BREAKING: Rupert currently in UK

Thanks to the commenter who pointed out that according to Rupert Quaintance’s Facebook page, he is currently in Horley. Given the town’s proximity to Gatwick Airport, it’s plausible that he might have flown in from Dublin, but no details are known at this time.

Rupert-Horley 2016-05-09

A quick glance at Q*Bert‘s GoFundMe page reveals that the current total of $1,700 has not been altered, but that only shows the total raised, not whether it has been used.

According to the page, part of his plan while he’s here is to research and document abuse so he can make a ‘feature documentary’ about the topic. He’s also planning to ‘interface’ with well-known activists to ‘increase on-line visibility’; he doesn’t mention whose visibility he wants to increase, but judging from his videos, we can guess.

Rupert-GoFundMe1 2016-05-09

We’d urge anyone who sees him to give Q*Bert a ‘Manchester kiss’ (known by some as a ‘Scottish handshake’). After all, we do want our guest to feel properly welcomed.

(Just kidding, by the way. Unlike the other side in this matter, we have never advocated the use of violence. If you do see Rupert on the street, please stay away, and call the police immediately.)


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  1. Would this explain why Angie has been so quiet? Has she had a house guest? Is that why Rupert needs to get stoned!

    Should we be alerting the Primary Schools of Hampstead to the possibility of this strange man prowling around the school gates armed with a video camera?

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  2. Nice big spliff that. Well done Rupert.

    On the ‘Angie throws Sabine under the bus’ video (still not explained) she says Rupert has a nose like a bullgod (I think she meant bloodhound). I’m not sure what use a bulldog’s nose is.

    Is it true the pub landlords in Hampstead are planning on spiking the beer with laxatives when he appears?

    Oh and so nice to see Charlie Veitch (sort of) inviting Rupert to go up north. I hope Charlie’s got a spare megaphone. When John Wayne on acid comes to town ya wanna know what he’s got to say….pilgrim.


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  3. Yawn.. just another conspiracy stoner..that’s probably why Angie has been quiet lately, he did say he would come over and turn her into a pot-head.
    Manchester Kiss? I’ve never heard it called that. I know it as a Glesga Kiss. We’re a friendly lot in Glasgow! 😀

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  4. Reading between the lines of his ‘campaign’, I get the impression he is going to meet with some ‘activists’, get stoned, and make up a lot of crap on video to make it seem like the trip was worthwhile. Nice gig if you can get it.

    Veitch did a complete U turn on his belief that 9/11 was a controlled demolition, maybe he can give Rupert some advice about having the courage to change his mind, when he realises what charlatans Angie..etc actually are.

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  5. Veitch has been very quiet recently which many have taken as a blessing. He ‘outed’ himself as an Israeli spy at one point which didn’t go down too well especially when he started provoking the local Muslim and pro-Palestinian population in Manchester. Him and Rupert are a good match though. As for not wanting to disrupt the day to day activities of Londoners, I doubt anyone will notice he’s even here. What a knob, as we say oop North.

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  6. A key activity which needs to be watched for is that Rupert Quaintance may be trying to locate P and Q; this was one of the initial actions that Angela Power Disney wanted Rupert to achieve. Considering the many threats of abducting P and Q, and the recent association of Shayler in an abduction case, I think Rupert will pose a significant threat to the wellbieng of P and Q, especially if he does go north from London.

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  7. I love my visits back to the UK but if it was Angela Power-Disney & the rest of this mob I got to meet & that was my reason for being there I think I would rather set myself on fire, poke sticks in my eyes etc etc.
    I can’t imagine anything more depressing.

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    • Let’s face it if he decides to go against their narrative in his ‘documentary’ or even be neutral they’re going to trash him online. He can’t be impartial and get away with it. He has to tow the party line in order to continue to be accepted. I’m sure he thinks he’s bigger than this but as the Angie videos show he’s got a sort of over-inflated view of himself. Just sayin’.

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  8. Of course his *cough* “investigation” will be evidence based, thorough and unbiased, because like, you know facts is what gets YouTube views…..

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  9. This is all good and well however, as a resident, I am really worried about this. I go to the pubs, I walk the street and now I’m worried about doing both of those things. Jesus, what if someone shoves a camera in my face? I play over and over how I’d react. What if that guy in the flask is recording everything? I want to do the quiz tonight, but I’m not going to. What a load of old arse.

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      • Thanks EC

        Where’s the best place to find a clear photo of the gentleman in question? Are there any clear ones anywhere?

        I’ve got so much work to do this morning and yet I’m having to occupy my time with this nonsense!

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        • Yes, I agree, it’s complete nonsense, and no one should have to be dealing with it. That said, the image in this post is a fairly accurate one, I believe. There are others on this blog, but it would appear that since this post was published, Rupert has closed public access to his Facebook page. Presumably he is now aware that we are onto him, and will be watching for him.


  10. I bet he achieves nothing other than gaining a few hangovers. Going by what he said in one the videos of what he got up to last time he was over here, he came to party & i imagine he’ll try to do the same again but this time he will have fruitloops ‘helping’ him.

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  11. Angie and Rupert are playing games – he was not in the UK. With Angie yes, but not in the UK


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