Where in the world is Q*Bert?

Last we heard, Q*Bert had landed in Horley, ready to take on the arduous task of hanging about in Hampstead’s pubs getting pissed and trying to get unsuspecting residents to ‘squeal’ about their non-existent cult.

Turns out we were wrong—whether by intentional misdirection or otherwise. In fact, Q*Bert was last seen boarding a Ryanair flight en route to Rome, financed no doubt by the princely $130 he raised on his GoFundMe site. Just as well, as we hear the UKBA are preparing a list of questions for him, should he decide to make good on his promise to return to the UK.

Anyhoo…what’s Q*Bert doing in Roma, besides attempting to live la dolce vita on $130?

Why, he’s going to join his good buddy Kevin Galalae in persuading Pope Francis to lift the Roman Catholic Church’s sanctions against birth control.

You see, the plan is that when contraceptives are permitted by the Church, the Powers-that-be will feel free to stop committing genocide via chemtrails, vaccines, and Justin Bieber albums. We think.

Here’s a glimpse at Kevin Gaga-Land’s Grand Plan for World Transformation:

Kevin Galalae-QBert 1

Kevin Galalae-QBert 2

Kevin Galalae-QBert 3

So basically, Q*Bert is going to film his two friends as they starve themselves to death. We wonder how the police will see that, especially if Q*Bert is the sole survivor.

Oh, but true to his word, Q*Bert has already produced a video about this amazing venture:

Are we the only people who are reminded of Kevin Annett’s infamous Roman Holiday here? The one where he convicted and deposed the Pope?

That one worked like a charm, and we’re sure Q*Bert and Kevin Lala-Land’s will be just as effective.

Meanwhile, that’s Q*Bert out of our hair for a while, at least.



58 thoughts on “Where in the world is Q*Bert?

  1. Good grief they talk about Q*Bert’s arrival like it’s the Second Coming rather than some obscure Yank dopper chasing fantasies. Mind you I am slightly jealous- haven’t been to the most beautiful city on earth, Rome for years and the weather should be just beautiful this time of the year. I wonder if this mob will be spotted shopping on the Via Veneto?.

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  2. Seventh Prayer sounds like something out of a horror movie- Damien etc. He looks very fit for a hunger striker. Fasting is doing him wonders. They do realise don’t they that all those 1000s of other tourists are also praying and perhaps Pope Francis may be getting mixed messages. I wonder if Francis knows that The Vatican can control Chem Trails?

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    • I love his Zen-like pose in those long white robes (very much resembles Imran Khan) as he stands & prays but all the other tourists just ignore him and life goes on as usual- even the pigeons take no notice as he threatens The Vatican with dire consequences for ignoring him.


    • If I were writing a horror film about this I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Q*Bert and Howie in The Wicker Man. Arrogant, insensitive man flying into a situation he doesn’t understand. Of course there would be a scene where Angie dances naked and bangs on his bedroom wall in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if the final scene is where Kevin and Christina announce to Rupert that they haven’t bought any food for months but they are very well fed – cupboard door swings open to reveal a huge pile of discarded camcorders. Alternatively, Rupert is led into the woods by Neelu to bury some crystals; final shot is the proboscis of Roger the giant butterfly descending towards Rupert’s head.

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    • Matthew 6:5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

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  3. Totally agree about his appearance. To me he appears as a spoilt little rich kid (from a privileged background) who thinks the world owes him something.

    He might be proud of his mum, but is she proud of him?…..

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  4. The common theme with Sabine, Belinda, Angie Power Disney and Rupert is GIVE US YOUR DONATIONS.

    KEVIN MUGAR GALALAE is of the same ilk…

    WHO CARES IF HE IS ON HUNGER STRIKE – it looks like a diet would do him good. If anyone is worried by that then buy him a sandwich rather than giving a donation.

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    • TBH I think Rupert’s brain doesn’t rely on oxygen anyway. There are primitive life forms which can do this.

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    • Rupert- in a city with endless wonderful & cheap pasta and pizza restaurants he must dine alone and sip on a glass of Merlot while his companions outside can only just look probably noses pressed against the window. Or does he just do McDonalds?

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  5. It’s refreshing to see someone butt Sabine McKenzie firmly into place online:

    Incidentally the person putting her into her place is a highly respected lawyer – Lucy Reed, a barrister specialising in family law and is also a family mediator. She practises from St John’s Chambers in Bristol. She blog’s about family law at http://www.pinktape.co.uk and is the author of Family Courts without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person.

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  6. Bloody fingers and brain – EC please would you edit the post above – it was supposed to read “butt Sabine McNeill”



  7. Cristina’s not a very good Catholic is she? Suicide is a mortal sin Cristina… you’re going to burn in hell for all eternity. Also if vaccination causes depopulation, why is the pop. of planet earth continuing to increase… vaguely in line with mass vaccination…. aaarghh my brain.

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    • In the pub one night we discussed the most efficient ways to reduce the population if you were a psychopathic maniac who didn’t give a toss about people. (Uncomfortable conversation of course.) We came to the conclusion that chemtrails (don’t make me laugh) and vaccinations were about the most inefficient means of achieving this end and that there were much more efficient ways of culling humans (which I wouldn’t dream of sharing on the net) and you could then blame it all on terrorists. Job would be done within a year. So why would the ‘powers that be’ prat about dropping expensive chemicals from planes or spending money on vaccination programs?

      Or am I being logical again?

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        • Most of the time it’s boring and people talk about celebrities and the price of plums. Like everywhere else I suppose. 🙂

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      • We live in a Capitalist world. Why would the Rothschild Illuminati elite want to reduce it’s customer base? Or indeed the Catholics?
        Logic doesn’t seem to be their strong point.

        I have a vision of these two hunger strikers calling out to Francis “we are starving and have not eaten” and him replying “well you must try”.

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  8. Erm. I don’t want to cause trouble or anything but you know the banner on Rupert’s FB page? Isn’t that him at the front giving the devil’s salute…..just sayin….

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  9. What a great friend Rupert is volunteering to film two friends starve themselves to death. That’s a real friend indeed.

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  10. This makes it all the more funny that researchers successfully convinced some people that the chemtrails contain Viagra. Surely putting Viagra in the chemtrails defeats the purpose if it’s all about depopulation.

    Plus, if the Vatican Is all about depopulation, surely they would be very happy indeed that these two individuals have volunteered to starve to death. If the Vatican feels it must support chemtrails and vaccination (rather than contraception) because it does not want to go against scripture, then what are the chances of them changing their minds because two twits are “starving” themselves.

    The thing is, if it wasn’t for all the conspiracy nonsense about chemtrails and vaccination, I could probably get behind a protest against the Vatican and their policy on contraception.

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  11. It’s interesting that to stop this imagined genocide they have decided to starve themselves (hopefully to death), why would anyone care about two more numptys dieing if they trying to kill off the population anyway.


  12. I don’t think it’s a ‘to the death’ thing. It’s supposed to come to the attention of the Pope because the eyes of the world are on them, when in fact most people aren’t bothered because they actually have lives to lead.

    This is all about getting kudos on the conspiraloon scene.

    Note that word conspiraloon – conspire a loon. I hope Jake is paying attention.

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  13. Any spare funds they have could be wisely spent by Rupert on a tin foil hat. Not only will it protect his brain from mind control but it will serve the dual purpose of stopping his bald head from getting sun burnt.

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    • Um. That’s kind of stunning, isn’t it?

      Here’s the full text:

      Published on Apr 27, 2015

      Fascist Canada Part 4

      Canada’s bigots have reengaged the services of my estranged wife, Cynthia Ann Marshall, to destroy my credibility and reputation with my supporters around the world.

      This is the fourth attack on me since my return to Canada and follows the confiscation of my passport at the airport on April 21, my arrest on April 22 on a breach that does not exist, and the curtailment of my electronic communication so I cannot open a website or defend myself against social media attacks by shills and trolls.

      This call was received by Robert Erickson yesterday, 26 April 2015.

      The message is that Robert and I are delusional and mentally ill and the veiled threat contained in the message is that we should watch. This kind of behavior is symptomatic of system freaks, people who refuse to admit to themselves that we are at the receiving end of genocide by the very system that we support with our labor and taxes. My estranged wife is a perfect example of a system freak. She has left many other threatening and insulting phone calls to people around the world: family, friends and supporters. In the meantime, she has lied under oath on at least half a dozen occasions, has given false depositions, has conspired to prosecute me, and to this day, four years later, is preventing me from having contact with my children in order to do the government’s bidding and destroy me emotionally so I no longer fight for our rights, liberties and lives.

      I have asked the authorities on several occasions to stop encouraging my wife’s malicious behavior but these people are intent on destroying me so I no longer stand in the way of their plans to destroy you. The time to watch passively from the sidelines has come to an end. The Jews waited and hoped until they found themselves showered with Zyklon B gas. Now we are being showered with chemtrails, forced to eat GMOs, forced to drink fluoridated water, forced to ingest food and beverages laced with BPA and other endocrine disruptors, and forced to be vaccinated with toxins intended to shorten our lives.

      If we continue to remain passive, ten years from now we will all be sterile and ill. And my wife, instead of taking measure to protect our children and support my efforts and sacrifices, she dedicates her spare time finding my supporters around the world and destroying my credibility.

      For four years I remained quiet and tolerated this despicable behavior because I believed that justice is possible in this country and that I will get my day in court. But justice is not possible in Canada. And the time has come for all of us to take justice in our own hands.


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