Q*Bert’s latest GoFundMe: The Vatican Edition

We’re all fed up to the back teeth with Angie hawking Q*Bert’s GoFundMe campaign, with which she hopes to squeeze enough cash from the gullible and easily duped to fly her American friend to London. Once here, he’ll hang out in pubs and attempt to ferret out ‘cult members’, whom he’ll somehow force to ‘squeal’ about their nefarious habits.

Oi, you in back there! Stop laughing!

But just in case you thought Q*Bert was an intellectual lightweight who just wants free rein to fly to a foreign country, trash his host’s house, wreck their car, and have a fun vacation, check this out: Q*Bert GoFundMe Mach II, The Vatican Edition!

Here’s what it’s all about:

QBert Vatican GoFundMe 2016-04-15

Okay, did you understand any of that?

No, neither did we. So we did a bit of digging, and came up with a rough translation:

Yo, dudes, Q*Bert here! So, like, I’m thinking that, like, London’s all well and good, but the porn in England sucks balls, it rains all the time, and they drink their beer warm, so I’m just not really cool with staying there any longer than I have to, right? Plus, who really gives a shit about that whole Hampstead thing? Not me, that’s for sure.

But then I started thinking, you know, Italy’s got way better porn, and I could work on my tan a bit better, and hey, I hear drugs are cheap there. Like, honestly, this sounds like a lot better deal to me. So I found this dude Kevin Galalalalala or something, I wasn’t really paying attention, but he’s all into, like, chemtrails and vaccines and shit, and how the PTB are using them to kill people off, and whoa, something about condoms, I forget, but whatever.

Anyhoo….here’s my GoFundMe, so if you could share it with your friends and stick a bit of cash in to support me, I can get right on the very important topic of…what was that again? Oh, right: Stopping Global Depopulation! Kevin’s doing this hunger strike, and I’m gonna support him by laying around drinking vino and living la dolce vita (that’s Eye-talian for ‘the good life’ in case you’re a total noob who doesn’t understand the lingo).

So, um, yeah. PLEASE HELP!!!

Of course people are flocking like lemmings to this great cause: since 6 April it’s had a whole four shares on Facebook, and check out how much cash Q*Bert has collected in his Condoms and Chemtrails World Tour:

QBert GoFundMe Vatican 2 2016-04-15

So, what about it? Will you be the first to give?

Yeah….no. Neither will we.


78 thoughts on “Q*Bert’s latest GoFundMe: The Vatican Edition

  1. So he wants to fly to Rome with someone on a hunger strike?. I guess the answer will be “no” to the “beef or fish ?” question.

    Never heard of a hunger striker flying. Quite apart from whether they would let him on the plane the atmosphere changes would play havoc with him. Probably just on a diet & the freeloaders are yet again trying to scam people. I might try this myself for my next visit to the UK.

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  2. I think people like Rupert and Angie have latched onto the idea of putting money into their pockets via Gofundme. Its unregulated and open to any abuse.

    Rupert is just a freeloader, seemingly thinking the world owes him something.

    Angie is just a deluded scammer. She prays on insecurity and vulnerability. At least she is relatively quiet, but that is hardly surprising in view of what has been exposed about her.

    Sabine has got her own problems to address and has (sensibly) gone quiet.

    Neelu is another matter – but her illness is a possible explanation (and the potential of some strong legal advice to the effect of not making things worse for herself).

    Belinda – undoubtedly in hiding for fear of drawing attention to herself (too much to hide and not silly enough to seek any additional attention at the moment)

    Abe and Ella – both in hiding, with international warrants for arrest, its hardly likely that they will want to do anything that helps the authorities locate them (such as skype calls, face book posts or email).

    Slowly but surely the people who promoted the hoax (that was the reason to start this blog) have disappeared into the distance. I very much doubt that they will ever regroup to have any significant strength.

    I fully expect the odd attempts at “noise” – but that is likely to get quieter.

    My thoughts are that the war is not completely over, there will be the odd pockets of resistance to be addressed, however they will get smaller as time progresses.

    Its amazing how effective addressing a problem is by using legal means to address it.Its a shame for the idiots listed above that they never realised that.

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    • I reckon the Hampstead hoax will be dead by end of August 2016. Everyone is starting to move onto other projects, as they realise Hampstead is a milk cow that no longer produces milk.

      Belinda McKenzie has gone underground, but is still active but acting under the radar.

      Rupert has caught onto the typical Satan Hunter quality of making money out of scams. The main motivation of every Satan Hunter involved in Hampstead hoax is making money out of it.

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      • Belinda is quite clever – but not clever enough in today’s modern world. Its only a question of time before she has either stopped or she is caught out. Modern intelligence methods dictate that it can be certain that Belinda’s past interest in Iran ensured that she is never totally off the radar.

        I have no doubt that she is surveillance aware – hence her past requests for letters rather than emails.

        Even if she bought a PAYG mobile weekly and binned the old number, with today’s surveillance its unlikely that all her communications would go unnoticed. The world has become significantly more difficult in which to avoid surveillance once a person is flagged as being of interest

        Quietly quietly catches the monkey…..

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    • Angie now promoting Christine J.Hart on her FB page who also has a GoFundme page up for a book on her – well you need to read it. Hart claims to be a “bestselling author” (one who apparently has no book deal) and another with recovered memories of MKUltra experiments and the usual tosh. Eerily just like Angie’s minus the dirty soldiers pissing on her (An Angie touch). My music manager friend who did have 3 best sellers in the UK & USA decided to publish his last book himself via GoFundMe and he raised the funds within 2 weeks but says although it was a fascinating experience and his book is selling well, it was quite tiring & now appreciates his publisher’s efforts who he has gone back to.


      Hart also claims to be a former top Fleet Street journalist but bizarrely no pages come up on any Fleet St newspaper with her name on it. And she also claims to be the one who brought down the News of The World as she worked as a spy in News Corp for Nick Davies who I emailed. He has never heard of her & was quite perplexed & somewhat amused by her claim. She also claims to have worked for MI5 in front companies for them.

      The blurb on her GoFundMe page mentions Candy Jones who I had read about extensively years ago. Jones was around in the 1950s & 60s and also claimed to be an MKUltra victim with all the trimmings but no-one took her seriously and she was diagnosed as schizophrenic. She & her husband had a popular radio show expounding alternative & truther theories long before this lot came along but everyone in the radio business knew her husband was a prankster & scam artist.

      Now the latest Aussie Satanic exponent (the one raped by president Richard Nixon on Airforce One that slipped into Canberra one day unnoticed) has a GoFundMe page for funds to attend a conference of whackos in the US.

      What a bunch of scam merchants they all are. Not an original idea in their heads & reading from the same song sheet & all nicked from the original nutter Candy Jones. Poor Angie is just one in a long line of scammers but I reckon she’s missed the boat.

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      • Perhaps a Hoaxtead techie expert can explain this : Christine J.Hart claims to have had a best selling Random House book yet if you type “Christine J.Hart Random House ” into Google – or any variations, C.J. Hart etc, I get an untrusted link with .au as the Oz website. However if I type Random House Australia I get the Random House website ( a friend of mine works there) and searching their authors on every variation of ‘Christine J.Hart” there is no author with this name.

        She also lists herself as “Sunday Times Best Selling author” on all the amateur net publisher websites. Anyone with a ‘best seller will most certainly get a deal for the next book but not Hart apparently & how can you be a “Sunday Times’ bestseller ? They are a newspaper not a book publisher (although Murdoch owns Harper Collins)

        Mind you the Sunday Times does have a top journalist who works on their TimesBook’s section named C.Hart but he’s a Christopher not a Christine.

        I’m beginning to get the nasty smell of another Andrea Davison here. No wonder Angie Power-Disney finds inspiration in “C.J.Hart” . More indications of sociopath behaviour : fact becomes mixed with fantasy to the point they give themselves away.

        # Christine J.Hart lives in Ireland. I remember a hack friend who worked on crime stories once telling me the order of the world’s best & most successful & inventive scam artists was : 1. New Zealanders 2 Australians 3 Irish 4 Americans 5 Rest of the World.

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        • Oh dear. Angela Power-Disney has now deleted her reference & link to fellow MKUtra ‘victim / survivor” Christine J.Hart. Competition?

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          • My guess: the scam artist field is getting very crowded. And Angela has a large ego. There ain’t room in that town fer the both of them.


          • It WILL, as you suggest EC, be pretty crowded. And – a bit like journalism (ironically enough) – all these ‘freelancers’ are competing for a piece of the same ‘story’. – As a rank amateur in all things she will be grudging of her fellow grifters – and only admit them when they are of use. I guess ‘CJ’ ain’t any more!

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      • Sounds quite similar to “Brice Taylor”, another “MK slave” who wrote and spoke about being controllied/raped by many politicians and entertainers. Her activities included underwater bestiality ballets with dolphins (is that even physically possible?!) for the enjoyment of Stallone, Reagan and Thatcher…

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  3. Quoted below is an example of just one the statements made by Angie.

    WE ALL KNOW ANGIE that this is totally”true”…. However you forgot to mention the rather nasty accident that you had whilst flying (remember the blow out Angie?) She was trying to avoid hitting Roger the rabbit (you know – Roger, the 12′ tall rabbit, who normally sits peacefully next to the fairies, that are collecting for charity in Angies ex council house garden waiting whilst for the local doggers to visit her housing estate)

    It was a horrid injury, especially as the claim you made against Roger (for getting in your way) for his contribution to your accident was refused by the very nasty claims people at the insurance company Evil Life and Co (sorry to name and shame them). Its nice to see that you made a complete recovery and that your local community funded your recovery for a long time after the accident.

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    • Angie went along to the local Cop Shop to tell them about her dreams ( we all have flying dreams Angie. In fact we all have bizarre dreams) and finished by saying a bunch of dirty army grunts pissed all over her. She wonders why they might not investigate.

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    • Have you been to St Peters Square ?. Wonderfully impressive but so crowded. Doubtful Rupert toking on a joint with his very hungry friend will be noticed by Pope Francis.

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      • I’ve been to Rome/ VC five times – only ONCE in the peak summer months precisely because it’s SO crowded that it’s nearly impossible to enjoy anything or even think clearly. Guess they want maximum exposure – which paradoxically backfires when there’s a huge fustercluck of humanity barely able to function because of heat, thirst, and crowd-weariness…bad strategic timing, hehe…

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        • That’s Q*Bert’s forte: bad timing. For example, he’s planning a trip to the UK in June/July…right when the Hoaxtead crew will be focussing on an upcoming trial….

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    • Riiight! And I could only listen to ten minutes of that Galalalalalafest before getting too queasy to continue. ‘First-worlders’ are dumber than back in the Fifties, are dying younger and are experiencing epidemic levels of sterility? How he is taken seriously by *anyone* sane is waaaaaay beyond me…such an incredibly fallacious pool of vomited misinformation, not to mention a deeply flawed analysis of…everything. Sigh.

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  4. I’d like Angie to explain, just how she managed to accumulate the 26,000+ Euros to buy her Council House outright without a Mortgage?

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    • When you buy a council property do you have to front up with the full sum? Wouldn’t getting a mortgage be fairly easy seeing they are sold at a discount although you would have to meet the requirements of the lender. Doubtful someone on a carer’s pension would get a mortgage.

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      • Exactly, she wouldn’t be able to get a Mortgage=No Job, so where did she get the 26,000+ Euros from in one lump sum?

        I expect, up until the point she bought the house, less than 2 years ago, Angie would have been on Housing Benefit or whatever it may be called now, so would have only declared a limited amount of savings to receive such benefit from the State.

        It is very dodgy imo and needs an explanation or looking in to by the authorities.

        I don’t expect they bother unless something like that is brought to their attention…

        Angie may soon be finding herself in a new home at whatever women’s prison is local to her or is that Holloway?

        If she is incarcerated, is that considered to be homeless?

        What experience does Angela have on speaking at a conference about Homelessness.

        I don’t think until now she has ever said she was ever homeless.

        There’s a new story line for you Angie.

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      • Its very simple – it was a cash purchase (anything less shows on the land registry as a charge against the property)

        The land registry contains a restriction stopping the owner obtaining a mortgage secured on that property for twenty years.

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    • “In 2014, Galalae carried out a 46 day hunger strike outside the Vatican, to protest covert depopulation. He wrote open letters to Pope Francis, unsuccessfully inviting him to speak out about it.”

      So he did it in 2014, is this another new hunger strike?… or is Roop going to make a ‘documentary’ on a new one??

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      • He looks pretty healthy for a repeat hunger striker. I reckon he just goes on diets & attaches a cause to them. Most people flee the US to Canada not other way around so there’s an indication of unhinged-ness.

        Mind you anyone living under the ghastly Caucescu could be forgiven for being “not of sound mind” (surely an understatement. Do these Truthers ever look at population figures?. The planet’s population is bursting at the seems and births far outweigh deaths. Quite apart from the Satanic One World Order Masonic Cult need as many new customers as possible to buy their products.

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  5. Kevin’s letter to the pope:

    Divine Balance
    Letter to Pope Francis

    28 March 2016

    Your Holiness,

    In a few days, I will be on St. Peter’s Square to voice the world’s disapproval with the conduct of Christendom’s highest moral authority in person and on a daily basis through a hunger strike that will begin on April 15.

    2000 years ago Christ railed at the corruption of Judaism’s leaders. Today I rail at the failures of Christianity’s leaders and at their inability to recognize that time does not stand still.

    The plan is sound, control population and share resources to preserve peace and promote prosperity. The means to this end, however, are unsound and cannot be justified.

    The world’s population cannot be stabilized by covertly poisoning 7.3 billion people into sterility and morbidity by adulterating the basic elements of life with chemical and biological toxins. Not only is this immoral and illegal it is also destructive and perverse as it leads to the annihilation not the salvation of mankind.

    Just as unsound is the notion that the world’s resources can be shared equally by concentrating the planet’s wealth in the hands of a limited number of individuals while the rest of mankind is condemned to a barebones existence. While this strategy allows the transfer of capital and resources from rich to poor areas of the world and facilitates economic harmonization it destroys the middle class and creates a superclass that has nothing in common with the rest of mankind and indeed treats the rest of us as vermin to be fumigated into oblivion or at best as material assets to be pitilessly exploited and heartlessly discarded in the same manner as machinery, or goats for that matter.

    The population can only be stabilized and then brought down to optimal and sustainable levels by empowering people with the knowledge and tools necessary to limit themselves to two children only and to a life expectancy that does not exceed a person’s ability to live independently and with dignity, which can only be accomplished through physician-assisted suicide when God does not grant us a timely death. And universal prosperity can only be realized by abandoning the profit motive, adopting a global currency and dissolving the nation state so that knowledge, capital and resources can be equally distributed without the impediments of national biases, racial prejudices, religious bigotry, cultural tribalism and bureaucratic hurdles.

    It does not take a genius to figure this out. It merely demands that we look at the world with an open mind and an equally open heart and that we abandon false loyalties, outgrow dated notions, and ignore ingrained prejudices so that we become capable of a global outlook and an expanded time horizon that transcends the here and now and considers not only this but also future generations and indeed all life on earth.

    Laudato Si, the Church’s blueprint for sustainability, like the UN Sustainable Development Goals, does not empower people but merely changes the clothes of the same hierarchy of power that brought us into this mess. While the concept of integral economy is sound it still hides the need to stop population growth and as such it is incomplete and dishonest and will lead us nowhere but to greater problems.

    Only the truth will empower people and the truth is still imprisoned by the Church whose culture of secrecy, addiction to hierarchy and infatuation with the past make the culture of death possible and have poisoned democracy and perverted the rule of law the world over. The same culture of secrecy and elitism now reigns supreme in every government around the world and has separated people from power to such a degree as to render us all prisoners of a global autocracy that is neither moral nor rational but only irrationally immoral.

    The heart of this irrationally immoral autocracy beats at the Vatican and I am coming to Rome to rip it out and replace it with one that beats for all mankind and in tune with the times. As it is it beats out of tune with the times and just for a self-serving Judeo-Christian elite hell-bent on imposing its will and ways on the rest of mankind irrespective of cost.

    I am coming to Rome to remind you that unless your Holiness and the College of Cardinals change the Church’s doctrine the responsibility for the destruction caused by covert methods of depopulation falls squarely on your shoulders. And I will starve at your doorstep to make you understand that we, the people, are capable of sacrifice far greater than your faith and that we will sacrifice but we will not be sacrificed.

    Although you did not acknowledge my presence or sacrifices in 2014 you did heed my pleas and asked secular authorities to stop adulterating the basic elements of life with endocrine disruptors, which has triggered reform of the chemical regulatory environment that will hopefully lead to the full elimination of depopulation poisons from our lives. But the international system is now attempting to replace chemical with biological methods of population control and this is the latest evidence of their duplicitous strategies that are both enabled and imposed by the Church’s misguided doctrine on birth control:

    1. TURNING NATURE AGAINST MAN: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth (published 24 February 2016)

    2. BEHIND THE MASK: Malaria Eradication and Involuntary Sterilization (published 18 March 2016)
    (This article will be published by a medical journal in a few days. In the meantime it is hosted on my ScribD account)

    Not all men are equally deserving or equally capable, but all men deserve to know the truth, for there can be no progress in our evolution from animals to angels by monopolizing knowledge and restricting the decision-making process to a self-serving and hand-picked elite.

    The time has come to transfer the responsibility for limiting our reproductive rights to the people so that governments and the UN system no longer have to rob us of fertility and longevity on the sly. But for that to happen the Church must change its doctrine on birth control and not only allow but encourage the use of contraceptives, which in turn demands that the Church abandons the doctrine of papal infallibility. That is how we can save the lives of innocents and improve the lives of the living.

    You made a good start in 2015 but then shied away and have been hiding ever since behind the false comforts of a public relations campaign, the incomplete measures of Laudato Si and the high walls of the Vatican City. But just as we cannot escape the depopulation poisons imposed on us, you cannot escape the burden of responsibility for the crimes committed in the name of peace, prosperity and environmental conservation.

    The Church’s good intentions are beyond doubt as is your goodness, but what is clear is that the Holy See’s position on birth control is no longer tenable and is being abused with impunity by secular governments and international organizations causing untold grief to billions of people and threatening the very survival of mankind.

    Devoid of options secular authorities have betrayed our trust and abused the Church’s ignorance in matters of science by hiding their demographic intents behind the cover of plausible deniability, which allows them to harm fertility under the pretext of healing disease. In all fairness, they do what they are forced to do because they cannot solve the world’s pressing problems within the limitations the Church has imposed on them. As far as they are concerned they are rescuing the world from the Church’s ignorance and they have a point.

    It is no longer wise to persist on holding this position when knowing that it provides a loophole for lethal attacks on the family, on innocents and on our fertility and longevity.

    Taking advantage of the scientific innocence of Church leaders and of the conditional permission to cause sterility in the process of healing a disease, as worded in paragraph fifteen of the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae, the military-industrial complex and governments around the world are deliberately sterilizing the world’s people under the cover of public health and the protection of plausible deniability.

    For reasons beyond my knowledge, and seemingly beyond logic and common courtesy, you ignored me for the duration of the 46-day-long hunger strike I engaged in at the Vatican in 2014 by refusing to acknowledge my presence and sacrifice. I hope you will not repeat this mistake, which has cost the Church dearly in credibility and respect. For should you repeat it the world will have no choice but to believe that you are a willing partner in genocide and that the Church does not change its illogically immoral doctrine on birth control because it intends to continue to use covert methods of depopulation selectively for eugenic reasons.

    By now your Holiness and the College of Cardinals know that I do what I say. I am coming to Rome to change Church doctrine and change it I will because Church leaders themselves know that the prohibition of contraceptives and the permission to harm fertility for therapeutic reasons are untenable, unreasonable and unacceptable and far below the dignity of Christendom’s highest moral authority.

    Once you arm the world with a sane and decent position on birth control, one that promotes contraceptives but limits abortion, we can return civilization to sanity and decency, save the planet from human destruction, and protect our children from the latest embodiment of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: ignorance, indifference, greed and cowardice.

    The sexual drive cannot be remotely controlled without destroying life itself. This is how God intended it and how Nature ensures the perpetuation of our species and of all species, thus of life itself.
    If the Church lacks the wisdom and the will to admit that it has erred and to reform itself then how can we expect secular bureaucracies to do this; bureaucracies built on deception and dishonesty, however noble their intentions may be, and noble indeed they are.

    The Church is looking at the world with just one eye, the eye of compassion, and the State and the UN are looking at the world with just one eye, the eye of reason. Only we, the people, see the world with both eyes and disdain the cock-eyed views of the Church and of the UN equally, because with two eyes we see so much more than either of you. We see what both of you would see if you only looked at the world with both eyes.

    And unless you start looking at the world with both eyes and begin putting the wellbeing of humanity and of all life on earth before your own institutional and personal interests we will have no choice but to get rid of both the Church and the UN and recreate society from the ground up. The world does not need the Church no more than it needs the UN if both are incapable of having faith in us and of acting rationally and in good faith.

    With or without the Church and the UN mankind will go into the future for the future is clear: an indivisible mankind living on an indivisible planet.

    Both ‘priest’ and ‘scientist’ have come to be pejorative terms as they represent two extreme and diametrically opposed positions taken by religious fundamentalists on the one hand and their blind faith in God and secular fundamentalists on the other hand and their blind faith in Science.

    But neither science nor religion understands the will of God or the secrets of Nature. Both are tapping in the dark and are driven by the pride and arrogance of the men who find themselves at the helm of these organizations and whose inflated egos elevate their limited understanding to the same level as the laws of nature and the will of God.

    We are sick and tired of this attitude, which is why those who look at the world solely with their heart are turning to Islam in ever greater numbers and those who look at the world solely with their heads are turning to profit with ever greater greed.

    But more or a different religion is not the answer just as more or different material possessions is not the answer. The answer is always to be found in equilibrium, in that perfect balance of faith and reason, of rewards and sacrifice, of individual and collective, of life and death.

    And that perfect balance can only be accomplished by men and women empowered to act responsibly as inhabitants of planet earth and as equal members of the human family and who are endowed with the knowledge necessary to do so. The people need to know the truth because they no longer believe the lies and the illusion has irreparable cracks in it.

    They need to hear it from you, Pope Francis, because they have been conditioned to believe only the voice of authority.

    The time has come to speak the truth.

    So speak the truth!

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    • Bloody hell, he does go on a bit! Does he also speak on behalf of an international court whilst sitting on a hotel toilet?

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    • Scratching my head. Has this scheister been to a country like Niger lately? Poorest country on the planet, plagued by disease and hunger and high infant mortality…yet despite all that, the average woman has over 7 children, and the population doubles roughly every 20 years…


    • Has this knobhead been to places like Niger? Teeming w/diseases, food shortages, dire poverty, malnutrition, high infant mortality rates, etc. – consistently ranked as the poorest country on the planet. Yet, magically, the average woman gives birth to seven children and the population doubles every two decades. No fertility issues there ! And that’s just one of many examples…

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  6. All together now…

    C G C F
    Everybody’s got to live together
    C G C F
    All the people got to understand
    C G C F
    So love your neighbour like you love your brother
    Come on and join the band…

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  7. Unrelated, but not sure where else to post this…
    Lily Allen’s stalking nightmare:

    and legal/ law enforcement failure to properly confront these issues.
    Such a lovely young lady, and many folks including myself were very grateful for a particular song of hers that I knew at the time as “guess who batman” (search it on youtube). 🙂
    I’m all for The High Road and intellectual decimation of various idiots, but I admit that I used to sing that little ditty to myself on the way to the bus-stop, and I’d like to re-dedicate it to all the Hoaxers out there…


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