The Rupert Files: Girls, girls, girls!

Rumour has it that Rupert is currently either en route to or actually in London. His friend and avid admirer Kevin BeansForBrains/Wearechange sent him a welcoming message the other day, and now our Sooper Seekrit Facebook Mole™ has passed along a couple of purloined conversations from the Rupert Files.

News flash: Rupert likes cannabis!

Here’s a fascinating fact: stoned people are far more interesting to themselves than they are to pretty much anyone else in the known universe. They can drone on and on, amusing themselves to no end, while putting the rest of us to sleep.

Rupert’s Mummy to the Rescue!

We mentioned last week that Rupert, the hilariously unfunny iPhone ‘videographer’ with the unfortunate moustache and drug habit, had sort-of announced that he might, all other things being equal, be showing up in London at some point this summer.