From the halls of justice: Behind the scenes at the Quaintance trial

Now that it’s all over but the shouting, we feel it’s time to reveal some of the interesting and/or amusing titbits observed and recorded by our intrepid reporter during the Rupert Quaintance trial last week.

As we noted on Day 1 of the trial, our reporter arrived early, and was fortunate enough to overhear a longish conversation between Belinda McKenzie, her friend Neil, and Rupert. Troofers in the wild, as it were.

Here are some highlights (or lowlights, depending):

I’m sitting in the hallway, and it’s not as though I’m spying—Belinda, her friend, and Rupert are chatting quite loudly, and don’t seem to notice me at all. Ah, well.

Rupert says, “I don’t want to go back to Charlottesville….I’ve got about 250 friends there, and they’re all psychologically damaged in some way”. Gosh, thanks. I bet they speak very highly of him, too.

A bit later, he remarks, “I don’t even know how it got this far….I was willing to walk away from this thing and drop it, but they’re not going to”. (By “they” I assume he means the CPS?) (Also, it was big of him to say he’d walk away, but sadly that’s not how these things generally work.) (Does he have any idea what’s really going on? Seems iffy.)

The three of them pass a bit of time discussing English accents and the interesting cultural life in Erith, where Rupert has been staying while he awaits trial. He seems to believe that it’s a “rite of passage” for people in that community to “run around in the streets huffing ether”. Um, okay.

Oh, and he doesn’t think much of the cleanliness of London streets, either. Nice to hear.

The conversation turns back to Rupert’s trial: Belinda remarks that it can be “very difficult to prove” cases like this, and Rupert says, with some satisfaction, that he has managed to get no fewer than 16 character references, which will be read in court. (Interestingly, only four of these references were actually read in court, and when he delivered the verdict Judge Griffith seemed unimpressed, noting that the person described in the character references seemed to bear no resemblance to the person standing before him in the dock. Ah, well. Nice try.)

We’ve been waiting out here for some time, with lawyers bustling up and down the hall. Neither Belinda and friend nor Rupert seem to really know what’s going on. That makes four of us.

Belinda says, “If this were a solid case, they wouldn’t be having all these delays”. She says she thinks there’s no real evidence of Rupert’s guilt; Rupert perks up visibly at this.

Rupert’s barrister stops to speak with them, and they head off down the hall, speaking quietly together. When Rupert returns, he tells Belinda that both sides are working to “whittle the case down a bit”.

Then Rupert says something rather extraordinary: he announces, “I would say anything I have to, to get out of this. I would call my mother a whore on television”.

I am too stunned to record Belinda’s response to this.

Did he actually just say it? Is this some sort of bizarre Americanism that Brits just don’t get? Does Rupert understand that he will be speaking under oath once he’s in court? The mind boggles.

Back to my note-taking: Rupert has bounded back off down the hall, and Belinda is saying to Neil that “if this thing has any legs at all, which it hasn’t”, the best defence will be to use the threats made against Rupert to explain his behaviour to the jury. It’ll be important, she says, to make it clear “just who was really in fear of violence”.

Then, apparently speaking of Hoaxtead Research, she says, “They’ve clumped together, you know, and they produce these sorts of things…they’ve been at it for months and months….He’s suffered much more than their side”. I can’t hear Neil’s response. I know what mine would be.

Belinda continues: “This is a little coterie of Satanists…they close ranks, and they’re operating like bullies. They’re all going to be targetted because of their relationship with Satan, and they want to get their revenge”. Frankly, I’m having trouble following this line of reasoning, but Neil seems to agree with her. Whatever you say, Belinda old trout.

They talk about why no one seems to have turned up to represent the parents’ side, and Belinda explains, “Possibly (the officer in charge) will have tipped them off, because don’t forget, he’s in the gang”. She continues: “There’s a much higher number of perpetrators, of course, but sixteen of them are serving members of the police”. Oh, right, how could we forget the old “the police are in on it” argument?

She explains to Neil that there are, of course, an additional 70 parents involved. Neil responds, “Yes, there’s little point in over-inflating the facts to make the case….It’s already so incredible”. Yup. He really said that. I must take a sip of my coffee to keep from choking.

None of them seem to have twigged that I am shamelessly eavesdropping, which frankly surprises me. But I guess you don’t get to be the mastermind of an SRA hoax like Hoaxtead by sweating the details.

Oh, hang on, I think I spoke too soon. Neil seems to be saying something in a low voice, and they’re all looking at me now. Busted? Looks that way.

Ah well, they’re Tannoying the case, time to head into the courtroom. Let the trial begin!

Yr faithful scribe


169 thoughts on “From the halls of justice: Behind the scenes at the Quaintance trial

  1. Expert legal eagle: “Belinda says, “If this were a solid case, they wouldn’t be having all these delays”. She says she thinks there’s no real evidence of Rupert’s guilt; Rupert perks up visibly at this.”

    Oops, RQ will be cussing her out now for giving him hope!

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  2. They really should dress like people from the middle ages. What they say wouldn’t seem so strange then.
    Next time there’s a trial with hoaxteders in attendance I’m coming to sell boiled bat to ward off the evil eye….should make a fortune.

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  3. If Babs or our intrepid reporter or anyone else who was at the court is reading this, did Neil by any chance look like this?:

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    • Just emailed our “intrepid reporter” and they’ve replied with the following:

      “Possibly, if that person were older and had put on a bit of weight.”

      Hope this helps.


      • So difficult to tell, it could be.

        There was also another mysterious man that turned up on Tuesday 29th August I think it was who kept looking at me, I’m not sure why.

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    • Thinks she’s a lawyer, believes all the schools in Hampstead are run by cannibals, claims to have “witnessed the universal light being”, believes the Holocaust never happened, applauds Hitler, supports the EDL and the BNP, complains that there are too many black taxi drivers in Sheffield, thinks that 80 million Americans live in cars… What could be saner?

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      • Nothing wrong or strange with Debs beliefs at all. She clearly has her finger on the pulse but i’d much rather a trained Doctor had his fingers on her pulse.

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  4. Interesting report from Hoaxtead’s court Sooper Spy. Would love to hear much more.
    It just shows Rupert Quaintance is still the arrogant “son of a whore” (his words) he always was and shows little contrition and has been treating UK laws and courts as a joke.

    Pleasing that the jury & judge saw right through his false claim that he was the injured party and in fear (yeh that’s why he stepped into lion’s den after claim g he was terrified of big cats).
    The courts have had years honing their craft in extracting the truth and can always spot a good liar.

    250 friends? Really? He means he’s found 250 internet loons to yabber to back & forth. I mean really, he comes across as the original Ugly American and I’m pretty sure most Brits would think that, encountering him on a personal level.

    As for Belinda McKenzie- she’s always struck me as someone who has successfully been able to present a cool and rather dignified front to the madder of the hoaxers possibly because she’s upper middle class and been brought up as such but underneath there lurks a vicious and nasty piece of work that only ever surfaces on rare occasions.

    She’s also woefully ignorant as to law.
    Bet Rupert is endearing himself to other prisoners. Not.

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    • “Chimping” is the term used by cameramen and editors to describe the visually-illiterate output of people like Rupert. I found some evidence of the education Rupert received.

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        • Nice work, Mik. I reckon a swine/aardvark hybrid would make a great motif for the pub sign. A swaardvark 😀

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          • I love it! Let’s do this. Mik, can you be the pub’s entertainment manager? Quizzes, bands, karaoke, sumo wrestling… Whatever takes your fancy.

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  5. Belinda, isn’t a legal person, in her own admission outside court that time, some one made a Wonder Woman video, when she was meant to be a McKenzie friend but she didn’t even know how to find out for her self if it was open court or not. She said, we are feeling rather foolish, it was open court blah blah blah, then she says how was I to know, I’m just an ordinary member of the public. She can’t have it both ways. I’m wondering weather she’ll be getting he band of merry men together outside Ruperts prison with a banner singing about Rupert riding through the Glen like she did with Robert Green.

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      • As I remember it, the day Robert was released, they hired a catering van outside the prison, expecting the masses to turn up, But only about five people turned up. When Robert actually came out, Robert revealed he’d had Coco Pops for breakfast, to that Belinda did a very amusing dance, and sang a song. I don’t believe that video exists any more but it was very funny all the same.

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        • Oh man, I would love to have seen that!

          Oh well, I’ll have to console myself by once more enjoying the sight of Green and McKenzie squirming like maggots on a fishing hook when confronted by our old muckers Maggs and Sylvia:

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          • Ours I was there that day, I asked Belinda why she kept calling Sylvia a Paedophile, and as usual Belinda changed the subject. She really doesn’t have a clue about anything except scamming and bullshitting. But she’s very funny when she gets caught out, well worth the entertainment value on it’s own.

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          • That’s a fascinating video & I love those 2 ladies who have been defamed in such nasty fashion and yet they can still maintain good humor and dignity.
            What an arrogant cow McKenzie is. She avoided every single question but what about that pal of hers with the dark rings under her eyes and the way she lashed out at the camera. She looks like she had been summoned up from Hell to aid Bellend.

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        • Didn’t one of them own, or at least work in a catering van? Used to flog burgers in one of the car parks on the Scottish/English border? I’m surprised at Belinda putting her hand in her pocket, she usually cons somebody else into providing al the facilities.

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          • She didn’t put her hand in her pocket, I think people donated, Brian Gerrish and a few others were involved in those days, I think it was scam money from the good old internet

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          • LOL …No surprises there then! I hope the caterers got paid, I imagine stiffing people is normal practice among those scumbags.

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      • Rupert was disowned by most the minute they met him, he has this arrogance that’s really annoying. He was universally disliked by people on every and no side. Peeing on the church is what riled me, I couldn’t believe some tourist could do that and brag about it with no repercussions.

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  6. ‘”Then, apparently speaking of Hoaxtead Research, she says, “They’ve clumped together, you know, and they produce these sorts of things…they’ve been at it for months and months….He’s suffered much more than their side”’… Jaw hits floor with loud clang.

    Really Belinda? I’ve heard how small children wake in the night with nightmares inspired by the actions of this tosser. We heard from the court that people have been forced to live in fear, having had to install CCTV and even have their safety monitored by relatives. I know of people who felt – for their children’s sake – they had to relocate clear across the country because of what Rupert (and, to be fair, the rest of that band of scumbags) did…

    Factually, these were innocent respectable people living normal lives. Not ‘Satanists’ or cannibals or any other thing that might have existed in the idiotically puerile story you dreamed up for your infantilised audience of misfits – you vile old trout! Suffered? Suffered? – What exactly did that pathetic freeloading pipsqueak ‘suffer’?

    He terrorised toddlers with the threat of a knife – that’s been proven in court. Oh, and the only person ‘producing this sort of thing’ is yourself Belinda; you’ve made a lucrative cottage industry out of conning people through hoaxing, and you’re past the stage where you might fool anyone with an I.Q. north of 70 who isn’t mentally ill!

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    • How did Rupert suffer?

      I can’t see that he did in any way.

      He’s had a very nice long holiday in England that he didn’t have to pay for.

      Plenty of people would have enjoyed that.

      If he was short of cash, because he’s not very good at organising his money, that’s his problem.

      Belinda could always have given him a bit more than the £200 she did, if it was even that.

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    • I thought Belinda had back-tracked on the Satanism part of this hoax a while back and started to downplay that part of the story.

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      • That rings a ding-dong, Arthur, though she certainly hadn’t learnt her lesson in August 2015, when she was crying a river about having to run away to Paris (after overdoing it with her harassment of the Hampstead community) and swearing blind that she was going to walk away from the whole Hampstead thing:

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          • Odds are he is starting to regret escaping only a trip through a tunnel away.Bloke needs somewhere like the Tibetan Plateau.The Antarctic Pole of Inaccessibility is meant to be quite nice for about 10 minutes each year as well.

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    • I feel a bit sorry for Jerusalem.It has had to put up with a lot over the years and probably doesnt need a drug adled arsehole with a superiority complex and matching out sized gob appointing herself as dictator/moanarch at this particular juncture.

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      • Ah! But this is “New Jerusalem” – you know what the Americans are like for nicking place names. I strongly suspect “New Jerusalem” is a clutch of about six ‘ready for the scrapheap’ caravans she’s assembled on a patch of scrubland somewhere nobody has any interest in.

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        • In deference to her majesties self elevation to maniarchal nutterhood I formally,hereby announce to the world,exclusively on Hoaxtead Research,New Jerusalems (or whatevers) new national anthem entitled “Well thats us fucked then”.

          If you would all please stand…..

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    • Well…as we know, the fundamental communist precept is of Christian origin…,_to_each_according_to_his_needs

      although their were religious, and sometimes philosophical, communities long before the Christians who lived communally in this kind of tradition: “neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common”.

      Always easier to say, than to do, however. There were early Christians who were reputed to have placed their fortunes at the service of the church community – such as the “heretical” Marcion. Others, however, were not so easily persuaded to “follow the example of Our Lord” by donating everything they owned to the community:

      ACTS, Chapter 5
      “Now a man named Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, also sold a piece of property. 2 With his wife’s full knowledge he kept back part of the money for himself, but brought the rest and put it at the apostles’ feet.
      3 Then Peter said, “Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit and have kept for yourself some of the money you received for the land? 4 Didn’t it belong to you before it was sold? And after it was sold, wasn’t the money at your disposal? What made you think of doing such a thing? You have not lied just to human beings but to God.”
      5 When Ananias heard this, he fell down and died. And great fear seized all who heard what had happened. 6 Then some young men came forward, wrapped up his body, and carried him out and buried him.
      7 About three hours later his wife came in, not knowing what had happened. 8 Peter asked her, “Tell me, is this the price you and Ananias got for the land?”
      “Yes,” she said, “that is the price.”
      9 Peter said to her, “How could you conspire to test the Spirit of the Lord? Listen! The feet of the men who buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out also.”
      10 At that moment she fell down at his feet and died. Then the young men came in and, finding her dead, carried her out and buried her beside her husband. 11 Great fear seized the whole church and all who heard about these events”.

      Gawd will strike you down, if you don’t cough up! Very persuasive. But there was a counter-argument that the wealthy may have employed – that the practice of “holding everything in common” was likely to lead to Nicolatianism, so severely condemned in the Book of Revelations aka The Apocalypse of John.
      Nicholas was “first among”, i.e., the leader of, the Seven Deacons appointed to care for and look after the property of the Apostles – including their families – while they went about Evangelizing. The original tradition about him, progressively toned down by Apologetics as time went on, held that Nicholas led several of the others into holding their WIVES in common, and perhaps even to cuckolding the apostles themselves whilst they were away.

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  7. “I am walking a thin line in terms of the secrecy of proceedings which I believe is the enemy of transparency and justice. I think details being suppressed by the law in secret family courts in fact protect the adults particularly those working for the courts and social services, rather than the children being taken.”

    Grrr. Mik, I’m not a violent person but is there any chance of a GIF of a creepy old lady being slapped int he face with a wet fish?

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    • She goes on to compare herself to Jesus. Yup.

      “If I am charged or jailed for contempt of court, or if indeed the parents in this or other cases I am following are jailed, as many have been, it may be a price worth paying to finally turn the tide on a flood of forced adoptions especially at birth throughout the western world. Jesus said Even if you kill me, the very rocks and stones will cry out, and He also says the blood of innocent children will cry out for justice from the ground.”

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    • Angie, you’re entitled to that opinion of course, even though it says more about your own ignorance and stupidity than it does the effects of anonymity in the family courts…

      A little basic learning (i.e. read a fucking book for once in your non-educated life) would reveal that the reason this was emplaced is that previously, matters such as (for example) being the product of infidelity, coming from a broken home, being a divorcee or a dozen other things that are really private matters – but need to be settled by the courts – could impact negatively on innocent people. Such matters are also the food of tittle-tattle that entertains the sick of mind and the devoid of morals.

      If you believe the law to be in some way ‘wrong’ in not sating the evil minded fishwives of this world then the way to change it is to call the lawmakers to account for it.

      It’s clear Angie that you are a fraud in respect of almost everything you say and do – quoting mindless bible-babble that you don’t understand doesn’t change that – you’re seen for what you are. Everything from your e-begging for money to work as a ‘journo’ (when you have no learning or knowledge of that job and no right to that title) through to your sponsorship of that loser and thug Quaintance…

      Likewise your advocacy for this ‘odd couple’.

      It’s all about you Angie… You’ve been an attention-seeking fraudster all your life; and it’s high time you saw the inside of a prison cell. But don’t think that will make you a martyr, it will simply prove once and for all that you are the common criminal so many people believe you to be.

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      • Isn’t this all about people like her though. In my experience, dealing with people like her, none of them do it for the actual cause they are going on about, every single one of them are attention seeking whores, even Belinda stirs the crap with her wooden spoon but knows the right time to get out so some one else gets caught, how many times have we seen that. There was a discussion on TV once, I think it was This Morning when the late Denise Robertson was very emotional about a little girl who was taken away from her family. A few months after Ms Robertsob passed away the little girls Grand Father was on the same show because the same child who’d been given back to her parents was murdered by her own father. I’ve seen all these pages on Facebook and the Internet slagging off social workers, I know some of them arn’t perfect but what these parents don’t realise is, it’s not a right to have children it’s a privelage, and these parents need to know they can’t go round blaming everyone else for their own mistakes in life.

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    • Nice find Confuseddotcom, i’d forgotten all about them. There’s been so many great videos, memes etc posted on this blog since it started and always a great sense of humour contained within them.

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    • Ah, memories. Thanks, Confuseddotcom. Man, the flak I got over those, with people complaining that I’d either over-scored hoaxers who didn’t deserve it or underscored those who did. I took them down at one point but they ended up being put back up by popular demand. It was just a bit of fun, after all 😀

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  8. Mad Moo’s Farcebook Hissy Fit of the Day – ‘Highlights’

    This one takes the form of a 4,796-word letter to her GP, who I’m sure will be delighted, especially seeing as she doesn’t even have the common decency to address him/her by name:

    “Dear GP…

    …No one in authority will pay any attention to me…

    …I am an active campaigner for child rights…

    …While dealing with above two cases in terms of indepth investigations & research, writing crime reports, court statements, alerting various authorities and charities, attending court cases and also, informing the public, i’ve attracted a ‘following’ of online-trolls who have a website titled ‘Hoaxtead’ where i am presented as; a fake EU Lawyer, a Jew hater, a child abuser convicted of possessing indecent images of children on my computer, who has had 3 children removed from my care…

    …The ‘Hoaxtead’ website attracts over 2,000 viewers per day…Further, the trolls post all such slanders on every youtube video i have commented on. One, a video on Fukushima, attracted no less than 50 troll replies within minutes of my comment. I have been to police with screenshots of abusive comments but they have done nothing. Instead, they have ‘lost’ the expensive, super-speed USB stick i handed in with screenshots and internet links…

    …Meanwhile, fellow campaigners have been arrested and endured Crown Court prosecutions for demanding child protection. Although they were acquitted, the Judge put a ‘restraining order’ on them; as a result, a disabled lady age 74, has been arrested and held in police cells, her home searched by police late at night, her laptop and computer confiscated – all because she shared a post online, about an already, very public case. I have had to help her with writing statements and support by attending court appearances. Recently, one campaigner has received 9 months jail for ‘witness intimidation’ because he visited and photographed a School and adjoining Church, where child-witnesses claim they suffered sexual abuse and were forced to participate in murder of trafficked babies. Hoaxtead ‘researchers’ alerted police after they spied on his Facebook page and saw a post sharing a picture of himself outside the school & church…

    …I have sent the entire case and lawful evidence to UN Human Rights. Am not holding my breath for their prompt attention…

    …It is not so much the trolls that disturb me most, it is the total lack of support on behalf of justice for children and CSA survivors in Britain…

    …The ignorance from authorities, has greatly aggravated the already severe impact on my health in terms of trauma. It IS an abuse against public consciousness to be forced to face such dire levels of injustice and instead, be expected to be casually capable of ignoring that and STILL consider oneself ‘human’. I have also damaged my right hand with carpal-tunnel injury through writing thousands of letters, emails and multiple reports etc…

    …As if dealing with all of the above wasn’t enough, i’ve suffered covert attacks and passive aggression from so-called ‘family’ & ‘friends’…

    …Behind those attacks are paranoid fears about associating with me i.e. Am a ‘dangerous’ person because i directly confront abuse and campaign for justice and child rights…

    …The one thing that has helped my endurance, is my faith in universal-intelligence and law. I had a ‘supernatural’ experience in 1992, which was one of many throughout my life and that particular ‘event’ being the most profound…

    …Please share my concerns with others – please give your support to the issues raised here…

    …PS Please note that my use of ‘i’ via lower case instead of capital, is not an error but due to my refusal to capitalize ‘i’ where there is no capital for ‘you’.”

    Oh and there’s also a long rambling section about how she was evicted by her landlord-cum-flatmate because (reading between the lines) he found her intensely irritating. Welcome to our world, Mr. Landlord!

    htt ps://ww w.facebook. com/notes/deborah-mahmoudieh/requesting-a-prescription-for-justice/1595251733871934

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    • I think Neelu must do a bit more in her quest to bring down Civilization As We Know It & create World Domination than wave her fancy but phony documents at bemused bank officials.
      Her General “they’re f*cking the children” Sands is banned from entry to the UK and her small army of dedicated Satan Hunters have moved on to the next drama- probably battling with bailiffs over Council Tax or their TV license, perhaps sitting on a rooftop somewhere protesting a new parking ticket.

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  9. Word is, that moral amongst the troops in the Great Copyright Strikes War against Hoaxtead, is at an all time low. General Clown Sands and LoonTenant Neelu stand defiant, for now.

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  10. I can’t keep up with this motley crew. The Juice run the world? 7-11 is a hindsight job? The new Bold (washing powder) order is coming? Pizza-grate? Who wants to grate a pizza anyway? The cream is reptilian?

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    • On the plus side, isn’t it fun to watch Sands and the other creepy perverts (mad Moo, Angie, Bellender et al) losing their shit over Rupert’s conviction. An added bonus, imo 😀

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    • HR is the children’s father.
      HR is Yannis.
      HR is CIA.
      HR is UK Government run.
      HR is run by Satanists.
      HR is run by paedophiles.

      Wish they’d make up their fucking minds!
      They’re incorrect in every assumption they make and spout nonsense as truth.

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          • HR is (or was) a rogue GCHQ agent named Ghost Of Sam who worked out of a small office at night counteracting the brave whistle-blowers who would bring down the Satanist Rothschild Baby-Eaters hoping to impress section head Mr George Soros but has now been given her marching orders as Mrs Mavis Tricklebank Shufflewick who morphed into GOS after watching one too many Jason Bourne films and lusting after Matt Damon has been sacked & frog-marched from the building for neglecting her Head Tea Lady duties & serving Mr Soros a cup of plain hot water one too many times and serving up plain Digestives instead of his favourite chocolate ones.

            As always with these internet memes, it’s taken on a life of it’s own and when Mavis tries to claim credit at the local Darby & Joan Club for the many Satanist Pedo entities like @pizzagate other members stand behind her doing that circular hand motion meaning “she’s gone loco”.

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