Rupert: Beware Belinda bearing gifts

It’s been a while since we checked up on Rupert, the hot-headed American who was going to come to Hampstead, kick down doors, and start knocking heads together and taking names. Until he got arrested in mid-September, that is…at which point he suddenly changed his tune.

Since then he’s been languishing at his friend’s house (yes, the one with the wallpaper), making the odd video and even starting a WordPress blog of his very own. Well, we suppose he has to do something to fill his days.

To be fair, he seems to be doing his best to comply with his bail conditions, which is more than we can say for some people (coughneelucough), and as Christmas approaches, we’re sure he’d far rather be home with his family in Culpepper, VA, than stuck in southeast London waiting for his day in court.

We notice that his friends haven’t completely forgotten him, though: Belinda, for instance, dropped another chunk of change into Rupert’s GoFundMe cap just last week:

rupert-donation-from-belinda-2016-11-30This comes a few weeks after her last donation…


…and the one before that:


…and so on. Word has it that she also gave him a laptop to replace the one that was seized by the police back in September (along with his hard drive, his camera, even (sob!) his iPod!). Wasn’t that nice of her?

And such an encouraging comment: “Home by Christmas hopefully. Time for a joint sally to meet the police?”

On the surface of it, she sounds very supportive. But we’d suggest that Rupert exercise extreme caution, especially if Belinda is offering her special brand of “court support”.

Ah, but such a sweet, caring, giving lady, that Belinda—we’re sure her offer comes from the best of motives. And we’re quite certain that she doesn’t want a single thing in exchange for her largesse. She’s a latter-day Lady Bountiful, dispensing care and home-spun wisdom from a bottomless basket of kindness.

We’re sure she isn’t just keeping a beady eye on Rupert and tossing him scraps now and then to ensure that he won’t grass her and her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters up. That would be so unlike her.

A message for Rupert

Rupert, we know you have a great deal of time on your hands these days, and if by chance you should happen upon this post (out of boredom, you understand, not because you came to the conclusion that the people who’d dragged you over to London were in fact a bunch of trauma vampires who get off on talking about child sexual abuse and cannibalism), we offer you a friendly heads-up: people who accept money and favours from Belinda almost invariably wind up paying for it, one way or another.

If you doubt us, ask Robert Green. Or take a hard look at Sabine…or Neelu. Ask Charlotte Alton Ward why she dare not come back to the UK. All of them have been, at one time or another, on Belinda’s payroll.

Belinda, you see, never gets her hands dirty. She’s far too smart for that. She lets others do the rough work, while she stands back and offers moral support and sandwiches. Before you accept anything from her, we recommend checking carefully to determine what the quid pro quo will be.

And if you choose not to do so, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


58 thoughts on “Rupert: Beware Belinda bearing gifts

  1. I do have sympathy for the length of time a case can take to come to court but you can’t say he wasn’t warned.

    It occurs to me- while not specifically referring to any case – that if one person can be found to have associated with others and forged a plan, say to travel to a foreign land where those associates fund you and encourage you, to conduct a campaign of harassment ( a crime) then a criminal conspiracy has come into play, remembering that a charge of conspiracy does not necessitate actions being carried through, rather the crime of conspiracy is the actual planning of the crime.

    If I were police and wished to send a very strong message about a case that has received world-wide publicity but which was found to be a complete hoax but nonetheless a concerted attempt has been made to destroy so many innocent people including hard-working and honest coppers, then I would take time to prepare a solid case. A conviction could lead to many more arrests.

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  2. Nicely done, EC.

    Frankly, I’d beware of Belinda in any situation. Gifts/no gifts, cash/no cash, clothes/no clothes. Hang on – where the hell am I going with this? Great post anyway!

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    • I certainly get the impression that nothing is for free with Belinda anything she gives will have a certain price tag attached to it.

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      • Belindas talons have more dodgy strings attached than a Maurice Kirk flying jallopy.Neither will end particularly well.

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  3. Slurpy’s Bullshit Bonanza
    Episode 94

    At 1:12 this lying hoax-promoting paedo-protecting psycho states: “Doubtless my comments are marred with my online following of Hoaxtead trolls, whom police are presently investigating [note: they’re not] and I can assure you that contrary to their abominable slanders [oh the irony], I have no criminal record, I have never abused my own child nor any children, I do not have convictions for possessing images of child pornography…I am not a fake EU lawyer…”

    She then shamelessly launches into the same old disgusting lies (or self-projecting fantasies?) that have done so much damage to an innocent community.

    Poor old Slurpy. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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    • I’m afraid she has had some porkies told about her. There’s no evidence she has a criminal record and I doubt she ever abused her children, whom I’m informed were brought up by her ex husband. (Info from a reliable source in Nottingham.) As far as I know she’s never promoted herself as an EU lawyer, although others have called her an EU law expert (or words to that effect) and there’s no evidence that she objected.

      I think what happens is that some people have been so hurt or made so angry by the bullshit that they give some of it back. It must be uncomfortable for the Hoaxteders but then again so is being unjustly accused of being a Satanic lizard paedophile baby-eater, when all you’ve ever been is a good parent.

      The moral of this story must be don’t stick your head above the parapet of ridiculous accusations or you might get shot by a few yourself coming the other way.

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      • It plays very softly at first, then a bit louder, and suddenly BAM!!! We recommend ear protection, or keeping your finger over the mute button.


  4. This is a solid and useful warning… If the ‘Culpeper Martyr’ hasn’t already taken the same bait that Robert Green did. McKenzie has a great deal of ‘form’ for actively seeking-out self-aggrandising, ego-tripping fools to assist in filling her coffers. Like any businessperson she has no difficulty ‘speculating to accumulate’ which is why she is ‘investing’ in Rupert.

    It is also the case that, whether by consequence or design, McKenzie’s activities support (rather than oppose) child abuse and other criminal activities. She is and has always been central in generating the smokescreen of lunacy that can only exist to try and draw the public eye away from the realities of child abuse.

    Lie down with dogs Rupert and you will get up with fleas. And you and your family have enough of them already – I hear you already face civil action when you get home from some of the people you have harmed.

    Belinda likes her martyrs, they’re lucrative and useful. And get dropped like a hot coal when they’re beyond being useful.

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  5. I think Rupert should take as much money from Belinda as she is willing to give him and then once he is back in the USA he should spill all the beans about the “women who like to sit around watching MK Ultra porn all day”.

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  6. I too get the feeling that Belinda is trying to stick close to Rupert and butter him up. If true, that would suggest Rupert has some dirt on Belinda that she does not want him to divulge.

    Either way, I can see absolutely no advantage for Rupert in allowing Belinda to accompany him to any meeting with the police. Rupert would be far better spending any savings he has on getting a legal professional or even just going it alone and being honest with the police/court. If I was him I wouldn’t even let the likes of Belinda know when I was attending the police station or court. Distancing himself from them would look far better to the court than having them lined up in the public gallery interrupting and antagonising the court.

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    • Yes!

      To do list for Rupert:

      1. Engage a properly qualified Solicitor.
      2. Don’t let Belinda or Sabine any where near you or your legal papers.
      3. Don’t let any of the Hoaxers know when you will be in court.
      4. Cooperate with the Police and Courts.

      You should be back in Virginia reasonably quickly – and not used as a pawn in a game played by people who really don’t care for you.

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      • Sound advice FS.

        Rupert has opportunity to detatch himself from this collective psychosis cesspit he foolishly leapt into without looking.Whether or not he elects to spill the beans(and peas) on what he has observed and restore some credibility and dignity is entirely up to him but hey he just may have a road to Damascus moment.There is a handy one round the corner back home so he can avoid the heavy shit in Syria.

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