Angie dumps Q*Bert…but what about the cash?

Was it really only last February that Rupert Wilson Quaintance III was Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s Pet of the Month?

Theirs was a whirlwind romance, full of tempestuous ups and downs, as Angie tried to seduce the twitchy younger man with her imaginary accomplishments, while he demanded that she serve him his peas and carrots separate from one another, not touching, dammit!

Together, they hatched a cunning plan to bring Rupert to London, where he would cleverly disguise himself by hanging about in pubs complaining about British food and porn, the better to entrap unwitting Hampstead residents and get them to ‘squeal’. This, they felt sure, would break the so-called ‘cult’ wide open. Uh-huh.

To raise money for this endeavour, Angela set up a GoFundMe campaign in Rupert’s name. However, to the pair’s utter shock and dismay, the cash did not start pouring in as planned. So Angie tried to salt the pot with a donation of €1,000…which has been sitting there ever since, trying not to look conspicuous.

Meanwhile, though, Angie found herself a new toy boy in the person of young Jake Clarke. He’s younger, even dimmer, more gullible, and doesn’t make ridiculous demands about peas and carrots. Plus, he already lives in London, where he can be ordered about on Angie’s whim.

Really, there’s no comparison.

Still, it came as a bit of a surprise yesterday when one of our commenters noted that Angie seems to have removed all of Q*Bert’s videos from her YouTube channel. We checked, and by gum, it’s true! All gone.

And even stranger, Q*Bert’s Hoaxtead video from last year has disappeared from his YouTube channel as well.

Is this like where the girlfriend takes back her record collection, and the boyfriend retaliates by flouncing off with his favourite pillow and blanket, plus exactly half the coffee mugs?

Now, though, we wonder: who will get custody of the GoFundMe account?

It’s listed in Q*Bert’s name, so technically he could empty it at any time. In fact, he might already have done so. He’d be well within his rights.

Wouldn’t it be tragic if Angie were to find that the money she’d planted in the account in an attempt to draw more donations wound up in Q*Bert’s pocket?

How ironic if the scammer were to find herself well and truly scammed.

Edited to add:

Our friends at McKenzies Devils have very kindly gathered up all the Angie/Q*Bert videos in one convenient place, in case you’d like to subject yourself to them again. Many thanks, MDs!



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  1. i know this is off topic but tory smith is finally in jail! alexander meadors from galactic connection is trying to spin it that he exposed political sex crimes but thats rubbish. this has been a long time coming and has involved quite a few people pressuring US police both local, state and federal. this has mentally affected people to the point of seeing doctors. luckily the evidence is all over youtube. next stop christie!

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  2. A very well written post, EC 🙂

    By the way, did you notice the GFM page’s name change? I’m sure it wasn’t always called ‘Fighting Pedophiles is Dangerous’, was it?

    As for Rupert’s motives for backing out, I think McKenzies Devils put it rather succinctly:

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    • I think these GoFundMe begging bowls don’t actually become activated until the full amount is reached. From memory you give a credit card number but the money is not actually taken. Surely people didn’t think Angie was foolish enough to actually stump up a 1000 quid?. She just made the gesture knowing no-one would be batshit crazy enough to pay for some demented Yank to holiday in London and harass the locals.

      Pity. Now the Home Office & Border Control will have to stand down their officers who were itching to give Rupert the full hands on treatment including an anal search.

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    • Good old MDs–you can always count on them for a succinct analysis. :))

      I actually do think the page was originally called ‘Fighting Pedophiles is Dangerous’, but if I’m mis-remembering, please correct me.


    • Can’t get my head around that one. They want to STOP GLOBAL DEPOPULATION but are calling on The Pope to allow condoms?

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      • I think they believe the Illuminati NWO lizard people are doing nasty things to reduce the population so they’d like to bring the population down in a nice way. No more chemtrails or wars. The pope will apparently listen to them, change his mind about birth control and then we’ll all be ok. Or perhaps its…er….I need to get stoned so it makes sense.

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  3. Few of these affairs between older women & young studs last. Perhaps Rupert Q has found a new love, a ravishing blonde closer to his age who will be impressed with his basement radio set-up as he fights the global Satanic Illuminati vice rings.

    As for Angie, we know her life has been a string of tragic broken love affairs from being impregnated by the Town Pedo in the USA and having Upstanding Citizens petition her latest Irish fling not to “lend her any money” thus sending him fleeing from her arms.

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  4. A browse of the Internet found Sabine’s “new” project McKNews….

    The “about” section seems quite informative – it seems a “new” company has been set up

    Well, the earliest post seems to have been dated the 22nd April, which is of course AFTER Belinda resigned as a director of the Knight Foundation.

    Oh, is the Knight Foundation an Active or dormant company? The accounts made upto the 31st March 2016 clearly state DORMANT.

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    • “Association of McKenzie Friends”. Association law generally requires at least 3 members in order to have a quorum in a committee meeting. This lot could hold their meetings in a telephone booth.

      So I guess Sabine’s venture into make-up distribution from that dodgy German company is kaput?


    • Thanks, JW. Machin isn’t a familiar name to me–and he’s going to run their ‘recording/broadcast studio and documentary programming projects’??? In North London, no less? This has an ominous ring to it.


      • LOL! Business as usual then in McKenzie’s shed! Couple of old anglepoise lights, a copy of windows movie maker and a £50 camcorder off Ebay. And you can even hire these bungling imbeciles to make a Maloney-Baloney style doco! Who could resist? Every facilities and production house in London must be quaking in their boots!

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    • ‘McNews’..reminds me of McJobs ie a job that is utterly worthless usually flipping burgers in a Mc establishment. Perhaps Mickey Mouse News would be more apt.

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    • My thoughts on Tory is that he is mad and deserves help!! A stay with some mental health treatment perhaps…

      I read the article below – ummm

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        • Gawd if he was arrested the cops wouldn’t have known that portal in his house was still open !!!
          Millions of reptilians are pouring through as we speak and heading to Bohemian Grove for the annual Rothschild BBQ. Lock up your children !

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      • I suppose Neelu could always set up a GoFundMe page for Tory’s bail.I wonder how he looks in his non-physical reality?. Bet it’s something else !

        I recall Lou Lotus & Tory announced that Barack Obama had been arrested so i guess we are seeing a clone telling all those jokes as he prepares to retire.

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      • you are right he is insane, alex meadors is the real brains behind it all, like annett she gets others to put themselves out there while she makes the money. she’s a typical californian cult leader in the vein of L Ron hubbard

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    • Yes, these people are always stitched up, they didn’t do it, they weren’t there, it was someone else, a big boy did it and ran away. Glad to hear Tory’s been arrested–do you know the charge?


    • Yes, including a few friends of mine in Indiana, who have worked hard to get the loon locked up. I’ve had a crazy weekend but can’t wait to speak to them/ get the inside scoop on this wonderful development ….

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  5. The domain registration for reveals that the domain was not registered until 25th April 2016 – so cleary AFTER the date Belinda resigned and ceased to be a director of the Knight Foundation.

    Fantastic start for McKnews, it can’t even report the most basic of facts accurately – NO (please take note McKNews), BELINDA IS NOT A DIRECTOR OF THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION……

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  6. EC, I feel that you may be jumping to conclusions here.
    I did notice that they removed the videos but that does not necessarily mean that they have fallen out or gievn up their schemes or scams.
    This is pure speculation but I have feeling that they are much, much more conniving than that and that there may be other (sooper seekrit) plans afoot which may be behind the removal of said videos.
    Time will tell.

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  7. Maybe Rupert realised that if he was going to come over it would be a good idea to actually research the case rather than rely on APDs version, and realised it is a hoax. Perhaps he finally got around to checking the information APD had sent him and realised she was talking crap. It is also possible Rupert is already in the UK and they have gone quiet while he infiltrates the cult,lol.

    More likely though, that he couldn’t be arsed, so took the money and ran. Definitely interesting whatever the reason.

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    • I think, more likely the first reason, Dave……i felt sure that if he would take the time to really look, he would see through the illusion, created by them. and oops i go on a bit, you might not have wanted to hear all of this, but i just think you might have hit the nail on the head there.

      From my perspective, the extent of some comments drew him, and Angela got her claws in, unfortunately because they stalk me, i can lead them to targets….. This is how come, i came to feel like a leper, and stopped being so active online, until i could produce evidence of their scheming and schemes…….

      Finally, and because of her own behaviour compared to others of us that carry integrity with us, keep privacy agreements, confidentiality and so on…… Which many of my friends, some who have been working on this for decades, otherwise none would trust us with their deepest hurts, problems, secrets….

      So, i have a position of great trust, that i know the vastness of, but of course i can only quote hearsay, or make statements, but if people notice, they cannot actually argue with me, so Angela at first ignored me, then mocked me, sneered, belittled, twisted my words, and then sent me the Shame video, to my inbox, attempting i guess to either make me wither away, or blast out…… i didn’t even notice it, so the abuse was stepped up, from the supporters of Fiona B, downunder from HWSNBN, if i got that right, and more recently Angie has stepped up, her pushing that case, which all of the rings of connected blogs and so called troofers, pass round, and now they are fanning the flames of hollie, and at the same time, have blogged that i shill for nonces, there is probably not much of a worse thing, and as we know, these thuggish vigilantes hiding within opdeatheaters, anons, and some of the paedohunter groups, wouldn’t hesitate if they believed that to be true……..

      For ages now, i have warned people not to friend me, or interact, as my wall is public, and because they may get trolled, attacked, or find their groups swelling in numbers, and then being co opted, divided or spammed with their rubbish.

      The whole array of behaviour by certain connected people have created difficulties for open discussion on topics around child abuse and protection.

      Their mantras abound.

      So, i did believe Rupert when he said he was thorough, and at some point i think i challenged him to be so, but he did not know that Angela was recording, so at those times, he was checking her out, more than it looked like, perhaps, …….. I still don’t agree with the reason for the Rome expo, there are again, far more important people and things to highlight….imho…….but like many, Rupert is fairly knew to the issue of CSA and all of the various campaigns and long term coverups , that really ought to be highlighted, moreso.

      The truth movement has somehow been glamourised by certain people who bring all their woo, religious dogma, or politics to it……many will protect their friend or family, institution, job or crimes before children, but with the will of people everywhere, we lots to speed up, because those that covered things up can surely be indentified asap, and then alot could be worked out from there.

      Vital though, are the support service needs of survivors of abuse, good and effective, kind ones. Often it is the complimentary therapies that serve us best, it seems to me.

      These of course are difficult to access freely…….that could change.

      All of the players have the same thing in common, offering help, providing little to none, and only to people who they can manipulate, or who meets a criteria towards that persons agenda. They pretend to be helping isolated people, but mostly harm them moreso, and then leave them isolated, and as in my case, ready to pounce, mock, sneer, belittle, smear….anyone who dares to reveal the truth about their dark doings…….

      Until Hampstead and this blog, and the various people who have added information.

      But, … did happen with the hollie hoax revealing blogs, the level of harsh bitchiness, and mocking, becomes averting to many, but then alot of us do suspect that some who support bring down the hoaxers also want to perhaps use these nuts as an excuse to dumb down the inquiry, or reiterate myths that we do not deserve…… The events co opted by Belinda etc have shown the worst kind of behaviour, that most groups that i recommend would not tolerate, it is possible to express anger without becoming abusive, and to demand justice without falsifying stories or embelling cases, until they are up for ridicule…….. Those of us tho expressing concerns or revealling the lies being told, have been met with much hostility and name callings, which was unleashed on the residents of Hampstead, and previously, Aberdeen.

      Anyhoo, one point i wanted to make was that i appreciate that Rupert probably decided to take it all down, and demanded that Angie did so too, i reckon if he did, she wouldn’t have wanted to, but i feel sure that Rupert would have been able to insist.

      That wasn’t the point, it is that appreciating that at least they are gone, surely might do more to encourage others to do the same ???

      It was important that he did desist, why fan flames of a dying internet flame,?

      There are more serious targets, and not least is to seriously challenge the platforms that allowed Tory Smith to publish at all, let alone for so long…….. why have they been allowed ? how can the y
      stopped, without curtailing internet freedom to a point that stops the freedom of true speech and whistleblowing ? How do we get this done ? Rhetorical, hoping people can be thinking and working on it, and i get signs that they are already.

      I promised last autumn that i was going to be raking the ground over and rooting out the rubbish in our movement as much as possible, sweep up the dead leaves and chuck em on a bonfire.

      So that newer, better solutions could be helped to flourish, and without this overwhelming, overshadowing, survivors could fnd good groups and gain support etc…….

      I think the copies should be held back for now, see what happens next, otherwise others’ thinking of taking down, might not bother, perhaps, that’s just my thinking, and i am not excusing anyones previous behaviour with sharing, but surely the one’s more deserving of disrespect are those still relentlessly posting both hoaxes, and supporting the Green Liar, to attempt to rise again…….it was why i appealed to people to also report the hollie vids too….. but i think we need a way to get them all swept …….
      Anyway, Rupert, well done, and thankyou for taking them down, and making Angie do the same, if that is what occurred.

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