nuff said?

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  7. Ah, good old Daily Mail. For a completely objective and unbiased view of the situation, they’ve gone to his mum as the primary source. Discerning journalism at its finest.


  8. Don’t worry, Sue – Detective Woodall is on the case and has already worked out that no one ever gets ill before the age of 40.

    Honestly, sometimes I wonder where we’d be without the deductive powers of Angie’s amazing menagerie of masterful mates.

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  9. I don’t like violence but when I read all the anti-semitic things he said I was surprised at how easily I was able to move on. A bloody nose is a bit much though. A kick up the arse would have done.

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  10. These ninnies know that partially digested blood is black, right? And that if he happened to have a bleeding gastric ulcer or something similar, he would be very tired from the blood loss…and would likely vomit “black liquid” at some point.

    But no, much more entertaining to think he was offed by someone mysterious because he knew too much.


  11. Many familiar faces there–John Banks, Kevin BeansForBrains, Barry Lyndon…thought I saw a couple of others as well, but can’t be sure.


  12. Field McConnell (where do they get these names from?) “my dad was here in 1953 protecting England from the Russians”.
    I know I was quite young then but I missed that invasion.


  13. If Angela doesn’t like labels why does she say she is a MK ULTRA Survivor and all the other gobbled de gook she calls herself including a Journalist?

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  14. “I am a Mother and Nana, a multi-lingual, world-traveled journalist and writer, an MKUltra and child abuse survivor…”

    LOL 😀

    By the way, I’d forgotten about this other claim, also from her default video description:

    “I have studied eschatology/end times for 25 years…”

    WTF? 25 years studying it and she STILL keeps getting the date wrong! XD

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  15. John should never have told the bloke to “come over here” or whatever he the bully yelled.

    Perhaps he’ll think twice and learn from his behaviour but like he said “it won’t be the last time” he gets whacked on his considerable sized nose.

    He’s such a “know it all”…

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  16. I remember listening to this illicit recording at the time. Well some of it.

    I’m not too keen on listening to idiots trying to fool people that they are intelligent, when they’re simply not or should that be they’re simple?

    I can’t put myself through that again, I’m already psyching myself up for Madam at 5 pm begging for more money.

    I hope she’s going to remember her ex and put a shout out for cash for him.

    Not that I’m going to be contributing.

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  17. What’s Angela going on about now?

    She wants a “full and proper investigation”.

    Doesn’t she read what she shares on face book? No need to answer. I know she doesn’t.

    Angela, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

    Max Spiers died of Natural Causes. Any investigation has happened.

    End of the Matter dear.

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  18. Agree it is sad when anyone gets hurt and ideally independant arbitration should be saught if parties cannot find resolution.

    Bullies like this Paterson go through life “giving it large” and are perplexed when they bump into someone with even less tolerance who simply resolves a conflict situation with a no nonsense left hook and knee to the nether regions.All very primal and I offer no remorse at cracking up and slapping my thighs when Paterson emerged worse for wear without his shades.It was like something out of the goon show.

    It is mildly fascinating how so many of these self appointed justice/truth seeker plonkers reject the legitimacy of established institutions yet so often run to it grovelling when they believe it may be of benefit to themselves.

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  19. Incisor trading! Very good. 🙂
    That lady, (can’t remember her name) is another one whose kids were taken away from her which made her an immediate target for Belinda et al. Wonder what happened to her?


  20. Sounds like a bleeding ulcer, or liver bleed. I’m very sorry for his family, but he has had a post-mortem… the results of which should have been passed to his mother/next of kin by now.

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  21. No she didn’t…. She DID however murder the B-side of “Merry Christmas war is over”.

    …..Even missed her own forehead in the photograph!

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  22. You can see the reflective jacket guy standing behind John at around 1:09. I get the feeling reflective jacket guy pulled up there to eat his food and John then starts pointing a camera in his general direction. And when reflective jacket guy moves off, John appears to follow him, making reflective jacket guy think John is filming him and speaking about him. That or he is a supersoldier employed by the dark forces to follow John and destroy the crystals.

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  23. Steve, at the end, is the only one talking anything like sense – when you can hear him above the ’70s rock sound track.

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  24. Yes, that’s it, Captain M. Basically, if you’re running a FB page you can’t actually rely on Facebook to send it out to the people who’ve ‘liked’ it. You have to pay for broader exposure, unless you have the sort of page that tons of people share. Somehow, I doubt Kristie Sue’s dreck makes that grade.

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  25. An interesting morning at Blackfriars Crown Court.

    Sabine Mcneill pleaded GUILTY

    The sentence was perhaps not as expected – she was given a conditional discharge for 12 months.

    AT LEAST IT IS A CRIMINAL CONVICTION.Perhaps now her nonsense will stop…

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  26. What a stupid comment that is “there is nothing natural about dying at 39”. Plenty of people die much younger than that. You just never know when your number is up.

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  27. Time will tell AF. You can be certain though that ANY nonsense from her will be reported. It now makes it much easier for the authorities to take further action if there are further breaches.

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  28. She’s hopefully fed up with it all and the strain was too much to carry on for a few more months.

    Let’s hope that’s the end of Sabine’s breaching again.


  29. If she’s as confused about this process as she is about police bail vs court bail, then I think not.

    She thinks she’s been on police bail for a year. Maybe she has in total for various arrests, six I think, though she did flee the country at one point.


  30. Oh, no doubt! This will be a knock on the head for the Hoaxtead mob, though I suspect that some of those who’ve been maligned by Sabine in the past nearly 2 years will not be pleased either.


  31. I strongly suspect that she does indeed remain on Police BAIL in connection with other (not directly related) offences pending further investigation – and as Sabine published – that has now been for a considerable time. Hopefully those matters will soon be close to a decision to charge or NFA (No further Action), the worry for poor poor Sabine must be terrible – almost on par with some of the misery she has caused others.

    It will also be interesting to see if Neelu’s police bail soon turns into charges – when was she due to surrender to that bail EC? It can’t be long now.

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  32. Think it’s 26th October at Colindale police station, she mentioned it in a recent video, can’t remember which one.

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  33. Sabine published the first post below on 30th September – I am certain she knows the difference between Court and Police Bail.

    She published this on 1st October

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  34. A whole year? Hmm a real tester for a fully paid up member of the psychotic delusionalist society.There is a possibilty if she can go into a cryogenic storage chamber for 365 days.

    ADP will do all she can to creator a martyr to rally the troops (aka candidates for the lunatic asylum).

    It will be interesting what the journalist of the year has to say (if anything)during Angelas Earaches at 5pm (approx ish).

    On further reflection perhaps the answer to all this is to stick the whole mob into cold storage until such time a vaccine for arseholeitus has been discovered.

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  35. Has she been on police bail in relation to one investigation for over a year? That would be a long time.

    Or, has she added up all the times she has been on police bail?

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  37. i watchedvideo of jp @paddington , also recording in police station ~ 18th to report alleged assault ~ i can,t post link ~ but worth passing on.


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