How Hoaxteaders are using Q*Bert

Earlier today, we noted that Angela Fag-Ash Disney had given her own GoFundMe account a very generous top-up, in an effort to ‘salt the collection plate’ and encourage people to donate to her campaign.

We touched on the fact that while she was distributing the €20,000 she recently received from her sister Fiona’s estate, she hadn’t overlooked her little American friend, Q*Bert.

Angela Power-Disney GoFundMe QBert

His ‘Rupert Helps Fight Abuse’ account jumped from €380 to €1,380, again courtesy of Angela.

Why is Angie so keen to befriend Q*Bert?

The question is, why is she so anxious to have Q*Bert come to London? Surely it cannot be on account of his astounding interpersonal skills, his talent for what he likes to call ‘comedy’, or his alluring collection of headgear.

No, we think it’s more than that.

On Twitter, Q*Bert goes by the handle @rupertwins. (No, not ‘Rupert twins’—one of him is more than enough; it’s ‘Rupert wins’.) Why is this significant?

Well, it turns out that Rupert really did win something once: he garnered first prize in a contest run by Alex Jones, U.S.-based far right (no, we mean ‘so far right he’s actually off the scale’) radio personality, who sees conspiracies lurking behind every door.

According to RationalWiki, “Jones can’t fart without blaming it on a conspiracy of bean producers”.

And he’s got an audience:

Jones is apparently quite popular. In January 2016, his YouTube channel (which is a most exquisitely entertaining way to kill time) had nearly 620 million views and over 1.2 million subscribers,[3][6] his daily four-hour show aired on more than 60 AM and FM radio stations and drew 2 million listeners per week,[3][6][7] and his two main Web sites, Infowars and PrisonPlanet, drew a collective 4 million unique users per month, more than Rush Limbaugh.[7] Jones has had a cameo appearance in two Hollywood films[note 1] and numerous talk shows.[3][6] In 2010, Jones took in revenues of about $1.5 million.[6]

Holy Dinah! $1.5 million? Can you see the $/£/€ signs in the Hoaxtead pushers’ eyes? It’s a veritable light show!

Now, as the conspiraloons would say, let’s join the dots: Q*Bert is an annoying nonentity, but he might have an ‘in’ with Alex Jones. And Jones…well, he’s the Big Kahuna of the conspiranoid nutter community. Far bigger than, say Ed Opperman or his little pal David Sh!rter.

As we’ve discussed before, the real goal of Hoaxtead has always been to cash in on the story. Abe and Ella have pretty much poisoned the well in the UK—they’ve made it very difficult for people like Angela, Belinda, Sabine, and Charlotte to get donors punching that ‘send us your cash’ button.

But imagine the potential for raking in the shekels if the Hoaxteaders could get this thing promoted by Alex Jones?

So. We’re sorry to break it to Q*Bert, but Angie really doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about his sparkly smile or charming demeanour. She’s doing what she always does: using him for all he’s worth.

And once she’s done with him, she’ll drop him like an old fag end. We hope his wee feelings won’t be too hurt.


67 thoughts on “How Hoaxteaders are using Q*Bert

  1. You could gain a good solid doctorate writing a thesis about the history and impact on SW/AM ‘backyard’ radio in America. And another one in how that sparked a phenomenon where those that were once running travelling side-shows settled down with a 120′ mast and some hot valves to scam the nation – and the world – by post! The Jimmy Swaggarts, Benny Hinns, Jeff Renses and Alex Jone’s of this world are all descended from those ‘travellin show’ snake-oil sellers… Heck! Jones even styles his show as an old-time SW rant!

    2016? – Well with the internet you don’t have to be bright enough to errect a mast and run a transmitter… Moneky see, monkey do do do… I’m sure Angie would be delighted with a free ride gained by ANY means!

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  2. I find this sort of thing rather distressing. Annett? – Just another cynical Ringmaster. And those who are buying into his fantasies are just victims of his ongoing abuse. Really the only thing people like him establish is the myth that all dissent is born of madness. No more, no less.

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  3. And the real ‘sheeple’- the ones who slavishly follow this truther nonsense don’t see the irony of a nutbag like Annett who declares numerous people guilty without trial (our Queen & the Pope) , declares a country null & void and then declares a new country of 35 million subjects. Move over Mussolini.

    Let alone his moronic claim to be a Nobel Nominee (‘nominated by his father) when the Nobel committee only ask universities to offer suitable candidates and there is no way the general public can nominate. Snake oil salesman is right.

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  4. LOL! – Robert Green tried that one too! Hysterical! If there ARE great ‘Illuminati’ plots and schemes going on the main thing these people are doing is ensuring that anyone with an IQ over 75 will immediately dismiss such claims as merely the baying of lunatics at the (ho ho ho holgraphic) moon!

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  5. If you look at Ruperts videos he has a slanging match with Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) concerning the state of current pop music. Though Rupert kind of apologises and claims that his video mocking PJW was an effort to get PJW’s attention, rather than truly insult him. That is because PJW is part of the broader Alex Jones team, and produces videos under his banner.

    Interestingly, while they usually take any opportunity to run with a conspiracy, PJW was one the first people to shoot down the Hampstead case and call it as a hoax. In fact, he lost a lot of supporters from the Alex Jones conspiracy brigade, for taking that position. Though Alex Jones himself is regarded by many as a paid disinfo shill, in typical conspiracy nut fashion. I don’t know if he has commented on Hampstead.

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  6. Well, David Icke hasn’t bothered with Hampstead, which indicates to me that the ‘upper echelons’ of the conspiritainment industry just don’t find it that interesting.
    As for Rupert and PJW, that’s Q*Bert’s regular MO: insult and slag someone, then turn around and claim he didn’t really mean it, it’s all part of his ‘comedy routine’. Uh-huh.

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  7. The simple reason for that is that it was ALWAYS going to crash and burn – it was just TOO riduculous and badly executed, even for Icke. – Also too ‘plainly illegal’.

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  8. She’s left her witches broom by the opened wardrobe.

    Are they actually her clothes in there?


  9. Published April 23rd 2013.

    It looks like people suspected her fraud even then. Hopefully a number of copies have been downloaded and kept safe – it should help the police get a conviction…

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  10. Flying home from where to where? The lady in her local post office says she is in Oldcastle at the moment – no holiday posts on her facebook account, come on Angie, start to get real….

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  11. Oh, silly me, she is away with the 12′ rabbit called roger (on the moon) but unfortunately rogers credit card was declined so they are on the way home as Angie could not buy any more KY super duper potency grease to keep roger (the rabbit – or Angie…) happy anymore, no money, the KY has ran out and no doggers on the moon so the only thing left for Angie is to go back to Oldcastle.

    How silly of me not to think of that.

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  12. Perhaps – but only if she can travel first class +1 (you now the very best) with an Owl and a Pussy Cat in a pea green boat, otherwise shes going to scream and scream and huff the house down (Plus roger the rabbit of course)


  13. The first thing she seemed worried about was “The Residents’ Association” finances. She must have been entrusted with them too. Makes you wonder why the local residents were trying to warn her boyfriend, eh?

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  14. The woman is an A-Grade Nutcase. Her hysterical rantings about the Temple Of Baal installation (to bring awareness of World Heritage Week) is riddled with ridiculous unproved gossip yet she has the hide to give a link at the end of the article to Snopes who shoot down her claims. There is no proof child sacrifice was used in Baal. Just as there is no proof of the claims of Jewish child sacrifices. For a so-called Christian she seems ignorant to the writings in the Bible which is littered with murderous events supposedly done on the orders of God.

    These people are borderline morons. They would never have heard of the Temple of Baal a month ago until the news broke of the routing of ISIS there.

    And she accuses all over again innocent Hampstead residents and police and claims a law will be passed making child sacrifice legal and gives the game away with her “sodomy will become legal” (it already is you twit)..evidence she is a right-wing US style Christian Fundamentalist. Throw the damn book at her.

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  15. has anyone seen any evidence of Rupert’s so-called humour? He labels himself a comedian. He is a joke but he isn’t funny.

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  16. I suspect Icke just wasn’t quick enough of the mark to claim credit. He’s a plagiarist and hasn’t had an original idea ever. Even his ‘shape shifting lizards’ is stolen from the 1920s. I had a link (lost when my PC crashed) to one video where he is approached in a car-park by another truther who accuses him of ripping off his ideas. Suddenly you see the real Icke as he loses control and his temper. Not a nice chap.

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  17. Icke isn’t REMOTELY interested in anything that is GENUINELY disturbing – even when it contains all the ‘classic’ elements and is 100% for real. He is simply a seller of fairy stories – none of which he has the creative ability or talent to author himself. – And no, he’s NOT a nice man!

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  18. I owe this one to my ‘petrol head’ friend who was on this like a Terrier down a rabbit hole.

    3:22 “I had my daughter in the car in a car seat… I had a friend from England, it was a miracle”…

    3:35 “It was a Fiat 124 Spider”

    This –

    – is a Fiat 124 Spider, late 70’s California plates, pretty much what she claims to have been driving.

    How the hell did she fit her daughter in a car seat and a friend from England in this? “it was a miracle” indeed. – I suppose some of her Mafia connections might have stowed the friend in the ‘trunk’ for her!

    Ben Fellowes? I should get the ‘instant debunk’ of his bullshit over “The Word” incident off my associate tomorrow… It’s classic!

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  19. You beat me to it. What sort of swivel eyed frothing at the mouth jabbering loon equates illegally operating Jewish faith schools with murder? How anti Semitic can you get? Seriously? I know there are problems in these schools but not of the sort spittle flecked features Sabine suggests.

    Sodomy, as in anal sex between consenting adults, is already legal and a bloody good thing too.

    I’m glad that LGBT rights have come so far, but it is too late for some of my relatives who are dead and had to muddle through the best they could in society.

    Some people might want to remember there was a time when the age of consent for couples of the same sex was 21 but opposite sex it was 16, and there was a time when people were prosecuted for consensual sexual acts if they were between adult people of the same sex and involved any more than two people.

    The bit about children getting a Satanic colouring book is actually, to me, a really clever political act against religious interference in the state education of children that people get upset about without really thinking about why they are upset.

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  20. It isn’t one of those cars with a teeny tiny shelf in the back where theoretically someone could sit but no one would ever actually want to is it? I had the misfortune to sit in a seat like that once. Plus it’s a bit breezy.


  21. Front passenger seat and a very small thin friend in the almost invisible it might as well not be there just good for a small weekend bag back seat, maybe.


  22. Apparently not…

    There is a ‘seat like’ luggage area about a foot wide behind the front seats, but no space – and no fittings – to attach a baby seat. – So, just another one of Angie’s casual lies debunked I think!


  23. Well said. Baal is a complicated “title” with associations to many archetypes of the type connected to war, storm, rain, fertility, agriculture. It is even a title for the Hebrew-Christian God.


  24. As Angie herself would say, “Bam!”

    I must admit I am so impressed with the awesome detective work being conducted by many of this blogs’ members this week. You guys are awesome!


  25. Is that actually true that Lanzarote has no extradition treaty?

    Ben Fellows got arrested at Birmingham Airport because he was meant to sign in at a police station and absconded to Lanzarote.

    Nothing whatsoever to do with Whistleblowing.

    Liar Angela, you are a liar.


  26. I think Rupert said he wants to meet Charlie Veitch?

    The idea that these conspiriloons/evangeloons are in it for the money is getting about:

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  27. Mmm Angie told me these 2 lol “assasination” attempt stories when i first met her, but she said they both happened in USA and there was no mention of her friend being in the car with her, though she did mention her daughter was with her, on one of the occasions.

    Funny she is pretending to be in Lanzarote in this video, when it’s exactly the same background as the couple of recent videos she has made with Louise, who she says was illegally adopted in 1976.

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  28. This guy cracks me up. I think the man he’s talking about has a name that rhymes with Pivey and the woman’s name is something in French that means the ‘truth’. But I could be mistaken.

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  29. Hasn’t Charlie now left the ‘Truth Movement’ ?..a while ago, I think,
    He was once quoted as saying “There’s a professional victimhood in conspiracy theorists. There’s a hatred of high achievers.”
    Conspiracy theorists, he says, are often “Bullied people. People who maybe didn’t get the girls at school…”

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